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----I will be tweeting live at NBW's Spring Breakout 2009 with results. A full Arena Report will be posted on Monday. You got follow us by joining twitter/rronews or you maybe follow us in the upper right hand corner of the site tonight!! There will only be five posts up at once, so make sure you come back for all the results!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 4.18.09

----“Memphis Wrestling is a paid program that contains content that does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of this station.” Announcement opened the show and I am not sure how long they have been doing that, because I usually fast forward thru the opening.

----Corey Maclin opens the show announcing everything he is airing today including Lawler vs Hennig and other stuff. They then air a music video of clips from last night at Minglewood Hall [not this past Thursday]

----From WWE, Edge/Christian vs “Too Cool” [Brian Christopher/Scotty Too Hotty]. A fun bout. E & C were really good at this time. Brian C/Scotty wins WWE Tag Titles with help from Joe C – Brian pins Christian. This was from May, 2000.

----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] beat “The Posse” [Simon/Lil Chris]. No contest when TK2 ended up fighting outside the ring with Dustin Starr and Tatt2.

----Video of Jimmy Hart. He says he is going to “drop the bomb” next week with news.

----“Opening the Vault” with Rock’n’Roll Express vs The Grapplers with Jimmy Hart. Grappler #1 pins Ricky Morton after he loads his boot to hit Morton. Dutch Mantell and Stagger Lee came out and snitched – reversed the decision of the fall.

----Jerry Lawler vs Curt Hennig. This match was from the USWA days with Lawler defending his Unified Title. Vampire Warrior comes out to interfere, but backfires as Hennig knocks him off the apron. Warrior/Hennig beat up on Lawler – Jeff Jarrett makes the save.


----WWE footage looks so bad – because the tracking is off on the video tape…What happened to TK2 and The Posse?? Two top teams in this area during 2007 and haven’t did anything much since then??…Rock’n’Roll were a good team and everyone knows that. But, The Grapplers [Tony Anthony/Len Denton [pictured above] under hoods] were better at this stage of their careers. They would later become the “Dirty White Boys” without hoods. Two really good workers…Hennig match was ok, not one of their better ones. Crowd popped big with Jarrett saving.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.17.09

-Shawn Reed [pictured above] beat Matt Justyce

-“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Justin Smart

-Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne beat Matt Justyce/Greg King Jr

----I was told there were around 15 people in the crowd. Even though I understand their philosophy about getting all their stuff in line and other factors; wouldn’t the gate help the worker’s pay??...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were there to ref.

Give Yourself A Hand Guys!! There is some GOOD in wrestling...

----Garry White sent along the following letter and I wanted to share it with everyone. It is good to see that even though wrestling gets a bad rap all the time, there is still some good things that come out of it.


I came to the office today just to tell you about a remarkable incident that took place last night at out benefit show in Henderson last night for my nephew Dell Henley. Dell is 40 years old and suffered a severe blood stroke in January. He has only a 10% chance of recovering and less than that on ever walking again. Thankfully, he is on his way to a full recovery some day.

The point I am trying to make is with all the negative things that happens in wrestling these days, last nights show was an act of kindness and charity for a very worthy cause. All these wrestlers came to Henderson at there own cost and worked the show for free just to help a young man that in reality they didn't even know.. Wrestling has such a bad rep nowadays, we never hear about stories like this one but we should.

Koko B. Ware did something last night that will forever be remembered not only by me but the entire community in and around Henderson. He came to the ring for his match and he found Dell Henley, the stroke victim. He gave a heart warming speech, saying that everyone in the building could someday be in the same condition as Dell. He said we never know when this could be us. He had his wife come down to ringside and she laid a $20.00 bill on the apron and Koko said he was led to do this and he asked everyone to match his contribution. What happened next was incredible, fans started making there way to ringside and the line went all the way to the entrance. Koko raised an extra $750.00 right there on the spot for this young man. I think a story like this needs to be told and everyone needs to realize that wrestlers are legitimately good people.

Dell and his family would like to thank everyone involved, Kevin White & Brian Christopher was the two that headed this show up, Brian worked hard on this show for the past month and contributed his time and energy to make it a success. Kevin White also did the same. Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Koko B. Ware, Doug Gilbert, Tommy Rich, Cody Melton, Michael Gilbert, Ty Hamilton, Referee Kellen James, Shane Bishop, Patrick Smith, The TSO, Spellbinder, Maxx Corbin, Albino Rhino, Su Yung, Angelina, Veronica Fairchild, Chris Williams, Bert Prentiss, Teddy Tender, Matt Boyce,The Ring Crew, Coach Eads and the entire staff at Chester Co Jr. High, But mostly the fans, without them a event like this would be impossible.

A total of $3855.00 was given to the Henley family.

Garry White

RasslerResults: USWO Nashville, TN 4.17.09

68 attended

Dyron Flynn b Convict

Steven Green & LT Falk b Kevin Dunn & Shawn Hoodrich when Falk pinned Dunn

Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White) b Shane Eden

Psycho Medic b Lee Cross in a "loser gets caned 5 times" match

Chrisjen Hayme b USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey in a non-title match

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe vs Tim Renesto & Saint went to a double countout due to brawling outside the ring.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Wrestlicious!!!

Wrestling News Center Photos of Brian Christopher and Tommy Rich from Minglewood Hall Last NIght!!

Presale for WWE Smackdown and ECW

Friday, April 17
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Tickets will go on sale to the public Saturday at 10 a.m. at, all Ticketmaster locations, the FedExForum Box Office or by phone at 901.525.1515.

Wanna Follow RRO on Twitter??

----I have finally joined the site up with Twitter. It is to follow our tweets. You many follow all the updates via the website or twitter from Spring Breakout 2009 in Newbern, TN Saturday night. I will be tweeting all the results as they happened and they will be updated here on the site.

RassleResults: Memphis Classics Wrestling Memphis, TN 4.16.09

Matt Boyce beat Teddy Tender

King Cobra beat Derrick King

Bill Dundee defeated Don Bass with Hollywood Jimmy

Veronica over Su Yung via DQ. Kevin and Su was double teaming Veronica, Lawler and Renee came to the ring and the next match began with Renee pinning Su Yung.

Koko Ware defeated Kevin White w/ Su Yung.
White and Yung did a beatdown on Koko after the match.

Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher beat Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich.

Credit: SWStudd

---- I was told that the crew was disappointed with 200 people turnout. Almost everyone was in general admission with maybe 25 at ringside $50 prices. I doubt if they will go back…This group also ran Hohenwad, TN again a few weeks and did not draw very well – only about 100…They scheduled for Parsons, TN this upcoming Thursday April 23 and am being told they have close to 600 tickets already sold. That could easily be the biggest gate of the year in this area…Rich looked like a 80 year old man barely being able to walk. Sad, very sad.

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 4.11.09 - Brian Christopher Means Ratings!!

----The second quarter of 2009 has not been good to Memphis Wrestling TV so far. This show finished with just over 11,000 viewers and about 32% lower than normal 2009 averages. The show took a minimal climb for the first two quarters and then lost just a few viewers in the third quarter. But, then close to a 13,000 jump in the 4th Quarter to see Brian Christopher vs Christian. Brian Christopher was not only being the talk of the business this week, but he also means ratings in helping the start to finish number bump up to over 16,000 viewers.

