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A Piece of my Mind Feb 22st 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

The countdown to Wrestlemania has begun and I have to admit, more than anything, I am curious to see once the Oscars are complete if Mickey Rourke is booked to wrestle at Wrestlemania. I think it would a classic McMahon move and, since he has the rebel of movie industry as a sidekick, it is certainly all possible. One thing I believe about Vince McMahon is that he loves to succeed doing things his way and is never worried about rocking the boat. I would have to say that if he gets Rourke into the ring at Wrestlemania it will be quite the accomplishment. We will have to see first off if it happens and second will it sell PPVs if he does. I do look for Rourke to win the Academy Award so Monday Night Raw this Monday could be real interesting.

The Funks are going into the Hall of Fame. What’s interesting is that they deserve to go in as singles wrestlers as well as tag team wrestlers. When WrestleReunion 1 was in the planning stages I just had to get the Funks in the ring together as a team. I still do to this day have people asking me how I got that done. As impossible as it seemed, it wasn’t as tough as it might have appeared to be. I actually smile when I think about working with Terry and with Marti Funk to make things happen. Anyone who knows Dory knows he is a man of few words but, at the same time, probably the easiest guy on the planet to deal with. When you are dealing with Marti you just have to stay focused on one thing and that is that she is protecting her (client) husband. They appear to have a for life marriage which is rare in this day and age two people who work as a team regardless of anyone's else's input or criticism. She is actually doing her job and honestly making something work that everyone told me seemed impossible just makes the success all the more sweeter. So I have to say "thank you" to Marti Funk for making me seem like a genius. When I put WrestleReunion 2 together I wanted my good buddy Mick Foley to get in the ring but I also knew, as far back as he and I go, that he wasn’t going to do this for me without a great incentive. So I hit him with teaming up with the Funks. After discussing it with Terry everyone agreed. A lot of thing had to happen for that match to happen. Stan Lane had to agree to work which is hard enough and then Mick Foley had to agree to work. Then I had to get the Funks in the ring one more time. I can assure you all of that seemed easy compared to getting everyone to agree that The Midnight Express would actually win a match. I am proud of being one of only two men to get the Funks in the ring together. I am also proud of giving a whole new generation of fans and opportunity to see two great single wrestlers function as a unit again.

The recent happenings with Verne Gagne are very sad to say the least. It’s a horrible tragedy and from what it sounds like one that should have been prevented. I don’t know much about the care of people in these assisted living facilities but it does sound like Verne should have had special attention. I can only imagine there will be a lot of questions to be answered and many legal issues that will arise from this unthinkable situation. My sympathies are with the families of both men. One family who is suffering a tragic loss and the other that has to live with the repercussions

I worked for Verne a few times and had nothing but good memories of those times. I was given opportunities by the Gagnes and Ray Stevens to work in the AWA. I didn’t agree with the booking but anyone who has worked as a booker thinks that they could do it better. Over the years I heard from many wrestlers and working in the AWA was always a good thing and Verne was a very good payoff guy. It truly is a shame that a great life and someone who reportedly gave so much to his community ended up in this situation. I read comments that Eric Bischoff made in his blog regarding the State of Minnesota basically forcing Verne out of his fantastic home for pennies of the dollar using eminent domain. The comments that Bischoff made make a lot of sense. In the past year we have heard of a couple of incidents that clearly show how one incident can change a lifetime it doesn't seem right but its so very true.

This photo is from WrestleReunion 1 it would be the last time that The Funks would challenge for the NWA Tag Team Championship. Their opponents that night were America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm). They were very pleased to have the chance to wrestle The Funks and I was pleased to give them the opportunity.

This has been a piece of my mind

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 2.14.09

----This past Saturday’s show wasn’t a big ratings winner, but it we also didn’t see a huge dip in the current trend. It averaged a 1.0 in the 4 quarters that it aired with it peaking in the 3rd quarter with over 24,000 viewers. It dropped in the last quarter and that is not what you want in the TV business. The good news is that with this week’s ratings, the show is doing around 18% increase from last year’s Channel 50 numbers. The sad figures are that at this same time last year they were average over 48,000 a week, so now they are airing the show with only about 30% of their audience retained.

Memphis Wrestling TV 2.14.09 1.0 [16,691 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Corey Maclin
-Kash/White vs Koko/Tanaka [start]
.8 [12,964 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Kash/White vs Koko/Tanaka [finish]
-Roadies vs Lawler/Idol [start]
.8 [12,964 viewers] [no change]

3rd Quarter
-Roadies vs Lawler/Idol [finish]
-Kevin White vs Brian Christopher
1.5 [24,307 viewers] [+11.343 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Lawler interview
-Lawler/Koko vs Clowns
-Dundee interview
1.0 [16,205 viewers] [-8102 viewers]

Start to Finish [+3241 viewers]

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.20.09

50 attended

LT Falk comes out to say scheduled partner Ty Blade is absent. Saint & Tim Renesto come out and attack him until Shawn Shultz saves him and offers to replace Blade in the main event.

Lee Cross b Dyron Flynn

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Bryan Casey by DQ when Casey hit Xavier with a chair

Shane Eden b Dominator

Psycho Medic b Shawn Hoodrich in a fan lumberjack match

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe vs Drew Haskins & Jason Xavier went to a double countout due to brawling outside the ring

Tim Renesto & Saint b LT Falk & Shawn Shultz when Saint pinned Falk after Shultz turned on him

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

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Pre-Sale: Yearbook 2008 Is Available!!!!

