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----I will be trying my best to tweet the results tonight. I am hoping we don't end up in another DEAD ZONE!! You can follow me right on the site or twitter/@rronews.

A Piece of my Mind April 25th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

When I was growing up in Yonkers, N.Y., wrestling was on WOR TV-Channel 9. You could also see it on the Spanish speaking station Channel 47. It was on that station that I got to see Florida Championship Wrestling. I didn’t know much about “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes but he was clearly "the man" in The Sunshine State. One week I saw a man called Mr. Florida and I really liked his style. I had no idea who he was but one day he told Gordon Solie the FCW commentator that if the people knew who he was they would be very disappointed. It didn’t help me at all to decipher his identity. There was one given week when he was wrestling The Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) who was managed by Sir Oliver Humperdink. It was at some point during the match that Sir Oliver Humperdink handed a lit cigar to Super Destroyer who proceeded to shove it in the eye of Mr. Florida. I never figured out who Mr.Florida was and in those days there were no internet sheets or sources to stooge off the information.

At some point in the future I heard a voice doing interviews on Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. I knew the voice ... it was Mr. Florida live and in color but only there was no mask. It was Paul Jones who was a heel for Jim Crockett Promotions. It was the same Paul Jones that was a huge heel previously in Florida. He had run a program with Jack Brisco that made the state take notice. One night he threw the Florida Heavyweight Championship belt into the ocean. I believe it was even covered by the local news. It’s no wonder that he said if the people knew who he was they would be disappointed.

I bring up the story of Mr. Florida because it leads into the indy show that I was at promoted by I never saw the original Mr. Florida Paul Jones wrestle or even wear the Mr. Florida hood. I did get to work with Paul Jones on numerous occasions and consider him a friend. I always talked to him about his time as Mr. Florida and was glad for the chance to hear the stories.

What I did see at the show held at the old Charlotte Park Center was a huge Paul Jones fan George South wearing that original hood. If you don’t know George South he was the old tag team partner of my friend Gorgeous Gary Royal. They were “The Cruel Connection” famous WTBS enhancement guys, they were The Gladiators the team that got beat to allow the Mulkey’s in to the Crockett Cup tournament. He was also the wrestler that went two segments with Ric Flair when he was the World Champion on WTBS. On this night George was going to tag up with another legendary masked man The Masked Superstar. The Superstar was always one of my personal favorites. I was actually the first one to greet him when he arrived in Allentown for TV tapings when I first got in the business. He was also a sometimes partner of the man that stuck the cigar in Mr. Florida’s eye The Super Destroyer.

On Friday night April 10th they were going to face off against the team of Reid and David Flair managed by their father “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. It had to be a great experience for the younger Flairs to be in with two such skilled veteran’s one who has headlined all over the world. The other, a longtime journeyman, as skilled any main event star that ever put on the tights. If I was them at this stage in their career I would have been nervous but anxious at the same time.

I had driven up that night with my old tag team partner Carolina’s Own David Isley. We knew that also on the card that night would be our buddy Ricky Steamboat Jr. I had gotten a call from Ricky Steamboat earlier in the day and so did David. We were going to meet up there at the show and watch Ricky work. It was kind of like old home night seeing guys like long time NWA referee Tommy Young. Another guy that was there was Al Mandel and his wife. Al is a guy that you would always see at shows. Stuff like that made a lot of memories start to stir. I do know Al is a very strong supporter of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

In the Steamboat match a freak injury happened where he was run into the post. There was a piece of metal sticking out of the post that went right into his arm. I believe that it took about fifteen stitches to close it up. We were back at the Charlotte Park Center a whole lot of my life flashed before my eyes that night. I am sure for guys like Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat and Tommy Young the same thing happened as well.

Btw dont forget to watch Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in his first singles match in probably fifteen years against Chris Jericho. I believe that Steamboat will be bringing all that he has. It's to bad its not Flair vs Steamboat but thats ok Jericho is a good replacement.

This is a photo of Reid and David Flair taken before their match with the Nasty Boys on Dec 5th. This was the match refereed by Hulk Hogan with Ric Flair and The Nasty Boys in the respective corners.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 4.24.09

43 attended

Shawn Hoodrich b Dyron Flynn

Josh Hendrix b Kevin Dunn

White Tiger b James "Fluffy" Duncan by DQ when Duncan used knux on Tiger

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Chris Cane

Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White) b Shane Eden and Derrick Neal in a 3-way elimination match to win the USWO Championship, first pinning Eden then pinning Neal

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne vs Tim Renesto & Saint went to a no contest after Crowe hit ref Psycho Medic with a chair

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RassleResults: USA - Memphis Wrestling Parsons, TN 4.23.09 -Biggest Crowd EVER in Parsons!!

Ty Hamilton beat Shane Williams

Matt Boyce defeated Teddy Tender

Brian Christopher defeated Kevin White

Koko B. Ware beat Shane Williams. ( Doug Gilbert no showed)

Jerry Lawler beat Bill Dundee [pictured]
This was billed as their 400th match. Bill won 200, Lawler won 199, so everyone knew Lawler would win.