Overall .7 [11339 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Corey opening
-White Interview
-Invader vs Rich [start]
.3 [4859 viewers]

2cnd quarter
-Invader vs Rich [finish]
-Keirn interview.
.6 [9719 viewers] [+4860 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Vikki – int
-Kennedy – int
-Hart vs Lawler
.5 [8099 viewers] [-1620 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Brian C vs Christian
-Lawler fundraiser promo
1.3 [21057 viewers] [+12958 viewers]

Start to finish: [+16198 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??

Zula Patrol/Saved By the Bell 2.0 [32,396 viewers]

Afa The Samoan Works Towards Giving Kids A Wrestling Education!!

----E-mails that I get in my Inbox still shock me. A few weeks back I was surprised to see Afa of the famous Samoans tag team send along a note. Afa wanted me to pass along a few things to my readers. First, is the USOS Foundation. This is a charitable organization that has the main goal of getting kids off the street and getting them into something that will help build their self esteem. He believes that kids that join his wrestling school will have that initiative to stay out of the street and do something good. I think it is a good idea. He will do work as a charity to then provide full paid scholarships to his school. Afa has found a way to not only give back, but a way to make sure the money is going back to putting kids into wrestling.

----Afa also working thru the USOS Foundation has became part of Charity Wines. It pretty much serves the same purpose of making money to provide for kids a wrestling education. The fun thing about these wines are that they are named after famous wrestlers including the Samoans, Haku, Davey Boy Smith, The Iron Sheik, Rocky Johnson, Scott Hall, Samu and more.

----CLICK HERE to read about the USOS Foundation.

----CLICK HERE to read and see how you can get some of the Charity Wines!!

Scott Bowden Talks Brian Chrisopther...

----I got a note via Yahoo messenger from Bowden today telling me to take a look at his recent blog. Scott has a good piece on his thoughts about it. CLICK HERE to read his take on things. And, below is one of my all time favorite Bowden interviews for those guys out there that don't remember him. Yes, the sad thing is, when I mentioned his name to a few people today, they said, "Who??"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coach's Corner "Managers: Two of This Area's Best"

----Managers are not a main focus of wrestling in most of the major promotions. WWE has totally eliminated even using them. This area continues to use guys and girls to manage ringside. Memphis Wrestling was always popular for their managers including Downtown Bruno, Jimmy Hart, Paul E Dangerously and Jimmy Cornette. Since I was one of those guys that managed in this area for five years, I always take note of what the managers are doing around the ring and on the mic. Before I get heat for not mentioning guys like Brian Thompson, Hollywood Jimmy or Garry White in this piece, let it be said that I think those three guys are tops in the area also. But, I just wanted to take some time talking about two of the current best managers in the area and they both work for DCW – Jimmy Tidewell and Rashard Devon.

----As I have stated before, Tidewell is considered a good “hand”. If you didn’t know he was a worker, you probably would wonder what he was doing backstage. He is quite and usually just spends time getting over the angle he wants to do. He is not the kind of the guy that will go into long detail of what is going to happen. On the stuff I have did with him, it is just pretty much, “ is what they want out of us” and nothing else said. Even though I do consider Thompson and Hollywood good talkers, I think I will go out on a limb here and say that Tidewell is the best talker in the area. Why?? There is so much seriousness in his delivery that he is so believable. He doesn’t do many bumps and usually when he says something is going to happen, well it happens. That style reminds me of the Paul E Dangerously character. Paul was a little bit louder, but his character was that if he said something, then it was going to happen and he was not going down. Paul said in an interview with I believe Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter that he was taught to be a manager by the Grand Wizard. His belief was to not bump, make things happen that you say and then in the final stage – babyface sends you packing with a big bump. Tidewell has followed that pattern being a top manager in NBW and jumping to TLCW at one time. At the time his move was considered big news. His character is effective and fans believe in him. If you see him take a major bump and they lay him out or something, then take that as a hint that he is taking time off or going off to another promotion.

----As much as Tidewell is a Paul E Dangerously like character, Rashard Devon is the total opposite. Rashard will admit he is not the best manager on the mic. He relies on comedy and gimmicks to get over this character. Does it work?? Yes, from the moment he comes out with his own personal theme song, the fans are giving him hell. He takes more bumps than any manager in the area even working a match this past weekend at Spring Breakout and getting electrocuted. His character is probably closer to Jimmy Hart than anyone. He does not talk as much, but he will take a beating, a punch, get his pants ripped off and even poop in his pants. Well, at least make the fans think that. Does he lose any of his heat because of all of this? He does not and it is always surprising to see how the fans reacted to him. I have seen two incidents where the fans come over the railing. They hate this guy and they love to watch him get his ass kicked. He maintains his heat by coming back over and over. Much like Jimmy Hart would have “the greatest day of my life” every time after a big beating; Rashard comes out smiling and doing more week after week. I think maybe the fans hate that more than anything. My dad always said, “Be nice to those that don’t like you. They hate that more than anything.” The Rashard Devon character thrives on that. No matter what you do to him – he is coming back and pissing you off.

----The exposure of their characters are not much different in DCW, but when Rashard Devon works MCW then he does becomes the Jimmy Hart of that promotion by going out with all the heels much like Hart had his First Family. I did the same thing during the MSWA days until Miles Long sit me down and said, “If you are going to be the top heel manager against me, then you are only going out once.” He felt that it killed my heat going out with so many people and felt I should be grouped either just with the person he was against [Christian Jacobs at the time]. Miles believed if I was with someone else, they had to be one of the top heels. Tidewell is grouped with just the top heels and follows that philosophy of little is more. His character is that he is “above” all the others [Jimmy Cornette mama money like] in the crowd. Rashard on the other hand comes off as one of the people in the crowd that made himself better – he is now in wrestling and they are sitting ringside. This is much like the Downtown Bruno character that always claimed to be from the street. A great talker Bruno would piss you off making you think – why is this little twerp on TV managing?? The main common factor these two guys do have though is getting heat and keeping it.

----Although these two guys are not seen on TV every week, they continue to draw on the tradition that guys like Jimmy Hart, Downtown Bruno, Jimmy Cornette and Paul E Dangerously brought to this area. It is good to see the art of managing is alive and well.

Photos by Brian Tramel

Upper left: Jimmy Tidewell with Dustin Starr
Lower right: Rashard Devon and Bishop

Brian Christopher vs Bishop - More Opinions of The Fight!!

----After posting the Motley Cruz view, the Kayfabe Board has formed their own opinion on what happened Saturday night. CLICK HERE to read their views and my response!! Feel free to post your own opinions!!

----Dustin Starr over at The Starr Treatment had his take on the whole thing and as he says, "But you may not like what you hear from me." I agree there will be some people that will not agree with what he said. CLICK HERE to read it.

Shows for the Weekend 4.16 to 4.18.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular Shows for The Weekend. Below are some special ones!!

-Memphis Classics Wrestling TONIGHT in Memphis, TN at Minglewood Hall with Brian Christopher [first appearance since fight],Jerry Lawler, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, Su Yung, Kevin White, Garry White, Koko Ware and many more.

