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Andrew "Test" Martin found dead at his home

Wow, you know at this point you almost picture that "big wrestling ring" up in the sky that people refer to when wrestler's die as being like a Royal Rumble with everyone looking towards the curtain waiting for the buzzer to see whose next to enter. Today's entry was Test, Andrew Martin.

Only 4 days away from his 34th birthday Martin was found dead in his apartment in Tampa, Florida. So far there's no details but one can speculate that this is another drug/steroid related death. In the past few years Martin has been very outspoken on his disdain for the WWE and the wrestling business in general preaching to guys to stay away from it, saying he would have had he know what he was getting into.

So there you have fans, the next entry in the big royal rumble in the sky is Test......who will be the next one to part the curtain. Let's hope we don't have to find out for long while.

R.I.P. - Andrew Martin

Gene Jackson

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 3.13.09

53 attended

Dyron Flynn b Dominator and Psycho Medic in a 3-way when Flynn pinned Dominator

Lunatic D b Fast Forward

Shane Eden b Convict

Johnny Motley b Mark Houston

LT Falk & Drew Haskins b Kevin Dunn & Shawn Hoodrich when Haskins pinned Hoodrich

Jason Xavier b Lee Cross by DQ when Cross shoved ref Mark Owen and hit Xavier with a chair

Tim Renesto & Saint b Josh Crowe & Damien Payne to win the held-up USWO Tag Team Championship when Renesto pinned Payne

Derrick Neal b Michael Jablonski to win the USWO Championship

PS: I made my ring announcing debut as Gordon was absent

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Piece of my Mind March 13th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

This past Saturday I was I was traveling back to an area that I lived in for twelve years Charlotte NC. I had a layover in the Atlanta airport. I just happened to notice a man off to my left who looked familiar. So I went over and introduced myself and mentioned the name of a mutual friend we have who represents this gentleman on personal appearances. I had wanted to meet this man for many years since he was a television icon. There are few people who reach the level of fame and success that this man has reached. At some point I asked him where he was raised and he said Manhattan. I told him that I work very closely with Bruno Sammartino and asked him if he had ever heard of Bruno? He responded by saying that he used to watch him all the time when he was younger. He asked me to please pass along his most sincere regards. I said "let me do one better than that". So I called Bruno on the phone when he answered I handed the gentleman the phone he said “Hello Bruno my name is Henry Winkler”. I stood by and listened to a man I have enjoyed as a part of the television show Happy Days bring the name and character Fonzie to life and a household word. When I had a chance to speak with Bruno later in the day he was also very appreciate for the opportunity to speak with Henry. It appears that both men were a fan of each other.

Can anyone disagree that the biggest inside joke up to now is Chris Jericho running down wrestlers who perform at high schools? He makes statements that would lead someone to believe that anyone who wrestles at high schools doesn’t belong on WWE programming. The first thing I would like to state is that the McMahon family ran shows in high schools for many years. These shows, most times if not all times, were fund raisers for some local charity. The very first show that I promoted was a fund raiser for my high school’s alumni association. We had a packed house and a great main event that had “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff and “Dr.D” David Shultz vs. Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson and S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones. We had a packed house, raised money for the Saunders Trades and Technical High School alumni association, and the then WWF did well that night also. I am not sure how a company that has run so many high school events over the years can allow one of their performers run down the whole process. It is possible there will be some huge payoff at the end of this angle that sets the record straight and hopefully there will be.

The second biggest inside joke is that while Chris Jericho is running down the process that arguably the most well known wrestler performing on almost a weekly basis in high schools is WWE’S own Jerry “The King” Lawler. I don’t know who is going to wrestle Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania but at this point doesn’t it really need to be Jerry “The King” Lawler to fight for his pride after hearing week after week how what he does is embarrassing and degrading? If it is embarrassing and degrading what does it say about WWE having Jerry as their announcer? It’s not like anyone in WWE doesn’t know what Jerry is doing out there. I have no idea how much longer Jerry Lawler will be an in ring performer, but what better way for him to make his Wrestlemania debut than against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania? I find the Wrestlemania card so far to be lackluster and subpar in comparison to other Wrestlemania’s. I do admit that I would have interest in seeing Jerry Lawler wrestle Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania.

This picture is from the World Wrestling Legends PPV from March 2006 it is of the soon to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Koko B. Ware. My friend "The Birdman" is looking forward to it and I am very happy for him.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: USA - Memphis Wrestling Scotts Hill, TN 3.12.09

Ty Hamilton beat Shane Williams

Matt Boyce beat Travis Sawyer

Chris Williams beat Black Ice

Doug Gilbert & Kip Morris defeated Cody Melton & Michael Gilbert.

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White w/Garry White & Su Young

Jerry Lawler defeated Teddy Tender.

300 to 350 in the building...Good show, fans were into every match...Black Ice was a local guy that claimed to be trained by Dundee 20 years ago. LOL

Credit: SWStudd

----Bert Prentice-Jerry Lawler partnership continues to draw big numbers. Lawler has headlined all big shows so far this year.

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.07.09

----The show is still doing much better than last year running about 28% better overall. The show Saturday scored an overall 1.2 [19438 viewers] making it the 3rd highest rated show this year. The show had a small increase in the second quarter, but then settled into 1.1, which it did for three of the four quarters. Although they did not have an increase in the 4th Quarter, no one turned it off, so that is a good thing. The show was up 33% from last week’s show after the arena show in Minglewood and a 13% over the 2009 overall average. The way the numbers looked, I would say the White vs Starr bout got the most ratings of the show.

Overall 1.2 [19438 viewers]
1st Quarter
-Beth Paige singing
-Bass with Blaylock vs King Corbra
-Starr vs White [start]
1.1 [17818 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Starr vs White [finish]
-Austin Idol interview
-Idol vs Tony Falk
-Lawler/Renee angle with Yung/White [start]
1.4 [22677 viewers] [+4859 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Brian C vs Doug – Hardcore
-Sid interview [start]
1.1 [17818 viewers] [-4859 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Sid interview [finish]
1.1 [17818 viewers] [no change]
Start to finish [no change]


----Minglewood building looked good…Bass bout was “hide the chain” – he has been doing that for over 20 years. Not a good bout, but fans seem to be in it…At least Blaylock was in black, instead of the white suit. He looks meaner in black…White vs Starr was a short solid bout – nothing special, but flawless and perfect psychology…Su Yung looked nice…Starr is in great shape…Fans seems to like the cat fight. This stuff has been done so many times, it is boring to me…Hardcore match was over with the fans. Tia Blaylock, D-Rock and Burcham front row…Sid saying, “Jackie Fargo or your ugly girlfriend.” was funny…Vicious is in great shape…Lawler’s roll up of Sid out of the corner was hilarious. What were they thinking?? Sid then fell down before Lawler could punch him. Not a good match…Best bout was White vs Starr…Good to see original programming.

