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A Piece of my Mind April 11th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I have seen many opinions regarding Wrestlemania and many say the same thing. If you judge the Shawn Michaels and Undertaker match most would consider it a five star match. The only other thing that saved the night was the Steamboat vs. Jericho portion of the Legends match. I am not surprised that Shawn and The Undertaker did their thing in the ring. When you talk about Shawn Michaels you are talking about an incredible performer. I am not the world’s biggest Undertaker fan but when the chips are on the line he normally delivers. I didn’t see the crazy bump that he took but at this stage of life it probably isn’t worth the potential risk.

In the case of the Steamboat situation, I somewhat compare it to The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan match from a few years back. In that match the people turned a heel Hulk Hogan babyface and started to boo The Rock. It was a situation where it was clear to guys in the ring that no matter what the plan was going in that it was time to adjust. I've know Ricky Steamboat for close to twenty five years now and I knew one thing for sure, a man like Rick was not going to go out there and embarrass himself under any conditions. What I didn’t expect was what actually happened. The fans were cheering Steamboat on during a performance that was surpassed only by the Shawn Michaels and Undertaker match.

This was one of those times when you could feel something in the air. There has been a lot made this past year about how Vince McMahon constantly is yelling directions in the commentator’s ear. How about whispering to the referee to change the finish in the Steamboat-Jericho situation? I don’t believe that you should book for the people but there are times you should let the crowd guide you. You have to be able to figure these things out. I can recall being told some sort of story about Bruiser Brody working a program with Ric Flair I believe in Kansas City. The people were ready for a Brody win and I think they went to a sixty minute time limit draw. I heard that it really hurt the territory at the time.

I was on a card one time, as the commissioner, where we were working a program. The Rock and Roll Express were going around with The Midnight Express (Condrey and Eaton). We did mix Stan Lane in once or twice, but mainly it was Eaton and Condrey. I was in the ring attempting to call for a Texas Tornado match for the following month. The feud had been ongoing these four great workers were doing it like they had for the past few decades. The crowd was screaming for a cage match and I wasn’t out there to deliver one. If we had went with the Tornado match people would have been horribly disappointed so we changed it on the spot. That packed house got what they want and we had a full house again the next time.

Any number of things could have been done with Steamboat and Jericho if Rick had taken the fall on him. The WWE is having a lot of trouble creating new stars. They have been given an opportunity now to have one recreated in front of them and, if used properly, they can get some real mileage out of him. I believe the WWE saw what happened with Steamboat and will continue to use him from time to time. I am just saying, with things how they are right now, when something presents itself as they did out of nowhere then you have to be ready to jump on it. Isn’t that what those ear pieces are in the referee’s ear for?

It was many years ago when Wild Samoan Samu #3 was working with Tito Santana in Hamburg, PA. In that match Capt. Lou Albano was NOT at ringside. In some way Tito was supposed to win the match. In those days referees didn’t have ear pieces. At the time Vince McMahon was still a commentator. He called for Gorilla Monsoon to send Lou Albano down there to ringside. The idea was for Albano to get to referee Dick Whoerle and change the finish. It was a situation where Vince was very happy with what Samu was doing and didn’t want to beat him anymore. If you see the match anywhere, at some point you see Whoerle down checking on Tito and you see him really jerk his head around. He was surprised at what he was hearing about the change of finish. At some point, Tito had Samu on the run. Albano came in and nailed Santana causing the DQ. It took a lot of guys doing something to make that change. The change I am suggesting would have taken a whisper in a microphone. I bet Jericho would have been thrilled and the fans would have been ecstatic. It would have created a magic Wrestlemania moment for all time. I know that hindsight is twenty twenty but the time was clear and opportunity was abundant. I am not sure if someone thought that a Legend taking a fall on Jericho would have been bad for Jericho’s career or not. If anyone has that opinion then ask them what they think a one punch knockout from Mickey Rourke did to help Jericho.

I had lunch a week ago with Jerry Jarrett he owned a territory for twenty seven years. I can honestly say that when you are in the presence of greatness it is clear. This is a brilliant man and, may I say that I appreciate the time he took with me. It is now very clear to me why Memphis Wrestling was so successful. It is refreshing to speak to someone who gets this business. I have heard his legend for many years and had spent some time with him in the past courtesy of Stan Lane but this one on one time was a great learning experience.

This has been a piece of my mind

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 4.11.09

----Show open with Corey Maclin with Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher with them putting over the Minglewood Hall show this coming Thursday. Good rapport from the guys. Kevin White had something to say about Su Yung wrestling Renee this Thursday. Good interview. They are promising to show footage of RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Famer Tommy Rich, which I am not sure, would be the thing to do. They started the whole bit about what does Rich look like now??

----They aired a promo where “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was trying to say I love Memphis Classic Wrestling and never could. This was hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

----A video of a match with Tommy Rich vs Masked Invader. Rich is wearing a shirt with 1997-98 on it. Not sure if this was when it was recorded?? Invader was wearing a Masked Superstar mask and tights. Rich takes the heat and bleeds real bad. Heel jumps in and then a babyface makes a save.

----Video of Steve Keirn talking about Memphis Classic Wrestling promo.

----Video of Vikki Guerrero coming talking about Rich coming to Smackdown. It was funny and she told Lawler he was jealous because Rich was going to be her next lover. A video of Ken Kennedy at an art show. He shows a picture he drew of Rich – it looked like a monster. Lawler and Brian C talking about Lawler burning Rich.

----Mickie James promo about Memphis Classic Wrestling. Bert Prentice interview talking about him coming to Minglewood Hall. He says he is the greatest manager in Memphis of all time.

----Lawler vs Bret Hart in a Cage Match from Memphis, TN. Owen Hart tries to go over the top of the cage. Jeff Jarrett grabs Owen before he goes over the top. Giant Gonzalas comes thru the cage door to jump Lawler.

----Dusty Rhodes promo about Memphis Classic Wrestling. Brian C vs Christian from WWE TV.

----Show ends with Lawler and Brian C talking about a fundraiser in Henderson, TN on 4.17.09 and how you contact them about doing a fundraiser by going to


----I thought they did a really good job putting over the show this coming Thursday night. Not sure if the fact the only real angle they ran was “How does Tommy Rich look?” will draw a crowd though??...A well produced show with them showing clips of WWE personalities and matches featuring Lawler and Brian C. This would be good to do and bring in a different wrestling superstar each week…They are emphasizing “Memphis Classic Wrestling” as their tag line now…I have heard how good the Minglewood Hall arena is and such, but the prices to see the event are outrageous - $50, $30 and $15 with the average being $31.66. Is it really worth that to see one of their shows?? If they had 200 paid last time at their show, then that gate was over $6000???...Below is a video of Tommy Rich that was taped in October of last year. I have been told that he looks horrible, but you guys can judge for yourselves.

Tommy Rich from 1988

Rich/Flair from 1981

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 4.11.09

45 attended

Dyron Flynn b Shawn Hoodrich

Lee Cross b Psycho Medic by DQ when Cross faked being hit with Medic's kendo stick as ref Mark Owen arose from a bump

LT Falk vs Jim "JD Fluffy" Duncan went to a double countout due to brawling on the floor

Steven Green & White Tiger b Kevin Dunn & Convict when Tiger pinned Convict

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b "Lucky Charm" Chris Cane

USWO Champion Derrick Neal vs Michael Jablonski went to a time limit draw in a 2/3 falls submission match. Commissioner Gordon held up the title pending a rematch.

Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b Tim Renesto & Saint to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Payne hit Renesto with a chair and pulled Crowe on top of him

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 04.10.09

The road to the United States Junior Heavyweight Title tournament continued last night at the New Experience Wrestling (NEW) T.V. tapings in West Memphis, AR. Below are the results from the card.

- US Jr. Heavyweight Title Qualifying Match: Justin Smart def. Matt Justyce
- Kid Nikels def. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
- US Jr. Heavyweight Title Qualifying Match: Dustin Ring def. Shawn Reed
- US Jr. Heavyweight Title Qualifying Match: Eric Wayne def. Greg King to earn his third win putting him into the future tournament.

