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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 2.28.09

Memphis Wrestling TV Report

----The show opens with Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler outside the White Station High School Gym. The show has been moved to Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis. Belltime will be 8:00. Commercial airs next with new venue announced.

----Since all the stuff is old that airs, I am just going to post the results. No since is going over all the old stuff.

-Kevin White beat Chris Lexx from Channel 30. “Special Agents” at ringside – Maxx Corbin, Albino Rhino, Alex Krisis and RRO 2007 Rookie of the Year – Rasmey Cahill.

-“Opening The Vault” with Ric Rude vs Dutch Mantell

-Dundee video

-“Stop The Violence” founder interviewed by Corey/Lawler.

-Dutch Mantell/Bill Dundee vs “The Fantastics” [Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers]

-Lawler video

-“Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock interview with David Burcham artwork. Lawler beats up Blaylock. Johnny Rotten comes out and jumps Lawler. Sid Vicious jumps Lawler also.


----A big major problem with these shows is when they promote matches or shows during the commentary. This only confuses people…Fantastics were such a good team. Good match with Mantell/Dundee…Burcham artwork is still funny…Maclin did a real good job promoting the show for tonight. This is what he does best. He was also good on the angle when Vicious came out.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 2.27.09

63 attended

Dyron Flynn b Shawn Hoodrich

Psycho Medic b Mason Conrad

Calypso b Lee Cross

JD Fluffy b Ashton Viton

Bryan Casey b Jason Xavier to win the USWO Jr. Championship

A 3-way elimination tag match with USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne vs Saint & Tim Renesto vs Steven Green & Cody Weatherby ended in a double pin with Renesto pinning Payne and Crowe pinning Saint, with the ruling being that Renesto and Crowe could keep a belt apiece and the two teams would meet for the belts next week

Derrick Neal b USWO Champion Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White) when White interfered

NOTES: Calypso, Conrad, and Viton are all from Underground Wrestling in Chicago and will be on the NWA Cyberslam TV taping Saturday night here.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling TV Announces Venue Change!!

----The Memphis Wrestling TV show opened with Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler outside the White Station High School Gym. There is a graphic on the screen announcing the new venue, The show has been moved to Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis. Belltime will be 8:00. They also just aired a commercial with the new venue along with the following matches announced

$10,0000 10 Man Over The Top Battle Royal
Su Yung vs Lexus Steele
Bill Dundee vs Don Bass
King Cobra vs Kevin White
Hardcore Match: Doug Gilbert vs Brian Christopher
Main Event: Jerry Lawler vs Sid Vicious

----I should have full Memphis TV Report posted sometime later today.

A Piece of my Mind Feb 28th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

The last couple of weeks ” Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat got into what started as verbal altercations that eventually turned physical with Chris Jericho. If you talk to most people, if not everyone that saw it, they were very happy with Steamboat and Piper's delivery of the scripted words. Isn’t it the same writers, week in and week out, who write what is said on Monday Night Raw by today’s superstars? What’s different from the semi regular boredom that is Monday Night Raw and the presentation put on by these two legends? The difference is having two guys who know how to deliver a line and transfer emotion. A great line is a great line but would Shakespeare be the same if it was being delivered by Pee Wee Herman?

In keeping with the Hall of Fame tone of the past few weeks, I am glad that my friend Kevin Von Erich will be representing his family during induction. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with the Kerry and Kevin both on multiple occasions. I spoke to Fritz only one time to confirm the news of Kerry’s death. As a booker, I found the Von Erichs some of the easier talent to deal with. I traveled with both of them to some events and I still remember to this day the convenience store clerk who practically went into cardiac arrest upon the site of Kerry Von Erich. What was really strange about it was that it was in Tampa, FL on our way to the Manatee Civic Center in Kerry’s Pre-WWF days. I was surprised that a young girl in Tampa even knew of Kerry.

I can remember traveling to Imperial, CA with Kevin and going into some restaurant in the desert. I didn’t know much about the area at the time. Kevin wanted to order turtle soup. The Von Erichs deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s a shame that the best worker of the family David didn’t survive longer. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I can remember his alliance with another inductee Dory Funk, Jr. when they worked the Florida territory.

I am assuming that Michael Hayes would be the one inducting the family into the HOF. The feud between the Von Erichs and The Freebirds won’t be forgotten in my lifetime if ever. I had a chance to work with all of the Birds at one time or another and be in their company. I was always a big fan of the team and the feud. I can only imagine that there will be a time when The Freebirds will be inducted in the HOF. Perhaps at that time Kevin can return the favor.

At Hall of Fame time you tend to dwell on memories quite a bit. The conventions that take place during the year are a great opportunity to share not only the fans memories but memories that the wrestlers have as well. That’s one of the reasons that they exist and many fans attend regularly there are so many feel good moments when a convention is run properly and promises are delivered on.

This picture is of Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Von Erich, and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan taken at WrestleReunion 1.

This has been a piece of my mind.

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RassleResults: USA Wrestling 2.26.09

Shane Williams beat Justin Oday
Matt Boyce defeated Teddy Tender(Big Bully)
Bill Dundee beat Travis Sawyer
Brian Christopher beat Kevin White/Garry White
Jerry Lawler beat Doug Gilbert/Garry White

5 of the guys were supplied by Bert Prentice and Lawler furnished the rest. Lawler is booking all top guys and Bert all the lower card.

Next Show is March 5th Hohenwald, TN with Tommy Rich is coming in.
March 12th Scotts Hill, TN
March 26th Dresden, TN

Well over 400+ people in the building.

Credit; SWStudd

----I also got the following -- "There was a great show last night in Tiptonville,TN. Bert Prentice and USA Wrestling had Lawler, Christopher, Gilbert and Kevin White. The place was packed. They had to put out more chairs. GREAT SHOW!!!"...If they draw in Dresden, then Bert is the "King".

Memphis Wrestling Rating Report - Highest Rating Since Moving to Channel 50!!

----Good news for Memphis Wrestling!! The 2.21.09 show scored the highest rating since the move to Channel 50 with an overall 2.1 [33,205 viewers]. That is almost 3 times the amount of viewers from last year. The show overall is up 29% from last year’s Channel 50 figures. History has shown that they do real well after a big house show, so it will be interesting if they scored bigger after the show this weekend. History has also shown that when they do a big rating, then they do a low rating the week after. If so, then that will not help them going into the big arena show. Jimmy Blaylock mentioned the change in the venue for the event and he didn’t know whether they would announce it this Saturday on TV or not.

Memphis Wrestling 2.21.09 2.1 [33205 viewers]
1st Quarter
1.6 [25916 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
2.2 [35635 viewers] [+9719 viewers]

3rd Quarter
2.7 [43734 viewers] [+8099 viewers]

4th Quarter
1.7 [27536 viewers] [-16199 viewers]

Start to Finish: +1620 viewers

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Shooting the Shiznit" Hollywood Style!!

-----Use the player below to listen to the 30 minute "Shooting the Shiznit" featuring Jimmy Blaylock with Brian Tramel. Blaylock talks about being on the Memphis Wrestling TV show, full details about the show on Saturday, the Randy Hales letter, Tennessee wrestling vs MS wrestling, the Message board, Derrick King, Dustin Starr and more.

