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A Piece of my Mind May 2nd 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I heard from Mick Karch early Wednesday morning informing me that Playboy Buddy Rose had passed away. I have known Mick about fifteen years he was our ring announcer on our Australia tour in the nineties. He has been involved in the wrestling business for a many years. He lives in Minneapolis and knew Buddy Rose a long time. I immediately started to recall memories of Buddy from his first WWF run. I would say that Buddy was somewhat eccentric but also a great talent. He had a lot of heat with the fans a classic heel. He was fun to interact with when I first started coming around the business.

It was in later years that I had the chance to work with him in the ring. The AWA Tag Team Champions were “Playboy” Buddy Rose and “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers. They were a great team that in many ways reminded me of the Valiant Bros. On many occasions they found themselves staring across the ring at The Midnight Rockers. The Rockers were a young exciting team that consisted of Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty. As talented as Shawn was back in the day, no one had the idea that he would turn into the legend he has become today. The matches were masterpieces these four guys just clicked. The same way that Flair and Steamboat clicked is the way that I would describe it.

The thing that rounded out this foursome was the presence of Sherri Martel as their manager. I owe my time in the AWA to Sherri. It was Sherri who got the AWA to use me as a referee on their shows. She was perfect for Buddy and Doug. The five of them tore down every house that they ever worked in together. It took five to make it work but make no mistake Buddy was the ring general.

When I was putting WrestleReunion together I wanted to use Buddy and his long time friend Col. DeBeers. In the early days of Buddy’s career he had a major program with Roddy Piper in Portland, Or. working for legendary promoter Don Owens. It was that program that helped turn both men into major stars. I flew out to Portland where Buddy and Ed “Col.DeBeers” Wiskowski still lived to talk both of them back into the ring. I consider myself lucky to have Buddy back in the ring one more time. It was the first WrestleReunion match in Tampa. It was a six man tag match that had “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr, “Playboy” Buddy Rose and Col. Debeers vs “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant. As far as I know this was the last match that Buddy Rose competed in. He gave it all that he had in the match even at a slim trim “217lbs” which was really about four hundred pounds. He still gave one hundred percent. I am not sure that I ever saw Buddy do anything less.

We weren’t close at all. We were really just acquantainces. But I respected his abilities. I dealt with the drama that could many times be Buddy Rose for one reason. He was an exceptional talent in this business and of tremendous value on any card. The one thing I will really hold with me was being in a restaurant in Vancover, WA. with Buddy and Col. DeBeers. I watched the people walk in and when they noticed Buddy, and they all noticed him, they ALL said man that’s Buddy Rose from Portland Wrestling. I am not sure how many years it had been since Buddy was a force in Portland Wrestling or even made appearences on it but he must have made quite the impact to still be known like that.

In the early eighties I met someone in NY that was from Portland. I brought up wrestling to him to which he replied "you don’t even talk about Wrestling in Portland without mentioning the name Buddy Rose". In two thousand and four, in a restaurant in Vancouver, WA., that statement was confirmed for me. It’s too bad he wasn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame before he passed away. He probably was one of the most underrated performers in the business but he won’t be forgotten. I could go on writing about Buddy Rose for a long time but I will close with this. If you have a chance catch a Buddy Rose match on video or tv somewhere you won’t regret it.

While speaking about underrated wrestlers, another name that comes to my mind Is Frank Hill/Chief Jules Strongbow. I hadn’t seen or talked to Jules since nineteen ninety two I believe that it was. I was able to track down his daughter through Facebook who gave me his number. It is a shame that Jules didn’t get as much national exposure as he should have. I had the chance to speak with Jules this week and catch up. I will be writing more about him and our conversation next week.

This photo was taken at the Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA when I first met Buddy Rose. That door behind him is the famous door that Roddy Piper ran through and slammed in Jimmy Snuka's face after the coconut incident in that very same building.

This has been a piece of my mind

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Tweeting with Twitter!!

