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A Piece of my Mind May 30th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

As I talked about last week, World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico provided me some great moments in my career. I have to say that I could have done without the danger involved from the fans but, all in all, there were some great moments. I still hold the distinction of being the only referee to work a match between Zeus and Abdullah the Butcher. It happened three times twice in Puerto Rico and once in California promoted by Rob Russen. It was far from a mat classic but certainly very interesting. Abdullah really had to work hard to get the match over. As accommodating as Zeus was with a strong desire to do well, he was very limited. In his run with Hulk Hogan he really didn’t have to do much ring work other than choke Hulk. I really have to give props to Abdullah in this case. I still laugh about Zeus having Abdullah up against the ropes and hitting him in the head with forearms. I said "Abby that stuff looks like it hurts". He turned his head to me and said “It does”. I said "Oh Ok" but Zeus tried as hard as he could in all three matches. He was put in tough situations but all you can ask of any man is that he gives it everything that he has. On these three occasions both of these guys gave it everything that they had.

Another match that I had the pleasure of participating in was Los Pastores vs. Los Hemelos Batten. In English that means The Sheepherders (Luke and Butch) the evil alter ego of The Bushwhackers vs. The Batten Twins (Brad and Bart). It was a tag team title match that ended up being the last match on the card. The fans had been in the arena since 3pm and drinking beer all day. It was a pretty crazy night we did a screw job finish with a reversal. The fans were throwing wood in the ring with nails in it from breaking up the chairs. I heard Luke scream "give them the belts and let us get out of here". So I did and we headed for the hills.
As crazy as things were on the island I always wanted to go back. I got to work some really great matches. I am sure I will talk about Puerto Rico more as the weeks go by. It’s always a great experience to revisit these stories in my mind while I am writing about them.

I am happy to announce that my good friend and Memphis Legend Sweet Stan Lane will soon be on CBS national television. In the past years Stan has seen very limited wrestling appearance’s only appearing for me for special matches. The last ones were in Dec 2008 where I had the chance to manage the legendary team of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane (The Midnight Express). It gave me the distinction of being the only man beside Jim Cornette to do that. It was a privilege and an honor to be a part of those matches with The Midnight Express.

A large part of the reason that Stan has only done limited appearances is that for a long time now he was worked in the world of Superboat Racing as a commentator. Superboat Racing will be seen on network television this fall on Saturdays starting in October. CBS will air eight one hour races and they will be shown in either the 1-2, or 2-3 time slot. His broadcast partner will be CBS play by play announcer Ralph Sheheen, who also does NASCAR, Sprint Car, and Motocross. Superboat has been on cable TV for the past 19 years, and Stan has been with them for 13 years. This will be the first time ever on network TV. The boats are up to 50 feet in length with upwards of 4,000 horsepower, seeing speeds close to 200 mph. You can go to for info on races, etc.

If you know Stan Lane you know he is an oldies music aficionado and he loves boats and the water. He knows everything there is to know about music in the sixties and the fifties. He once even got the chance to be the master of ceremonies for an oldies concert featuring The Belmont’s, Little Anthony and The Imperials, Lesley Gore and Bobby Rydell. He did a fantastic job with no notes just a wealth of knowledge in his head. I believe Lesley Gore was very impressed by the introduction and after thirty plus years in the business she has heard herself be introduced many times. As with wrestling and physical fitness, music and boats Stan is always totally prepared and expects nothing less than a top of the line performance and that’s what he delivers. I don’t know if Stan has wrestled his last match.

Certainly he knows there is always a chance when I call that it will go something like this “Hey Stan what do you think about us doing this?” If he has wrestled his last match I am blessed to have been a part of it. However, for now, I want to wish my friend all the success in the world with CBS and Superboat. I can only imagine many of those Memphis and Carolina’s fans especially would want to see the guy who wowed them for so long. So be looking out for Superboat and Sweet Stan LAAAAANE.
We have lost another legend in John Tolos. I have spoken to people who have had nothing but kind words for John as a performer and as a man.