Flashback: Yearbook 2006

----Since we just finished up the Yearbook 2008 and voting, I thought I would “Flashback” to the first awards and take a look at “where are they now??” Yearbook 2006 was presented in web site format. You can CLICK HERE and take a look. One day I plan to put this on paper along with Yearbook 2007 as a combo deal for those that do not have it. Now let’s take a look.

Winner: Loose Cannon
Where Are They Now?? : Cannon was considered an upset or mainly a rib to most people. He still does his column on, but has not been considered as a top columnist since that year.

Winner: [tie]
Where Are They Now?? : Both sites are going strong with both being almost total different vehicles with Starr and Jimmy going to the blog format.

Winner: Michael Thomas
Where Are They Now?? : Thomas did some managing and best I can tell is now completely out of the business.

Winner: Bill Rush
Where Are They Now?? : He won again in 2007 and placed second in 2008. He is still active.

Winner: Rashard Devon
Where Are They Now?? : He was nominated all three years and is still active in the area.

Winner: Lil Chris
Where Are They Now?? : Along with Simon Reed, they won Tag Team of The Year in 2007, but worked very few dates in 2008. I think he has only been at one show during 2009??

Winner: TLCW
Where Are They Now?? : They won 2007 also, but were not even nominated in 2008. They are known as EWE now and still running shows weekly in Ripley, TN

-Horizon Star
Winner: Dustin Starr
Where Are They Now?? : He won this award again in 2007 and was nominated in 2008.

-MVP Tag Team
Winner: “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray]
Where Are They Now?? : This team did not get nominated again due to the fact doing only limited dates and Mickey Ray retiring.

-MVP Performer
Winner: Austin Lane
Where Are They Now?? : Austin Lane came back to win the 2008 MVP Performer and was ranked #1 in the top 10.

-Tag Team
Winner: “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]
Where Are They Now?? : These guys were pretty much inactive in this area as a team in 2007 with O’Neal working alone and Jacobs/Michael moving to the Nashville area. All three have been working the area since late 2008 with Jacobs/O’Neal pretty much teaming as “Picture Perfect” and Michael alone.

Winner: Derrick King
Where Are They Now?? : He won the award this year for the third year in row. He is still considered the best in the area.

----Get your copy of YEARBOOK 2008 by going to or

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 2.21.09 - PK RIPPER WINS TV TITLE!!

Royale Executioner beat American Hero
Frankie Tucker beat Seth Knight
Chico Mendoza/Shawn Hardy beat Mr. X/The Convict
Russian Assassin beat Sgt Pain
Devon Day beat Wild Bill to retain TIWF Title
AC Styles/Hardknocks Holligan beat WayCool/Lawman Williams to retain the TIWF Tag Team titles
PK Ripper beat Chris Lexxus to win TV Title


----No attendance was given...Can a group have more generic names than this group?? Mr X, Sgt Pain, The Convict and Russian Assassin. Ok..I still want to manage the Assassin, but this soundws like something out of the 80s...I was told by sources that Lexxus is..well..not as good as he looks. I was told he probably was not properly trained. Contact Kevin White or Ken Wayne and get trained!!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 2.21.09

Corey Maclin opened the show and said he's ready to go with some exciting action. Coming up, they will open the vault and take a look at "Dirty" Dutch Mantel. Corey will also talk, live, with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and take a look back at his First Family in action. Jerry "The King" Lawler will also talk about the big event coming up at the White Station High School this Saturday, February 28th. We will hear from "Psycho" Sid Vicious, as well.

They kicked off with some classic footage, featuring "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, in action, against The Invader. Koko was having a good time , doing the bird dance. Koko picked up the win, by delivering a brainbuster to The Invader.

Corey Maclin took a look at all the information for the big event, this Saturday, February 28th, at the White Station High School, located on 516 S. Perkins @ Poplar. 7:30 Bell time. Tickets are available at Spin Street or call (901)246-2711.

We hear from Jerry "The King" Lawler, who is excited about Memphis Wrestling returning, live, to "The Bluff City" at the beautiful White Station High School Gym, which seats about four thousand people and is right in the heart of east Memphis. On Saturday, February 28th, you will see such classics as: "Outlaw" Don Bass, Former World Champion King Cobra, and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White. A Diva Match is on hand. Then, "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher is taking on "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert in a Hardcore Match. "Superstar" Bill Dundee is also coming back to Memphis to be in action on Saturday, February 28th. "Psycho" Sid Vicious and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Jerry said, "I've had some serious battles with "Psycho" Sid and I can't wait for this one because he's ran his mouth and I'm gonna take this fist and I'm gonna shut that big mouth of his once and for all!" There's also going to be a big 10-Man Over The Top-Rope Battle Royal, with $10,000 going to the winner. Lawler ended by saying, "Saturday, February 28th, don't you dare miss it! White Station High School. Memphis Classic Wrestling returns, live, to "The Bluff City". Be there!"

Corey said that just thinking about that gymnasium at White Station High School, reminds him of the old Mid-South Coliseum.

Corey talked about Eugene. This included Corey mentioning that when he brought Eugene in for a show, he took him to Chuck E. Cheese's. We go to footage of Eugene in action.

Delta Fair Footage with Eugene & "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware going the time limit with Kid Kash & "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, with Su Yung and Garry White at ringside. Fans started chanting for five more minutes. They restarted the match. Eugene got the win with a Great Khali brain chop, following a misconnection from White and Kash. Fun match with all of Eugene's shenanigans that the kids love.

We take a look at some pictures of Jimmy Hart's First Family, which included pics of The Moondogs, "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol, "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, The Dream Machine, and "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant. This was followed by some classic footage of The First Family.

Up first, was a classic promo from big Joe Leduc, where he talked about Austin Idol.

This was followed by some more footage of Jimmy Hart sharing with us, Joe Leduc's intense workout regimen, which consisted of Joe pulling a two ton car outside of the Mid-South Coliseum.

Then, a classic bout was shown, featuring First Family members, "Ravishing" Rick Rude & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart with Jimmy Hart against "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. Rude and Neidhart tied Eddie up in between the two ropes, where he was stuck choking for a long, long, time. Rude and Neidhart, then, directed their attention toward punishing Rich. A young Doug Gilbert came down to help get his brother out of the ropes, but had some trouble. Rude and Neidhart were disqualified. Then, all hell broke loose as "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, Mad Dog, and Robert Reed ran out to help, but were taken out, immediately. Finally, Jerry "The King" Lawler ran out with a head of steam. He pulled the strap down and punched away at Neidhart. Unfortunately, it was short lived because Humongous ambushed Lawler, busting him open. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol tried his luck, but was stopped, suddenly, by a flying "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who jumped off the top-rope and nailed Idol with a baseball bat. Savage followed this up by delivering his trademark, flying elbow drop. Finally, Doug managed to pry Eddie loose from the ropes, but Savage was there waiting to suplex him into the ring. Eddie Marlin made his way out to the ring to restore order. No chance. When Lawler, Rich, and Mantel started to make a comeback, The First Family decided to evacuate the area. On their way out, Eddie Gilbert landed a couple chair shots on the fleeing Rude and Neidhart.