----I have had nothing but bad luck when it comes to tweeting shows!! It seems as soon as we got into a building, then we have no service. I will be attempting again tonight to tweet the results and they will be posted to the upper right on the site. Or you can follow us - twitter/@rronews

Shows for the Weekend 5.01 to 5.03.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule of events. Below are a few special events with this being one of the bigger weekends of the year.

-TONIGHT!! “On the Road with RRO” – EPW DARE Benefit Thrasher High School Booneville, MS!! We will have books and dvds available.

-Bill Dundee vs Derrick King main events a show in Trenton, TN today!!

-TONIGHT in McKenzie, TN for Memphis Wrestling-USA.

-TIWF in Brownsville, TN on Saturday night.

-Jamie Jay has a free show he's doing this Saturday night at Lake Shore Trailer Park off I-55 between West Memphis and Marion. It's an outdoor show with a 7:30 P.M. Bell Time. Jamie Jay, Matt Riviera, Johnny Morton, Jamie Lee, Chas Cardington, and others will be on it. This show is being promoted under the Pro Wrestling Alliance banner.

-Saturday night for EPW Booneville, MS with “On the Road with RRO”!!

-Sunday afternoon WCWW in Kennett, MO for a 2:00 PM show!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.25.09

ASWF 212 In Crowd
Opening Match
Beach Bums VS Regulator & Judgment
Beach Bums Took into this team showing why they are a upcoming tag team
Bums def reg and Judgment in 7:15 with Double Joe Boot

2nd Match
Kid Krazzy Vs Christopher Lee (c) For Euro Title
This back and forth battle looked like it was going to go to Kid when out of nowhere Kid does a sun set flip off top and Cali rolls threw for the 123
Christopher Lee Retains His Title In 12:33

Cody Murdoch Vs Cody Only
Murdoch took control of most of the match and put a beating on C.Only for the ending Murdoch went for flat bed when Only Reversed into LTO; but Murdoch reversed that. Finally C.Only caught Murdoch in submission hold the Cobra Clutch and Murdoch taped
C. Only Def Murdoch Bye Submission In 10:17

X- Kaliber and Morgan Williams Vs Demon X And Johnny Harper (c)
X & Morgan took control most of match on Demon X really staying on the big guy with one costly mistake Demon X got the tag to Harper he come in closelining and monkey flipping people ever where both x and morgan was down when Demon x And Harper did the roll the boat submission on them for the victory.
Demon X And Harper Keep Tag Titles Bye Def X- Kaliber & Morgan Williams

Murdoch comes out saying he got screw he wanted another match now LSD Music Hits again and Idol Bane comes out and puts the side effect on Murdoch for the victory.
Idol Bane Def Murdoch In 15 SEC

Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wayne Vs X-Division Champ RayRay
This match was a hot one from the start each of these two men new the other ones moves almost to a perfection some great wrestling then some good counters too
At one point they did 3 double punches then into double closeline into double dropkick
in the end Tommy hits TKO, but Ray kicks out and somehow hits the Suicide tendency and Tommy kicks out as ten seconds left in match they perform a nice double cross body and both are laying out for the 15 Min Draw
Tommy Wayne And RayRAy 15 Min Draw

Main Event
Austin Lane Vs Derrick King
This is what all has been waiting on the best of the midsouth taking on each other this match was all Austin until he hurt his knee on the guard rail and Derrick took advatage very quickly. Derrick punished the knee when Austin made his comeback Rich Tindell the ref got bumped. down then Austin hits his spear and has the 3 time rronews Wrestler of the Year beat but no ref. When Austin goes to get the ref up he turns around into the super kick from DK.
Dk Def Austin Lane in 20:54

Credit: ASWFace

----I am looking for a DVD of the last two bouts…I was told Justin Smart and Brandon Barbwire are headed in. Both are good additions to the roster.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.31.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Thursday 4-30-09
at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton Tn.