-Memphis Classics Wrestling Friday night for a benefit show in Henderson, TN with Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, Doug Gilbert, Kevin White, Su Yung, Garry White, The Spellbinder,Ty Hamilton, Genocide, Matt Boyce, Michael Gilbert, Chris Williams, Patrick Smith, Sugar Shane Bishop, The Regulators and more.. This is a benefit show for a Henderson resident. His name is Dell Henley. Dell suffered a life threatening blood stroke in January. He had a small percentage of even making it a week, but has battled back and he is currently taking extensive therapy which may last for months or even years. This event will be at the Chester Co Jr High.

-NBW presents Spring Breakout 2009 and RRO will be present on Book Tour 2009. The following matches have been signed..

4 Corners Elimination Match for the NBW Heavyweight Title
(C) "Enforcer" Mark Justice vs "Trendsetter" Jon Michael vs "Superman" Jason Reed vs Crazy Train

"Superstar" Bill Dundee & "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs Sarge O'Reilly & Brandon Barbwire

Dog Collar Match
"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK vs Ricky Andrews

Winner Take All - Title 4 Title - Ladder Match
NBW Tag Team Champions Tommy Redneck & John Roberts vs XOW Tag Team Champions Synn & Stunner

3rd Annual Spring Break-Out Battle Royal

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 4.11.09

Dustin Starr comes out to start the show to a crowd of about 80 fans. He says that one week ago, he’s sitting in Houston, TX enjoying VIP treatment from the WWE during Wrestlemania 25, and one week later he’s in Ripley, Tennessee. He says that he had an agreement three weeks ago to come back to the EWE, but he gets a phone call by someone talking about the Elite 8 Tournament last week, where the final two men get to wrestle for a title shot at Mayhem. Starr asks why he wasn’t invited to be involved in the tournament. He says that he checked his e-mail, his twitter, and all around the internet, and he doesn’t understand why he wasn’t invited. He says that it’s ok, because he knows everyone knows who he is and what he’s capable of. He says that if he doesn’t get a shot at the title at Mayhem, he’ll take it. He drops the mic and exits the arena.

Jon Michael comes to the ring, and asks for a table and grabs a chair, and takes a seat in the ring. He says he needs Scott Adams or someone with some pull to come to the ring, and he won’t get out of the ring until someone comes out. Mark Tipton comes into the ring to talk to Jon Michael, but Michael says if he can’t help him to get out of the ring. Tommy Jones comes to try to talk to him, but is also turned away. Commissioner Baker comes to the ring and asks why Michael is in the ring. Baker says that he was not to return until he gets clearance to wrestle again, and that Scott Adams is not in the arena this week. Michael tells Baker to do what he has to do, and to get Adams out here. He says he’s not scared of Adams, and that he’s been sitting at home for weeks with no money, not able to provide for his family, and not being able to get his revenge on Scott Adams. Baker says once again that he cannot allow Michael to wrestle without clearance. Jon Michael says that he knew that would be said, and pulls out a physical waiver that allows him to do what he needs to do to provide for his family. He tells Baker to sign it as Chris O’Neal, Stan Lee and Christian Jacobs come to the ring. Baker says that he needs to review the document, but he still cannot compete until he is 100% cleared. Christian Jacobs and Chris O’Neal try to talk to Michael, saying they know it’s killing him not to be able to wrestle, but he has to think about his health. C.J says that since Michael isn’t clear to compete in a match against Scott Adams, but he sure is. He asks Commissioner Baker for a match with Scott Adams next week. Commissioner Baker thinks for a minute, then announces that it will be Scott Adams vs. Christian Jacobs next week.

J.R. Manson comes to the ring for his match, followed by Tommy Jones. Jones grabs the mic and says that he has a partner that wants a piece of him, and introduces Ty Hamilton. Manson tells Jones that he’s not the only one with friends, and that he has business friends. K.C. Gold comes to ringside to stand in Manson’s corner.

Ty Hamilton def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

After the match, K.C. Gold sit down beside Mark Tipton at the announcers table.

Christian Jacobs [picture above] def. Chad Badd via pinfall.

Stan Lee def. Ike Tucker via pinfall.

Maxx Corbin def. Sean Reed via pinfall.

Kid Nikels def. Cody Melton via pinfall.

Chris O’Neal and Christian Jacobs sit alongside Mark Tipton and K.C. Gold. Gold suddenly has a phone call to make and leaves the table.

The Albino Rhino def. Chad Badd, Eric Wayne and Greg King Jr. in a Four Corners Match via pinfall. By winning the match and representing Genocide, he earns a tag team title shot at Mayhem.

Videos from last week are available at

Credit: Dustin Williams

----Dustin Starr's return posted below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jimmy Hart Loves Wrestlicious Spoof!!

----"The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente messaged me on yahoo this morning to say, "Jimmy told me that he thought that the Wrestlicious parody was fantastic!! He loved it! He appreciated the fact that the guys took so much time doing it." Great to hear the CinaMAXX guys are over with Jimmy Hart. Now if you haven't seen either one of the videos - here they are!!

BT's Friend Has A New Film!!

----Anybody remember that little movie The Wrestler?? I have known associate producer Evan Ginzburg for over 20 years. He just released a new movie that many of you might be interested.

Press Release


It was seven years in the making.

But it’s finally here.

Wrestling- Then & Now- The Movie is a documentary from noted underground film director Dwayne Walker and the Associate Producer of The Wrestler, Evan Ginzburg.
Go on the road with Evan as he talks to the greats of the sport in a film that has something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of “old school”- who better than the late, great Killer Kowalski, Nikolai Volkoff, and Don “Dr. Death” Arnold to show you the ropes as they talk about not only wrestling but their philosophies on life and the extraordinary experiences they’ve had travelling the world?

And if you’re a fan of today’s wrestling, see a young, outspoken Homicide, hardcore icon Lowlife Louis Ramos and indie stars from coast to coast talk about all aspects of the sport: injuries, “the road”, the women’s division, overzealous fans, the ever-present “paying dues,” and much, much more.

Plus one of the casualties of the wrestling game, Tiger Khan, talks about the path he was on- filmed just a few years before his untimely passing at age 33.

It’s a film that takes you deep inside the pro wrestling world- and particularly the real East Coast indie scene.

And for you fans of women’s wrestling, you don’t want to miss the clips of ultra stiff body builder, Kasie Kavanaugh, in her ring debut with former WWE worker Bryan Walsh. This is truly different.

For a taste of the movie check out this You Tube video

Multiple DVD extras add to this great value at only $20.00 including shipping and handling available from Dwayne Walker. Overseas add $3.
Checks/money orders can be sent to:

Dwayne Walker
P.O. Box 2546
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Easy PayPal ordering at:

Whether you’re “old school” or love the wrestling of today, you won’t want to miss Wrestling- Then & Now the movie. Order your copy today.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.11.09

Match 1 Cujo VS Tejano Kid. Winner Tejano
Match 2 John Allen VS J.D. Kerry. Winner J.D. Kerry
Match 3 Lucky VS Reno Diamond. Winner Reno Diamond
Match 4 Irish Dragons VS DH and Stretch. Winner Irish Dragons
Match 5 Acid of the Irish Dragons VS Silas
Match 6 Blalok [pictured] and Mike Anthony VS Pokerface. If Pokerface lost he left RWA
Winner Pokerface.