The Thompson Perspective - Greg King Edition 03.13.09

In this crazy world of professional wrestling, you meet many types of personalities. Some you like and some you don’t necessarily care for.

Greg King is one of the personalities in wrestling today that I truly like. He always seems upbeat and his attitude is always a good one. He wants to give his best performance and exceed. He has done so.

Greg has worked hard to become one of New Experience Wrestling’s shining stars. From day one, anyone in attendance at the first NEW show could see that he had a little something special. He was a fresh face to the NEW fans at first. Come to a show now and once he steps through the curtain, you we will see that he gets a tremendous reaction. It is well deserved.

Hard work. Determination. Great attitude. These are all great ways to describe Greg King. But they all mean nothing if he doesn’t succeed in less than 48 hours.

Greg has reached the point in his training at the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling that he is ready to wrestle a 1-hour match, non-stop to graduate from the school. Only two other men have accomplished this goal – “3G” Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels more than 13 months ago.

I have no doubt in my mind that Greg can go one hour. And it won’t be a “he’s gotta chain” slow style match either. I promise you that Greg will showcase his stamina and pace when he wrestles for 60 minutes straight.

Prior to the match, fans will be treated to a video package featuring many of us associated with NEW giving our comments on the match and Greg. You’ll hear from Greg himself as well as Downtown Bruno, Ken Wayne, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Matt Justyce, “Dangerous” Dan, Richard Bressler, John Steele and yours truly. I certainly hope I didn’t leave a name off there and if I did, I apologize in advance.

If anybody out there deserves to succeed in this type of environment, it is Greg King. But at the end of the day, all the hype all the push will not matter. It is all on the shoulders of Greg.

Greg, you have a bright future ahead of you. This is the next step in legitimizing your status as a professional wrestler. I wish you nothing but the best.

Again, as a reminder – Greg King must wrestle for 1-hour to solidify his status as a graduate of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. There are several rules that will be addressed in regard to the match prior to its start, including a specified number of rope breaks and no pinfalls or submissions against him. The match will be held at the school in West Memphis, AR this Sunday, March 15 at 6 p.m.

Busy weekend for NEW, Ken Wayne School

It will certainly be a busy weekend for all involved with New Experience Wrestling (NEW) and the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling.

Tonight is another set of NEW TV Tapings for future distribution. This week will feature a continuation of the road to the United States Junior Heavyweight Championship. Last week, "3G" Eric Wayne and Shawn Reed each earned victories putting them ahead in the standings where the first four stars to three victories will advance to a one night championship tournament. Also, all competitors must weigh less than 220 pounds, thus Kid Nikels does not qualify to battle for the title. Bell time is 8 p.m. for tonight's card.

On Sunday, March 15, Greg King will attempt to become the third man to officially graduate from the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. He follows in the footsteps of Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels who graduated from the school last February. His graduation festivities will begin at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Both tonight's TV Tapings and the Greg King Graduation Event will be held in West Memphis, AR at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for the respective events.

New SAW Online featuring RRO Wrestler of the Year 2008!!

Two new episodes (Shows 81 & 82) of Showtime All-Star Wrestling (SAW) are now available free online at, or at the following links…

Show 81 features an empty arena match between Hammerjack & Arrick Andrews, Jt Stahr (with Derrick King & Sista O’Feelya) vs Jesse Emerson, and SAW International Heavyweight Champion, Kid Kash vs Chrisjen Hayme.

Show 82 features Andy Douglas vs Drew Haskins, Shane Smalls vs LT Falk, Jon Michael vs TJ Harley, and a taped fist match between Sigmon & Jesse Emerson, plus appearances by Derrick King Enterprises, Vordell Walker and more.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shows for the Weekend 3.13, 3.14 and 3.15.09 - JACKIE FARGO, BIG BENEFIT AND GRADUATION MATCH!!

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. If you bought Yearbook 2008, then remember to take it to shows this weekend!! Jackie Fargo is featured as part of the RRO Hall of Fame and many of the guys on the Benefit show are featured in the book.

The Biggest Name in Tennessee Wrestling History "Fabulous"Jackie Fargo will be returning to Tennessee this weekend for 2 very special nights.

Southern Wrestling Federation Friday in Tullahoma, TN at SWF Arena on Southside Dr
All Star Wrestling Saturday in Lewisburg, TN at ASW Arena 2224 Mooresville Hwy

Mr. Fargo will be signing autograph pictures and meeting with the fans from 7:30 to bell time each night

Also in action both nights Beau James, Yukon Jack, Mikey Dunn, Gypsy Joe, Nick Paradise and many more!!

All Seats only $10 . Kids 5 and under free.

BIG Wrestling Benefit for Denise Blaylock and David Cox, Saturday, March 14 in Booneville, Mississippi, next to Dodds Garage

Auction starts at noon and wrestling will begin around 6 PM

See Some of the Top Indy Stars Today: Sons of the South, Bonecrusher, Phat Foundation, Tony Dabbs, 24/7, Buzz Harley, Mason, The Asylum, Syn and Stunner, Big Hoss Williams, Soultaker, "Hollywood" Jimmy, Shawn Reed and Many Many More........

So come out for an all day family event to help other families.

There will be a BIG Champions versus Champions Tag Match, Plus a Big Battle Royal!!!

You don't want to miss the action so come out and support these great athletes for this Great Cause......

----YEARBOOK TOUR 2009 will be making the following stops this weekend. If you buy the Yearbook during one of the tour stops, you will receive an almost 30% discount from the price. If you are a worker on any of these shows, then ask for your extra special RRO worker discount.

-RWA in Jonesboro, AR on Saturday night with the show starting at 7:00 PM. Austin Lane – RRO #1 Ranked Wrestler 2008 will be there to autograph the Yearbook.

-NEW in West Memphis, AR on Sunday afternoon at 6:00 PM for the Greg King Jr Graduation Match. This is my last Yearbook stop at NEW, so if have not bought your Yearbook 2008, this will be the show to get it.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern,TN 3.07.09 - JON MICHAEL DEBUTS!!

Show opened this week with XOW Owner Billy Russ coming to the ring along with Suicide and Jason "The Brain". Russ claimed XOW was back and were here to get business done, after running down the fans, Russ started talking about Jeremy Moore and Brandon Barbwire, at which point Shawn Reed made his return to NBW. Reed said he was tired of listening to Russ talk, he said this was New Blood Wrestling not XOW. Reed said he was already dressed and that he was here to wrestle and he would wrestle any 1 of the 3 if they had the guts.