Knockout Kid def. The Outlaw & Jon “ Biscuit” Roberts in a 3way match

Chico Mendoza def. Wildside

Way Cool wrestled Royale Executioner to a double countout

Darkside Inc. def. The Badd Guys ( Chadd & Bradd Badd)

TIWF TV Title Match
Chris Lexxus (C) def. PK Ripper

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Devon Day © def. Kilo by DQ

• Notes:
• Attendance:85
• TIWF Returns to Trenton Saturday 5-9-09
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Saturday 5-2-09.
• Announcers: Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

----Who is "Darkside Inc"?...How was the Day vs Kilo bout??

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Coach's Corner "120 Days of 2009"

----It is hard to believe that one third of the year is already over. This seems to be a favorite “Coach’s Corner” from last year. It also became a good lead up to announcing the winners to the 2008 RRO Awards. It gives everyone a chance to see how the picks either change or stay the same. Below is my analysis for the five main categories and below that are my quick picks all for 1/3 of 2009 for the RRO Awards.

----Wrestler of the Year 2009 is even harder to pick this year than last year. Three time winner Derrick King is always mentioned, but he really don’t seem to be close to the top this year. The landscape of wrestling is this area continues to change with promotions closing down and older names drawing big gates. This award is based on drawing power, influence, exposure and all that combined into one. My #1 Pick this year is Jerry Lawler. The Memphis Wrestling-USA promotion with Bert Prentice has taken Lawler as the top drawing name in all these small towns in Tennessee and the fans have responded. At this point in the year, Lawler has been on all the top shows. My #2 pick would have to be Rodney Mack. I have not seen a babyface get a pop like he does in this area in a long time. Rodney is the top babyface of a promotion that is drawing 200+ a week. He may even have the edge over Lawler in the sense that he is the only big time name on the roster of their weekly shows. #3 pick goes to Brian Christopher. I know that one is going to get some heat, but he has performed on all the top shows this year as the #2 babyface behind his dad. He also caused more interest in one night than the whole area has most of the year. Kevin White and Doug Gilbert have been the two top heels on the big shows and should be considered.

----MVP Performer of the Year 2009. Some of the names from last year have to be considered as Austin Lane, Stan Lee and Greg Anthony are always good workers. I am going in a direction with my first two picks being new to this category and both have worked their asses off this year. #1 pick is Pokerface. I have seen him in two over [***] matches in a single and in a tag. He is always been considered one of the top in the area, but mostly as a tag team wrestler – winning MVP Tag Team 2007. #2 pick is Jon Michael. He was also the winner of a tag team award in 2006, but he is shining as a single wrestler and recently had an excellent performance at NBW “Spring Breakout 2009”. Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Austin Lane, Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne should be looked also.

----Tag Team of the Year 2009. My top pick, as it was last year and they didn’t even get nominated, is the “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy]. This team has wrestled from 25 to 30 dates already this year and that might the number of shows some teams do all year long. #2 pick is the “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money]. These guys continue to help the MCW promotion draw a regular crowd and would be over in almost any arena in the area if given the chance. #3 is really hard here with teams like “Midnight Gold”, “Genocide”, “Picture Perfect”, “NBOP”, “Sons of the South” and Syn/DJ Stunner all being in the mix. I would give the nod to either “Genocide” or “PP”.

----MVP Tag Team of Year 2009. This is a hard category also. What teams are flawless and work the hardest?? The three teams that come to mind the most for me are “East Coast Bad Boys”, Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne and Derrick King/Pokerface. ECBB would probably be my favorite here with Wayne/Nikels in the close second. If DK/Poker wrestled as a team everywhere, they would easily be the best.