Credit: SWStudd

----681 tickest was sold with 525 in the building. A lot of businesses bought tickets to help the schools and some didn't show up but this was the largest crowd so far this year...This is the biggest crowd I have ever heard of for this town. I even worked one night in Parsons - Coach BT vs Crown Prince - and it didn't even draw this well. LOL..Every show nothing changes - same matches - same results. I was told the crowd was into it...Ty Hamilton is from Parsons, he went to school at Riverside High, where this event was held so he got the best pop of the night. Michael Gilbert, Ty Hamilton, Cody Melton will be working shows for Bert this weekend in middle TN.

Photo by Allen Walker

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 4.18.09 - WORST RATING EVER!!!

----Memphis Wrestling scored a whopping...0.0...yes, you read that right. There was not enough people watching the show to even meter it. On October 25, 2008 the show scored the lowest ratings since the start of the site with a .1 [1621 viewers], which actually was the 1st quarter doing a .4 and rest of the quarters doing nothing. This past Saturday, the show did less than 1621 viewers each quarter. Sad news for Memphis Wrestling, who are trying their best to promote shows in the area. Wrestlers being on Memphis TV mean NOTHING now!! The 2cnd quarter of the year may finish as the WORST QUARTER EVER!!

1st Quarter

-Minglewood Hall video

-Edge/Christian vs Hotty/Brian

2cnd Quarter

-TK2 vs Posse

-R&R vs Grapplers [start]

3rd Quarter

-R&R vs Grapplers [finish]

-Hennig vs Lawler [start]

4th Quarter

-Hennig vs Lawler [finish]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.3 [21058 viewers]

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NBW Video of Laddar Match from "Spring Breakout 2009"

Credit: XOW Wrestling @

Shows for The Weekend 4.24 and 4.25.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule of events. Listed below is a big show in Dover, AR for this weekend. Also, remember "On the Road with RRO" this weekend with Book Tour 2009 @ TWIF in Trenton, TN.

The Dover After Prom presents...
Mid-South Wrestling
Saturday April 25, 2009
Dover, AR
High School Gym

Bell Time: 7:30 P.M.

7 BIG Matches in all...

-Main Event-
Dover Street Fight!
International Title IS on the line...
The Atomic Dogg
Prince Al Farat

-Semi-Main Event-
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match
Reckage & Romance (champions)
Max McGuirk & Brandon Groom

-Grudge Match-
If Jonnson wins, he gets 5-minutes with
Bradford. If Sweetan wins, Johnson must
bow to his feet.
Bruiser Rick Sweetan with Boyd Bradford
Mark Johnson

-Return Match-
Ravishing Rich Rude
The Heartbreaker Chas Cardington

-Added Attraction-
The Psychotic One Ellis B. Hall
The Medic

Wes Robinson will be in action and Scott
Murdoch will debut!

Ticket Prices:
Golden Circle Ringside: $20.00
Ringside: $12.00
General Admission: $10.00
All Students: $7.00

The Golden Circle Ringside ticket include a
VIP Meet and Greet with all the top stars of
Mid-South from 4-5 P.M. at the Dover High
School Gym.

Tickets are on sale now at:
Rose Drug-Dover

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 4.18.09 - DK Turns!!

Show opens with Tim Edwards out talking about how upset he was that last week he and big red wasn’t the new tag champs. He then opens an open challenge for anyone in the back. Since Big Red wasn’t there it would be a single match.

first match: Tim Edwards beat Shannon lee with the redrum.

Second match: Tatt2 and Justin the juice Smart beat Rockin Randy and Weezy in a non-title.

Bishop is out and is mad about losing the heavyweight title. He says that he will get the title back and didn’t care who he had to go through to get it.

Third match: Motley Cruz beat Gunner Thompson with a 1%er

Five Starr Show case with Dustin Starr. 5 Starr is out and informing the crowd that he is the best that DCW has to offer. He has beaten everyone that has been put in front of him, so tonight he will get a heavy weight title shot at Chris Rocker. But before the showcase is over he wants to introduce the fans to a new comer at DCW - out comes Maverick [pictured]. Dustin is talking to Maverick about finally making it to the showcase and how this should be the biggest moment in his career being in the ring with Dustin 5 Starr. Maverick doesn’t think the same way he does and interrupts Dustin. This aggravates Starr and he then informs Maverick on who he is again. At this time Tim Edwards is making his way out to the ring. He has heard everything that has been said and knows that Starr needs to focus on the heavy weight title match later so Edwards challenges Maverick to a match right then and there. Showcase ends with the most vicious slap I have ever seen in wrestling - Maverick slaps Starr in the face and ear.

Forth match: Maverick beats Tim Edwards when Edwards went for a big splash in the corner and maverick moved and caught him with a school boy.

Seth Knight is out talking about how he has worked his way back up from the bottom to becoming one of the most liked guys there. How he said he was going to run out the man [Allen Walker] who ran him out of the company and he did. So he is officially throwing his hat in the ring for the heavy weight title chase. Bishop thinks otherwise when he comes out and says that the title will be his again and the best thing for Knight to do is to stay out of the way.

fifth match: Derrick King beat Kilo after a superkick.