----Yearbook 2008: Facts, Figures, Review, History, Awards and Hall of Fame of the Memphis Wrestling Area is available to order now!!! Listed below is all the features in this year's edition. It is not available on yet, but if you CLICK HERE you may order it by clicking on the book icon. It will take you to the publisher. You will have to establish a log in and password. But, if you buy your book directly from the publisher from today until the official release date of Tuesday 2.24.09, you may be take $5 off [most of your postage is free] by using this code 2JQLFZMN. After Tuesday at Noon the book will be at regular price without a $5 discount. If you want to pay for your book using PayPal, then I have discounted the book to a total of only $22 and it will be shipped ASAP. PayPal orders will go to regular price after Tuesday at Noon also. So..take advantage of the discount this weekend and buy your book today!!!

----Here is a rundown of what is in the book...

Size: 8 x 10 – 316 pages

-Year In Review 170 pages including special “Editor Commentary” by Brian Thompson. Thompson makes comments on various subjects during the review.

-Over 100 photos in the “Year In Review” by Tia Blaylock, Brian Tramel, Kayte Tramel and more.

-“Top 20 Events of 2008 Not In Memphis” by Joe Babinsack

- “Top 20 Shows of 2008” by Brian Tramel

-RRO 2008 Award Winners – 30 pages including winning percentages, “Five Fun Facts” on each winner and the Annual RRO Top 10 Tag Teams and Top Single Wrestlers of the Area.

-“Top 10 Favorite Cheap Heat Radio Shows” by Gene Jackson

-“Top 10 Shooting the Shiznit Radio Shows” by Brian Tramel

-“Memphis Wrestling TV Rating Analysis 2008” by Brian Tramel

-“Memphis Wrestling History – Flashbacks” by Mark James – 58 pages in “Scrapbook” format with posters, pictures and commentary about the history of Memphis Wrestling.

-“Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2008” by Mark James. Comments about and from 2008 inductees including Eddie Marlin, Al Greene,Tommy Gilbert, Jim Cornette, Stan Lane, Jerry Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Billy Wicks and Scott Bowden.

Motley Cruz In Actions vs Ric Flair and Bobb Brazil!!

----These two videos look to be posted by American Kickboxer [who worked KAW as Izzy High; right]. They feature [I am going by what the video says] David "Motley Cruz" Price. Can someone confirm to me this is Motley?? It sure looks like him and he is from Memphis, TN.

First sex education and now this!!

This clip shows wrestling legend "Outlaw" J.D. McKay stomping on the ashes of kayfabe at a local public school.

Well the bad news apparently J.D. is now allowed within 500 ft of a school again. The good news is he's helping the youth of Mississippi learn some basic wrestling holds before half of them end up working on some pathetic indy show one of these days with a belt and the willingness to set up a ring.

RRO Reporter Gene Jackson got on the phone today to get some feedback from those in the industry after viewing this video.

When asked to comment WWE Owner Vince McMahon said, "this type of thing is what's killing our business."

Memphis Wrestling owner Corey Maclin responded "This is re-dick-a-lous."

Derrick King: (pictured at left) "No comment, I don't need any heat."

Lord Humongous said: "I once drew 900,000 people in Singapore which reminds me of the time Rip Rogers and I won the WCW World tag team title on a foreign tour of Kazaksthan in front of 30 million people with another 13 million trying to get in. I also would like to mention I purchased the Lord Hugo gimmick in 1987 for 2 chili dogs and a six pack of Milwaukee's Best."

L00se Cannon said: "yabba dabba doo i like choclut choclut is gud watur is wet on thursday isnt is funny jd mckay got a bigger pop in a classroom than most guys get at a rasslin show isnt if funny that kid didnt know how to sell thats why he hasnt been power pro but i was on rock video for wwef"

Brian Tramel said "I was talking to Ken Wayne who said that he heard from Brian Thompson that Bobby Eaton thought this was bad for business and that JD should have kicked that kid in the mouth for not selling, but if you want to read my full thoughts buy the RRO Yearbook 2008" (that was for you Neil, lol)

The Deadman (pictured at left) said "This is a disgrace. People should be more respectful of the business. How the hell am I supposed to sell Polaroids to these morons if you smarten them up. I guess I'm just 'old school' Rest in Peace."

Ric Flair said "Who the f*** is J.D. McKay.....WOOOOOOOOO!"


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"Shooting the Shiznit" Returns Hollywood Style!!

----This coming Tuesday 2.24.09 "Shooting the Shiznit" returns @ 10:00 AM with special guest "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. Blaylock will be the first guest for the new "fast forward" 30 minute version of STS. He will be there to talk about the upcoming Memphis Wrestling show and his involvement with it and Memphis TV. The last few minutes will be reserved for caller questions. It should be an interesting show!!

Shows of the Weekend 2.19 to 2.20.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled events for the weekend. DCW sent along the poster above. They got a big tag team match scheduled.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman 2.14.09

ASWF Wrestling

What a night we had at Valiant Arena! A non-stop, action packed show. Our show first started with the Commissioner, T-Bone, calling Tommy Wayne to the ring to congratulate him and his new wife on their marriage. Casino and Tim Hanson would come to the ring with a nice cake that they had brought as a sign of congratulations. However before the celebration kicked off “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson came to the ring escorted by X-Kaliber. They decided to give them their congratulations as well. They only difference was that their gift was an attack on Tommy and his new wife.

1st Match: One Fall
"The Walking Miracle" Cason McClain would challenge "The One" Cody Only to a match just after winning against Dre the previous week. Cody proved to be too much for McClain landing the LTO and getting the pin over Cason.

2nd Match: Tag Team Match
Our second match of the evening was a match of revenge. The Beach Bums, Mark Wolfe and Kaliki, would try to get back at Danger Zone's, Hot Rod John Ellison and David Cox. This match was nothing short of an all out fight. The Beach Bums put on a valiant effort against Danger Zone but would fall short and would lose their match.