Shawn Reed def. Suicide

Brandon Barbwire came to the ring for an interview. He said finally he was finished beating on Jeremy Moore. He said he has beaten him 4 times and even beat on his family in the process. He said Moore will never get another shot against him as long as he is champion, Jeremy Moore jumped out of the crowd and attacked Barbwire from behind laying a beating on him to the delight of the crowd until out of the back Syn and Stunner came out and layed Moore out. The 3 beat on Moore and Syn got on the mic and said tonight they would finish Moore off for good!

Redman def. Kid. After the match Ozwick gave Redman the sucker punch. This week Ozwick vs. Redman

Brandon Barbwire def. Norrin Radd

Ricky Andrews made his way to the ring looking ready for a fight. He got on the mic and stated that he was just informed Tank wasn't at the show. He said he didn't know why Tank wasn’t there, but he had shown up. Ricky said he was not a trained wrestler but it has been a dream of his, he said that when Tank started all this there was a wrestler who approached him about getting trained. Andrews said that over the last couple of weeks he has been hard at work training and that he will be ready when Tank decides to show his face!

NBW Champion Mark Justice came to the ring ready for a match, Jeff McDonald then informed Mark that after he struck both ref's last week he was facing a $1000.00 fine. Unless the fine was paid tonight there would be no match and Mark would be stripped of his newly won title. Mad Money Mike came out of the dressing room and tossed McDonald a wad of cash and said that should cover the cost. Mark was now able to compete.

NBW Champion Mark Justice def. Chad Heart after a Hard Justice

Syn and Stunner came to the ring ready for the Main Event. Jeremy Moore came out and the Ref checked all 3 men and called for the bell, as the bell rang the lights went down and the music hit. Out of the back came “Trendsetter” Jon Michael [pictured above in the ring vs Dustin Starr] to the pop of the night! Michael got on the mic and said that his friend Moore gave him a call and told him he was having a bit of trouble, he said that anytime a friend calls he is there and tonight is no different!

Jon Michael and Jeremy Moore def. Syn and Stunner by DQ after Moore gave Stunner the Acecrusher off the top rope and went for the cover when the others members of XOW jumped in and broke it up, Jon Michael ran them out and got on the mic and said that next time they are all in the ring together again Syn and Stunner will not walk out, they will be carried out, he told them not to think this was a 1 time deal, he said NBW already has a contract with his name on it! He said NBW not only stood for New Blood Wrestling but also Newbern's Best Wrestler!

Main Event was one of the best matches in Newbern yet, the crowd was hot from start to finish. It was match of the night. Probably 100 ppl. crowd was up from the previous 2 weeks. Great show!

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Jon Michael will be doing double duty with EWE and here. Michael's home town is Newbern, so it should help NBW draw some fans...Mad Money Mike looks to be done with DCW and working here now.

Lawler vs Jericho for Wrestlemania??

----I really hope Jerry Lawler gets a chance to participate at Wrestlemania, instead of them wasting this match on TV. Jim Ross had the following to say on this blog..

However, it seems inevitable that somewhere down the road that based on what the King has said on multiple times that it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a Hollywood movie Mogul to figure out that a pending Lawler vs Jericho bout has got to happen some time, some where simply based on Lawler's comments on Raw.

----CLICK HERE to read the complete blog

Koko Ware Not A Hall of Famer???

----The following poll results were released yesterday on I was wondering what you guys thought of this?? I am always a sucker for the local guys and am happy to see Koko being inducted into the Hall of Fame. CLICK HERE and VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THE KAYFABE BOARD!!

--Is Koko Ware a Hall of Fame pro wrestler
Yes 5.7%
He belongs in because he was more famous than guys pushed more 12.7%
No, he is not a Hall of Fame pro wrestler 37.9%
He's not, but it doesn't matter because you can't take the WWE Hall of Fame seriously 43.7%

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


----NEW had a pre-release of sorts this past weekend at both the NEW/ASWF show and the DVD did good in sales. The DVD features 2 full shows. You can CLICK HERE to order the DVD. I have also posted an opportunity to order the October, 2008 All Pro Productions release. The NEW release is professionally filmed in DVD quality. The All Pro Productions release is "fan cam" quality.

RassleResults: CMW Columbus, MS 3.07.09

Classic MS Wrestling at the Dave Lavender Coliseum in Columbus, MS saw 97 fans witness the following:

The Ghost Riders defeated The Candyman and the Beast.

The Double D's won over The US Express.

The Convict pinned Mitch Toretta.

LSD defeated Executioner Dagger.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor beat The Scorpion.

The Predator pinned "Outlaw" JD McKay.

And PorkChop Cash pinned Dirty Sanchez in a title defense.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: CMW Columbus, MS 3.07.09

Classic MS Wrestling at the Dave Lavender Coliseum in Columbus, MS saw 97 fans witness the following:

The Ghost Riders defeated The Candyman and the Beast.

The Double D's won over The US Express.

The Convict pinned Mitch Toretta.

LSD defeated Executioner Dagger.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor beat The Scorpion.

The Predator pinned "Outlaw" JD McKay.

And PorkChop Cash pinned Dirty Sanchez in a title defense.

Koko Ware Article from!!

WWE Hall of Fame (B.) Ware, Union City’s Koko gets call
By: By KENNETH COKER, Messenger Sports Reporter
Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:49 pm
The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame better (B.) Ware.

On Monday evening’s edition of “WWE Raw”, it was announced that Union City native and professional wrestling legend Koko B. Ware is set to be inducted into the company’s HOF on April 4 in Houston.

The ceremony will take place on the eve of WrestleMania XXV and Ware — known as James or “Bubba” to many area residents — is slated to be enshrined alongside “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr. and “Cowboy” Bill Watts.

Ware will also make an appearance live on pay-per-view in front of the WrestleMania crowd the following evening.

“I think it’s an honor,” Ware told The Messenger on Monday night in a telephone interview. “I just think it goes to show that I’ve achieved something and now God has given me a moment to celebrate it and I hope the people back home will celebrate it, too. Wherever I go, I’ve always represented Union City because you can’t forget where you come from.”

Indeed, Ware, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ware Sr., hasn’t forgotten his roots.

As a matter of a fact, in the wrestling landscape where Florida boy Hulk Hogan was claiming Venice Beach, Ca., as his hometown and New York native Mick Foley said his place of residence was Truth of New Consequences, N.M., Ware always was billed as from Union City.

“When I started wrestling in Memphis, the question came up, ‘Where do you want to be from?’” Ware, who graduated from Union City High School and began wrestling soon thereafter, said. “I said ‘Union City’ and the promoters said, ‘Why don’t you try another town?’”