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 25...Wayne, King and Justyce came into the night with two wins apiece. The Wayne/King winner was guaranteed a spot in the tournament by virtue of it being that person's third victory...To get to the tournament, participants need three wins. The first four wrestlers to three wins will compete for the United States Jr. Heavyweight crown. The standings are as follows: Eric Wayne (3 wins); Matt Justyce (2 wins); Greg King (2 wins); "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (1 win); Shawn Reed (1 win); Justin "The Juice" Smart (1 win); and Dustin Ring (1 win)...NEW returns to the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Wrestling next Friday at 8 p.m. as qualifying bouts continue en route to crowning a new champion...Refs were Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe...Walls, MS Mayor Gene Alday was in attendance...Bobby Eaton was also in attendance.

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Show of the Weekend that I forgot!!

Mid-South Wrestling
Saturday April 11, 2009
Booneville, AR
National Guard Armory
3611 E. Hwy. 10

Bell Time: 7:30 P.M.

-Main Event-
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match
Reckage & Romance
The Atomic Dogg & Wes Robinson

-Grudge Match-
Bruiser Rick Sweetan with Boyd Bradford
Mark Johnson

-Feature Bout-
Ravishing Rich Rude
The Heartbreaker Chas Cardington

-Added Attraction-
The Psychotic One Ellis B. Hall
The Medic

Special Guest Ring Announcer:
Jimmy Haas-Host of The Huddle on The
Sports Hog 103.1 4-7 PM Daily

Plus, other matches and a special guest
appearance by Wild Bill Ash!

All seats just $10.00!
Kids 5 and under get in free!!

Tickets are on sale now at:
Booneville National Guard Armory
Mazzios Pizza of Booneville
Cowgirl Cove in Booneville

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.03.09

Greg King over Justin Smart in US Jr.Heavyweight Tourney Qualifying Match with Reverse DDT

Kid Nickels over Dustin Ring with Chokeslam

Matt Justyce over Greg Anthony in US Jr.Heavyweight Trouney Qualifying Match when Justyce reversed sunset flip into a pin.

Eric Wayne over Shawn Reed in US Jr.Heavyweight Tourney Qualifying Match with German Suplex

First four with 3 wins enter into a one night, double elimination tournament.

Eric Wayne-2
Matt Justyce-2
Greg King-2
Greg Anthony-1
Shawn Reed-1
Justin Smart-0
Dustin Ring-0

Dustin Starr Notes!!

----As many of you know, Dustin Starr's World of Wrestling or The Starr Treatment as it is called now, is featured on the front page of the site. Starr has had some interesting blogs this week talking about his experience at Wrestlemania this past weekend. Click over there and take a look. I also wanted to note, that Starr was featured in a cartoon of sorts over a I was not able to get the code for the segment, but you CLICK HERE and see it. Believe me guys - Starr is getting a huge laugh out of this one. And that cartoon thing is scaring me - just thinking about what other people will be creating now!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 4.04.09

----Memphis Wrestling dropped the ball this week sinking to an overall average of a little over 3000 people watching their show. This is one of the lowest ratings ever coming out of nowhere when the show had been doing about 30% better than last year ratings. The first two quarters opening with the same rating and then the last 2 quarters did not have enough people metered to even register. This was the first week of the second quarter of 2009 and hopefully it is not a preview of rest of the quarter.

Overall .2 [3237 viewers]

1st Quarter

.4 [6479 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

.4 [6479 viewers] [no change]

3rd Quarter

.0 [-6479 viewers]

4th Quarter

.0 [no change]

From start to finish : [-6479 viewers]

What was Memphis watching? [Best rated program in the hour that wrestling aired]

Power Rangers/Saved By The Bell 2.0 average [32396 viewers]

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 4.4.09

first match Tim Edwards beat Rockin Randy by dq when Weezy interfered

second match Seth Knight beat Reggie b Fine after Rashard shocked Reggie with a stun gun

third match Big Red beat Justin “the juice” Smart when Rockin Randy interfered

forth match Motley Cruz beat Shannon Lee in about 40 seconds.

fifth match Derrick King vs Chris Rocker no contest

90 in building hot crowd Seth Knight is the hottest baby there.
matches for this week

Chris Rocker vs Bishop for heavyweight title

Derrick king vs. Kilo

Tim Edwards and Big Red vs. Rockin Randy and Weezy for the tag titles

Motley Cruz vs. Justin “the juice” Smart

Dustin Starr vs. the Baron Malkavan w/ Angelina

Seth knight vs. Brian Christopher

Flash Flanagan vs. Flex

"Black Label Society" [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley] vs "Naughty by Nature" [Rude/Tully]

Plus one more match all day event start at 12 ticket price is 7 bucks.

Credit: Spirtof1990

----RRO will be there Saturday night with Yearbook 2009!!

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Midnight Gold Official Debut This Weekend!!

Midnight Gold, a trio featuring "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony competing with Brian Thompson as their manager [picture above with RRO's Brian Tramel], will debut in the ring this Saturday, April 11 at the All-Star Wrestling Federation (ASWF) 10th anniversary event in Tuckerman, AR. The show will be held at Valiant Arena.

Although it is the first time for Eaton and Anthony to team in the ring, it will be the actual second apperance of the trio as a unit. Eaton and Thompson were in Anthony's corner when he wrestled Brandon Espinosa for Joey McNew's World Wide Championship Wrestling (WWCW) promotion in Cape Girardeau, MO on March 28. In a pre-match interview, the Espinosa-Anthony match was deemed by Thompson as a "final test" for Anthony to be included in the group. Anthony won with several bouts of outside interference from Eaton and Thompson.

Saturday's show will be Anthony's first time to appear in the ASWF, while it will be the third time for Eaton and Thompson to appear for the promotion this year. They also worked several ASWF shows in 2004 that included angles with Austin Lane, Brandon Baxter and Jimmy Valiant.

Thompson and Eaton appeared for ASWF on February 14, getting involved in a show opening ceremony for Tommy Wayne and his new bride. Casino Kid and Tim Hansen presented the new couple with a cake and then said they had some guests who wanted to share in the moment. Thompson and Eaton came out as babyfaces only to turn in a Thompson promo after Casino and Hansen had left. They brought out X-Kaliber. Eaton tried to hit Wayne's wife with a piece of the cake, but missed. Wayne clocked X-Kaliber and Thompson, but was blindsided by Eaton. The trio then pounded on Wayne until Casino and Hansen made the save.

Eaton and Thompson appeared in X-Kaliber's corner for his match with Wayne later that night. Finish saw Thompson slip Eaton a chain, distract the referee by grabbing a cake that was at ringside. With the ref's attention on Thompson, who ended up taking the cake in the face as he tried to put it into the face of Wayne's new wife, X-Kaliber held Wayne for Eaton to hit him with the chain. Eaton accidentally hit X-Kaliber causing Wayne to win.

Eaton and Thompson returned to ASWF on March 7. They did an interview talking about the cake incident and how Hansen and Casino were responsible for the incident since they bought the cake and brought it to ringside. He showed a contract for a tag team match on April 11 with Casino and Hansen to face Eaton and his new tag team partner Anthony. Then, Thompson told Ricky Rowland, a member of the ASWF management team, to get in the ring. Rowland had taken a picture of Thompson with cake in his face during the Feb. 14 show. That picture ended up being printed in the local Newport Independent newspaper. Thompson confronted Rowland about that. Rowland reminded Thompson of an incident from 2004 where Thompson attacked him with a loaded shoe. Thompson ended up slapping Rowland, who grabbed him. Eaton jumped Rowland and then Thompson whipped him with a belt until Hansen and Casino made the save. Casino cut an intense promo about his dislike for Thompson and his disappointment with Eaton. He agreed to the match on April 11. As Eaton and Thompson distracted them, X-Kaliber and Ray Ray hit the ring for a sneak attack. A brawl ensued.

Eaton and Thompson accompanied X-Kaliber and Ray Ray for their tag team bout with Casino and Hansen later in the night. They eventually left ringside when X-Kaliber and Ray Ray argued.

The match originally scheduled to be Midnight Gold vs. Hansen and Casino will now be Casino and Austin Lane, who returned to ASWF last week, against Eaton and Anthony.