Just after our second match Tim Hanson and Casino Kid would challenge Mexicanos in a fans choose the match.....match. The fans ulimatley chose a street fight but Mexicanos would not accept the challenge. After some word were exchanged inbetween the two teams Mexicanos would accept the challenge and even put up their titles.

3rd Match: #1 Contender Match for the X-Division Title
The new addition to the ASWF Roster Vinny Ramano along with Dre and Kid Krazzy would face each other in a triple threat match for a shot at the X-Division Title. Dre and Kid Krazzy would be the fan favorites of the match. Kid Krazzy would do a sunset flip of the top turnbuckle on top of Dre and get the pin. Making Kid Krazzy the #1 Contender.

4th Match: Last Man Standing Match
Morgan Williams and Christopher Lee would hope to settle the score in this match of endurance. Both men would exchange control of the match until Morgan Williams added a steel chair to his arsenal only to get it used against him later in the match. During the end of the match Athena Eclipse would try to get involved only to receive Lee's finisher in the middle of the ring. Lee would then go on to get the pin over Mr. Muscle.

5th Match: Tag Team Street Fight for the Titles
Mexicanos and Team Entertainment (Casino and Tim Hanson) would go head to head in an action packed match for the titles. Both teams done whatever it took to get the edge over one another. At the end of the match Hawk would have Hanson in a roll up pin and Casino would have Harper rolled up. The referee and Commissioner Ward would have to go to the back to review the tape to determine a winner. When they returned was nothing short of surprised. Commissioner Ward and the referee had reviewed the tape and determined that Team Entertainment were the winners. Mexicanos would challenge for the titles next week.

6th Match: One Fall
Our sixth match of the evening was an all out battle. Tommy Wayne would take on X-Kaliber, with Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson, in a one fall match. As we all know when you’re in a match with X-Kaliber you can expect one thing. Cheating. That’s right even former ASWF manger Brian Thompson would get in on the action only in the end to get a face full of cake. Tommy Wayne would lead the way to victory and get the pin on X-Kaliber.

7th Match: European Title Cage Match
Demon X would try to gain back his title from the stealing Cody Murdoch in a cage match. Both men would fight to the end. Going to the top of the cage and using the side of the cage as thier weapons. Demon X would prevail in this long but awesome cage match taking his title back home.

8th Match: Ladder/Steel Cage Match for X-Division Title
This match was not for the faint of heart. Ray Ray would take on Regulator for the X-Division Title. Ray and Regulator would use the ladder on each other and try to get the barbwire bat hanging from the ceiling. Ray would eventually get the bat and use it on Regulator busting him wide open. Morgan Williams then came to the ring with a strand of barbwire for Ray so that he could further injure the champion. Regulator would eventually regain control and return the favor making Ray bleed. The blood flowing from Ray's face was like water from a faucet. Ray and Regulator would find themselves straddling the top of the cage until Regulator was pushed off into the ring by Ray. Ray would then fall from the ceiling to the outside floor giving him the win.

Credit: ASWFace

----I was told around 160 in the building…This looks to be the first stage of an angle with “Midnight Gold” making their debut here in a few weeks…Is Casino Kid only “Casino” now?? That would be a good thing, since he is not a “kid” anymore.

Photo Credit: Tia posted it over @

Video Credit: It was taken from

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 2.14.09

Match 1. Ron Rage(POB) VS Rick Ruby(Dogg Pound) Rick Ruby winner reverse decision.

Match 2. Precious VS Pokerface. Winner Poker Face

Match 3. Leprechauns VS "Irish Dragons" [Acid/Scott Fury]. Winner Leprechauns.

Match 4. Austin Lane VS The Tejano Kid. Winner Austin Lane.

Match 5. "The Natural Born Playa'z"[Pimptacular/Southside Brawler] VS CCR (Cannon, Chris Steel, Dr. Randy)
Winner. The Natural Born Playa'z.

Match 6. Main Event. RWA Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack. VS Midnight Cowboy(POB) Winner Rodney Mack.

The show started with POB coming to the ring with a tire. They made the point that they attacked Rodney Mack last week and this week Cujo had a flat and no spare so he would not be fighting Ron Rage. Rodney Mack came out and took exception to the remarks. Ron Rage told Mack he wanted to the Chihuahua of the Dogg Pound. Mack called out Rick Ruby and Ruby excepted the challenge. Mack told Rage he wanted the Midnight Cowboy.

The first match saw Rage and Ruby go at it with the whole POB at ringside and Mack in Ruby's corner. Ruby put up a good fight but the POB kept taking advantage of the situation. Ruby hit a superplex off the top rope and seemed to have the match in hand. Ruby went for one more suplex and as he got Rage up in the air, the POB grabbed his ankles and Rage came down on top of Ruby for the three count. But wait the ref was in position to see what happened and reversed the decision giving Ruby the win.

Precious and Pokerface had a great match. Each of these guys can really go and Precious has a lot of heat with the crowd. Precious came out and told the crowd that he has beat the women of the RWA so now he was going back to men. The match was physical but in the end Poker came away with the win.

Leprechauns and the Irish Dragons had a tag tournament match. The Irish Dragons had the match in hand when J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan came out and started shaking hands with the fans. the Dragons did not like this in anyway and confronted Kerry and Titan. As Acid argued with Kerry and Titan and Fury was outside of the ring, the Leprechauns both rolled up the bigger Acid and got the 3 count. The Dragons then turned their attention to the Leprechauns and started a beat down on them. Kerry and Titan made the save.

Austin Lane and The Tejano Kid renewed their rivalry. Tejano is a vicious heel and really brings it to Lane or anyone else he works. These two went back and forth with Dominique taking advantage of the situation when Lane was on the outside or in the ropes. Tejano had the match won when Lane turned the advantage he had into a 3 count. Tejano attacked him in the end and there will be a rematch this week.

