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A Piece of my Mind March 28th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

If you are a real fan of professional wrestling you should be infuriated at the WWE. It’s one thing when someone fails because they don’t have the skills or abilities. If you saw the Chris Jericho segment on Monday Night Raw you now know that the WWE is capable of proving what wrestling fans want to see.

The segment that opened the show with Ric Flair was what wrestling is supposed to be. I can appreciate a good heel and that’s what Jericho is. Of course Ric Flair is an incredible heel in his own right. Any of us that have known Flair knows that he loves being a heel. In most recent years he hasn’t been allowed to portray the role of a bad guy. Once you reach a certain legendary status in today’s wrestling world the fans won’t let you be a heel anymore. They will cheer you no matter what you do. I can remember when the Road Warriors started to clearly transition into characters that the fans loved. They had a kick ass style that fans started to embrace. In those days it was a new thing and Verne Gagne just held on to the old world way of thinking the Road Warriors were going to work heel and the fans were going to accept that. The fans didn’t accept it and continued to cheer long and loud for Hawk and Animal.

I was present at the Ice Arena in Totowa, NJ when Verne Gagne ran a show trying to get a foothold in the northeast. He had the Road Warriors against Bob Backlund and Baron Von Raschke. It was a poor choice of a match to make. In the northeast Baron Von Raschke was never anything other than a heel who challenged Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF title. The Baron was a good name in the Midwest and a large fan favorite but in the Northeast against The Warriors he was a glorified jobber. At the time of this match Backlund was the former champion who’s Howdy Doody style was clearly past it’s time if it really ever had a time. The fans cheered every heel move that Hawk and Animal made, legal or illegal, until they double teamed The Baron for the pin.

So, in the case of Ric Flair, he will forever be a baby face along the lines of Hulk Hogan. It was Vince McMahon who was surprised the most when Hulk Hogan fought The Rock. The cheers that night were for a heel Hulk Hogan as he beat on the industry’s biggest star at the time. It was another monumental night in the world of wrestling where direction mindsets were changed. It was this type of event that will never allow Ric Flair to be booed again. When Jericho attacked Flair at first it looked kind of weak but it brought to mind Gorgeous Gary Royal who was probably scared for his life when he started wrestling me. I was basically untrained and self taught. He said “kid you make it look fake and I will make them believe it”. Well, at first Jericho was making it look fake but Flair was making people believe it. Those guys then both took it up a notch. I do think that once Flair got hit with the camera that the attack should have stopped and he should have laid there bloodied and battered. It doesn’t matter that common sense says that wrestlers should have poured out of the back to help Flair but didn’t. All that mattered to me was that creative finally got it or Vince or Stephanie or whoever finally got it. They gave the ball to the veteran quarterback and he executed a game plan that worked. It wouldn’t have surprised me if a fan or two had jumped the rail. That’s what is great about our business ... people want to believe in it. It doesn’t matter how often Vince winks at people or blatantly says that wrestling is fake when a Chris Jericho goes out there and is a classic nineteen seventies heel and Flair sells for him like he did people start going into belief mode. Of course, this all changes when Santino Marella comes out to wrestle Mickie James, but it was there. It happened and it can happen again. So if you think the WWE can’t give us what we want you are wrong. They just chose to give it to us when they are damn well good and ready.

There is a certain group of people attached to any sport/entertainment event that can be referred to as the core audience. These people will participate in multiple if not all revenue streams. This group of people would be very appreciative of things that might just be considered right. In the old days promoters did certain things to accommodate other promoters. It led to things like a young Ric Flair wrestling in Madison Square Garden. I saw the Von Erichs, Tommy Rich and Austin Idol and how about Greg Gagne wrestling on the undercard in Shea Stadium of the Sammartino vs. Zbyszko event. These guys added no value to the ticket but WWE had these now legendary stars as a part of their events and in many cases on film. I have in the past mentioned that Abdullah the Butcher has never worked in Madison Square Garden or even for the WWE. How about the Midnight Express? Why should a guy like Bobby Eaton, one of the greatest guys and workers in the past two decades have to one day end an illustrious career without ever wrestling in Madison Square Garden? These few instances, and there are many others, that could happen would be a way of giving back to the fans who stay loyal. I know that Vince McMahon does many good things. A lot of those are even done anonymously. But when it’s all said and done he should remember to save a dance for the people that brought him to the dance.

I spoke to someone this weekend and asked him what it was like to work with a certain individual. He responded and said it was great and so was working with these other folks. He said "in the business you find the best people to work with are the ones secure in themselves. The worst ones are the ones on the way up or on the way down." I found it very interesting you see I wasn’t speaking to a wrestler but to Robbie Rist of The Brady Bunch (Cousin Oliver) and Mary Tyler Moore Show (David Bellmore Baxter) fame. I found it funny how I immediately thought about the wrestling business when I heard his input.

The photo here is from the main event from WrestleReunion 1. The madman from the Sudan Abdullah the Butcher along with Kevin Sullivan as they prepare to team with C.M. Punk against Dusty and Dustin Rhodes along with Mike Graham

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 3.28.09

108 attended

Ten bell for Steve Doll, moment of silence for Gordon's father, prayers for Krull and Cody Weatherby (both are hospitalized) are done

Lee Cross b Travis Starr

Psycho Medic & Dyron Flynn b Shawn Hoodrich & Kevin Dunn when Medic pinned Hoodrich

Josh Crowe (w/Damien Payne) b Steve Amani

Shane Eden b Dominator

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Justin Spade and Kevin James in a 3-way when he pinned Spade

Damien Payne (w/Josh Crowe) b Steven Green

USWO Champion Derrick Neal b Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White)

USWO Tag Team Champions Tim Renesto & Saint vs LT Falk & Drew Haskins ended in a no-contest due to Payne & Crowe running in and attacking all four

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

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Cheap Heat Hall of Fame inductee #2 has been posted....

Click here to read the induction of the 2nd inductee.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony with "Midnight Gold" debut!!

----Greg Anthony is also slated to be at the WWCW event in Cape Girardeau, MO in the first ever arena appearance of the trio of "Midnight Gold" - TGB/Bobby Eaton/Brian Thompson.

---YEARBOOK 2008 will also be available at the event courtesy of Joey McNew and WWCW. Cost will be $20 and if you are a worker on the show, please ask Joey for the "worker" discount. Thanks to WWCW!!!

RassleResults: USA - Memphis Wrestling Dresden, TN 3.26.09 - Another Good Crowd!!

Christian Jacobs beat Ty Hamilton

Drew Haskins beat Shane Williams

Matt Boyce defeated Jon Michael

Brian Christopher over Kevin White w / Su Yung

Jerry Lawler defeated Teddy Tender

275 in attendance...This building wasn't the same building that MSWA was in. It was a newer building...Everyone seems to like working these shows, I guess because of the large crowds...April 4th, they go back to Hohenwald at the Lewis County High School. Probably the same crew.

Credit: SWStudd

----275 is not as much as some of the other towns have being drawing, but that is probably one of the biggest crowds every in over 10 years to see wrestling there. I worked for MSWA in that town and I don't think we ever had anywhere close to 200... The photo below is from a show in Gibson, TN with Kevin White being helped out of the ring by "Total Kaos" [Viper [Christian Jacobs]/Kade]. I believe that was in during 2000 or 2001. The other photo is just of "Showstopper" Kevin White. The same for the result I posted below it, which was a match in Dresden March 3, 2001 [I believe it was then - someone help me with that date!!]

Big Main Event saw a "Loser Leaves Town" Match when Coach BT brought his Kaos Squad ('Precious' Paul Justice & Viper" to face the unlikely team of 'Showstopper' Kevin White & 'The Real Australian' Miles Long! Fans, this was one of the best wrestling matches we've seen in some time, and as hard hitting as you'll see anywhere. Miles & Kevin would prove to be the biggest force as they won the match & sent Coach BT & crew packing!

Christian Jacobs Survivor audition tape

----Many people may not know this, but Christian Jacobs is a big Survivor mark. He has probably seen close to EVERY episode and has been known to either cancel dates [wrestling and dates with real girls] just so he could watch it. This is an "audition" tape that was filmed by Maxx Corbin in the dressing room. It is one of those things you have to watch 2 or 3 times to get all the jokes. Funny stuff!!

Shows for the Weekend 3.27 to 3.28.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. I am also going to try to update the rosters this weekend on that page. Below are a couple of special events for the weekend. Please note that NEW will not be running tonight and will be back next week.

March 28th at the A.C. Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, MO.

A.C. Brase Arena
410 Kiwanis Dr
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

WWCW Wrestling adds TNA's "Showtime" Eric Young and NWA Legend Beautiful Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express to the 3/28/09 event

WWCW Wrestling and the Army National Guard teams up for a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Cape Girardeau, MO on 3/28/09 at 7pm. More information at .

