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Greg King JR Injured!!

----Not only did we get a US JR Champion last night, but the biggest story coming out of the show will probably be the kick to the face from Eric Wayne to Greg King Jr. It was a loud sickening thud and King went down and rolled out of the ring in agony. King was screaming and at that point everyone knew something went wrong. King was in some extreme pain. I learned this morning it looks like there are two broken orbital bones and a broken sinus bone. That match had to be called and now let the controversy begin. I know its all part of the business [it is not Bingo guys], but Eric Wayne is starting to get a rep of hurting people. A big part of the business is taking care of your opponent and not maiming them also. Even though they promote a stiffer style, nothing about his is a good thing. This kind of thing is not something they will want in the big time. Greg King’s mother was real upset and can you blame her?? I also was told that Kid Nikels and Wayne had words after the show about it. I will be posting a full Arena Report probably late tomorrow night and any other updates as I get them.

Dustin Ring, US Jr Champion

A Piece of my Mind May 9th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Through the magic of Facebook I was able to catch up with Chief Jules Strongbow. I did a search and came up with his daughter Melynda. She gave me his number so I gave him a call. He sounded very happy in life. It is sad but so many of the wrestlers you talk to have had troubles once they left the business. So it’s great to speak to someone who has embraced his new life. I met Jules through Afa the Wild Samoan and had the chance to referee his matches many, many times. His matches were very good and very solid. As a referee if you were ever getting tired just get assigned to a match with Jules Strongbow facing Charley Fulton. You could leave the ring rested and revived again. The only problem would be keeping a straight face Jules always like to see if he could make me laugh during a match. If you know me well there then you may not believe this but there was a time I had the same problem with Jerry Lawler. It was practically impossible to keep a straight face with his constant bantering.

I remember watching wrestling from California and seeing Frank Hill wrestle on many occasions. I didn’t know anything about him but that he was a “good” guy and in those days. I loved the good guys. I can remember watching wrestling on WWOR TV CH9 out of NY Chief Jay Strongbow was having a match with someone. I truly don’t remember the details but that match brought out the appearance of his brother Jules. His brother Jules was Frank Hill from California but through the magic of television and in Allentown, PA. Jules Strongbow was born. The Strongbow Bros would become a team and defeat Fuji and Saito for the titles.

I don’t believe that Jules ever got the recognition that he deserved. I truly believe most of that came from jealousy. Over the years Chief Jay Strongbow was a regular in the territory for the most part. His old partner Billy White Wolff (Sheik Adnan AlKaisse) had long ago left the territory. I can tell you that Jay was in very tight with the McMahons and was basically going to be there as long as he wanted to be. He not only wrestled but was an agent as well. The agent position was the equivalent of the current producer position. The one difference was that the agents gave input into matches not lay them out step by step as they do today. The wrestlers didn’t need that type of assistance in those days.

When Jules was brought into the territory it was to give one of the companies more favored employees a reason to be more in the spotlight. In fairness Jay was very popular with the fans. He was not main event star in "A" clubs. The Chief was a very unique individual in many ways. If he liked you, you had it made and if he didn’t you had an uphill battle in front of you. Over the years he had been featured and pushed he was a sometime tag team partner of Bruno Sammartino. He had feuds over the years one with Greg Valentine that I remember culminated in an Indian Strap Match at Madison Square Garden. He was a trusted employee that the company was going to push and went out of the way to do it. I am sure that when Jules was given his notice it was a political move. In Jay’s mind there was only going to be one Indian in the WWF.
My first trip overseas was to Doha in Qatar. The trip was run by Afa “The Wild Samoan” and Jules was also on it. I was very surprised to hear from Jules that one of his daughters was now living in Doha. It was a nice experience being there plus it was also my first plane flight. I have no idea how many of Jules matches that I worked but it was a lot and I can honestly say that he NEVER had a bad match that I was in. We traveled to other places like Bermuda and Egypt and Sydney, Australia which was a huge highlight for many of us.

I was booking a show in nineteen ninety two in Vermont. I was using Jules that night in the main event. I also used him to assist me in winning what was one of my very first matches. I was very limited at the time but I was working with a guy named Scott Taylor who came highly recommended by a referee friend of mine Billy Silverman. We used him on shows many times and he eventually made it to WCW and WWF. He sure recommended the right guy for me to work with. I was a heel in those days so I had Jules hit the wrong as the referee was distracted and put the sleeper hold on him. How about a heel Indian for a change? It was Jules idea to turn heel so we eventually let him do it. On this night we were coming back in an eight man tag team match at the end of the night so we needed some heat. The place was standing room only. It was funny when we got there we found out the last time that this place had wrestling Jay Strongbow was in the main event. In those types of building Strongbow could carry the load the “B” clubs. So with Jules and Demolition Ax as our top guys, we did real well that night.

The interesting thing about my opponent that night is that I knew he had it. He eventually went on to become a WWE star you may know him as Scotty Too Hotty. It has been about seventeen years since that match and ironically I will be teaming up with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Scotty Too Hotty in Leesburg, Fl on June 13th at the Armory. It all comes full circle the longer that we are here.

I have barely touched on my experiences with Jules Strongbow. I could have written much more and smiled through a great deal of it. It really boils down to this great worker, good person, just wanted to feed his family, got out of the business healthy and moved on to the second phase of his life. We had a lot of good times together. I hope I can convince him to get out and do some conventions we will have to see what the future holds.

It is great when in a business that has lately had some negative attention brought to it via premature deaths and personal financial crisis can share stories of happiness. It is true that due to poor financial decisions or personal demons that the wrestling business has had some fallen stars. I don’t know that our industry has any higher percentage than any other given industry but sadly perception is reality. The good news is that there is also another side of the fence. There are the Wendi Richter’s and the Stan Lane’s who walked away on their own terms when they wanted to. The business decisions made by promoters many times can force a performer to compromise their principles. In the case of Richter and Lane they didn’t have the burden of poor life choices to play the deciding factor about their careers. They still make occasional appearances when the circumstances are right. When you speak to both of them they are physically sound and mentally in great places in their lives. It’s legends like Strongbow, Richter and Lane that can show our whole industry that success is possible and a happy future is within reach.

Some bad news that I got tonight was that Princess Jasmine the lady wrestler passed away. She had come to Egypt on another tour run by Afa. Of course Jules was on that trip too it was a good tour. I can say that Jasmine who was from the Chicago area and I didn’t get along that well. I wasn’t close to her but she was also a great talent who never got the breaks she should have gotten. I worked with her on some Indy’s and in Egypt. It’s sad that she went so soon. She was a worker like Leilani Kai and Judy Martin were workers. It’s just another sad loss for our business.

This photo was taken somewhere in Massachusets after a match Jules had with Pretty Boy Doug Sommers. The was run by Afa the Wild Samoan I was the booker at the time and head referee. What a pleasure it was and so easy to work with two masters of the wrestling ring. If you think Jules looks bad Doug was bleeding just as bad it was a real war that night.

This has been a piece of my mind

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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.02.09

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to another action packed hour of Memphis Wrestling and gave us a rundown of what's on tap for the show.

