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RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 3.20.09

-Greg King Jr beat Dustin Ring
-Kid Nkels beat Justin Smart
-Eric Wayne/Shawn Reed beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Matt Justyce [pic above]

-Crowd was in the regular 40 range…Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe refereed…Justyce was at class training this week, so he got to work.

Photo by Christy

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 3.20.09

72 attended

Travis Starr b Dominator

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Dyron Flynn

Psycho Medic b Shawn Hoodrich

Shane Eden b Kevin Dunn

Lee Cross b Justin Spade

LT Falk b Jason James & Faron Foxx in a handicap match when he pinned James

USWO Tag Team Champions Tim Renesto & Saint b Dunn & Cross when Saint pinned Cross

Renesto & Saint b Medic & Spade when Renesto pinned Medic

USWO Champion Derrick Neal b Damien Payne

*Also was announced that the next NWA Cyberslam taping would be 4/18

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

The Memphis Grizz Girls Want Your Vote!!

----LaMescia Montoryas, who RRO did a "High Five" feature on in 10.06, is now part of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team!! She sent along the following......

Check out the Grizz Girl video!! We need your votes to advance to the next round of the NBA Dance team bracket!!! So please take the time to vote for the Grizz Girls this Tuesday!!! Thank you for the support!!!

----So guys and gals, let's help the home team out and give them a vote!! CLICK HERE to see the video!! LaMescia also has her a page. Check it out!!

A Piece of my Mind March 21,st 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I have been spending a lot of time lately in Charlotte, NC. I lived in the area from nineteen eighty nine until two thousand and one. While I was there it came to my attention that Rikki Nelson was running a show. I also saw that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair would be signing autographs. He would also be in the corner of his son Reid when he teamed up against Rikki Nelson and Buff Bagwell. I made a call to “Gorgeous” Gary Royal who knows Flair and said lets drive down to the show. It was a benefit show for the Gaston County Sheriffs Dept in Gastonia, NC.

We arrived at about 6:00pm everything was already set up and in place. We spent some time visiting with Rikki and talking to various people. I saw people that I hadn’t seen in number of years. I had worked the Indy scene, along with Gary, in the Carolinas for quite a while. I started in the area working for Nelson Royal in nineteen eighty eight. It seemed like a lifetime ago, but seeing those old faces brought back great memories. As the boys trickled in one by one we all got a chance to visit and talk about old times. The crowd was coming in steady and soon the Nature Boy arrived. When he saw his old friend “Gorgeous” Gary Royal you could tell that he was very happy to see him. We spent a good bit of time catching up with “The Nature Boy” and watching the matches. It was a very good show with good solid fans. I must say though, the biggest pop of the night was watching Ric Flair roll into the ring for a potential face off with Nelson and Bagwell. This outburst was brought upon by the heels double teaming young Reid Flair. When the night was over Reid was very focused on his performance. This was the second match I had attended of Reid Flair’s. I have to be honest; I look forward to one day seeing Reid Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat Jr.

On the ride back to the hotel Gary said to me “If wrestling was still my job I would ask to work with Reid every night for about six weeks. By the end of that time he would be ready. I think in time Reid will be ready either way. But it sure was nice to have those kinds of options years ago. I hope Reid keeps his head on straight and stays focused. No one goes out and does great over night. I will say that Ricky Steamboat, Jr. and Reid Flair have the added pressure of their fathers being who they are. I’m sure that pressure isn’t easy but I’m positive the situation can be overcome and success will be theirs if they want it.

It was good to get out to a show and just enjoy myself. I had some fans ask me if I was going to manage Bobby Eaton that night since I had at Reid Flair’s debut show. I got to see lots of the boys and also Amber O’Neal of the recently reteamed and revitalized Team Blondage. These girls, Krissy Vaine and Amber O’Neal, are more than ready for the big time. They were the Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Angelina Love of TNA) long before the Beautiful People ever existed. I saw them and had all the faith in them. That’s why I booked them at WrestleReunion 1.

The best thing about being there was seeing the job that Rikki Nelson did from beginning to end running his event. He was totally in control of all issues. He ran an organized five match show that left fans entertained. He also had a GREAT working relationship with the sponsoring organization. His Mid Atlantic Wrestling event was a pleasure for the fans and for me. He works hard and gets the job done. His message to me was very simple “I have been very blessed and very fortunate”.

At this time we can only speculate about what is going to happen in the Snuka, Piper, and Steamboat managed by Ric Flair against Chris Jericho match. They haven’t even announced what the match is yet but just by seeing Rick Steamboat back in action I am excited. I am sure my good friend can still go and I look forward to it. It’s interesting to me to see Snuka and Piper functioning on the same side. I do have the pleasure though of knowing that it was WrestleReunion who teamed the two long time enemies up in Tampa, Fl.

It was a pleasure this week of interacting with someone I have a great deal of respect for. I have only met him on one or two occasions. I knew that I was talking to someone very wise in our business. When you have great success in the business there are always stories told about you. In life some people just “get it” and others don’t. This guy definitely get’s it. I will be visiting with him soon face to face. I am sure I will have some great stories to tell from this meeting. The chance to learn should always be appreciated and looked forward to. I look forward to the meeting because I know I will come away from it a better man. I imagine it will be the source of one of my blogs in April.

At WrestleReunion 2 we used Andrew “Test” Martin in an eight man tag team match. It was so sad to hear of another life cut short. The results of the autopsy are not yet in sadly many of us anticipate a finding that wont be pleasant. This is another case of not knowing what is really going on in the mind of someone.