Tickets will be on sale at on March 9th 2009. Ticket Prices are $10 in advance and $12 at the door the day of the event. VIP Meet and Greet with "Showtime" Eric Young and NWA Legend Beautiful Bobby Eaton includes front row seating $20 includes Meet and Greet with "Showtime" Eric Young and Bobby Eaton and the entire WWCW Wrestling Roster from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (and will be limited to 100 tickets).

Tickets are available now at The Boys and Girls Club and PMAC Music in Cape Girardeau, MO and now!

Digital Cameras and Video cameras are permitted for this event.
3 Hours of Action!

Doors open at 4pm and activities will begin at this time at the Brase Arena.

Belltime is 7PM.

Stars to appear are:

TNA's "Showtime" Eric Young
NWA Legend Beautiful Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express
Motley Cruz
Bilal Nauden
J. Dragon
Big Indian Kiote
Rick "The Stick" Marx
The Asylum
Jason "The Fury" Vaughn
Lady Amazon

and many more!

For more information go to:

Southern States Wrestling
Saturday March 28th
Kingsport,TN @ National Guard Armory
4401 West Stone Drive


Main Event - Coward Waves the Flag- The Refs can not stop this match - goes until one of the corner women waves the flag because they feel their man can not continue.
King of Kingsport
Beau James
Tony Dragon Givens

National Title
Robbie Cassidy vs. Tracy Smothers

CWA World TAG Title Match
KMF w/ John Hawkins vs. Wayne Adkins and Ray Idol

Special Event
Misty James and Rebecca Lynn
Chattanooga's Top Lady Stars
Crystal Fire and Fabulous Blondie

TV Title Match
Eric Dark Storm vs. Moe Jenkins

plus Jamey Gibson, MIke Cooper and More

All Front Row $10 Adults$8 and kids 10 and under $5

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 3.21.09

----The 3.21.09 Memphis Wrestling TV show finished with the same overall ratings .7 [11339 viewers] as last week, which is putting it around 30% lower than average ratings this year. This week’s show was roller coaster ride going up and down and up and down. Bad news with them ending the show with half of viewers they had in the 3rd quarter. That means no one cared what was going on.

Overall: .7 [11339 viewers]

1st Quarter
.7 [11339 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
.5 [8099 viewers] [-3240 viewers]

3rd Quarter
1.0 [16198 viewers] [+8099 viewers]

4th Quarter
.5 [8099 viewers] [-8099 viewers]

Start to finish: -3240 viewers

What was Memphis watching?? [Top rated show during the same time slot]
“Road to Final Four” 6.7 [108,527 viewers] CBC Affiliate

The Golden Circle: "The Second Generation... Curse?" by Greg Anthony

----In August, 2006, Greg Anthony was going to attempt to send a regular column to RRO. Well, this his is second effort in the last two years. LOL It doesn't make it a bad article though. I have talked with TGB and he is going "try" to do a bi-weekly column. CLICK HERE to go to the Kayfabe Board and let him know what you thought of the column and feedback.

The title is catchy but misleading. No, I don't think that second generation superstars are plagued by a mysterious curse that leaves them just a shade less talented than their namesakes. The curse that I speak of is the curse that second generation wrestlers leave on the rest. Lets take a look at Legacy; Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase. All three are very, very talented individuals and rightful deserve a place in the most successful wrestling company. But Legacy also had a talented young man named Manu. What happened to him? I felt Manu deserved a spot on any of the three WWE rosters. Did I feel he belonged in Legacy? No, I did not but that wasn't because a lack of talent.

This is where the curse comes into play. How many first generation wrestlers were passed up because they signed Manu? Manu for as talented as he is had very little impact on the company and was soon wished his "future endeavors". I would love to have seen a next gen Samoan tag team with Manu and Umaga but at last it wasn't to be. So how many guys out there were so close to fullfilling their dreams of having a WWE contract just to have it given to a second generation wrestler?

Wrestling truly has become a "Brand" business. Each wrestler is a namebrand much like Coke or McDonalds. So when something like Coke Zero or Cody Rhodes comes along the consumer or wrestling fan can easily identify with them. Because like Coke, Rhodes is a household name at least in pro wrestling. Its a very sound and smart business strategy.

In this area alone there are guys like Derrick King, Alan Steele, Dustin Starr, Flash Flanagan and Picture Perfect that wouldn't look one bit out of place on WWE programming. If they are not that they aren't talented enough, I highly doubt it. Maybe they are victims of The Second Generation Curse.

Maybe this is just justification for people I think deserve to have those spots. Maybe its all in my head like the Boston Redsox and The Curse of the Bambino. Or maybe, just maybe I could be right. I promise either way we can all have a reason for not having a job, unless you're Eric Wayne. And when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise, its as good as gold

The first induction to the Cheap Heat Hall of Fame...

has been posted here.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since everyone from the WWE to Loose Cannon has their own Hall of Fame now I figured, "why shouldn't I?" So I'm proud to announce that over this course of this weekend I will be introducing this year's inductions into "GENE JACKSON'S CHEAP HEAT HALL OF FAME". This will be unlike any other wrestling Hall of Fame out there. No Hulk Hogans, no Ric Flairs, no Ricky Steamboats, not even any Koko B. Wares. This will be for the unsung heroes of the sport. The ones that are too often forgotten when it's time to hand out awards and distinctions. There will be no regional guidelines anyone can be a candidate. The first two inductions will be announced later today with three more over the course of the weekend.

CWA - SSW News Release and RassleResults!!

March 23, 2009 - We want to thank all the fans that come out this past weekend to witness our 5th Anniversary Event in Kingsport, TN... What a night it was!

War Games proved to be a bloody spectacle as advertised with 6 of the 8 competitors being busted open during the match... Nick Hammonds who was originally scheduled to compete in War Games had to pull out with a neck injury, which forced "Sensational" Wayne Adkins to pull double duty at the 5th Anniversary:

Earlier in the Night, Adkins & his replacement partner, Ray Idol gave World Tag Team Champions, KMF Inc. a run for their. But in the end, Richards & Fury retained their titles due to interference from Ray Idol... However, KMF was not done for the night... As Adkins entered the cage as the 4th member of the G1 team in War Games, KMF Inc. & Eric Darkstorm came to ringside to try to intimidated Nick Hammonds. Adkins saw what was going on and climbed to the top of the cage and dove off to the floor onto members of John Hawkins Promotions... This started a brawl that ensued with Adkins, Ray Idol & JHP that spilled out into the hallway and into the parking lot of Civic Auditorium. On this coming week's addition of Championship Wrestling we will see exclusive footage of the that brawl.

With Adkins out of the match the team of Beau James, Brian Logan & The Varsity Shooter Society took a 4 on 3 advantage on G1... The Varsity Shooter Society dumped Robbie Cassidy & Moe Jenkins outside of the cage while James & Logan stayed in the ring to double team Tony Givens... The VVS handcuffed Moe Jenkins outside the cage and beat him down with a police baton... Cassidy scaled the cage and came back into the ring with a cross body from the top of the cage onto Brian Logan.... This lead to Givens vs. Beau James 1 on 1... James tried to use his whip on Givens, but Givens blocked the whip... Ashlee Hope tried to get into the cage, but was taken down by Misty James... Givens wrapped James' own whip around his neck and repeatedly elbowed him in the face until referee, Brandon Cox stopped the match and declared G1 the victors!

Even after this bloody battle, the feud between G1 and the 1st Family continues... This Saturday Night at the Kingsport National Guard Armory, Tony Givens will take on Beau James in a Coward Waves the Flag Match. Ashlee Hope will be in Beau James' corner and in Tony Givens' corner: Beau's own wife, Misty James. Both women will be holding a white flag and when they feel that their wrestler can no longer continue they will wave the flag.

Also this Saturday in Kingsport, National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy will take on former WCW, WWF and SMW star, Tracy Smothers... Smothers has been brought by Beau James specifically to take out Robbie Cassidy!

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 3.21.09 - Trenton Continues to Draw!!

Perfect Weapons def. Sgt. Swat & American Hero

Wild Bill def. PK Ripper

Frankie Tucker def. Johnny Superstar

Way Cool def. Russian Assassin

Midget Kid J. def. Midget Lil’ Devil

TIWF TV Title Match
Chris Lexxus def. Wildside to retain the title

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
Hard Justice ©( Lawman Williams & Big Boy Bob) def. Hardknocks Hooligan & AC Styles & Samoan Raja & Royale Executioner in a triple threat match to retain the titles

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Chico Mendoza def. Devon Day [pictured above] by DQ

• Notes:
• Attendance:256
• March Badness continues.

Credit: Steven Hunter

RassleResults: TIWF Brownsville, TN 3.20.09 - Big Crowd!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 3-20-09
at the New Breed Arena- Brownsville Tn.

American Hero def. Tim Edwards

Wildside & PK Ripper defeated Overkill & Johnny Superstar

Way Cool def. Kilo

TIWF TV Title Match
Chris Lexxus [pictured] def. Bloodbath

Chico & Jawbreaker Jesse Dee def. Samoan Raja & Royale Executioner

Lawman Williams, Big Boy Bob & Coach Joey Benard def. Devon Day, Hardknox Hooligan, &Ravishing Randy

• Benefit show for Hot Shots Team
• Attendance:220+
• Kilo & Tim Edwards from DCW participated.