Main Event: DCW Title match Chris Rocker beat Dustin 5 Starr when Derrick King came in to help Starr out and superkicked Starr instead. Rocker threw DK out of the ring then pinned 5 Starr for the victory. After the match, Starr ended up piledriving DK three times. Rocker made the save with DK as a baby now.

Credit: Spiritof1990

----King is out for three weeks selling the injury and will be working a program with Austin Lane in ASWF. The series of matches are centered around DK being RRO Wrestler of the Year and Lane being listed as #1 in the RRO Top 10 2008…Kilo is gone for an undetermined amount of time. DCW and RRO both wish him the best…”120 in building crowd hot all night.” Was what I got from “Spiritof1990”, but this has been disputed by three other major sources. It seems the real number of the crowd was around 50. When a show draws 215+ just 5 miles from your building, well that isn’t a bad number. Those 50 fans are hardcore DCW fans or just couldn’t afford the $10 ticket price for NBW…Starr had a few interesting stories about getting slapped by Maverick. It was NOT even in the script. CLICK HERE to read about it…DK being gone for three weeks will be interesting to see how the control of this show goes.

Photo by Tia Blaylock

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Classics Henderson, TN 4.17.09

Michael Gilbert [pictured] won the Battle royal that included: Albino Rhino, Maxx Corbin, Chris Williams, Ty Hamilton, Patrick Smith, & Sugar Shane.

Matt Boyce beat Teddy Tender

Koko B. Ware defeated Cody Melton

Bill Dundee & Veronica Fairchild beat Kevin White & Su Yung

Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher beat Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich

Credit: SWStudd

----300+ in the crowd...Bill Dundee is having a show in Trenton on May 1st at the Peabody High School for the baseball team. Dundee vs Derrick King…Bert Prentice is having a show on May 1st also in McKenzie, TN…Bert is also scheduled to be Tiptonville on The 7th and Hohenwald on the 9th…Lawler is scheduled to go back to Minglewood on May 30th and July 4th, which really surprises me…Cory Maclin is running a car lot in Memphis on May 23rd in the afternoon, this is for his campaign. He has also scheduled August 1st for Autozone Park and the Delta Fair in September.

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Site News - Hits and "On the Road with RRO"

----I would like to say thank you and welcome!! RRO had its best week of hits since September, 2007 last week. The last two weeks have been busy due to the Brian Christopher story, WNC’s Brian Christopher/Tommy Rich photos [by Bill Russ] and just the book tour in general. I also would like to thank and for their plugs and help.

----Here is the updated list of shows for “On the Road with RRO”. Next weekend we will be in Mississippi and it depends on how many books that are sold whether we will even have books by Sunday. It will also depend on WHEN I get back on the road from Mississippi on whether I will even be making the Kennett show. Keep updated on the shows by Twitter – twitter/rronews.

THIS Saturday!!! April 25, 2009 – TIWF, Trenton, TN
Friday May 1,2009 – EPW DARE Benefit Thrasher High School Booneville, MS
Saturday May 2,2009 – EPW Booneville, MS
Sunday May 3, 2009 – WWCW Kennett, MO 2:00 PM
Friday May 8, 2009 – NEW US JR Title Tourny West Memphis, AR
Saturday May 9, 2009 – ASWF Tuckerman, AR – Rumored to be “Ironman” Match DK vs Austin Lane
Saturday May 30, 2009 – EWE Mayhem Ripley, TN

Photo of NBW's Jeff McDonald and Brian Tramel by Tia Blaylock

Fatal Four Way from NBW's Spring Breakout 2009

----Some really good clips here. As everyone can see, Jon Michael was the star of this bout!! Too bad they didn't get his bump after Reed superkicked him - he went flat on his back to the floor. A few things about Crazy Train after watching this video. #1: He is "crazy", so that is the reason even if he is a babyface he would fight everyone. #2: He should be considered as Most Improved also. #3: He makes some damn good videos.

The Golden Circle: "Everybody Has A Wrestling Story" by Greg Anthony

As a wise man once said wrestling will always be the bastard son of both sports and entertainment. For something that in some circles that is so disgusting, so low brow, so beneath everything decent and good, there sure are a lot of people that have enjoyed this little thing known as professional wrestling. Now I haven't made a million dollars and I'm not sure on some days I've made a $1000 but I take great pride that when I was four years old I vowed to every relative that I was going to be a professional wrestler and no matter the gate or greatly exaggerated circumstances I'm living most of my dream. Now I'm an outgoing person and I've met a lot of people. Some thru day jobs, friends, family and the general public. Not all of them are wrestling fans but I can honestly say that all of them have at least one wrestling story.

Most people in this area tell stories of their parents taking them to see Tojo Yamamoto, Jackie Fargo, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and the wild & crazy Moondogs to their local armory or junior high school gymnasium. Some tell stories of this guy they knew that worked at a factory with them that was a professional wrestler. They can't ever remember his wrestling names but “John from Halls” or “Steve from Union City” is an example of their best effort to jog my concussed memory. In Dyersburg, Tennessee when I talk to anyone over the age of 50 the first name they mention is the great Herb Welch. Wish I could have met him, having that much knowledge down the road from my house would be invaluable. Everyone has at least one wrestling story.