The picture with this article is of “Gorgeous” Gary Royal and his long time friend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. It was taken in Gastonia, NC on the night of the show.

This has been a piece of my mind

Friday, March 20, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.14.09

----I do not have a list of what aired in what quarter due to the fact that only about 20 minutes of this show aired on Direct TV. I am not sure if it did not air in other markets, but do know it aired on Dish Network. The show was an “Andy Kaufman” special with all Kaufman stuff. I hate it that they had original programming and good numbers and then air this old stuff. I feel the old stuff is bad for two reasons. #1: A lot of people do not want to watch it AGAIN!! #2: Those that do watch it, then remember how good the “old days” were - the stuff they put on TV these days does not compare.

----The show finished with a .7 [11339 viewers], which is actually a 31% less than average for this year and almost hand in hand with last year. The show had an increase of over 8000 viewers in the last quarter scoring the highest, which makes me think Direct TV was not the only service that was not airing the first three quarters of this show. I may soon add the “What was Memphis watching?” number again to the mix, but just kicks – Memphis Tigers came scored a 12.2 with almost 200,000 viewers watching it on the CBS Memphis affiliate.

Overall .7 [11339 viewers]

1st Quarter
.3 [4859 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
.8 [12958 viewers] [+8099]

3rd Quarter
.6 [9719 viewers] [-3239]

4th Quarter
1.1 [17818 viewers] [+8099]

From start to finish [+12959 viewers]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alabama wrestling promoter arrested for fondling a minor

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - A Boaz wrestling promoter is arrested for sexually abusing a minor.

This is the same man WAFF 48 News investigated several years ago on similar allegations.

Mickey Henry has now been indicted by a grand jury.

This indictment follows our stories several years ago.

Boaz police say this time the crime happened at his home instead of a wrestling ring.

In the fall of 2005, WAFF 48 Investigators first talked to Mickey Henry about the allegations of sexual abuse at a wrestling ring.

"What about having sex with young girls? Under the age of 18? I'm not gonna talk about stuff like that," Henry told WAFF 48 Investigators in 2005. "Why do ya'll come up here and start that crap for? let me tell you, I've been here for 25 years, ain't nothing ever happen and that's the end of that."

Fast forward to more than three years later.

Wrestling promoter henry is behind bars for similar allegations.

Boaz police and Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Henry on a grand jury indictment for sexual abuse.

He's charged with fondling a female minor at his residence in Boaz.

This arrest is good news to Sherry Swindall with the Marshall County Children's Advocacy Center.

Swindall has been following Henry for four years, and hopes justice will be served.

"At that period of time (2005) there were several (children) that had mentioned him, children not related or linked to him in any way besides the wrestling ring," said Swindall. "It was a pleasant surprise that someone that has been having this allegations is in jail and will have to answer to our court system."

Henry is being held at the Marshall county jail on a $5,000 bond.


Answers to Coach's Corner: "Matching Test"

----Here are the answers to the test that was posted yesterday. Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer. Below is what the results mean.

1: Don Bass
2: Ray Ray
3: Neil Taylor
4: Psycho
5: Tony Myers
6: Greg Anthony
7: Scott Fury
8: Frank Martin
9: Tommy Wayne
10: Dustin Starr
11: Eric Wayne
12: Kevin White
13: Reno Diamond
14: Austin Lane
15: Tim Edwards
16: Ken Wayne
17: Brian Thompson/John Steele
18: Brian Tramel
19: Christian Jacobs
20: Motley Cruz

-You scored between 100-90

Worker: You know way too much. You are a mark for yourself and everyone else. You visit Jimmy’s board every day.

Fan: You are a SUPER FAN!! You might be a rat. Thanks for your support to the site and shows!!

-You scored between 70-90

Worker: You care about yourself and your friends. You read the Kayfabe board. You might need to work more than one promotion.

Fan: Thanks for your support. Please get out and see more shows.

-You scored between 45-70

Worker: You are retired from this area. You following the news only and do not talk to anyone in the business. How hard is it to do that??

Fan: You need to get out and go to more shows!!!

-You scored 45 and below

Worker: You were never a worker and knew someone that said they wrestled.

Fan: Please go to a show this weekend!!

Thanks and Welcome to RRO!!!

----Ricky Rowland and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock are not only shocked at what they are reading, but they were also just told about RRO site hits!! It looks like Yearbook 2009 has helped us gain some more average hits with some new visitors or just some of the older visitors coming back. Hits are up 13% from average during the Book Tour 2008 dates!! Not a huge increase, but it does show that being on the road making the fans and workers more aware of the site, then they go to the site. Thanks and Welcome to all new visitors from the whole staff of RRO!!! Thanks to Ken Wayne, Ricky Rowland, David Walls and Frank Martin for having us as guests!!

Shows for The Weekend 3.20.09 and 3.21.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule of shows. Below are a couple of special shows for the weekend.

----As reported by "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

This Saturday night EPW presents "Double Ring Wars." There will be two rings in the house!

Card includes a fans bring the weapons match, no DQ, last man standing - The Asylum vs. Pure Destruction vs. 24/7 vs. Bonecrusher & Soultaker. That will be WILD!

Also Tag Titles vs. Tag Titles in a 3-way tag team match - EPW & TFW Tag Team belts on the line - Sons of the South (Chris Styles/Josh Matthews) vs. TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & DJ Stunner vs. EPW Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes/Big Daddy Neno).

It all happens THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at the EPW Arena (Old Dodds Gagage Building) on Hwy. 145 in Booneville. Bell time is 7:00. Don't miss it!

