Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tank Update

----Visitation will be held Monday at John W German Funeral Home in Hayti, MO from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM with services following that. Below is the address. If anyone would be interested in making donations towards helping the family pay expenses, please contact the funeral home. Anyone else have any ideas about benefits and such, please contact me. I am willing to help out as much as I can. Tank did not have insurance and this would be a great time for us all to pull together and try to help them out!!

John W German Funeral HOme
208 N 3rd St
Hayti, MO 63851
(573) 359-1400

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.15.09 - Angle Out of Injury - Eric Wayne Suspended!!

----They ran an angle out of the Greg King Jr injury with Eric Wayne showing no remorse. He also would not shake US JR Champion Dustin Ring's hand. Ken Wayne suspended him until further notice.

-Austin Lane beat Ray Ray
-Alan Steele beat Justin Smart
-Dustin Ring beat Matt Justyce

----30 people in the crowd…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs…Ref Greg Allen was in the building, but did not work…Kid Nikels was also there and did not work…Steele and Ray’s debuts in NEW. It would be interesting to see what they do with both of them if they stay regulars…John Steele and RRO Announcer of the Year 2007 Michael Ward were the announcers.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.16.09

Attendance appeared to be in the 40s

Jason Xavier & Amos Moses b Richard Lowe & Dyron Flynn when Xavier pinned Lowe

Psycho Medic b James Duncan

Chris Cane b Lee Cross (w/Nick White)

USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Chrisjen Hayme by DQ when ref Boogie spotted Hayme with a pair of knux that had been brought in by Josh Crowe

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b White Tiger & Jeff Jameson when Payne pinned Tiger

Manslaughter b LT Falk and Shane Eden and Kevin Dunn in a 4-way elimination match to win the vacant USWO Championship

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.02.09

Corey Maclin is ready to go with another big day of wrestling action. Corey wished all of the mothers a Happy Mother's Day. Coming up, during the program, Sam Ware from Payroll Management Group will drop by and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart will be calling in. Also, we will take a look at Jeff Jarrett's very first match in Memphis Wrestling and a special bout between "The Beast From The East" Bam Bam Bigelow and Jerry "The King" Lawler. "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher will be in action, as well.

Memphis Wrestling and Payroll Management Group presents FREE WRESTLING on Saturday, May 23rd, in Raleigh-Frayser as part of the special Block Party event. This event will take place at the Super K-Mart, located on Austin Peay Hwy with a 1pm bell time. There will be FREE balloons and FREE t-shirts handed out. Corey Maclin said he is going to be there, along with the television cameras and Jerry "The King" Lawler as they kick off Corey's bid for the big Shelby County Clerk position in 2010. More information about this event, later in the show.

Throwback look at Jeff Jarrett from Lance Russell on USWA Wrestling. They aired footage of Jeff when he was a referee. During the clip, while Jeff was officiating a contest featuring the team of "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel and "Superstar" Bill Dundee in action, Landel attacked Jeff. It wasn't long before Jeff's dad, Jerry Jarrett, ran in to save his son, but was quickly double-teamed by Landel and Dundee. As the duo took aim at Jerry's eye, Jeff suddenly jumped back in the mix with a head of steam as he took it to both Buddy and Bill for a short time until Landel and Dundee regained the upper hand. Then, we saw footage of Jeff Jarrett's first match from the Mid-South Coliseum when he faced Tony Faulk. Jeff defeated Tony in a loser leaves town match, winning with a backslide. Following the clip, Lance interviewed "Double J" Jeff Jarrett in the USWA studio. This was shortly following his WWF release. Video footage was from the one thousandth television show. Jeff added that it was his ten year anniversary because ten years ago, he had his first match. Jeff was talking about getting injured during a match with Ahmed Johnson and being stripped of the Unified belt, without giving him his thirty days. They had a tournament with Jerry Lawler winning it and being awarded the title. Jeff wasn't too happy about this and said that he was going to get his belt back and become the new top dog of the USWA.

Next, was video of a recent match that took place in Trenton, Tennessee, between "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, with the stunning Su Yung in his corner. As soon as the highlights began, Kevin was getting in the ring when this little boy, out of nowhere yelled, "You suck!" That was some funny stuff, right there. Precious Su Yung was soaked with water, while she was outside the ring with Kevin, jawing with the fans. She started screaming and crying in Kevin's arms. Bless her heart. White attempted a piledriver, but was unsuccessful, when Brian nailed him with a low blow, which was followed by two more consecutive shots to the jewels. Kevin would gain the advantage when Su knocked Brian off the top-rope. Kevin would then go to town on Brian with a chain. White missed an attempted swanton. Christopher mounted a comeback, but while he was in the corner punching White in the corner, Yung jumped in. Brian managed to grab Kevin and her, bashing their heads together. This led to Brian covering Kevin to get the three count. Fun match.

For everything Jerry "The King" Lawler, visit

Corey wished his mom a Happy Birthday and announced that his son, Corey Maclin Jr. had graduated from Bishop Byrne High School, earlier that morning.

Opening the Vault featuring footage of The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, against "King" Carl Fergie and "The Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, with The Prince(Brickhouse Brown) and Nate "The Rat" in their corner. The match ended by disqualification, when Brickhouse jumped in to help Fergie attack Sags, while Jaggers beat on Knobbs on the outside with Nate "The Rat's" cane.

Classic Footage from a Unified World Heavyweight Championship match between "The Beast From The East" Bam Bam Bigelow and Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler. "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "The Dream Machine" Troy Graham jumped in as Lawler was making a comeback on Bigelow. Brian Christopher made the save and cleared the ring, quickly, by striking Gilbert and Dream Machine with a singapore cane.

Sam Ware from Payroll Management Group joined Corey Maclin in the studio to talk about the big day, coming up, on Saturday, May 23rd, when Memphis Wrestling teams up with Super K-Mart and Payroll Management Group to bring FREE WRESTLING to Raleigh-Frayser at the Super K-Mart, located on Austin Peay Hwy. Bell time is 1:00pm. Sam announced that there will be free t-shirts, free balloons for the kids, free hotdogs, and free wrestling. Sam continued, by telling Corey that he did a little something special for him, by adding Corey Maclin, Shelby County Clerk to the back of the shirts that will be handed out.

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart called in and announced that he is going to be at the FREE WRESTLING show on Saturday, May 23rd. Jimmy added that he used to live in Raleigh. Corey told Jimmy that Sam and himself are going to be making their way down to Tampa in a couple weeks with their camera crew to film some shows and asked Jimmy if he's going to be a part of them. Jimmy replied, "You better believe it! Maybe we will go by and see The Nasty Boys and maybe drop by to see Hogan and maybe Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. We may have all of them on the show."

Corey Maclin and Sam Ware ended the show by reminding everyone of the big event, coming up on Saturday, May 23rd.

Memphis Wrestling and Payroll Management Group presents FREE WRESTLING on Saturday, May 23rd, in Raleigh-Frayser as part of the special Block Party event. This event will take place at the Super K-Mart, located on Austin Peay Hwy with a 1pm bell time. There will be free t-shirts, free balloons for the kids, free food, and free wrestling. Scheduled to appear: Jerry "The King" Lawler, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, Corey Maclin will be there, along with the television cameras and many more!

Speaking of Corey running for Shelby County Clerk in 2010, I was just browsing around and ran across his new website. Check it out at

Tank Update

----I just got off the phone with Tank's wife Helen. She said that as they were sitting in the welfare office yesterday Tank's eye started to swell. He went out to the car to get some Benadryl. He then told her that they needed to go to the doctor's office because he felt like he could not breath. Tank drove himself to the doctor's office and Helen believes that Tank died at the office before the 911 ambulance arrived. Helen says she does not think it was a bee sting, as Tank had said nothing to her about being stung. The coroner and doctor's office are telling her that the official cause of death is a heart attack. Apparently area worker Ricky Andrews had arrived at the doctor's office before the 991 ambulance had arrived.

----Helen is making arrangements at 9:00 AM this morning and I plan to talk to her again later today. I will keep everyone update. Tank leaves behind his wife Helen, his daughter Teela and step-daughter Kayla. Please keep them in your thoughts!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Tank" Tim Robertson Dead At The Age of 29

----The phone has been ringing like crazy the last hour and it has been confirmed by the Pemiscot County Police Department, Tank died earlier today. Apparently he was sitting in a county office when he started to feel weird and thought maybe he had been stung by a bee. He told them he was highly allergic and they rushed him to Dr. Barnard's office in Caruthersville, MO. He had stopped breathing and they could not get a tube in his throat or help revive him after that. Our condolences to the family. I will have update as soon as I find out arrangements.