My Uncle Jeff is only 12 years older than me. We grew up almost like brothers rather than uncle and nephew. Jeff use to bounce at a bar called City Limits in Centralia, IL. Now my uncle hasn't every really been into wrestling but I was probably about ten when he told me one of his fellow bouncers was a pro wrestler! I couldn't believe it, "What is his name?!" I asked. "The Rock N Roll Kid" by uncle replied. I was awe struck, I couldn't believe it. I immediately drew The Rock N Roll Kid for my fictitious federation that I "promoted". When you're ten and you want to be a pro wrestler and your uncle is friends with one, I felt like I had an "in" to the business once I became of age. The cool thing is I actually got in touch with The Rock N Roll Kid not too long ago via myspace. Although The R-n-R Kid gimmick has since been left behind, it nice to know maybe I could have that kind of impact on someone someday.

To this day when I talk to my Mom's other brother, Bobby, about wrestling he brings up the time The Fabulous Freebirds beat up Santa Claus on World Class. My cousin, Karla waitressed in Virginia and waited on the whole NWA crew one night. Ric Flair, The Steiners, just about everybody. She wasn't a fan either so I pulled out my "The New Pictorial History of Wrestling" by George Napolitano and started pointing guys out "Was he there? What about him?" One of my best friends, she never really watched but her brother was apparently obsessed with Bam Bam Bigelow running around doing the diving headbutt. Then she dated a guy in high school that was a super fan that constantly said "OH, What A RUSH!". Then there are the countless people that were fans but aren't anymore and they spread rumors like there were two Ultimate Warriors, like the business could survive two of them.

Not everybody has to love wrestling like myself. Simply respect it, for what it is - a valid form of art and entertainment, athletics and sport and so much to so many. I promise if everyone did that and told that one story I know they have, then wrestling just might find its way into a four year olds life.

----Greg Anthony is regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 4 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”. And yeah, btw always remember when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it’s as good as gold.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.18.09 - Flash Flanagan Debuts!!

Black Sheep VS J.D. Kerry Winner Black Sheep
Reno Diamond VS Soul Train Jones Winner Reno Diamond
Tejano Kid with Dominique VS Cujo. Winner Cujo
Lucky VS Mike Anthony Winner Lucky
Kevin Douglas VS Pokerface [pictured] Winner Poker
Bull the Manamial VS Flash Flanagan Winner Flash
CCR VS Irish Dragons VS The Asylum match was thrown out.
Mike Austin VS Gary Diamond. Winner Mike Austin

The show was for TV this week and all the matches were very good matches. Black Sheep came out and low and behold it was Precious. Black Sheep did a mic spill explaining what happened to him and why he has changed. Basically the chair shot he got from Ron Rage 2 weeks ago changed his life. Boy that is an understatement, Black Sheep is vicious and the total opposite of Precious. J.D. Kerry gave Black Sheep all he had but in the end Black Sheep got the win.

Tejano Kid and Cujo collided and it was a physical match both displayed great skills and about 8 minutes into the match Cujo hit a big drop kick. Tejano kept his Valet Dominuqie in the refs face and giving Cujo cheap shots. Tejano went to use his chain and Cujo ducked the punch and hit a big move that this reporter had not seen nor do I know what he calls it. It was an f5 with a RkO or Diamond Cutter if you will anyway you call it Cujo got the 3 count.

Lucky came out and told the fans that his sister in law had a stroke and the RWA was taking up a collection for her medical bills. Blalok and Mike Anthony came out and made fun of her and the two, Anthony and Lucky started fighting. Blalok did his best to double team Lucky, in the end Lucky took advantage of a mistake Anthony and Blalok made and got the 3 count.

Kevin Douglas from Texas came in and challenged anyone the RWA had. It did not take long before the challenge was accepted. Poker face came out and these to put on a wrestling clinic in the ring. These two guys can go and they can also fight. Pokerface got the win.

Flash Flanagan was introduced to the fans after the second match and Bull came out and interrupted the interview. Flash did not like it and Bull challenged him and Flash accepted and then knocked Bull out of the ring with a big right hand. When the two met latter in the evening Flash showed the fans in the King Sportatorium that he is a great wrestler. Flash looked great and Bull gave him a great match. The fans enjoyed every minute of the match. Flash got the victory.

CCR and The Irish Dragons and the Asylum had a triple threat match there was a lot of experience in the ring and they did it all they wrestled and then they fought. Then the Natural Born Playa'z hit the ring with a chair and wet floor sign and the match broke down and the ref threw the match out. This match got violent very quick as the Playa'z beat down almost everyone in the ring. Frank Martin came out and told them to stop and he had to threaten to take the Playa'z belts away from them. Of course the Asylum was not going to stop and The Loose Cannon had lost his mind and Martin and Security had to restrain Cannon. He went back to the dressing room and came back out to try and attack the Playa'z. The Playa'z are making a statement that they will do anything they have to. The Playa'z are making an example out of anyone who gets in the ring with them.