Up first, was video of the Main Event that took place at the recent show at Minglewood Hall, featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher in action against "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "Wildfire" Tommy Rich. During the match, Rich received his fair share of heat from the rowdy Minglewood crowd. Tommy kept warning Referee Jerry Calhoun that Lawler and Christopher were hitting him with a closed fist. Rich and Gilbert gained the advantage when Christopher was punching Rich in the corner and Gilbert snuck up behind him, giving him a low blow. Then, Rich and Gilbert began to punish Christopher by double teaming and choking him with a rope. Finally, a shaken Christopher managed to escape the two and make the tag to the fresh King. Lawler pulled the strap down and took it to Rich and Gilbert. The finish saw Doug Gilbert crash into Tommy Rich from off the top-rope with a chain when Christopher ducked out of the way. Lawler pinned Rich to get the win.

Video of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in sunny Tampa, Florida. Hart said he's heading to Memphis to be the campaign manager for Corey Maclin, who's running for County Clerk. Jimmy also sang "Happy Birthday" to Corey Maclin, that celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

Up next, was an entertaining Mixed Tag Match that took place at Chester County High School in Henderson, Tennessee, involving "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Veronica Fairchild against "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Su Yung, with Angelina in their corner. Dundee got the win by rolling up White. Fun match that the Henderson crowd enjoyed although I think "The Superstar" had the best seat in the house, being surrounded by the three lovely ladies. Just goes to show you that Dundee is still tha man!

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with The Rock 'N Roll Express taking on The Nightmares, managed by The Bee Keeper. The Nightmares picked up the win after striking Ricky Morton with a chain. Following the clip, Corey said they may try to get The Rock 'N Roll Express for the big AutoZone Park show.

Speaking of upcoming action, there will be Live FREE Wrestling at the Super K-Mart in Raliegh at Coleman Rd/Austin Peay Hwy on Saturday, May 23rd with a 1pm bell time. This will be a part of the big Block Party that's taking place on Memorial Day weekend. Corey said they will have the television cameras out there, as well as, lots of free stuff, autographs, and more. They will actually have a wrestling booth set up for all three days of the Block Party.

Jerry "The King" Lawler checked in with us and thanked everyone for attending the show at Minglewood Hall. He said "Wildfire" Tommy Rich has still got it and told everyone to mark Saturday, May 30th, on their calendar because that will be the next Memphis Classic Wrestling show at Minglewood Hall. Visit for more information. Lawler said, "Thursday is, obviously, not a wrestling night for Memphis. It's either Monday, which was always historic Monday, or Saturday night." If you would like to e-mail "The King" you can do so at Plus, there will also be some of the action from Minglewood Hall on the site. Jerry added that just last week, The Rock 'N Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, Austin Idol, and even PG-13, Jamie Dundee(J.C. Ice) and Wolfie D, all called him and wants to be a part of one of those classic wrestling shows. Also, a big announcement coming up, next week, about prices. They are thinking about throwing back the prices for the next event. "The King" will also have some footage of Mick Foley talking about Tommy Rich's recent Minglewood Hall performance. Lawler ended by reminding everyone that Saturday, May 30th, will be the next Classic Wrestling event at Minglewood Hall.

Corey said there will be a special segment coming up, next week. Corey reminded everyone about the FREE Live Wrestling that's taking place on Saturday, May 23rd, as part of the Block Party event at the Super K-Mart, located at Coleman Rd/Austin Peay Hwy in Raliegh with a 1pm bell time.

Corey Maclin wrapped up the program, by saying, there's a major announcement that's coming up, next week, that you don't wanna miss.

Credit: D-rock @

Shows for the Weekend 5.08 to 5.09.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. Below are some special shows around the horn.

-Tonight!!! in West Memphis, AR for US Jr Title Round Robin Tournament. “On the Road with RRO” with Yearbook 2008.

-Tonight!! Southern States Wrestling will be at the National Guard Armory in Kingsport,TN. Bell time is 8:15 p.m. and tickets are $10 for front-row seats, $8 for general admission and $5 for children. The event will feature six big matches along with stars from the Championship Wrestling Alliance and wrestling Legends Ricky Morton and Tracy Smothers.

-Saturday night Wynne,AR
PWA will be at The National Guard Armory
Belltime- 7:30
Jamie Lee, Dylan Crest, Brian Thompson, Johnny Cage,
Wes Robinson, Chass Cardington, Matt Riviera,
Johnny Morton, Jamie Jay

-Saturday Ravishing Randy and Destiny will exchange vows at the TIWF Showplex Arena in the wrestling ring ( sans Macho Man & Elizabeth) Rodney " Hotrod" Howard who is an ordained minister will be officiating the event. All family, friends, workers, promoters and fans are invited to attend this moment.

-Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR for ASWF with “On The Road with RRO” with last stop of “Book Tour 2009” with Yearbook 2008. Iron Man Match: Derrick King vs Austin Lane.

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Addition to N.E.W. and U.S. Junior Title Post

In my previous post regarding tomorrow night's New Experience Wrestling card and the historical overview of the United States Junior Heavyweight Championship, I failed to mention the resurgence of the title in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Ken Wayne defended the championship many times there, once losing it to Rey Gonzales only to regain it a few weeks later.

Also, in addition to the tournament and Nikels/Greg Anthony bout, Austin Lane will go one on one with Shawn Reed.

Again, N.E.W.'s big event is tomorrow night, May 8, at 8 p.m. in West Memphis, AR at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling.

Putting Over: Dustin Starr

----Whether you agree or disagree about what happened in Dyersburg, TN, you have to agree that Dustin Starr with this week's "Starr Treatment" has been an interesting read. All the comments about guarantee and such is also some good stuff. This kind of writing could easily help him win Columnist and Site of The Year 2009. Starr tells about the last few days being record hits. I think this has been a record week for me in hate mails and text msgs after running the Flash story and MS Arena Report. Starr even puts over TGB in a column!! LOL BTW, TGB's column, like Coach's Corner, are bi-weekly features here at RRO!! CLICK HERE to take a look!!

RaslleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 4.25 and 5.02.09


Phoenix X def. Kyd Psycho

Norrin Radd def. Tigerface

Suicide def. Tommy Redneck

Brandon Barbwire def. The Kid

Jeremy Moore/Sarge def. Syn/Stunner by DQ when XOW jumped in. XOW proceeded to handcuff Moore to the ringpost until Hollywood Jimmy beat Sarge with a Crowbar and bloodied him up bad. Faces finally made the save but not before the damage was done!

Maverick def. Mark Justice in a non-title match

Crowd was around 80-90 for a great show. The angle w/ Sarge, Moore, and XOW had Major heat!


Show opens with XOW coming to the ring led by Hollywood Jimmy, this time they were all dressed in black and were coming out in remembrance of Sarge. XOW staged a funeral claiming Sarge had died. And tonight there would be no Sarge and Mickey Ray here. They kept rambling on until the music hit and the F.O.P. hit the ring a a big pop! FOP said tonight they were gonna hand Syn and Stunner a beating!