“I didn’t want to try another town because I don’t know about Chicago and I don’t know about Los Angeles. I wanted to be able to represent Union City, and when fans came up to me to talk about where I was from, I wanted to be able to tell them about my hometown.”

Furthermore, Ware fondly recalls his football career at UC under head coach Jim Graves and later Larry Shanks, along with then-assistant coach Randy Barnes.

“Those coaches really pushed me,” Ware said. “I was fortunate to play under Coach Graves, Coach Barnes and Coach Shanks because they wanted us to be champions and I took the experiences I had with them with me when I began wrestling.”

Ware began his wrestling career in 1978.

A fan of professional wrestling since he was a child attending Thursday night events at the Berry Brothers Building, Ware, who was officially trained by Dyersburg native Herb Welch, debuted as the Koko Kid on a Paducah card.

From there, he bounced around in numerous territorial promotions throughout the United States until 1986, when he joined what was then known as the World Wrestling Federation, now known as the WWE.

It was there the “Birdman,” as Ware had been nicknamed because of his high-flying maneuvers, became complete as the powers-that-be at the company added a parrot named Frankie to his act.

“Me and that bird had some rough times getting along at first,” Ware said. “He was wild and he bit me and scratched me. To be honest, I didn’t think it was gonna work out, but it did and he became a great friend.”

Unlike many of the wrestlers who had animal companions in the 1980s, Ware took care of Frankie off-the-air.

Unfortunately, Ware lost his feathered friend in a 2001 house fire.

However, Ware said the WWE has assured him that he will have a new macaw — Frankie Jr. — at his side during WrestleMania weekend alongside the other honorees and 68 performers (both retired and active) who are presently in the HOF.

Though not as active as he once was when participating in over 300 wrestling shows a year, Ware, who now resides in Collierville, still makes appearances at wrestling legends fan fest events abroad.

Ware told The Messenger that he had recently come back from such an event in Manchester, England.

Aside from that and the occasional match here and there, Koko owns and operates his own painting company in the Memphis area.

And he claims his singing voice, which was featured prominently on “The Wrestling Album” over 20 years ago, is still intact.

“I still sing, but now I’m doing it for the Lord in the men’s choir at church,” Ware told excitedly.

For the Lord has been good to Koko, as he admits, and the Birdman claims the sky is the limit for those that have came behind him.

“To the younger generation out there, there is no limit to what can be accomplished,” Ware said. “It doesn’t matter what color someone is whether they’re black, white, purple… It doesn’t matter. Color or a poor background isn’t an excuse. I know that’s true.

“We’re all God’s children and everyone in this country has the same opportunity to make something of themselves.”

Sports reporter Kenneth Coker can be contacted by e-mail at

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.07.09

1. Ron Rage(POB) VS Rick Ruby(Dogg Pound) winner Rage.
2. CCR(Cannon,Chris Steel,Dr Randy) VS Asylum(Psycho and Tezo Carnage) winner CCR
3. Soul Train Jones VS Precious Winner Soul Train
4. Logan Fury(Irish Dragon) VS Gary Diamond. Winner Logan Fury
5. Cujo(Dogg Pound) VS Silas winner Cujo.
6. Allen Bro's VS Hot and Heavy (J.D.Kerry and Mike Titan) Allen Bro's
7. Pokerface VS Blalok the Blazer winner Pokerface
8. The Natural Born Playa'z(Southside and Pimp) VS Leprechauns and Shakedown. winner Playa'z
9. Rodney Bad Dogg Mack RWA Heavyweight Champion VS The Tejano Kid winner Rodney Bad Dogg Mack.

Show started with Ron Rage and Raven coming to the ring and explaining why he body slammed a little kid. He told everyone that if they are with the Dogg Pound in anyway, man, boy, girl, woman. He hated their stinking guts. At this point Rick Ruby hit the ring! No music no introduction just a straight up fight. Rage got the pin by using a foreign object and that's when Raven, Rage's wife came in the ring and started to slap Ruby while he was down. At that point Ruby's wife, Stephanie jumped up in the ring and it was a pure cat fight from there. Security had to grab Ruby's wife while Rage had a hold of his wife and the two left the building. What a way to start the show, the crowd was going nuts after all that.

The Asylum made their way back to the RWA, Psycho has another member of the Asylum. Tezo Carnage – a masked man with good size and great skills. CCR has become one of the best tag teams in the RWA. They know each other well and work well with each other. They got the win this time because of a mistake on the Asylum's part. I would bet it won't happen again.

Soul Train showed his strength and speed in this match as Precious was dressed in a Teddy and Thong. Soul Train wanted to end the match as fast has he could as to not have to wrestle and grab Precious too much. Soul Train ended the match with a thunderous Power Slam.

Logan Fury made his debut in the Irish Dragon's match last week running in and doing the damage. This week he debut in his first match with the veteran Gary Diamond. Logan is a nice addition to the Irish Dragons. He has a ruthless attitude and just an extra mean streak. Has Gary Diamond went for the Diamond Kick, the ref was distracted and Acid came in and hit the Acid Bath and Logan covered for the 123. But that was not the end. Austin Lane, Gary's partner came out to help Diamond out of the ring. Scott Fury grabbed the mic and asked Austin why he wanted to stick is dipstick in their business(I liked the dipstick comment). Fury went on to tell Austin if he wanted to prove he was all he has claimed he was then fight them 3 on 2. Austin told them that Gary and himself have never backed down and Gary told him to take the challenge. So we had another fight. All three Irish Dragons and Austin Lane and Gary Diamond. Diamond was almost out the whole match and the Irish Dragons kept knocking him off the apron. Austin was doing ok until Acid came in and kicked him in the head. Austin never saw it coming. He turned around and Acid put the boot right to the side of his head. The big guy Acid has amazing agility for his size. Austin made his come back and went for the hot tag and Diamond was not there. To the amazement of everyone in the building including Austin, Reno Diamond came from nowhere to get in the corner of Diamond and Austin and made the tag. The roof came off the building at this point and Reno started cleaning house. Reno hit his finisher and as Gary Diamond got back in the ring the Irish Dragons all got up and Austin, Reno, Gary threw them into the ropes hit a triple sunset flip and got the 1,2,3 on all 3 Irish Dragons. This match was one for the highlight reels for sure. The question has to be asked, is Reno coming out of Retirement to become part of the RWA? If so this would make the RWA the strongest talent pool in the south.

Cujo(Dogg Pound) and Silas had a classic big man match with big power moves and Cujo body slamming Silas and hitting the DDT for the win.

The Allen Bro's are an up and coming young team. They have a unique way of winning matches that is usually done with masked teams. These two look a lot alike and pull the switch to get the 3 count. Not to mention the DDT on the steel chair that also helped.