RassleResults: USA - Memphis Wrestling 3.24.09 - Another Big Crowd!!

Bert Prentice delivers again. Alamo turned out to be a very successful event. Fire marshall made him turn people away. 377 was the capacity.

Jon Michaels beat Drew Haskins

Matt Boyce defeated Lana Keolaha (white's student from 2001)

Shane Williams beat Ty Hamilton

Brian Christopher won over Kevin White w/Garry White

Jerry Lawler beat Teddy Tender.

Next show Thursday night march 26th in Dresden Tennessee.

Credit: SWStudd

----Anybody else who attends the Dresden show, send us a note on fan reactions and such...A fun trivia note: Garry White use to be in the crowd for Dresden shows for MSWA to watch a great team by the name of "Riot Squad" with Coach BT. LOL

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Cheap Heat Random Thoughts by Gene Jackson


First off kudos to BT for the excellent story on Steve Doll, I see it's making the rounds on a lot of news sites, message boards, blogs, and so forth which is excellent because it's the most thorough and accurate story I've seen on him since the unfortunate news was released on Sunday.

So now in a little over a week we've had Andrew 'Test' Martin, Steve Doll, and Mexican star Abismo Negro all pass away, wow there really seems to be something to that whole “dying in threes” thing.

Well I can honestly say for the first time in over 10 years I will not be ordering the Wrestlemania pay per view this year. It's been dicey the last three years but the Flair/HBK match cinched it for me last year. This year, nothing really grabs me. I like the whole Jericho angle they've been running and for me if they were just bringing Steamboat back for one more match against Jericho I might be interested but the whole three on one thing, it just seems to gimmicky now. I'll pass till the DVD comes out.

I've been blown away by how helpful folks have been to me with sending me material for the Eddie Gilbert book I'm doing. Most everyone I've asked have been more than happy to share their thoughts/memories on “Hot Stuff”. It's gonna take several months for me to get this together and complete but I really think it's gonna be great when it's done. To anyone reading this who has stories, pictures, programs, or anything related to Eddie Gilbert you'd like to share for the book or know someone who does, please hit me up at I've got a LOT of material already but I want to be as thorough as possible and really make this the definitive book on his career.

So folks who have been reading my ramblings for a while now know that I'm a mark for wrestling video games. So coupling that with my love for “Old School” wrestling, you know I had to buy the new Legends of Wrestlemania for my PS3. There's been mixed reviews for it online and granted it's nothing like the Smackdown vs. Raw series, but that's what I like about it. I really loved the concept of the old 'Legends of Wrestling' from Aklaim a few years ago but but the game engine SUCKED! Of course how can you not love a game that included the Mid South Coliseum as one of it's arenas and the ability to have Lawler vs. Kaufman or Lawler vs. Gilbert on Playstation. But in the end the controls sucked and it was annoying seeing guys like “Superstar” Billy Graham doing the pedigree or Bruno Sammartino doing a sitdown powerbomb. With this new game it's more like an old wrestling arcade game with a more limited moveset than most newer games which in turn means more accurate. The characters are really well done with a lot of little details like Kamala slapping his belly after a big move or Mr Fuji throwing salt in your opponents eyes. In my opinion it's really fun game from a nostalgia standpoint and one you can just pick up and play without needing a three week training course on how to do all the moves. I recommend at least renting it one weekend if your not an avid player.

So Hulk Hogan's CCW guys are seeing some ring time. There's been a lot of talk online about the fact TNA is going to use Danny Bonaduce. I read somewhere that Willis is doing some indy shows now and I see where Butterbean is gonna be working a show with Jack Lord at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama this Saturday night. I'll be interested in seeing how well that draws and I know Butterbean was nearly booked on some shows in the RRO readership area but that changed when change what he wanted for his guarantee so ultimately it fell through. I'm really shocked Screech hasn't shown up in TNA since he worked there before. Perhaps he'll show up to jump Bonaduce to play off their angle on CCW. I see winning the show has done wonders for Dennis Rodman as he's one of the only ones NOT to be rumored to working somewhere.

A entertaining appearance on the Howard Stern Show (which I'm an avid listener of) yesterday by Kurt Angle. You can read a recap of it over at the WrestlingNewscenter here:

Speaking of the WrestlingNewscenter, check out there “Funny Picture of the Week”.

Apparently a lot has changed with Neil since our Southern Destruction days......not that there's anything wrong with that , our new President is behind you guys 100%. Change has come indeed. (lol, sorry Neil but that picture couldn't be ignored)

Well from Wrestlemania talk, to videogames, to CCW, to homo erotic pics of my former tag team partner hopefully there was something for everyone in this edition of Cheap Heat, check back soon for another. (perhaps I'll find a picture of Leslie Jones singing Elvis at the Blue Oyster bar or something for next week's funny/blackmail pic)


If you'd like to contact Gene Jackson, you may do so at or add him on myspace at Check out the Cheap Heat Radio archives at

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 3.21.09

Corey Maclin is joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler as this week's show was filmed at Minglewood Hall. Jerry gave us a little background history of the building, stating that not only was it the old Strings N Things location, but it was also an old Tasty Bread Bakery, years and years ago. Corey Maclin said they are hoping to put together some live wrestling television shows, again. Corey told Jerry they need to do that by this summer. Coming up on the program, we will take a look at two guys that will be inducted into this year's WWE Hall of Fame, Terry Funk and "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Corey and Jerry plan on talking to Koko on the phone, later in the program. Lawler announced that he will be hosting this year's WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony in Houston, Texas, on the night before WrestleMania. They are also going to show some footage from Minglewood Hall involving Su Yung and Renee. Jerry stated that, apparently, now an actual match between these two is going to take place. Woohoo! Also in action, we will take a look at "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. Jerry added that he may be making a return to Memphis Wrestling at Minglewood Hall. There will also be a classic Opening the Vaults featuring "The King" taking on Nick Bockwinkel.

They show a graphic advertising that the next Memphis Classic Wrestling live event at Minglewood Hall will take place on Thursday, April 16th. Minglewood Hall is located at 1555 Madison Ave. Ticket info: Box office open from 10-4 or call, toll free 866-609-1744. You can also check out They showed this throughout the show.

They recap the time when Corey Maclin brought in Terry Funk to take out Jerry "The King" Lawler and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. This video package included: Corey making "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant the special guest referee after Lawler and Hart cut off his beard. There was also a classic Terry Funk video of him making some funny faces, Funk popping up in the casket in the studio, and putting Lawler's backside on fire with his branding iron at the Mid-South Coliseum.

Next was some action from the last show that was held at Minglewood Hall, featuring the unscheduled hott catfight between Su Yung and Renee. Rawr! Following the footage, Jerry guaranteed that coming up on Thursday, April 16th, there will be no snow, but there will be a lot of hot action because already booked in a match, it will be Renee against Su Yung. Jerry heard that Su Yung has told Kevin White that she was going to open up a can of Godzilla on Renee.

Corey and Jerry spoke with the newest inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Jerry said he didn't know that Koko and The Honky Tonk Man were so tight, since he was inducting him. Lawler added that he was ashamed to admit it, but Honky Tonk Man is his first cousin. Koko said they started out together with the late Larry Latham, so Wayne has got a little bit of history about him and He's got a little history about The Honky Tonk Man. Koko said he couldn't ask for a better person to induct him, besides "The King". Koko thanked Jerry and Plowboy Frazier, who was so instrumental in getting him started in the business. Koko remembered when Plowboy took him over to Blytheville, Arkansas, and told Jerry that he needed to take a look at this kid because he's a good prospect in our business. Later that night, Koko wrestled "Cowboy" Frankie Laine. Following the match, Jerry came over and asked Koko, "What are you doing tomorrow? I would like for you to come to Memphis tv." Koko said for his first debut on Memphis Wrestling, "The King" put him in there with the biggest, meanest guy that ever walked on this earth, Joe Leduc. Koko described the experience, "Man! Joe Leduc tossed me around like I was yesterday's garbage, but he taught me a whole lot." Koko said he thought he was in the WWE, back then. Corey asked Koko if they could do a special one-on-one interview with him in the next couple weeks. Koko said he would be happy to and thanked all the wrestling fans in Memphis that made it all possible. While the interview was taking place, they were showing clips of Stagger Lee in action.

Following the break, Jerry said he asked Koko what he was doing on April 16th and said it would be great to have WWE's newest Hall of Famer, here at Minglewood Hall.

Corey and Jerry talked about "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. Jerry heard that "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert has gone out and contacted "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, asking him to come in here on April 16th to be his partner. Corey said that Brian Christopher would have to find himself a partner. Jerry was quick to inform Corey that Brian wouldn't have to look far because "The King's" got a lot of unfinished business with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich that dates back to when Rich hid under the ring, during a cage match between Lawler and Austin Idol, when Jerry's hair was at stake. Rich showed up at the most opportune time and that was the first time Jerry got his head shaved. So, Lawler stated, "Anytime "Wildfire" Tommy Rich comes back in here and needs an opponent, all you gotta do is look for "The King."