Greg King Update and The Starr Treatment

----I did receive word last night that Greg King JR is doing “ok” and will probably be out for at least three months with his injuries to the face.

----As stated on the “Shooting the Shiznit” show on Wednesday morning, NEW has decided to ban all kicks to the face. Dustin Starr over at “The Starr Treatment” has done another great job covering this story and some of the stuff written by a few of his comment posters [staying kayfabed] is more than either Dustin or I knew about the situation.

----King will be returning to the doctor on Monday is what I am being told. “kingjester” reported that he has “five breaks in 3 different bones” and I have no idea who this is, but I am with Starr here – I think they are VERY CLOSE to the situation. I am hearing the breaks are in his orbital bone, something with his jaw and his nose. Starr and I are in the same situation here – because we have to rely on second hand information. Either one of us would be happy to talk to King one on one, but I think we both [sorry I am speaking for you Dustin here] are respecting his privacy here and letting him talk when he wants to talk.

----I did get a message thru Ken Wayne that Greg wanted everyone to know that he appreciates all the calls and prayers that his friends and fans have been giving him. He wants to thank you and says he will be back. So RRO does wish him a speedy recovery.

----Now, on a few things Starr said that I just didn’t get listening to the show??

-I really didn’t think Ken Wayne was questioning Greg King’s work ethic?? I have even listened to it again?? Wayne would have to personally respond to this, but his comments on him being late and such was just a joke. That was even in Yearbook 2009.

-Ken didn’t just come out and say Eric was “careless” as an overall wrestler. He was talking about it being careless on what he did Friday night; right?? Wayne would have to clear that one up also.

-And it really didn’t seem that he was passing the heat. The heat is on Eric. It was Eric’s mistake and it was Eric’s carelessness that made that happen. Did Eric mean to do it?? Nah Does Eric feel bad that it happened?? You will have to ask Eric on that one.

----Now, on a few things Starr and I did agree with…

-Just overall banning kicks may not have been the solution here. I think it should be pointed out that it is not the whole school that caused the problem – all those guys should not be punished. Guys like Austin Lane, Greg Anthony and Shawn Reed can’t do kicks??

-“kingjester” also wrote, “The problem Ken Wayne has now is a rapidly eroding reputation. The fact that the school revolves around Eric is not a secret as is the fact that he is disrespectful and does not seem to work as hard as the others. If this situation continues, The Ken Wayne School of Wrestling and NEW will die a slow and painful death.” And that goes with the idea that banning the kicks may not be the solution – it might be making Eric stay off the show for set number of weeks and train more before he gets to work again. The truth is that it does tarnish the reputation of the school. It needs to be “nipped in the bud” and have Ken do something more drastic.

----With all that said and done, we all seem to forget that Eric is Ken’s son. Not sure what I would do if I was in his shoes?? He has to set a standard for mistakes here and just banning the kick might not be the solution.


Coach's Corner "Book Tour Facts and More on Mississippi"

----Just thought I would throw together a “Coach’s Corner” to give everyone an idea about what “Book Tour 2009” meant to me. As you can see, it meant a lot of wrestling, a lot of travel and overall a pretty good time. Below are some Tour Four along with “More on Mississippi” to finish this edition.

Tour Facts
-13 shows
-151 different wrestlers
-75 matches
-1568 fans total
-121 average fans per show
-1840 miles traveled
-Average match rating: 2.28

13 Shows – 13 Best Bouts of the Tour

13: Syn/DJ Stunner vs Tommy Redneck/Jon Biscuit [***] NBW Newbern, TN 4.18.09
12: Dustin Starr vs Baron Malkavain [***] DCW Dyersburg, TN 4.11.09
11: Christopher Lee/Tommy Wayne vs Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain [***1/4]3.07.09
ASWF, Tuckerman, AR
10: Kid Nikels vs Greg Anthony [***1/4] NEW West Memphis, AR 5.09.09
9: Brian Christopher vs Seth Knight [***1/4] DCW Dyersburg, TN 4.11.09
8: “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] vs Shawn Reed/Greg King Jr [***1/2] EWE Ripley, TN 4.04.09
7: Devon Day vs Kilo [***1/2] TIWF Trenton, TN 4.25.09
6: Blalok the Blazer vs Pokerface [***1/2] RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.14.09
5: Greg King Jr vs Kid Nikels [***3/4] 3.06.09 NEW West Memphis, AR
4: ECBB vs Pokerface/Derrick King [***3/4] MCW Osceola, AR 4.03.09
3: Dustin Ring vs Eric Wayne [****] NEW West Memphis, AR 5.09.09
2: Greg King Jr vs Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels [****1/4] 3.15.09
1: Austin Lane vs Derrick King [****1/4] ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.09.09

-Best Match featuring a legend –
Bill Dundee/Jeremy Moore vs Sarge O’Reilly/Brandon Barbwire [***] NBW Newbern, TN 4.18.09

-Best Crowd Reactions
Rodney Mack, Austin Lane and Dustin Starr

-Top 3 Best Shows [featuring 4 or more matches]
1: NEW US JR Title Tournament – 5.08.09 West Memphis, AR
2: NBW Spring Breakout 2009 Newbern, TN 4.18.09
3: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.14.09

-Top 3 Worst Shows
1: EPW DARE Benefit Thrasher, MS 5.01.09
2: EWE Ripley, TN 4.04.09
3: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.07.09

-Most Improved Wrestler That Wears A Mask
Demon X

-Most Improved Wrestler Without a Mask
Jeremy Moore

-Best Backstage Brawl
Brian Christopher vs Bishop

-Markout Moments
1: Dustin Ring beating Eric Wayne
2: Jon Michael doing moonsault to floor
3: Plaque hanging at ASWF Valiant Arena

-Best Heel
Derrick King at ASWF


----I wasn’t even going to put over the fact that “Axeman” Randall Lewis wrote an article about my comments about Mississippi wrestling, but since my good pal Gene Jackson just haaaaaaaaaadddddd to mention it, I have to make a quick statement here.

-----Ok, did I maybe exaggerate a bit about wrestling being 10 times worse?? Yeah maybe. It might have been since it was such a long trip that I was a bit bitchier about it being bad wrestling. It really was the worse show I attended during the tour and that was calculated by match ratings. EWE [TN] and ASWF [Arkansas] also had two pretty bad shows, but I do want to point out that both of those shows produced one of the top 13 bouts of the tour. Also those crews have more than three guys that work every week that are good – I can not say that about EPW.

----My main point of the whole wrestling is better in Tennessee/Arkansas than in Mississippi could be argued easily as Gene made note – there is bad wrestling everywhere. LOL But, I guess I was highly disappointed more that the members of the crew minus just a few were still the same guys that were good during the IWF days. It is like no one cares to help anyone and everyone goes out doing stuff wrong – over and over. And aside from three or so of the ones I put over, they don’t work on a regular basis.

----I did disagree with Gene questioning my objectivity. The way I review matches or give my opinion of matches has nothing to do with being close to the guys. You need to ask guys like Psycho, Christian Jacobs, Dustin Starr and Sarge O’Reilly about whether I give my opinion no matter who you are?? There is probably been one 4 star match between all four of those guys in 3 years of this site. My match rating is based mainly on structure – the psychology of the match – does it flow as it is SUPPOSE to?? Are the workers smooth in their execution?? Polished?? I remember guys like JR Manson, Crazy Train and Jeremy Moore, who actually knew psychology better than some guys with way more experience, but they couldn’t have good matches, because their execution was bad. Next is the crowd into it?? Are the workers doing what they can to get people into it?? Seriously it doesn’t matter if there are15 in the crowd if they are actually 15 fans that are INTO IT. That is better than 225 who could care less; right?? The final thing is really a personal enjoyment factor and if workers are doing all the before mentioned stuff, then I usually enjoy it.

----I have to agree with Gene that “Axeman” and his view of Mississippi wrestling is a bit slanted. Why?? He works for the promotion. His job is to put over that promotion and he does a good job doing that. That was the main reason I did not feel a need to respond to his rant on me. I would have been disappointed if he wouldn’t have responded. His view of what makes a good match has nothing to do with structure and such – I don’t even know if he knows what good psychology is?? It usually is just about whom “Axeman” works for and that is who “Axeman” likes. Nothing wrong with that – I promise you he gets a lot less hate mail than I do.