Tejano Kid Opened the show with his Valet Dangerous Dominique. Tejano came out talking in Spanish this really made the crowd mad. People were yelling all kind of really funny things like speak English this isn’t Texas, go back to Miami and such. Dominique finally took the mic and told the people that her man was the only one worthy of the TV Belt. At this point Cujo came out, as the ref was searching Tejano found a chain, a pair of handcuffs and other items to which Tejano exclaimed OOPS!! Good funny stuff for the beginning of the show. But the two went to war after that the match was good and Cujo is amazing at his size even hit a big dropkick. Tejano would cheat and would get the victory.

John Allen and J.D. Kerry had a big time match each of these two young guys could very well be rookie of the year. Now the Allen brothers are a tag team and both of them could be in the running for rookie of the year. The gimmick they use is really good since they are brothers and not twins they dress alike and keep their heads covered as the do the switch. It didn't work this time and Kerry's time in the ring showed as he over came the switch and got the win. It has been less than a year for Kerry in the ring and he is nothing short of amazing.

Reno Diamond and Lucky was a match that this reporter was not sure of. Reno is without a doubt one of the best in the business in this area. Was not sure about just how long this match would last. Nothing against Lucky because he is a great worker but Reno has been really viscous lately. However Lucky gave Reno a great match but in the end Bull the Manimal who had been feuding with Lucky interfered and Reno won the match.

Irish Dragons(Scott Fury and Logan Fury) VS DH and Stretch. Now I knew the Irish Dragons were a good team but had know idea who DH was I know Stretch has worked in other areas. The Irish Dragons took advantage of DH. He took some really hard shots. Stretch did a good job working the Irish Dragons but in the end it was the Dragons winning. Now to make the matter interesting the Natural Born Playa'z the new RWA tag champs were ring side commentating. The Irish Dragons told them that they(the Playa'z) cheated them in the tournament for if they had not the Dragons could well be the Tag Team Champions. They went as far as telling them they could beat every tag team in the RWA. CCR hit the ring mad that the Dragons said they could beat everyone. Not long after that the Allen brothers hit the ring and the 3 teams were fighting like mad men. They Playa'z calmly got up, their music started and they told the fans they would show them why they are the tag champs. They hit the ring with a chair and wet floor sign and beat down everyone but the Dragons they powdered be for the beating but told the Playa'z they would meet again during the beat down the Playa'z actually helped the Allen brothers then stood beside them raising their hands in triumph. Then turned on them beating them down with the weapons. Really good stuff here good heat and good psychology having the Playa'z show they hate everyone including other heels.

Acid one of the Dragons would take on Silas. These are two very large men and they went after each other. Acid had his brothers at ringside and yes they would play into the match and help their brother get the win.

Main Event. Blalok and Mike Anthony would take on Pokerface, Blalok had the contract signed and Pokerface did not read the contract and so it would be a handicap match and if Pokerface lost the match he had to leave the RWA. The two would work together and this match was no different from any of the matches that Pokerface and Blalok have had. It was physical it was brutal and the fans were treated to a great match. Big moves brutal shots and amazing chain wrestling. These guy's did it all for a good 20 min. Pokerface got the win much to the delight of the fans.

The RWA has taken it to the next level with every match being excellent quality thanks to the training of Rodney Mack. Even after each match Mack is training the guy's letting them know what was good and what they need to work on. But as Reno told this reporter, the only reason he is there and came out of retirement is because it's fun. Dressing room is fun the match's are fun training is fun. Imagine if you will being in a dressing room where all the guy's are having fun while learning and training. Good combination, serious training and fun. 200+ in the building.

Credit: RWAreporter

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brian Christopher Notes

Was it a work or a shoot??

----I have had a few e-mails and phone calls asking me this. First, just to let everyone know – you should know by now – I am not going to post anything as a shoot if it is a work. Who would they be working anyway?? Brian Christopher would be taking a barbwire baseball bat shot to the face backstage at DCW with no cameras present?? The only person he would be working is ME – all that was staged because of RRO?? I don’t think so. Ask any of the guys that were there that night – it was scary as hell and believe me it was a shoot. This also will not be the norm, because as I have said before, if they return to do a match, it was all a work. If they do sign a match between these two in the future for DCW there is still will be no way of knowing whether they are going to get in there to work or they want to go at it again. I think I will be writing about this for a few months to come.


----Welcome to all new visitors and those that have just joined us for the Brian Christopher story. The last three days have seen an increase of 56% in hits [over double normal hits] and Sunday was the biggest day in hits since July of 2007. Thanks to all and I hope you stay for the ride.

The Truth about the Brian Christopher/Bishop Altercation by Motley Cruz

----I wanted to post this from the Kayfabe Board, because a lot you that read the site do not read the board. In my initial report about this fight, I had to go on eyewitnesses for the first part of the deal with TJ. Motley Cruz [pictured] was there for the whole thing and this is how it was seen by him. Cruz and I were there almost side by side during the whole incident and as you can tell, Cruz thought I "bubblegum'ed" it when telling story. I have no reason to "bumblegum" anything about Brian Christopher - ask Brian - I am not one of his favorite people because of things that were written last year about him. I have never been a cheerleader for his actions and actually have been the opposite. Cruz and I were both in the "let them fight" and "Bishop you did nothing wrong" crowd, but after a few days since the event I might be more in the Dustin Starr "Both men were beaten to a pulp by one another. And for what reason? I can’t think of a single good one." crowd. [CLICK HERE to read Dustin's post]

----This all said and done, it also goes to show you that two people watching the same thing - sometimes see things totally different. By the way, thanks to Motley for posting this and thanks for the other night - if it wasn't for him those photos would have never been taken. Also, look for more to be said and written about this situation. I don't really see it ending anytime soon.

I am posting to set the record straight regarding the fight between Bishop and Brian Christopher, since the information on Rasslin Riot is the bubblegum , I am afraid to say something bad about Brian Christopher version.

The issue started after the match between Brian and Seth Knight, which was, by the way, a good match. Brian had issues with the ref TJ, who happens to be related to Bishop, and stiffed the kid in the ring. I give TJ credit because he was man enough to come to the locker room and confront Brian, punching him in the mouth for stiffing him, at which point Brian jumped on TJ, and Bishop stepped in and pulled Brian off and had TJ leave the locker room till everything calmed down, at that point everyone thought the problem was over.

Nothing else happened until Bishop returned to the locker room after a 20 minute match with Rocker, blowed up, and Brian Christopher sucker punched him in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs as he was walking thru the curtain. At that point Bishop speared Brian thru a thick wooden rail and Brian attempted to grab him in a front face lock and laid on top of him knowing that Bishop was blown up from the match, Bishop got out from underneath him and pinned him against the wall by the throat, and gave him a few choice words. Bishop was talked in to letting him go, and as Bishop was walking off, it occured to him that he had been sucker punch in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs and he got pissed off all over again, he then told Brian "your daddy isn't here to save you" and hit Brian in the face with a barbwired baseball bat (smaller than mine) and proceeded to beat his ass with his fist, until Brian was able to get on top and lay on Bishop again, bleeding like crazy from his face. They were again broke up, Bishop was still mad about being sucker punched in the mouth with a pair of handcuffs and went to his bag to get something to hit Brian. The two squared off again, Brian hit Bishop square in the face and did not budge Bishop, and Bishop was back on Brian beating the hell out of him again. Brian was again able to work his way on top and lay on Bishop, Dustin Starr walked over wiped the blood off Brian's face and pleaded for them to stop fighting, they finally seperated and that was the end of the fight.