Pokerface and Blalok had the type of match you would think these two would have. Blalok is not liked at all and Poker is definitely a crowd favorite. These two put on a clinic for the fans. They hit move after move and did not miss a beat. Poker did get the win as the ref was down from catching an elbow to the left eye, Blalok reached into his pocket and pulled out some powder. Poker rolled up Blalok before he could use it and the ref counted 1,2,3. Blalok was covered in powder and showed the ref and claimed that Poker used it. The ref then reversed the decision and Blalok knocks Poker out from behind. Blalok then pulls out a lighter and lights it but before he could throw the fire Mike Anthony hits the ring to make the save. Blalok powders and goes to the back. He rushes back out as the two are celebrating Anthony's come back to the R WA. Blalok pushes Anthony into Poker knocking both out and then Blalok throws the fire into Anthony's face burning the young star badly.

The Playa'z came out and gave the crowd their rant of the evening and then told the Leprechauns that if they were stacked together they would only equal one of them. So they suggested that the Leprechauns get another partner and it was Sgt Shakedown back from Madi Gras. He was decked out in Luck of the Irish pants and a hat and the whole thing. The fans loved it and the Playa'z did not. They went after the three of them and showed the fans why they are the front runners for the tag belts.

The Tejano Kid came out after intermission and called out Rodney Mack and told him he was here for one thing and that was gold. He told Rodney that he had beat everyone on the roster and even the women. He now wants the gold that Mack has around his waist. Mack came out and answered the challenge and Tejano told him that he was not scared of him. Rodney told him he is glad he is not scared because now he won't have to chase his ass. He also told Dominique that if she wanted to get into his business he had one word for her.

As Mack came to the ring the crowd were on their feet going crazy. He climb into the ring and grabbed a mic and told Tejano and Dominique that he told them he had one word for them. That is when Jazz's music hit and the fans that were already crazy completely lost their minds. You could not hear anything but screams and the music. So with Jazz in Mack's corner and Dominique in Tejano the match started. They both started with mat wrestling but Tejano found out that Mack is one of the best in the world in mat wrestling. Then Tejano attacked Mack's left knee which is the one he had injured. Mack has had some problems with his knee and has even missed some action. Every time that Dominique would try to inject herself into the match Jazz would chase her off. Mack made his come back and gained control throwing Tejano into the ropes. Tejano ducked two clothes lines and just as he ducked the second Mack hit the spear and that's when Dominique got into the ring to save her man. That was the big mistake Jazz hit the ring and hit Dominique with a stiff right hook and knocked her out. Both Jazz and Mack made the cover for a family 3 count.

What a night of action. There were over 200+ in the building and they were hot all night long. The RWA has a road show this week on Friday in Harrisburg at the Armory. Then next week on Friday in Wilmer Arkansas in between Mcgehee and Monticello.

Credit: RWAreporter

----RRO will be in Jonesboro this coming Saturday night as part of the Book Tour 2009...Psycho new "Asylum" member wrestled here and the area as Zane Richards.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Five" Starr Showcase Edition - LISTEN NOW!!

----Just hit the player above as Dustin Starr joined Brian Tramel on "Shooting the Shiznit." Starr talks about his blog, his "heat" with Jerry Lawler, why he is not on all the shows in this area, Hollywood Jimmy, Seth Knight, The Riverkings,, Jon Michael and more.


----Announced on RAW last night, Koko B. Ware, who won for RRO Memphis TV Match of the Year 2008, is the latest name to be confirmed for this year's WWE Hall of Fame class. "The Birdman" will be inducted by Honky Tonk Man [too bad they didn't get Bobby Eaton to do this] for next month's ceremony.


RassleResults: TIWF Weekend Shows 3.06.09 and 3.07.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for
Friday 3-6-09 at the New Breed Arena - Brownsville Tn.

American Hero pinned Tim Edwards

Chico Mendoza won a triple threat match against Sgt Pain and Kilo

Wildside & PK Ripper defeated Waycool & Johnny Superstar

Lawman Williams, Ana Williams & The Big Boys defeated Devon Day, Hardknox Hooligan, Royale Executioner and Ravishing Randy

• Benefit show for Nate Williams ( Heart Surgery )
• Attendance:130+
• Kilo & Tim Edwards from DCW participated.

• TIWF Returns to Brownsville on Fri. 3-20-09 for another benefit for the Traveling Stars Team.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for
Friday 3-7-09 at the Showplex Arena - Trenton, Tn.

Anniversary Show. March Badness begins.

Awards Ceremony (2008 Year End Awards): Hosted by Wildside and Hotrod.
Ravishing Randy- Presidents Award
Danny Williams- Referee of the Year
Chico Mendoza- Most Improved of the Year
Chris Lexxus- Rookie of the Year
PK Ripper- Singles wrestler of the Year
JJ- Fanboard member of the Year
JJ ( on behalf of TIWF fans)- MVP of the Year
Cash McCoy- Manager of the Year
Missouri Bad Boys- Most hated of the Year
Missouri Bad Boys- Tag Team of the Year
Missouri Bad Boys vs. Locked & Loaded- Match of the Year
Lawman Williams- Fan Favorite of the Year

$1,000 Mania Battle Royale
Way Cool outlasted Royale Executioner, F.Boogeyman Scream, American Hero, Sgt. Swat, Destiny and more to win the prize.

Chico Mendoza def. Mark Southern.

TIWF TV TITLE MATCH (Kendo Stick on a pole Match)
Chris Lexxus def. PK Ripper to win the TV Title.

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Devon Day def. Moondog Mutt (w/Dazzlin’ Dixie) to retain the title.

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
AC Styles & Hardknocks Hooligan © def. Big Boy Bob & Lawman Williams to retain.

• 208 in attendance
• Cash McCoy and The Missouri Renegade announce retirements.
• AIWF will be in Trenton, Tn. Next week. Titles are on the line!

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Credit: Rodney Howard @

----I really tried not to say anything bad about this report, but to vote PK Ripper as Wrestler of the Year?? OMG!! The other awards, if you are just voting this promotion, I would have to agree with.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS Results Wrapup 2.28.09 and 3.07.09

EPW Extreme Champion "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris won a three way match over David Andrews & Tysin Starr to retain.

Robert Rose defeated "Big Indian" Quixote. Not as bad as the week before.

EPW Champion Cassanova Kid defeated Chazz Stone in a non-title match. Not a great match.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated Cassanova Kid & Bonecrusher. It was a pleasure to see The Asylum do some actual wrestling instead of hardcore brawling.

24/7 (JR Mauler & Kross) vs. Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) was stopped by EPW Promoter Edith Poole due to outside interference. Edith said this feud would be settled once and for all in a match of her choosing, to be announced at the next show. This was a good match.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & "Big Daddy Neno) defeated EPW Tag Team Champions Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) by DQ. Pain, Inc. retains the belts. Good match.