Clip of "Wildfire" Tommy Rich in action against Randy Rose with Paul E. Dangerously in his corner. When Rose got in trouble, Dangerously started calling someone on his trusty phone. Soon after, Austin Idol ran in and began a vicious attack on his former partner, Rich. Idol, Rose and Dangerously opened Rich up. He was sporting a crimson mask.

Back in the studio, Corey said they put together a collage of matches between Lawler and Nick Bockwinkel. Jerry said that to him, Nick Bockwinkel was the best AWA Champion ever and there's certain guy's that when you wrestle against them, while the match is going on, you're almost just in awe of them. They seem to be so smooth and their moves are so effortless and they know every hold and every counter hold. Lawler continued, "Dory Funk Jr. was like that and Nick Bockwinkel. I mean, he was like a machine in there. The guy had a great personality. He was very articulate. He carried himself like a real world champion. Of course, Bobby Heenan, his manager, was a little different story, but Nick Bockwinkel was first class, all the way. He was so articulate that it was a struggle for him to talk down to the wrestling fans. Yeah, I mean I loved wrestling against him. I just saw Nick in Las Vegas, Nevada. Looks fantastic. I'm telling ya. You're gonna see this video. He looks exactly, today, as he did back then." Corey said maybe we need to get him here soon in Memphis, so maybe we can have another Jerry Lawler/Nick Bockwinkel match. Jerry answered, "You know, I talked to him about that. He said he declined."

Opening the Vaults featuring The Best of Memphis Classic Wrestling with a world title bout between Nick Bockwinkel and Jerry "The King" Lawler. During the match, Jim Cornette came to ringside, but Referee Jerry Calhoun forced him to go to the back. While the ref was distracted, Jimmy Hart appeared, pushing Lawler off the top rope. Bockwinkel covered Lawler. Calhoun counted to two, but then stopped to look under the ring, where he spotted Jimmy Hart. Calhoun called for the bell and declared Lawler the winner, by disqualification.

Corey and Jerry plugged Corey said that's where you can get tickets for Thursday, April 16th, when wrestling returns to Minglewood Hall or you can pick them up at the box office that's open from 10-4. They said the entire card should be finalized by next week. Jerry also mentioned and asked Corey if he had a website. Corey answered that he don't as of yet, but there's one hanging in the balance, that will be coming up, soon. Then, Jerry asked Corey whether he had a MySpace or Facebook. Corey said he didn't have neither one, but he's got a Blackberry. Lawler confirmed that he doesn't have a MySpace or Facebook account, mentioning how there is an imposter on Facebook that has a lot of friends and has put up photos of him, but it's not the real King. Jerry "The King" Lawler and Corey Maclin ended the show, by saying, they would see everyone, next week.

Credit: D-Rock @

Downtown Bruno with Well Dunn

----Here are a couple of photos sent to the offices of RRO today featuring RRO Referee of the Year Downtown Bruno with "Well Dunn".

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5317229849853450338" />

“The Death of a Journeyman – Steve Doll”

----Steve Doll was born December 9th, 1960 and his hometown was Dallas, TX. He lived in Nashville the last 16 years or more. Doll had been in out of the hospital 30 times in the last couple of years. He had back surgery in 2005, which lead to his retirement. It also would contribute to a pill addiction and heavy drinking. Much like many guys, Steve went from working steady in the business to trying to adjust out of business. He did not adjust well. His addiction to pills and alcohol just got worse. The pain pills would not stop the pain, so he would add more pills and alcohol.

----In May 2006, RRO originally ran a story about Doll being put on life support. [Reno Riggins stated in an interview him via phone on 3.24.09 that he was never on life support during this incident.] It was believed that it was from the back surgery and his kidneys failing. This scare was actually from his intestines being eaten away from all the different kinds of pain medication he was taking from the back surgery. They had to remove 5 feet of his intestines. His back surgery put him in more pain. It was later reported that Doll was expect to make a full recovery, but less than two years later Doll was dead.

----“My diagnosis of the death of Steve Doll is from heavier and heavier dose of pain medication, mixed with alcohol and not living a healthy life style.” said Reno Riggins. This past Saturday the dose he took must have been larger than anything his body could handle, because by the next day he was taking blood pressure medicine to keep his pressure up and on a respiratory to help him breath. His family did not have to make any decisions on whether to keep him on life support or not. Doll died a quite death later that day.

----Doll may be remember to most as Steven Dunn as he formed a WWF tag team with Timothy Well [Rex King] to be “Well Dunn”. The team was mildly successful and both were considered above average workers.

---- Doll began training in 1984 with retired wrestlers Rick and John Davidson. His first match was in Shreveport, Louisiana, in May 1985, against Dick Slater.

----Steve Doll’s first break came in World Class Championship Wrestling run by the famous Fritz Von Erich. He defeated Killer Tim Brooks in one of his first high profile matches at the Parade of Champions May 3, 1987. He also met The Grappler here and it would lead to both of them heading to Portland, OR.

----Doll formed a team with Scott Peterson in Portland, OR calling themselves “Southern Rockers” after the success of the Rock’n’Roll Express type tag teams. Doll/Peterson won their first Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles in September of 1987. They would hold the belts for 7 times losing them the last time as a team to Col DeBeers/Nord The Barbarian.

----Peterson and Doll did split up for a short period doing an angle [booked by Roddy Piper] where Scotty The Body caused friction between them. The angle lasted only about four weeks and then they got back together. Peterson left the area to get a real job in a mill. He would return about a year later to do one match with Doll as his partner.

----Rex King then joined Doll as the “Southern Rockers”. Even though Peterson/Doll were a good team, King/Doll were one of the most over tag teams in Pacific Northwest wrestling history. King was also a much better worker than Peterson and even Doll.

----King/Doll won their first Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles beating The Grappler & Scotty The Body [Raven] in August of 1989. They would hold the belts 4 times before leaving for Memphis in February of 1990. The 1-27-90 Portland Wrestling TV show was a build around “Southern Rockers” going on “world tour” with their final match on TV. Doll/King would win the titles beating The Grappler & Brian Adams in their final match. Jonathan Holliday joined Grappler/Adams after the win and spike piledrove King on a chair. The next week, the promotion vacated the tag belts because King was “injured” and could not wrestle and King/Doll go to Memphis.

----I am not sure who was booking TV at the time of that angle [probably Piper], but it was ingenious. The fans got to see Doll/King win the belts and get over even bigger. Doll/King would then leave with Holliday/Grappler/Adams on top by injuring King.

---- I remember being told that the guys working the Portland territory were being paid less than the Memphis crew. The major perk for the area was they had very good rats!! LOL The rats were legendary as even though you were not paid lots of money, they would take care of you by feeding, clothing and putting a roof over your head.

----In the early 1990s along with working Portland, Doll and King moved to Tennessee to work the USWA Memphis area. Doll/King held the USWA tag team titles three times from February to May in 1990 working Memphis. Doll went back to Portland in August to team with various partners including Scott Norton; Crush [Bryan Adams]; Scott Peterson; Rex King; Scotty The Body; Jimmy Jack Funk and The Grappler. He would hold the tag team titles 7 more times with Scotty The Body; Funk; Crush and more than half [4] of those reigns with The Grappler. Steve Doll/The Grappler would go down in wrestling history as the last PNW Tag champs when the office closed in July, 1992.

----Doll would hold the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title for 3 times. His first reign would last 9 months from 11/10/90 until 8/17/91 when he was defeated by Billy Jack Haynes. He was also part of the tag team champions three times during this stint while singles champ. Doll was over in a big way. He would hold the Title 2 more times and also during one of those times he was tag champ with The Grappler.

----August of 1992 in Puerto Rico for WWC, Doll/King were tag team champions. King had come in December, 1991 and asked Doll to join him after the PNW closing rumors started. Dean and Joe Malenko would make an appearance at the WWC 19th Anniversary Show in August, where they lost to the WWC tag champs, Doll/King. The tag belts were held later that month. Doll left Puerto Rico and King stayed.

----Doll/King won the USWA tag team again in April of 1993, but only held them for a short time before dropping them to Home Boy & New Jack. They were involved in an angle where they jumped Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher jumped to help them, but Doll hit him on mistake. Jarrett/Christopher who were pushed in a major feud would team for the first time vs Doll/King, but Christopher would turn again on Jarrett after the match.

----Doll also worked for the new Portland promotion CWUSA for a few shows, but didn’t last long as the promotion was having money problems. In October of 1993 “Well Dunn” was on WWE RAW winning via countout over The Rock N Roll Express during the Express’ WWE debut, which also may have been their first RAW bout??

---- On July 24, 1994, Doll lost his friend and tag team partner Scott Peterson. Peterson was killed in a motorcycle wreck.