The picture with this article is of Carlos Colon and “Carolina’s Own” David Isley. It was taken in Houston at Wrestlemania. Since Ricky Steamboat was being inducted into the Hall of Fame he invited his long time friend David Isley out to the ceremony. As I have mentioned before David is my old tag team partner. He also replaced Joel Deaton as Thunderfoot #1 to team with Gene Ligon “Thunderfoot#2”. He was trained by Nelson Royal and Gene Anderson. One day I asked #1 Paul Jones about Nelson. I said Paul was Nelson as good as everyone says he was he said “Well you couldn’t out work him and you sure couldn’t blow him up. I guess that said it all he was one hell of a talent who basically changed the whole direction of my life when he opened his wrestling company. I will be talking more about Nelson as the weeks go by as well.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.29.09

42 attended
Kilo & GQ vs Lee Cross & Knightmare went to a double countout due to brawling on the floor
Travis Starr & Shane Eden b Anthony Ingram & Adam Roberts when Eden pinned Roberts
Rick Santel b Kevin Dunn
USWO Jr. Champion Bryan Casey b Jason Xavier and Dyron Flynn in a 3-way when he pinned Xavier
Chrisjen Hayme b Drew Haskins
Saint b Otis Bass (w/Ronnie Vegas)
Kevin Dunn won a 10-man battle royal to get a title shot at USWO Champion Manslaughter next week, last eliminating Ingram

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Reminder and Note!! MAYHEM = MOTY

----"RRO On The Road" tonight in Ripley, TN at EWE's MAYHEM!! There are fun and games all day starting at Noon with wrestling starting at 7:00 PM. After looking at Yearbook 2007, I had to post something about this - both years of MAYHEM have featured an "Arena Match of the Year" nominee!!

-5.19.07 at MAYHEM featured Flash Flanagan vs Tim Grind in a Cage Match and it placed second in the category.

-5.24.08 at MAYHEM had a Barbwire Match: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]/Dustin Starr vs “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas]/Tatt2 finishing third in the category.

----So, if you guys out there want to come out for the chance to see a "Match of the Year", this show might be the one to be at tonight!!!

"Coach" John Tolos Dies

----I would just like to make note and say RIP. Tolos was one of the guys I stole my "Coach BT" gimmick from - using the whistle and "Coach" moniker. I always loved those interviews with him and Hennig.

WWE is saddened to learn about the death of John Tolos, who passed away on May 28 at the age of 78.

A legendary rough and rugged superstar who hailed from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he and his brother Chris entered the then World Wide Wrestling Federation, and the Tolos Brothers captured the United States Tag Team Championship from Gorilla Monsoon and Killer Kowalski.

Tolos entered the WWWF as a singles competitor in the early 1970’s and had a series of matches with WWWF Champion Pedro Morales in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

One of Tolos’ longest running feuds was with his arch rival WWE Hall of Famer Classy Freddie Blassie. Their battles were epic in every sense of the word, and one in particular in 1971 drew an enormous crowd to the Los Angeles Coliseum. Tolos was a mainstay in the Los Angeles area for over a decade.

In his later active years, Tolos returned to WWE in 1991. He called himself “Coach”, complete with whistle, and was a manager to WWE Hall of Famer "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, in addition to the Beverly Brothers.

WWE offers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of John Tolos.


RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.29.09

-Eric Wayne beat Justin Smart
-Allen Steele vs “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony to a draw
-Kid Nikels beat Seth Knight by submission

----Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were refs…There was about 32 in the building…I was told Bruno was in rare form and had a good time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow!! Look At This Classic Photo!!

----Since "Genocide" will be wrestling on the same card as "Midnight Gold" tomorrow at MAYHEM, I thought I would post this photo. To the far left is Albino Rhino and to his right is Maxx Corbin - both at the age of 16 with some friends. And in the background - Bobby Eaton!! Apparently this was taken at a Jackson, TN show when Eaton was working MCW. The guys pestered him with "Alabama Jam" until I guess he got tired of hearing it and came over to say hello to them.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.23.09

----I just posted the ratings and noticed D-Rock posted the report. I am still looking for someone to do the Memphis Wrestling report and post it within 24 hours!!

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to another big day of wrestling action. "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined him. They plugged the free wrestling show at the Super K-Mart that happened, later that afternoon, as part of the special Block Party event. Hart mentioned how Corey was in the Commercial Appeal. Corey also thanked all the people at FOX13 for helping promote the Block Party event. Coming up on the show: One of the original members of The First Family, Sweet Brown Sugar, versus "Superstar" Bill Dundee in a scaffold match, A young Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Morton team up in a classic Tupelo concession stand bout against Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita, managed by Tojo Yamamoto and in action Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Dirty" Dutch Mantel will square off in a studio match, as well as, an eight-man tag match. Jimmy Hart held up an original picture of The First Family of Professional Wrestling, featuring "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol, "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, The Dream Machine, and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Also, Sam Ware from PMG will be stopping by, later in the show.

Jimmy Hart talked about the Legends of WrestleMania video game.