Blade defeated Buzz Harley in a brass knucks on a pole battle. Good match.
Jose Guerrero over Big Nasty Bill by DQ.

David Andrews defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris to win the EPW Extreme Championship.

Soultaker defeated EPW Internet Champion Tysin Starr in a non-title match.

Blade defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes.

Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) defeated Revolution (Tysin Starr & Chazz). Tysin refused to tag several times during the match.

EPW Champion Cassanova Kid defeated Mason w/T-Byrd by DQ. After the match Mason went berserk, inflicting some heavy punishment on Cassanova Kid.

Buzz Harley & "The Future" Chris Styles w/T-Byrd defeated 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler).

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & "Big Daddy" Neno) defeated Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) in a no DQ match to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions.

Paid Attendance was around 80.

This Saturday night's EPW show will be a benefit show. All proceeds will go to Denise Blaylock and "Dangerous" David Cox to help with their medical bills. Mama Denise has been battling cancer, and Cox was hospitalized recently with a very serious illness. The benefit will start at 1:00 p.m. this Saturday at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville with games, a cake walk, an auction, and lots of fun activities. Then around 6:00 p.m. wrestling will begin (EPW is starting early this week due to the large number of wrestlers from many different organizations in several states who are coming in to participate in the benefit). At last count there are around 40 wrestlers who have said they are coming. The card will include a tag team grudge match, Bad Boy Burns & Sammy Hall vs. Sons of the South (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews). Bad Boy & Sammy are coming out of retirement and say they are going to give Sons of the South an old school whippin'. It will be a great show so do not miss it! All proceeds go to a worthy cause, so come to Booneville Saturday night. You'll be glad you did!

Credit: "Axeman" Randal Lewis @

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.07.09 - TGB GETS HEAD SHAVED!!

Commissioner comes out to address the close to 100 in attendance as the show starts. He talks about how "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony came into Stan Lee's match, and cut his hair after it ended. Stan Lee agreed to defend his title tonight against Greg Anthony. He says if Greg wins, he will be EWE champion, but if he loses, Stan Lee will not only retain the title, but he will shave Golden Boys hair in the middle of the ring tonight. He walks out of the ring as the first match is set to get underway.

Jon Michael def. J.R. Manson via pinfall. After the match, a video is played on the screen by Scott Adams, saying that if he thinks his back hurts, now, just wait. Scott says he's the biggest, baddest, and the most dominant in the EWE. The video cuts and Jon Michael walks to the locker room.

The Badd Guys def. Greg King Jr. and Cody Melton via pinfall.

Christian Jacobs def. Ike Tucker via pinfall. By winning this match, C.J qualifies for the Elite 8 Tournament that will happen at EWE Mayhem. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

A video is shown on the screen showing that Kevin White will be at next weeks show.

Alex Krisis def. Tommy Jones via pinfall.

Kid Nikels def. Shawn Reed via pinfall.

Chris O'Neal def. Eric Wayne via pinfall.

The main event is the match between Golden Boy and Stan Lee. After K.C. Gold distracts the ref while holding a chair, K.C. slips the chair into the ring, Golden Boy grabs it and hits Stan Lee, and gets the in on Stan. Golden Boy and K.C. Gold make a run for the locker room, but Commissioner Baker comes out, snatches the belt from Golden Boy and tells him to get back out there. He saw what Golden Boy did, and he says that this match continues. Golden Boy goes back into the ring and tries to submit Stan Lee. Stan kicks Golden Boy to the ropes, Golden Boy comes back and gets rolled by Stan for the pin. Stan Lee retains the title, and now gets to shave Golden Boys head.

Before Stan starts to cut Golden Boys hair, K.C. Gold steps up on the ring and starts to argue with Commissioner Baker. K.C. pushes Baker a couple of times, but Baker comes back with a punch across the face of K.C. Gold. He then tells Golden Boy to sit down, and Stan Lee cuts off his pony tail with a pair of scissors. A group of EWE superstars gather around the ring as Ike Tucker gets a pair of clippers, and hands it to Stan. He goes to work on Golden Boys hair, but in the middle of cutting, the guard comes off. Stan looks at Golden Boy, then the Commissioner, then goes to work on Golden Boys head with no guard, shaving him down to the scalp. After is all said and done, Stan holds up a mirror to let Golden Boy see his handy work. Greg and K.C. Gold leave the arena as fans flock to Stan to congratulate him on a job well done.

Full videos of the matches can be found at

Credit: Dustin Williams

----You got to give TGB props in sticking with the stips and getting a full shaven head. But, part of me is thinking - what were they thinking doing this in front of 100 people?? LOL This was a total surprise to me even though I told, "You should be in Ripley on March 7th" a few weeks back, I never thought TGB would lose his hair. This coming just a few weeks after the formation of "Midnight Gold" and with the hair, TGB had that "80s" look going...The top 2 rookies in the area as a team - King Jr/Cody Melton...Kevin White coming in should be good for them...I hope to be able to attended the Elite 8 tournament.

Monday, March 09, 2009

"Shooting the Shiznit" "Five" Starr Showcase Edition!!

----Brian Tramel will be joined by Dustin Starr for the 60th episode of RRO Radio. It should be 30 minutes packed with interesting tidbits from the always controversial Dustin Starr. Starr will answer questions from callers in the last few minutes. Give us a call, listen to us live or download it for later use!! Call in: (347) 838-8101.

RassleResults: MCW Luxora, AR 3.07.09

Frankie Tucker/Hambone #2 beat Big Jim/Shawn Williams
Buster Johnson beat The Russian Assassin
Ron Clarity beat Wild Bill
Lumberjack Match with Ladies Surrounding the Ring: Derrick King/Big Daddy LaFonce beat The Hambone Express [Leroy and Hamhock]
“East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/Eazy Money] beat Frankie Tucker/JT Storm

155 in the crowd

Credit: Freddy Ware

----Good crowd for this spot show for MCW…Angelina of DCW came out with Frankie Tucker. As you can see Tucker only wrestled 3 times!! I hope they paid him triple pay.

Photos: TOP - Derrick King vs Leroy Hambone
BOTTOM: Angelina - Hambone #2 - Frankie Tucker

RassleResults: CWA Johnson City, TN 3.06.09

Championship Wrestling Alliance results for March 6 in Johnson City, Tn at the Legion Street Rec:
Beau James defeated Moe Jenkins;
SSW Champion Cody Ices defeated Overkill;
Steve Fury defeated Josh Malone and JC Roberts and Marco Corona in a gauntlet match;
Ricky Morton defeated Kole Layton King;
Eric Darkstorm defeated Nick Hammonds to become the CWA Television Champion;
The Varsity Shooter Society defeated Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy;
Wayne Adkins defeated Chris Richards.