----In 1994, Doll/King spent time back & forth from Smokey Mountain Wrestling to WWE. Smokey Mountain had a working relationship with WWE and King/Doll were working there as “Well Dunn” . They feuded with the Thrillseekers [Lance Storm & Chris Jericho].

----Records show “Well Dunn” with 66 matches in the WWE in 1994 with only 12 wins. They were being used pretty much as a jobber team. In December of 1994 Well Dunn were on Monday Night Raw being managed by Harvey Whippleman [Downtown Bruno] wrestling against The Bushwackers. Bruno had this to say about Doll..

“Steve doll was a friend of mine for close to 25 years, although I haven’t seen or had contact with him for over 10 of those years, but friendship doesn’t fade just due to absence. I managed Steve and Rex King both in Memphis and in the WWE. I got along very well with him at all times. Me, Steve, Adam Bomb and Crush(Bryan Adams,steve’s brother in law,who preceded him in death),traveled together in the WWE quite often. We always laughed and cut up and had a good time. I have nothing but sadness and sorrow for his close family and friends.”

----“Well Dunn” were also in the 1995 Royal Rumble. Worked most of their matches vs The Smoking Guns [Billy and Bart Gunn] in the early part of 1995. Worked RAW in April vs Allied Powers [Lex Luger/Davey Boy Smith].

----All Japan Tour in early 1996 with Rex King. They were not given a big push, but they didn’t lose every night either. Results from 1/9/96 @ Korakuen Hall had Doll/King over Yoshinair Ogawa/Maunakea when Doll pinned Mossman; 1/24/96 @ Matsumoto with Joel Deaton/The Lacross over King/Doll;1/31/96 @ Korakuen Hall with Doll/King over Joel Deaton/Bobby Duncum Jr.

----Doll worked WCW in 1996 where they just used him as a TV jobber losing to Booty Man [Brutus Beefcake], The Giant [Big Show andEddy Guerrero. He was part of “history” as Razor Ramon Scott Hall made his WCW Nitro debut May27, 1996 by jumping in a Doll vs Mike Enos bout.

----Doll returned to USWA in Memphis in 1996 to team with Flash Flanagan. Doll and Flanagan held the USWA Tag Team Titles two times between November 1996 and January of 1997. Doll would also hold the tag belts that year with partner Paul Diamond.

----Doll and Flanagan won the belts for the third time by beating PG-13 [Wolfie D/Jamie Dundee] and go down as the next to the last set of tag team champs before the USWA closed in November 1997. PG-13 beat them on 8/13/97 to become 15 time USWA Tag Team Champions and become the last ever recognize champions.

----Flanagan remembers Doll as being just a good guy. Flash told a story about Doll and him going on a drinking binge one night Doll having to take Flash from the bar to his hotel room because he felt it was time for Flash to quit drinking. “As Doll is taking me to my room, I am walking with my arms out like Frankenstein trying to go back to the bar.” Doll took him to the room. “Doll threw me on the bed, I bumped off the bed and then within minutes was headed back to the bar.”

----Flash also remembered a funny incident during a tag match they were having. “If I was working with Doll, I was usually taking the heat and he was getting the hot tag.” On that night Doll was taking the heat. Doll took a bump into some powder that was on the mat from a previous match. The powder acting as his comeback – all over his face he made the comeback and hot tag to Flash.

----Doll will also go down in the record books as the last ever USWA Southern Champion as he defeated Doomsday [Kane] on 9/6/97.

----The folding of USWA brought a joint venture with Jerry Jarrett/Bert Prentice called Music City Wrestling based Nashville,TN in October of 1997. The first big show billed as “Tennessee Homecoming” on Thanksgiving night featured the start of a Steven Doll vs Rex King feud. Their match would end that night with Doll winning my DQ for putting a plastic bag over Doll’s head. By January, 1998, Rex King disappeared and Doll would form another tag team “Tennessee Volunteerz” with former WWF jobber Reno Riggins.

----Doll/Riggins would win the MCW North American Tag Team Titles and feud with “Limited Edition” [Nick Dinsmore/Rob Conway]. Rex King returned in May with him joining Doll/Riggins as the “Tennessee Volunteerz”. King/Doll won the NA Tag Titles, but it was short lived when they ran angle where Doll/Riggins beat him up. MCW had a big NWA 50th Anniversary card with Doll/Riggins vs King/mystery partner. King brought in Flash Flanagan [one of Doll’s old time partners] for the match. King would disappear again and Doll/Riggins would feud with Wolfie D/Flanagan.

----Nashville area manager and current SAW regular, Paul Adams had this to say about Doll, “He was the first real booker that I ever worked for, for Music City Wrestling. Steve was always very generous with his advice. With both his work in the ring, and as a booker, he tried to make everyone look good, which shows his understanding, respect and love of the wrestling business. He would meet certain guys with a tall boy when you walked through the curtain after your segment or match, which to me made him a good captain of the ship. Not the fact that it was a free beer of course, but the gesture of thank you for a job well done. You wanted to do a good job for the guy, and you enjoyed working for him, which means a lot.”

----During the MCW days, Reno remembered a funny story about Doll. They were feuding with Flash Flanagan and Wolfie D. They had a cage with them left in the ring beating up the babyface team. Reno had a chair and would knock everyone off the cage and such keeping them from making the save. Also keeping them from coming in the door. A security guard, who marked out about the finish, went thru all the babyfaces and tore the door off the cage. It made all the babys look weak and Doll was furious at the security guard. He gave the guy hell and the guy finally walked out of the dressing room. Doll went to take a shower and as he was showering the security guard decided to return and let Doll know what he thought of him. He was yelling at Doll and finally Doll just turns off the shower. The security guard runs out of the front door before he could get out of the shower and Doll runs towards him. Doll doesn’t make it too far as he slips and falls. “ Doll was just sitting there selling it. I was thinking do I go over there and help my naked partner or not?? Steve then looks over at me and I say, “You showed him; didn’t you?””

---- Promoter Dennis Coralluzzo used Doll/Riggins managed by Jim Cornette vs The Headbangers [Mosh/Thrasher] on the NWA 50th Anniversary Show October 24, 1998 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They defended their NWA North American Tag Team Titles losing by DQ when they did the over the top rope gimmick.

----Doll worked WWE Shotgun tapings in 1999 with Reno as his partner losing to The Hardy Boys and others. Doll also along with Reno opened Main Event Championship Wrestling in the summer of 1999. They had broken away from Bert Prentice in an attempt to run Nashville Fairgrounds on their own. MECW drew around 900 fans for their first TV taping [which had higher production than past tapings] with them bringing in The Bushwhackers; Tatanka; Tommy Rodgers and Yokozuna. Bert Prentice started running the Municipal Auditorium and it was little promotional war in the making.

----It took Reno/Doll three months to get the TV show finally on the air. It was hosted by Dutch Mantell & Les Thatcher. “Volunteerz” feuded mainly with “PG-13” after the initial tapings were shown. They had close to 16 week run and by January Dutch Mantell was the only one in the studio showing old clips and actually said on the air “I’m the only one here and the only one that cares.”

----Doll/Reno would again work for Prentice when he took over the Nashville Fairgrounds. They even ran an angle where they said Bert was secretly running MECW all along. This was the infamous angle where Bert came on TV out of a dream.

----Doll/Riggins won the NWA World Tag Team Titles for four days beating Curtis Thompson/Drake Dawson on Easkan Air Force Base, Saudi Arabia before losing them to The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express at Camp Carroll, South Korea.

---- Doll opened a wrestling school in Nashville, TN with Riggins and “Kodiak” Steve Hall.

----Doll/Reno sold the MECW set to John Collins’ Main Event wrestling. Collins ran a big free show at ECW Arena in Philly. Collins would end up being one of the biggest con men this business has ever seen. He stiffed numerous workers over paydays.

----Riggins/Doll reformed the “Volunteerz” team in 2003 as a reunion type gimmick with Bert Prentices’ opposition in Nashville Mike Porter. Doll was still in good shape and the team looked good. The reunion gimmick did not get over as well as Porter had wished. They moved on to work for Prentice again with Riggins injuring his calf muscle. Doll worked some singles then.

----Doll’s name appears very little in results in the years following 2003. The few times that he did wrestle his body looked as if he had quit working out. The “bad shape” can be attributed to his ailing back that kept him from doing very much. Doll reaching the age of 45 and a bad back would end his actual wrestling career. It would then end as a trainer. For the last 9 months of his life he was a recluse taking more pills and drinking more each day. When most wrestling experts come up with best tag team wrestler, the name Bobby Eaton comes to mind. Doll may not have been the best, but he should be recognized in the business as one of the best. He was the perfect definition of a journeyman performer. In every sense of the word was a professional wrestler. He died Sunday at the age of 48.