The main event saw two friends a trainer and a student come to blows after all the years of being friends and partners. Mike Austin and Gary Diamond had a great match but it was the end that had the fans hot and going crazy. Austin trapped Diamonds arms between the first and second ropes. At this point Austin got a chair and busted Diamond open. Austin used the chair on Diamond several times. Martin was in the back with the group that had just caused the trouble in the ring. However Martin seen what was going on in the ring on the monitor in the back and came out to put a stop to it. Martin told Gary if he wants a no DQ match with Austin next week he would get it. Diamond wanted it and thanked Austin for waking up the desire in him. Diamond thanked Austin for stoking the fire of violence in him and that Austin would get the full effect of it next week.

200+ in the building. Good crowd with several new faces. The Royal Wrestling Alliance is now on facebook.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS Results Wrapup 4.04.09 and 4.11.09


Buzz Harley -vs- Tysin Ttarr - Izzy Rotten came out and interfered in the match & hit tyson with a belt and caused the win for Buzz. Izzy and Buzz teamed up on Tysin, Buzz held Tysin down while Izzy beat him with the belt! Chazz made the save on Tysin. This set up a match for the end of the night, Buzz Harley and Izzy Rotten vs. Revolution.

Big Daddy Neno def. chazz

David Cox defeated Blade

Nick Grymes defeated LSD

JR Mauler & Bonecrusher vs. PHAT Foundation:
Chris Fontaine got on the mic. running his mouth about Kross (who was brought in by edith to take Axeman's place until he recovers from his injury). JR came out to back up his partner since Kross is unable to to be in the ring at this time due to a broken leg from a preveious match 2 weeks ago. Then Justin Rhodes show's up. JR told them since Kross was out he had a partner that would take Kross's place. The music hit and Bonecrusher came out of the curtain. This was a very good match - winners were JR and Bonecrusher.

Main Event was the match made earlier, Buzz Harley & Izzy rotten vs. Revolution.
Buzz and Izzy took control of the match early working on Tysin's arm. It was mostly
Buzz and Izzy through this entire match, and finally Izzy was disqualified after he started whipping Tysin with a belt while Buzz had Chazz on the floor. They kept working on Tyson and Chazz beating them with the belt until Cassanova Kid came in to make the save. Both guy's will probally wear stripes for a while from that belt!

Big annoucement coming this week on a big upcoming EPW show.

Attendance: 75


Dru Dice defeated Diabla.

Gauntlet match for the EPW Extreme Title:
Chris Styles vs. Danny Morris vs. Dustin Star [NOT THE DUSTIN STARR] vs. JR Mauler vs. Buzz Harley:Chris beat Danny with a super kick. next was Dustin Starr, Chris got the better of Dustin and pinned him. Next came JR Mauler - thing's heated up really fast with these two but in the long run Chris beat JR. Last was Buzz Harley - Buzz thought he was going to take Chris easily but was he wrong. This was a hard fought battle between these two but when Chris went to the top rope to come off on Buzz, Buzz some how came up to give Chris the Buzzcutter and took the extreme title. Winner: Buzz Harley.

Pain Inc. defeated Revolution. Pain Inc. cheated to win this match, using a belt on Revolution just like Izzy did the previous week.

Mason vs. Cassanova Kid: Mason and Cass went at it in real hard hitting action - this match was back and forth between these two. Mason has some kind of spell on Cassanova's mother, he just snapped his finger's and Cassanova's mother was in the ring. She low blowed Cass and Mason got the win to become the new EPW Heavyweight Champion.

Next up was the main event, Tojo Yamamoto, Jr., Bonecrusher and Cyrus vs. PHAT Foundation. Justin came to the mic complaining as usual and said there wasn't going to be a barbwire match, but Commissioner Sammy Hall walked in the front door as Justin was running his mouth. Sammy got on the mic and told Justin there would be a barbwire match and he would be in it or he would pull Justin's license and he wouldn't wrestle in the state of Mississippi again! So Justin didn't have any choice but to wrestle in this match. This was a very good and bloody match. Somehow PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, and Big Daddy Neno) got the win.

Attendence 73.

EPW will be doing a show on May 1st at Thrasher High School to benefit the Prentiss County D.A.R.E. Program. More Information soon.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 4.18.09

The crowd is moderate tonight with about 90 in attendance.

Krisis loses his Elite 8 Tournament eligibility to Ike Tucker due to Dustin Starr attacking Tucker during the first match of the night. That means that Ike Tucker becomes the #1 contender for the EWE title. After Ike was declared the winner, Starr grabs the mic and says that he told everyone last week that if he wasn’t invited to the Elite 8, he was going to take his spot. Starr exits the arena as Krisis is trying to figure out just what happened.