Fights have been happening in locker rooms for longer than I have been in the business, this one was no different than any other, I have seen a lot worse. Brian was wrong for sucker punching someone, and Bishop put him in his place, and let him know he was the wrong mother f***er to sucker punch.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.11.09

56 attended

Anthony Wayne b Crusher Jones

Harold Knoght b Lightning Bolt Kid in a submission match

Antonio Cathey b Mason Conrad

Psycho Medic b Convict

Aiden Scott b AM Vision

Steven Green & Cody Weatherby b Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon and Kid Dynamite & Chris Norte when both pinned Dixon

LT Falk b James "Fluffy" Duncan in a fan lumberjack match

TJ Weatherby & Calypso b Damien Payne & Kevin James when Weatherby pinned James

NWA Cyberslam taping for 4/18 has been postponed until May

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

New SAW episode up featuring local talent!!

For immediate release:

Episode 84 of Showtime All-Star Wrestling is now available online at Episode 84 features the first round of the SAW Tag Team Title Tournament, with appearances by Raven, Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, David Young, Flash Flanagan, and Derrick King, among others.

For more information on SAW, or to view past episodes , please check out

Monday, April 13, 2009

CinaMaxx presents "Wrestlicious"

----The guys at EWE are at it again. This might be best one yet.

Arena Report: DCW Spring Breakout 2009 Dyersburg, TN 4.11.09

----Not sure how you categorize a show that goes 4 hours with over 10 matches with more drama backstage [CLICK HERE to read story] and surrounding the show than the actual show it’s self. Overall the show was not good. Too long with some storylines that made you ask “why” more than say “wow”. All and all it was an eventful night and I was happy that RRO was there to cover it. As I was walking into the dressing after the main event, I was told “We were just talking about how lucky you were to be here tonight.” Funny at that point of the evening I was glad I was there for the scoop, but about to pull rest of my hair out because of the show. I think I will not do the show justice if I don’t cover the whole package here – the gossip, the news and my opinion.


----Earlier in the week I got a call that NBW was tearing down posters of the DCW show and replacing them with their own posters. Sandra Walker, who is the boss lady of DCW, and Jeff McDonald of NBW [owner] are brother/sister. The split that made DCW the show in Dyersburg and the NBW moving to Newbern , TN has caused bad feeling that go deeper than just a wrestling show. Each promotion had their own story and unless I was actually there, then I am not sure what happened, but here is how it goes from both sides. Jeremy Moore found a poster covered up of NBW, so in return covered the DCW up with one of his posters. He then did the same thing at the local Hastings [I actually seen the NBW poster folded up behind the DCW poster there] because they had done the same thing to him. DCW says NBW were just tearing down posters and replacing them with NBW. Maybe they were or maybe not?? As I said, I was not there, but Moore did admit to doing the two incidents above and as I said – this goes deeper than just wrestling. I was asked to do an interview with Sandra at the show, but after everything that was going on I never got the opportunity to do so. I also had decided driving to the show that I felt this site would not really benefit from a family feud of sorts and I would just present the allegations.

----The main event of the evening was supposed to be the showdown of Kilo vs Derrick King. Kilo was a no show. I talked with various people on this and it seems that Kilo was having some personal problems and he asked for some time off to fix them. Apparently sometime this week he had posted on his about him fixing his marriage, but as of this morning it states, "happily married going on 11 years", so I hope all is cleared up and we will see Kilo back in the ring soon.

----Allen Walker walked out and showed up at NBW. Walker was asked to take bumps in the Brian Christopher vs Seth Knight bout due to the fact they have been running an angle with Walker costing Knight matches. The set up was supposed to be Brian beating up Walker [instead of the ref] and turning him babyface for a future show. Apparently he didn’t want to do it and Derrick King had some choice words for him. He ended up walking out and showed up later at NBW looking for a job.


----“Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Tully] opened the show by defeating “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] in a quick bout where announcer Richard Marx put over the fact that it was 2007 Tag Team of the Year [actually MVP Tag Team of the Year] vs 2008 Tag Team of the Year. Basic hold for hold with Douglas finally putting BLS in the heel role. Heat was on Tully with hot tag to Rude. Tully shitcanned Robbie. They used the 3-D on AJ for the pin and win. Nothing real bad, nothing real good. [**]

----Weezy/Rockin Randy beat Big Red/Tim Edwards to become the new DCW Tag Team Champions in Tourny Final. Both teams were pretty much heel with Edwards/Red settling down in the heel role putting heat on Weezy. Nothing wrong with the bout, but it didn’t come off as being “special” even though it was a tag title bout. Red/Edwards are so much bigger than Weezy/Randy also. Randy took a crazy bump from a Red backdrop sending him over the top rope to the floor. Smart finish as they went back to a hot tag from Randy with Red backdropping him again over the rope, but Randy catching himself on the ring apron. Edwards was going for the “redrum” and Weezy was holding onto the ropes as Randy superkicked him for the pin and win. [**]

----Flash Flanagan beat Flex. Flex got a good reaction. Slow bout with total perfect psychology. Flex hasn’t been in the ring a lot and looked a bit slow, but Flash did a good job carrying the bout. Flex hit a nice powerslam with Flash coming out of the turnbuckle. Heat on Flex with hope spots here and there. Crowd was into the bout. Flex hit a FU catching Flash out of turnbuckle leap. Near fall. Flex hit a flying press off the ropes, which Flash rolled into landing into the ropes [ref not seeing] as he pinned Flex. [**]

----At this point in the show, the wrestling was good with nothing special happening. Just your basic psychology and it all seem to be building for something big. It really never did pay off. The wrestling did get a little better after the next bout, but with the show running so late, the crowd was lackluster. It was 9:20 PM [started at 8:00] and the 4th match was about to start.

----The rapper that sings Rashard Devon’s theme song came out and rapped a sizong. He then went backstage and came back out with Devon for the next bout. Rashard Devon beat Richard Marx in a horrible bout. I guess it was not so bad for a manager and a ring announcer. The funny thing was that the crowd was into it from almost the start. Heat started when it looked like Marx had pulled his groin or something. Marx had some bad punches. After a ref bump [which looked horrible] Coco aka Antonio Anderson in drag jumped out of the crowd to help Marx. Coco hit a nice big boot. Bishop ended up knocking Marx down and putting Rashard on him for the win. Chris Rocker made the save after the bout. Both guys were working hard, but overall it was a horrible match. But….crowd got into Marx and Rashard keeps his heat. [DUD]

----Motley Cruz beat Justin Smart. Another so so bout with not anything major wrong, except an attempt arm drag that went wrong at the front. Heat on Smart with Smart coming out hitting a blockbuster, but Cruz kicking out. Smart went for a “Sliced Bread #2”, but Cruz reversed it into a driver for the win. [**]

----At this point it is 10:20 PM and the crowd is ready for the 6th bout. Who would have thought that Seth Knight and Brian Christopher would come out and have the best bout of the night??