Norrin Radd def. Tommy Redneck via tapout

TigerFace def. Ozwick

Biscuit def. Suicide

Law & Order – Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes - called Hollywood Jimmy out and said that they were here to restore order and all he was doing was disrupting, and that tonight they were going to teach him a lesson. This prompted some of the XOW guys to jump Law & Order, only for Erik Hayes to save! They then introduced Jeremy Moore as Erik Hayes partner tonight against Brandon Barbwire and Jason the brain. On top of that Ricky Hayes said he was sick of Lil Bit getting involved in everything thing and that tonight he was dusting off the boots and making it a 6 man tag!

Ricky Andrews came to the ring and said he was glad to be back, and that at Spring Breakout he did what he said he would do and that’s beat Tank. He said the reason he was here was to formally challenge Brandon Barbwire for the High Risk Championship!

Jeremy Moore/Erik and Ricky Hayes vs. XOW was thrown out after Max Steele attacked Jeremy Moore and delivered a devastating spinebuster.

Mark Justice def. Maverick to retain the NBW Championship

Syn/Stunner def. The FOP. Post match XOW jumped FOP and Sarge and Mickey fought them off and challenged for a rematch this week!

Crowd was up this week with around 120 and they were HOT! Show was great this week.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

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N.E.W. to crown new U.S. Junior Heavyweight Champion Friday night

More than eight weeks worth of qualifying matches will result Friday night in the crowning of a new United States Junior Heavyweight Champion at the New Experience Wrestling TV Tapings at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling in West Memphis. Here is an overview of the championship, its resurgence and how four of N.E.W.'s top stars reached a one night, double elimination tournament for the gold.

The United States Junior Heavyweight Championship has a storied history. Some of wrestling's biggest names have held the title during its 50-plus year history including Memphis favorites such as Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Stan Lane, Tommy Rogers, Koko B. Ware, Norvell Austin, Dr. Tom Prichard, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, "Nightmare" Danny Davis and, this is not a typo, even Downtown Bruno in 1989. The last major run of the championship came in Continental Wrestling, based in the Southeast, in the late 1980's. The title resurfaced briefly as part of All Pro Championship Wrestling in Columbus, MS in late 2004 and early 2005. It was held by Ken Wayne. Jamie "J.C. Ice" Dundee briefly held the title defeating Ken Wayne in a match at Dave Lavender Coliseum in January 2005. That decision was overturned one night later at an APCW TV Taping when Wayne showed a loophole in the contract, which originally had him facing Scott Armstrong.

The championship was brought back into circulation for N.E.W. in early March 2009. Athletes must weigh less than 220 pounds to compete for the gold. Qualifying matches began on March 6 at N.E.W. events in West Memphis. The first four wrestlers to earn three victories in qualifying matches would go on to the one night, double elimination tournament. Here is a listing of the qualifying match results, week by week.

March 6, 2009
- "3G" Eric Wayne def. Dustin Ring
- Shawn Reed def. Justin "The Juice" Smart

March 13, 2009
- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony def. Stan Lee
- Matt Justyce def. Greg King

March 20, 2009
- Greg King def. Dustin Ring

April 3, 2009
- Greg King def. Justin "The Juice" Smart
- Matt Justyce def. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
- "3G" Eric Wayne def. Shawn Reed

April 10, 2009
- Justin "The Juice" Smart def. Matt Justyce
- Dustin Ring def. Shawn Reed
- "3G" Eric Wayne def. Greg King (Wayne qualifies for tournament)

April 17, 2009
- Shawn Reed def. Matt Justyce
- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony def. Justin "The Juice" Smart

April 24, 2009
- Dustin Ring def. Justin "The Jucie" Smart
- Greg King def. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (King qualifies for tournament)

May 1, 2009
- Matt Justyce def. Shawn Reed (Justyce qualifies for tournament)
- Dustin Ring def. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (Ring qualifies for tournament)

"3G" Eric Wayne, Greg King, Matt Justyce and Dustin Ring will all compete in the one night, double elimination tournament. Here is a review of each athlete and his storyline leading up to Friday's big event...

"3G" Eric Wayne
The third generation wrestler has remained undefeated in N.E.W. He's had an on-going battle with Kid Nikels, who weighed more than the junior heavyweight weight limit, as both men have been undefeated since N.E.W. started last fall. As the first star to earn three wins coupled with his undefeated streak and the fact that his father Ken was the last man to hold the U.S. Junior Title, Eric has to be Friday's favorite to win it all.

Greg King
Greg recently completed his 1-hour graduation match to officially graduate from the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. He has been involved in an angle with fellow trainee Matt Justyce dating back to the very first episode of N.E.W. He has become one of the promotion's most liked and popular performers.

Matt Justyce
Matt started out strong in the tournament qualifiers, quickly earning two wins. He then went on a short qualifying match losing streak before gaining the last, third win on May 1. And that victory was tainted as Justyce used a tights pull and Shawn Reed has his feet on the ropes, out of the view of the referee. Matt's storyline has been centered around his lack of focus and dedication to training, partially a shoot as Matt did not show up to training sessions at the wrestling school for several weeks. Now, he has become the first man to blatantly break the rules in the promotion.

Dustin Ring
Dustin has become one of N.E.W.'s surprise stars, showing a totally different side of himself than the "vampire" that many area fans knew first. After a losing streak, Dustin came on strong to gain his three qualifying wins.

Grudge Match Signed
In addition to the tournament, Friday night's N.E.W. show will feature a Grudge Match between "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Kid Nikels. On April 24, Anthony interrupted a Kid Nikels interview only to be chokeslammed for doing so. This led to Anthony losing a U.S. Junior Title qualifying match to Greg King. At the end of that show, Anthony jumped Nikels from behind following an Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels tag team victory. This led to a big pull apart to end the show. Last Friday, Ken Wayne reprimanded Nikels and Anthony during an interview. During Anthony's U.S. Junior Title qualifying match with Dustin Ring, Nikels came to ringside as Anthony went to the top rope. The distraction allowed Ring to take advantage and earn his third win.

Show Details
The N.E.W. show featuring the United States Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament will be held Friday, May 8 at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Wrestling at 201 E. Jefferson in West Memphis, AR. Bell time is 8 p.m. For more details, call (901) 831-4198.

The Golden Circle "In This Corner...THE DIRTY BLONDES!!!" by Greg Anthony

What's in a name? Well, if you a professional wrestler then pretty much everything. In our game you want a name that is catchy, that provokes a certain mental image. A name that has to be said in its entirety. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Now that's a wrestling name but did you know it almost wasn't to be? Such names like Fang McFrost and Ice Dagger were some of the original names tossed about by WWE creative before the infamous SCSA was born. Who can forget Mankind; well he was almost Mason The Mutilator! Not exactly the main event quality name you were hoping for. These stories are endless in pro wrestling and one story in particular is my all time favorite.

When “Trendsetter” Jon Michael and "Girlcandy" Christian Jacobs met they quickly became fast friends. It didn't take long for them to decide to become a tag team. The hard part was picking a name. I was working in Osceola, Arkansas at the time when Trendy and CJ wanted to come in together. Big Daddy LaFonce the owner/operator/wrestler of Mid Southern Championship Wrestling asked me if they had a tag name. Of course they hadn't come up with one just yet but Big Daddy wanted something to plug on the show and print on the posters. So I brainstormed for a few minutes and come up with The Dirty Blondes!