This will be the first of many bookings for Anthony, Eaton and Thompson as a trio in what looks to be a busy summer for Midnight Gold.

Shows of the Weekend 4.10 and 4.11.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular Shows of the Weekend. Below is a press release sent to us from Tony Myers' "Sex & Violence" promotion and also RRO Book Tour date.

"Sex and Violence" Saturday night!!

We are more than proud we are taking it back to Memphis on April 11, 2009 from The Buccaneer Lounge. The Buccaneer is location 1368 Monroe - Memphis TN 38112 call them at 901-278-0909 for directions! DOORS OPEN AT 2 AND WE WILL BE PARTYING TO 8p.m.! For more on The Buccaneer just go to their myspace at: This is without any doubt at all the biggest show to date also features the return of Fire of The Arsonist, Torn Apart and Face Dive! Also the bitches in a $100.00 Sick Cunt Championshit match. We tie it all off with the Father of All Gimmick Matches that we have ever done at The New Daisy that night in February with the Sick Fuck of the Universe Champion Madman Pondo defending the Title in the sickest match we could possible make: A Fans-Bring-The-Weapons-Everything-Ever-Used-At-Any-Deathmatch-Bout-Barbed-Wire-Ringrope Gauntlet Deathmatch as he defends against THE RETURNING Psycho, Survival Tonita and a VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY OPPONENT and much, much more! Call for more details on the venue (201)400-9344!!!

-Book Tour 2009 will at DCW's SPRING BREAKOUT 2009 in Dyersburg, TN on Saturday!!


----The DVD features 2 full shows with Byron Willcott, Dustin Ring, Kid Nikels, Greg King Jr, Tatt2 and a big match with Derrick King vs Eric Wayne. You can CLICK HERE to order the DVD. I have also posted an opportunity to order the October, 2008 All Pro Productions release and still available is NEW VOL 1. The NEW releases are professionally filmed in DVD quality. The All Pro Productions release is "fan cam" quality.

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Maclin to attempt "Big Move" into politics

Memphis Wrestling promoter Corey Maclin is making area headlines after announcing his intentions to run for political office in 2010.

Here is a link to a Memphis Daily News story regarding the situation:

The Golden Circle - "Titles Are Important or At Least They Should Be" by Greg Anthony

Most life long wrestling fans have a nostalgic heart. We remember things as they were and always believe that then was better than now. In most cases it is nothing more than a longing for days of yesteryear. However one thing I truly do believe was better then was the “ora” surrounding the championships.

Sometime in the past 30 years titles went from a coveted trophy in our business to a means to help get someone over. When guys like Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat waged war over the Intercontinental title it wasn't a well devised plan to get them over. They were already established stars and they were rewarded for their hard work with the IC title. Same goes for such talents as Curt Hennig, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and The Rock.

When Shawn Michaels became the first European Heavyweight Champion, I thought the Euro title was on par with the IC title. Was that because I felt the people of Europe had been vastly underestimated as a WWE fan base, no. It was because "The Showstopper" made that title important. The European Champion even headlined the "Bad Blood" Pay Per View, how's that for a rub?

Some titles have managed to keep their legacy in tact. Being on top in WWE as either WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion will always be a dream come true for any that carry those championships and the company on their shoulders. While other titles felt like they were in a short skirt on the corner whoreing themselves out to generic pretty boys with the same tan and build trying to be the "next" whoever.

Like Archie Bunkie singing "Those Were The Days", I sing a sad song to myself as I hear stories from guys like Ric Flair talking about how important it was to be NWA World Champion. Maybe being a champion in our industry doesn't hold the same weight and clout as it once did but I promise it should, and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise, it’s as good as gold.

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"Shooting the Shiznit" - "Answering the Critics" Edition Is Ready!!

----Brian Tramel was joined by “Nightmare” Ken Wayne for about 45 minutes for the “Answering the Critics” edition of “Shooting the Shiznit”. Wayne talks about why he is not concerned with drawing a crowd, goals of the school and promotion, Bonecrusher the trainer and working him, why is the “Nightmare” school the best, other schools that he recommends, Eric Wayne being a third generation wrestler and more.

Also featured are the last three shows of the new season...

-RRO RADIO #62: Brian Tramel was joined by Loose Cannon to talk for close to 35 minutes. They talked about RWA, Burton vs Rodney booking, how is Cannon over??, working the front of the card, Classy Meltin Massy, being nominated for awards, wrestling schools and more. Hit the top selection on the player below to listen.

-RRORADIO #061: Brian Tramel was joined by “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin and Albino Rhino] in a truly “Oversized” edition of “Shooting the Shiznit” that went about 50 minutes!! The duo talked about being trained at a wrestling school, TIWF, working for Memphis Wrestling, wrestling on big shows, TLCW and Derrick King, EWE or DCW, Maxx’s injury, “bikers” angle from this weekend, Kevin White, Jerry Lawler, Wildside, Ravishing Randy, Jon Michael and more.

-RRORADIO #060: Dustin Starr joined Brian Tramel on "Shooting the Shiznit." Starr talks about his blog, his "heat" with Jerry Lawler, why he is not on all the shows in this area, Hollywood Jimmy, Seth Knight, The Riverkings,, Jon Michael and more.

----"Shooting the Shiznit" returns on Tuesday April 28th with three more shows [Episodes #7-#8-#9 of the 2009 Season]- three weeks in a row - Chris O'Neal, Frankie Tucker and Krisis!! I will be announcing the order of the guests later next week when everything is finalized.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.04.09 - Big Crowd!!!

The show started with owner Frank Martin coming out with the new tag team belts. He reminded the crowd that the finals would be tonight and the RWA would crown their first ever tag team champion's. Frank told the crowd that they were doing a TV taping and that they would see up to three intro's for the show since they were taping for two weeks. He also reminded the crowd that after the first match everyone would go out into the parking lot to watch the parking lot match between Ron Rage and RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack.[pictured above]

1. Bull the Manamial VS Lucky Winner Bull
2. Ron Rage VS Rodney Mack Winner Ron Rage
3. Tejano VS Cujo
4. Scott Fury VS Soul Train Jones Winner Soul Train Jones
5. Bull the Manamial VS D.J.
6. Mike Anthony VS J.D. Kerry Winner J.D. Kerry
7. The Natural Born Playaz VS CCR. 2 out of 3 falls match. Winner and New RWA Tag Team Champion's The “Natural Born Playaz” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular].

Mike Austin and Reno Diamond came out first and did a promo telling the crowd the reason why he did what he did. Austin told everyone that it was personal between Gary Diamond and Austin. Reno then decided to stay out and commentate for the rest of the night.

The first match saw Bull the Manamial taking on Lucky. Lucky gave all he had and had Bull close to a 3 count several times. Bull was just too strong and big on this night and hit the Running of the Bull to get the win.

The Second match was the parking lot match, the racing team of Jones and Roach donated a car for the match and allowed the guy's to do anything they wanted to the car. This match was brutal from the beginning, they fought for several minutes and then it happened. Rage threw Mack into the side of the car and his shoulder hit the back side window and busted it out. Mack was bleeding from the shoulder from the glass. Mack slammed Rage through the windshield of the car. Then Mack hit a Belly to Back on Rage on top of the car. They made it back on the gravel of the parking lot and Mack got a aluminum base ball bat out of the back of a truck and hit Rage and you could hear the contact all over the parking lot as Mack did not pull the shot with the baseball bat. Everything the guy's did was very stiff in fact they did not pull anything and made full contact with all the punches and kicks. By now both were bleeding and it was done the hard way! Rage gained control of the match and hit a pile driver on the roof of the car and got the 3 count. Security had to surround Rage and take him away from the building as some of the crowd tried to attack Rage. This match will not be shown on the TV program because of the violence of the match.