Following the footage, WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined the program, via telephone. Hart said he's got a busy month lined up, which includes a trip to Iraq to Salute the Troops with Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Jimmy also plugged the new Legends of WrestleMania videogame, which drops on March 27, that will feature him in the game and on the game's cover. Jimmy said the biggest thrill for him has always been Memphis Wrestling, where he started and put together The First Family of Professional Wrestling. Jimmy mentioned a host of names that he's managed. These included: Austin Idol, Dutch Mantel, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, Dream Machine, The Moondogs, Koko B. Ware, "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, Joe Leduc, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Hart told Corey that if it wasn't for Memphis Wrestling and Jerry "The King" Lawler getting him into professional wrestling, he wouldn't be talking to you, today. As the interview was ending, Jimmy said that he heard Corey may be running for office and might need him to be his campaign manager.

Following the interview, Corey was joking about wanting to know what kind of vitamins that Jimmy Hart takes because he's always so hyper.

Corey brought up the fact that if "Psycho" Sid Vicious loses this Saturday night at White Station High School, that he's going to give everyone in the arena their money back.

They showed the same Sid Vicious interview from the gym from a couple weeks ago. In case you missed it, it went a little something like this. Their cameras caught up with Jerry "The King" Lawler's opponent for February 28th, "Psycho" Sid Vicious, who was working out in the gym in West Memphis. As the camera approached Sid, he was in the middle of a vigorous workout, "One thousand one! One thousand two! One thousand three! Oh, George! You're back! Yeah, that's right, Lawler! I'm getting ready for February 28th. I'm not sitting around, eating Twinkies and cheesy puffs, all day, like yourself! I'm taking this seriously. So serious, yeah! My confidence is high? Yeah, it's high. My conviction is high? Yeah. For you, Jerry Lawler, February 28th, expect me to give a refund to people if I lose? Well! I don't lose, Lawler. You understand! I don't lose. Because I got great people like Buzz, here, that's going to be there, that night. (Camera zooms in on the young man working out) No, stop that! Alright! So, he bites people, once in a while. Say, he does those kinds of things. The mentally challenged. He had a couple hiccups in his life, but he moves forward, Lawler. Like I'm going to move forward and I'm gonna move right past you and right on to victory lane! And you can't stop me! You can't stop me! No one can stop me. Why? Because I'm Sid Vicious. I am The Master and I am The Ruler...of The World!"

Following Sid's interview, Corey reiterated that if Sid Vicious cannot pin the shoulders of Jerry "The King" Lawler down on the mat for the three count, he's going to cough up a lot of money.

We take a look at "Dirty" Dutch Mantel in a wild and crazy brawl with Abdullah the Butcher. Abdullah used his fork. He never goes anywhere without it, as you can tell by looking at him. Things weren't going too well for Dutch, until he managed to grab Shoe Baby and use it on "The Madman from Sudan". This had the big man reeling for a few moments, but he quickly took back over. Both men were a bloody mess. Chicky Starr gave Abdullah a coat hanger, in which, he choked Dutch with. Abdullah would not release the choke, so the ref had no choice, but to disqualify him. Finally, Chicky Starr got Abdullah to release his chokehold on Dutch. As Abdullah was leaving, he grabbed the promoter, by the head, and drove him into the ground. Dr. Hector Gonzalez came down to take a look at a beaten and battered Dutch Mantel.

Corey ran through all the talent that we've seen, during the show. He mentioned that Dutch Mantel is employed with TNA.

Corey ended the program, reminding everyone about the big night, this Saturday, February 28th, at White Station High School Gym, located at 516 S. Perkins @ Poplar. Bell time 7:30. Tickets available at Spin Street or call (901)246-2711. Corey said he'll be looking for you, next week.

Credit: D-Rock @

----As you can see, they reported the second site for the Memphis Wrestling event during the whole show. I did get a chance to see some of the 2.14.09 show and they were doing a really good job promoting this show...I did take a look at Google maps for this and it looks like only about 20 minutes apart, so if signs are up at one location - then fans will not miss the show. It also is closer for people coming in from Arkansas/Missouri. We are looking for a full report on this - e-mail it ASAP this weekend. Crowd estimates and results!!

Shows for the Weekend 2.27 to 2.28.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule shows for the weekend. Below is a rundown of the big Memphis Wrestling show and as reported yesterday on, it has changed the site of the event AGAIN!!

Memphis Wrestling will not be at White Station High School Gym. The show has been moved to Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis. Belltime will be 8:00

This is a joint effort to reach out to the Memphis Urban Youth program "Stop The Violence" to raise funds and set up youth wrestling camps. There will be a Diva Match, A Hardcore Match, and a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal $10,000 to the winner.
Bill "Superstar" Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, King Cobra, "The Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, Psycho" Sid Vicious, Su Young, Misty James, "The Nature Boy" Kevin White, Garry White, and many more.

RassleResults: RWA Weekend Results Wrapup 2.06 and 2.07.09

It was a busy weekend for the RWA, with two shows one on Friday at Brookland High School for the Football Boosters and then the Saturday show at the King's Sportatorium.

Friday results.

1 Rick Ruby(The Dogg Pound) VS Ron Rage(POB) Winner Ruby.
2 Scot Fury(Irish Dragons) VS Gary Diamond. Winner Diamond
3 Soul Train Jones VS The Tejano kid Winner Soul Train
4 Retro VS Blue Chipper Winner Retro
5 Kevin Douglas VS The Animal Bull Winner Kevin Douglas
6 Hot and Heavy(J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan) VS The Natural Born Playa'z(Southside Brawler and Mr. Pimptacular. Winners Hot and Heavy.
7 Austin Lane VS Idol Bane. Winner Austin Lane
8 RWA Champion Rodney Bad Dogg Mack(Dogg Pound) VS Midnight Cowboy(POB) Winner Rodney Mack.

Saturday results.

1 Bitty Little vs Jon Allen. Winner Jon Allen
2 Soul Train Jones vs The Tejano Kid. Winner Soul Train
3 Austin Lane and Gary Diamond vs The Irish Dragon's. Winner Dragon's
4 Poker Face vs Blalok the Blazer. Winner Poker Face
5 CCR(Cannon, Chris Steel, Randy) vs Cowboy's from Hell. Winner CCR
6 RWA Heavyweight Champ Rodney"Bag Dogg" Mack vs Midnight Cowboy(POB)
Winner Rodney Mack.
7 Kevin Douglas and Bull vs The Natural Born Playa'z(Southside Brawler and Mr.
Pimptacular) Winner The Natural Born Playa'z
8 Cujo vs Ron Rage(POB) Winner Cujo.

Both shows were very good, the Brookland show was for the high school football team. All the baby's went over and the crowd really loved the show, they asked the RWA to come back for another show. Congrats to the workers for their effort and time for the Brookland Bearcats...

The Saturday night show started with Frank Martin informing the fans of the Brookland show. That's when a tire landed in the ring going over Martins head and startling Martin. The Dogg Pound came into the ring and Martin left the ring quickly. Cujo was hot and told the fans and Martin that because POB cut his tires and that's why he was not at last Saturday's show. Cujo demanded a match and Martin told the Dogg Pound that Ron Rage had not showed up for the show but if he did he would sign the match.