---I would like to thank everyone that helped with this article. Trent Van Drisse ; Ken Hamlin; Mike Rodgers;, Reno Riggins, Paul Adams, Flash Flanagan, Downtown Bruno and Google Groups.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.21.09

1st match
Chuck Fears def both "Beach Bums" [Kaliki/Mark Wolf]
2nd match
X-Kaliber def Kid Krazzy and Regulator in a triple threat
Tommy Wayne [pictured] Def Vinny Ramano
Cody Murdock Def Christopher Lee
Ray Ray Def Morgan Wiliiams
Johnny Hawk & Kaleb King ( Hawks Son) Def Danger Zone (John Ellison & David Cox) & Tim Hanson And Casino For Tag Titles
Demon X Def Don Bass With Jimmy Blaylock Bye DQ

Next Week
-Demon X & Casino Vs Don BAss & Jimmy Blaylock
-LSD Is BAck- Cody Only And Idol Bane
-Last week till ASWF Anniversary Show
-Crowd Was 187

Credit: ASWFace

----I was told the Bass vs Demon bout was about 20 minutes and hard to watch at times...I was surprised to see Hanson/Casino lose the tag straps, since they have a program coming up with "Midnight Gold".

Jim Ross Talks About The King

----This is from Jim Ross' blog. CLICK HERE to read it all. I really hate it that they are wasting the Jericho match for TV and Lawler is not getting to work Wrestlemania.

Next Monday night in Dallas on Raw it will apparently be Jericho vs. "the King" Jerry Lawler and I know that the King will make a good accounting of himself as Jerry is still wrestling a great deal these days on the indy circuit. Kingfish told me that he had matches scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week so there will be no ring rust on Lawler come Monday night. Lawler is a master strategist that can accomplish more with less than virtually anyone in WWE and hope the young bucks pay attention to King's presentation Monday night as he has forgotten more about bell to bell than the vast majority of the "kids" on any roster.

From the looks of things it seems that Jerry's life long dream of wrestling at Wrestlemania will have to wait another year which is unfortunate in my biased albeit humble opinion.

Joe Babinsack Reviews the Memphis Yearbook!!

Yearbook 2008

By the Rasslinriotonline Staff


Reviewed by Joe Babinsack

March is the time when most real sports fan think of Memphis as the place where a formidable NCAA basketball team calls hom.

But for the, Memphis is also home, and of course, Memphis is home to one of wrestling’s great legacies. While Memphis based promotions, often built by, against, around or co-owned by the King, Jerry Lawler, have never dominated any aspect of the industry, the testament to the inherent strength of those promotions are twofold:

For one, the enduring and ongoing presence of a variety of promotions have kept professional wrestling alive in the city, and have carried the banner of Southern style wrestling when the big names and bigger promotions have fallen by the wayside.

For another, the territories that Memphis has seemingly always been centered upon, have been the starting point for almost anyone in the business that has been anything in the business.

Sure, Jerry Jarrett’s payout had been notoriously small, and a promotion headlined by Bill Dundee, despite the wealth of talent the man possesses, seems inherently flawed, but let’s face it: anyone who has seen the clips and snippets of Jerry Lawlery’s 1980’s run, pinning (or appearing to pin!) almost every named star of the era – and beyond – has seen history made in proverbial Memphis fashion.

The staff of consists of five guys, five lifelong industry fans, participants and figures, of that great tradition.

Brian Tramel, Brian Thompson, Sal Corrente, Gene Jackson and Mark James have something like 150 years of fandom between them, including stints as managers, talent agents, writers and talent.

These guys aren’t wannabes, they are simply highly motivated and interested purveyors of that great Memphis Tradition, and their efforts to put together yearbook after yearbook, scribing the exploits of the current Memphis scene, penning the opinions that are shaped by a grand legacy, and providing the depth of history of the promotions, talent and storylines steeped in those traditions are efforts to be lauded.

Yearbooks are a great recaps of a singular annual chapter in the grand scheme of thing, and no great innovation for the guys to produce, but like a lot of great ideas, it’s not just the passing nod to the concept, but the actual accomplishment of putting the thing together and putting it to press that makes it worthwhile.

A hundred guys in a hundred cities could do their own yearbook, but the library shelves are barren.

Tramel, Thompson, Corrente, Jackson and James haven’t just picked one of the best cities to perform their journalistic and literary accomplishments, but one of the best blends of history and current, future and tradition.

Those who don’t follow Memphis should be impressed by the details and the exploits of the promotions, from NEW – New Experience Wrestling – USWO, TIWF, JWS and others. Sure, it’s an alphabet soup of promotions and efforts, but they all share a portion of the Memphis legacy and all, in one way or another, continue to move that legacy into the future.

The Yearbook 2008 is all about events, detailing the week by week storylines, events and shows. It’s also about the awards, as well as some contributions from guest writers (hmm, like yours truly) to provide a well rounded view of the indy level of professional wrestling in the Memphis area – and outside of it.

A lot of the book has a raw feel.

Not in terms of the uncreative and overproduced WWE Monday Night staple, but in terms of opinions, observations and an overly packed compilation of words, pictures and lists that bring Memphis wrestling to life.

Promotional efforts in the area are intertwined and complex. What’s great is that the guys don’t play politics, and don’t suck up to the locals. This is an ongoing story of what really happened in the Memphis area, and a warts-and-all accounting of the big names (like Brian Christopher) and the interesting stories (like that of Stan Lane and the promotional deceits surrounding anyone who claims to have booked the man.)

Do you want title changes? Check.

Do you want attendance figures? Check.

Do you want card run-downs, match ratings and blow-by-blow details of main events? Check.

Do you want world class commentary by Sal Corrente and Gene Jackson? Check.

Do you want the historical perspective of Mark James? Check.

Do you want history, in the form of clippings, photographs and cards from Memphis past and present? Check.

Do you want introspective, commentary and flashbacks? Check.

Bu the intangibles are the wealth of the book. The area is just brimming with the efforts of many decades of promotional wars and tactics. The offshoot promotions continue to battle for attention, weaving in the history and the talents, honing future generations while honoring the past.

Better still are the national stories that emanated from Memphis, like Corey Maclin’s settled lawsuit against the WWE, and Sal Corrente’s infamous run-in with the promoter.

That’s the kind of insight that gets greatly enhanced by the guys on the street, and their ability to report on the industry despite, and because of, their own personal conflicts, interests and business dealings.

Maybe you don’t know Derrick King from AJ Bradley. Maybe you don’t know that BLS is the Tag Team of the Year in Memphis. But after reading this book, you will learn, and I don’t think you’ll regret it at all.

The cross-section of professional wrestling promoted in Memphis continues to be vibrant and influential to this day. Think otherwise? Consider that of all places, Hulk Hogan and Jerry Lawler decided to wrestle in Memphis, and despite the complications and convolutions, it was Hogan and the Big Show that did battle in the city.

Just don’t talk to me about how you watched it on YouTube and found it hard to watch.

And I’m not talking about the production values.

All told, the Yearbook 2008 is a valuable piece of professional wrestling history, with a wealth of insight, information and perspective for any professional wrestling fan.

Joe Babinsack can be reached at I’ll be looking at SHIMMER Volume 19, NEW, ROH, FIP, Hybrid Wrestling and hopefully a new batch of books coming out soon.


"Shooting the Shiznit" - Oversized Edition Is Ready!!

----Brian Tramel was joined by “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin and Albino Rhino] in a truly “Oversized” edition of “Shooting the Shiznit” that went about 50 minutes!! The duo talked about being trained at a wrestling school, TIWF, working for Memphis Wrestling, wrestling on big shows, TLCW and Derrick King, EWE or DCW, Maxx’s injury, “bikers” angle from this weekend, Kevin White, Jerry Lawler, Wildside, Ravishing Randy, Jon Michael and more. Hit the player below and listen to the whole show. It also has the last three episodes on the player also of the new season. You may also download it from or to listen to it on your mp3 player or phone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Steve Doll Story!!

----Just wanted to let everyone know that I should have the Steve Doll story up sometime on Wednesday or Thursday. It is going to be a reprint of the old article with tons of new stuff. Downtown Bruno, Paul Adams, Reno Riggins and Flash Flanagan have all spoke to me about Doll, which will be included in the reprint.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.21.09

Commissioner Dustin Baker, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee and Christian Jacobs come out to address the crowd of about 125. Commissioner Baker said that he asked Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee and Jon Michael to film some footage for some upcoming EWE events. He points to the screen and says that this is what happened. Audio starts to play, but due to technical difficulties, the video didn't show. Commissioner Baker then says that he will explain what happened. He says that during the shoot, there was a vicious attack on Jon Michael by Scott Adams. The condition of Jon Michael isn't known at this time, but Baker says that he will keep everyone up to date on his condition as soon as it becomes available. Chris O'Neal grabs the mic and says Scott Adams will pay, and if Jon Michael doesn't get ahold of him, he will. Christian Jacobs grabs the mic and says that the act Scott Adams did was a cowardly act. He says that if Jon doesn't take him out, that C.J will bring him down. Everyone exits the arena as the show begins.

Michael Gilbert def. Kid Nikels via pinfall. K.C. Gold joined Mark Tipton at ringside before the match, and goes to the ring to give Gilbert a business card, but Michael tears it up and throws it back at Gold.