Now let me explain my position on this subject. I'm a huge fan of The Hollywood Blondes, any version really. Buddy Roberts/Jerry Brown, Rip Rogers/Terry Oates and of course Steve Austin/Brian Pillman. I also was a fan of other Blonde gimmicks like The Blonde Bombers, Ray Stevens/Pat Patterson, Larry Latham/Wayne Ferris or Moondog Spot/Honky Tonk Man to those who didn't know. I enjoyed working with Ron Rage and Mickey Ray as The Blonde Bombers when I first broke in. So when I came up with the name for Trendsetter and CJ, it was meant to be a double entendre. The Dirty Blondes, most would think of the hair color meaning but it was actually referring to them being heels.

I was so proud of my creative aspiration but I was soon deflated when I told Jon Michael and CJ. I could see on their faces that they were less than enthused. They really were good sports and they told me as delicately as they could that they didn't like nor would they be using the name THE DIRTY BLONDES. I felt like I had let them down, but I marched on.

We arrived in Osceola together and the tone of the night was set by Big Daddy himself when he pointed to Jon Michael and CJ and asked "Are these The Dirty Blondes?" To which JM and CJ quickly and respectfully replied "No, we're "Trendsetter" Jon Michael and "Girlcandy" Christian Jacobs." I explained the situation to Big Daddy and agreed to let The Dirty Blondes off the hook. The rest of the night played out like a SNL skit with wrestler after wrestler asking "Are you The Dirty Blondes?" I got a nice giggle out of it but you could tell it was wearing thin on JM and CJ. They had a good match with two guys I forget about now but the highlight for me was when the announcer, whom we forgot to tell about our situation, said "And in this corner.... THE DIRTY BLONDES!!!" It took about 8 seconds for Trendsetter to grab the mic and tell everyone that they were not The Dirty Blondes but they were the.... uh.... The Prime Time Players(a gimmick that JM had used with several people in the past including me).

As much as I enjoyed The Dirty Blondes, Jon Michael and CJ would later decide on Picture Perfect. Probably the most recognizable tag team name in this area over the last 5 or 6 years. Chris O'Neal would join the fold and several versions of PP have been a solid asset to any roster. I'll be the first one to admit Picture Perfect is a much better fit than TDB. However The Dirty Blondes may be gone but I promise they'll never be forgotten and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it’s as good as gold.

Photos by Brian Tramel

Left: "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs
Right: "Trendsetter" Jon Michael

----Greg Anthony is regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 4 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Arena Report: EPW Thrasher, MS 5.01.09


-Neil Taylor
-Tony Dabbs
-Izzy Rotten
-Scott Portueu
-Jay Webster
-Brett Michaels
-Brian So Fine
-Ryan So Fine
-Michael “T-Byrd” Thomas


----My last visit to Mississippi had me coming back posting about psychology and how wrestling in Mississippi is worse than wrestling in Tennessee. I will go on record right here and say, wrestling in Tennessee and Arkansas is 10 TIMES BETTER!!! “Hollywood” Jimmy on his radio appearance on “Shooting the Shiznit” stated he felt wrestling in Mississippi was just as good. I think maybe Jimmy was having to babyface, because after one show I have to say “Horseshit” and totally disagree with that point. I am not sure what it is – it really doesn’t matter what MS promotion it is – there are only small set of guys in the whole state that know how to work.

----My daughter Kayte made a good point on the drive home. She said that it is like everyone just goes out and follows no psychology. They just do it over and over. And one ever says, “Hey, you are doing that wrong.” And then, they go out the next week – and do it all wrong – again and again and again. She might only be 15 years old, but she has been around the business ever since she could walk. If she can pick out what those guys are doing wrong – don’t you think other workers could do that???

----Final rant here before I get to the results – I know people have given Leslie Jones and IWF a lot of hell in the years following the demise of that promotion. I would consider myself not one to praise everything Jones did, but take a look at the names I posted above. Weird how all the workers that have talent were guys that worked for IWF??


----Nick Grymes beat LSD. No build up to the finish as Grymes just hit him with a closeline for the pin. LSD did a dive and a standing shooting star that was nice. [1/2*]

----Jay Webster beat Keylo Green with his finisher. Good solid bout, but ended out of nowhere. Green did better coming to the ring and in gimmick than in the ring. Still not bad, but no comeback for him [babyface] and finish was flat. [1/2*]

---- Cyrus beat Chris Fontaine by DQ. Not good. Cyrus is real green. Fontaine not much better. Cyrus started getting the advantage and Justin Rhodes and Big Daddy Neno jumped in. “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] made the save to set up the 6 man tag later. [DUD]

----“Pain Inc” [Brett Michaels/Scott Porteau/Izzy Rotten] with local DJ Dotson came out. They got the fans going to sell lumberjack straps for the main event. “Studd” was really good here.

----Curly Moe/DC/Tony Dabbs beat “Pink Flamingos” [Brian&Ryan So Fine/Andy 2 Dandy] in the best bout of the show. Solid psychology and all the guys working real hard. Heels did double heat with heat on DC first, then a hot tag to Moe. Moe was cut off and then heat on him. Hot tag with a good finish. Brian was holding hands with Ryan/Andy so they would not go over with a sunset flip – Dabbs superkicked Brian – Brian released hands and heels got pinned. [**3/4]

----Justin Rhodes/Big Daddy Neno beat “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy]. “Aslyum” worked as a team for a few moves. Rhodes/Neno were lost. Not a good bout and probably one of Psycho/Pappy’s worse efforts for the year. Hot tag flat [if it was really a hot tag??] Psycho hit a superkick during one part of it and it was straight up to Justin’s face!! Bubba bomb from Rhodes on Psycho and it looked good. One star for superkick and ½ for Bubba bomb. [*1/2]

----Mason beat Neil Taylor by DQ for the EPW Title. Not a good match, but Taylor tried. Taylor is good when he is in the ring with someone good [Rocker/Lawler]. I really have never seen him carry a match, but he does know what you are supposed to do. Mason is bad and he is their champion!! Good solid psychology with Taylor leading the way. Two ref bumps and a couple of near falls and the crowd popped. Taylors’ punches looked weak. Taylor hit a stunner for a pop. Mason tried to use a chain, but Taylor took it away from him for the pin from referee #2. Crowd popped big for the win..but it was a Dusty finish as the first ref Dq’ed him for bumping him. Taylor then hit the ref for a good pop. [**]

----Bonecrusher/Cassonova Kid/Tyson Star beat “Pain Inc” [Izzy Rotten/Brett Michaels/Scott Porteau] with special ref Dotson in a Fans Lumberjack Match. Solid psychology with heat on Kid. Crowd was hot for this by hitting the heels with straps. Not a great bout, but the fans liked it. Izzy missed a legdrop from the second rope. Babys won and Dotson ended up turning baby chokeslamming Michaels after the match. [**1/2]