---- Seth Knight beat Brian Christopher. Christopher, who is usually a big babyface in this area, came out to a decent pop. Within 30 seconds of having the mic though he was a heel. He said something about being in Ripley , TN [which he blamed on the ho that brought him to the show] He then called Seth – “Joseph”, which I guess is because he didn’t know his name. It started out a slow pace – doing variations of the “ Tennessee spot” back and forth. Bout was solid and crowd was into it. Brian had his working shoes on. Brian was hiding the chain [Ghost of Don Bass] and using it to keep the heat going. Knight moved out of the way as Brian was running into the corner and Brian went straddling the second turnbuckle. [Ghost of Reggie B Fine]. Seth had decent comeback doing the 10 punch spot out of the corner. Brian went to use the chain again, but the ref caught him and then Seth rolled him up for the win and a big pop. Brain C sit in the ring crying about losing and beat up the ref after the match. CLICK HERE to read story. [***1/4]

----Dustin Starr with Jimmy Tidewell beat The “Baron” Malkavain with Angelina in a Coffin Match. Starr was clearly a heel, but got a “star” reaction coming out. The fans here look at him as a step above some of the established talent and give him respect. Malkavain also got a nice pop coming out and the fans like him. This was not a wrestling match - just pretty much a brawl at first going into the crowd and then them working on spots towards the coffin. Malkavain took a nasty bump as Starr backdropped him over the top rope and he fell onto the coffin [it was ringside on a table] and he bump to the floor. The coffin then flipped over onto him and it was lucky it landed almost perfect on him. Starr had him almost beat at this point, but Baron spit blood in Starr’s face. The coffin took a horrible beating ending up in six parts with them doing different spots with it. Finish could be seen a mile away as Angelina turned on the Baron and went back to Starr nut shotting him and Starr putting him in the coffin. Starr left with Angelina in his arms. Not a great WRESTLING match, but with reactions, storyline and crazy brawling bumps, this was the second best bout on the show. [***]

----Chris Rocker beat Bishop with Rashard Devon to become the new DCW Champion. This was a No DQ match with solid work from everyone, but at 11:20 PM the crowd was almost half gone. Creative finish with Rashard bringing in a fish bowl and Bishop put Rocker’s hand in it. Rashard was going to use the tazer on Rocker, but Rocker reversed it sending the water all over Rashard and Rashard selling the shocking. Rocker hit a frog splash to pin Bishop for the win. [**]

----Main event goes into the ring at 11:35 PM with all the action going on behind the scenes with Bishop/Brian C. This was really overall three matches, but more of an extended storyline/angle.

-Kilo’s music played, but Kilo never came out. Shannon Lee came out to a big pop. Lee worked his ass off and looked good. 3 minutes into it, DK wins with a superkick.

-Tatt2 then comes out to work DK. Good solid bout going longer. DK worked on Tatt2’s leg. Tatt2 comeback with DK ending up pinning Tatt2,

-DK announces he is “three time Wrestler of the Year and no one can beat him” and then Seth Knight’s music plays. Knight comes in on fire. Dustin Starr comes out and tries to interfere and it backfires as Knight pins DK for the win. The 50% of the crowd left went home happy!!

[***] for the whole three bouts and presentation. This was a good push for Knight putting him in the spotlight as the top babyface beating Christopher and DK. They teased Starr/DK split, but they hugged at the end. Time 11:59 PM.


----Rude was just coming off hip surgery and Robbie Douglas had various injuries from his MMA debut loss. I was told he didn’t look bad against an experience fighter, but ended up hurting his wrist and muscles in his back…Brian Steele did announcing some of the night and did a good job…Why was Coco in a dress?? Rashard/Marx was really bad, but probably had the most reaction up to that point of the show. Crowd was dead after the bout during the Cruz/Smart bout… Former LAW founder with Brian Thompson/Jeff O’Dell - Kelly Warner was backstage and I had long talk with him. I should have an update on his story within a few weeks…The “Ghost” references is just me trying to get over a move like the “Ghost of Andy Kaufman”, but I am being told by reliable sources that you can only name a move “Ghost” if the guy is dead. Sorry…It really didn’t make sense to me that Brian C beat up the ref after the match and apparently no one told TJ he was going to do it either. But, if Allen Walker would have done as he was asked, then maybe none of the aftermath would have happened...Coffin Match started at 10:49 PM and you got to give those two guys credit for keeping the crowd and putting on a good match. A major snafu when it came to Malkavain spitting blood. Vampires do not spit blood!!! I am all about secret red ninja vampire venom mist or something, but with the popularity of vampires right now, no one is going to put over the fact of spitting blood…I was guessing on the booking at putting Lee in the main event, but it worked and it might have been better if the show was not so long…Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs were backstage.


----Show was way too long and it loses the total effect as it goes on and on. They did establish a brand new top babyface in Seth Knight. Hopefully he will run with the ball and make this a good year for himself. Is the Malkavain/Starr feud still on?? It has a new chapter with Angelina turning back, but not sure if they are going in that direction or not?? Can Rashard return from being electrocuted?? Rashard is the kind of manager that takes A LOT to kill his heat. He was involved in the normal bad manager vs announcer bout and still had heat. Will Bishop return to try to get back the title or will they set up Rocker vs a new contender?? Weezy/Randy are hard to take serious as tag champs especially against big guys like Edwards/Red. I would like to see Weezy/Randy in a feud with a small babyface team getting over both teams. The show did nothing to help Shannon Lee, Tatt2, Smart or Cruz. Flash is headed to RWA. Flex, BLS and NBN were there just for the big show feel.

----Can you use Brian Christopher again after all of this?? Could you try to work an angle out of this, even though only the people that read this site know what happened?? Angles off of web sites have not ever worked not even with stuff from You are pigeon holing yourself targeting a hardcore audience that wants to see if Bishop/Brian would fight for REAL. Who says they wouldn’t though?? And the idea of whether they might shoot in the match would at least peak interest with me to attend the match. Brian took a bad beating last night, but it all came to a stop when he would grab Bishop in the front facelock. Not saying anything bad about Bishop here, because many of men have tapped to a front facelock. If I was a promoter, would I have a hard time using Brian? They drew 150 people in the building, which was a 40% increase in attendance and with a $7 ticket price a 57% increase at the gate, but was it because of Brian or because of DK vs Kilo?? Is any of it worth the problems that Brian causes backstage?? He had recently been “acting right” backstage. He was also doing ok backstage all night up until TJ being upset. I hate it that he went out and had the best match on the card, but because of some majorly backstage bullshit that no one wants to use him. Well..believe me..not sure if DCW will use him again, but there will be promoters out there taking chances at using him and I will continue writing this story over and over, unless he corrects his problems.

----I would like to finish this up with a thanks to all the cast and crew of DCW. This was one hell of a crazy night and everyone showed me upmost respect even Brian Christopher and Bishop for letting me shoot the photos. Thanks!!!