Eric Wayne makes his way to the ring with mic in hand. He says that last week, he had Greg King pinned but was not recognized as the winner, and Premiere Brutality is being looked over. He blames Genocide for getting all the attention for the tag team titles, and says that he hasn’t talked to Kid Nikels since last week. Genocide makes their way to the ring to confront Eric. The Albino Rhino tells Eric to shut his mouth, and says that he did indeed have Greg King pinned, but it was the hand of Genocide that was raised. Commissioner Dustin Baker comes out to ringside telling everyone that he has a solution to the problem. He makes an announcement that it will be Genocide and Eric Wayne against Cody Melton, Ty Hamilton and Greg King in a 6 man tag match. Eric says that he didn’t want a match, especially not with Genocide, that he just wants a title match. Maxx Corbin grabs the mic from Eric and says that if it’s ok with Commissioner Baker, if Eric scores the pinfall in their tag match, that Premiere Brutality will be the number one contenders for the tag title. It’s made official as everyone exits the ring.

Shawn Reed and Greg King def. The Regulators via pinfall.

Commissioner Baker comes back to the ring, saying there was a correction to the 6 man tag team match. Greg King will no longer be competing in the match, and Michael Gilbert will be taking his place. The lights go out and K.C. Golds music plays and a video plays on the big screen. He says that he’ll be there next week with papers for employment with EWE, and if they’re not signed, he’ll sue the EWE for destruction of property. Commissioner Baker sends a message of his own to K.C. Gold, saying that he thought it would be a cold day in hell before he gets put on the staff of EWE, but it looks like he has no choice. He tells Gold to bring the papers to be signed next week.

Chad Badd def. Dice via pinfall.

Eric Wayne and Genocide def. Cody Melton, Ty Hamilton and Michael Gilbert via pinfall. Eric Wayne scores the pinfall after a distraction by Kid Nikels, making Premiere Brutality the number one contenders for the tag team titles.

Christian Jacobs def. Scott Adams via Disqualification by throwing the ref. After the bell rings a few times and right before Adams powerbombs Jacobs, Chris O’Neal and Stan Lee come out to help C.J. Both get thrown to the mat hard and lay defenseless in the corner. Adams picks C.J. back up once more but is stopped once again by wrestlers from the back protecting C.J. from more abuse. Scott leaves the arena with no other confrontation as C.J, Chris O’Neal and Stan Lee are helped to the locker room.

Full videos from Saturday night are available at

Credit: Dustin Williams

----All the angles are working towards their big show in May...It looks like a turn for Genocide to work Wayne/Kid??...So Dustin will end up beating Ike and it will Dustin vs Lee??...They really got Adams built up big - Jon Michael vs Adams in a cage??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Arena Report: NBW Spring Breakout 2009 4.18.09

----The movie script has been written many times about the underdog. The guy that prevails after all says he cannot. In most circles of life, people get behind the underdog and want him to win. When it comes to Jeremy Moore, the people surrounding him and the people watching his every move [you know guys like me] have been waiting for him to fall flat on his face. The family feud had Moore and his father moving out of the DCW building and going to Newbern where everyone said they would fail. Moore probably would be the first one to tell you he has had some help with guys like Sarge O’Reilly [in the role of the veteran guy who never made it big], Jason Reed [almost there but never made it] and his dad [who might be the biggest underdog of them all in this biz] to help write the script of NBW’s success. It might say Newbern, TN – NBW and it might say Dyersburg, TN – DCW on the marquees, but in reality these two buildings are 5 miles apart. Although the show wasn’t great from top to bottom, it proved that their drawing power with one legend, Bill Dundee [playing the part of the legend that never got his due respect], and good storylines helped them overcome their obstacles to present their Spring Breakout 2009. It outdrew their nemesis and overall was a better show.

----The show started out with XOW’s Jason the Brain and Lil Bit in the ring. “Hollywood” Jimmy was introduced. Jimmy did well on the mic. Then out came “Bill Dundee” [Bill Russ] in a wheelchair asleep. This was real funny. A big pop when the real Bill Dundee and Jeremy Moore came out to run them out of the ring. Dundee got a good swing at Russ. Dundee did a mic spill and the crowd loved it.

----Maverick won a battle royal featuring all the undercard guys. I am not a fan of battle royals and this one was no better or worse than any of the other ones. Maverick got on the mic and said he was gunning after the champion after the bout. [DUD]

----Christian Jacobs beat Suicide with Lil Bit. This was the best basic wrestling bout up to the main event. Suicide has only been working for about a year, but he did a good job following the basics. Lil Bit distracted CJ for Suicide to start the heat. CJ took his beating and was making this comeback when Lil Bit distracted him again and Suicide held him as Bit threw baby powder. CJ moved and Suicide took the powder. CJ backed away and then hit Suicide with a big spear. [**1/2]

----DJ Stunner/Syn beat Jon Biscuit/Tommy Redneck to become the Unified [XOW/NBW] Tag Team Champions in a Ladder Match. I usually crap all over these matches, but for what it was – garbage wrestling – you can’t get any better. It featured flaming ladders, blood – all four bladed, really stiff chair shots [ask Biscuit] and crazy bumps. The crowd seemed to stay with it all the time. Psychology was thrown out the window, which was my one major criticism of the match. Why do workers forget psychology in gimmick matches?? Finish was creative as Redneck was headed up the ladder to grab the belts and win, when Jason the Brain poured alcohol on his boot and lit it. Redneck bumped and the heels won the belts. One star for blood [Biscuit bled buckets], one star for the creative finish & the fire and one star for them just being idiots..LOL [***]