----200 to 225 in the building…“Asylum” got a nice pop for save…Psycho looks to have lost about 60 pounds. He is still a big guy, but you can tell he is moving much better…I don’t like the Dusty finish with putting heat on the ref. Apparently Taylor was a little stiff on ref #1…I wrote “Bonecrusher was better than I had been told” in Yearbook 2007. He got the biggest pop of the night coming out to “Bad to the Bone” and because “he is from here.” Not impressed with his work and I have to agree with Ken Wayne – he does not need to be training anyone…Cassonova Kid, Grymes,Green, Star and LSD are not just so horrible they could not be trained – but they need lots of work… Both refs did not have ref shirts on…Michael Thomas kissed me on my bald sweaty head – just had to share that with everyone…Kross was at the announcer’s table and came over to shake my hand. He is currently injured with a foot or leg cast…I sit most of the night chatting with someone I have heat with – Neil Taylor. LOL Taylor doesn’t like the Yearbook [still not sure why] and I do like the Yearbook. That is about all the heat we have…Kudos to Izzy for all the work he did to get this done for the DARE program. ..Thanks to cast and crew for their hospitality…I was supposed to be at the EPW show on Saturday night, but with wrestling being so bad and the kids encouraging me to go to a mall, I opted out to head back to Missouri.


----Wondering why I listed those guys at the front of this report?? These are the guys that are GOOD WORKERS in Mississippi. These guys could work anywhere in this area. They would have good matches, get good heat or be over. Pappy and Jay Webster are the only two guys that have improved in the last two years of the lower classmen, since my last visit. Take a second look at the list and the report from 2007 – the same guys are the only ones that are good. If your name is not on that list and you worked on this show – then do everyone a favor – either go sell your gear on ebay or get more training.

Mid-South Loses A Former Worker: Garland Gene Henson

----This was posted on the Kayfabe board by Terrance Ward on Sunday. I called around and confirmed this. I also was wanting a photo of him before noting about his death. If anyone has a photo - please send it along!!

----I worked with "Garth" during my stint with Rampage Championship Wrestling and he was super nice guy. He was doing the Death Knight gimmick. We would all get a big laugh out of him doing a British accent. Garth was a big guy, but had a real quite voice that would also make you laugh the first time you met him. I remember him pulling his knee out of socket one night in Jonesboro. He just let someone just pop it into place and you could hear the pop [ouch!!]. After RCW, he was always talking about running shows and was wanting "Total Kaos" [Christian Jacobs/Kade] and Coach BT on his shows. He also became legally blind due to diabetes in I believe early 2007. He had sent me an e-mail telling me that he had a computer program to read my site and kept up with everyone. The last time I heard or seen Garth was in August, 2007 for a ASWF show. RRO sends our condolences .

Garland Gene Henson, 45, of Hoxie, died April 26, 2009, at NEA Baptist Hospital.

Born Jan. 28, 1964, in Lawrence County, he was a 1982 graduate of Hoxie High School. He was a former employee of S-B Power Tool and was a professional wrestler for 25 years. He was a member of the Sedgwick Baptist Church.

He was preceded in death by his father, Troy Henson Sr.

Survivors include his wife, Peggy Jones Henson, whom he married June 29, 1991; a daughter, Brittany Henson, of the home; his mother, Jean Henson, Smithville; and three brothers, Troy Henson Jr. and wife Mary, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Charles Henson and wife Pat, Vilonia, and Ricky Henson and wife Debbie, Hoxie.

Funeral is Thursday at 2 p.m. at Bryan Funeral Home with Bro. Dennis Truxler officiating. Burial will be in Smithville Cemetery under the direction of Bryan Funeral Home.

Pallbearers will be Phil Gibson, Tim Gibson, Tim Hutsell, Gary Blackburn, Lanny Hutsell and Leonard Doan.

Courtesy of: The Times Dispatch(

Henson was known as Death Knight and Leonard Bass. Condolences go out to his family in their time of grief.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.02.09

Mark Tipton comes to the ring to address around 125 in attendance tonight. He says that for those that were here last week or watched via, there is a special tag team match taking place tonight. Stan Lee’s music hits and he comes to the ring to join Mark. Mark says that it’s kind of a good thing for him to come out, and reminds everyone of the tag team match between Commissioner Dustin Baker and Jon Michael vs. K.C. Gold and a partner of his choosing. He announces a stipulation made on the match as well. Mark says that K.C. Gold’s contract will be on the line, and that if Commissioner Baker and Jon Michael wins, K.C.’s contract is terminated and he will be gone from the EWE. He then goes into how they tried to have a tag team title match last week, but was interrupted by Premiere Brutality. So at the request of the tag team champions Picture Perfect, there will be a triple threat match between Picture Perfect, Genocide, and Premiere Brutality. He also reminds everyone that Tatt2 will be returning tonight to compete. He turns his attention to Stan and mentions that MAYHEM is around the corner, and tells Stan that he will play a vital role at the event and asks him for his opinion on everything. Stan says that he can’t wait until MAYHEM and that it will be the biggest event of the year, and that he’s going to be defending his title against the winner of the Elite 8 ticket. Lee says that right now, the holder of that ticket is Dustin Starr. As soon as he says that, the lights go down and a video starts on the big screen. It’s Dustin Starr with a very special edition of the Five Starr Showcase. Starr says that he told everyone that if he didn’t get a chance to compete for the Elite 8 ticket, that he will take his chance for the ticket. He says that three weeks later, he’s standing with the ticket in his hand. He says that there’s no way for him to be screwed out of his ticket, because he can’t lose the ticket if he’s not there. Starr says that on May 30th, he’ll find out what MAYHEM is all about. Stan says that he’s glad that he went through all the trouble to send him that video, but why isn’t he there tonight? Lee says that Star is scared, and that he’s going to keep the title and beat Starr at MAYHEM, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Dustin Starr sneaks up behind Stan and attacks him, then slams the championship belt against Lee’s head. Starr throws chairs into the ring, grabs a mic and says that he wanted to send a little message, saying that Lee might not even make it to MAYHEM, then hits him with a steel chair and attacking Lee’s leg. Starr grabs the mic again and wishes Stan good luck on the match to MAYHEM, then exits the ring. Two referees and the security team come to help Stan out of the ring, but Stan will not leave. His match for the night is scheduled first and he doesn’t want to sit out. He tells Mark that he will still compete in his match. J.R. Manson comes out and starts assaulting Lee as the bell rings and their match starts.

J.R. Manson continues his assault on Stan Lee, then grabs the belt from around the waist of the referee and raises it up to hit Lee, but Tatt2 quietly makes his way to the ring, jumps in and grabs the belt before he strikes Lee with it, and J.R. runs back to the locker room. Tatt2 and a couple referees tend to Stan and help him to the back.

Chad Badd def. Greg King via pinfall.

Tatt2 def. Lil Tim Alfonso via pinfall.

Tommy Jones and Shannon Lee def. The High Rollers via pinfall.