----After all was said and done, I still do think Mississippi wrestling is worse than shows in Arkansas and Tennessee. It has nothing to do with who I know or like – it has everything to do with quality of the matches. I will agree though – every promotion has their own Bonecrusher, Johnny Hawk or Leroy Hambone – things like that will never change. And my final note is to Cassonova Kid – Jimmy Buffett once said, “Elvis was the only man from Northeast Mississippi who could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops, and hippies.” Please think about that the next time you do whatever you call yourself doing with your hips!!

Grizz Girl in WWE Magazine!!!

----RRO friend and our favorite Grizz Girl La Mescia Montoya is in the June, 2009 issue of WWE Magazine!!CLICK HEREto see the cover and pick it up at your local newsstand. She is on page 18 as "Sexy Fan of the Month"!!!

RassleResults: Professional Wrestling Alliance McCrory, AR 05.14.2009

The Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) ran a show last night as part of the annual MosquitoFest in McCrory, AR. Here are the results . . .

- Dylan Crest defeated John Cage
- Chas Cardington defeated "Ravishing" Rich Rude when Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton interfered.
- Psycho defeated Rik Burton
- Danny B. Goode defeated The Chosen One
- Lethal defeated Lucky
- Matt Riviera, Johnny Morton & Rich Rude defeated Jamie Jay, Jamie Lee & Chas Cardington in a 6-man tag team match that had Riviera & Morton's PWA Tag Team titles on the line should they lose.

RassleNotes: The show was free as part of the fair, which itself appeared to be a free event...Around 300 fans were around the ring off and on for the show...During teh Rude/Cardington match, Morton and Riviera came to ringside. Riviera distracted the referee. While this was happening, Rude held Cardington from behind as Morton prepared to hit him. Morton swung, Cardington ducked and the punch hit Rude. Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee hit the ring for the save. Then Jamie Jay said that since Rude & Cardington want to keep fighting, how about making the main event a 6-man...Danny B. Goode was super over and established a scenario for his match right off the bat with a promo about fueding with The Chosen One all across the country...In the tag team title match, Cardington and Rude brawled to the back before the match started. After a back and forth exchange, Morton and Riviera got the heat on Jamie Lee. Morton ends up putting Lee in a Boston crab. Their manager for the night Brian Thompson, who was also doing heel announcing all night, and Riviera go to get the bell from referee Tom Simon who won't let them have it. Jamie Jay is with them trying to stop Thompson from ringing the bell like he did Saturday night at the PWA show in Wynne. With this going on, Morton let's go of the Boston crab, Jamie Lee trips him up and applies one of his own. Rude comes out, hits a DDT on Lee and then gets the pin. He was still technically a legal part of the match since it was a 6-man. Rude and Morton argue over who is tag champs with Riviera since Rude feels he should have the belt after making the pin. Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee recover and knock the heels to the floor. Jamie Jay gets on the mic and says that Rude and Morton should settle their problem in the ring at the next PWA show. Rude, Morton and Riviera head to the back. Thompson starts to follow when Jamie calls him back to the ring. They do a mic exchange where Jamie tells Thompson that the rule where Jamie couldn't touch Thompson since he is "acting commissioner" is gone since Thompson touched him during the match. Jamie chases Thompson to the lockerroom to end the show...Notable faces in the crowd included Augusta, AR Mayor Jimmy Rhodes, former McCrory Mayor Doyle Fowler, Miss Betty (longtime fan from Tuckerman, AR) and ASWF owner David Walls...PWA has an event coming up on Saturday, June 20 in Wynne. More details on the event will be released in the next few days.

Shows of the Weekend 5.15 to 5.16.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. If I was attending a show this weekend, it would be one of the three below...

-DCW featuring Derrick King vs Wolfie D [above in Slash gimmick]
-RWA featuring fallout of the angle with Frank Martin
-EWE building up for "Mayhem"

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 5.09.09

TigerFace/The Kid def. Biscuit/Tommy Redneck after some miscommunication between the 2.

“Law and Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes] came to the ring and wished all the mothers in the crowd a happy Mother’s Day. They were interrupted by XOW who came out running their mouths about all the mothers, Tim Davis grew tired of hearing them and said he had a surprise for not only Syn and Stunner but all the moms! Tonight Syn and Stunner would pay tribute to all moms by wearing dresses in their title defense against the FOP tonight!

Norrin Radd def. Ozwick

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore def. Max Steele after a quick schoolboy out of the corner. Nobody in the crowd saw it coming and the place exploded!

Ricky Andrews def. Brandon Barbwire in a non-title match

Mark Justice came out and declrared this coming saturday National Mark Justice Appreciation day!
Mark Justice def. Gaylon Ray

XOW came out and declared the next match a special ref match, Jason "The Brain" would be officiating.

Syn and Stunner def. FOP after Jason reversed the decision on a bogus call. Sarge then said if XOW wanted no rules and wanted to cheat then next week there would be an FOP Street Fight for the Unified Tag Titles!

Crowd was between 80-90 and hot for most everything. Biggest pops were for either the Jeremy Moore win or the FOP. Great Show

This week’s announced matches...

Street Fight for the Unified Tag Championship

FOP (Sarge/Mickey Ray) vs. Syn/Stunner

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs. Max Steele

NBW High Risk Championship

Ricky Andrews vs. Brandon Barbwire

Mark Justice appreciation week

Credit: NBWNewsguy

----I do like the way they are not putting the tag belts on FOP yet. I mean do they really need the belts to be over??...Moore vs Steele must look like a total mismatch, but Moore is actually a better worker than Steele.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheap Heat RRO 3 Year Anniversary Edition by Gene Jackson

Wow, hard to believe RRO has been around for 3 years now! Time sure flies, it's been really great being a part of the site and participating in the yearbook and all the other things associated with the site.

I wish I'd been able to call into the anniversary special radio show yesterday, it sounds like it was a very fun show. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I hope to get a chance this evening. First off I wanna welcome Downtown Bruno on board as a writer here, Bruno is a great guy who can really add some interesting insight here having been a large part of both the Memphis scene (which is this site's specialty) for many, many years but also being on the inside of the WWE for the past 17 years or so will give a unique perspective that should make for some entertaining reading. Bruno has been very helpful towards me sending me material for my book I'm working on and judging from what I've read there, I'm looking forward to reading his columns.

I know I say it all the time but I really intend to do more writing here on the site. I can officially say other than perhaps on a very rare special occasion Cheap Heat Radio is dead. With my wife at home all the time now due to her heart problems, two kids, and two dogs that live inside there's just no way to schedule a radio show at a time where it's gonna be quiet around here to do one. So with that no longer being an issue, hopefully I can focus more on writing although right now most of my rare spare time is spent working on the Eddie Gilbert book, or a couple of other of writing projects I have going on.

I'd like to do more video reviews in the future, of both past and present wrestling. I don't watch any of the promotions on television on a weekly basis but I do watch various dvds so I'm gonna start writing about them more than I have been. Right now I've got a couple of the New Experience Wrestling dvds on the way so I plan to watch them then give my opinions on them in comparison (or perhaps contrast) to what my feelings on it were in the beginning. Speaking of N.E.W. one of the hot topics of discussion around here lately has been the injury to Greg King Jr's face at the hands (well foot, I guess) of Eric Wayne. It's a very unfortunate situation, from what I've seen of Greg King he's a very talented guy who seems to have a great future in the business and it's always a shame when guys get hurt in the ring whether it's in front of 30 people or 30,000.

I like Eric Wayne, I think he's a good kid and has a lot of talent, but if he get's saddled this early on with being careless and dangerous in the ring it will not serve him well in the future. While I'm sure it was an accident, after a while it no longer matters whose fault it is or whether you meant to hurt someone, if people are getting hurt from doing things that are generally considered to be unsafe like someone people in the face, perhaps it's time to drop that from the repotoire. I know these guys are going for a different style, a more competitive "stiff"/"strong style" but the fact of the matter is you can present a match as being more competitive without being overly stiff and in the end being stiff doesn't serve any purpose because fans no longer believe ANYTHING they see in the ring anyway. No matter what happens "real" or not, fans assume if it happened in the context of a wrestling match it's "fake" no matter what you say or do. There were people who walked out of Kemper Arena in Kansas City in May of '99 having just witnessed Owen Hart die right in front of their very eyes thinking it was "just a stunt" until they went home and saw it on CNN. So kicking someone in the face to "make it look legit" while it might make some folks cringe and go "damn, how do they fake that?", it's not worth the risk. Just ask Greg King Jr and his family and I'm sure they will agree.