As the crowd came back in Martin did another opening and explained the way the TV Championship tournament would go. It will be a Gauntlet style match with a twist. Two Wrestlers will start the match the loser will leave the ring and the next man in line comes in and they wrestle. The last wrestler standing in ring will be the first TV Champion. Martin told the crowd that the guys would have to prove they are worthy of having the belt and defending it on TV. It also gives the Champion the right to challenge for the RWA Belt at any time. However if the TV Champion loses that match then the TV belt goes back up for another tournament. This will give everyone a chance at the belt and give the guy's who need the exposure the exposure the need on TV. Tejano came out and told Martin that he should just give the belt to him because he had beaten everyone. Martin told him he would have to prove that he is worthy and he would get the chance because there was someone who would give him the chance. That's when Cujo came out.

The match between Cujo and Tejano was also physical. These two guys were really going after each other until Dangerous Dominique distracted the ref and Tejano hit a low blow and then pulled a chain and threw it to Cujo(can you say Eddie) and took the bump. The ref DQ'd Cujo and Tejano kept sitting up and looking at Cujo and then laying back down when the ref turned to look at him.
This was a really good match.

The next match saw The Irish Dragon Scott Fury take on Soul Train Jones. The crowd loves the big man Soul Train. This was a great match as Scott worked over Soul Train's left arm trying to take away some of Soul Trains strength. Soul Train hit a big power slam and got the 3 count.

Bull came back out to confront Martin and tell him he also should get the TV Belt. Martin told him that he had not been here long enough to tell him what to do. But if he wanted to prove himself worthy there was a new comer by the name of D.J. he could fight. D.J. came out good looking young worker. Bull was brutal on him and hit the running of the Bull and then left the ring and told Martin "now put me in the tournament"

The Next match saw J.D. Kerry come out and challenge Mike Anthony, before Anthony came out Blalock came out and told the crowd that he had the new and improved Mike Anthony. This match was fast and both workers showed their talents. but in the end Kerry got the win. Then Blalock attacked Kerry along with Anthony. That's when Poker Face hit the ring with a crutch and hit Anthony hard. Blalock and Anthony started back to the dressing room. Blalock then turned and told Poker that Poker signed a contract and did not read it. That it was a handicap match and if Poker Face loses then he is fired.

The main event saw The Natural Born Playaz and CCR tie up and give the crowd the best match of the night. It was a no DQ falls count anywhere. They like Mack and Rage did not pull any punches or chair shots they fought all over the arena and the whole time the match was going on the Playaz music kept playing(ECW New Jack feeling) The Natural Born Playaz got the first fall, CCR got the second and The Playaz got the third. To tell you how stiff the match was, after the match Cannons left arm was red and bruised from the shoulder to the elbow and he had a knot on his head the size of a golf ball. Cannon had a concussion and was vomiting in the dressing room. He took a beating as did all the guys.

There was 275+ in the building and the crowd was hot, very hot to the point that several guys in the crowd tried to start fights outside but security stopped all of them. One fan called the County Sheriff because his little girl got scared and he thought the Playaz were trying to hurt or kill Cannon and Chris. Even Randy was bleeding. It was crazy and brutal and the fans loved every minute of it.
CredIt: RWAreporter

----I got the followIng from Cannon about hIs bout…

“I got knocked Lupe Saturday nIght!!!

Hey, I don't know how I am doing this but, as I am writing this it is a miracle I am standing! In my 17 years of pro-wrestling I have never had the roughest/toughest match as I had last Saturday night with the Playzs. It was brutal! I suffered a minor concussion and my left arm got brutalized. It is all black and blue and purple. I got a knot size of a quarter on my head. I threw up 6 times In 24 hrs period that's how brutal it was, but we loved ever single minute of It. Well except me I didn’t know where I was (LOL) the fans went nuts! Nobody was sitting they all were standing.”

----I am not sure if all of this is good or bad for Cannon. LOL I thought the object of it is not to hurt each other?? I do know that Mack and Rage have been working stiff their whole feud and the fans believe. I want to see the parking lot match!!...Another huge crowd!!

Photo by Brian Tramel

RassleResults: PWA Parkin, AR 4.04.09

Pro Wrestling Alliance in Parkin, AR at the High School Gym April 4 before 200-250 fans:

1) Matt Riviera pinned Wes Robinson after an Arn Anderson spinebuster. Afterwards, Riviera grabbed a chair and went to work on Robinson. Heartbreaker Chas Cardington made the save with a chair that sent Riviera running.

2) Johnny Morton beat Jamie Lee with a superkick.

3) Rik Burton defeated Gary Lawler via disqualification when Lawler used the fireball on Burton. Lawler was sitting at ringside by the announcer and Burton took the mic and told him he was going to stick the crown up his ass, which led to a match.

4) Ron Horn beat Ravishing Rich Rude [pictured] with the FU (Cena's finish). Rude looks just like Rick Rude and is 48 years old.

5) Heartbreaker Chas Cardington pinned Matt Riviera with a small package. Insane heat here as Riviera took the mic and tore into the people of Parkin. Place went nuts when Riviera got pinned out of no where.

6) Jamie Jay beat Johnny Morton to become first PWA Heavyweight Champion. Good match!

Robinson, Rude, and Cardington are all students from Riviera's school in Russellville with head trainer Bill Ash. Jamie Lee is being trained by Jamie Jay and Johnny Morton. It was all of these guy's 2nd matches and all did well. Several other PWA shows are in the works.

----Some good talent here. Good to see Jamie Jay back doing regular shows...I hate the play on names with Rich Rude and such. This guy looks like Rude's daddy though. LOL...New promotion and they just have to have a belt; don't they?? LOL...I heard some kind of story from a past show from this group - one of Rivieras' students pinned him on mistake [when Riveria did pull up his shoulder]?? Apparently Riviera went crazy backstage after the match.

RassleResults: XOW Independance, MS 4.04.09

XOW Wrestling returned to Independence, last night, with a great night of action to a packed house at the fire department. "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall called the action.

Suicide won over Jay Webster

Cameron Valentine defeated Chop Top The Clown

The Asylum, Psycho and Pappy defeated The Wrecking Crew, Dwayne Red and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/ "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock defeated Mason

Hardcore Match

"The Sons of the South", Chris Styles and Josh Matthews & Psycho vs Syn, DJ Stunner, & Jason The Brain

This match was stopped by the referee

Danny B Good defeated Sarge O'Riley w/ Hollywood Jimmy to be the new XOW Heavyweight Champion

Oscar Barlow and Al Hall was there to present the Wrestling News Center Awards to several workers from the Mid-South. Tia Blaylock took several pictures I'm sure will be posted here later on in the week.


Chop Top The Clown has a very good gimmick.

Why did the referee stop a hardcore match? This hardcore match was violent with Psycho using a bat with sharp tacks poking out of it, hitting everybody with it. Chris Styles was absolutely crazy climbing the doors of the fire dept. and jumping directly on Syn. This match was all over the building I enjoyed it.

Hollywood Jimmy presented Sarge with Wrestling News Center "Wrestler Of The Year" award. Hollywood kissed Sarge right in the mouth and Sarge acted like he enjoyed it a little too much.

Sarge O'Riley lost the XOW belt to Danny B Good. After Danny B won Hollywood grabbed the mic and told Danny B he wanted Sarge to have another rematch the next time they come to Independence, Danny refused and went back into the dressing room. Hollywood then told Sarge that Danny B's son was in the crowd. Sarge went into the crowd and jumped Danny B's son and beat him. Danny B hit the ring and went ballistic after that and said he will get Sarge no matter what he has to do .

A lot of excitement from this XOW show in Independence Mississippi. If you never been to an XOW Show be sure to their next show.

Credit Paul Edwards @

Monday, April 06, 2009

Look At Who Got His Copy of Yearbook 2008 This Weekend!!

Arena Report: EWE Ripley, TN 4.04.09

----This was my first visit to Ripley,TN since the name change and such. The building had a slight upgrade and it looked good. The crowd was really rowdy and into most of the stuff. Overall this was not a good show, but it did further the storylines with a few things.

----Commish Dustin Baker had me/Stan Lee in the ring to put over the Yearbook.

----KC Gold did an interview putting over a rock going into his automobile window from the night before in Brownsville, TN. He blamed Dustin Baker. He also said that he now has a contract to work EWE.