CCR(Cannon Chris Steel Dr Randy) had their tournament match with the Natural Born Playa'z. But the Playa'z did a mic spill they had the RWA News Letter and the top ten results. The Playa'z told everyone that they had beat everyone on the top ten except Tejano, Cowboy, and Rage. But they would beat them if they fought them. They told Frank Martin again this week that he should just give them the titles. When the Golden Girls Theme hit the fans went crazy!! Yes that's right that is the entrance music for CCR and the fans love it. They even cheer Cannon, and Cannon told the playa'z that he liked the fans cheering for him but don't think for a minute that he was not the Loose Cannon. Well he maybe a fan favorite but he has not changed his style, he is still as mean as he can be and still takes the short cuts and the fans love it. Cannon and Steel had the match won when Southside pulled a slap jack out and hit Steel in the head and placed Pimp on him for the 3 count. Cannon complained that he was the legal man which is true but the ref let the decision stand.

The Main Event saw Cowboy with all the POB fight the RWA Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack. The match was hot and physical and POB made their presence felt. In the end Mack hit the spear on Cowboy and POB hit the ring. But Mack put them all out with the spear and POB took a powder. Mack was left standing strong with the RWA title belt in hand and the fans going crazy.

The show was a TV shoot with 200+ in the building even with the Larry the Cable Guy at the Convocation Center. The TV show has been on for a month and the fan support has been very strong for the show. The RWA web site has had hits from Pakistan and Japan as well has 10 different states including California and New Jersey. So the group is going in the right direction and continues to grow.

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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 2.14.09

Corey Maclin kicked off the show and is ready to go with another big day of Memphis Wrestling. Corey stated that he's by his lonesome because Jerry "The King" Lawler is getting ready for his big match with "Psycho" Sid Vicious, coming up on Saturday, February 28th. Corey reminded everyone that the show will now be taking place at the new location, which will be at the White Station High School Gym, located at 516 S. Perkins @ Poplar. Corey also said they are working on a couple things, including some more live wrestling coming to your hometown, real soon, so stay tuned because they will be telling us more about that. Coming up on the show, Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, Kid Kash and a special Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling.

Corey thanked everyone for tuning in and said a few words about Kid Kash. He called Kash, "A big jerk" and went on to say how he didn't want that to get all over the internet, but he didn't care because he is a thorn in his side. Sorry, Corey, but I had to do it. We take a look at some action involving the K-I-D.

Footage from the Redbirds Grand Slam Special with Kid Kash & "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, along with Garry White and the lovely Su Yung, walk out for an interview. The only thing Kevin White said was, "You just make sure, that those fat, overweight, stinking, big red birds stay in the back and stay out of the way of myself and Kid Kash!" Hilarious! Rocky The Redbird brought out the whole family and Kid Kash threatened to hit them with a chair.

"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware & Pat Tanaka defeated Kid Kash & Kevin White along with Garry White and Su Yung, when Kash, inadvertently, hit White with a superkick after Koko ducked out of the way. Fun match. Following the bout, an irate Kid Kash said they cheated and hit him with a chain. Kash proceeded to tell the little kids in the stands, "He hit me with a chain! You saw it! Didn't you? Didn't you?"

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling featuring The Road Warriors, Hawk & Animal, with "Precious" Paul Ellering in their corner, in action against Jerry "The King" Lawler & "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol in a National Tag-Team Championship Battle. Lawler and Idol won the match, but lost their chance at the straps in this one because of the disqualification. This was thanks to Road Warrior Animal throwing Referee Jerry Calhoun over the ropes like a sack of potatoes. Afterwards, this one got crazy with the two sides brawling.

Corey reminded everyone that the big night of wrestling, coming up, on Saturday, February 28th, will now take place at the White Station High School Gym in Memphis, Tennessee, instead of West Memphis, Arkansas. The new location is located at 516 S. Perkins @ Poplar.

Corey said there will be a special guest that will join us on the phone, later in the show.

They go to a clip of "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher in action.

Studio Wrestling Footage with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher locking up with "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White with Garry White and Su Yung in his corner. While Christopher was punching White in the corner, Garry White placed a chain in Kevin's hand. Then, Su Yung jumped in and tried to help, but did very little damage to the "Grandmasta" with her strikes, but whenever Brian turned to deal with Su Yung, Kevin nailed Brian from behind with the chain. Kevin attempted the pin, but Referee Bill Rush called for the bell. The match ended in a disqualification with Brian Christopher getting the win and the chain to chase off Kevin, Garry and Su.

Tickets for the February 28th show are now available at Spin Street.

Satellite interview with Jerry "The King" Lawler, where he ran through all the big action that's going to take place on February 28th at the White Station High School Gym in Memphis. Bell time 7:30PM. Scheduled to appear: "Outlaw" Don Bass, King Cobra, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher against "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert in a Hardcore Match, Jerry "The King" Lawler taking on "Psycho" Sid Vicious in a BIG Grudge Battle. Not only that, but there's going to be an Over The Top-Rope, $10,000 to the Winner, Battle Royal. Plus a Diva Match! Jerry said, "Don't you dare miss it! I'll see you there!"

Studio Wrestling Footage featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler teaming with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware against The Insane Clowns, accompanied by Rashard Devon. Koko popped one of the clowns with a chain, during the match. Grady Watson ran out and attacked Rashard. This distracted those silly clowns, who were rolled up by "The King" and "The Birdman" for the double pin to get the win.