Championship Wrestling Alliance returns to Johnson City at the Legion Street Rec on Saturday, May 2.

TV Taping this Thurs. Kingsport,TN National Guard Armory 7:30

CWA's next event is this Saturday, March 14 at the National Guard Armory in Bristol, Tn.

----No attendance was given. It looks like this group is running some of the old Smokey Mountain Wrestling towns.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jerkin' The Curtain SAW episode #81 review + Knightmare & Kilo speak up Mon. March 9 @10 PM CST.

We're back this week, On Monday, March 9th at 10 PM central to be exact, and yes Tommy Stewart and I will be doing reviews again! I've had several requests, no really I have, to start doing reviews again, so here we go. We'll be reviewing the newest episode of SAW, episode #81 to be exact. Also, wrestlers Knightmare and Kilo have requested some time on the show to say something, so they're going to be on to do just that. I have no idea what they're going to say, so we'll have to see what's on their minds. Check it out! Trent Van Drisse

Arena Report: Promotion of the Year 2008: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.07.09

---- Book Tour 2009 stopped in Tuckerman, AR with RRO Promotion of the Year 2008 ASWF. The show can best described by looking at it in two parts. The first part of the show was bad, but mainly it featured green horns. The last two bouts were good and the fans seem to really enjoy them. Let’s take a look at the show…

----Terrance Ward was nice enough to introduce me to the crowd. ASWF brought out all the heels and babys to surround the ring as I presented the “Promotion of the Year” award to them. It was actually presented to “Earl” the door guy. Next music hit with Cody Only walking out with….Idol Bane. Bane got a big pop and probably the best one until the second half of the show. Bane was presented with his “Most Improved” award and it seemed to get over with the crowd.

----Opening bout was Dre vs Mark Wolfe to just set up the “Mexicanos” [Johnny Harper/Johnny Hawk] jumping them. [1/2*]

----Second bout started as Mexicanos vs John Ellison, because Ellison’s tag partner Dave Cox was not there. Demon X ran out and joined the match as it progressed. Psychology was there for them to put heat on Ellison and hot tag to Demon, but it seemed to fall apart. Hawk was feeding X for the hot tag, but Harper had no clue. Hawk used a blackjack on Ellison to pin him. After the match, Hawk punched Terrance Ward and Ward dropped hard behind the announcer’s desk and was replaced by Ricky Roland. [*]

----Regulator beat Kaliki. This match was quick with Regulator doing all high spots in those few minutes. He is a rookie and needs some more training, but his spots were real smooth. He set Kaliki up almost like one would be waiting on the Booker T kick, but then he did a complete flip with his legs landing in a legdrop. Hard to explain, but it looked good. He also did a running standing shooting star press ala Stan Lee. Kaliki missed a dive into the turnbuckle with his shoulder going into ringpost and Regulator sunset flipping him to win. [*] – just for the Regulator spots.

----“Midnight Express” music started playing and out walked “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson. Thompson has tremendous heat for the cake angle from last time. This was a real good promo with Thompson putting over the fact that he was embarrassed about a photo of him having cake on his face taken by Ricky Rowland being published in a local newspaper. [shoot – it was published] Thompson also had a contact to sign for a match with “Midnight Gold” to wrestle on April 11. Rowland got in the ring and explained the reason he posted that photo was because that in the past in Clover Bend, AR, Thompson had hit him with a shoe. [nice touch to show real heat] Thompson and Eaton ended up jumping Rowland and with Thompson whipping Rowland on the back with his belt until “Team Entertainment” [Tim Hansen/Casino Kid] made the save. Casino was really good here on the mic. X-Kalibur/Ray Ray ended up jumping TE to set up later in the night. Match was signed for April 11th with TE vs “Midnight Gold”. Good stuff here.

----Cody Only beat Kaleb King . [*] just for Cody Only. I was told that Caleb was trained by Mike Cook – do I need to say anything else??

----Christopher Lee/Tommy Wayne beat Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain in the best bout on the card. They opened with babyface shine with Lee and Wayne doing dives outside the ring. Lots of spots in the start from the faces. Have no problem with spots like this. Lee/Wayne were working real hard here. Heat was on Lee with McClain/Murdoch keeping Wayne from tagging. Good basic psychology and the fans were into it. Hot tag to Wayne. The match fell apart right here with Cody/Lee outside the ring and Wayne/McClain inside. They did what they could do to save it with Wayne getting the pin on McClain after a missle dropkick to a huge pop from the fans. [*** 1/4]

----ASWF Tag Team Champs: Tim Hansen/Casino Kid with the Magic Man beat X-Kalibur/Ray Ray with Bobby Eaton, Brian Thompson and Athena Eclipse. Good solid bout. Heat was real good. Bout was just a bit below last bout in quality, but the heat was just a little more. Hansen/Casino did a double baseball slide during the shine. X looks like a wrestler – good attire. Ray Ray is so small, but works really hard and good at what he does. Hansen is still solid. Casino is not a great worker, but he is a hard worker. He is real good on the mic, so it is understandable why he gets pushed. Ray Ray hit a sweet elbow from the top rope along and a perfect frog splash across the ring. Bobby Eaton hit Ray on mistake during one spot and Casino got a punch in on Eaton. You could hear Eaton say “What the hell?” LOL After a hot tag and miscommunication on X/Ray’s part [as part of the match], they both get pinned. After the match they end up pushing each other and fighting. Neither one of them turned as they are building towards a Four-Way. [***]


----120 to 140 in the building…This is easily the BEST arena in the area…Bane said he was getting the “Most Improved” next year also. LOL Is that really a “repeat” award?? Bane starts doing moonsaults and shoot moves to just win the award. LOL…Demon X [David Walls] actually did look better in his match than last year’s stuff. And he was in the second match on the show, which is probably where a promoter/wrestler does the best…Someone told me after the show, “Harper has been working 40 years and still don’t know how to feed for a hot tag.” LOL…I think the punch from Hawk was to suspend the Mexicanos. Ward came back too quick from the punch and didn’t show any effects of it. Ward is real good on the mic and does a good job putting over even some of the bad stuff…Regulator has a unique look and at first does not look like a wrestler backstage. If he is put with the right person to help him slow down things and learn psychology he might turn into a good worker…ASWF will be presenting “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock his “Manager of the Year” award and the “Site of the Year” award next week…Cody Only is one of those guys that looks like a wrestler, has decent talent and could really get better if he went to other groups working different guys. He could do what Bane did last year and win the “Most Improved” award!! LOL He also comes off totally professional and as a wrestler backstage…Great to see RIOTer Steve Crawford all the way from Texas. He drove in to see the show. Crawford and I both attended ASU Business School in the early 90s…Athena Eclipse, who usually manages Morgan Williams, did a good job at ringside. She has a “different” look also and is not your typical “eye candy” at ringside. She seem to get good heat and was into everything her wrestlers were doing – key to being a good manager is putting over EVERYTHING that is going on inside the ring to your guys – good or bad….Christopher Lee has improved tons from the first time I seen him…McClain is apparently from Texas. Good look and decent worker…It looks like the ASWF booking committee features Casino, X, Wayne and Walls now. X was real frustrated at the front of the show due to some noshows…”Magic Man” is apparently a real magic guy and is the mayor of Augusta, GA. He looked lost during the whole bout…Thanks to all cast and crew at ASWF – especially Ricky Rowland and David Walls. I was treated great by the fans and crew. Thanks again to everyone!!!