----Stan Lee defeated Tommy Redneck in a non-title match. Good match. Lee got a huge pop!! Lots of shine for Lee. Lee hit a running uppercut into the corner, flying kick, standing moonsault and then followed with a split leg moonsault that he missed. Redneck hit a kick when Lee got up from this and started the heat. Good spot had Lee on the apron and was going to sunset flip over on Redneck, but Redneck caught him in a twisting neckbreaker. It looked good. Redneck goes for front kick again [remember in the front of the match] – misses and Lee pins him. [**1/2]

----Redneck was still in the ring when Scott Adams’ music starts to play. Adams is HUGE!! He walked over the ropes and ended up powerbombing Redneck twice. He was demanding Jon Michael. Dustin Baker made him leave or he was going to call the cops.

----They showed a clip from JR Manson vs Tommy Boy Jones from the night before in Brownsville, TN. Manson then beat Jones in almost a total squash. I like Manson as a heel, but the match wasn’t much. [*]

----Ike Tucker beat Chad Bradd [Weasel] by DQ in a bad match. Tucker has a great entrance, but it stops right there. It is a babyface’s job to take a good beating and then comeback. Tucker would not take but a few moves and then comeback. No psychology at all. [DUD]

----After the match, the Badd Boys jumped Ike and beat him up. Ike was saved by Cody Melton. Then they went right into another match featuring Ike. Melton/Ike beat Badd Boys. Ike did take a bit more heat here. Hot tag to Melton and Melton did will with fire here. Melton pinned Brad Badd [Steve Rampage] for the win. [*1/2]

----“Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] beat Greg King Jr/Shawn Reed in the best bout on the show. Rhino/King did a spot early that was sloppy with Rhino falling on King. After that it just went smooth. Reed/King did a double dropkick. Albino suplexed both guys when they tried to suplex him. Heat on Reed with Corbin hitting a sick “black hole slam”. Corbin did a combo sit down full nelson slam, then turning Reed over into a full nelson clutch. It looked real good. Reed hit a DDT off the turnbuckle then to a hot tag. King had the crowd going running across the ring hitting a Stinger splash on each of the big guys in different corners – about three times each. They cut him off and shitcanned Reed. Double chokeslam on King for the win. [***1/2]

----Commish Dustin Baker came out with Mark Tipton to talk about the rules and such of the Elite 8 match. Scott Adams came out and shoved Baker down and put Tipton in position for a powerbomb. I thought he was going to do it. But..out of the back came the returning Jon Michael. The crowd went nuts!! They did a big pull-a-part brawl between the two and the crowd heat was there during the whole segment. Best reaction of the whole show.

----Krisis won the Elite 8 match to win a title shot at “Mayhem” in May. This was just a glorified battle royal rumble starting with two participants then a new worker joined the match every minute. They did a countdown of the minute on the video screen and got a pop every time someone came out. I have never seen a match with so much talent that was just so bad. Why waste talent like this in a battle royal?? The match started with Eric Wayne and Michael Gilbert, followed by Christian Jacobs, J.R. Manson, Kid Nikels, Cody Melton, Chris O'Neal and Krisis in that order. It ended up with Chris O'Neal and Krisis. O’Neal popped his knee for shoot and went down. They continued with what was supposed to be a claw slam from the second turnbuckle, but it was botched because O’Neal was still hurt. Krisis pinned him to win. [*]

----70 to 90 in the building…The video screen is a good addition to a small show. They showed a clip about “Five-Starr Showcase” returning next week…Manson needs to decide if he is crazy or not. The fans seem to hate him…Melton was in a bad spot on the card…I had the chance to meet EWE webmaster and camera man – Dustin Williams. Hopefully we will be working on some projects in the future…I like the Badd Boys gimmick and think both guys have potential, but they need a good team to go against not Ike…Anita Paige sit next to me during the tag match and we were both popping like a couple of school girl marks. LOL…This is Reed’s first time in this career to work as a babyface. He did a good job getting his ass kicked. I have seen a few “Genocide” matches via video since Corbin’s return and I was reluctant to say this until now, but it looked like Corbin had “lost a step” from his injury. Well, the rust is off and these guys look to be better than they were before the injury…My first look at Michael Gilbert in person – he did a good job in a horrible match. He has lots of potential with a good look. He is easily one of the top contenders for “Rookie of the Year”…Tipton and Gold did a good job as an announcing team, but they sound so much alike [same voice tone] that I sometimes wondered who was talking?? Am I the only person that has noticed that?? Gold also did well for his promo – smooth on the mic…Krisis was upset that I have never had him on my TV show. I publicly apologize for that and to everyone else for not having them on my TV show. BTW, I don’t have a TV show. LOL…This is the only dressing room that I know that features a pubic hair fan. No further comment needed…I think the Adams vs Michael matchup may draw them some bigger crowds. The crowd that was there was so hot for them to get a hold of each other. Michael is so over!!...Adams is so much better as himself instead of doing that stupid Hillbilly gimmick…Krisis will work Lee at “Mayhem”??...I would have liked to have seen the Elite 8 as just a one night tournament. Honestly it would have been a better show, but hell I would have missed the “Genocide” match…Thanks to cast and crew for a fun time, even though you dickheads poured a bag of flour on me!!!

Photos by Brian Tramel

Top Row from left to right - Ike Tucker, Jon Michael and Michael Gilbert
Middle: "Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] and "Picture Perfect" [Chris O'Neal/Christian Jacobs]
Bottom: Krisis, Scott Adams and KC Gold

RWA Press Release on Austin Lane

I would like to thank Austin Lane for what he did for the RWA while he was here. He showed leadership in the locker room and in the ring. I have been in contact with Austin and I know the reasons and I wish him and his family well. If there is anything I or the RWA can do for Austin or his family we will be there for him. My family will keep him in our prayers and I told him the door is open here at the RWA if he ever wants to return.

Frank Martin - RWA Owner

Photo by Karly Tramel - Austin Lane and Brian Tramel

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Cheap Heat Wrestlemania 25 Edition by Gene Jackson

Well once again for the 5th or 6th year in a row I've sworn to myself I wasn't going to order Wrestlemania then I come home from work an hour before it's gonna start and talk myself into getting it. Once again, just like last year it was the Shawn Michaels match that made me buy the pay per view. As was the case the year he wrestled Kurt Angle, even when he wrestled Vince McMahon. The only Summerslam I've actually paid for and watched live in years was the HBK/Hogan Summerslam of '05. However unlike last year with Flair and the Summerslam with Hogan, Michaels wasn't carrying the load all by himself this time, but more on that later. Let's rundown the whole show match by match.

MATCH #1- Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Christian vs. CM Punk vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Finlay vs. Shelton Benjamin

This is one of the matches I've come to look forward to each year at Wrestlemania and what a way to kick off the pay per view (well following the Pussycat Doll singing "America, the Beautiful", who really should stick to shaking her ass in music videos and not really be in a situation where people are forced to notice your "singing") Anyways, good match to start off with. A few blown spots here and there but overall an exciting match that gave everyone involved a time to shine, especially Kingston being his first Wrestlemania. Nice spot early on with Kane and Henry pushing all the other participants off at once. Even Hornswaggle got a spot in climbing a step ladder and jumping off of Mark Henry's back onto a pile of waiting guys who all kinda had to stand around an awkward amount of time in a huddle waiting for the Finlay and the little guy to get set up for it. In the end CM Punk won for the second year in a row, the crowd didn't seemed thrilled with Punk winning as they seemed to favor Christian during their exhanges but I didn't really think Christian would roll in from TNA and win such a high profile match at Wrestlemania. Last years win resulted in a short reign as World Champion for Punk, we'll see how this one goes.

Match #2- Diva Battle Royal for the title of "Ms. Wrestlemania"

This was kind of a cluster as the lead in to this was the Kid Rock medley performance which I didn't give a s*** about and seemingly neither did the live crowd. The divas made their way down to the ring while Kid Rock performed one of his new songs. Suddenly without warning the match had started and for most of the match it seemed we were watching it from a fan cam in the crowd as the camera stayed panned out for most of the match. (I can only assume this was to help prevent folks from noticing that one of the "divas" looked a lot like Santino Marella which somehow the announcers never figured out til late in the match) Anyhow, they went through the trouble of bringing back people like Sunny, Torrie Wilson, and Molly Holly and they weren't even announced at the beginning and could barely be made out on camera during the match because of the constant wide shot from the camera. Hell it could have been anyone in there until it got down to the final few. So, as you can figure Santino (or Santina as it were) tosses out Beth Phoenix to become "Ms. Wrestlemania" and proceded to doing a disturbing celebration dance.