I do have to say, though as I mentioned I haven't listened to it myself yet, I did read on 'The Starr Treatment' (yes, I read it almost daily) that Ken Wayne even came on the RRO radio show and agreed that Eric is careless. I think that shows a lot character on Ken's part as many times in wrestling (well in life in general) folks are inclined to take the side of their family or friends merely out of loyalty rather than honesty. Again, I like Eric and I don't think there was any intent to hurt anyone in any of the incidents where people have gotten hurt in the ring but I do think he needs to take it for what it's worth and learn from it. You really don't want to get straddled with the reputation of being dangerous or careless in the ring because it's a hard one to shake. Best of luck to Greg King Jr. for a speedy recovery and hopefully all this will blow over for Eric as well.

Another bit of controversy I missed out on a couple of weeks back is when Coach BT went to Mississippi on the book tour and came back saying essentially that Mississippi wrestling sucks and that there's only a handful of guys in the state that actually know how to work. He went on to say that wrestling in Tennessee and Arkansas is "10 times better" than the wrestling in Mississippi. This raised the ire of Axeman who basically told BT if he doesn't like Mississippi wrestling then stay the hell out of the state. So here's my unsolicited opinion on the matter. Personally I think they both are too close to the situation to look at it from an unbiased perspective. Axeman has come up around Mississippi wrestling (not counting his days in World Class out in Texas) so he's a little bisased towards Mississippi wrestlers. On the other hand, BT while not actually "in" the business anymore is close to a lot of guys from the Tennessee and Arkansas area. The sad truth is there is a LOT of shitty wrestlers in ALL THREE STATES. I'm not saying their aren't quite a few good ones but their are so many bad ones it kinda overshadows the good ones. Keep in mind, I'm not saying this from a worker's perspective (I never claimed to be a good worker) I'm saying this from the perspective of a guy who has studied the business his entire life, if your really honest with yourselves you can just read 80% of the results posted here and at the Wrestling Newscenter and know most of the guys can't "work" based on reading what went on during their match. Yes, there seems to be a larger margin of bad wrestlers in Mississippi than in Tennessee but that's because there are more shows in TN. If you combined and listed all the rasslers in all three states and then let someone unbiased and unafraid to speak their mind (their true feelings, not ones they need to say to keep getting bookings or access to the dressing room) they would tell you that only maybe 25% of the guys from all three states can actually "work" and aren't just marks in a wrestling ring. I know it makes people mad when I write things like this but it's just the sad truth. The guys who can work, and mean really can "work". The guys who "get it" know who they are and that's why they usually have heat with all the ones who can't. Tell me that's not true. If your reading this right now saying "that fatass Gene Jackson is full of shit" then your one of the ones I'm talking about, meanwhile the guys who get written about anonymously on message boards and are called "pricks with the big head" are reading this right now shaking their head saying "that's absolutely true." Now be honest with yourself, which one were you thinking before you finished this paragraph?

So not to end on a sour note, once again congrats to all involved especially our ring leader Brian Tramel to 3 years of reporting all the "shiznit" from around the Mid South and the rest of the wrestling world. I'm glad to be a part of it and hope to be for a long time to come. Before I go, once again I want welcome Downtown Bruno and here's a little video of RRO's newest staff member joining Jerry Lawler to call out Vince McMahon himself on USWA television

Oh and remember, "Don't be re-dick-uh-luss, VOTE FOR COREY MACLIN!!"

He's Corey Maclin and he probably doesn't approve of this message

RRO My Space Reveals New Logo!!!

----Chad Anderson, who keeps up with the version of RRO, designed this new logo for the site!! Thanks Chad!!! Log in to your account and CLICK HERE for the RRO myspace site!!

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.09.09 - Rodney Mack Leaves Town???

The Royal Wrestling Alliance had 5 matches on Saturday night and all of them were very good matches. However I have spent the past 4 days trying to figure out what happened in the Loser Leave Town title match between Rodney Mack and Ron Rage. Last week Rage made the return match a loser leave town match and Rodney Mack accepted the match and asked Rage to allow him to get a special guest official. Rage told Mack to go ahead and at that point Mack asked his best friend and business partner Owner Frank Martin to be the ref. Remember just before the Title match last week Martin did a shoot promo and told everyone that Mack was part of his family and he was Mack's kids God parent and even lived with Martin at one point. Martin told the crowd that Mack was "just as important as he was from now on" because of a business agreement they have.

The evening started just like every Saturday night has over the past year and a half. Martin told the fans that for the first time the announcers for the RWA TV show were there at the kings Sportatorium and he introduced Brandon Wallace and Greg Russell. Greg Russell and Bud Schropell the host of On The Front Row With Budro on the local ESPN affiliate KNEA 970 AM have been fighting over the fact that Russell has been insulting the fans of the radio show. Russell went as far as to show pictures of Budro's children in a commercial on the RWA TV show. He would show pictures of baby Monkey's. Martin has apologized to Budro but Mr Russell has kept up the insults and then invited Budro to the Kings Sportatorium to face him man to man. Budro surprised Russell by showing up. Russell again apologized to Budro and then told him he had a surprise for his kids and then threw Budro a banana. Budro was very upset and attacked Russell and Martin and Security had to pull Budro off of Russell. Budro had accused Martin of being a part of all this and then told Martin he realized Martin was a man of his word and he wanted a match with Russell. Martin was very upset with Budro for physically attacking Russell and had the security remove Budro from the building.

Martin then came back to be the special guest ref for the main event. Mack entered the ring first and the two men greeted each other with a hand shake and a hug. Martin has told the fans that he would call the match right down the middle. Rage came to the ring with Raven his wife, as Martin was telling Mack to take off the chain Rage attacked him while his back was turned. Martin really seemed to be calling the match fairly. When Mack would get a cover Martin would check to see that both shoulders were down before he started the count. However every time a cover was done by Rage the count seemed to be a little fast. Mack got Rage in a submission hold quick and Rage was tapping and Martin did not see it but did see his foot on the rope. Rage then rolled out of the ring and Raven gave him a chain. As Mack went out to the floor Martin seemed to be distracted by Raven. Rage was choking Mack the whole time. Back into the ring Mack mounted a come back and each cover was met with a slower count. Mack went for his spear and missed hitting the ring post and Rage made the cover the count was again quick but Mack kicked out. Rage hit his finisher the Redemption and again the count was quick but Mack kicked out. Mack again started to come back and hit Rage with a shoulder block sending him outside the ring. Martin was telling Rage to "come on get in the ring and finish this" Raven gave Rage something to load his elbow pad right in front of Martin and Mack also seen this. Mack looked at Martin like he was saying what is going on. Rage climbed back onto the ring apron Mack turned his attention back to Rage. Martin moved in behind Mack and then as Rage smiled at Martin, Martin speared Mack in the back and drove him into the ropes and Rage who hit him with the loaded elbow pad busting Mack open. Rage covered Mack and Martin made a quick count giving Rage the victory. The fans were stunned and outraged, cans of soda and nacho trays, hot dogs, candy bars came flying into the ring. Martin grabbed a mic as Rage kept attacking the fallen Mack. Martin asked Mack," did you really think I would make you apart of this"! At this point all the workers came running to the ring. Martin told them to freeze, Martin reminded them they signed a 2 year contract last week. If you get into this ring I will fire you and not let you out of your contract and none of you will wrestle for 2 years". Rage kept attacking Mack as the locker room watched. "Did you think I didn't know what was being said?" I heard how all of you told Mack that if he started his own company you would go with him" yelled Martin. "Did you think I was so stupid that I wouldn't hear the things you guys were saying and planning?" "Get off my ring and form two lines!" Martin yelled. At one point Martin walked up to Mr. Pimptacular who was on the ring apron and told him,"Get off my Ring BOY!" "The only one who is stupid here are you people for thinking I would allow Mack to become a part of this!" People were screaming Why! Why! Kids were crying some adults were crying. Martin and Rage and Raven walked right down the middle of the line the workers had made back to the dressing room. Fans were going crazy, as security was trying to get them out of the building. The show was over at 9 O’clock and Martin and Rage and Raven left in Martin's personal vehicle. Fans stayed until 10 O’clock people were saying they were going to kick Martin's ass, some fans told the security they were not coming back and that if they see Martin out in town they were going to kick his ass. As of Wed calls to Martin have not been returned nor has he been seen. Mack has done an interview on a local radio station he as said he will be at the Brookland show which was booked 2 months ago and he has said he will be at the Kings Sportatorium Saturday night to address the fans.

The crowd was hot all night with 200+ in the building.