The video of the attack on Jon Michael plays on the big screen Go to to view the attack footage.

A group of 4 people enter the ring. It us unknown where they are from, but they look like a group of bikers. As Mark Tipton begins to interview one of them, the lights go out and a video plays on the screen introducing Genocide as they make their way to the ring. They say it's unfortunate that they have to interrupt their party, but Genocide holds a little weight around the EWE, so if they have something to say, they say it. They say they lost sight on something last time they were there, but this time it's going to be different, and they're going to be the ones holding the tag team titles. The Albino Rhino says that if anyone doesn't know by know, they are Genocide, then says that the group of bikers look like some rough and tough guys, then Maxx and Rhino start attacking the bikers. After they beat everyone out of the ring, they exit the arena as the bikers are assisted out.

"The Southern Sensation" Cody Melton def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Shawn Reed def. Tommy Jones via pinfall. As a sign of mutual respect between the wrestlers, Sean helped Tommy up after the match and raised his hand before leaving the arena.

Eric Wayne def. Greg King Jr. via pinfall.

Chris O'Neal def. Chad Badd via pinfall.

In the main event, Stan Lee def. Kevin White via DQ. Kevin began to choke Stan with a rope, then after the bell, Cody Melton came to the aid of Stan. Kevin yells at Cody for a minute, then Cody goes to help Stan. Cody takes a few shots at Kevin and his father as Stan regains his composure, then Stan and Cody double dropkick Kevin to put him on the mat as Stan retains his EWE heavyweight title.

Full videos of each match, as well as the Jon Michael attack video, are all available at

Credit: Dustin Williams

----I liked the angle with Jon Michael, but it makes no sense when he is wrestling just down the road in Newbern for NBW. If he was going to take some time off, then the injury thing is good, but since it is reported here and other web sites that he wrestled in NBW it just makes it silly...Who were the Bikers?? That was an odd angle??...I got a chance to watch White vs Lee. A little slow in the front from two of the top four ranked workers in the RRO Top 10. All psychology with Lee getting a lot of shine with White running away. Not my favorite kind of match, but the crowd was hot - just all pure psychology getting the match over. [A lost art that these two guys can do] I have seen White in this building before and he got tons of heat. Pace picked up when White started heat. Garry tripped Lee to start it. Finish had Garry involved and them choking Lee after bout. Melton making the save and the teacher/student angle will be good. The stuff with White in Melton’s face at the end was very good....This group also is planning to run the following shows...

Friday, April 3rd - Brownsville Rec Center (Old Ntl. Guard Armory) Brownsville, TN
Thursday, April 9th - Waverly, TN
Friday, April 17th - Lexington, TN
Friday, April 24th - McKenzie, TN*

----I hope they do better than LAW in the same building in Brownsville. I think LAW had 5 paid customers. Waverly and Lexington have not drawn good crowds in a long time either.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 3.21.09 - Aslyum and PD Gone From EPW!!

Two rings were set up in the EPW arena, and the fans were in for a wild & crazy ride!

"Big Nasty" Bill Bass defeated Chazz.

Jose Guerrero vs. Buzz Harley vs. Internet Champion Tysin Starr was thrown out when Big Nasty Bill Bass interfered. Starr retains.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated Suicide.

Chazz Stone defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

EPW Champion Cassanova Kid over Izzy Rotten & Mason. Kid retains.

Three way tag team match (all 3 titles on the line): TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & DJ Stunner vs. TFW Tag Team Champions "Sons of the South" (Josh Matthews & Chris Styles) vs. EPW Tag Team Champions "PHAT Foundation" (Justin Rhodes & "Big Daddy" Neno) - Match eventually thrown out when former PHAT Foundation member Chris Fontaine interfered. During the melee that followed, Chris Styles received a serious neck injury at the hands of Chris Fontaine. Styles was taken to the hospital after the match. When Styles was taken from the arena he could not feel his feet. By the time he reached the hospital he could not feel or move his legs. I will have more as to his condition as news becomes available.

Main event was an eight man tag team match: Bonecrusher/Soultaker & 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) vs. Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) & The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy)[picture above]. Stipulations were: NO DQ, fans bring the weapons, losing team leaves EPW. The fans did not disappoint - they brought all kinds of weapons, including two sledge hammers, a kitchen sink, a microwave oven, hubcaps, baseball bats, jumper cables, steel fence posts, boards, a stainless steel mixing bowl, and a host of other toys too numerous to mention. Psycho also brought a bat with thumbtacks attached. To say it was a wild match would be a major understatement. Insane and bloody would be more like it. Eventual winners were Soultaker/Bonecrusher & 24/7, with JR Mauler scoring the pin fall. This means that Pure Destruction & The Asylum are gone from EPW.

I forgot to inquire as to the paid attendance, but I estimate the crowd to be in the 125 - 130 range. They got their money's worth - and more.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Year of the Flash??

----As I mentioned in the Arena Report, Flash Flanagan is in great shape and after doing some work with ROH and DCW, he is headed now to RWA to work with Rodney Mack & crew. I am being told it could be a long term deal. I am just speculating here, but I look for Flash to get involved in helping Rodney with booking and training. This could only be a PLUS to the RWA roster. Flash vs Rodney feud could be money for this promotion. Frank Martin sent the following.....

The Royal Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce today that we have signed Flash Flanagan to our roster. We are very proud and honored to have Flash apart of the RWA family. He is a tremendous worker and world class person as well. Rodney Mack and Flash are good friends and Flash will be a welcomed addition to the dressing room. Just another example of the RWA doing all it can do to give the fans in Northeast Arkansas the best in Professional Wrestling.

Frank Martin owner of the RWA said.

Steve Doll Visitation and Funeral Information

There will be a viewing at:

Hibbett & Hailey Funeral Home
429 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN

Wed 4 pm - 8 pm
Thursday 10 am - 2 pm with the funeral at 2.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More ROH Results with TN Guys - Flash Flanagan In the Opening Bout!!

The following results are courtesy of Thomas Bobo and the Ring of Honor Discussion Forums:

Ring of Honor Live Event - Indianapolis, Indiana 3.14.09


a) Shorty McIntyre, Shawn Shultz & Sigmon over Andy "Right Leg" Ridge and 2 Color Unspecified Ninjas

b) Mickey Nichols over Samson

Kevin Thorne is in the house; attendance as of 7:25pm is no more than 300.

1) "Spyder" Nate Webb over Flash Flanagan via Arachnid Kick

Attendance creeping towards the 400 mark.

2) Claudio Castagnoli over "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega when he pinned Omega; Bison Smith attacked Danielson post-match and left.

Dingo is in the house.

3) Chris Hero over Jay Briscoe via Rolling Elbow

Return Date is October 10, 2009.

4) ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Kevin Steen & El Generico (C) over Kenny King & Rhett "Addicted to Love" Titus when Generico pinned Titus, who was not the legal man. The American Wolves attacked the champs post-match.


5) Bison Smith over Silas Young

6) Roderick Strong & Brent Albright over The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards w/ Larry Sweeney thanks to Generico causing a distraction and Strong pinning Edwards.

7) Jimmy Jacobs over Delirious in a No DQ Match when Jacobs DDT'd Delirious through a table from the top rope and locked on End Time.

8) Dream Tag Team Match
Tyler Black & Jerry Lynn over ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness & Austin Aries in just over 20 minutes...when Lynn pinned Nigel with his Cradle Piledriver. Lots of nearfalls late, with Nigel hitting Black with a belt shot, but Black kicked out. Nigel hitting Tower of London, but Black kicked out.

"Shooting the Shiznit" Tomorrow Night - OVERSIZED EDITION!!

----Join host Brian Tramel as he is joined by "Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] for 30 minutes of questions at 8:30 PM central time. The tag team will be talking about various subjects. It should be a fun 30 minutes. The last 5 to 7 minutes we will field questions, if anyone is interested in calling. (347) 838-8101

Arena Report: DCW Dyersburg, TN 3.21.09

----RRO’s Book Tour 2009 stopped in Dyersburg, TN this past Saturday night to be the guest of Dyersburg Championship Wrestling. The show was about getting over storylines to set up for Spring Breakout 2009 that will be on 4.11.09. The matches were not great, but they were not horrible either. Solid bouts with solid storylines and the crowd of around 80 seem to enjoy themselves.