The Bitty Little Jon Allen match was fast paced and the crowd was really into the match. Roger Allen and Pimp Ricky were at ringside and pulled the ole switch when Jon was down and the Pimp had the ref's attention. So Roger Allen really got the win.

Soul Train and Tejano have good heat and Soul Train continues to become a very good wrestler. He is big and strong and has an impressive collegiate back ground in football.

Austin Lane and Gary Diamond match up real well with the Irish Dragon's(Scot Fury and Acid) The match was fast paced and very physical. These two teams really enjoy laying in the shots and all four are great workers. The Dragon's used the double team to get the win on Diamond.

Blalok came out and told the fans that he was not there to wrestle just to grace the fans with his presence. Blalok was dressed in t-shirts and jeans and did not intend on wresting. Poker Face came out and told Blalok that if he thought he was not going to let him have his retribution he was crazy and hit him right in the mouth. The match was action packed and both used some big moves with Poker Face hit a drop kick that was second to none. Blalok was pulling his brass knucks out and the ref caught him and took them from him. When Blalok turned around Poker Face hit the Ghetto Blaster for the win.

CCR and The Cowboy's from Hell started fighting right off the bat. The Cowboy's are a masked team out of Louisiana so they did not know the history of CCR. They did not know that both Cannon and Chris Steel were both heels in their day. So when it comes down to it they can cheat with the best of them and get rough and nasty as well. Cannon and Chris work well together and with Randy in their corner this is a team to watch.

Rodney Mack and Cowboy continued their feud with a rematch from a week ago and from the Brookland show. It appeared that it would be a set up on Rodney but Rodney was one step ahead at all times. Ron Rage got the ref's attention and Silas got in behind Rodney and held him for Cowboy to hit. Rodney ducked the punch and Cowboy hit Silas sending out of the ring and then Cowboy got hit by the spear and The RWA Heavyweight Champ got the three count.

Kevin and Bull took on The Natural Born Playa'z after giving the crowd in Brookland a great Face VS Face match. They really took it to the Playa'z who are the front runners for the new tag belts. It actually looked like the Playa'z were to be upset. But leave it to the Playa'z to pull the slap stick again this week and steal another victory.

The main event saw Ron Rage come to the ring and give the ref a doctors note saying he could not work. Martin would have none of it, Rage even tried to act like his back was hurt. Martin told him that if he was to lay down in the middle of the road that no one would notice because the yellow streak would continue. Rage came out of his hurt back gimmick for a second and went back into it. Martin told him that he would be fair but instead made the match with Cujo. Cujo hit the ring no music just rage, not Ron Rage but angry rage. Cujo got the three count on Rage and POB hit the ring and so did the Dogg Pound. Mack took out Silas and POB powdered. Cujo then Power Bombed the 7 foot monster not once but twice. Then after the Dogg Pound left the ring POB came in and attacked Silas while he was down. When Silas finally came to he left the ring and took off the POB t-shirt and threw it back into the ring. The crowd really loves the big guy even as a heel.

Both shows drew 450+ and the fans really had a great time at both shows. The cable company that airs the RWA TV show has informed Mr Martin that the RWA show is the number one show on their cable access channels. Congrats to all the workers who have made the show a success.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Good crowds for both shows. Sometimes when promotions venture out of their own building, they do not draw good. Martin and crew have their ducks in a row...Good to hear they are getting people to watch their cable access show. I am hoping to see them on Channel 8 in the future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confirmed!! "Shooting the Shiznit" Thursday at 10:00 AM!!!

----It looks like we have the problems solved, so turn into tomorrow morning with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. We will have 30 minutes of action packed info.

MLW Press Release - Buy One Get One Free!!

Go to the website, and order any match via paypal, then find one of equal of less value, send me an email right here at and let me know your second match you want free. That's all there is too it...Now is the time to see 4-8 beautiful women instead of seeing 2-4 for the same price + our gals know how to wrestle.
Hurray, it's over at Midnight Thursday

Darrell and Susan, Owners
Memphis Ladies Wrestling

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 2.21.09 - Stan Lee Gets a Hair Cut!!

About 120 came out for this weeks edition of Elite Wrestling Entertainment.

Jon Michael comes out and makes his way around the ring, and requests to be the guest announcer for tonight’s event. Michael suffered an injury to his back last week and is unable to compete this week.

Greg King Jr. and Cody Melton defeated The Badd Boys by pinfall.

Commissioner Baker makes his way to the ring, saying that last weeks Valentines Vengeance broke the attendance record for the building. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony's music hits, and out comes Greg with K.C. Gold close behind. Golden Boy says it's time for a "good ole' fashioned Golden Circle" with Commissioner Baker as his guest, and K.C as his co-host. K.C takes the mic and says that a few weeks ago, Commissioner Baker banned him from the EWE. He then says that he has a contractual obligation to protect his interest, and that's Golden Boy, and if Baker tries to ban him from somewhere again, he'll bring down legal action. Baker says is that's the case, then that’s fine, but lets K.C Gold is on a very short leash at EWE. Golden Boy then says he wants to get down to real business, as the fans chant "I Quit" in reference to his "I Quit" match last week, where he lost the EWE Heavyweight Championship to Stan Lee. He says after he got all the thumbtacks out of his back, and his headache went away, he felt better when he thought of his rematch clause. Commissioner Baker then reminds Greg about the stipulation where if Stan Lee lost his match at Valentines Vengeance, he isn't entitled to a rematch. He said that he failed to mention that the same rule applied to Golden Boy as well, which makes him unable to challenge for a rematch. Golden Boy tells Baker that it would be in his best interest to grant him his rematch. He says that if he doesn't get his rematch, he'd be sorry, the fans would be sorry, and the whole company would be sorry. Greg and K.C exit the arena, followed by Commissioner Baker.

Christian Jacobs defeated Kid Nichols by pinfall.

J.R. Manson defeated Michael Gilbert by quick pinfall.

Idol Bane defeated Ike Tucker by pinfall. The antics and name-calling of Ike Tucker didn't distract Bane enough to distract him from the task at hand. Before Bane could get out of the ring, Cody Melton comes to the ring and says that he has a match with Bane next week, but his blood is boiling and wants to go now, so he races in the ring and the match starts. In short order, Cody Melton pins Idol Bane for the win.

Scott Adams defeated Tommy Jones by pinfall. The match lasted only about a minute and was completely in Adams' favor. After the match, Adams looks at Jon Michael and says he wants a match tonight. Jon is willing to go for it, but Christian Jacobs and Chris O'Neal come out and hold him back.

Eric Wayne won the chance to battle for the title tonight, and this match is next. In the longest bout of the night, Stan Lee came out the victor and is still EWE Heavyweight Champion. After the match, K.C. Gold rushes to the ring, only to run away when he tries to run, but Golden Boy was right behind him waiting to attack. Golden Boy gets Stan in the ring and hits him in the head with his belt. While Stan is stunned, Golden Boy grabs a pair of scissors and starts to cut away at Stan Lee's hair. He only stops as Jon Michael comes back out from the locker room and Golden Boy and K.C. Gold run back up the ramp. Jon Michael tends to Stan Lees head injury and has help by Christian Jacobs and Chris O'Neal to get back to the locker room.