Classic clip of a phenomenal Tupelo concession stand brawl between Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Morton against Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita, led by Tojo Yamamoto. Footage picked up near the end of the third fall. Fuchi was pinned by Gilbert, but Tojo slipped in and fired the salt into Gilbert's eyes while the referee was distracted with Onita and Morton. Following the match, Morton took away the Japanese fighting stick from Tojo and went to town on Tojo, Onita, and Fuchi. Then, it got crazy, as the teams fought into the nearby concession stand. Food fight! Fuchi was covered in blood and mustard. These guys destroyed the place, by using everything they could get their hands on. Eddie Marlin tried to intervene, but had no luck. At one point, Tojo took down a guy named Herman. A lady walked up to try and save her man from the crazed Tojo. Bad Call. Tojo started slapping at her. Eddie Marlin had to grab the raving Tojo. What a war this one was in Tupelo. Absolute chaos. AWESOME footage! I found this one on YouTube. Enjoy!

More classic footage with a special scaffold match, featuring "Superstar" Bill Dundee going against Sweet Brown Sugar, better known as Koko B. Ware, with his manager, Jimmy Hart, at ringside. The rules were if a wrestler got knocked off the platform twice, he loses the match, and when he is knocked off, they have a twenty count to get back to the ladder starting up again. Sugar knocked Dundee off the platform first, but Dundee rebounded and would knock Sugar down twice to get the win. Another great match that was described by Lance Russell as, "Terrifying, but spectacular".

Jimmy Hart showed off one of his old albums named Outrageous Conduct, that he said Jerry "The King" Lawler did all the artwork for. Or was it David Burcham? Hmmm...

Eight-Man Tag Action, featuring The Dream Machine, The Heartbreakers and The Nightmare Ken Wayne taking on "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Steve Keirn, and Rick and Robert Gibson. Dundee picked up the win with a sunset flip on The Nightmare. Following the pin, all hell broke loose, as all eight men hit the ring. Jimmy Hart ran in, hitting Dundee's team with a cane for a brief moment until Bill grabbed it from him and chased The First Family away.

Sam Ware from Payroll Management Group joined Corey and Jimmy. Sam had the new PMG shirts with him. They talked about the show at Raleigh-Frayser.

Studio footage of a Loser Leaves Town Match for the Southern Heavyweight Title between "Dirty" Dutch Mantel and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Clip started with Mantel issuing the challenge to Lawler. Lawler accepted and the match was underway. Dutch used a chair on Jerry. Dutch attempted a piledriver on the floor, but Jerry reversed it. Then, Lawler hit Mantel with a chair and took the strap down. After taking a whooping for a little while, Dutch decided to retreat from the ring and told Lawler that he was, the toughest son-of-a-gun he's ever fought in his life. Mantel asked Lawler to come down to the announce table and bury the hatchet. Dutch would go on to ask Jerry to become his partner and form a team because everytime they wrestle each other, The First Family and The Midnight Express are wanting them to beat each other's brains out. Following a sincere handshake, Dutch, suddenly, jumped Lawler. Then, Mantel bashed Lawler in the skull with a chair and threw him in the ring. Once in the ring, Mantel piledrived "The King" and pinned him, slapping his hands to the mat for the three count. Dutch walked back over to the announce table, grabbed the belt and said, "Excuse me, Lance. I think this belongs to me and somebody needs to help Lawler find a way out of there."

They plugged Corey Maclin's new website

Back from break, they ended the show with Sam Ware shown at a computer, visiting Jimmy Hart walked in and asked Sam what he was doing. Sam explained to Jimmy that he was making a donation. Jimmy said he was donating one dollar now and asked Sam if they had change and asked for a receipt too. Jimmy Hart said he was going to be Corey's campaign manager. Sam responded, by saying, that he was going to be the campaign manager. Jimmy added that Tracy called him the other day and said he was going to be the campaign manager. Sam stated that Lawler called, saying he was going to be the campaign manager. Then, Jimmy said that Hulkster called him, yesterday, and left it on his answering machine, saying that Corey had called him about being the campaign manager. A flustered Hart then grabbed his dollar back, but gave it back, again, saying, "What's a buck, right? Maybe that will help. I'm campaign manager!" Funny stuff with Jimmy Hart and his one dollar bill.

They did a good job promoting the free wrestling show. Hopefully, they will have highlights on this week's show.