Credit: RWAreporter

----I did not get complete results, just what was sent to me above. Not sure where they are going with this work-shoot angle?? Why would they send Mack packing when he is their top draw in Jonesboro?? I got lots of opinions and such floating around about this, so it might be a future "Coach's Corner".

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You!!!

----Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their kind words today with e-mails and the calls on the radio show. My many thanks to the staff - Gene Jackson, "The Big Cheese", Brian Thompson, Greg Anthony and new columnist Downtown Bruno. Mark James also for his hard work on the Flashbacks all last year and the Yearbook. Thanks to all the people that have been my "sources" for three years helping send in results and keeping me informed. Thanks to the whole local wrestling community for their support and encouragement. I am looking forward to another 3 years!!!

Professional Wrestling Alliance event coming to McCrory, AR on Thursday, May 14

The Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) will present live wrestling as part of MosquitoFest in McCrory, AR, this Thursday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. The actual event is free as part of fair admission.

The main event will feature a return match for the PWA Tag Team Championship as the newly crowned champions Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton [pictured], managed for one night by Brian Thompson of Midnight Gold, face PWA Champion Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee.

Also on the card are Danny B. Good, "Ravishing" Rich Rude, Lucky the Leprechaun, Lethal the Leprechaun, "Heartbreaker" Chas Cardington, The Chosen One, Danny B. Good, Psycho, Rik Burton, Dylan Crest and John Cage.

"Shooting The Shiznit" Season 2 Episode 7 rroradio #65

----This show was an action packed 90 minutes long with co-host Derrick King for the full show. DK and Brian Tramel were also joined by Downtown Bruno, Trent Van Drisse, Dustin Starr, Ken Wayne, Brian Thompson, James a fan talking about pills, Blade
Boudreaux and Albino Rhino. Subjects covered included the following and more…

-Eric Wayne and Greg King JR.
-Brian Christopher/Bishop fight.
-DK’s tells the DCW firing story.
-Downtown Bruno talks “old school” and the current scene.
-Ken Wayne talks about new rules at NEW and the incident.

----CLICK on the top show for today's show or you can also listen to the last three shows that aired Ken Wayne [#64], Loose Cannon [#63] and "Genocide" [#62]!!!

"Shooting The Shiznit" - NEWS FROM THE SHOW!!

----Some major stories coming out of “Shooting the Shiznit” that just finished a few moments ago.

-Derrick King will be working two more shows for DCW doing a short program with Wolfe D from the famous tag team “PG-13”. He will also be doing double shots both weeks and is taking a regular spot at NBW!! That's right - Derrick King is headed to NBW. Big news for those guys!!

-Downtown Bruno in the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT joined the staff of RRO and will be doing a bi-weekly column starting next week where he will be comparing local guys with legends of the past.

-As of this morning, RRO has had 2,567,362 hits!!! We have 1.6 people coming to the site every minute of every day!! Thanks to everyone!!

-The formation of, which will be up and running before the end of the month. It will be a portal to all the sites in this area all on one page.

----Show will be available archived within the hour @




Top photos - all by Brian Tramel except two center photos by ASWF

Bottom photos
Top:Derrick King/Justin Smart, ASWF Plaque with Ricky Rowland, Brian Tramel, David Walls
Middle: “LSD” Idol Bane- Cody Only
Bottom: Austin Lane/Karly, Idol Bane/Karly

Bottom photos - all by Brian Tramel except plaque [Karly Tramel] and Bane/Karly - I have no idea!! LOL

----As always you can click on the page of photos to enlarge them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

REMINDER FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING!! presents “Shooting the Shiznit” Season 2 Episode 7 with the 3rd Anniversary 90 Minute Special!! Yes, RRO is three years old on Wednesday!! Show starts at 10:00 AM!! We will be celebrating by talking with RRO 3-time Wrestler of the Year Derrick King, who will also be celebrating his birthday. We will also be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT during the show with a Memphis Legend joining the RRO staff!! EVERYONE is encouraged to call in and wish us best wishes on our anniversary. You also call in and ask DK anything. DK will also be talking about various “hot subjects” – Brian Christopher and his recent departure from DCW.

CALL IN [347] 838-8101

----ADDED SPECIAL: I will be giving away 3 Yearbook 2008/DVD combos during the 90 minute broadcast!! You will have to listen to show and send in an e-mail with the subject that reveal on the show!! Listen or call in!!

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.09.09

----What happens when you get the two top ranked wrestlers in RRO Top 10 booked for an “Iron Man” Match?? Well, you get me the road to finish up “Book Tour 2008” at “Promotion of the Year” ASWF in Tuckerman, AR at the Valiant Arena.

----Showed opened with “Mr. Muscles” Morgan Williams coming out with Athena Eclipse to celebrate his birthday. He had a cake. Guess what happened?? LOL Demon X came out and it ended up in Morgan’s face.

----Kid Krazzy/Regulator beat “Beach Bums” [Kaliki/Mark Wolf] in a good solid opener. Two double team moves from Bums that got no reaction. Krazzy did a sweet running dropkick into the corner. Regulator did his Booker T modified legdrop move. Krazzy did a 360 to pin and get the win for their team. [**1/2]

----Judgement beat MacDaddy. Just a horrible match. Judge uses MacDaddy’s brand iron. [DUD]

----Cody Murdock came out with a cane talking about having to wrestle the old guys. Casino comes out and he does a good mic spill. Good match with perfect psychology. Casino took a good ass whipping. Cody did a frogsplash and Casino kicked out for a good pop. Cody got DQ’ed for using the cane. Cody challenged Casino to a “Nursing Home” Match for next week. [**3/4]

----Morgan Williams beat Demon X. Morgan did a fantastic job leading X in the best bout I have seen him in to date. Just basic psychology with X taking a beating. Small comeback with Morgan then hitting a “Muscle cutter” [RKO] on X for the win. X got on the mic and said how Morgan was just a better man for the night. [**1/2]

----“Hot Rod” John Ellison beat Christopher Lee for the European Title with a sharpshooter. I felt sorry for Lee here as I seen him in a pretty good bout last time. Ellison kept the sharpshooter on and Tim Hansen made the save. He will be the special ref for next week’s return match. Thank god I will be at home!! [DUD]

----Josh Cydal/Cason McClain beat “LSD” [Idol Bane/Cody Only]. Bane/Only came out to a “superstar” style pop. It was like they were something special to the fans. Heat on Cody Only. Only came out of it with a black hole slam. I like both Cydal and McClain, but I don’t think the fans take them as serious contenders against LSD. LSD did take the loss as McClain pushed Bane into Only for the pin. [**3/4]

----Justin Smart beat Ray Ray by DQ. Both guys working hard. Smart had Bethany at ringside and they are doing the Savage/Elizabeth gimmick. Ray with a pretty Juvi driver and an awesome elbow from the top. This was solid work, but they spent most of the time of telling Bethany story and building for next week’s Hardcore match for the X-Division Title. They did Eddy Guerrero finish with ref thinking Ray had hit Smart for the win. [**1/2]

----Johnny Hawk beat Tommy Wayne to win the ASWF Title. Is Hawk one of the bookers?? Maybe he was trained in Mississippi?? I felt sorry for Wayne, who didn’t get close to the reaction the last time I was here. Hawk wins the title using the chain and with his feet on the ropes. No reaction or heat for this bout. Hawk cut Wayne’s hair after bout. [*] – for Wayne at least trying to have a good bout.