Match #3- Chris Jericho vs. "the Legends" (Roddy Piper/Jimmy Snuka/Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat) w/Ric Flair & Mickey Rourke in the audience

Ok, so this is another reason I ordered the ppv, I'm a big fan of Chris Jericho's current heel persona and the curiousity of seeing Steamboat back in the ring after all these years. This was a three on one handicap match with Jericho having to beat each of the legends to win the match, but they only had to pin Jericho once to get the win. Piper physically looked better than he has the last few times he's been in the ring but probably really shouldn't be in there anymore. Snuka has no business getting in there anymore, stick to conventions and autograph sessions or maybe the local indy show but he really shouldn't be in the ring on a major pay per view. Steamboat for having (at least to my knowledge) not being in the ring in an official televised match since around '94 looked to be in great shape and could still pull off his signature moves such as his patented armdrags, top rope chops to the head etc, etc. All in all the match came off much better than if should have realistically. As you could guess Snuka went down first to the 'Walls of Jericho', Piper second to a enziguiri, and finally Steamboat after a valiant effort fell to the 'Code Breaker'. Afterwards, Jericho challenged Flair to get in and of course Flair bounced around for him for a minute or so until Jericho turned his attention to Mickey Rourke at ringside. After some namecalling and what not from Jericho, Rourke came into the ring and went round and round with Jericho before "dropping him with a big left". Hey, I know some people will say it hurts the business for Jericho to take a dive for a 50 something year old actor but come on it's not 1975 anymore, it's the way these things work. The legends did the right thing for business by putting Jericho over and Jericho did the same for the movie star who will get them at least a few mentions in the mainstream, hell it ain't like he won the World title or anything. No harm, no foul. Hell Sting would be tapping out to Rourke tommorow if Russo could have landed him for TNA.

Match #4- Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy- Extreme Rules

Ok so I think this match could have worked solely on the premise of jealously and sibling rivalry rather than bringing in the ridiculous premise that Matt set Jeff's house on fire and killed his dog.....but whatever. Matt has finally updated his look with some new tights that really helped since the old one had been played out for quite a while now. (perhaps someone should let Jeff know as well) There's 5,000 indy guys wearing "hardy boy pants" every weekend in shitholes across America, time for something new, Jeff. On to the match. These guys had their work cut out for them with their past tag matches (TLCs, Table Matches, Cage Matches, Etc) to live up to. The match was an "extreme rules" match which I guess is what they now call what was once known as "hardcore" matches. The match was good, not an excess of weapons but enough to get the match over. Of course when the Hardy Boyz are involved some ladders came into play. Jeff set up two ladders and did the leap frog off one ladder over another into a legdrop off of one of those fifteen foot ladders, I don't see how it didn't break his tailbone the way he came down on the mat. The finish was Matt giving Jeff the "Twist of Fate" with a chair around Jeff's neck. Nice finish, which didn't hurt Jeff any as he came out of the match looking as good as Matt even being on the losing end. Nothing too spectacular but better than average match.

Match #5- I.C. Title: JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

JBL cuts a promo while walking down to the ring managing to get even more heat in before Mysterio made his way down. Rey was sporting a "Joker" style outfit tonight complete a with green wig that a fan managed to snatch off his head on the way to the ring. After all JBL's talking Mysterio managed to take the IC title in 21 seconds. It's hard to say whether this was done due to injuries that JBL has, or due to the fact that the show was already seemingly off schedule to be over by 10pm. Either way, it didn't need to be any longer as it served it's purpose and JBL declared "I quit". It wasn't clear whether he was quitting wrestling, drinking, smoking, women, the WWE, or molesting green wrestlers in the shower but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Match #6- Mr. Wrestlemania vs. the Undefeated Streak: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

so this is the main reason I ordered the pay per view. $55, this better be good. Shawn makes a grand entrance lowering from the ceiling in the white version of the Undertaker's coat and hat that he wore on TV recently, before going into his usual routine. Taker makes his usual entrance and we're under way. The match had a nice slow build as Shawn out quicks Undy early on until Taker manages to get a hold of him. A good back and forth match where it seemed the entire match this thing could go either way. A sick spot where Shawn goes for the moonsault out to the floor but is just brushed by Taker sending HBK crashing to the floor looking like he might have landed on his shoulder was topped only moments later by Undertaker doing his over the top rope front flip out to the floor with Shawn pushing a camera guy in the way and Taker seemingly landing partially on his head out on the floor. Just a really rough looking bump that looked like it could have seriously hurt the Undertaker but apparently it didn't as he finished the match. This match had the most false finishes of any match I've since the days of the real ECW. It was crazy and the crowd was right there with them every step of the way. Multiple Sweet Chin Musics, Chokeslams, Last Rides, and Tombstones made this one of the most exciting matches in quite a while and everytime you thought you had things figured out the pendalum swung the other way. As good as Shawn is, Taker was there with him every step of the way and really showed he could hang with a "worker" as good as he can with a brawler like Kane or Batista. Finally in the end the streak of the Undertaker stayed in tact as it moves up to 17-0 at Wrestlemania, undeafeated since his first Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 7 in L.A. It will be interesting who they ever decide to let be the one to beat the Undertaker, if they ever do. Perhaps, he'll go out undefeated at Wrestlemania. Hopefully, it will be someone who can parlay it into something big for their career. I understand not putting Shawn Michaels over because he doesn't really need an extra rub from beating Taker. Hopefully, it won't be HHH, heck I'd rather Cena be the one that ends it over HHH. Of course, I had hoped Edge would pull it off last year so.......Anyways, awesome match and I'm sure Orton, HHH, Edge, Cena, and Big Show are wishing they could get in the car and leave at this point. There's no hope of them topping this.

Match #7- World Heavyweight Title- Triple Threat Match
John Cena vs. Edge vs. the Big Show

o this all has the side story of the Edge/Big Show/Vicki Guerrero love triangle......let's just overlook that shall we. Ok, neat entrance from Cena with the Eminem "Real Slim Shady" from the MTV Music Awards years back with about 100 Cenas lining the aisle coming out to his old "Word Life" theme. For the record, I HATE triple threat title matches at Wrestlemania. The only decent one they've ever pulled over was HHH vs. HBK vs. Chris Benoit and we're not allowed to remember that anyway. Decent match but Ray Charles can predict Cena will take the belt in this one......and he did. Impressive spot with Cena lifting Big Show and Edge (on Show's back) up into the 'F-U', oh sorry. I mean the 'Additude Adjustment' (I hope Tony Dabbs is sueing for gimmick infringement) Cena is the new champ, yay. Next.

Introduction of this year's Hall of Fame Class of '09

hey announce this year's inductees and they come out in their tuxedos. The Funks, Bill Watts, Howard Finkel, Steve Austin, Kevin Von Erich, Ricky Steamboat and last but damn sure not least "The Birdman" KoKo B. Ware! Austin noticeably leaves while everyone else is still out there waving to the crowd when suddenly you hear the breaking glass and Austin has ditched the suit and rides out on a 4 Wheeler and drives around ringside, then heads back up the aisle, then backs back down the aisle in reverse and gets in the ring and does the drinking beers thing until finally leaving.....little did they know the crowd should have left with Austin because "business was NOT about to pick up", next up our "Main Event".