Credit: Dustin Williams @

----Interesting to see the top two nominees for 2008 Rookie of the Year: Cody Melton and Greg King JR tagging...Scott Adams worked for Memphis Wrestling as Jethro...TGB cuts Lee's hair - this has to be leading to a Hair match. I actually did see Lee this week and is hair is A LOT shorter.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



"Shooting The Shiznit" Postponed!!!

----I just got off the phone with Jimmy Blaylock to inform him that I can not log into right now and apparently Gene Jackson was having the same problem yesterday. Gene is going to try to solve the problem before Cheap Heat Radio airs tonight. I am going to try to have this all solved and ready to go on Thursday at 10:00 AM. Stay tuned here on RRO or for up to date info about Blaylock's appearance. Sorry if this caused any inconvenience for anyone.


----I first would like to say THANKS to everyone that has ordered Yearbook 2008. I want to extend the discount of $5 [which will pay for most of your postage] - if you buy at the publisher's site only - CLICK HERE to go to It is also now available on for those that want to order it along with other stuff - CLICK HERE!! Use this code 2JQLFZMN for all orders thru

----Here is a rundown of what is in the book...

Size: 8 x 10 – 316 pages

-Year In Review 170 pages including special “Editor Commentary” by Brian Thompson. Thompson makes comments on various subjects during the review.

-Over 100 photos in the “Year In Review” by Tia Blaylock, Brian Tramel, Kayte Tramel and more.

-“Top 20 Events of 2008 Not In Memphis” by Joe Babinsack

- “Top 20 Shows of 2008” by Brian Tramel

-RRO 2008 Award Winners – 30 pages including winning percentages, “Five Fun Facts” on each winner and the Annual RRO Top 10 Tag Teams and Top Single Wrestlers of the Area.

-“Top 10 Favorite Cheap Heat Radio Shows” by Gene Jackson

-“Top 10 Shooting the Shiznit Radio Shows” by Brian Tramel

-“Memphis Wrestling TV Rating Analysis 2008” by Brian Tramel

-“Memphis Wrestling History – Flashbacks” by Mark James – 58 pages in “Scrapbook” format with posters, pictures and commentary about the history of Memphis Wrestling.

-“Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2008” by Mark James. Comments about and from 2008 inductees including Eddie Marlin, Al Greene,Tommy Gilbert, Jim Cornette, Stan Lane, Jerry Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Billy Wicks and Scott Bowden.

RassleResults: CWA Huntington, WV 2.22.09

Sunday Feb. 22
East Community Center
Huntington, WV
*National Champion Robbie Cassidy b Jason Kincaid
*Tony Givens & Wayne Atkins b Beau James & Ryan Reed
*Mad Man Pondo DCOR Gypsy Joe
*Alan Armonie b Chris Cannon
* J.V. Insanity & Eric Steel b Jack Black & Vito Andretti
*Eric Darkstorm b Chance Prophet
*CWA World Champion Brian Logan b Ace Prime

Credit: CWcrippler

----Logan is now the CWA World champion, since they dropped the AWA association.

RassleResults: SAW Memphis, TN 2.21.09

Here are the results from the SEW free show at Southbrook Mall in Memphis this past Saturday:

Chris Styles def. Josh Matthews

Carnage Antwone (w/Malik the Great and Reno Diamond) def. Capleville Maniac to retain the SEW Championship

Malik The Great won a U.S. Championship battle royal which included Chris Styles, Reno Diamond, Carnage Antwone, Iron Jake Johnson, Simba, Antoin Smooth, Josh Matthews, Capleville Maniac, Samoan Rajah, and Akeem Hudson. At one point a huge 2x4 was brought in the ring. Smooth spent most of the match hiding under the ring before getting caught. Bodies were flying everywhere, even a security got knocked out!

After the match, Malik celebrated with the Dynasty of Greatness and attacked Jake Johnson. Chris Styles ran in with a chair appearing to make the save but instead hit Jake and told Malik he wanted a title shot. An argument broke out with Reno Diamond calling Styles a redneck and Styles making racial comments before chasing them to the back with a chair.

A decent size crowd, about 70-80 people which is the most activity the Southbrook Mall has seen in years. A lot of people really bought into the racial angle because Chris is doing the Southern rebel gimmick and he was yelling in anger while chasing them with the chair. The announcers made sure to promote their public access show so hopefully this angle between Malik The Great and Chris Styles could attract some viewers.

Credit: James Dickson

----Ok, so this must be "Pick on Chris Styles" week, but a "racial" angle is just something that makes you look desperate. If you can't get over by just being a heel, then you don't know what the hell you are doing. I have even seen Styles get heat before where he almost caused a riot, but this kind of riot is something you do not want to be part of. My mom could get heat by saying the "n-word" in Memphis...I thought Reno retired??

RassleResults: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling featuring Memphis Legends!! 2.21.09

On 2/21/09 NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was in Cheraw, S.C. at Cheraw High School. In front of another sold out crowd of 1700+ paid fans "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair returned with Rock Star status once again.

1. MACW Hardcore Champion High Flying Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$.

2. Team Blondage Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal defeated Daffney & NWA World Womens Champion MsChif.

3.Cheraw's very on Brice Anthony defeated Jeff Justice.

4. Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated The Barbarian.

5. David Flair & Ricky Morton w/Ric Flair in there corner defeated Rikki Nelson & Buff Bagwell. Ricky Morton replaced Reid Flair. Reid Flair is out with a injury.

----RRO's Announcer and Columnist of the Year: Brian Thompson was in attendance. He was seen shaking Ric Flair's hand AGAIN. LOL

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheap Heat Radio returns Tuesday night at 10pm!

It seems Tuesday Feb. 24 will be a big day for RRO Radio as both Shootin' the Shiznit and Cheap Heat Radio return on the same day. Tune is as I will be joined by IWA Deep South's Smooth Plezing about the upcoming Southern Classic Tournament that will take place over the course of two nights in Sylacauga, Alabama and Colera, Alabama. We'll also talk to him about how this year's Carnage Cup went, along with details on this year's Carnage Cup. A big national DVD deal that will see some IWA Deep South shows available in stores. Among a number of other topics that we'll discuss throughout the show. Feel free to call in with questions, comments, upcoming shows to plug or whatever you want to say. The floor will be yours. Listen live or download at your leisure at

C.H.R. is also booking more "roundtable" discussion shows soon. If you would like to take part in one of the shows and/or if you have a topic you'd like to put out for discussion email me at or you can contact me at

"Shooting the Shiznit" Returns TOMORROW Hollywood Style!!

----TOMORROW MORNING!!! "Shooting the Shiznit" returns @ 10:00 AM with special guest "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. Blaylock will be the first guest for the new "fast forward" 30 minute version of STS. He will be here to talk about the upcoming Memphis Wrestling show and his involvement with it and Memphis TV. The last few minutes will be reserved for caller questions. It should be an interesting show!! Caller number: (347) 838-8101.

RassleResults: XOW Independance, MS 2.20.09 - XOW Pack The Place!!