Credit: D-Rock @

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings & Notes 5.23.09

----The show finished right at average for 2009 – about 50 viewers more than average. And as we have mentioned before, this year is about 17% over average overall than last year on Channel 50. There was a big jump in the second quarter and it stayed that way most of the time. Dundee/Koko were ratings gainers this week with Lawler/Dutch keeping the viewers tuned in.

Overall .9 [14577 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Jimmy Hart
-Concession stand brawl
.3 [4859 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
Scallfold Match: Dundee vs Koko
1.2 [19436 viewers] [+14577 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-8-man tag
-Lawler/Dutch – int
-Lawler vs Dutch [start]
1.0 [16197 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Lawler vs Dutch [finish]
1.2 [19436 viewers] [+3239 viewers]

From start to finish [+14577 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.8 [29155 viewers]


----This was packed with stuff we haven’t seen in a while on TV. The picture quality was horrible though…Funny thing about “hardcore” matches – this Concession stand brawl is the origin of hardcore – it all happened AFTER the match…Those scallfold matches were just horrible!!!...Eight man tag had a “Nightmare” in it – I think it was Danny Davis. At least they didn’t show that damn Rock N Roll vs Nightmares match AGAIN!! Who were the Heartbreakers???...Mantell vs Lawler was always good. Dutch was good on the mic. They did the old Rich/Gilbert angle though, which originally was a Gilbert/Wayne angle… The show has turned into every break Corey talking about himself running for office. I thought there was an equal time law or something?? But, I guess if he is paying for the programming, it does not matter. Funny how he got that site up, but couldn’t keep a Memphis Wrestling site going.

Tweet with RRO and "Dynamite"!!!

----Area worker “Dynamite” Seth Knight becomes part of RRO starting this weekend. Well..actually…Knight just added himself to Twitter and tipped me off yesterday at the RRO offices. He is giving us here at RRO a chance to follow him without even being part of Twitter. You may follow Knight LIVE here every weekend as he will be tweeting and the feed will be featured here on RRO. He will be in West Memphis, AR @ NEW tonight and NBW in Newbern, TN on Saturday night. If you wish to follow him by Tweeter, then you can join him by adding to your Twitter account. RRO will also try to tweet results from the EWE arena this weekend!!

Shows for the Weekend 5.29 & 5.30.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. Below are three special shows for the weekend.

-Saturday - All Pro Wrestling will be having a FREE SHOW in Batesville Mississippi featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Cameron Valentine, Funky Freddy, Hollywood Jimmy and many more. The free All Pro Wrestling Show will start at 12:00 noon and will be at Pride Auto Sales, 680 Hwy. 6 West in Batesville Mississippi.

-Saturday – XOW is having a benefit show to help cover funeral expenses for Wendy Jones. If you are in this area – go support a good cause!! They have this posted as a 12:00 noon start time in Independence, MS with DJ Stunner, The Asylum, Hollywood Jimmy [doing double duty??], “Sons of the South”, Tony Dabbs, Colton Anderson, Syn, Danny B Goode, Jay Webster [billed as BT’s favorite wrestler from Mississippi besides Pappy], Wraith, Chop Top The Clown and more.

-Saturday in Ripley, TN for EWE MAYHEM 2009!!! This has become a tradition card with them presenting the first one in 2007 with a Flash Flanagan vs Tim Grind Cage main event. Last year featured a bloody wild Barbwire Match which was a nominee for Arena Match of The Year. This year’s show starts at 12:00 Noon with special events all the way up to 7:00 PM for the wrestling show. Card is packed with “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson vs “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal], Jon Michael vs Scott Adams, “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] vs “Premiere Brutality” [Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne], Fans Strap Match: JR Manson vs Tatt2 and the Main Event: Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee for the EWE Title. Join “RRO on the Road” for this event!!

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.23.09

Match 1: Asylum VS Allen Brothers winner Allen Brothers.
Match 2: Reno Diamond VS Lucky winner Lucky by DQ
Match 3: Cannon VS The Mexican Assassin winner Mexican Assassin.
Match 4: Playa'z VS Irish Dragons winner Playa'z
Match 5: Rodney Mack VS Black Sheep winner Rodney Mack.
Match 6: Dynasty VS Pokerface and J.D. Kerry winner Poker and J.D.
Match 7: Rage VS Cujo winner Rage
Match 8: Barbwire Match: Mike Austin VS Gary Diamond winner Mike Austin.