Special telephone interview with "The Superstar" Bill Dundee, where he talked about his upcoming match with "Outlaw" Don Bass on February 28th. Here's what Dundee had to say:

Thank you, Corey Mac! We appreciate it! Alright, "Cowboy" Don Bass! You come in here with that big cowboy hat on, calling yourself a cowboy. I don't believe you ever been on a horse! Well, it's going to be the same thing, you'll start off wrestling, wanna fight. Well, "The Superstar", he's pretty good at both! I'm taking you out, son! And for all you folks, that live around the Memphis, Tennessee, White Station area, come on down the 28th, Saturday night. "The King's" going to be there. "The Superstar's" going to be there, over there at the high school down there at White Station High School. "The Nature Boy's" going to be there, Kevin White. "Dirty" Doug Gilbert and I'm sure Corey Maclin is going to be there in attendance and a whole host of others. So, we'll see y'all, Saturday night, the 28th! Come on down and see us, now!

Corey took a moment to thank all the fans for their loyal support in making Memphis Wrestling the longest running, highest rated wrestling program in wrestling history.

Corey wrapped up the show, talking about the big night of action on Saturday, February 28th, and said he's looking forward to telling us more about it, next week.

Credit: D-Rock @

Coach's Corner: "Worrying About The Jones"

----This area, as has been documented on RRO, is sometimes known for not the wrestling ability, but for the ability to gossip. Most people know that wrestling is a back stabbing business. It seems at times people are more worried about other promotions than their own. I have found recently though that it seems that most people have done something totally different – they have spent time worrying about themselves. That has also turned into success for the parties involved.

----In a recent phone conversation with RRO Wrestler of the Year 2008: Derrick King, he stated that he could care less what the other companies are doing when it comes to angles and such. I believe probably 95% of that is the truth, but DK is like a lot of guys in the business – he is still a fan, so he is probably reading what is going on. The thing he is not doing is worrying about what they are doing. DCW is drawing better in Dyersburg than any promotion since the start of this site in May, 2006. The promotion is doing the simple stuff like putting out posters – that is called advertising!! Not a new concept, but when you don’t have people behind you that actually help you, then you cannot be successful. DK’s job has been to book wrestling that people will want to see. But the promoter’s job is to make sure they help in getting those people to the show. DK job is to keep them there. RRO Booker of the Year 2008: Greg Anthony always booked a good show, but he did not have the backing to have good crowds. Apparently DK does and he is giving the people something they want to see. Also, the key being that he does not worry about what EWE or NBW or whoever.

----I also talked with Austin Lane a few days ago. Lane worked for the ASWF promotion for over 8 years. He was instrumental in their move to Tuckerman, AR and was a draw for them. Many can say that he was a driving force behind them getting RRO Promotion of the Year 2008. It is always apparent that when you talk to Lane, that he is excited about one thing – Lane. LOL That is not always a bad thing if you can’t put yourself over, then who will do it for you?? But, not only was he excited about “Austin Lane”, but he was highly energized about RWA. If anyone in this area could say they were the reason for fans coming out to see one guy – it would have to be Lane. His comments were not in that direction though. He was all about how good of a job that Rodney Mack is doing. Frank Martin has got behind everyone and giving them the support they need. Everyone helps everyone. Lane wanted to talk about RWA and how he felt opportunities were going to be available for him there. Did he talk about ASWF?? He did briefly only after I brought it up, but he had no ill feelings and didn’t want to bury them or anything. He just wanted to put over RWA and talk about them. The key being that he is worrying about RWA and focusing on that – and it has meant success for everyone involved in that promotion.

----NEW is a promotion that I probably get more heat over than any other. Mainly because I have talked about how much I enjoyed it and such. Why is that always a bad thing when I like something?? Can you say that NEW has been successful at this early?? To a certain degree they have been. They are accomplishing their goals and doing what they want to do. Are they worried about what other people are saying or what other promotions are doing?? Nah and that is apparent in any conversation that one would have with Ken Wayne. Wayne is still a student of the game and he is always in the hunt for new talent and such. But, that is what makes him different than others of his generation – most are all just trying to do it like it was done in the 1980s. I know what most of you are saying..”Brian they are drawing 40 people..” and you would be correct in stating that, but incorrect in knowing what their end results would be. No advertising and just word of mouth, this group set out to spend time putting a TV show together that would be ready to air with the broadcast quality. Each week something is added and the finished product has come out looking good. I remember saying something to Ken’s wife Debbie about the show look like old Memphis TV tapings. The “look” might be that, but they are presenting a total different product and since October have put on a show every week. Even though it had been mentioned on Dustin Starr’s World of Wrestling that Wayne was going to be upset because Jerry Lawler was running a show in West Memphis [it has been moved], in reality, Wayne could have cared less. Wayne along with the whole crew are worried about one thing when they walk thru that door – putting on a good show for NEW and not what is going on everywhere else.

----Lessons are sometimes learned the hard way. I know I have been a person that has had to sit down and look at the direction of this site at times. Take a look at the direction of just my life in general. The main key to success in doing this is to worry about yourself – your surroundings. Don’t worry about what the “Jones” are doing down the street. Believe me they are not going to be there to help you when you can’t pay your bills or no one shows up to see your wrestling show. It is all up to YOU – it is all up to YOU to go out every night and give 110% and worry only about what you can do for that show. As a promoter, you can’t blame a wrestler or the storylines, when you are doing nothing to support the cause. It has been already proved early in 2009, if you worry about your own promotion and taking care of business, it will mean success.

Coach's Corner is a bi-weekly feature at RRO by Brian Tramel. Tramel was wrestling manager Coach BT in a former life with Coach's Corner being published on the internet during those days. He has since added it to RRO as his signature column.