Photos by Brian Tramel

Left top: Seth Knight
Right top: NBN, BLS, Angelina and Flex
Left corner bottom: Motley Cruz, Flash Flanagan, Weezy/Rockin Randy and Brian Christopher
Right bottom: Dustin Starr and Jimmy Tidewell with coffin

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.11.09

The night began with Rickey Rowland welcoming everyone to the Valiant Arena and the playing of our national anthem. After which Commissioner Terrence Ward would take to the ring and give a brief speech on the beginning of the ASWF and its 10 year history. He then called out all the wrestlers from the back to come and surround the ring. He announced that tonight another name would be added to the ASWF Hall of Fame. He stated that this person was at the very first ASWF show in 1999 and built the first ring used by the company. He named “Hot Rod” John Ellison as that inductee. Ellison would take to the ring and thank the ASWF and the fans for their support over the years.

1st Match: Tag Team Match

Cason McClain/Dre Dread vs. The Beach Bums (Kaliki/Mark Wolfe)

This match would begin as an adrenaline fueled match between these two teams. The Beach Bums would prove to be no match for the strength and shear brutality of Dre and McClain. Dre would end the match by pining his opponent to gain the win.

A surprise was lurking just before the second match was about to begin. Brian Thompson along with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony (Midnight Gold) would take to the ring and call out Casino. They would state that they signed a contract to wrestle Casino and Tim Hanson. Casino stated that Hanson was not here and that he thought Midnight Gold might have something to do with it. Thompson stated that they would let Casino choose a tag team partner from anybody from the back. Casino came back with a partner, but not one that Midnight Gold wanted to see. Thompson stated that Austin Lane was not an employee of ASWF and they would not face him in a match. Commissioner Ward would tell Midnight Gold that Austin’s contract was valid as of tonight and would tell Thompson that they would face Casino and Austin tonight in the feature match of the night.

2nd Match: European Championship Match

Cody Murdoch (C) vs. Christopher Lee

After last weeks match between these two superstars, Lee was itching for a rematch for the title. Last week Murdoch would use a chain to be DQ by the referee allowing him to retain the title. Murdoch would be the dominate force to deal with in this match. He would eventually land the flatbed on Lee and both would be knocked out. By the count of 9 they would both be back on their feet and outside the ring. The referee would finally count to ten and declare a draw. Commissioner Ward, just like the fans, was tired of seeing Murdoch get away his title unfairly. He would restart the match and declare that their must be a winner. Lee would catch Murdoch off guard and get the pin. Lee would be the new European Champion.

3rd Match: One Fall

Kid J and Lil’ Devil

This was a match you could not turn your eyes off of. Both wrestlers would put on a good match until “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams would run to the ring and start attacking Kid J until backup arrived. Kid J would win by DQ.

4th Match: Tag Team Championship Match

Johnny Hawk/Caleb King (C) vs. Demon X/Hot Rod John Ellison

What a match this was. Caleb King and Johnny Hawk would be up to no good as usual. During the match Ellison would walk out of the match, leaving Demon X to defend himself against two opponents. Thankfully Johnny Harper would come out to save Demon X, but would get beaten up in the process. Caleb King and Johnny Hawk would walk away victorious. After the match Harper would challenge King and Hawk to a match against himself and Demon X next week for the titles.

5th Match: Tag Team Match

Midnight Gold (Beautiful Bobby Eaton/Golden Boy Greg Anthony) with Brian Thompson vs. Casino/Austin Lane

This match was non stop. Casino and Austin would show great determination in this match against one of the most formidable tag teams in the Mid-South. Brian Thompson would try his best to put the odds in favor of Midnight Gold. However, Casino and Austin would get the last laugh when Casino would get the pin. After the match Midnight Gold would handcuff Casino to the rope and begin to whip Austin with Thompson’s belt. Nikki Lane, Austin’s wife, would come in between Midnight Gold but would get a taste of pain. Casino was finally set free of the handcuffs by referee Richard Tindall. Austin stated that they were dead men when they came back to Tuckerman.

6th Match: ASWF Heavyweight Title Match

Tommy Wayne (C) vs. Cody Only

If you were to describe this match with one word it would be RESPECT. Both Tommy and Cody would show more respect in this match than any other you have ever seen. Control of the match would exchange pretty regularly in this match. But in the end Tommy would retain his title and both superstars would raise each others hands in a match well done.

7th Match: X-Division TLC Match

Ray Ray (C) vs. X-Kaliber vs. Morgan Williams vs. Regulator vs. Kid Krazzy vs. Idol Bane

This match was truly an action packed, adrenaline fueled, thrill ride of a match. Action was in, outside, near the ceiling, and on the floor of the ring and arena. Ray would be tossed off the top of the ladder trying to grasp for his title but was knocked off hitting the floor, once by X-Kaliber and once by Idol Bane. Kid Krazzy would be dropped from the ladder onto wooden door that was suspended by the edge of the security rail and the side of the ring. Every superstar defiantly put in their 110% of work in this main event. Just at the end of the match Ray would finally get back to the ladder, with the carnage of the other superstars all around him, Morgan would try to pull him down. When he did, he didn’t realize that Ray had the title in his hand and would win this brutal match.

ASWF would also like to thank all of those who have supported them in the last 10 years. Whether you were a wrestler, referee, or fan your dedication and interest in wrestling has made the ASWF what it is today. Thanks for 10 years and we hope to be around 10 more!

A special congratulations to "Hot Rod" John Ellison for induction to the ASWF Hall of Fame.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----260 in the crowd...I was told that everyone enjoyed “Midnight Gold” and they “tore down the house” in their debut. What is up with that jacket in the pic above that TGB is wearing?? TGB really has that 80s look going...I also got word that an angle starting this week will lead up to Derrick King vs Austin Lane over the idea their ranking in the RRO Yearbook 2008.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 4.11.09

Show started with XOW coming to the ring. Sarge talked about injuring himself in Mississippi last weekend and was wearing a medical boot. Sarge said even though he was hurt, he was still in the giving mood and told all the people in the arena that he had a big surprise for them. That they weren't going to have to wait until next week because on their way back from Mississippi, they stopped by the Jackson, TN retirement home and picked up Bill Dundee and brought him there for everyone to see. Suicide then proceeds to push "Bill Dundee" (Bill Russ) out to the ring in a wheelchair."Bill" then told everyone that Sarge was his favorite and the toughest wrestler he has ever known and told everyone in the arena that they could have their picture taken with him for only $40. Commissioner Tim Davis came out and told XOW that they were barking up the wrong tree if they think that making fun of the "Superstar" was going to fly and that the real Bill Dundee had sent in an interview earlier in the week and he wanted everyone to hear what he had to say.

Dundee interview plays with him telling all the people in the arena that he has had to fight being small all his life and has always been called old and a midget, but come next week he is going to rip Sarge and Brandon a new one and he cant wait to see everyone. Davis leaves the ring, then Sarge tells everyone that the XOW Tag champs are defending tonight against Redneck & Roberts. They come out to the ring but are met by all the members of XOW and threw in the ring for a beat down. Gaylon Ray runs out for the save and it is now turned into a 6 man tag.