The show started with Biscuit's intro for the show and giving the fans a rundown of the card. The first up was a new segment called Money Talks. Frank Big Money Martin and Rage the RWA Heavyweight Champion and The Mexican Assassin came to the ring. Martin explained to the fans this was a show for TV and he would be interviewing some of the wrestlers to let the fans get to know them better. Martin's first guest on Money Talks was J.D. Kerry. Kerry came to the ring and did not want to sit down with Martin since Money Inc was in the ring. Martin assured Kerry there would be no contact between Money Inc and Kerry. Martin then gave the fans the facts about the young Kerry and then asked J.D. the first question.

What school did you go to J.D.? As Kerry answered Martin pulled the mic away and answered for him. " That's right I forgot you were Home Schooled because you’re not smart enough to go to a real school. I know your parents and you did not get any smarter with them teaching you!" Where do you live? Wait I know that one too you live in a trailer outside of town. Is it tuff changing the tires on your house? Must be hard and cold in the winter time! J.D. you look a lot like both your parents, does your family tree branch? Or are you like the motto of the state of Kentucky, Kentucky 358 thousand people 4 last names! At this point Kerry was visibly upset so Martin told him I don't want you to leave mad J.D. so I have a parting gift for you. The new J.D. Kerry shirt that we will be selling. The shirt had Kerry's picture on the front with him holding the TV title he won last week and lost. The back said The 60 minute champion. Kerry threw the shirt at Martin and The Mexican Assassin jump in front of Martin, Kerry pushed him and Rage jumped in. Martin stopped both of them from attacking Kerry and told them he gave his word that Kerry would not be touched. Poker came out to even things up and Martin told Poker to take his Wal Mart pants and his boy friend and go to the back. At this point the fans were so mad some were trying to get over the rails that are now up and security had to keep them back. The heat is on in the RWA.

The first match saw the Asylum taking on two of the young guns in the RWA the Allen brothers. These two guys were out weight but they are quick and strong. They made a good showing but the Playa'z (RWA tag champs) hit the ring giving the Allen's the win. The Playa'z now have the Irish Dragons and the Asylum mad at them.

Reno and Lucky had a good match and Blaylok did a great mic spill. Lucky is one of the most improved workers in the RWA. Of course when you have some one of the caliber of Rodney Mack training you there is no doubt you will get better. Lucky got the win by DQ and then got a beat down at the end by Dynasty. Poker and J.D. made the save on Lucky. Dynasty is a great heel team and Blaylok is a master on the mic. Reno looks great and Mike Anthony is looking better each week.

The Mexican Assassin came out with Dominique but no Big Money! He offered a shot at the belt to anyone who wanted it. Cannon answered the challenge and took it to the Mexican Assassin right off the bat. The action was fast and Cannon seemed to have the match in hand and the title around his waist. Cannon went for a big splash in the corner and The Mexican Assassin pulled the ref in the way and got Cannon DQ'd for it.

The Playa'z and the Irish Dragon's. The Dragon's came out mocking the Playa'z wearing bandana's like them talking like them. Then at the end called the Playa'z out. Not a smart move by them because the Playa'z answered the challenge and were in a bad mood. Good match between these two teams good psychology here and the return of Scot Fury. Fury came in at the end and went to hit Mr Pimptacular with a road sign. Pimp moved and Fury knocked out Acid giving the Playa'z the win. The Asylum hit the ring and these two big guys took out some frustrations on the whole group. They beat both teams down with signs and chairs and whatever they could grab including themselves. Tag Team division is heating up here.

Rodney Mack and Black Sheep, (by order of Mr. Frank Big Money Martin) no results on this match. Comment by Mr. Martin. Rodney Mack does not deserve to have results of his match posted. Let him get his own site for that.

Mike Anthony and Blaylok took on the team of J.D. Kerry and Poker Face. This match was great these guys can go and can work the crowd up and down like a roller coaster ride. Poker and J.D. win by DQ and Lucky ran in to even up things. Poker did a great mic spill at the end.

Rage and Cujo. Big Money came to the ring with the Belt around his waist this did not make the fans very happy at all. Right from the start the big man Cujo hit some big moves. Side slam big fists until Rage got the advantage and threw Cujo out of the ring. Martin pulled out a wad of cash and whispered something to Cujo ear. Cujo returned to the ring and the fight continued, Cujo hit the big drop kick and made the cover. Rage appeared to be out and the ref hit 2 when Martin jumped up on the apron and yelled what are you doing Cujo? Cujo got up and walked towards Martin and the two looked at each other intensely. Martin slowly got down from the ring and Rage rolled up Cujo for the 3 count. Now I am just a reporter but it did not look like Cujo even tried to kick out. Rage and Martin walked back to the dressing room. Cujo called out Big Money and told him it was not going down like that. Cujo demanded a title shot and Martin agreed with no problem at all.