----Drew Donovan beat Oz. Good solid opener even though it involved Donovan. Oz has always been a solid worker. [I think “solid” is my favorite word today] Oz missed a frog splash. Nice fisherman suplex. Donovan from the top rope with an elbow smash. [*1/2]

----Tatt2/Justin “the Juice” Smart beat J Weezy/Rockin Randy. Good shine here as Tatt2 was on. Guys looked good as a team. A messed up leapfrog from Smart/Randy. Other than that a good match. Heat on Tatt2, then hot tag for double heat then on Smart. Some nice dropkicks from Smart. Weezy/Randy did good to keep up with them. Double baseball slide from Tatt2/Smart after hot tag. 619! Tatt2 ended up getting the pin and win. [**1/2]

----Interview segment where Richard Marx and I were out there to put over Yearbook 2008. I got to bring out and announce “Tag Team of The Year” – “Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley]. They got a good pop and came out to challenge “Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] for Spring Breakout 2008 with the storyline being NBN were the MVP Tag Team last year and BLS are the Tag Team this year – so they are deciding who is the best with the match on 4.11.09. Tim Edwards then came out after BLS left and Richard Marx left me alone in the ring with Edwards. Thanks Marx!! Edwards put over the fact he was not rated in the Yearbook, but after he announced who his new partner - he would be the best tag team next year. Announcement coming in the next few weeks. He left without beating me up?? Was this a first in wrestling?? LOL

----DCW Champion: Bishop with Rashard Devon interview. A good mic spill with Bishop out with the belt and dressed like the champion. Rashard kept messing with Marx and ended up spraying his hair with color. The crowd really didn’t know what to think about this segment, but it was a prelude to an angle for later.

----Seth Knight came out. Allen Walker said he had someone for Knight to wrestle tonight – a surprise to eliminate him. Flash Flanagan came out with Walker in this corner. This was the best wrestling bout on the show. Good work from both guys. Knight has lost like 30 lbs, has a tan and is getting a lot of his “demons” settled down. Flash is in fantastic shape also. Good hold for hold. Both guys doing variations of moves include Flash doing a sitdown reverse neckbreaker. That is the only way I can describe it. Knight hit a kickstand blaster. Knight came out of heat ending up closelining Flash as both of them went over the top rope. Flash got back in the ring and won by COR when Walker held Knight’s leg. [**3/4]

----Richard Marx and I went out to present the “Wrestler of the Year” award to Derrick King. Jimmy Tidwell came first to inform me that next year he will be “Manager of the Year” or I am in trouble. Tidwell did a good job being heel and getting over the Yearbook. DK then came out. He was presented with the “Wrestler of the Year” plaque and did a long acceptance speech. Kilo ran out and almost superkicked him. Kilo did a good mic spill after the angle talking about wrestling DK at Spring Breakout 2009.

----Rashard Devon vs Chris Rocker was a 5 minutes match arrange after an angle last week. Devon was hilarious here running around. When Rocker got a hold of him, Bishop came out of the back and jumped Rocker. Bishop worked on Rocker’s arm with some shoulder breakers and a submission hold. Richard Marx then comes in to make the save. Devon knocked him down as Bishop beat up Rocker and kicks to Marx. Rocker made a comeback punching Devon and then Bishop took back over. Devon went to the back and came back with a tazer. It was gimmicked, but looked good. Devon tazed Marx. But, then he just kept doing it to him. Tazing him all over his body. It turned out almost as a joke. Bishop destroyed Rocker and no one made the save.

----Derrick King/Motley Cruz beat “The Baron” Malkavain/Kilo with Angelina. Storyline here is that Baron kidnapped Angelina and she is now with him. Tidwell, Cruz and DK tried to get her to come back to them because “Dustin Starr will be back next week”. This was done really well and Angelina was good as the vampire’s slave girl. Match was good, but it was just designed as a basic match to get over the vampire story and the Kilo/DK feud. Heat was on Kilo. DK superplexed Kilo, which looked awesome. Solid work all around. Everyone went to floor with Cruz grabbing Angelina and Baron making the save to the back. DK hit Kilo with a superkick for the pin and win. After the match DK busted Kilo open [looked like Kilo bladed like 4 times or more] and he just kept beating on him. He left with tons of heat for their big singles match. [**3/4]

----Coco aka Antonio Anderson was introduced to the talent and is working behind the scenes and providing some “backing”…. Why do I not like Donovan?? I really have never seen him in a good match…Weezy has a weird body – he needs a full singlet…Team names for Tatt2/Smart – InkSmart?? Juicy Tu?? TattJuice?? LOL How about borrowing a name from one of my old teams – “Total Kaos”??... NBN vs BLS should be a good match. Cool idea to have the RRO Ratings as part of the storyline…First time I have ever seen Knight wrestle without a shirt. If he can continue improve his look and his problems, Knight would be on the road of making 2009 his year. Knight agreed to leave DCW if Flanagan beats him next week…I have said this before, but Tidwell is tremendous on the mic. Everything he says is believable. And as the old timers say, he looks to be a good “hand”. He is backstage bothering no one – just there to do his job and do what is ask of him. His interview was a total work, but for shoot he should be considered in the “Manger of the Year” category …DK said that he has spoke to both EWE and NBW about them providing some talent for the Spring Breakout 2009 show. He wants everyone to work together, but it looks like it will not happen. Spring Breakout 2009 will be a full day event and RRO will there with Yearbooks!!...Rashard had so much heat some woman went after him and was going to call the cops on him for knocking her husband’s hat off his head…The finish of the main was not what I expected – did not see DK pinning Kilo because they have the big match coming up. This show also looks like it will feature just DCW talent – no big names brought [well one maybe..], but it will be interesting to see if Kilo vs DK can draw a crowd, as Kilo is considered the top baby here…Something I have noticed since DK started booking this building – all the faces are faces and all the heels are heels. It was almost like I had to beg them to cheer for him even though he was “Wrestler of the Year”. Cruz is not cheered in this building for the first time in a long time. ..”Genocide” [Max Corbin/Albino Rhino] were backstage…Some really fun discussions backstage including an atheist-Christian meeting, TIWF – good crowds/bad wrestling and I was ask why I recommend only Kevin White and Ken Wayne wrestling schools??…Thanks to the Walker family and everyone involved with DCW. My family and I had a great time and were treated very well. Thanks!!!

Photos - starting at top - right to left
Malkavain biting Angelina, Derrick King, Seth Knight [new look], Kilo, Rashard Devon/Bishop and "Black Label Society" as AJ Bradley, Brian Tramel and Robbie Douglas.

All photos by Brian Tramel, except - BLS [Kayte Tramel] and Knight [property of Seth Knight]

Is Championship Wrestling TV airing in your Town??

Here is a list of TV stations that are carrying Championship Wrestling from Kingsport ,TN

We love hearing from fans across America please feel free to drop us a line at Also if you are a regular viewer and can't get enough make sure you check out our DVDS. And the DVDs from our sister promotion Southern States Wrestling

AMGTV Stations Reporting Carriage: Championship Wrestling
5 KHPK Dallas
5 KJJM Dallas
11 WLPC-LP Detroit
12 KKAX LP Phoenix
14 KHCV Seattle
18 KQCK Denver
22 WBGN Pittsburgh
28 WAUG LP Raleigh-Durham
28 WARZ-LP Raleigh-Durham
29 WRNT-LP Hartford & New Haven
29 WESA-LP Hartford & New Haven
33 WOTH(LP) Cincinnati
35 KCBU(DT1) Salt Lake City
38 WWCI West Palm Beach
43 KEGS Las Vegas
47 WBII-CA Memphis
55 KGMC Fresno
56 KKKYK Little Rock
62 WRCX Dayton
64 WOBZ Lexington
64 TV 10 Cable Lexington
67 WDRL Roanoke
69 KCTU Wichita
72 WMNT-CA Toledo
74 K26GS Springfield, MO
75 KQUO Spokane
75 KIDQ-LP Spokane
77 KQUP(TV) Spokane
77 KIDQ-LP(LP) Spokane
81 WNDR Syracuse
89 KWWF(TV) Cedar Rapids-Wtrlo-
90 WXMS Jackson, MS
94 WBTR Baton Rouge
118 WKNI-LP Montgomery-Selma
120 KTVC(TV) Eugene
120 KTVCDT(DT1) Eugene
123 KDCG-LP Lafayette, LA
126 KVEW DT3 Yakima-Pasco-Rchlnd-Knnwck
127 KQEG La Crosse-Eau Claire
129 KXPX CA Corpus Christi
132 WTVO DT2 Rockford
136 KEJB Monroe-El Dorado
143 KTIV-DT Sioux City
145 KSPJ-LP Joplin-Pittsburg
147 WRDE-LP Salisbury
150 KYVA Anchorage
152 WBGR-LP Bangor
155 WVVA & DT Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill
157 KOSA DT2 Odessa-Midland
160 WKFK-LP Biloxi-Gulfport
161 KXII DT2 Sherman-Ada
162 WGFL Gainesville
164 KXVA Abilene-Sweetwater
169 WISF-LP Utica
170 KTVQ DT Billings
172 WTVY DT2 Dothan
173 WETM DT2 Elmira (Corning)
178 WHSV DT2 Harrisonburg
191 KIDA Great Falls
194 KXLF DT Butte-Bozeman
198 KQCK Cheyenne
204 KXTS Victoria
210 KXGN Glendive

----Most of these are broadcast stations WB networks or My channls. I was told they get a lot of feedback from Las Vegas, Seattle,Spokane, Dallas and Cincinnati. Getting calls and emails almost every week. Also we are on Mondays at Midnight ch 20 Marshall University Sports Network in West Virginia. Does anyone watch the show in the Memphis area??