----Promotion of the Year 2009. Both the top picks are two different animals, but need the nods. Memphis Wrestling – USA promotion behind the booking expertise of Bert Prentice has had the top crowds of the year. RWA draws close to 800 fans every month with a weekly show. I am not sure if MW-USA could do that or not. My third pick is last year’s winner ASWF with TIWF close behind.
Other picks:

*Most Improved - Jeremy Moore, Crazy Train, Seth Knight, Christopher Lee, Brandon Barbwire, Shannon Lee
*Most Underrated - Devon Day, Shawn Reed, Frankie Tucker, Seth Knight
*Rookie – JD Kerry, Michael Gilbert, Chris Lexxus, The Regulator, Ty Hamiliton
*Best Booker – Bert Prentice, Rodney Mack, TIWF Committee
*Match of the Year – Wayne vs King Jr vs Nikels, PK/DK vs ECBB and Genocide vs Reed/King Jr
*TV Match of the Year: Dustin Starr vs Kevin White
*Best Announcer – Brian Thompson, John Steele, Terrance Ward
*Best Manager – Rashard Devon, Jimmy Tidewell, Hollywood Jimmy, Brian Thompson, Cash McCoy, Garry White
*Best Wrestling Web Site –Dustin Starr’s “the Starr Treatment”, WNC
*Columnist of the Year – Dustin Starr – no one works harder for that award!!
*Best Ref – Downtown Bruno, Chuck Poe
* Best Gimmick – “Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho], Malkavain, “Midnight Gold”
*Female Performer: Su Yung, Destiny, Lil Bit
*Horizon Award: Kid Nikels, Jon Michael, Brian Thompson


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 4.25.09

first match Shannon Lee beat AJ Ray after the match AJ Ray jumper Shannon Lee.

second match. Rockin Randy beat Gunner Thompson when Weezy distracted the ref long enough for Randy to hit Gunner in the head with the belt.

third match Seth Knight beat Tim Edwards and Big Red by dq when Red hit Knight with a stop sign. Then Edwards and Red hit a powerbomb chokeslam on Knight. Edwards picked up Knight for the power bomb and Big Red came off the top to catch him in a chockslam.

forth match. Motley Cruz beat Tatt2 after a 1%er

main event Chris Rocker retained the heavyweight title against Dustin Starr [pictured].

91 paid but you can just make up your own number 110 in building.

Credit: Spiritof1990

----Since “Spiritof1990” said I could make up my own number, well I will say there was 1000 in the building. LOL I was told in the 60-80 range, so not far off.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 4.25.09

There were a lot of events happening this weekend, including a carnival and the Ripley High School prom, so attendance was around 50. However, that didn't stop all the action over here at EWE.

Commissioner Baker says that there's a lot going on tonight, including a contract signing between himself and K.C. Gold, and that the tag team titles are on the line with Picture Perfect defending their titles against Genocide. Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels come to the ring saying that they're the number one contenders for the tag team titles, and it should be Premiere Brutality wrestling for the title. Baker says that match will take place, but not tonight because both Wayne and Nikels have singles matches tonight. He makes the matches of Eric Wayne vs. Jon Michael and Kid Nikels vs. Stan Lee as he walks out of the ring.

Dustin "Five" Starr def. Ike Tucker via pinfall, earning him a title shot at MAYHEM. After Krisis comes out and causes a distraction, he hits Ike as he hits the ropes, knocking him out and allowing Dustin Starr to score the pinfall.

Jon Michael def. Eric Wayne via pinfall. After the bell, Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels start to attack Michael, but Chris O'Neal and Christian Jacobs come out to his aid and forces Premiere Brutality to run to the locker room.

K.C. Gold comes to the ring and tells Commissioner Baker to come out. Baker comes out and they both sit down at a table that has been set up in the middle of the ring. Gold has two envelopes in his hands, with one containing a contract for his employment at EWE, and the other with a lawsuit for destruction of private property. Gold opens the contract and signs it, then slides it over to Commissioner Baker. Baker says that he really has no choice, and signs the contract as well. Gold then tears up the envelope with the lawsuit and makes a motion to leave the ring, but is caught by Commissioner Baker. He says that he's now employed with EWE and that his first match is next week. Gold says that he's not a wrestler, but Baker says that he's the boss and that Gold works for him now so he has to do what he says. The match is made for next week, K.C. Gold with a partner of his choosing against Commissioner Baker and Jon Michael.