RassleResults: LAW Brownsville, TN 1.13.09

1st Match
Battle Royal
Winner: Pappy

2nd Match
Jay Webster vs Pappy
Winner: Pappy
Jay Webster felt that he was cheated in the battle royal, due to the fact that he had to pee, so he challenged Pappy for the match.

3rd Match
J.R. Manson & Dell Tucker vs "The Southern Outlaws" Kilo and Shannon Lee
Winners: "The Southern Outlaws"

4th Match
"Jawbreaker" Jones vs Tim Edwards vs Alex Krisis
Winner: None
This match spilled out into the floor and they never made it back to the ring. Triple count out.

5th Match
LAW Championship Match
The Battle of the Big Men
Psycho challenged the reigning champion Idol Bane.
Winner: Psycho by dq, when Idol hit him with a chair.

Small crowd, but the few that were there were into the matches.

Credit: Brownsvillebrownie

----TIWF always draws real well in this town. It might have been better to get some of those guys to help out…Is LAW going to run a weekly or monthly show here??...I suggest that Lee/Kilo team for DCW dammit!!!...Webster lost because he had to pee – LOL At least he was not like Jason Reed. One night at NBW he left the ring with the microphone and went to pee while continuing to talk as he peed…Arm chair booking if they go weekly – put over Bane as the champion beating everyone clean in the ring – Psycho, Edwards, Krisis – then feud him with a baby chasing the title. Feud Outlaws with Tucker/Manson over the belts [who has them??], Webster with Edwards [Tim does well getting over small guys] and get some of the TIWF guys to come over and feud with the Asylum. TIWF do jobs for them at LAW – Asylum do jobs for them at TIWF.

Monday, February 16, 2009

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 2.14.09

TV Title Rumble with PK Ripper and Chris Lexxus advancing
Frankie Tucker beat Seth Knight
Will Bill beat Bloodbath
Russian Assassin beat Sgt Pain
Chris Lexxus [pictured] beat PK Ripper to become the new TV Champion
Devon Day beat Johnny Superstar to retain the TIWF Title
AJ Style/Hardknock Hooligan beat Lawman Williams/Dazzlin Dixie to win TIWF Tag Team Titles

----No word on the attendance??...Last week they had in the 140 range…Kudos to PK who keeps putting people over. This guy has did more jobs in his return than he has in his whole career...Lexxus kid has a good look. Anybody got the stats on him - who was trained by and such??? Is he any good?? He would be considered in the 2009 Rookie category.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN - Stan Lee wins EWE Title!!

The house was filled to capacity Saturday night for Valentines Vengeance. Early estimations were around 200 fans. There were quite a few matches so here's a rundown of all the action.

Commissioner Baker comes out to make an appearance before the show, but just for a brief moment. He wants to get right into the show tonight and steps out as the first match is introduced.

Jon Michael def. Dustin "Five" Starr by pinfall in a Grudge Match. After the match, Scott Adams comes out and confronts Jon Michael. They have a quick stare off and trade some blows before Scott throws Jon onto the mat, then exits the ring.

Eric Wayne def. Michael Gilbert and Greg King Jr. by pinfall in a Triple Threat Match and earns a title shot against the EWE Heavyweight Champion next week.

Rhythm and Blues def. The Badd Boys by pinfall. Brian Steele takes a shot over the head with his guitar and suffers an apparent head injury.

Picture Perfect def. Genocide by pinfall in a tag-team Street Fight. This match covered almost every inch of the EWE arena, including inside the stands. After being handcuffed to the turnbuckle, Chris O'Neal disassembles the bottom rope of the ring and attacks The Albino Rhino with the steel turnbuckle. Christian Jacobs is removed from the ring with the help of Chris O'Neal with some pretty nasty cuts on his face.

Phoenix X def. J.R. Manson by pinfall.

Idol Bane def. Cody Melton by sending him through a table in a Tables Match. Cody Melton thought he won the match when Idol Bane ran after Cody and threw himself into one of the tables in the ring, but the official waived it off, saying that Cody had to be the one that put him through the table. The match quickly turns in Idol's favor as he picks Cody up and throws him into the table for the win.

The main event was next, with Stan Lee facing off with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony for the EWE Heavyweight Championship in an "I Quit" match. Both men had pretty equal time in control in the bout, with Greg Anthony using both a trash can and the belt off of the ref Caleb's pants. The turning point of the match came when "The Golden Boy" went to the back and got a purple bag to bring to the ring. He opened it up and let the contents out. Inside, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 pushpins, and now they were all over the ring. After tussling back and fourth trying to put each other into the bed of pins, Stan finally gained control, lifted Greg over his head and dropped him directly on the bed of pushpins. He was asked if he quit, and said no. So Stan decides to seal the deal with a frog splash off the top rope, but before he could get there, Greg Anthony grabs the mic and says "Hold up, hold up, I QUIT! I QUIT!" and the match is over. Stan, on the other hand, wasn't finished. He gets to the top rope and splashes "The Golden Boy" right on the pushpins. He celebrates with fans as Greg tries to pick himself up off the bed of pins.

A slideshow of all the pictures from Saturday night is available on the official EWE website at

Credit: Dustin Williams

Photo: Jacobs hitting Corbin

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Bolivar, TN 2.13.09

Ty Hamilton & Patrick Smith beat Cody Melton & Michael Gilbert.

Matt Boyce defeated Teddy Tender

Bill Dundee beat Shane Williams.

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White w/ Garry White & Su Yung

Jerry Lawler defeated Doug Gilbert w/ Garry White.

----420 + in the building…This was promoted under the “Memphis Wrestling” name with Bert Prentice and Jerry Lawler running the show…Bolivar, TN is about 30 miles from Jackson, TN…I was told Bert no radio advertising, but did do posters. Not sure what he did – but as many of your know – Bert can promote…As you can tell, this was a mix of Kevin White students along with guys that Prentice brought in.