----Ricky Andrews beat Tank in a Dog Collar Match. Andrews is really green and needs some work. He is over like crazy though. Crowd loves this kid. Tank took some early bumps to a much smaller Andrews that he shouldn’t have. It seem like they were given limited time. [good thing and bad thing at the same time] Both guys juiced. Andrews took a good beating and Tank did good upsetting the fans. Andrews got a comeback and Tank bled well. Tank took back over and went to win the bout and they did the same ol’babyface chain match finish. Tank goes to three corners with Andrews behind him hitting them. Andrews slipped thru his legs pulling the chain between Tank’s legs and falling into the corner for the win. [**1/2]

----Mark Justice retained the NBW Title beating Crazy Train, Jason Reed and Jon Michael in a 4-Way match. Good talent, but too much going on to have a great match, but good stuff. Story was Michael/Reed teaming to try to win the belt. Train is a baby here, but he was almost not even part of the storyline. Jon Michael was the star of the match. He did a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor!!! Elbow smash from top rope also. Finish had Jon Michael ready to do another elbow to pin Justice when Reed turned heel superkicking him. Michael bumped from ring apron flat of his back to the concrete with a big thud. Justice ended up pinning Train for the win. Reed joined with Justice/Mad Money Mike and Auburn Thunder. They were beating on Michael, when policeman Steve Everett [Jon Michael’s dad] entered the ring. Everett threw a clothesline. Everett arrested Justice along with another policeman getting Reed and they headed out the door in a good angle. Mad Money Mike had a wad of money and promised to get them out. [***]

----Jeremy Moore/”Superstar” Bill Dundee beat Brandon Barbwire/Sarge O’Reilly with Jason the Brain, Lil Bit, Hollywood Jimmy and Billy Russ. Just a basic psychology bout with the “less is more” philosophy. Lots of shine. Dundee was working his ass off doing stuff during the whole match. Heat on Moore. Barbwire and Moore work good together. Fans were into the match. Moore has improved a lot since I seen him last time. Finished ended up with Moore pinning Barbwire with a roll up. XOW jumped in after the match and then Sarge turned baby clearing the ring. Crowd popped big. Sarge apologized to all the fans and said when he was done there would be no XOW. Hollywood Jimmy promised to bring someone to take care of him. [***]


----215+ in the building is what I guess for attendance. I heard a 264 figure, but I don’t think there was that many people in the building…Jason the Brian is good on the mic…Maverick has a really good look, but is green as grass…Jimmy Tidewell was in the crowd…Coco Anderson, who just started with DCW a few weeks back has taken a position here helping “Big Dave” Sims with ring announcing…Sims was good putting over the fire when Redneck was lighting the ladder – “You can’t do that Tommy.”…Tank/Andrews probably needed more time to build a finish with some fake finishes with the chain. Tank pulling Andrews around by his feet with the chain made no sense, since the chain was so long. Come on guys!! Someone book a different finish for a chain match!! These two guys also had the privilege of following a gimmick match with a gimmick match…Auburn Thunder [Kilo’s wife] is working here as Mark Justice’s manager…Crazy Train has to be given credit for doing his gimmick from the time he comes out of the dressing room until he goes back. He is constantly in character…Speaking of being in character, please someone tell [and I think Redneck finally did] Christian Morrikami The Cat [ask TigerCat..LOL] he does not have to wear the mask backstage during the whole show!!!...NBW awarded Bill Dundee an award to be the first member of the NBW Hall of Fame…Allen Walker was backstage and apparently is working here now…Some of the crew was upset because the heels were signing autographs in the corridor…Sarge is going to be a big time babyface here. He also has been a good babyface in Dyersburg…Mad Money Mike along with Reed/Justice came to ring after the main event going thru the crowd as most of the crowd was leaving. Sarge/Moore bumped them. Apparently this wasn’t supposed to happen. I have even heard that Sarge/Money got into an argument and Money was looking for work at DCW…Not much into the actual rival XOW promotion angle, but they are over as heels. Too many people come out for each match though…Barbwire has always been a guy that I thought would make a good worker. I always thought he would be a good babyface, but he plays the heel role with the shaved head and crazy gear. He comes off as an evil heel. He was put in the main event and did a good job. His role will increase to the top guy of XOW. It will be interesting how he handles it…This show started with a concert by Ransom for Many and my daughter Karly said they did a good job…Wrestling News’s Tia Blaylock was ringside shooting photos. I was introduced at the start of the show and I made sure to put Tia over for all the photos in the book…I had a good conversation with Hollywood Jimmy – Gene would have had a good time listening to our “love fest”. LOL…The wrestling started at 7:30 PM with everyone having times given to all the matches and it mapped out to end at 10:30 PM. It ended at 10:29!!!

----Could this be the show that puts NBW over the hump and they start drawing better than DCW?? Or was it just a fluke?? Sarge as a baby is probably going to get over well. If they do something where Hollywood Jimmy brings in a new person every week to go against Sarge [ala Jimmy Hart vs Jerry Lawler], it will get Sarge over more. It will be interesting how they book Barbwire, Moore, Michael and Justice out of this.