Match #8- WWE Title Match- Triple H vs. Randy Orton- Title can change hands on a countout or DQ

ow look I'm not one of those people who get off on hating on Triple H. I like a lot of his matches this however was not one of them. With the stipulation and the fact that this is kind of their last chance to establish Orton as a legit threat to.....well anyone. They would have to do something screwy to play off the stip and not give us the predictable HHH wins with the pedigree finish. Especially after all the twists and turns in the HBK/Taker match. However, if you think that you would be wrong as we get a standard HHH/Orton match we've seen a hundred times at this point then at the end, referee Scott Armstrong gets knocked down. Ok, so here it is Stephanie is gonna come down and turn on Hunter for letting her get RKO'd and DDT'd. Maybe Vince will screw HHH, or Shane will join the Legacy stable or something remotely unexpected. So Randy Orton gets the sledgehammer but as he slides in the ring he get's punted in the face by HHH. Hunter then picks up the sledgehammer and hits Orton in the head with it. Now HHH straddles him and goes crazy raining punches down him. Now the referee is back up......ok so here it is HHH is gonna go crazy and get DQ'd losing the title because of his uncontrollable rage from his family being attacked........Armstrong comes over warns Triple H to stop punching him.....SO HE.....HE.....does. He stops punching him....calmly gives him the pedigree and pins him......and that's false finish......just a flat, dead pop.....ending to the the match.....that had to be the most anti-climatic disappointing finish I've ever seen.....the guys is supposed to be beside himself with rage, therefore Orton slips in the stip if he gets DQ'd he loses the title but each time the ref tells him to stop......He does....then with no drama whatsoever he just pins a real shitty indy match where the two guys in the ring have no psychology and just end the match with no heat....unfrickinbelievable....oh well.

All in all I enjoyed the show, the Jericho vs. Legends and HBK vs. Taker matches made it worth the money but the Michaels vs. Undertaker match should have closed the show, the match was better than the last two and either way it went finish wise most of the crowd would go home happy. Normally I don't mind Michael Cole all that much but being the third wheel out there with J.R. and Lawler he just seemed out of place and annoying. Sometimes less is more and we could have used less Michael Cole here. If you didn't see it live, check out the replay or get the DVD, if you did watch the show feel free to share your thoughts on the show on the Kayfabe Board.

Arena Report: MCW Osceola, AR 4.03.09

----I have written many features of "Arena Report" and "Coach’s Corner" on the state of wrestling in this area. The “doom and gloom” of the business. This year’s Book Tour 2009 has made me hold my head up high, because wrestling in this area is still alive. It is still ticking away as the world crumples around all around us, we still go on any given Friday night to Osceola, AR and watch MCW. The arena has an “old school” feel to it from the two finger handshake to walls plaster with photos to “East Coast Bad Boys’” mom yelling and screaming in the front row. Grab a chair, sit down and let’s enjoy at night of “rasslin” and if you are hungry – grab an order of those chili cheese French fries, because they damn sure looked good.

----AC Styles/Big Jim Wade beat El Luchadore/Hamhock with Rashard Devon. Not much of a match. Luchadore [C-Money under a hood] was having a good time and made it watchable. Heat was on Wade [who hasn’t improved very much] – hot tag to Styles. Styles hit a TKO on Luchadore for the win. [*]

----Buster Johnson/Ron McClarity beat “The Hambones” [Pedro/Leory] and Ray Leigh/War Machine in a triple threat match. Not good, not bad. Johnson/McClarity are babys, but work as total heels. It works for the crowd because they are over. Johnson is huge!! Leroy still bumps on his knee [BT Express style]. Pedro bumped on his back and did an ok job. All the heels ended up beating up Buster/Ron – “ECBB” [C-Money/Serpent] make the save – DK/PKO run out. Good heat. [*1/2]

----Serpent retained his MCW Middleweight Title by beating Wild Bill by DQ. This was the best bout I have seen WB in. Serpent worked real hard and made it easy for him. Finish had DK & PKO with Rashard jumping in to cause the DQ. They were beating up Wild Bill actually turned baby to help them. [**]

----MCW Title Match: Brian Knight beat by DQ Frankie Tucker. As I always say about Frankie – solid worker. He works a methodical slow pace of putting all the right moves in for the heat and letting the babyface in with a hope spot from time to time. Tucker may be a bit “unsung” or underrated, because it is mostly all the RRO Top 10 workers that I talk about that can WORK like this. Fans were into every move as he slowly beat Brian Knight. Knight tried a couple of comebacks, but at one point in the match I realized that the fans really didn’t think Knight could beat Tucker. Comeback was weak as Knights’ punches were not that good and he seem blown up. A little variation of a finish as after a ref bump, Rashard was ready to hit Knight with his laptop when Spiro the ref turned around to DQ him. [**1/2]

----“East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money] beat Pokerface/Derrick King with Rashard Devon. A real good crazy bout. They started it out as a brawl at the front with ECBB not even waiting for the music. It was top notch with stiff shots and DK bleeding all over the place. They finally ringed the bell after 10 minutes of brawling. Rashard had hit Money HARD with a laptop and Money was bleeding. The heat on C-Money here was nuts!! They beat on him for close to 20 minutes and at no time did they lose the crowd. Poker as a heel here is working a much stiffer strong shoot style. He is not as polished in this style as his regular style, but it looks just as good. Get it?? If you worker a more real style, he does not have to be as polished because a real fight is not polished. Finish had DK hit the superkick and then Poker hit his “ghetto blaster”. They taunted the crowd and then went over to pin them – ECBB rolled both of them up for the win. After the match heels kept beating on them until Sam Dollar and Big Daddy LaFonce made the save. Tremendous heat for the bout. [***3/4]


----120 to 140 in the building…Not impressed much with Styles. He landed on his ass doing an armdrag. His TKO looked good though…Luchadore was getting in the ring and slipped for shoot – he land in the front row hitting his head on the bleachers. He then got up on the apron and almost fell off. He did a good job keeping that bout going though…Hambones came out to “Bad To Bone”… Maybe this is the “Year of the PKO”. After getting two matches with over [***] in three weeks in a single and tag, he is positioning himself in a lead contention for “MVP Performer of the Year.”…It looks like Sam Dollar, BD LaFonce and Tucker are doing most of the booking here…Take a look at the card as the match ratings progressed with each match…I can not say enough about how OVER the ECBBs are here. Bout was top notch with the workers having the crowd in the palm of their hands. After the match DK/PKO got on top of the announcer’s desk and taunted everyone. They set up for a six man with Spiro/Money/Serpent vs DK/PKO/Rashard. Don’t look for Spiro to do much, because he had to retire from a legit neck injury…I would like to thank MCW – LaFonce and all the cast & crew for having me. I had a good time and was treated great.

Photos by Brian Tramel

Top from left to right – Hamhock/Pedro/Leroy, Poker/Rashard/DK and Bloody DK
Middle – C-Money/Serpent and Frankie Tucker
Bottom – Spiro, Sam Dollar and Ron McClarity/Buster Johnson

CinaMaxx presents "The BT Rib"

----I will honestly say that I have had very few ribs pulled on me. Nothing major like this and it even cracks me up watching it. A good rib is just getting something over on someone that would at no time expect it. [As I sit there with my eyes closed, I was thinking they would probably rib me with water on the head.] If you are constantly ribbing the same person, then it turns into more a "bully" type of thing and then after 2 or 3 weeks it is not funny anymore. I have heard of some really bad ones - like peeing in someone's Mountain Dew to crapping in their bag. Even though Maxx and Albino had a big part of doing this, you could probably say that the others - Jon, Chris. Alex and CJ have had this in the works for over 7 years!! LOL I was also told that this one was not one of the worst of the whole bunch as there were ideas about sugar [I am a diabetic], penis in the ear and other fun stuff. Cody Melton right after the rib made sure to say, "I knew nothing about the flour.", which cracked me up. He wanted "no credit" for it. LOL The video was put together by Maxx Corbin. Thanks guys!! Remember I now owe you one!!

RassleResults: EWE Brownsville, TN 4.03.09 - KC GOLD GETS WINDOW BROKEN!!

-Ike Tucker beat Shannon Lee
-Cody Melton beat JR Manson
-Tommy Boy Jones beat JR Manson
-Maxx Corbin beat Michael Gilbert
-Albino Rhino over Stan Lee in a non-title match
-“Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] beat the “Bad Boys” [Chad and Brad Badd][pictured]

----60 in the crowd…I got three or four calls about KC Gold getting his back window broken on his automobile. For some reason, the rumor was that TIWF did it. Even some of the EWE guys believed that. I talked with Gold last night and he does not believe that. I also don’t believe they would break a window because EWE is running a show here. I do see where TIWF would be upset, because Brownsville is their town. EWE has TV that airs in that town, so they are trying to promote it. In the end, the fans will decide and you will see which promotion prevails…I was told some of the fans were upset about “free” t-shirts that were supposed to be available??...About half the crowd was from Ripley, TN…After Manson was beat by Melton, he demanded another bout and Tommy beat him.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.04.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 4-4-09
at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton Tn.