Uncle Felton won a 6 man Over the top rope Battle Royal by last eliminating Suicide.
(match also included Norrin Radd, Christian Morrikami, Redman & Buckwheat)

"One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Ozwick the Clown after a "Detonator"
after the match, Tank called out Tim Davis and told him to get Ricky Andrews out there because they had some business to attend to. Andrews came to the ring to a very loud ovation. Davis explains the rules of the Dog Collar match to the fans and to both men inside the ring and tells them that this is one of the mot brutal matches in wrestling. He then told both men that after they sign this contract, there is a no contact order in affect, and if either one of them breaks it, the match is off. Both Tank & Ricky sign the document and the match is made official.

Gaylon Ray & NBW Tag Team Champions Tommy Redneck & John Roberts defeated Jason the Brain & XOW Tag Team Champions Synn & Stunner. A ladder and a chair was brought into the ring in this match and the referee, against better judgment, let it continue given the bad blood between XOW and everyone else. Synn was on the top rung of the ladder when Roberts & Redneck went after him and delivered a double back suplex from the top and made the pin.
after the match Tim Davis came back out and told everyone that since they like using ladders and stuff so much, that next week, in the Winner Takes All Match, it would now be contested under a Ladder Match.

Brandon Barbwire defeated The Kid to retain the High Risk Title

Crazy Train & "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated Sarge & Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice by DQ when XOW interfered. XOW was beating on Train & Moore when the lockeroom emptied with all the other faces coming to make the save, but, XOW got the upper hand and continued the beat down to end the show.

So Next Week At Spring Break-Out, The Matches That Have Been Signed...

4 Corners Elimination Match for the NBW Heavyweight Title
(C) "Enforcer" Mark Justice vs "Trendsetter" Jon Michael vs "Superman" Jason Reed vs Crazy Train

"Superstar" Bill Dundee & "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs Sarge o'Reily & Brandon Barbwire

Dog Collar Match
"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK vs Ricky Andrews

Winner Take All - Title 4 Title - Ladder Match
NBW Tag Team Champions Tommy Redneck & John Roberts vs XOW Tag Team Champions Synn & Stunner

3rd Annual Spring Break-Out Battle Royal

and much more

Plus a live band, RFM

Notes: Close to 90 in the building.
Buckwheat got busted the hard way during him elimination from the battle royal when he came down head first on the concrete. He required stitches.
Ricky Andrews got the babyface pop of the night. The reaction was deafening.
Very Hot crowd and they are ready for the big event next week.
XOW continues to be the most hated there with Tank running a close second. The crowd really hates him for what he has done to Andrews and his family.
Jon Michael was there earlier in the day to cut a promo for NBW's website and Jason Reed was backstage.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.11.09

AC Styles def. Johnny Superstar

Al Qaeda def. Boogieman Scream

Chico Mendoza wrestled Azrael to a no contest when Bobby The Butcherman interfered

Hardknocks Hooligan def. Criss Braggs

Hotrod’s Rumble Challenge
Frankie Tucker def. Johnny Superstar in Final to become the #1 contender to the TIWF/AIWF Midsouth Cyberzone Title

Tag Team Title Match
Perfect Weapons def. Hard Justice to win the Tag Team Titles
After the match the Weapons unmasked and it was the New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Way Cool)

• Notes:
• Attendance:159
• Rasslin Riot Online will be at the 4-25-09 show
• MSWA reunion show 4-26-09 at the Showplex Arena @ 2:15 pm
• TIWF in action 4-30-09 Trenton Teapot Festival at the The Showplex Arena
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Saturday 5-2-09.
• Announcers: Hotrod, Drew Magruder
• Referees: Danny Williams

Credit: Steven Hunter

Sunday, April 12, 2009

RassleResults: MSW Booneville, AR 4.11.09

Mid-South Wrestling
Booneville, AR
National Guard Armory

1) "The New Age Superstar" Gram Gram pinned Max McGuirk after hitting the Gram Cracker Crunch.

2) "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan (with Boyd Bradford) beat Dustin Anderson with the Oklahoma Stampede.

3) "The Psychotic One" Ellis B. Hall beat The Medic with the Iron Claw.

4) Wes Robinson pinned Matt Riviera [pictured] with a school boy. Post match saw Jeff Jett slide in the ring and hit Robinson with a chair. Riviera nailed him with a chair shot as well and then they hit a double suplex. The Atomic Dogg made the save.

5) Ravishing Rich Rude pinned "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington after catching him in mid-air for a powerslam. Impressive finish.

6) Mark Johnson beat "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan (with Boyd Bradford) in a grudge match.

7) Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat The Atomic Dogg & "The New Age Superstar" Gram Gram when Jett pinned Dogg. Finish saw the heat on Gram. Gram hit the Gram Cracker Crunch on Riviera. Double down. Hot tag to Dogg and the place goes nuts. Riviera feeds in for a spinebuster and powders to the floor. Gram hits a plancha on Riviera and beats his brains out. In the ring, Dogg hits the Dogg Catcher on Jeff. Manager Boyd Bradford runs out and tosses Dogg brass knuckles. Dogg turns and Jett nails him and pins him. Riviera and Jett crawl away with the tag belts. Bradford wants to sign Reckage & Romance, but they will have none of it and Dogg grabs Bradford. He hits a death valley driver on Bradford and Gram counts 3 to send the people home happy.

Good show that saw a guest appearance by Bill Ash and former WWE ring announcer Mike McGuirk was in attendance to watch Max. She looked great! Near packed house with 220 in attendance.

Brian Christopher - Fight Backstage Bigger News Than Spring Breakout!!

----In the ring after his match with Seth Knight at DCW in Dyersburg, TN, Brian Christopher [heel tonight] called out Referee TJ because Knight had pinned him. Brian ended up hitting TJ a few times in the nuts and leaving. Apparently backstage TJ was upset and said that Brian was stiff. They were having words when apparently it went to blows with Christopher taking the advantage. Eyewitnesses then said that Bishop put Brian Christopher in a chokehold from behind and the boys pulled them apart.

----After Bishop finished his match, he walked back into the dressing room. [thinking everything was ok] and Brian blindsided him with a pair of handcuffs. At that point they went at it again and were fighting on the floor and people separated them.

----The next thing that happened was that they kept yelling at each other and Bishop ended up with a barbwire baseball bat hitting Brian in the face with it. And they went back down on the ground. Brian C was bleeding bad at this point. Brian put Bishop in a front facelock and then let him up after Bishop told him what he hit him with. They went face to face and finally backed off

----At this point it was believed to have been stopped, but then Bishop came back towards Brian yelling and telling him that “Your daddy can’t save you this time.” Guys were holding Bishop back and then finally just let him loose. Then they were staring each other down again when Brian punched Bishop and Bishop punched back. They went at it again with them ending up with both Brian and Bishop on their knees with Bishop in a front facelock again. Dustin Starr went over to ask them both to call it quits. Brian was bleeding bad at this point.

----By the time the show was over, Brian and Bishop were talking it over. I would not be surprised to see an angle out of it. That is when these photos were snapped. You can tell both guys had some lacerations, but Brian was a little "worse for wear" with his face puffy where the barbwire bat hit him. Brian was actually seen just a few moments ago in Perkins with Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs still in gimmick and bleeding.

----I will have the full report of the 4 hour show tomorrow with opinion of the matches along with other news coming out of the show.