Shawn Reed and Greg King def. Johnny Storm and J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Shannon Lee def. Lil Tim Alfonso via pinfall.

The match between Genocide [pictured above] and Picture Perfect gets underway, but almost as soon as it starts, Premiere Brutality comes out and attacks Picture Perfect with the tag team belts. Premiere Brutality start assaulting Christian Jacobs, then holds him for Genocide to get a few hits in, but Genocide decides to take out Nikels and Wayne instead, forcing them to exit the arena. Genocide picks up the tag team belts and hands them back to O'Neal and Jacobs, then attack them in the corner of the ring before walking back to the locker room.

Stan Lee def. Kid Nikels via pinfall. After the match, Eric Wayne tries to attack Lee, but Lee catches him and power bombs him to the mat just as he did Nikels.

As always, you can watch every segment of the show in it's entirety at

Credit: Dustin Williams

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CineMaxx presents: Pokerface

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 04.24.09

The road to the United States Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament continued Friday night at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. Here are the results from the weekly New Experience Wrestling event...

- Dustin Ring defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart to earn his second win en route to the tournament.
- Greg King defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to earn his third win, advancing to the U.S. Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
- Main Event: "3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels defeated Matt Justyce & Shawn Reed

RassleNotes: Approximately 15 in attendance...Eric Wayne and Greg King have now qualified for the tournament. There are still two open spots. Dustin Ring, Greg Anthony, Matt Justyce and Shawn Reed are all one win away with two wins each, while Justin Smart has one win. To reach the tournament, wrestlers must earn three wins...Following the first match, Brian Thompson interviewed Kid Nikels in the ring, talking about his undefeated streak. Greg Anthony interrupted and was eventually chokeslammed by Nikels. Anthony remained in the ring thru the commercial break, after which, Greg King entered the ring to start their match. At the conclusion of the main event, Anthony jumped Nikels from behind, leading to a big pull apart scene to end the show...NEW returns to West Memphis Friday at 8 p.m. at the Ken Wayne School of Wrestling.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 4.25.09

LSD defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes.

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Danny Morris.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Chazz.

JR Mauler defeated Jay Webster.

PHAT Foundation cheated their way to victory over Cyrus & Tysin Starr.

EPW Extreme Champion Buzz Harley won a fatal 4-way match over Chris Styles, Geno Sydal, & "DC" David Cross. Harley retains the title.

Pain, Inc. & Mason defeated Bonecrusher, Cassanova Kid, & Neil Taylor. This match got way out of hand with numerous wrestlers coming out of the back to interfere.

Crowd was approx. 55.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----"On The Road with RRO" this Saturday night at EPW in Booneville, MS!! Come out and join us!!

Arena Report: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.25.09

----I will admit that I am not always so nice when it comes to TIWF. I really enjoy making fun of some of their generic names and wondering if their crowd count is real or not. But, as I said when I last visited them, they do one thing real good in Trenton – they get their wrestlers over. The crowd is rowdy and they seem to go home having enjoyed themselves.

----Drew McGrudger was nice enough to introduce me to the crowd. Then he informed me he wanted me to stay in the ring as he introduced the next act. “Missouri Bad Boy” Mark Southern and Cash McCoy came out to talk about them winning awards including Southern giving Cash a plaque from him winning the TIWF Manager of the Year award. Southern then said he had an award to give to me. They brought out this cardboard box. They proceed to open it to give me a toilet [yes a real bathroom toilet] because they did not win Tag Team of the Year. Southern then took a copy of Yearbook 2008 and threw it in the toilet saying my site was crap and my book was crap and it belonged in the toilet. I told Drew after this, that even though I was from Missouri, those guys make it hard to admit it.