More Photos from Awards Show!!

Photos by Christy

Top to Bottom: AJ Bradley with Most Underrated and Tag Team Awards, Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels with Horizon and Arena Match of the Year, Greg King Jr with Rookie of the Year,Stan Lee with MVP Performer and MVP Tag Team and "The Baron" Malkavain.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! "Midnight Gold" is formed!!

As you can see from the YouTube video above, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony will be teaming up with wrestling legend "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton with RRO's own Brian Thompson as their manager in a trio that will be known as "Midnight Gold." The group will be available as a package deal for area promoters beginning in early April.

Interested promoters may contact Thompson either by phone at (870) 476-2138 or by e-mail at for pricing and available date information.

This is obviously a great opportunity for Anthony, who I believe will truly benefit from an association with Eaton and the chance to learn from him. It will also be good for area promoters to get to use the tandem to help further establish local talents.

I've spoken with Thompson about this situation, and he stated that helping area promotions is one of the primary goals of putting the team together. He feels that Bobby can help local young talents improve their game. Those who work against Bobby and Greg will surely learn things that will make them better as their careers advance.

As most of you know, I am a big tag team fan so I can only imagine how good some matches featuring Eaton/TGB against some of the area's better tag teams could be!

Stay tuned to RRO for more details on this story and on dates for the trio as they are confirmed!

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 2.13.09

----The 2008 Awards Banquet was first on the schedule. Brian Thompson and I gave out plaques to all the 2008 winners that were attendance. Here is the list and I hope I do not forgot anyone – Brian Thompson, Downtown Bruno, ASWF – David Walls, Ricky Rowland and Terrance Ward [pictured above], Stan Lee [pictured below], AJ Bradley [arrived late, but he did get his award], Greg Anthony, “The Baron” Malkavain, Greg King JR, Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels. We had a good time giving out the awards and everyone seemed to appreciate them. Bruno was funny putting over the fact that after he retired he has received two awards [named one of the top 20 managers of all time by WWE]. King was speechless, which was amazing. LOL And, Anthony came off real professional. Thanks again to everyone that put the awards over and especially all the guys that drove in to just get their awards.

----Tatt2/Greg Anthony vs Greg King Jr/Matt Justyce was scheduled. Ken Wayne again told Justyce that he could not work, because he had not been to training. Justyce came out not even dressed out and did a pretty good interview getting over the fact that other things were more important than him training. Wayne then again made King wrestle two matches.

----Greg King JR beat Tatt2 with a suplex for the win. Good hold for hold to start it out. Tatt2 had some hard kicks to King’s back. It really got fast with Tatt2 hitting the ropes. A beautiful lionsault from Tatt2. King hit Tatt2 with a monkey flip that had Tatt2 flying across the ring. They did a series out of the turnbuckle where Tatt2 caught King with a fireman’s carry into a driver. Flying press from the top had King a little off. King finished him with suplex. [**1/2]

----Greg King JR beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. Anthony is good at putting these matches together as the psychology is almost classic meshing in good finishing. This was slow methodical match almost like they were building for a 60 minute match. The story was that Anthony was trying to get King just to give up, because he had just had a match. King missed a flying press from the top. TGB went to work on his stomach. Anthony used a belly to back “hot shot” suplex a few times in the match, but when he tried the third time, King twisted and landed on him for the pin. [***]

----Greg King came out for an interview. He wanted to inform Ken Wayne that he was ready for his 60 minute “Graduation Match”. It was announced for March 1, 2009 at 6:00 PM. He also ask to wrestle Justyce next week at NEW and Wayne said that if Justyce did not show up, then he was done with the promotion and school. King’s opponent for that night was not announced.

----Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne beat Stan Lee/”Baron” Malkavain. A good solid bout. Stan and Eric started out with a good exchange of hold for hold. Eric hit a pretty DDT on Lee. Stan/Baron did a few double team moves and Nikels/Wayne did also building for the finish. The build was for a hot tag, but as soon as it happened, Kid just cut them off like it never happened. Solid work from everyone with Eric hitting a blind tag as Lee was doing a series of moves to Kid. Lee in the air with Kid holding him – Eric hit an “Ace crusher” for the pin. [that was hard to]. [***1/4]


----40 to 50 in the building…RRO 2007 Announcer of the Year Michael Ward and Blalok the Blazer came in with AJ Bradley…David Walls was a real good “sport” saying while we were in the ring, “Demon X said hey”. I said as he was leaving for them to tell “my favorite wrestler Demon X, I said hi”. Seriously for all the crap I have given him in the past, he is a true gentleman… For those that did not receive your plaques, I will be doing my best to complete the presentation on “Book Tour 2009”….Malkavain, who usually works here as Dustin Ring, came out in full gimmick to get his award. This is the first place I have ever been where that gimmick did not get over. The fans did not know what to think. I think it has a lot to do with this promotion educating their crowd to the no gimmicks style. Someone else brought up the fact that Ring has already been wrestling as Ring and gimmick probably seemed too much for them… I ask them to even kayfabe me until it is announced to the public about King’s opponent for his graduation match…Nikels did great on his interview...I got the chance to see some of the NEW stuff on DVD [because I am producing a DVD for them] and the stand out is Greg King JR on these shows. King is not a big guy, but the camera puts on about 20 lbs and with his body being so cut and tan – it makes him stand out from the others. I look forward to seeing his hour long match…Bobby Eaton was in attendance…Thanks again to Brian Thompson for his hard work in this together and thanks to Ken Wayne/NEW for hosting the event this year.