XOW Wrestling returned to Independence, last night, with a great night of action to a packed house at the fire department. "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall called the action.

Opening Match: The Wrecking Crew, Dwayne Red and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson defeated Jay Webster and Zander Gray. Referee was Chris P. Fries. Good, long opener that got the fans involved. The finish came when Red held Webster up in a sidewalk slam and Anderson jumped off the second rope, planting him with a leg drop.

Al Hall picked on a little boy in the crowd that was wearing a wife beater.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs came out wearing gas masks, complaining about how bad the place stunk. The funny thing was watching Jimmy try to get in the ring with the tank on. They said that Tony Dabbs was suppose to wrestle Danny B. in a number one contender's match, but Danny no showed. "Hollywood" and Dabbs demanded that Tony Watts come out and make things right by raising Tony Dabbs hand in victory, since Danny was nowhere in sight. When Watts refused, Dabbs and "Hollywood" attacked Watts. Danny B. Good ran in to make the save and chased Jimmy and Tony with a hammer. Danny B. cut a promo. Jimmy and Tony came back out. "Hollywood" called Danny a woman beater. The match is made for later in the night. It will be a number one contender's match with the winner getting the next shot at the XOW Heavyweight title. Danny will have a fireman in his corner to keep an eye on "Hollywood". Before Danny walked to the back, he reminded Al Hall of their past history they've had in different promotions.

2nd Match: Triple Threat Action, featuring Mason vs Chop Top The Clown vs Suicide, with his manager, Jason "The Brain". Referee was Uncle Felton. Interesting combination, here. You had the powerhouse Mason, the crazy clown Chop(The Insane Clown Posse meets Wraith. Love the green goatee.) and the speedy high-flyer Suicide. There was some neat moves during this one, which included: a triple headlock, a triple sleeper which led to a triple jaw breaker. I thought that was cool. Suicide took a nasty spill over the top-rope, during this one. Mason ended up picking up the win after leveling Suicide with the sky high.

Al Hall said it was great to see me back in men's clothing. Al's got jokes. I also noticed that Al had a Sonic cup that he was sipping on the whole night. Now, either he purchased a delicious cherry limeade that lasted the entire show or he snuck in a little Jack or Absolute and kept refilling his cup.

Tony Watts called out the XOW Tag-Team Champions, Syn and DJ Stunner, who made their way to the ring, along with Jason "The Brain" to an unpleasant greeting by the Independence faithful.

"The Sons of the South", Chris Styles and Josh Matthews, came out to confront and challenge the champs. Styles, immediately, referred to the three as, "Three little punk faggots!" "The Sons of the South" got to pick the special stipulation for their tag team title match, later in the show. Styles and Matthews made it a TLC, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. They also added Tony Watts to the mix to keep an eye on "The Brain".

Dixie made his way to the ring, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. Dixie called the fans a bunch of "Redneck inbreds". "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore made his way to the ring, setting up the....

3rd Match: Dixie, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore. Referee was Chris P. Fries. At the beginning of the match, Kilgore got his big snake out of his lunchbox. Dixie and Jimmy quickly retreated. Kilgore had some fun with Referee Chris P. Jimmy threatened to start on one side of the building and slap everyone in the entire place if they didn't get quiet. When I first seen the poster for the show, I seen the name Dixie and I was like, "Oh, snap! Hott Divas action!" Boy, was I wrong. I thought Dixie looked a lot like Kenny Valiant and Mike Knox. Nothing like Su Yung. During the match, Kilgore chased "Hollywood" a few laps around the ring. At this time, Al Hall noted what kind of phenomenal shape Jimmy is in, with excellent conditioning and mentioned Jimmy's six-pack abs. Kilgore was bringing the heat, laying some vicious chops on the big man. Jimmy pushed Kilgore off the top-rope, where he choked himself on the rope on his way down. Dixie took advantage of the opportunity and pinned the fallen star, picking up the win. Afterwards, Kilgore chased Jimmy and Dixie out of the ringside area with his snake.

During intermission, Al Hall said he received a call from the University of Memphis about a lady in the crowd that was dancing. Al said that she set off the richter scale. Al went on to say that Independence was the first basketball team he's ever seen that plays in their overalls and that the cheerleading squad brings along a bale of hay with them.

4th Match: #1 Contender's Match-"The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good with a local fireman watching his back defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock in his corner. Referee was Uncle Felton. Before the match, Jimmy let everyone know that he was twenty-eight years old and Tony was just nineteen. Great match between two of the best in the area. Jimmy made his presence known, throughout the contest, as he hit Danny with a pot and his briefcase. In the end, it was Danny becoming the number one contender, defeating Tony with a sunset flip rollup when Tony attempted an Alabama slam.

Following the match, Danny had a message for the kids. He said that he won without cheating and that they didn't need to cheat to be the best in school, sports, and life. Danny gave props to both Tony and Jimmy. He tried to persuade Dabbs that "Hollywood" was no good for him and he could not be trusted. Danny mentioned how Tony hadn't received his money yet from Jimmy for the show. Jimmy took out some cash and said that he would pay him once they got to the back. The three were near the curtain when out of nowhere, Al Hall hit Danny in the back of the head with the ringbell. This sparked an all out assault on "The Hotstepper". Dabbs hit Danny with the hammer. Al Hall grabbed the mic and told Danny that they did go way back, but he has never liked him and never will. The beatdown continued until Triple H burst on the scene.......Oh, sorry about that. I mean, until Tony Watts made the save, swinging a sledgehammer. This chased off "Hollywood", Dabbs, and Hall. Watts announced that at the next show there at the fire department in Independence on Saturday, April 4th, Danny B. Good would challenge the XOW Champion, Sarge O'Reilly.

Main Event: XOW Tag-Team Championship-TLC Match-
XOW Tag-Team Champions Syn and DJ Stunner, with Jason "The Brain" battled "The Sons of the South", Chris Styles and Josh Matthews, with Tony Watts in their corner, in an instant classic. Referee was Chris P. Fries. These two teams beat the hell out of each other. At the beginning, "The Brain" was taken out. Suicide ran out to lend a hand to his buddies, Syn and DJ Stunner, but was stopped quickly. This match saw a little bit of everything. From FU's through tables and chairs to moonsaults from ladders, this was a bloody war. Really hard to put into words. At the end, it was Chris connecting with the Canadian Destroyer and Josh hitting the cradle shock on Syn and Stunner to get the win and become the NEW XOW Tag-Team Champions! Wow! Those four guys really put their bodies on the line and gave it everything they had. I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this one, live and in person. It was AWESOME! Be on the look out for videos of this one.

At the end of the night, Oscar announced a couple upcoming shows. XOW will be returning to the Independence Fire Department on Saturday, April 4th. There will also be a free show in Crenshaw, Mississippi, at noon on May 2nd that will feature "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, Brickhouse Brown, and many more.

Good Calls to everyone involved in the show last night in Independence. Excellent job.