-Book Tour 2009 stops in Dyersburg, TN for DCW with Bell Time @ 8:00 PM. Books will be discounted about 30% from prices and if you are a worker on the show ask for the extra special discount.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blaylocks Receive Their Awards!!

----Jimmy and Tia Blaylock were presented their RRO Awards by ASWF's Ricky Rowland this past Saturday night. Jimmy is holding his "Manager of the Year" Award and Tia has the "Site of the Year" Award. Thanks to Ricky!!

Coach's Corner: "Matching Test"

----Does everyone remember those matching tests we had in school?? Well, in this special edition of Coach’s Corner, I will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge of the wrestlers in this area. I will be posting the results later this week with what your scores mean. Just put the number along with the wrestler it matches.

1: He has worked the same match for over 15 years. “Hide the chain” is his favorite move. One of Jimmy Blaylock’s favorite wrestler. Trained Dustin Starr.

2: He may like men more than women. Known as a high flyer. Been called a “spot monkey” for years and loves to work hardcore matches. He has turned into a solid worker.

3: Not a fan of the Yearbook 2007. He doesn’t like the word “fact”. He has wrestled Jerry Lawler on a few big shows. He was bigger in 2008 than in 2007.

4: Bitter about not being nominated in the tag team award. Plays with girl toys. Tag team partner looks like a mini him.

5: He has taken hardcore to a different extent in this area. Does not like NEW or the style that Ken Wayne is trying to promote. Promotes in bars and sometimes without a ring.

6: He will tag with a local legend. His son was featured on the site and in Yearbook 2007. Considered one of the top guys in the area. Had one of the highest rated “Shooting the Shiznit” shows.

7: He was the first pick to team with Bobby Eaton. Took a boot to the face and never came back. Good solid worker.

8: One of the top promoters in the area. Owns a medical supply company. He wrestled in high school.

9: A second generation worker. His dad worked for Rampage Championship Wrestling. Another high flyer. He got married at wrestling.

10: He is considered an asshole to most in the area. He does not have to rely on wrestling as he has other projects including T-shirts and hockey.

11: 3rd generation worker. Considered BT’s “boy”. Get more heat in this area than any other worker, besides Dustin Starr.

12: His shoot job is a family business where he works with his Dad and wife. Trained by a legend. Has worked on all of the top attended shows this year.

13: He retired. He has trained with the Memphis Police Department. He may be unretired now. One of the top performers in the area.

14: One of the top performers in the area. His wife is also in the business. His real name is Brian.

15: He likes to pose nude. A second generation worker. Wife’s family has been involved in the business for years.

16: His wife, brother, sister-in-law and dad were workers. His son is in the business now. Has everyone heard the “penis” story??

17: He likes to talk during wrestling matches and wears a suit while doing it. Wife is gifted.

18: He should be given more credit than he gets for running an honest website. He likes big booby women. Jerry Lawler once was quoted as saying, “Nothing athletic about him, but his feet” about him.

19: Tag team wrestler. Real name is David. His age is not exactly what it says on his myspace account.

20: Tag Team wrestler. Real name is David. He has wrestled Ric Flair and Bobo Brazil.

Austin Lane
Brian Thompson/John Steele
Brian Tramel
Christian Jacobs
Don Bass
Dustin Starr
Eric Wayne
Frank Martin
Greg Anthony
Ken Wayne
Kevin White
Motley Cruz
Neil Taylor
Ray Ray
Reno Diamond
Scott Fury
Tim Edwards
Tommy Wayne
Tony Myers

"Shooting the Shiznit" - Hollywood Gold Starr Style!!

----We did not have a "Shooting the Shiznit" because I do not want to burn everyone out [including myself] doing it every week. Below are the first three shows from the new 2009 season. Below the players, you will see who we have scheduled for the next three weeks.

-3.24.09 will be the "OVERSIZED" Edition with "Genocide" - Maxx Corbin and Albino Rhino at 8:30 PM.

-3.31.09 will be the "I Am Over - Believe It Or Not!!" Edition - Loose Cannon will join the show at 8:30 PM.

-4.07.09 will be the "Answering the Critics" Edition - Ken Wayne will join the show at 9:00 AM.

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 3.14.09

Allen Walker out in the ring hyping DCW Springbreakout for April the 11th. He welcomed everyone to the show., but he then told the crowd that he had an issue that he wanted to address. He calls out none Seth Knight. When Seth gets into the ring Allen calls him the most lucky man in the world cause he survived Tim Edwards and Motley Cruz last week. He had a special match for Seth tonight.
first match: Shannon Lee beat Rockin Randy. This is the best lee has looked ever. These two guys have had a great couple of matches with Randy winning one and Lee winning one.

second match: Start of the tag team tourny Tim Edwards and Motley Cruz beat Kilo and the “Baron” Malkavain. Top match of the night. Alot of action in this one. Finish saw the Baron flying around the ring taking both Edwards and Cruz down and out of the ring. Kilo goes to drag Edwards back in the ring when out of no where Edwards hits kilo in the head with a stop sign for the pin. Edwards then told Kilo that the sign shot was a present from a friend.

third match: Seth Knight beat Rockin Randy by dq when Edwards and Cruz came to the ring and interfered. They got the upper hand on Seth for a minute when Shannon Lee hit the ring. Kilo made the save.