K.C. Gold makes his way to the ring for his match next. He says he guesses everyone wants to know who his tag team partner is, and says to hit his partners music. Out comes Krisis and he joins Gold in the ring. Commissioner Dustin Baker and Jon Michael come out and get ready for the match. A majority of the match is fought between Krisis and Jon Michael, but as Michael gets the upper hand in the match, he gets flipped off the top rope by Krisis, and that gives Commissioner Baker the chance to sneak up behind K.C. Gold. Gold turns around, Baker gives him a kick and a stunner, then pins him for the win. Baker goes over to Gold as he lay on the ground beside the ring, tells him to look up, then tells him, “YOU’RE FIRED!” Baker starts to sing “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” but is cut off by a video by Scott Adams. Adams challenges Jon Michael to a match at MAYHEM, but says that before anyone influences his decision, that he needs to remind Michael of what he’s done to him. He asks if he remembers what happened when he powerbombed Michael and put him out for a month, and wasn’t able to provide for his family. He says at MAYHEM, they can end this and he could end Michael. Commissioner Baker and Jon Michael talk for a minute in the ring, then head to the locker room.

The triple threat between Picture Perfect, Genocide and Premiere Brutality gets underway. A bit into the match, Eric Wayne knocks the referee out, forcing another to the ring. Genocide scores a pinfall and the replacement referee declares Genocide the winner. The original referee comes back, grabs the titles from Genocide and says that he was knocked out and that the match is over due to a disqualification and Picture Perfect retain the titles. Commissioner Baker comes out and asks the referee what happened, then declares that the match was ended due to disqualification and the titles are retained by Picture Perfect. Genocide comes behind Premiere Brutality and starts to assault them all the way to the locker room. The lights go down, and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony appears on the screen. He says that the last time anyone say him, he was getting his head shaved by Stan Lee. He also says that everyone probably thinks that he tucked his tail between his legs and ran. But he says that night, he got a phone call by a very important man that wanted him to be a tag team partner of a true wrestling legend. He says they’ve been going town to town proving that they’re the best of the best, and they’re coming to the EWE for Picture Perfect, he promises. He says when he makes a promise, it’s as good as gold. Picture Perfect continue to celebrate their victory in the ring as the show comes to an end.

Full videos of all matches are available now at

Credit: Dustin Williams

RassleResults: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 5.02.09 - Featuring Memphis Legends and Ric Flair!!

On 5/2 Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was in Shelby, N.C. at the Shelby Park's and Recreation Gymnasium. The crowd was just a little over 1500. Not since the Jim Crockett day's has this building had this many people at a wrestling event!

1. Donnie Dollar$ defeated Former ECW Star "High Flying" Chris Hamrick for the MACW Hardcore Title. Barbarian came out and interfered by power bombing Hamrick to help Dollar win.

2. Krissy Vaine defeated Jamie Jamison.

3. In a three way dance match. "Rock n' Roll Express" Ricky Morton defeated Jeff Justice and Andru Bane. Morton won by pinning Bane.

4. "The Midnight Express" Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated Barbarian w/Donnie Dollar$. Dollar$ assaulted Eaton several times during the match. Chris Hamrick comes out to help Eaton defeat Barbarian. This match was very good with both guy's working hard. Crowd was into this match!

5. For the MACW Tag Team Titles. Buff Bagwell & Rikki Nelson defeated David & Reid Flair to win the MACW Tag Team Titles. Before this match took place MACW owner Rikki Nelson and Ric Flair had a altercation. Rikki Nelson had Shelby Police to kick Ric Flair out of the building! Flair wasn't very happy!!

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR 5.02.09

1 match

T.J. wells VS Lethal

Lethal takes the win

2 match

Bryan Knight VS Kidco

match ended in a D.Q.

3 match

Luke Graham VS Scott Fury

match ended in a draw

4 match

Lineman VS Neil Taylor

Lineman takes the win

5 match tag match

Bryan Knight & Big Al VS East coast bad boys

East coast bad boys take the win

6 match street match

Wild Bill VS Ron McClarity

Wild Bill takes the win

Credit: bigears4afly

----This show has been running for about 2 months and is about 10 minutes away from Tuckerman, AR. They have been drawing around 75...They have also had a lot of behind the scenes stuff go on from what I was told. Here are a few things – -

-Matt Riviera worked the first show and thru a fit when his trainee pinned him on mistake.
-Jamie Jay and Johnny Morton were ask to not come back.
-Big Al booked for two months but after an altercation with Luke Graham Jr he is not booking. Sam Dollar is booking now.
-This is the place that Tim Hansen went to work after ASWF, but has since left after an argument with Sam Dollar.
-Scott Fury showed up Saturday night leaving RWA.
-They are saying they turned down Austin Lane for the roster.
-East Coast Bad Boys to be regulars.

RassleResults: SWS Trenton, TN 5.01.09

Keith Roberson beat Ty Hamilton

"Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] beat Michael Gilbert & Cody Melton

Veronica Fairchild beat Su Yung w/ Kevin White

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White w/Su Yung

Bill Dundee beat Derrick King.

This was a benefit show for Peabody High School baseball's team.
196 tickets was sold. Close to that many in the building.

Credit: SWStudd

----The attendance was about the same as TIWF shows. I would not consider that a good thing, because TIWF does it with homegrown talent and this show had Dundee, King, White and Christopher on it.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Flash Flanagan Shoots at DCW - Sometimes A Man Has To Do What A Man Has To Do

----Flash Flanagan entered the ring on Saturday night at DCW and cut a shoot promo with Dustin Starr for the “Five Starr Showcase” on how the Walkers do business at DCW. He told the crowd that they had short him on his payoff and called Sandra Walker a bitch. He told them that he quit and he would be wrestling in Ripley, TN [a place that never shorten him on his money] this coming week. Addison Walker [ref and youngest of the Walker clan] tried to get into the ring to go after Flash. It is really a good thing that Addison did not get into the ring, because Flash would have hurt him really bad. Is that kid just stupid??

----Later on in the night, Dustin Starr went for his payoff from Sandra. The Walker family [including Allen – who walked out at Spring Breakout 2009 but returned as soon as Derrick King did an injury angle so he could work ASWF for three weeks] offered Starr a job on their booking committee. They had just short Flash his money and now they were asking Starr to go behind his other friend’s back and take the booking job??? This ended with Addison smarting off to Starr and him acting like he was going to fight Starr. Is this kid that stupid?? [I am told kudos to Tim Edwards here as he stepped aside [even though he is family] when Starr ask him to when Addison was acting like he wanted to fight Starr.]

----The DCW Tag Team Titles were also put on Big Red/Tim Edwards and there was no plan whatsoever to do this – Sandra did that on her own as she was saying, “I am the boss, I can do what I want”, even though DK was considered their booker.

----If you are new to this area, you must understand that there is almost always drama going on around a Walker based promotion. And if you have been here for a while, you know what I am talking about. It has become almost legendary in this area with more than a few wrestlers refusing to work for them. Now with Starr and Flash gone – both will probably be in EWE full time – it will be interesting to see what happens with Derrick King. I have been told that there will be a meeting on Tuesday with King. It sounds like DCW may have already made a decision on firing DK, but if he is gone from Dyersburg; the DCW crew will lose more guys. Can DCW survive with most of the good workers gone?? Can they continue to have a show with them not paying people what they had promised?? Who is going to want to work for them??