----Hardknocks Hooligan with Destiny beat Knockout Kid. Nothing special about the match, but nothing completely wrong. Destiny did a good job at ringside. Knockout Kid has lost tons of weight and actually looks like Jimmy Valiant. Finish had Hooligan use a chain with the ref’s back turned for the win. [*1/2]

---- Chico Mendoza beat PK Ripper with a “Burro Bomb” [sitdown powerbomb]. Huge pop for Chico . He did “Three Amigos” in the shine. Good solid psychology with PK getting heat. Chico made a few comebacks with PK cutting him off. PK, even though he is a heel, got a pop for a few flying moves. Chico hit his finisher out of nowhere for the pin and a pop. [**]

----Mark Southern with Cash McCoy beat Sgt BT Payne. Payne is green as grass. He did some moves really smooth, but was just trying to do stuff too fast and such. Nice flying closeline and legdrop in his shine. Southern gave him a couple of hope spots. Southern with big boot and then big boot followed by a DDT. Good punches from Southern. Finish was messed up a bit and Southern just took over with an under hook DDT for the pin and win. [*3/4]

----“New Breed of Perfection” [Wildside/Waycool] beat Johnny Superstar/Overkill. This was a squash. Superstar/Overkill got very little at the front and then NBOP took completely over. They did more double team moves here than I have seen any team do in this area. Double elbow smash, double dropkick and others. Wildside hit a sweet tornado DDT. NBOP were working their asses off. Good fun stuff. Heat on Superstar with hot tag to Overkill – but he was cut right off and NBOP ended up pinning Overkill after a “high/low” double team move. [**1/2]

----Angle with Ravishing Randy bringing out NBOP, Devon Day and PK Ripper. He then called out Destiny. Destiny came out and Randy proposed to her. They are supposed to have the “wedding” on May 9th. This was funny and the fans got into it.

----Devon Day beat Kilo in the best bout of the night. This was just a solid bout with two of the best workers in this area. Probably also two of the most underrated. Day has not been seen by enough people!! Kilo did a great interview to set up the match. Day starts heat after Kilo misses a top rope move and Day hits a big time closeline. Kilo got a quick hope spot, but Day then cut him off with a powerslam. Day missed a pretty frog splash, and then Kilo hit a much prettier [could that be the name of the move?? LOL] frog splash. Kilo ready for the pin, but Destiny on ring apron. Kilo went for her and ended up with Day hitting him with a Liger bomb for the win. [***1/2]

----Chris Lexxus by DQ over Frankie Tucker with Destiny. Not much to this bout. Lexxus got a huge pop and is over. He has a great body and good look, but is green as lettuce. Tucker took it slow and methodical – Tucker style. Tucker would give him spots here and there, but Lexxus just needs lots of work. Lexxus reversed a suplex and started his comeback. He grabbed Destiny and was going to hit her, when PK Ripper jumped him for the DQ. [**]