After match Seth demands a 6 man tag match later in the night. Allen Walker is not wanting to give it to them but Edwards comes back out and tells Allen to make the match because he can guarantee that Knight will not make it in the ring.

forth match: Chris Rocker beat Bishop to get his five minutes in the ring with Rashard Devon. After the finish Devon presented a contract that said he would have to wrestle Rocker, but not tonight.

main event:Seth Knight,Kilo and Shannon Lee beat Rockin Randy, Tim Edwards and Cruz. This match was wild from the start. Edwards made true on his promise that Knight would not make it in the ring. At the beginning of the match Randy and Cruz came to the ring without Edwards. Allen told the crowd that Edwards was not coming to the ring to compete so it would be a tag match. As Seth came to the ring, Edwards jumped him and handcuffed him to the pole. At about the 15 minute mark, the lights go out and “Baron” makes his way to the ring. He does not get in, he just goes over and breaks the handcuffs for Knight to get free to pin Lee.

140 in the building…Biggest pop of the night was when Baron broke the handcuffs...Derrick King returns next week. He was working in the Nashville area.

Credit: Spirit1990

----This group has their SpringBreakOut on the same date as NBW. I have been told NBW might be changing there date...EWE will be present a show the same night called "NOT Spring BreakOut 2009". LOL Just kidding...Book Tour 2009 will making a stop Saturday night at DCW!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.14.09 - "Hollywood" Demon X debuts!!

-Regulator beat Dre
-“Beach Bums” [Kaliki/Mark Wolf] beat Cason McClain/Kaleb King
-Kid Krazzy beat Vinny Ramano
-Casino Kid by Dq over Ray Ray – X-Kalibur was special ref and Ray hit him
-Demon X over Cameron Valentine with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock when Blaylock interference backfired.
-Tommy Wayne beat “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams with Athena Eclipse
-Chuck Fears retained the ASWF Title beating Cody Only


Demon X dressed up like Jimmy Blaylock and made fun of him. Valentine jumped him to set up a match later in the night. This was probably X’s best match to date…Wayne vs Williams was a No Dq and Falls Anywhere with the winner getting becoming the #1 Contender for Fears’ belt. They went all over the building. Athena Eclipse was handcuffed to the ring pole and she tried to hit Wayne. Wayne hit her with a pan to the head. Williams hit his finisher with Wayne getting out and then Wayne ended up putting Williams threw a table for the win…146 in the building..Next week: Don Bass with Jimmy Blaylock.

Credit: ASWFace

----Demon looks hilarious dressed up like Jimmy. [Photo above] Is that a RRO award in the announcer’s hand??...I bet that pan shot to Athena got a big pop.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 3.15.09 - "Graduation Match"

----Greg King Jr knew going into his “Graduation Match” that he had a lot to accomplish. He would be the third official graduate of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling.” He would wrestle a 60 minute match. Also in the back of this mind, he had to be wondering if he could live up to the RRO “Match of The Year 2008” – Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels. I had the chance to talk to King briefly as I got out of my car and he headed into the building. He shook my hand and thanked me for coming out. And I had to ask and he confirmed, “Yeah, I am a little bit nervous.” For a guy to being nervous, he did not show a bit from the time he stepped out of the curtain. And yes he did accomplish all of his goals – 3rd graduate of the school, wrestled 60 minutes and the top candidate for “Match of the Year 2009.”

----The show opened with a video package on Greg King. It was his day and it was all about him. The video footage had a music video at the front and one at the end. In the middle it had various people talking about King and King talking. It was well put together and got him over for people that may have never seen him.

----Greg King Jr vs Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels – 60 Minute Draw. It was never announced who his opponent was and story was that King did not know who it was. King standing in the ring they announced Eric Wayne as his opponent. A real fast pace to start out hold for hold. Turnbuckle to turnbuckle early. 12 minutes in they finally hit the ropes. 1st dropkick from King was around the 15 minute mark and the crowd popped big. Wayne did a combo of a Dragon sleeper into a cross face that looked nasty. Some stiff sick kicks to King’s back from Wayne. About the 23 minute mark King went down and I thought he was KO’ed. Wayne ended up outside the ring with King doing the Tiger Mask rope swing [all Rey Misterio missing the 619] in & out of the ring into a flying press over the top rope. King got his knee worked after Wayne looked to just drop him over the top turnbuckle to the stairs. He made quick comeback with a series of headbutts – crowd popped here – and then a pretty frog splash. At the 30 minute mark, Kid Nikels’ music started to play and Kid entered thru the curtain. He stepped up to the apron and tagged Wayne and Wayne went back to the dressing room.

----Nikels was “on” here and took control. Nikels was very vocal giving King hell about having to wrestle two people. At about the 45 minute mark, Nikels was dumped outside the ring. King did the Tiger Mask move again and then King went to the top turnbuckle and dove with a flying press hitting Nikels. Back in the ring King hit a flying back elbow from the turnbuckle. They both ended up on the top turnbuckle. Kid grabbed King and jumped to about the middle of the ring with a flying neckbreaker. 50 minutes in Kid worked on King with an abdominal stretch. Kid with a dropkick. Kid has some great punches here. “Nikels Pickle II” with Kid actually breaking it. Last 55 minutes were hot with near falls with victory rolls, frog splash, monkey flips and stinger splash from King at full steam. Bell rang at the 60 minute mark and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. [****1/4]

----Show ended with Brian Thompson calling Ken Wayne in the ring talking about the match. King came out and was given a plaque for passing the 60 minute match test and graduating from the school. Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels also came out and said a few words along with Matt Justyce, who was in the crowd during the bout.