Photo collage:

Left side top to bottom: Cody Only, Athena Eclipse, Ricky Roland
Right side: Tommy Wayne – Ray Ray – Brian Tramel with his favorite wrestler Demon X
Middle – X-Kalibur

All photos by Brian Tramel except X-Kalibur [Karly Tramel] and Demon X/Tramel [Idol Bane]

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 03.07.09 By Brian Thompson

This week's edition of Memphis Wrestling began with Corey Maclin in the studio discussing some of the action from last Saturday's Memphis Wrestling live event at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN.

Footage of Beth Paige singing the national anthem is shown. Following the footage, Maclin is back in the studio. He pitches to the first match to be shown, the actual opening contest from last Saturday's show in Memphis.

Match: "Outlaw" Don Bass (w/"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock) vs. King Cobra
There was no commentary on the match. Blaylock and Cobra argue to start giving Bass an opening to attack Cobra from behind. Bass used typical heel tactics and, of course, a chain was in play during the bout.

Blaylock interferes. Cobra grabs him. Bass tries to nail Cobra from behind but he moves, causing Bass to hit Blaylock. Cobra gets a roll-up for the victory.

Back in the studio, Maclin discusses more of what will be seen this week on Memphis Wrestling.

After a break, a screenshot of is shown. Maclin is back again in the studio. He pitches to a match featuring "New Nature Boy" Kevin White from last Saturday at Minglewood Hall.

Match: "New Nature Boy" Kevin White (w/Su Yung) vs. Dustin "Five" Starr
Again no commentary on the match. Starr gets an early advantage. White rolls to the floor after a hip toss and complains of tight pulling.

Starr continues his offense with White complaining this time of hair pulling.

Yung trips Starr as he was hitting the ropes, giving White an opening to take advantage of. Lots of cheating by White and Yung.

Starr makes a comeback after trading blows with White. White ends up with a chain, clocks Starr with it and gets the win.

Back from a commercial break, another screenshot of is shown. Maclin, again in the studio, discusses this week's "Opening the Vault" segment.

Match: Austin Idol vs. Tony Falk
This is a match from the early 1980's and the CWA promotion. Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

Idol is interviewed and he puts over a new business he has just started in the area. He is not actually dressed to wrestle at this point. Falk comes over the desk and confronts Idol.

Falk says that today is his "lucky day" and he challenges Idol to "get in the ring right now!"

Idol says if Falk wants it right now, he will get his right now.

Bell sounds and Falk attacks Idol from behind and cheats. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell comes to the desk and talks trash about Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, The Rock N' Roll Express and others, claiming he has beaten them all. He knocks Idol as well.

Idol takes control of Falk and applies a figure-four leglock for the submission victory.

After a break, Maclin talks about how nice it is to be able to see clips from the vault of Memphis Wrestling. He pitches to an angle from last Saturday's show in Memphis.

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Renee address Kevin White and Su Yung from a staging area. Yung, who was scheduled to face Misty James, gets a forfeit win over her since James couldn't make the show due to the winter weather that evening. Yung and Renee end up in a catfight with Lawler and White going at it as well.

Following another break, Maclin pitches to the "hardcore match" last weekend between Brian Christopher and Doug Gilbert.

Match: (Hardcore Match) Brian Christopher vs. Doug Gilbert
Once again, there was no commentary on this bout. This was your standard Christopher/Gilbert brawl with a lot of weapons and low blows with weapons.

At one point, Christopher hits Gilbert with a low blow using a barbed wire baseball bat. (Ouch! at the sheer thought!)

Christopher hits an elbow or fist drop with his arm wrapped in a chain for the victory.

After another break and yet another screenshot, Maclin is in the studio discussing the main event from the Minglewood Show - Jerry Lawler vs. Sid Vicious.

Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Sid Vicious
Before the match, Vicious claims that Lawler likely has Jackie Fargo and other friends placed in the crowd. He also talks about Lawler moving the card from its original scheduled home in West Memphis (Sid's hometown) to Memphis. Vicious brings out P.O.B. member Buzz to be at ringside with him in case Fargo or others are around.

Lawler gets on the mic, reminding Sid of his promise that he will pay fans their money back if he loses. Vicious tries to get out of if, but Lawler forces him to make the same promise in Memphis that he claimed he would in West Memphis.

Lots of power from Sid to take the advantage. Sid worked over the "King" with a bear hug. As Lawler makes a comeback, Buzz gets a chain to Sid. He uses it to beat Lawler and thus he doesn't have to refund tickets to the fans.

RassleNotes: Minglewood Hall did look like a nice wrestling facility as mentioned earlier this week by Dustin Starr on his blog...No commentary was a little odd...The camera work was good, but it was obvious that while it was a "professional" crew it wasn't a "professional wrestling" crew. They showed a lot of fan shots and close-ups, at times looking more like a movie that wrestling production. Also, the fan shots sometimes were too long and important action in the ring was overlooked...A few notable faces in the crowd seen on camera included Tia Blaylock, Miss Betty of Tuckerman, AR; and Augusta, AR Mayor Jimmy Rhodes.

RassleResults: EWP Morristown, TN 3.05.09

Morristown TN
National Guard Armory
Thurs March 5

*Nick Hammonds beat Mr Ward w/ Andy Bear
*SSW Champion Cody Ices beat Kole Layton King
*National Champion Robbie Cassidy beat Chris Richards
*Tony Givens 20 minute Draw with Chase Owens
*Sigmon beat Ericulies
*Beau James w/ Kole Layton King beat Wayne Adkins by DQ, the match was followed by a wild brawl and al the wrestlers trying to pull them apart

* This was the 2nd show since EWP moved its Thurs evenst from Knoxville. 110 in building double what it was the week before. Nect week has Gypsy Joe, Ricky Morton, and a Battle Royal. The CWA/SSW tv airs in Morristown area.