----Austin Lane beat Derrick King in first minute of “overtime” in an “Iron Man” 30 minute match. A huge pop for Lane coming out. “Austin..Austin” chant before the match even started by Lane just moving his hand to get the crowd going. They started going all over the building. Lane broke a fan’s dry erase board over King’s head. Back in the ring with Lane misses a dive to the outside to the floor. DK suplexs Lane on the floor. DK played total heel here and was getting tremendous heat. DK hits first superkick. DK with a Frankensteiner from the top rope. DK down and putting over he might be legit hurt, but comes out of it with a superkick. Angelina came out and gave DK something and Nikki Lane attacked her for a big pop. There was all kinds of near falls with spears from Lane and superkicks from DK with fans popping for everything. Time expired and as it was going down the ref just stopped counting. The Commish Terrance Ward went to the back and then came back and said they had one more minute. Lane with the pin and win. Match of the Year candidate. [****1/4]


----100 to 150 in the building. It started with a little over a 100 but more people showed up at different times. They had a “Hometown Days” event, which was a carnival behind them. I think they did fantastic to draw that number with a thing like that behind them…Regulator would make a good masked babyface with all his flashy moves – still needs lots of work…Athena is really good at ringside. She is into every move of the match…Casino is good on the mic, but after the bout he just insulted Cody too much. Babyfaces forget they have to put over their opponent or it will not mean anything to beat them…Demon X had a new suit and he got glitter all over the ring. Everyone had gold glitter on them…Speaking of X, he is no longer the worst wrestler in ASWF – it is solid four way tie with MacDaddy, Judgement, John Ellison and Johnny Hawk. I will give the edge to Hawk because he is pushed as their top champion. ASWF needs to send those guys to Mississippi to work. LOL…X could get Most Improved and Morgan Williams as Most Underrated if they could keep having solid matches…Cydal is Suicide, who worked Christian Jacobs at NBW’s “Springbreakout”. Bane had a funny comment saying he was formally Suicide until he marked out. LOL… Guys over in this promotion – Bane, Cody and Lane. Lane is over near Rodney Mack babyface level in RWA. Crowd is into everything he does. Ray Ray and Smart got a good reaction. Wayne may have killed his pop working Hawk…I have never seen King get heat like that. I usually see him as a “cool” or “comedy” heel – that crowd hated him…Ref sort of messed up the finish, but Ward covered it. But, the rules of an “Iron Man” is if they are tied at the end or no pinfalls – they go into a “Sudden Death” with the first person getting a fall wins; right?? Well it was pretty much done that way, but not described that way…Thanks to cast and crew. Special thanks to promoters David Walls and Ricky Rowland. I had a great time!!

Photos of the event will be posted tomorrow.

Dustin Starr on Eric Wayne

----Starr comments about the situation from Friday night. CLICK HERE to read his opinion and comments from others. You can always post your opinions of current stories on the Kayfabe Board!!

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.09.09

Dustin “Five” Starr comes out to address about 175 fans and to host another edition of the “Five Starr Showcase.” He says that he told everyone that if he didn’t get is opportunity at the Elite 8, that he would take it. And one month later, he holds the ticket that entitles him to compete May 30th at Mayhem for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. He says that he knows that he will make it, but he’s not sure if Stan Lee will be able to make it. He says that his school football coach told him one day that when someone writes someone else a letter or a note in red ink, it’s the same thing as giving them the bird. Starr then plays a clip of the previous week where he attacked Stan Lee in the ring, putting him out of contention. He says last week he sent a message by crippling Stan Lee with a steel chair. Krisis’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring to confront Dustin Starr. Starr says that they have the same goals in mind, and that’s beating the hell out of Stan Lee, and he sent a message to Lee in red ink. Krisis grabs the mic and says that the Elite 8 ticket was his, and that he went through ten guys to get it. He says tonight, it will be Krisis vs. Dustin Starr. A familiar song hits on the PA system, and out comes none other than Flash Flanagan to a hearty welcome from his fans in Ripley, Tennessee. Starr and Krisis both take a corner and ask what he’s doing there. He said that he told Starr that he would be back, and says that the title shot means so much to Starr, but he’s come to take it. Starr says that he thinks it’s kind of cute that both of these guys come out to try to take the title shot away from him. Flanagan said that Starr just stepped in the ring surrounded by a bunch of Flashamaniacs and for him to back it up. Commissioner Dustin Baker says that he’s going to make the decisions around here. He welcomes Flash back to Ripley, then makes two matches. It will be Krisis vs. Flash Flanagan and the winner will take on Dustin Starr next week for the Elite 8 ticket. Starr says that he looks forward to seeing Flanagan and Krisis beat the hell out of each other later tonight, then exits the arena.

The next matchup is J.R. Manson vs. Christian Jacobs, but before the match got underway, a message was sent for Picture Perfect. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony appears on the screen and by his side are Brian Thompson and Beautiful Bobby Eaton. He says that he got a call from Brian asking him to tag with Bobby. Brian says that in order to be called elite, you must present the most elite. Brian says it doesn’t matter if Greg Anthony has long locks, short locks or no locks at all, that he’s still as good as gold. J.R. then goes to work on Christian Jacobs. In the end, Jacobs forces Manson to tap out after locking in the sharpshooter. After the match, Scott Adams comes to the ring and stares down Jacobs. C.J. then goes to work on Adams, only to be thrown down to the mat. Adams picks up Jacobs and delivers a devastating powerbomb, then picks him up for one more, but is interrupted by Commissioner Baker. Baker says that the powerbomb is officially banned from the EWE, and if Adams does one more, he’s suspended. Adams throws Jacobs to the ground and walks out of the ring and goes to the announcer table. He says that Jon Michael has had a week to think about it, and puts the contract for a match at Mayhem on the table and walks away. J.R. Manson comes to the ring, takes the belt off the referee and raises his hand to hit C.J. with it, but Tatt2 comes out and Manson hits the arena floor. Tatt2 says that it appears that Manson likes to use straps, and that he isn’t on the card yet for Mayhem, and proposes a strap match, but not just any strap match. He proposes that it be a fan’s strap match, where the fans will be able to bring their own straps and hit J.R. as he’s thrown from the ring. J.R. leaves the arena as Tatt2 prepares for his match, which is next.

Tatt2 def. Eric Wayne via pinfall. J.R. Manson tried to interfere with the match, but was not successful.

Jon Michael def. Kid Nikels via pinfall. After the match, Jon Michael comes to the announcer table and signs the contract, making the match between him and Scott Adams at Mayhem official. As Jon Michael makes his way up the ramp, Adams attacks him and throws him in the ring. Adams delivers a powerbomb, and is immediately suspended by Commissioner Baker. Baker has security escort Adams out of the arena. Security comes back to assist Jon Michael out of the ring, with apparent injuries to his back and hips.

Genocide def. The Badd Guys via pinfall. After the match was over and Genocide was celebrating in front of the camera, Premiere Brutality comes to the ring and starts assaulting Genocide. Kid Nikels brings Maxx Corbin down and handcuffs him to the bottom rope as Eric Wayne throws a powdery substance at the Albino Rhino, then handcuffs him to the top rope. Premiere Brutality assaults Genocide while they are attatched to the ring, then leave the arena. After a couple of minutes, Genocide is finally removed from the ring and they make their way to the locker room.

Dustin Starr def. Sean Reed via pinfall. After the match, Starr sits down beside Mark Tipton to co-commentate the next match.

Flash Flanagan def. Krisis by pinfall, earning him a match against Dustin Starr next week for the Elite 8 ticket. Dustin Starr interferes with the match, but Flash manages to score the pinfall.

Full videos are now available on our website at

Credit: Dustin Williams

----Eric Wayne had three losses this weekend?? Damn he had a bad weekend...Banning the powerbomb?? That is just silly. I could see if it was something like a piledriver that hurts the neck, but a powerbomb??..."Picture Perfect" vs "Midnight Gold" and probably Starr vs Lee for "Mayhem" - should be a good show!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!! presents “Shooting the Shiznit” Season 2 Episode 7 with the 3rd Anniversary 90 Minute Special!! Yes, RRO is three years old on Wednesday!! Show starts at 10:00 AM!! We will be celebrating by talking with RRO 3-time Wrestler of the Year Derrick King, who will also be celebrating his birthday. We will also be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT during the show with a Memphis Legend joining the RRO staff!! EVERYONE is encouraged to call in and wish us best wishes on our anniversary. You also call in and ask DK anything. DK will also be talking about various “hot subjects” – Brian Christopher and his recent departure from DCW.

CALL IN [347] 838-8101

----Please take note that we have already posted over a third of what we usually post in one week, so this looks like it is going to be a big week of news. You can always keep up with posts that are not in the top five by clicking on them on the far right of the site!! We still have the Arena Report from ASWF to post, updates on Greg King JR, results from EWE and RWA, Ratings Wrapup and other announcements about changes coming to RRO!!

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.08.09 - JR TITLE TOURAMENT!!

Dustin Ring setting up "Demon Wings" on Eric Wayne for win!!

----Even though the show did end in controversy over the Greg King Jr injury, I have to say that it was a really well booked show and a total 360 degree turn from the show I sent to last weekend. This show featured the top talent of the area – Austin Lane [#1 in RRO Top 10 2008], Dustin Ring [Gimmick of the Year 2008], Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels [Match of the Year 2008], Greg King Jr [Rookie of the Year 2008], Brian Thompson [Announcer of the Year 2008] and Greg Anthony [Booker of the Year 2008]. The show was presented with professionalism and the idea of the end result being that the US JR title would mean something again.

----The show opened with Brian Thompson in the ring with the US JR and introducing the four participants to the tournament – Dustin Ring, Matt Justyce, Greg King JR and Eric Wayne. I thought this was a nice touch and came off as a start to a legit tournament.