----60 to 70 in the building…The video package had some feedback and I didn’t think it was as good as last year’s piece. Still real good though…Ironic thing about it was it featured a clip of King vs “Asylum”. So, only about three of you guys reading this got that one, but it was for you. LOL…Jamie Jay and Buzzkill were in the crowd…When Kid’s music played I thought it was a screw up. The storyline was that it was a “test”, so anything could happen…Chuck Poe was the ref and did a good job. The rules had them only being able to have two rope breaks a piece. The only thing was that Poe ruled a rope break on King that I did not agree with as he was just under the ropes from Nikels. But, other than that – he did a real good job…Trivia: Who was the ref of last year’s “Match of the Year”?? It was Greg King Jr…Last year’s match and this match was being compared by everyone. I think I may have enjoyed last year’s a bit more, but gave both the same rating. This year’s featured a faster last 10 minutes and some flying stuff. It was also a bit of “cheat” to have Kid/Wayne working only 30 minutes, because you had only one participate going 60 minutes.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 3.14.09 - ATTENDANCE RECORD SET FOR GROUP!!

EPW set a new attendance record Saturday night with 169 paid. This was the benefit show for Denise Blaylock and David Cox. The crowd was treated to a very enjoyable and very wild show.

Opening match: David Andrews won a 4-way match over "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris, "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, & "Hotrod" John Ellison.

Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & "The Future" Chris Styles) w/Antesha defeated "Spectacular" Shawn Reed & "High Flying" Jonathon Douglas w/Anita Page.

Chop Top the Clown & LSD defeated "DC" David Cross & Suicide.

At this point my announce partner, Gino Sydal, was evicted from the table by Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk, and I was joined by PD, Cody sitting on my right and Brody to my left. They said they were there to "help" me announce.

Buzz Harley & "Big Nasty" Bill Bass vs. Soul Taker & Jose Guerrero ended in a double count out. This was more of a brawl than a match, but it was fun to watch.

The next match was a title for title tag team match: EPW Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Big Daddy Neno) vs. TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & DJ Stunner. Winners would be both EPW and TFW Tag Team Champions. The match was eventually thrown out when Sons of the South interfered. No belts changed hands.

Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid defeated Izzy Rotten & "The Pink Flamingo" Brian SoFine by DQ.

At this point Brody & Cody left the announce table and were going around the ring taunting and insulting everyone in the building (which they had been doing for the last 3 matches). A woman came out of the crowd and beat Brody down with a cane and ran out the front door. Brody & Cody were extremely angry, and said that it was Kross dressed in drag who came out of the crowd. They called EPW Promoter Edith Poole out of the back and demanded that Kross be fired. Edith had said the week before that PD & 24/7 were not to touch each other before their match on 3/21 or they would be fired. They told Edith to come into the ring, which she reluctantly did. Edith called Kross & JR Mauler out of the back. Kross denied having been involved. Edith told Brody she would not fire Kross, because she saw a woman attack him, not Kross. Brody then jerked the glasses off Edith's face and broke them, then grabbed Edith and pushed her into a corner. At this point a Prentiss County Deputy Sherriff came out of the crowd and arrested Cody & Brody, and hauled them out of the building in handcuffs, much to the delight of the crowd.

At this point Gino Sydal cautiously crept back to the announce table.

Next match: Hittman & Mason defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.

Next was the match that everyone had been waiting for: Sons of the South (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) & Andy2Dandy vs. Bad Boy Burns, Sammy Hall, & Big Bubba Monroe. This was a great match. Bad Boy/Sammy/Bubba dominated for most of the match, but Chris/Josh/Andy eventually won the match by using a chain. Great match! Bad Boy/Sammy/Bubba have still got it - in fact, I hope they will re-unite and team up again soon.

The final event on the card was an invitational battle royal, with the winner to beecome the #1 contender for the EPW Championship (currently held by Cassanova Kid).
Before the match started, Cassanova Kid came to ring side and sat down to watch the match. Participants in the match were "The Greatness" Jay Webster, Devon Raynes, Mason, Izzy Rotten, Damion Rage, Chris Chaos, Syn, Blade, "DC" David Cross, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, JR Mauler, Bonecrusher, BB, Tysin Starr, Curly Moe, David Andrews, & Chazz Stone. It was a wild way to end a wild show! Eventual winner was Mason.

The 169 fans who attended were treated to a great show and a lot of money was raised for a good cause. A good time was had by all. I enjoyed seeing several workers I had not seen in quite a while. Thanks to all the workers who participated, to all who donated prizes, and to all the fans who turned out for the benefit.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Member Draws Big Crowds This Weekend!!

The biggest name in Tennessee Wrestling History "Fabulous" Jackie Fargo made rare appearances this weekend in Tullahoma and Lewisburg,TN. He set attendance records for both SWF and ASW. Mr. Fargo signed pictures in both towns for well over an hour to make sure everyone got a chance to meet him.

We will have a youtube of The often imitated but never duplicated Jackie Fargo up soon from Friday night as he clean house only as he can do.

Tullahoma - 400 , several car loads of people turned away maybe as many people that were in the building were turned away

Lewisburg 300 plus

Jackie Fargo and Misty James

Credit: Beau James

RassleResults; TIWF Trenton, TN 3.14.09 - NEW TIWF TAG CHAMPIONS!!

First match - Moondog Mutt defeated Johnny Superstar in a one sided match.
Second match - Frankie Tucker defeated Wild Bill
Third match - Russian Assassin defeats Sgt. Swat in a russian flag match - the first person to retrieve 5 flags and put them into a bucket won. Sgt. Swat had the match won until ref got knocked out and Russian Assassin pulled flags out of bucket and threw into crowd then followed by putting his flags into the bucket and reviving the ref.
Fourth match - P.K. Ripper and "AIWF Southern Heritage Champion" Louis Moore defeated DJ Hart and Jason Blade Very good high flying match.
Fifth match - (TIWF tag team championship match) Hard Justice (Lawman Williams and Big Boy Bob defeated Hardknocks Hooligan and AC Styles to win the belts.
Sixth match - (AIWF World Heavyweight Title Match) Jimi Love defeated "The Latin Assassin" Chico Mendoza to retain his AIWF World heavyweight
Seventh match - (TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match) Devon "All" Day defeated Tennessee Ernie Nord to retain his belt.