Photos by Brian Tramel
Top from left: Billy Russ Dundee, Karly and Jeremy Moore, Bill Dundee & BT
Middle: Jon Michael and Biscuit/Syn/Tommy Redneck/DJ Stunner
Bottom: Biscuit, Jeremy Moore Mark and BT, Coco Anderson

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jim Cornette Opens His Site!!

----I just got an e-mail from long time Rioter Jeff Bowdren to let his friends know that Jim Cornette has opened his own web site. Cornette has a really good opening commentary and he also has a new Midnight Express book for sale!! Brian Thompson actually has seen a copy of the book and will soon have a review up of it. CLICK HERE to take a look at the site and make sure you read the commentary.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.18.09

What an action packed show we had tonight! Our show started with Commissioner Ward announcing that the local cub-scouts were in attendance at tonight’s show. He would call them into the ring to present the flag for the playing of the national anthem.

1st Match: Tag Team Match
Dre Dread/Cason McClain vs. Beach Bums (Kaliki/Mark Wolfe)
This match was rematch from the anniversary show. Dre and Cason took the victory last week and the Beach Bums had their crosshairs set on Cason and Dre. The amount of strength that Dre and Cason showed in this match was incredible, you could almost call them the "Beat Down Express". Cason would go for the pin and get the three but due to Mark having his foot on the rope the referee reversed his decision making the Beach Bums the winners.

2nd Match: One Fall
Kid Krazzy vs. Christopher Lee
Kid Krazzy came to this match swinging...literally. Just as the match was starting to build up and the superstars bodies wear down, Hot Rod John Ellison would get involved and cost Christopher Lee the match. Kid Krazzy would win by DQ. However, Christopher Lee would challenge John Ellison later in the night and even state that if Ellison could beat him in under eight minutes he would get a shot at the European Championship.

3rd Match: One Fall
Justice vs. Regulator
This match would not last very long as the newest of the ASWF roster Justice went mano y mano with the former X-Division Champion. Regulator would wear down his opponent and get the pin.

4th Match: One Fall
Cody Murdoch vs. Austin Lane
Cody Murdoch would maintain a HUGE portion of the match using his weight to his every advantage. Austin would try again and again to lift the 300+ pound "Big Rig" but would not succeed. Cody would eventually land the Flatbed, his finisher, on the tired Austin Lane. To Murdoch's surprise Austin would start to regain the match and went to spear Murdoch only to receive another flatbed. Austin would pull a "rabbit out of his hat" and get a roll up pin to win.

5th Match: European Championship Shot
Christopher Lee vs. Hot Rod John Ellison
This match would literally last seven and a half minutes. The stipulation that Lee laid down was that Ellison had to beat him in less than eight minutes to get a shot at the European Title. Lee was already physically and mentally exhausted from his match at the first part of the show. He would lose to Hot Rod via pin fall.

6th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Caleb King/Johnny Hawk vs. Demon X/ Johnny Harper
After weeks of hate and discontent in-between Harper and Hawk now would be Harpers shot to beat his former partner. Caleb King would stay in for the entire match. After repeated attempts to make a tag, Caleb King would get a tag from Hawk only to be tagged right back in by his partner. Hawk would literally not break a sweat in this match. Demon X and Johnny Harper would get the win. Johnny Hawk without saying a word would leave his partner in the ring.

7th Match: Four Corners Match for the ASWF Title
X-Kaliber vs. Idol Bane vs. Cody Only vs. Tommy Wayne
Tommy Wayne put on one heck of a fight to retain his title. He would take an enormous amount of punishment throughout the match. There were times in the match where it was looking grim for the champion. However he would overcome all odds and roll X-Kaliber up and get the 1, 2, 3.

8th Match: Tag Team Match
Morgan Williams/Lil' Devil vs. Ray Ray/Kid J
This match was fun to watch from start to finish. Kid J pulled out all stops to humiliate his opponents and you could not have laughed harder. Morgan Williams and Lil' Devil began to gain control but was denied by Ray and Kid J. They would lay there two opponents in the middle of the ring and finish the match with a double frog splash and a pin. Ray and Kid J would walk away victorious.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.18.09

43 attended

Anthony Wayne b Convict and Harold Knight in a 3-way match by forcing Convict to submit

LT Falk & Aiden Scott b Chris Norte & Lightning Bolt Kid when Falk pinned LBK

Derrick Neal b Saint

Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon b Steven Green & Cody Weatherby when Dunn pinned Green

TJ Weatherby b Damien Payne

Aiden Scott won a 10-man battle royal last eliminating Damien Payne. Scott won $1000 and a shot at any USWO or ATL title. He chose to challenge Bryan Casey for the USWO Jr. Championship

Credit: Anne Ambrose


----I would like to apologize to everyone that tuned in for the RRO tweets tonight. NBW's building was in a total dead zone and I could not get text messages out. Overall the show was solid with around 215 in the building. I should have a full Arena Report up by Monday.