----Eric Wayne beat Matt Justyce in a good opener. Hold for hold. Wayne is stiff – Justyce is not as stiff with kicks and such. Finish had Wayne knee Justyce in the head for a KO. [**]

----Greg King JR beat Dustin Ring. Another good solid bout. Stinger splash from King. A beautiful dropkick from King. Ring missed from the top turnbuckle. King ended up hitting a flying press off the turnbuckle for the pin and win. [**1/2]

----Austin Lane beat Shawn Reed. A real good match. Lane is in the best shape he has ever been in. Reed is soooooooo good on the mic. They got a pop for a drop down. Reed hit a neckbreaker. Reed working the neck. Lane hit a TKO into a driver. Lane did a three combo move ending in a Russian Leg Sweep. Lane reversal into a pin. [**3/4]

----Back to the tournament with Eric Wayne beating Greg King Jr by KO. Good series of moves to open. King hits another dropkick. Wayne is playing a typical heel here. King forearm to Wayne’s face. King is then kicked in the face [LEGIT] and goes to the outside of the ring in agony. It was not much of a match. [*]

----Dustin Ring beat Matt Justyce to advance in the best bout of the show at this point. Ring hits a top rope legdrop on Justyce’s head [remember he just got KO’ed in the last bout – very smart] Justyce went to the top and Ring caught him in a beautiful overhead suplex. Ring beat him with “Demon Wings”. [**3/4]

----Kid Nikels beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony in the second non-tournament bout. A real good solid bout with these two guys working well together. Good start with TGB coming out on top for most of it. Kid hit a big side slam. Big bearhug from Kid into a belly to belly. TGB went for “Golden Guillotine”. Superplex in there with TGB hitting an elbow from the top. They go to the top again with Nikels chokeslamming TGB off the top. Nikels ends match putting TGB in the “Kidmission” [formerly known as “Nikels Pickle II”] for the submission and win. Good build with some near falls. [***1/4]

----Brian Thompson comes to the ring with the US JR Title with Dustin Ring and Eric Wayne in the ring. He puts over the fact that Ring has to win two falls to win the title. At this point I am thinking there is no way he is going to win and I really think no one in the crowd thought he would.

----Dustin Ring defeats Eric Wayne in two straight falls to win the US JR Title. Good solid start with hold for hold. Overall a great bout with too many near falls and action to list everything. The storyline was that Ring was hitting a lot of big moves and never could pin Wayne and vice versa. After Wayne kicked out of what felt like the 1000 near pin, I actually yelled “Let him pin you!!” Markout moment. Wayne did two brainbusters on Ring building for a third one. As he went for the third one, Ring rolled him up for the pin and win. A huge pop for the win as everyone was surprised. Brian Thompson called for the bell as the second fall started with Ring/Wayne both having a loss. Whoever won this next fall was the champion. This fall did not last long with Ring catching him in a “Demon Wings” for the pin and win. Guys got a standing ovation from the regulars. [****]


----35 in attendance. Before anyone says anything like “BT put over that tournament and there was only 35 there?” Give me a break – it does matter about match quality whether there are 20 people there or 300 people – if the match sucks, it sucks. If the match is good, then it is good…“West Memphis” Wayne was in attendance and made the note that all NJPW JR Tourny always starts with everyone in the ring…King is such a small guy, but his body sculpture with the tan makes him look heads over the other guys. .. Lane/Reed – I think that match was like a prelude to what is to come, because I think they are going to program these guys together. I really liked their match and it was the first time they had ever worked against each other. That just shows you the level of talent of both guys. I could watch these guys work against each other 5 days a week. Why does Shawn not use “Juicy” as part of his gimmick??...King’s mom was very upset and even felt like an ambulance should have been called at one point. She was also vocal in saying, “He [Eric] just does this stuff all the time.” She was upset and you can’t blame her – it was her son. The storyline was having Ring beat King for Ring to advance against Wayne. King’s injury did not affect the actual booking of the show…King did come out and introduced to work Ring, but storyline had Ken Wayne stopping him from working…I have been told by other workers that the guys from Ken’s school do not work as good outside of the school. In the sense that the NEW building is their “comfort zone”. They also have their best matches against each other – that is all understandable because that is what happens when you train with someone. I have heard that criticism mainly about Eric/Nikels/Justyce with King being apart from them on this. I think all of them have had the best bouts of their careers in that building and the Justyce/Ring bout would probably have not been as good anywhere else…Both TGB and Nikels had good interviews before their matches. I love the Nikels style for his interviews and he even quoted Charles Manson… After the King incident, Wayne came out to the main event and had very little reaction. He also made some comment about, “I will do to you what I did to Greg King,” to Ring during the bout that just got a groan from the crowd…Ring/Wayne bout was so full of drama with the idea of Wayne never losing and him losing two pins being almost impossible. They also started this whole program and “Road to JR Title” on 3.06.09 with Wayne beating Ring. What other promotion you know that thinks that ahead of schedule??? This whole show will be a NEW DVD and it would be one that I recommend you get... Refs Greg Allen and Downtown Bruno both did good jobs...It will be interesting to see what they do with the US JR Title now. I have no “inside” word on if they have plans to do this – but it would be good to see them book Ring on various shows in the area on Saturday night defending the belt...I wrote “Eric Wayne wins the belt” in my notebook after Ring beat him in the first fall…Thanks to cast and crew for a good show. This was the next to last show on the “Book Tour 2009” and it felt good to know I had only one more show and then a couple of weeks home.

Dustin Ring with US JR Title
Photos by Vikki

Greg King JR Update!!

----The word I am getting is that King has two "fractured" bones, not broken. I was told that fractured was better than broken, but I always thought it meant the same thing?? And, says, "Broken, cracked, or fractured all mean the same thing, that the integrity of the bone is no longer intact. One term is not worse than another." Well I am not a doctor and don't know - but I am being told that it is not as bad as expect. Hopefully we will have update again tomorrow morning. If you are reading this and have any more info about this situation, please feel free to send me an e-mail!!

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.09.09 - Ravishing Randy and Destiny Tie the Knot!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 5-9-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

The beginning of the show saw Hotrod come to the ring and announce the return of Lawman Williams. They talked about Al Kida and that no one will be bothered with him again. Drew Magruder was so enraged about Al Kida that he summoned Royale Exectuioner who attacked Lawman from behind and sets up a match later on in the night.

Chico Mendoza def. The Outlaw
Chico wins the match with the " Barrio Bomb".

After this match Destiny comes out to announce the entourage for the wedding later on in the night. All of "The Family" Destiny, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Devon Day, Ac Styles, Hardknocks Hooligan and Frankie Tucker were present. PK Ripper was noticeably absent. Way Cool was absent too due to his mom being in the hospital.
Destiny announced the groomsmen as being AC Styles, Frankie Tucker, Hardknocks Hooligan. Wildside and Devon were awaiting the announcement of best man. Instead Destiny then announced Maid of Honor as being Fan Angie, and that Twinkie would be a bridesmaid. At this point Destiny then called out " CoolFan" to be the best man. Wildside and Devon looked stunned and then proceeded to question Randy. Destiny then announced that Wildside and Devon Day would be Bridesmaids!!! Destiny and Randy leave with Wildside and Devon trying to talk to Randy. AC, Frankie, and Hardknocks were laughing as was most of the crowd.

AC Styles & Hardknocks Hooligan def. Blaze & Pyro
The end of this match saw AC & Hardknocks use weapons to beat Blaze & Pyro.

Wildside def. Sgt. Payne
Wildside used a double underhook DDT to beat Sgt. Payne.

Intermission: Wedding.
The usual pomp and circumstance with a wedding. The ring was decorated with balloons and crepe paper. The couples came to the ring. Funny bit with Wildside and Devon Day in dresses and wigs. Everyone was blowing bubbles. Hotrod did the commencement. Crowd was into the objection of the wedding and making fun of Wildside and Devon Day. At one point, the ceremony was interuppted by a Redneck hillbilly character that was qickly escorted from the arena by Frankie, Devon and Wildside.
Alot of cameras and cell phone pictures as the vows were exchanged. It's official.... Ravishing Randy and Destiny were married. However there does seem to be a "split" starting in the family as Wildside and Devon did not seem happy.

Royale Executioner def. Lawman Williams
Royale Executioner used a foreign object under his mask to knock out Lawman Williams.