-Chris Lexxus was absent
-AIWF referee Smileyand TIWF referee of the year Danny Williams officiated
-AIWF board members Rick Deezel and Tim Dolan were in attendance
-Attendance was 252
-March Badness continues.Midget wrestlers this upcoming week.
-TIWF returns to Brownsville 3-20-09 at the new breed arena.
-TIWF returns to Trenton 3-21-09 at the showplex arena

Credit: Derek Byrd

----AIWF is group of promoters similar to the current NWA that promote shows under one banner along with their own shows. CLICK HERE to take a look at their web site.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Arena Report: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.14.09

----You know sometimes I go to shows and I am ready to go home after the first three bouts. Well, I can’t say that about the RWA promotion in Jonesboro, AR. From the start of the opening bout to the end of the main event, the 220+ crowd was hot!! I remember doing an Arena Report last year when I attended TWIF and stating that they were drawing big crowds because they had the talent OVER. Not only does RWA have everyone over, but they have either good workers to great workers. Even the green guys are working hard and even some of the other talent that I thought could never contribute are having fun entertaining bouts. If this promotion continues to draw these kinds of numbers and can present shows that the fans are so hot [almost hand in hand there], then they will easily get my vote for Promotion of the Year 2009.

----“CCR” [Loose Cannon/Chris Steel/Randy] beat The Allen Brothers [Roger and Joe] in the opening bout. As I am typing this, I can not believe I am saying it – but – Loose Cannon is over big time as a baby. The whole concept of CCR had the fans on their feet as they came out to the “Golden Girls” theme. Heat was on Cannon with hot tag to Steel. Steel with the big boot to everyone and then set up the finish with Cannon holding Roger [I believe] while Steel came off with a closeline off the top rope for the pin. Crowd popped big. [**]

----“Hot & Heavy” [Mike Titan/JD Kerry] beat The “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] by DQ when the Allen Brothers jumped in. Good solid bout. Last time I seen the “Aslyum” in this building, the bout was not good. The crowd was so hot for Titan/Kerry and Psycho/Pappy were in overdrive. Heat was on Titan [big guy – needs a singlet as his pants kept coming down]. Titan is green as grass, but took a good beating. “Asylum” did all kinds of double team moves and crowd kept cheering for Titan. Pappy did a running dropkick to Titan’s head [ala Eric Wayne from NEW last week]. Hot tag to Kerry and crowd went crazy. Allen Brothers jumped in for DQ. The only problem with this was that Kerry would never go down until finally Psycho kicked him in the face, even though it was almost 4 on 2. [**1/2]

----“Hotter Than Hell” Blalok The Blazer beat Pokerface by COR in the best bout of the night. Blazer had threw a big fireball on Mike Anthony last week and after Blalok came out – Anthony [with bandage on his face] ran out to chance him around the ring. Crowd was hot for this. Blalok ran around to the entrance of the dressing room and Pokerface came out to jump him. Good brawling at the front that turned into just a good solid great psychology bout. Blalok worked Poker’s leg most of the bout in a slow methodical style. Anthony, who stayed ringside to cheer on Poker, jumped inside the ring a few times, which should have DQ’ed Poker. He did good keeping the crowd into it. Poker hit a “Ghetto Buster” to send Blalok outside the ring. They both went to the outside with Blalok raking Anthony face and cutting Poker off. Ref was counting with Blalok getting in the ring as Poker went to check on his friend instead of getting in the ring. Very smart stuff. [***1/2]

----“ Natural Born Playa'z” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] Lucky the Leprechaun when his partner did not show up. This was just a total squash. Everyone looked good, but it was a squash. [*]

----“Irish Dragons” [Scott Fury/Acid/Logan Fury] beat Gary Diamond/Reno Diamond/Austin Lane in a good solid bout with two of the RRO Top 10 2008 in the ring. Lots of shine for the babys. Gary did a dive to the outside on all three Dragons. Reno took the heat. Acid is huge and one the most underrated in this area. Logan needs wrestling gear. After a hot tag they did a Tower of Doom out of the corner – all 6 of them. Ref went to the floor as Lane had Scott tapping out to the crossface. A person dressed in a “Scream” suit came out and jumped Lane. He piledrove Lane on a chair and it was followed by Scott pinning him. They are pushing the “Scream” guy as someone from Lane’s past [I think it is Mike Austin, but I did not see him in the gimmick]. [***]

----Rodney “Bad Dogg” Mack beat Tejano Kid with by DQ to retain the RWA Title. Not a great bout, but it told a story and the finish kept the storylines going. I have seen Kid a few times and am not so impressed with him. Crowd was super hot for Mack and he was “on” and just looked so powerful that you could not believe Kid could beat him. Heat was short with Mack getting a big comeback and then POB – Rage/Buzzkill/Cowboy/Raven jumping in. Rage hit Mack with a “loaded” elbow pad and Mack bled like crazy. The ring was cleared by the babyfaces and POB walked out the front door. Mack was motionless in the ring and they were trying to stop his bleeding. As he started to get up and move around, the crowd started a slow build up. As Mack was getting up, the crowd was getting louding and as he barking, the crowd was barking and cheering very loud. Never seen anything like it. [**]