----113 in the crowd…Although the whole Southern/Cash toilet thing reads just like an angle – it was a rib on me. I had no idea these guys were going to do this. I was a bit nervous when I thought I seen the box move, as if something was live inside. I was also about the crack up when I seen the toilet. Southern and Cash were real good with this and the fans really hate them…Hooligan was billed as “Christian Athlete of the Year”. Funny…Best bout I have ever seen PK in…Yes Sgt Payne had his name as Sgt BT Payne on his shirt. LOL or was it “Pain”. I do remember the BT part… Southern/McCoy both did good job with just your basic psychology…As much crap as I give Wildside, I got to give him and Waycool props for the squash match. Just totally getting themselves over here, but the team moves were real fun. Wildside could barely walk backstage due to a legit back injury, but when the bell rang he went at it…Superstar/Overkill were carried to the back by security, which made them look like total losers. I was told they are repackaging them as a young babyface tag team…One of my only criticisms of the show is that Ravishing Randy works too hard at ringside. That is hard to criticize someone for working hard, but as a manger your job is to get heat, but not too much heat that it takes away from the match. At times, the crowd was going after Randy with the security holding them back so much that you could not enjoy the match. It seems like it is just regular thing that the security lets the crowd do. Destiny had a few times like this also, but not as bad as Randy. McCoy on the other hand was perfect at ringside – not taking away from the match…Destiny has a unique look and is pretty good at ringside. She needs to do a little bit more watching the match instead of concentrating on the crowd…Kilo put Day over big time in his interview for the match talking about their 10 year history. After beating him, Day got on the mic and put over how good Kilo is and that “I love you man”, but he would beat him every time. They set up a rematch for this Thursday. Day deserves to be the champ here; because he is the best worker…Lexxus needs more training on the basics, but has a lot of potential. I would put him in a program with Day and let Day help him along. Tucker hit one chop on him, but not a big one. I popped from it anyway. LOL…Show started at 7:30 PM and ended right after 11:00 with two intermissions. Show seem to flow good and nothing seem to drag…Overall a good show with nothing horrible. They have green guys here that are not going to let the veterans have great matches, but it is all a learning process for the greenhorns. As I said, they have all their people over with the crowd into every match. That helps…Thanks to all the cast and crew of TIWF. I had a good time and my family and I were treated just fine. Good time had by all.

All photos by Kayte Tramel

You can always double click the photos and get a larger view!!

Top photo
left to right top: Chris Lexxus, Destiny/Frankie Tucker, NBOP
Center - left top: Sgt Payne left bottom: Kilo right: Devon Day
left to right bottom: Destiny/Hardknocks Hooligan, PK Ripper, Mark Southern/Cash McCoy

Bottom photo below
Mark Southern/Cash McCoy
Brian Tramel sitting on his award

Monday, April 27, 2009

RassleResults: MSWA Reunion Trenton, TN 4.26.09 - Big Crowd!!!

Midsouth Wrestling Association results for Sunday 4-26-09
at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton Tn.

Pyro def. Sgt. Payne

Streetfighter & AC Havoc w/ Ravishing Randy def. Knockout Kid & Redman

Franklin Ray & Johnny Superstar w/ Angel def. Royale Executioner & Moondog Rover

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) J.R. Rich & White Lightning wrestled Blaze, Soultaker, Redman, Pyro to a Double DQ

Missouri Bad Boys ( Cookie St. James & Mark Southern) w/ Ca$h McCoy & Big Jim Business Def. Pretty Sexxy ( Kilo & M. Justice) w/ Auburn Thunder

Battle Royale
J.R. Rich, Royale Executioner, Johnny Superstar, Pyro, Streetfighter, Blaze, Knockout Kid, White Lightning, Franklin Ray. Winner: Streetfighter.

• Notes:
• Attendance:248
• TIWF in action 4-30-09 Trenton Teapot Festival at the The Showplex Arena
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Saturday 5-2-09.
• Tim White inducted into the TIWF Hall of Fame
• Announcers: Big Dave & Jimmy Valentine

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.18.09 and TIWF Workers In North Carolina!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 4-18-09
at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton Tn.

AC Styles def. Johnny Superstar

Al Qaeda def. Boogieman Scream

Chico Mendoza def. Bobby The Butcherman

Hardknocks Hooligan def. Boogieman Scream

TIWF TV Title Match
Chris Lexxus (C) def. Frankie Tucker

• Notes:
• Attendance:139
• Rasslin Riot Online will be at the 4-25-09 show
• MSWA reunion show 4-26-09 at the Showplex Arena @ 2:15 pm
• TIWF in action 4-30-09 Trenton Teapot Festival at the The Showplex Arena
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Saturday 5-2-09.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
AIWF Anarchy results for Saturday 4-18-09
at the Mt. Airy National Guard Armory- Mt. Airy, North Carolina

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Devon Day© def. Tennessee Ernie Nord