The main event saw the ring crew rap the ring ropes in barbwire. This was a brutal match between Gary Diamond and Mike Austin. The blood was flowing from both of their heads and from Diamonds arm and stomach. Austin picked up Diamond for a suplex and then laid him across the ropes and barbwire cutting open Diamonds abdomen. Diamond hit is finisher and had Austin covered when Martin who was with Austin grabbed a mic and screamed at the ref Tim Daniel's not to make the 3 count. Daniels questioned Martin and told him he has to he is the ref Diamond came over to confront Martin and Austin got up slowly and grabbed Diamond and DDT'd him on a chair to get the 3 count. Martin then taunted Diamond and told him in two weeks if he has healed up enough there would be a match between Austin and Diamond. Just a wrestling match no hardcore stuff. Martin then told Diamond he would give him a chance at a pay day and would hang 5,000 dollars in a bag over the ring. The first to get to it wins it is the first Big Money Match.

The holiday had most of the fans at the lake where I wanted to be but the group still pulled in 150+ for the show. The crowed was hot all night so they could tell it was their diehard fans that showed up.

Credit: RWAreporter

----This is so funny - the reporter is being told to work us on Rodney Mack and his results to his matches. OH ME!!...Who is Dynasty???

RassleResults: "Just Joe" Benefit Dyersburg, TN 5.24.09

-Myles Murphy/Motley Cruz beat Hollywood/Bitty Litty
-Jon Roberts/Gaylon Ray/Rockin Randy beat Phoenix X/Shannon Lee/Mickey Ray
-Derrick King beat Jason Reed
-Jon Michael/Chris Rocker beat “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop]
-“Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] beat “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Tommy Redneck]
-“Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] vs Tim Edwards/Big Red – Double countout

Credit: MM2009

----I heard from another source that the parking lot was full and they had a good crowd. Good deal!!...Jeremy Moore was involved in the finish or did it have the finish of the DK vs Reed bout. He hit a RKO on Reed. DK said on the mic that all the best wrestlers were at NBW…This is first time BO Squad and SPride have teamed in a long time…Double countout on a benefit show?? And why couldn’t someone do the job??


----The group that at times seem to being doing good and other times like they did not have a clue - considering there first events. Good luck to Joey McNew on this new venture. This was posted by "Crimefighter" on the Kayfabe Message Board.

From the St. Louis Wrestling Community -

BREAKING NEWS: WWCW has cancelled all their future events, which includes the May 6th event in Kennett, MO. I had gotten a heads up that this was coming a few days ago but it's now official. If you go to the WWCW website, you see an advertisement for Lethal Assault Entertainment MMA Cage Fighting. It appears the owners could be getting out of the wrestling business in favor of Mixed-Martial Arts and may be looking to compete directly with Absolute Fighting Challenge promoted by Dangerous Donny Sixx, which runs in the Missouri boothill. Sixx got out of the wrestling business a few years ago in favor of the more lucrative MMA market.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap Heat DVD Review- N.E.W. Vol. 1 by Gene Jackson

Ok, so as I mentioned in my last column I'm gonna start doing more dvd reviews be it, local stuff, WWE, TNA, ROH, or old school stuff from over 1,500 dvds I've got laying around my house. I don't do star ratings and I don't do hold for hold descriptions, just a synopsis of the match and my thoughts on them. Then kind of a summary at the end. My first one is gonna be the New Experience Wrestling DVD Episodes 7 & 8. I've read alot about them, I've written columns on it, and I've seen some random matches on youtube but this will be my first opportunity to see the TV shows in full. Let's get to it.
New Experience Wrestling TV Episode 7

Your hosts/commentators are Brian Thompson and John Steele

Greg Anthony vs. Greg King

Hand shake at the beginning of all matches

As it's been mentioned by others but I wanted chime in here, they've done a very good job fixing up their training facility to have the old TV5 studio feel. A much look than small promotions that do t.v. in what's obviously a firehouse or in the case of DCW a few years back an abandoned Wal-Mart building.

Interesting rolling front facelock from Anthony on King....things kinda went awry for a few moments after a botched leapfrog but they pulled it back together....telling a good story Anthony the more experienced of the two staying a step ahead of young King......King looked good here but Anthony gets the win.