----They had a monster truck show in town, but the fans still came out…A new guy named Kiko [I think that is what he said??] is doing ring announcing and does a very good job. Probably only about one person will get this reference, but he looks like Wrestling World’s Stately Wayne Manor. Manor also was an announcer for Eastern Championship Wrestling before it was EXTREME…Since the last time I attended a RWA show, the overall show has taken a big turn around. I think I probably was there during the final stages of the Rik Burton booking regime. Even though I thought Burton did a decent job, it seems Mack has taken it to a different stage…JD Kerry is easily the top candidate for RRO Rookie of the Year 2009. He reminds me of a Paul London type …Freezer Thompson, Mike Austin and Precious were backstage…Former Assassin from Rampage Championship Wrestling [called worst promotion EVER by lots of people..LOL], which was based in Jonesboro, AR and run by Phil Hansen was in attendance. Also from that promotion were Lane, Freezer, Austin, Psycho, Gary Diamond and Coach BT [you know – me]. Damn I should have got a pic!!...Mike Anthony is recovery from an injury and recently had cosmetic surgery on his nipples…I was talking with RWA owner Frank Martin after the show and he said something that has to be repeated and I am paraphrasing here – “Rodney Mack is the most over champion in this area.” Got to admit I don’t think I have seen a crowd as crazy over a babyface champion in this area since the start of this site. The [**] given to his bout is nothing to do with his talent and reaction he gets. It was just a basic bout and Tejano is not believable to me. The crowd believes big time in POB and really believe that there is heat between them and Mack…Martin did a great job putting over the site at the start of the show. Thanks!!...Jazz was there with her twins. Rodney and her are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Why do they not have a job with the WWE?? Brian Thompson will have an announcement within a few weeks about a project we are working on with Rodney/Jazz.

All Photos by Brian Tramel
Far Right - Rodney Mack
Left Top - Pokerface & NBP
2cnd Row left: Dragons/Asylum
Far Right Top Below Rodney - Blalok/Raven & Ron Rage
2cnd Row Right: Reno Diamond/JD Kerry
Far Left Bottom - Jazz

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.14.09

Commissioner Baker comes out to address about 90 in the crowd. Baker makes a comment about the video clip that was played last week that showed Kevin White was going to be in Ripley tonight. He says that the video was not intended to be played last week, that it was supposed to play tonight, so Kevin White will not be here. The music of "Mr. Big Stuff" Gary White, Kevin's father, hits as he comes down the ramp. He asks Baker if he made a mistake, then says the company, as well as Commissioner Baker, sucks. He says Baker made a mistake, and that Kevin White isn't coming to EWE. Gary says he does the booking for Kevin White and Kevin will come when he wants him to come. Stan Lee makes his way to the ring and says that it's probably a good thing they had a misunderstanding because if he showed up, Stan would have given him a title match and would have done the same thing he did to "The Golden Boy" last week. Gary says that he'll be there and it'll be for the title, because he won't come down to Ripley for nothing less than that. Stan gets the mic and tells Gary that if he doesn't get out of the ring, he'll whip him too. Stan starts to count down and Gary rushes out of the ring. Stan Lee starts to exit the arena, then K.C. Gold comes out and meets Commissioner Baker in the ring. He says that he is out scouting new talent, and Baker should let him or else his team of lawyers will come down on him for assault. Baker tells K.C. that he can go sit in his corner and watch, but he reminds K.C. that he didn't get to Commissioner without a few scars along the way, and if he thinks last week was bad, to just try something tonight. Commissioner Baker exits the arena and K.C. Gold takes his seat next to Mark Tipton.

Tommy Jones def. J.R. Manson via disqualification. Krisis comes out and attacks Tommy Jones as J.R. looks on, then gets dropped to the mat by Krisis.

Jon Michael def. Idol Bane via pinfall.

The Badd Guys def. Greg King Jr. and Cody Melton via pinfall. This win gives The Badd Guys the #1 contender position for the tag team championship, currently held by Picture Perfect.

Scott Adams def. Michael Gilbert via pinfall. After the match, Scott Adams calls Jon Michael out. Scott says that he doesn't like it when people get in his way, and Jon got in his way and stood up to him. Jon says that if Scott wants, they can settle it right here right now. Jon goes up to the ring but is held back by Tommy Jones, Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal, Cody Melton and Greg King Jr. as Scott is held back by J.R. Manson, Idol Bane and K.C. Gold. Both wrestlers are escorted to the locker room.

Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal and Stan Lee def. Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels and Matt Justyce in a 6 man tag team match via pinfall.

Credit: Dustin Williams @

----They did an interview segment with Justyce who was putting over the fact that he had hurt Lee before in NEW…I took the time to watch the main event on their web site and it was a good solid bout [but it did have Eric Wayne and Stan Lee in it, so what can you expect??]. Matt Justyce’ punches doing his best Ali imitation was good. Jacobs must have had the night off, because the only time he was in the ring was to do a spear on Wayne. LOL. I posted the last 4+ minutes of the bout…Looks like Alex Krisis is being known as only Krisis now. ..Nikels/Wayne are calling themselves “Premiere Brutality” here.

TN Guys At ROH!!

----Got the following in an e-mail this weekend. All three of these guys work the Nashville area most of the time, but Shultz has been in the Memphis area a few times. Sigmon has worked SAW and I believe is a Ricky Morton trainee. Sawyer has been working the USA-Memphis shows for Bert/Lawler. Congrats guys!! Hope they liked you!!