----I would like to point everyone to the “Starr Treatment” as Dustin did a fantastic job writing about this. CLICK HERE to read comments and story on it from the Kayfabe Messageboard and feel free to post your own comments!!

Photo by Brian Tramel

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.02.09

1st Match
One Fall
McDaddy vs. David Cox
Winner: McDaddy

2nd Match
One Fall
Kaliki vs. Kid Krazzy
Winner: Kid Krazzy

3rd Match
European Championship
Christopher Lee(c) vs. Hot Rod John Ellison
Winner: Christopher Lee by DQ

4th Match
Tag Team Match
LSD vs. Cason McClain/Cujo
Winner: LSD

5th match
ASWF Tag Championship
American Degenerates Vs. Johnny Harper/Demon X(c)
Winner:Johnny Harper/Demon X

6th match
Non Title
Justin ''The Juice'' Smart w/ Bethany vs. Ray Ray(c)
Winner: Justin ''The Juice'' Smart

7th match
Grudge Match
Derrick King Vs. Austin Lane
Winner: Time Limit Draw

8th match
Non Title
Johnny Hawk Vs. Tommy Wayne(c)
Winner: Johnny Hawk

Attendance: 250

This week: Hometown Days Special
Match To End It All

Austin Lane Vs. Derrick King
Plus all titles on the line!

Several Fans, Security Guards. and Wrestlers stated that the Lane-King bout was one of the best they had ever seen. Went all over the arena. Several false finishes. All wonder how the two will top it.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.02.09 - Ron Rage New RWA Champion!!

It was the first ever Summer Celebration with 6 big matches. It was a TV shoot for a one hour TV show for this week’s edition. The announcers Brandon Wallace and Greg Russell were both on hand. Russell has had a running feud with the radio host Budro. Budro hosts the show On The Front Row With Budro on 970 AM KNEA which is the ESPN broadcast for NE Arkansas. They have been going back and forth over the RWA TV show. All this has generated a large ground swell for the RWA which is great. Russell put on a very derogatory commercial about Budro and his listeners. Frank Martin has called in and apologized on air for Russell's actions and made Russell apologize to Budro and the listeners. That segment will air this week as well.

The Asylum vs The Irish Dragons. Hardcore rules. Winner Asylum.
Black Sheep vs Soul Train Jones. Winner Soul Train Jones.
The Natural Born Playa'z vs CCR. Winners The Natural Born Playa'z
Ron Rage vs RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney "Bad Dogg" Mack. Winner and New RWA Champion Ron Rage [pictured with Raven].
Blaylok, Mike Anthony, Reno Diamond (The Dynasty) vs J.D. Kerry, Lucky, Pokerface. Captains Take the Fall. Winners The Dynasty.
Main Event Mike Austin vs Gary Diamond. Barbwire Match. Winner Gary Diamond.

The show opened with a hardcore match to set the tempo. The Asylum and The Irish Dragons. These guy's used everything in the building, road signs, ladders, kindoo sticks,chairs. There were big shots delivered by both teams at one point Acid hit a big boot Psycho and Pappy hit a elbow drop from the apron to the floor. But the big move of the night was a knee drop by Nic Fury. How many people can say the big move of a hardcore match was a knee drop? Well this one came when Nic got the straight ladder its a 20 footer and climbed to the rafters that hold the lights.(BT can verify this one) That is a good 20 foot up above the ring! Hanging from the wood rafter he climbed out over the ring and did a knee drop on Pappy. It was just not enough though, the Asylum is probably the best at hardcore in the Mid South and they proved that and got the victory.

The second match saw Black Sheep(formally Precious) taking on the fan favorite Soul Train Jones. This guy has a following that is Hugh and the kids really love the big man. Black Sheep gave Soul Train all he wanted but as Black Sheep came off the top rope with a cross body Soul Train caught him and slammed him for the 1 2 3.

The Natural Born Playa'z took on CCR no titles were on the line this was supposed to be a revenge match for Cannon who went crazy last week. As Cannon and Dr Randy came out they were one short. Chris Steel was missing. It turned into a handicap match. Cannon went crazy right off the bat, I truly believe if Cannon would have had his partner they would have got the victory. But Cannon got pinned and then the Playa'z jumped Dr Randy. Then they turned their attention to Cannons son Ryan. Ryan rings the bell for the RWA and the Playa'z went after him. The Irish Dragons made the save. Before Intermission Martin called Ryan into the ring. Ryan placed 1st in softball and 2nd in the 100m dash in the Special Olympics. Way to go Ryan you are this reporters hero young man.

After intermission Martin came out and told everyone that he was going to do what most promoters will not do and talk business outside of the building. This was a shoot. Martin explained that there was a rumor going around about Mack and himself. It has been said that they have had a falling out. Martin told the story about how he called Jazz and Rodney to the building before it was finished. Martin explained what he wanted to do with the RWA. Jazz and Rodney agreed to help Martin. Martin told the fans the two families have become one family. Rodney and Jazz lived with Martin for almost a year. The Martin's are the God Parents of Summer and Skye the twin girl's of Rodney and Jazz. All of this is a shoot. Martin called Mack out to assure the fans there was no falling out. Mack came out and told his side of how the Martin's took him when he was down, washed his clothes and how Suzanne Frank's wife cooked breakfast and supper for him and Jazz. How Anthony took him to the store when he had no gas in his truck just and bought him a can of dip. Mack told the fans how he promised Martin he would do all he could for the RWA and the Fans and for him. He thanked the fans, the guy's in the back and then thanked Frank for all he has done. At that point Martin took the mic and told the fans that Mack and him agreed that the actual details of the agreement that they signed this week was private but he said as of this Saturday night Mack is as important as Martin.

The RWA Heavyweight Title Match started at this point. Ron Rage came in through the front door as always. This match was great as both of them gave everything. They took it outside the ring and brought it back into the ring. Mack hit the spear out of no where and looked as if he had the match won. Rage had his valet Raven pull his arm outside the ring and the ref stopped the count. Raven also loaded Rage's arm pad and Rage hit Mack in the head as Mack came in to the corner to clothesline Rage. Rage covered Mack and at the last second Mack got his leg on the rope. After that Mack made his comeback and hit a back to back suplex with a bridge for the pin and as the ref hit the 3 count Rage rolled his left shoulder. Mack got up and celebrated and the fans were going nuts. When the Ref raised Rage's hand the crowed was stunned, Mack was also stunned. Mack almost hit the ref but realized he just did his job. The crowd gave Mack a standing ovation as he left the ring.