ASWF photo by Glenda Tramel
Stan Lee by Christy

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 2.14.09 - BISHOP NEW DCW CHAMPION!!!

First of the show Derrick King is out telling the fans why he kicked Kilo in the face. He told them that Kilo thinks that he’s better than everyone else and he was proving him wrong. He then stated that he was in a generous mood and was going to give his spot in the DCW title tourney to Tim Edwards.

First match: Dell Tucker vs Shannon Lee was thrown out when DK came out and superkicked both of them. King then stated that Kilo had no chance in hell to beat him cause he just beat 2 guys. That’s when Kilo came out and got a little measure of revenge when he superkicked King and then laid Tucker and Lee over the top of him and counted the 3.

Second match: Chris Rocker beat Tim Edwards with the code breaker after 2 attempts of a “redrum”. This advanced Rocker to the final of the tourney later in the night.

Motley Cruz comes out with “Mad Money” Mike to celebrate “Mad Money”’s birthday. Motley then calls out Bishop, “Rockin” Randy and Edwards to join the party. After a few minutes of party Kilo crashed in, n a big way DDTing Mike’s face into the cake.
Third match: Bishop beat Rockin randy with a sit out power bomb advancing him to the finals of the tourney.

Fourth match: Motley Cruz beat Kilo when it looked like Kilo was going to get the victory when Tim Edwards came out and pushed Kilo off the top rope. Kilo landed on his feet then dropped kicked Edwards off of the ring. Then King superkicked Kilo and placed Motley on top for the pin.

Fifth match: Bishop beat Chris Rocker to become the new DCW champ. Bishop then issued an open challenge to anyone who thinks they are bad enough to get in the ring with him and take his title.

Main event: the “Baron” Malkavain beat Dustin Starr. Dustin hit the Baron with everything he could but nothing could stop him from getting revenge on Dustin. Dustin used Jimmy Tidwell and Angelina but couldn’t get enough of an upper hand on Baron to get the win.

Kilo vs DK is going to be a great feud to watch unfold…. 170 in building great show. Crowd hot all night. They really enjoyed seeing 5 starr get beat….Crowd really hates derrick king now and love Kilo even more.

Credit: Spiritof1990

----The show was up about 8% from last week with the Starr vs Malkavain match advertised. I was surprised to see them do this match so quick and really surprised to see Starr lose it???...Bishop will be an interesting champion. He held the TLCW belt for a while last year. They will need someone that the fans actually believe will beat him. Rocker and him have really good bouts against each other...Flash, Su Yung and Justin Smart on the poster, but not on the show??

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 2.14.09

New Blood Wrestling Entertainment Center.
Newbern, Tennessee.

NBW Heavyweight Champion Crazy Train defeated J.R. Manson with the "Trail of Tears" to retain the title.

Phoenix X defeated Kid Psycho.

Tommy Redneck defeated Chad Hart with an Enziguri to the face.

"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Norrin Radd in a "Triple 5 Challenge" in under 3 minutes with a Black Hole Slam.

After the match Tank got the mic and told the fans about the NBW executives suspending him for 2 weeks for putting his hands on a fan, that’s the reason for him not being there. Tank said that all he did was defend himself because the fan touched him first and tried to cross the line and that is something that you just don’t do. The same fan was a ringside again, and Tank went to taunt him again. The fan got in Tank’s face. Jeff McDonald tried to get Tank to go to the locker room but another fan got in between the 2 of them, but Tank shoved him out of the way and slapped the other one in the face. Tank was made to go to the locker room and both fans were escorted outside. As the 2 fans were being escorted outside, Tank told Jeff McDonald that if either one of the fans had any balls to let him sign a waiver next week and let him take him on in a Triple 5 Challenge.

J. Weezy defeated "Enforcer" Mark Justice by DQ when after going for the "Hard Justice", the referee found a chain hanging out of Marks tights that Weezy has slipped in there while he was being picked up.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated Tim Alfonzo after a "Sethanfetamine".

NBW High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore after a Stunner.

There was about 45-50 people in the building last night, but they were loud…There was an intermission right after the ordeal with Tank and about half of the crowd went outside to see what was going on with the fans that got escorted out of the arena, but came back in for the remainder of the show…Members of XOW wasn’t there because they had a show in Mississippi last night, but they return next week…Gaylon Ray is no longer working for NBW. He moved away for a better shoot job.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Who is Norrin Radd??...Do not know whether this is a work or shoot on the Tank angle. I am not a fan of these kinds of angles, because it encourages the crowd to go after the wrestlers. The only way it would be good is if Tank just beat the hell out of the guy in the crowd in a match.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.14.09

78 attended

Harold Knight & Lightning Bolt Kid b Dominator & Tatsu via stereo sunset flips

Mexican Dragon b Loco Uno

Psycho Medic & LT Falk b Chris Norte & Bad Boy Dixon when Falk pinned Dixon

Hammerjack b Convict

Saint b Anthony Wayne

Damien Payne & Kevin James b Steven Green & Cody Weatherby when Payne pinned Green

Derrick Neal b Damien Payne (subbing for Josh Crowe) in a tables match

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----Funny to see them out draw the Friday show; how many times has that happen?? Maybe in Nashville guys take their "ol'ladies" out to "rasslin" for Valentine's Day?? LOL

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"The Wrestler" panel discussion on Jerkin' The Curtain Monday Feb 16th @ 10 PM CST.

Listen in tomorrow night, Monday, February 16th, at 10 central time as we are going to have a panel discussion on the movie "The Wrestler" on Jerkin' The Curtain. On the panel at the time of this writing are, Tommy Stewart, Jingus, Jack Johnson, Alan Wojcik, and myself. We'll discuss the film from several different aspects, might make for a rather interesting show. Check it out! Trent Van Drisse