The Extreme SouthernOutlaws def. Kobyashi & D’Jinn

Lucious Kevin def. PK Ripper

Tag Team Title Match
AIWF World Tag Team Titles vs. TIWF Regional Tag Team TItles
Chuck King & Big Daddy Edwards wrestled New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Way Cool) to a DCO

The Anarchy Kid def. Brian Danzig, Robbie Evil & Chris Tenney in a hardcore four way match to become the first Anarchy King

Sweet Daddy def. Vice

AIWF Heavyweight Title Match
Jimmy Love © def. “ The Iceman” Chris Severn

The Barbarian def. “ Sudden Impact” Louis Moore in a street fight.
• Notes:
• Attendance:125
• TIWF Superstar accosted by Mayberry Police outside the Mayberry Mall
• Anarchy is an affiliate of the AIWF.

RassleResults: MSW Dover, AR 4.25.09

Mid-South Pro Wrestling
April 25, 2009
Dover, AR
High School Gym

1) Scott Murdoch pinned Brandon Groom after the "Doctor Bomb" (gut-wrench sit out power bomb). Murdoch was trained by "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and lives in Shreveport, LA. Groom wrestled in FCW for a while and lives in Tulsa. Good opening match. Finish saw Groom go up top, Jeff Jett ran out and distracted the referee, Matt Riviera threw Groom off the top rope, and Murdoch hitting his finish.

2) "The Psychotic One" Ellis B. Hall beat The Medic with the iron claw.

3) Matt Riviera pinned Wes Robinson after a spinebuster.

4) Mark Johnson beat "Bruiser" Rick Sweetan with Boyd Bradford. Due to pre-match stipulation, Johnson got 5-minutes with Bradford which saw Bradford hit a top rope Randy Savage elbow which Johnson no-sold. This was hilarious as after Bradford hit the elbow, he pulled the suspenders down and then turns into a gore that got a huge pop.

5) "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington defeated "Ravishing" Rich Rude with a small package. Both are students of THE Wrestling School run by Riviera and Bill Ash. It was great considering it was their 4th match ever.

6) Mid-South Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat Max McGuirk & Brandon Groom when Riviera pinned McGuirk after R&R hit the double team flapjack on him.

7) International Champion The Atomic Dogg beat Prince Al Farat [pictured](with Thomas Trump) in a street fight. Finish saw Farat get hip tossed through a table in the corner. Highlights saw Trump being speared through a table, Dogg demolishing both with a trash can, and Farat being thrown through the entrance way. Referee Tom Simon also got decked mid-way through.

Attendance was around 200. Reckage & Romance will be wrestling next weekend in Mississippi for Kenny Valiant against The Medic & "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington. This group's website is

Credit: MSWizard

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.25.09

75 attended

Kevin James b Harold Knight

Anthony Wayne b Lightning Bolt Kid

Aiden Scott b Damien Payne

TJ & Cody Weatherby b Chris Norte & Lightning Bolt Kid when TJ pinned Norte

James "Fluffy" Duncan b LT Falk

Psycho Medic & Aiden Scott b Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon when Medic pinned Dunn

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Sunday, April 26, 2009 case you missed it-----> Vote for Corey Maclin!

This was posted on the Kayfabe Board but judging by the amount of posts not many people go there (ok, hardly anyone.....alright eight people go there, four of them post) Anyway, this is something apparently from the Fight Network that airs Memphis Rasslin' overseas telling about everyone's favorite advertising guru/announcer/con man/rasslin' promoter/now politician Corey Maclin and his intentions to run for office in Shelby County next year. It's fun....highlights of Maclin plastering himself all over his Memphis Rasslin' show and feuding with Jerry Lawler and Koko B. Ware.

Corey Maclin--- YES WE CAN!! (kill the wrestling business in Memphis)

(Posted by Gene Jackson----the views expressed here are those of Gene Jackson and do not necessarily reflect those of the rest of the RROnews staff, the sponsors of the site, the readers, the workers of the Mid South area, or the people of Shelby County who all think Corey Maclin is just swell!)