The 6 man tag match was a captain takes the fall match. Blaylok was the captain for the Dynasty and Poker Face was the captain for his team. All I can say for this match was holy smokes!!! These guys absolutely tore the house down, the moves and the team work was second to none. It was without a doubt one of the best 6 man tag's that I have ever seen. This is not an easy match to pull off. But these 6 guys pulled off this match and took the fans on a roller coaster ride that was worth the price of admission it's self. The finish was great, as the whole match was getting out of control Blaylok was in position to get beat when he took off his belt and tossed it out of the ring to Mike Anthony. Mike Anthony attacked Poker from behind and racked the belt around his throat and then covered it with a sleeper. The ref checked the arm of Poker 3 times and awarded the match to Dynasty. Blaylok did a great mic spill and let the fans know The Dynasty is the future of the RWA.

The Main Event was supposed to be a light bulb match. This came out of the match last week. Mike Austin busted a 8 foot fluorescent bulb over the head of Gary Diamond and cut Diamonds should up bad. Glass flew out into the fans and it took the ring crew 20 minutes to clean up the ring for the other matches to continue. Martin announced at the beginning that he made a mistake and got caught up in the moment and agreed to let Diamond and Austin do this match. Martin sub the Light bulb match with a barbwire match. Only Martin added a twist, he had two gloves wrapped in barbwire hanging above two corners. Whoever got to the glove first could use it. If they both got one then they both could use them. If that was not enough Martin said he had more barbwire he just might throw in the ring. Mike Austin came out and told Martin he signed a light bulb match. The crowd of 300+ was chanting you suck at Austin it was so loud you could not hear Austin over the fans. Martin told Austin if he did not perform the match he was fired. Austin then grabbed Martin by the tie and started to back him into the corner. Martins son hit the ring, Anthony is 6" 4" and 300 lbs, he is one of the security at the building and is actually a licensed security guard and also a (shoot) body guard. He spun Austin around stepping in front of Martin, other security also hit the ring. Austin told Anthony ok I got your number, that's when Gray Diamond's music hit and Diamond hit the ring like a madman. This match was just brutal from the get go. They used chairs and road signs and when they got the gloves the blood was flowing like crazy. It was a true blood bath and the fans were going crazy over all this. Towards the end Martin came out with a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire and had Anthony give it to Diamond. Austin hit a low blow on Diamond and the bat went to the outside. Anthony pointed it at Austin and Austin was pointing at Anthony and Diamond came up from behind and rolled up Austin for the victory. At this point Diamond was weak from the loss of blood and Austin went crazy and beat Diamond with a big road sign before leaving the ring.

This was by far the biggest and best show for the RWA to date. Martin advertised for the past 2 weeks with commercials on Facebook and flier's and a commercial on TNA as well. There was 300+ in the building to see the show.

Credit: RWAreporter

----I had also heard the rumors of Rodney Mack/Frank Martin having problems. It looks Mack has signed to be part owner of the promotion.

RassleResults: USA Wrestling Crossville, TN 5.02.09

Shane Williams d. Michaels Gilbert by pulling the tights

Matt Boyce d. Cody Melton [pictured] with a cross body. great old school psychology, Melton used his tape in the heat

Mr. Big beat Enigma in a midget match

Ty Hamilton d. Teddy Tender by DQ when Cody Melton and Shane Williams interfered

this set u a 6 man tag

Michael Gilbert, Matt Boyce, and Ty Hamilton d. Shane Williams, Cody Melton and Teddy Tender with a triple roll up and the pop of the night

attendance was 200-215.

credit: iceberg2020

Sunday, May 03, 2009

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.02.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 5-2-09
at the New Breed Arena- Brownsville, Tn.

Mr. X wrestled The Convict to a no contest when " The Family" interfered and attacked both wrestlers.

Jawbreaker Jesse Dee def. The Outlaw in a hardcore match

Hardknocks Hooligan & AC Styles def. Royale Executioner & Sgt. Payne

Chris Lexxus & Chico Mendoza def. Frankie Tucker & PK Ripper by DQ

Lawman Williams, Todd Currie & Johnny Superstar def. Wildside, Way Cool & Devon Day. After the match Currie and Superstar was beaten down by " The Family" Johnny Superstar was severely injured.

• Notes:
• Attendance:157
• Near Riot when Perfection and Devon Day beat down Todd Currie & Johnny Superstar.Fans tried to rush the ring.
• TIWF in action 5-9-09 Trenton, Tn. at the The Showplex Arena
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Saturday 6-12-09 LZ Hurley Memorial Football Stadium.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Credit: James Morgan

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.02.09

63 attended

James Duncan b Tatsu

Robbie Ruffin b Anthony Wayne

Psycho Medic b Kid Dynamite

TJ & Cody Weatherby b Lightning Bolt Kid & Chris Norte via simultaneous pins

Damien Payne b Harold Knight

Bad Boy Dixon & Kevin Dunn b LT Falk & Aiden Scott when Dixon pinned Scott

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----Why has the Saturday show started drawing more than the Friday show??

RassleResult: USWO Nashville, TN 5.01.09

USWO 5/1:

36 attended

Psycho Medic b Dyron Flynn and Kevin Dunn in a 3-way when he pinned Dunn

Lee Cross b Josh Hendrix

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Chris Cane

LT Falk b James Duncan in a last man standing match

Chrisjen Hayme b Shane Smalls

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski b Shane Eden

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b Saint & Tim Renesto in a lumberjack match

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.01.09

-Kid Nikels [pictured] beat Austin Lane in his NEW debut with a chokeslam.
-Matt Justyce defeated Shawn Reed by holding the tights.
-Dustin Ring beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony when Nikels interfered.

----25-30 in the crowd…Justyce using the tights with Downtown Bruno not seeing got a good reaction. Crowd was really hot over it. Funny how when spots like this are not seen on a regular basis, they really get a pop. First time for a screw job in the promotion…Style is starting to change with them sticking to the stiff stuff with some old school booking thrown in..Refs were DT Bruno and Chuck Poe…US JR Title Round Robin Tournament Friday night with “On the Road with RRO” – Matt Justyce, Dustin Ring, Eric Wayne and Greg King JR. Since Wayne has never lost a bout in NEW, he has to be the favor. TGB vs Nikels also scheduled in the semi main even right before the finals. BE THERE!!!!

Photo credit: Donna Partee

RassleResults: MW-USA McKenzie, TN 5.01.09

About 80-100 people in the crowd at $10 a pop. Pretty good considering the fact that there were horrible thunderstorms in the area all day and through the evening.

Drew Haskins defeated "Dice" in the opening match.

Matt Boyce pinned Teddy Tender.

Midget's Match: Little Back Drop defeated Enigma??? The babyface little person one. Not sure which one that was, but I'm guessing it was LBD. I didn't understand Bert Prentice's ring introductions.

Greg King JR defeated Eric Wayne [photo above] via superkick. EW came out as the heel. Worked a good match with ample psychology and ring action.

Jerry Lawler defeated Shane Williams with the piledriver. Basic phantom foreign object match with Lawler these days. We all know, both could probably do better, but it gets the crowd into it every night. Only those who have seen it 20 times sit back and call the spots themselves.

A really solid show from top to bottom. Everyone on the card belong in the ring. Well, almost everyone. The referee didn't tuck his shirt in. That's a pet peeve of mine. If you are going to be an official, look official.

Credit: KC

----This has to be NOT a success even though there was thunderstorms.