TIWF TV/Cyberzone Title Match
Frankie Tucker def. Chris Lexxus© to become the new champ
AC Styles, Hardknocks Hooligan, Wildside and Devon Day all interfered in this match to gain the win for Frankie Tucker.

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Devon Day © def. Kilo
Excellent match that saw the end of the match with Frankie interfering and Chris Lexxus and Kilo clearing the ring and setting up a future match.

• Notes:
• Attendance:164
• TIWF in action 6-6-09 Memphis, Tn. Details upcoming.
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Friday 6-12-09.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Credit: Steven Hunter

----This really sounded like a fun show. Another Kilo vs Day bout!! Can someone please send me these bouts on DVD.

RassleResults: SEW Memphis, TN 5.09.09

Malik The Great opened the show and attacked Icestorm Anthony Payne on
his Hollywood Red Carpet.

1.Pappy def Iron Jake Johnson
2.Carnage Antwane w/Reno Diamond def Rajah w/Soultaker, Maniac in a 3
way match for the SEW Heavyweight Title

Psycho returned and attacked our GM Smooth at the end of the show with
a kendo stick

Watch SEW every saturday on Comcast channel 17 at 10am!!

Credit: SEWpromotions

RassleResults: OSWA/RCW Corning, AR 5.09.09

"Brawlin' 4 Babies Benefit"

*No Limits Title Match*
BlackJack defeated Deranged, "IronMan" Sean Paul, Rod Dent & Big Mike Archer in a 5 Way Match to become the new RCW No Limits Champion when he pinned Archer.
(Dent & Paul were on the floor brawling, Deranged hit Archer with the "Split Personality", BlackJack came in from behind and nailed Deranged with a baseball bat to the back sending him thru the ropes and got the pin on Archer)

Doc defeated The Shocker with a Pedigree

Pecos defeated The Hambone Express by DQ. w/ Mystery Man
Special Guest Referee "Ebony Idol" Reggie Montgomery
(Ed Love was scheduled to be Pecos' partner, but got injured in the match and had to be helped back to the locker room. Pecos got beat on the entire match when Love made his way back out to help his partner. Ed got the tag, came in and turned on him and helped the Hambones in a beatdown. Reggie tried to get them to stop, finally helping Pecos to his feet, then turned on him as well. 5 on 1 beatdown leaving Pecos bloody until Pappy Lee & Tank made the save.)

*RCW Heavyweight Title Match*
(champion) "One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated BoneCrusher w/ Jade by reverse decision.
(BoneCrusher knocked out Tank with a chain but didnt hide it very good because after the 3 count was made and the referee raised his hand, found the chain hanging out of his tights. After the ref reversed the decision, BoneCrusher and Jade jumped the ref until Tank came around chased him from the ring.)

Dymanite Daniel won the Brawlin' 4 Babies Benefit Battle Royal last eliminating Leroy Hambone.

Notes: Around 40 in attendance.
This shows proceeds went to helping pay for Charity Faucett's funeral. The little girl from a set of triplets that was born 2 months premature that tragically passed away last week.

Credit: MSReporter

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 5.09.09

1st match Shannon Lee vs Rockin Randy: Time limit Draw
2nd match Big Tim Edwards vs Gunner Thompson: Tim won
3rd match Big Red vs Bishop: Bishop won
4th match Chris Rocker vs AJ Ray for heavy weight title:Chris Rocker won
5th match Motley Cruz vs Superman Jason Reed: Motley won

Crowd was 100+

Credit: Spiritof2009

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.09.09

66 attended

LT Falk b Damien Payne by DQ after Richard Lowe, Chris Norte, and James Duncan interfered

Jason Xavier & Harold Knight b Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon when Xavier pinned Dixon

Kevin James b Psycho Medic

Anthony Wayne b Robbie Ruffin

Josh Crowe b Aiden Scott by DQ when ref Jesse Fields arose from a ref bump and found Scott holding a chair that Crowe had brought into the ring

Tony Falk & LT Falk & TJ Weatherby & Cody Weatherby b James Duncan & Richard Lowe & Damien Payne & Chris Norte when Tony pinned Duncan

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----Saturday night show outdraws Friday night again.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.08.09

42 attended

Dyron Flynn & Richard Lowe b White Tiger & Psycho Medic when Lowe pinned Medic

Jesse Emerson b Phil Wilson

Shane Eden b Convict & Drifter in a handicap match when he pinned Convict

Pre-match, it was announced that the USWO Championship has been vacated and will be at stake in a 4-way next week that will include Eden

Jason Xavier b Lee Cross by countout when Xavier was ablt to return to the ring and beat the count

Mitch Ryder b James Duncan

Chrisjen Hayme b USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey in a non-title match

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b Saint & Tim Renesto in a 2/3 falls match

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.08.09

42 attended

Dyron Flynn & Richard Lowe b White Tiger & Psycho Medic when Lowe pinned Medic

Jesse Emerson b Phil Wilson

Shane Eden b Convict & Drifter in a handicap match when he pinned Convict

Pre-match, it was announced that the USWO Championship has been vacated and will be at stake in a 4-way next week that will include Eden

Jason Xavier b Lee Cross by countout when Xavier was ablt to return to the ring and beat the count

Mitch Ryder b James Duncan

Chrisjen Hayme b USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey in a non-title match

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b Saint & Tim Renesto in a 2/3 falls match

Sunday, May 10, 2009

RassleResults: Professional Wrestling Alliance Wynne, AR 05.09.2009

The Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) held a live event last night at the National Guard Armory in Wynne, AR. Here are the results...

- John Cage defeated Dylan Crest
- Matt Riviera defeated Chas Cardington
- Jamie Lee defeated Johnny Morton by disqualification when Matt Riviera interfered.
- Rik Burton defeated Chas Cardington
- PWA Tag Team Championship Match: Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton defeated Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee to win the vacant championship in a controversial ending.

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 125. They were into all of the matches, all night...John Cage and Dylan Crest are two trainees of Jamie Jay. An angle was set up at the start of the show to allow Jamie Jay to referee the match. Cage is showing an "attitude" and Jamie's refereeing was to keep him in check. After the match, Cage attacked Jamie only to be laid out with a spinebuster...Rik Burton was originally scheduled to face Gary Lawler, but Lawler was unable to make the show. Burton came out, got on the mic and challenged Cardington. Burton was accompanied by an unidentified manager...The tag team match ended with a hot angle. Around the 18 minute mark, Jamie Lee hit a hot tag to Jamie Jay. All four men ended up in the ring. Lee and Morton went to the floor as Jamie Jay climbed to the top rope to hit Matt Riviera with a cross body. Riviera moved and then applied a Boston crab. Only seconds after applying the move, ring announcer/acting commissioner Brian Thompson rang the bell, took the belts and gave them to Morton and Riviera and then got in the ring to "explain" the decision to referee Biscuit. Thompson put his arm around Biscuit and then threw him head first into the top turnbuckle. Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee began to question what was happening as Thompson set them up to be hit by Morton and Riviera from behind with the PWA Tag Team title belts. Thompson got on the mic and claimed that he was sick of hearing about Jamie Jay wherever he goes in Wynne. (Thompson lives in the Wynne area) He said he was a "10 time" bigger star than Jamie and that Jay is so caught up in his own press that he failed to realize that Thompson manages Midnight Gold. Working with PWA as commissioner allowed Thompson the chance to begin getting revenge on Jamie. Crowd was pretty angry as Jamie is well liked in his hometown. There were probably more than a dozen "Jamie Jay" signs in the crowd...PWA will be in McCrory, AR this Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. as part of the town's MosquitoFest summer festival. Wrestling is free with fair admission. Rematch has been signed for the PWA Tag Team Titles with Riviera and Morton, with Thompson agreeing to be their manager for the match, against Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee.

Derrick King Replaced as Booker of DCW!!

----In typical Walker family fashion, Derrick King was replaced with Chris Rocker as booker of DCW tonight. King spent the week arranging for the talent to be at the show tonight assuming he was still the booker. He was informed after the show [not by the Walker family, but by people that were in the dressing room] in Dyersburg, TN tonight that they had a meeting stating that he did not work for their promotion anymore and Rocker was the booker. King just finished a three week stint with ASWF ending in a Match of the Year Candidate performance selling an angle where Dustin Starr put him out of action. What talent will stay and work for the Walkers/Rocker?? Where will Derrick King end up?? King will be answering those questions and probably many more on the special 90 minute "Shooting the Shiznit" 3-Year RRO Anniversary Special starting this Wednesday @ 10:00 AM. More details will posted about the ASWF show, DK's firing and the upcoming 3 Year Anniversary show on Monday!!