Matt Justyce vs. Derrick King

Prematch promo DK says he's been wrestling for 16 years...damn that's hard to believe but it's true. Another veteran vs. student match. the fans pop for a hip toss from DK......the patented Derrick King backdrop makes an appearence....Abdominal stretch into a pinning, a long way from the days of watching him scream like a girl while running from Brandon Baxter back in '98 in various towns.....Justyce looks better in the this match than the one I saw previously from him.....Good match from these guys..with the British Bulldog/Bret Hart sunset flip/cradle finish....nice.

Byron Willcott/Dustin Starr vs. Eric Wayne/Kid Nickels
Looking forward to seeing Wilcott in action here, and also seeing Dustin Starr in the ring for the first time in quite a while. While I have read and heard a lot about Dustin in recent years I haven't actually seen any of his matches since I wored some shows with him in his "Beale Street Posse" days. (Correction, I've seen a couple of matches off Memphis Wrestling) Didn't realize Alex Wright had a wrestling academy...we'll see if Wilcott picked up the patented Alex Wright dance....Nice counter from Wayne out of the test of strengh spot.,,,,,Starr establishing himself as the first true heel of the night through his use of the ropes for breaking holds and complaining frequently to referee Downtown Bruno......Nickels has come a LONG way from his early slipped up a few times during some reversals but looked pretty good and over with the fans.....awkward suplex reversal as Starr hooked Nickels from the right/"wrong" side.......Wayne back in....he's definetely over with the crowd here.....Dustin Starr laying it in with some nice forearm shots and a stiff kick to the back....Nickels takes the pinfall on Wilcott with a crossbody. I like what I've seen out of Wilcott so far and Dustin shows he can do more than just run his mouth and piss people off.

New Experience Wrestling Episode #9 Stan Lee vs. Matt Justyce

Stan Lee well known in the Mid South area, I've haven't got to see a lot of his work, a few matches on youtube, I also so the UWL tournament he won on the infamous internet pay per view deal from a while back. Some really good mat wrestling to start out, tons of holds and reversals. A nice series of moves that ends in a botched 'tilt a whirl' spot that appeared to have legit injured Stan as they quickly finished the match with Justyce covering him for the pin. Don't know if Matt was scheduled to go over but at least they had the good sense to take it home right there instead of waiting around or God forbid an awful finish like Justyce waiting around tripping over Lee to pin basically pin himself like that God-awful Intercontinental title match finish with Steve Austin and the late Owen Hart at SummerSlam '97. Still not a smooth as some of the others Matt Justyce seems to be improving each time I see him. Stan Lee much like his partner Derrick King is a really talented guy that should be wrestling on bigger stage somewhere than he currently is. Perhaps he will escape the south one of these days and get some national exposure.

Next up we've got Greg King vs. Derrick King

This should be an excellent match. Derrick's work is well known and Greg King seems to be on of the more natural talents here in N.E.W. as most of his pretty fluid in comparison to some that are still hit or miss.......Wait a minute, Derrick King has no showed and is gonna forfeit the match......Dammit, I was looking forward to this match. Apparently Matt Justyce since his match was cut short due to Stan Lee's injury and DK isn't there, we're gonna get instead.....

Greg King vs. Matt Justyce

I seen a match between these two from one of the early episodes online recently. Ironically on the previous episode it was said that Byron Willcott was trained by Alex Wright (not sure I'd advertise that but, o.k.) Greg King looks very similar to Alex Wright when he first arrived in WCW, when he was the young babyface whose gimmick was he wore a leather jacket and did homoerotic dances before the match to generic techno music, good to see Byron didn't pick that up at the Alex Wright Wrestling Academy, let's hope Greg King continues to steer clear of that as well.

We start off with a handshake and go right into the match. Nice test of strength spot with some good reversals and pin attempts. The announcers are putting over the school heavy on commentary which is smart. So far this match has been better than their previous encounter, much more fluid movement. Old school working the arm in this one. Nice headlock takedown reversal by Matt Justyce on the mat, I've never seen it done that way before but it looked good. A leap frog goes wrong with King coming down directly on Justyce's back but he appears to be ok. One thing they are doing in all the matches that I really like and have griped about in the past is they are frequently going for covers, rather only at the finish as seems to be the case a lof times nowadays. King gets the win with a nice sunset flip off the top....handshake at the end as well.