Credit: D-Rock @

----It was reported that this was a sellout - how many guys??...I posted another video. I guess I am not going to be invited to MS for my book tour; huh?? All Pro Productions did these kind of Main Events and when they returned to towns, the attendance would go down. It will be interesting to see if they will draw again in when they come back. They do have a good place and could continue to do good though...So, for those that think I hate "Sons of the South" - that is not true. I think both guys are a good workers and I have watched Styles work forever. But, honestly this guys can work - they don't have to do SHIT matches all the time.

Rassleresults: EPW Booneville, MS 2.21.09

Internet Champion Tysin Starr defeated Chazz to retain. Starr came to the ring accompanied by his tag team Partner, Chazz, who then said that he could not be at ring side during the match due to special stipulations. Chazz then went to the back. He returned when his music played to reveal that he was Tysin's opponent. The match was OK - nothing to brag about - just OK.

EPW Champion Cassanova Kid defeated Barney by submission to retain. This was not a good match - and it was NOT Cassanova Kid's fault. Barney needs to go back to refereeing.

Buzz Harley defeated Blade by reverse decision when referee KC found a chain in Blade's possession (which was planted by Buzz). Blade issued a challenge for a brass knucks on a pole match at the next show. Buzz accepted.

EPW Extreme Champion "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris won a three-way match over David Andrews and "Prime Time" Nick Grimes to retain.

"Big Indian" Quixote defeated Robert Rose. This was an awful match. Big Indian needs to stay on the reservation. Big Indian did manage to get some heat from the crowd, but the match itself was not good.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & "Big Daddy" Nino) defeated EPW Tag Team Champions Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & "Extreme" Brett Michaels) in a non-title match to become the undisputed #1 contenders for the tag team belts. PHAT Foundation gets a shot at the belts this Saturday night. Good match.

The main event was an "anything goes match," Bonecrusher/Soul Taker/JR Mauler vs. The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) & Cody Hawk. The match started out as a brawl and got wilder and crazier by the minute. Eventually Bonecrusher/Soul Taker/JR Mauler got the upper hand, then in came Brody Hawk to make it four-on-three. The tide quickly turned in favor of Psycho/Pappy/Cody/Brody, but then Kross hit the ring to even things up. More brawling until the match was won by Psycho/Pappy/Cody/Brody by pin fall. But they were not done yet - while Bonecrusher & Soul Taker were down on the floor outside the ring, Cody & Brody hung Kross & JR with chains over the top rope. Bonecrusher & Soul Taker finally back in to make the save, Cody & Brody bailed. Great match. I am sure this is still not over by a long shot.

This Saturday night's card at EPW will include PHAT Foundation challenging Pain, Inc. for the Tag Team belts. Also on the card is a NO DQ brass knucks on a pole match between Buzz Harley & Blade. It will be a great show, so don't you miss it! It will happen at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 7:00 p.m.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----I also posted here a video of a match filmed at EPW. There has been discussion from a few of us about how Tennessee wrestling is better than Mississippi wrestling. This match should be proof. There no psychology, just a bunch of spots at the start and a crappy finish. Execution of some of the moves was not bad [loved the RKO from the top rope], but none of it made any sense. I hate finishes where the heat is put on the ref. Why do you do that?? You trying to get your ref over as a heel?? The HEEL should leave with the heat, not the ref. Or where they even heels..LOL I mean, I am guess with Styles and Burcham at ringside. BTW..I love the new look for Burcham.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 2.21.09

Just like every Saturday night, Rickey Rowland would bring out our nations flag for the playing of our national anthem. After which, T-Bone Terrence Ward would make his way to the ring with a special guest announcer for the evening, ASWF Hall-of-Famer Luscious Leonard.

Our show began with Commissioner Ward calling Tommy Wayne to the ring. Tommy made his way to the ring and stated that he had unfinished business with Chuck Fears and the Heavyweight Title. Just as Tommy was about to leave the 2008 Wrestler of the Year, Mr. Muscle Morgan Williams, stopped him and challenged him to a match later on tonight.

1st Match: Last Shot at the European Championship
Demon X would have one last shot to win the title back from Cody Murdoch, who just last week won the title in a steel cage match. Murdoch and Demon X would both exchange control of the match. However in the end Murdoch would use the Flatbed on Demon X and get the victory.

2nd Match: Tag Team Match
The veteran tag team “Danger Zone”: Hot Rod John Ellison and David Cox, would take on The “Beach Bums” : Kaliki and Mark Wolfe. Danger Zone was on the ball in this match and up to their usual routine of dirty tactics. But to Danger Zone’s surprise The Beach Bums would walk away victorious. After the match was said and done, Danger Zone would receive a little bit of help from Mexicanos. However, that was short lived when “Team Entertainment”, Casino and Tim Hanson would come to The Beach Bums aid.

Commissioner Ward would make his way to the ring to call out the new X-Division Champion, Ray Ray. Ray would take over the interview and challenge Regulator and Kid Krazzy to a triple threat match later on in the show.

3rd Match: Tag Team Match
Christopher Lee and Dre would go head to head with Johnny Hawk and Johnny Harper, Mexicanos. Mexicanos, like Danger Zone, was up to their usual dirty game. During the bout of the match, Mexicanos would use a blackjack to gain the upper hand and take home the match.

4th Match: One Fall
Morgan Williams would finally get what he wished for in a match against Mr. Playboy Tommy Wayne. Mr. Muscle’s “Little Butterfly” Athena Eclipse would be at ringside and we all know that is NEVER a good thing. Tommy would eventually have enough of Athena getting involved in the match and would go to hit her but was blocked when Morgan Williams went to save her. Tommy Wayne would get even and punch Athena off of the ring but would fall victim to the Muscle Cutter giving Morgan Williams the win.

5th Match: Tag Team Title Match
ASWF newcomer Vinny Romano would team up with X-Kaliber and face Team Entertainment for the titles. This would be an easy match for Casino and Tim Hanson due to their size advantage. Team Entertainment stayed in control for most of the match. But during the end X-Kaliber left abruptly leaving Vinny Romano to defend himself, which would as you guessed it, give Team Entertainment the win.

6th Match: Non-Title Match
The Heavyweight Champion Chuck Fears would take on The One Cody Only in a non-title match. This was something that Cody Only had been waiting for, not just because he wanted the title, but because he was tired of Chuck Fears not being a true champion. This match was a match of endurance. But we would soon find out who was the fit competitor when Cody Only would land his signature move, the LTO. Cody would roll up Chuck for a pin and get the win.

7th Match: X-Division Title Match
Ray vs Kid Krazzy vs Regulator, let me tell you there is not enough words to describe this match. Before the referee could ring the bell, the music of X-Kaliber would begin to play. It was finally clear as to why X-Kaliber left the tag team match. He wanted a shot at his former title. All eyes were on the returning Kid Krazzy who was also the #1 contender. The match went from the ring to outside of the security railing. Weapons would finally get involved in this match, but Owner David Walls would state that if anymore weapons were used it would result in their disqualification. Through it all Ray would barely walk away victorious.