Perfect Weapons def. Criss Braggs& F. Boogeyman Scream

Johnny Superstar def. AC Styles & PK Ripper in a 3way match

Wildside def. Overkill

Frankie Tucker def. Criss Braggs

Hard Justice def. Royale Executioner & Al Qeada

TIWF TV Title Match
Chris Lexxus © def. Hardknocks Hooligan to retain the title

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Devon Day def. Chico Mendoza to retain the title

• Notes:
• Attendance:149
• Drew Magruder got beard shaved & had to eat dog food as a result of the Royale Executioner & Al Qadea losing the tag team match
• MSWA reunion show 4-26-09 at the Showplex Arena
• TIWF in action 4-30-09 Trenton Teapot Festival at the The Showplex Arena
• Criss Braggs returned to action.
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville May 2nd.
• Announcers: Hotrod, Drew Magruder, Wildside, Destiny
• Referees: Danny Williams

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.04.09 - AUSTIN LANE RETURNS!!

Fans what a show we had this evening! Two title matches in one night! Just like every Saturday night Ricky Rowland would come to the ring for the playing of the National Anthem.

Before the first match got underway, Commissioner Ward would come to the ring and call out Tommy Wayne, who was scheduled to fight Chuck Fears in a Street Fight for the Heavyweight Title. Tommy would make his way into the ring and ask the Commissioner why he called him out. T-Bone would tell him that Chuck Fears was not going to be there that he had called in. Commissioner Ward reassured Tommy Wayne that he had his best interests at heart. Tommy told Commissioner Ward that he wanted Chuck and that he wanted him now. T-Bone stated that his 30 title defense clause came up on the 11th and that if Chuck did not defend his title at the 10 Year Anniversary Show then he would be stripped of the title. Disappointed Tommy Wayne would start to leave the ring when Chuck Fears music would begin to play. Little did Tommy Wayne know Fears had been in the crowd disguised and hit Tommy with a steel chair not once but twice in the head leaving him lying in the ring. Chuck stated that he would place the title on the line in the main event.

1st Match: Handicap Match
The Beach Bums vs. Dre Dreads
The Beach Bums (Mark Wolfe and Kaliki) would take on Dre Dreads in a heck of a match. Dre, who over the last few weeks has became a powerhouse in the ASWF, would really be the leading force in this match. The Beach Bums would eventually get things back in order and get the pin over Dre.

Just as the night was on a roll Commissioner Ward would again take to the ring and state that he had another piece of business to take care of. He stated that tonight he was bringing back a long time friend and former wrestler back. He then introduced Austin Lane as that man. After the crowd began to quiet down, Austin stated that his contract was no valid until next week and that he would make a special announcement at the Anniversary Show as well. After which, Austin stated that for the rest of the night he would join T-Bone Terrence Ward at the announcers table.

2nd Match: European Title Match
Cody Murdoch(C) vs. Christopher Lee
This match had been coming for the last couple of weeks. Lee who has had a grudge against Murdoch would be a formidable opponent in this title match. Murdoch would finally have enough of Lee and pull out a chain and use it against Lee. The referee would DQ Murdoch and declare Christopher Lee the winner. Although with the title being on the line it would not change hands because there was no pin or submission.

3rd Match: Triple Threat Tag Match
X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams vs. Idol Bane/Kid Krazzy vs. Ray Ray/ Regulator
This match would take off to a great start. Each team would get a turn in this fast match. One thing that was different was that Regulator and Ray would end up fighting each other in the ring. Not because of dislike for each other but because X-Kaliber [pictured] would tag Regulator and make him face Ray. If you thought this match was going to end like a fairy tail then you’re wrong. X-Kaliber and Morgan Williams would get the last laugh when Morgan would get the 1, 2, 3.

4th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/Johnny Harper vs. Hot Rod John Ellison/Demon X
This match would be an unusual one tonight. Johnny Harper would seem to turn over a new leaf in tonight’s match. Johnny Hawk who insisted on Harper cheating would be turned down. Hot Rod and Demon X put on a valiant effort but just when you thought that Johnny Hawk was about to win, the referee would be distracted and go outside of the ring because of Demon X and Harper fighting. David Walls would take to the ring and hit Hawk in the head with a slapjack and give Demon X and Hot Rod the win.

5th Match: ASWF Heavyweight Title Match
Chuck Fears(C) vs. Tommy Wayne
This match would be nothing short of a career ending match. Tommy Wayne would run to the spearing fears picking up chair and swinging it at chuck when chuck see's it coming tommy hits ref and knocks him out. Chuck hits an awesome elbow off top rope so second ref comes out and to no surprise he also gets hit. Finally Cody Only Comes Out with ref shirt on and takes the match.Chuck Fears would remain in control for most of the match, using everything from cookie sheets, steel chairs, and heck pretty much anything short of the kitchen sink. At one point Chucks hit Cudagra and Tommy kicks out. Tommy then hits the Sky High Cross Body Off top But Chuck kicks out. Tommy then goes under the ring gets a table and sets it up. Chuck tho saw it coming and hit Tommy with DDT on the chair. Just before Cody’s hand hit the mat Tommy kicked out. Chuck sets Tommy on top rope to suplex him threw table when Tommy does sunset flip off top rope and powerbombs Chuck threw table and would Pin Fears and get the 123.
Crowd was 175 .

Next Week:
10 Year Anniversary Show

European Championship Match
Cody Murdoch(C) vs. Christopher Lee

X-Division T.L.C. Championship Match
X-Kaliber vs. Idol Bane vs. Ray Ray vs. Kid Krazzy vs. Regulator vs. Morgan Williams

Heavyweight Title Match
Tommy Wayne Vs ?

Tag Match
Austin Lane & Casino Vs "Midnight Gold" [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson.

----I got an e-mail with the following from Austin Lane about his return...

"Believe it or not, there is no big story. RWA is a wonderful promotion and place to work. There is a lot of talent there. TONS. The reasons for me returning to ASWF has nothing to do with RWA at all. They are simply personal reasons. I wish RWA all of the luck in the world. I am very thankful and appreciative of the time I spent there. I will cherish the memories and have learned a lot. I must move forward with my journey and thank everyone who has supported me."

Jerkin' The Curtain Wrestlemania round table discussion Monday April 6th @ 10 PM CST.

Listen into Jerkin' The Curtain Monday, April 6th at 10 PM central time to hear our 2nd annual Wrestlemania round table discussion. We did this last year, and it turned out to be a pretty fun show. We'll be giving our observations and opinions on all the matches at Wrestlemania XXV. On the panel this year at this time of writing are Tommy Stewart, Jingus, Chris Garrett, Straitshooter, and myself. If you can't listen in live, the archive will be available shortly after the live broadcast concludes. Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse


----I am in the process of working on tons of stories that will be released later tonight and early tomorrow morning. This was a busy weekend for RRO and it seems the area had it share of stories. Here is what we will be working on during the next few days…

-Arena Report from MCW in Osceola, AR
-EWE Brownsville – KC Gold gets his window busted out with a rock!!
-Austin Lane leaves RWA?? Lane shows up for ASWF last night!!
-Arena Report from EWE in Ripley, TN last night featuring the return of Jon Michael!! [pictured]
-DCW last night in a show with no Kilo, no Baron, no Bishop and no Starr the week before the big show??
-CinaMaxx feature coming from EWE last night airing a RIB on me!!

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.04.09

58 attended

Anthony Wayne b Chris Norte

Harold Knight b Lightning Bolt Kid by submission

Steven Green (w/Cody Weatherby) b Bad Boy Dixon

TJ Weatherby b Kevin James by countout when Damien Payne ran out and pulled James from the ring and they left

Psycho Medic b Kevin Dunn

USWO Champion Derrick Neal b Damien Payne after the match was restarted due to James' interference