Just figured I'd pass along to you that some workers from TN worked the preshow for the Ring of Honor show in Collinsville, Illinois on Friday night.

a. Grizzly Redwood & Aaron Scott def. Shawn Shultz and Sigmon
b. "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne def. Travis Sawyer

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 3.14.09 - Jason Reed Returns!!

Jason Reed made his return to NBW with an in ring interview to start off the show. Reed stated that he was there for one challenge for the heavyweight title. High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire comes out and gets in Reed’s face wanting to know why he thinks so highly of the heavyweight title, and that to him, the High Risk belt means more. Reed tells Barbwire that he already has enough on his plate because right now he is just another check mark on Jeremy Moore’s Hitlist. Just then, Moore runs in the building, thru the crowd into the ring and attacks Barbwire. NBW security enters the ring and pulls them apart. Meanwhile NBW Heavyweight Champion Mark Justice comes out. Justice tells Reed that while he has been gone, Justice has been beating everyone that NBW has put in front of him to earn what he has gotten, and that from where Justice stands, Reed has got to start from the bottom and work his way up because he is not getting a title shot until he earns it. NBW owner Jeff McDonald comes out of the sound booth and asks Justice when he started making decisions around here. Jeff sets up 2 matches tonight.Both being non-title matches. The 1st one is Jason Reed against Brandon Barbwire. If Reed beats Barbwire, he gets a shot at any belt, anytime. The 2nd match being Mark Justice against Jeremy Moore. If Moore wins, he gets his hands on Barbwire, one last time.

NBW Tag-Team Champions Jon Roberts & Tommy Redneck defeated Norrin Radd & Christian Morrikomi to retain the titles

Redman defeated Ozwick & The Kid in a handicapped match.
Redman beat the hell out of the Kid giving him 3 piledrivers in a row, followed by a sitdown powerbomb for the win while Ozwick was thrown to the outside

"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Ricky Andrews in a "Triple 5 Challenge" after a "Detonator".
The ring announcer said the time of the match was 4:58 while Jeff said that his stopwatch shows just a few seconds after the 5 minute mark. So as of right now Tank was declared the winner of the match, but not without some controversy.

"Superman" Jason Reed defeated NBW High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire after a superkick so as of now, Reed can challenge any title holder to a match at any given time.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice w/ Mad Money Mike defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore
This match erupted out on the arena floor. While the referee was trying to get Justice back in the ring, Brandon Barbwire ran out and nailed Moore with the High Risk title. Money Mike paid him off with a wad of cash as Barbwire made his way back to the locker room. Justice got Moore back in the ring, nailed him with the "Hard Justice" and got the 3 count.

After the match, Barbwire came back out and along with Justice and Money Mike, began beating on Moore. This brings out Jason Reed and owner Jeff McDonald to clear the ring. Jeff sets up a tag match for next week. Mark Justice and Brandon Barbwire managed by Mad Money Mike facing the team of Jason Reed and Jeremy Moore being managed by Big Money Gripp.

Notes: 80 - 90 people in the building. Ricky Andrews got the loudest pop of the night followed closely by Jason Reed…Everything is building towards NBW's next big show, Spring Break-Out on April 11th.

Credit: NBWNewsguy

----Now why would anyone be scared to be on Jeremy Moore’s Hit List?? LOL Sorry I could not resist…Good to see Jason Reed back and looks like he scheduled to work up until April 11th at least. I have been told some matches that they are trying to line up for “Spring Break Out 09” and it should be fun if it works out. RRO will be there with Book Tour 2009 on that date.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jerkin' The Curtain NWAME, SAW, & NWA Cyberslam TV reviews Monday, March 16th @ 10 PM CST.

Well....For those of you who requested we bring TV reviews back to the Curtain, you got it in spades! Tommy Stewart and I have our work cut out for us this week as we will be reviewing 3 shows, namely NWA Main Event, which made it's re-debut on Nashville television on Comcast 74 Saturday, March 14th, SAW episode #82, and the 2nd episode of the internet only NWA Cyberslam. All three of these shows can be watched online, so you can watch the shows, then listen to our reviews and see if you agree or disagree, or even call in or e-mail during the show and give your views as we do. Or, you can not watch the shows and just listen to JTC to see what we have to say about them. Or, you can just watch the shows and not listen to our crap. Or, you can not watch the shows, and not listen to this show, which would make you a total dufus, but that's your call! If you want to watch any or all of these shows online, here's how.
NWA Main Event
Send them a friend request to their myspace at and when they add you as a friend you can watch the show on their myspace page. Also, they have a youtube page with a lot of older, and newer nwame stuff on it at

SAW... They have several episodes up there.

NWA Cyberslam..

RassleResults: USWO/ATL 3.14.09

57 attended

Commissioner Gordon announced that tonight's 6 match winners would later participate in a 6-man tag match with pairings to be drawn by the fans with the winners to get $600

Jason Xavier b Chris Norte

Anthony Wayne b Dominator

Derrick Neal b Saint

Insane D b Fast Forward (post-match Saint came out and gave $50 to ID for his spot in the main event)

Kevin Dunn b Psycho Medic by DQ when Medic hit Dunn with his kendo stick after taking it away from Dunn

Damien Payne b Aiden Scott

Neal & Payne & Saint b Dunn & Wayne & Xavier in the "Winner's Brawl" match when Payne pinned Wayne

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 3.13.09

-“Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Stan Lee. Lee straddled the top rope from out of the corner and Anthony capitalized for the pin.

-Matt Justyce beat Greg King Jr

-Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne – 30 minute time limit draw


----Normal size 20 to 30 fans…Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were the refs…Nikels and Wayne are both still undefeated…King loses the Friday before his big graduation match.