Crowd was 184 paid

Credit: ASWF Ace

----I will have see them as a team, but I hate the name - "Team Entertainment"...RRO Promotion of the Year 2008 are still doing good at the gate.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 2.21.09

New Blood Wrestling
Entertainment Center
Newbern, Tennessee
February 21, 2009

At the beginning of the show, NBW owner Jeff McDonald called out the tag team champs of “Biscuits & Gravy”, Jon Roberts & Gaylon Ray. Jeff told John that he knew that Gaylon had moved away and that he was letting Jon know that he could pick any partner of his choosing to defend the tag titles. Enter XOW. Sarge O’Reilly makes a challenge to Biscuit to put up the tag titles in a singles match tonight against Lil' Tim. They agree on the match, and then exit the ring.

Phoenix X won a Gauntlet match to become the #1 contender for the High Risk title last eliminating Norrin Radd. Also in the contest were Tommy Redneck, The Kid, Chad Hart and Akoni.

NBW Tag-Team Championship
Champion Jon "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Lil' Tim Alfonzo w/ Lil' Bit after a "Rude Awakening".
After the match, Tim sneak attacked Jon from behind and then blasted him with one of the tag belts. Tommy Redneck made the save and it looks like Jon has chosen Redneck to become him new partner.

"Triple 5 Challenge"
Tank came out and got the mic wanting to know if the fan was there again this week. He was and Tank immediately began taunting him to get in the ring for their "match". Owner Jeff McDonald came out of his office and had a piece of paper in his hand and asked the fan if he was sure he knew what he was doing. The fan signed the waiver and stepped in the ring. Tank was ordered not to touch him until the bell had rang. As soon as the bell rang, the fan known as Ricky, charged at Tank and tried to deliver what I guess would be a clothesline, but bounced off the big man and fell back, and that was all she wrote. Tank destroyed him in about 2 minutes with chops and hard splashes in the corner before nailing a full rotating black-hole slam. Jeff McDonald, who had stayed at ringside told Tank that was it, he proved his point and had won the match and to leave the guy alone. Tank exited the ring but on his way back to the locker room found a chair sticking out from under the ring. Tank grabbed it and made his way back in the ring. Everyone was begging Tank not to hit this guy who was barely able to get up on his hands and knees, but Tank swung the chair and blasted Ricky in the back. Tank then put down the chair and was about to deliver a "Detonator" to him, but Jeff told Tank that if he did not take his hands off of him right now, he would be fired. Tank threw the fan to the ground and left the ringside area, as security and Jeff helped Ricky back to the NBW offices.

Weezy aka Lil' Sarge w/ Lil' Bit defeated "Enforcer" Mark Justice after outside interference. Sarge came out while Mark was attempting a "Hard Justice" and distracted the referee. Weezy delivered a chain shot to Mark and when he turned around, Lil' Bit nailed him with a Code Breaker.

NBW High Risk Championship
Champion Brandon Barbwire defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore again this week by countout. After the match was over, Moore attacked Barbwire and delivered 2 RKO's and then challenged Barbwire next week to an "Anything Goes, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere in the building match" and said that he would take back what was rightfully his.

Attendance was about 45 - 50

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----I am being told that XOW seem to be done with the company after several altercations between members of XOW and the fans, and security not doing their job and letting fans cross the barricade to go after the workers. Not sure on all the details but will have more on this later in the week. Seth Knight was originally scheduled to work Sarge but after another altercation after the Mark Justice/Weezy bout, Sarge told his guys to not go back out there so their match was called off. I was told it was probably a good thing because Seth was not in any condition to work…Mark Justice goes from Main Event in DCW feuding with DK/Kilo to doing jobs for Weezy. How quick things change; huh??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Roddy Piper is a legend and Chris Jericho will be Gene Jackson

If you didn't watch last week's WWE RAW watch the youtube video below before it get's pulled. I wanna start off by saying that I think Chris Jericho has now developed one of the best heel characters the business has seen in years. No more cool heel, no more catch phrases and attempts at humor that just end up endearing you to the fans in the long run. He's just a dispicable heel with no redeeming qualities. There are no reasons for the fans to like him other than the fact he puts on good matches. I love the suit and the scowl on his face, the low key deliberate delivery on his promos. Guys who want to be a great heel in current times should really study Jericho's recent work because it's some of the best out there and certainly the best of his career. It seems he's one of the few who finally "get's it", the heel doesn't need to get over, they just need to be hated, truly hated. People want to see him get his ass whipped. He doesn't just come off like somebody "playing the bad guy" he comes off like an evil prick who really looks down his nose at the fans. Just a phenomonal job. The closest anyone else has come to pulling this off in recent years in WWE is Edge. I don't think there's anyone in TNA whose truly over as a heel, there's too much turning back and forth. The only person who ever really had heat was Jarrett so they turned him babyface.

Now let's take a look at Roddy Piper. Was Roddy Piper ever a great "worker"? By star rating standards, no. Did he often times do promos and things that were way over the top and sometimes just down right silly. Yes. However whether it's 1985, 1995, or 2009, when he wants to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper can deliver some of the most emotional and riveting promos of anyone in the history of the buiness. The promo above, you have to admit whether you like Piper or not that promo was heartfelt and real. It drew you in, it made you care about what was going on and even if you don't like Piper after he poured his heart out there in the ring you still had to feel disgusted at Jericho for attacking a guy whose just there cause he loves and respects the business and it's fans. In my opinion there are only a handful of guys in wrestling who are truly great promos. There are a lot of good ones, but guys like Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler (in Memphis), Ric Flair, and very few others are great enough they can go out there and generate enough interest just by what they are saying to make you buy tickets or buy a pay per view to see what's gonna happen. They are able to go out there start a feud or turn one completely around just by one great promo.

Yes, this whole "legends" angle has been done before (most recently and notably with Randy Orton) but I think Jericho is more effective in the 'legend killer' role than Orton. The reason these angles work is the "legends" can still hold up their end and make themselves relevant even though their best days are clearly behind them. I say they use these angles now while they can because in 2030, I don't know that the "superstars" of today will hold up quite as well when they become the "legends".

I plan to write more soon on heels and babyfaces. Who my favorites are and why. Hopefully it will spark some discussion on the board. Also Cheap Heat Radio is getting ready to start a new season. Our first show will be announced later today which is scheduled to be a discussion of IWA Deep South, but more details later today.

Terry Rice returns to Jerkin' The Curtain Monday, Feb, 23rd @10 PM CST.

Listen into Jerkin' The Curtain tomorrow night, Monday, Feb. 23rd @ 10 central time to hear the return of Powerslam Pro wrestling promoter Terry Rice to the show. Terry was on the show about a year ago, and a lot has happened to him since then. He has declared 2009 will be the "Year of the Rice". We'll talk about all that, plus hear more stories of his time working for Nick Gulas, maybe some old school country music talk, and whatever else comes up. Also, my co-host Tommy Stewart is attending RAW live in Nashville tomorrow night, so hopefully he will call in at some point with a post live RAW report of sorts. Should be a good show, check it out. Trent

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.21.09

57 attended

Otis Bass b Dominator

Chris Bomb b Convict

Hammerjack b Chris Norte

Anthony Wayne b Saint in a submission match

Damien Payne & Kevin James b Steven Green & Cody Weatherby in a tag elimination match when Payne pinned Green

ATL Tag Team Champions Derrick Neal & Psycho Medic b D'Angelo & LA Player when Medic pinned D'Angelo

Credit: Jimmie Daniel