Eric Wayne vs. Scott Fury
Ok, so this is the infamous match if I'm not mistaken where Fury gets his teeth kicked in....I'll have to wait and see. A couple of nice looking armdrags by Fury to start, returned by Wayne. Wayne with a chickenwing while ramming Fury's head into the mat is brutal looking. One thing I like about this match and I guess Eric in particular is the intensity. if your gonna convey this as a more competitve promotion then it needs to be more physical and more intense. (physicality and intensity doesn't nessacerily equate to being STIFF) You can convey intensity in a match beyond beating the hell out of one of another. I've seen some of the most physically stiff matches in the world still look phony as hell because the wrestlers expressions and body language didn't convey any emotion or realism that they were actually competing for something, it's just two guys knocking the hell out of each other.

On the flip side of that, I think that's an element that missing with some of the other guys on the show in N.E.W. is they are going through the motions and things make sense but the smile on their face or the pacing of the match doesn't convey the emotional aspect of the match.....ok so enough wrestling philosphy, back to the match.

The kick in question in the corner just happened and I really think the backlash from this was a bit overblown. Perhaps it was a bit reckless but clearly accidental, though if I was Scott Fury I still probably would've been pissed also. Good finish a missed crossbody but then dodged the kick and got the victory with a german suplex.

MAIN EVENT Kid Nickels vs. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

Nickel with some nice amatuer style wrestling in the beginning. He then goes to the arm, very reminiscent of the Andersons. Anthony goes quite a while without any offense but takes over with a 'chop block', which know allows him to work over the leg of Nickels. Good selling from Nickels. Sweet looking elbow off the top rope onto Kid's knee. Anthony manages to block Nickel's attempt at one of his patented finishing hold twice but gets rolled up and pinned for his trouble.

The production is pretty good aside from the annoying deal where the screen goes black for a few seconds when they switch cameras at some points. The opening sequence is cool.

Brian Thompson and John Steele make a good announcing team. The announcing on these shows were better than some of the earlier where they just really beat you over the head TOO MUCH that this was a "new experience" and not what you see out of other wrestling promotions...don't get me wrong some of that is needed and good but the first show or two it was just way overblown....IMHO at least.

I liked the shows and I think the concept is good however as I mentioned prior some of the guys need to turn up the intensity level for this thing to work. The other thing is at some point you've to have some angles, there's only so many times you can watch tests of strength and headlock takedown reversals before it becomes repititious. Give me a reason to keep tuning back in each week. It doesn't have to be anything flashy or over the top just something more than just matches for the sake of matches. I'm sure now in the more recent shows that the U.S. Jr. title has been brought in that will help with developing feuds and storylines for the guys. I plan on checking out Volume 2 and writing something on it in the next week.

If you wanna check this dvd you can order here at RRO at this link

Coach's Corner: " Fantasy NBW Booking :“The Magnificent One” Jeremy Moore "

----Since it seems like Jeremy Moore is always in the position of changing the total direction of his promotion every few months, I thought it was be fun to book the next few weeks for him. None of this can happen now, because I posted it, but Gene Jackson got me in the “booking” mode with his recent article. So if I was Jeremy Moore, here is what I would do…

----Moore opens the show telling the fans that he is the tag team champion – all alone he is the champion. He then goes on to explain to the fans that the reason Sarge O’Reilly and XOW are not here anymore. It is because of his stupid step father. He goes on and on about how life would be so much easier for him, if his step father Jeff O’Donald wasn’t so stupid and that his mom was stupid for marrying him. “Law & Order” Commish Tim Davis comes out to say he was backstage last week and he knows what happened. It was not Jeff’s fault and tells Moore to quit being a “spoiled brat”. Moore then proceeds to announce that it is funny how Davis just said, “brat”, because he has had to go out a find a new crew of wrestlers. His stupid step father cannot book talent, so he intros his new “Brat Pack” to the fans of NBW. “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Max Corbin] walk out first. Moore says they are here to make sure he keeps the NBW tag titles. Next out comes “The Big Bad Wolf” Kevin Nikels. Moore talks about him being the shooter or the enforcer of the group. Finally, he introduces “Sensational” Shawn Reed with Anita Paige. Reed tells everyone that he has brought the beautiful Paige to help them run the “Brat Pack”. [Paige will be dressed “family oriented”, but used to tell Moore’s parents that he will have beautiful women out with him if he wants!!] Moore finishes the interview by saying, “You, Mom and all these stupid fans can go to hell!!”

----Here are various matchups and angles going on building for the next big show – “Summer Jam 2009”

-Moore says that for someone to get a tag team shot they have to beat “Genocide”. “Genocide” beat Tommy Redneck/Jon Biscuit for three weeks in a row leading to them turning against each other two weeks before “Summer Jam”.

-Each week Moore never wrestles and gets into with Tim Davis, Jeff O’Donald and even his mom. Moore announces that he will be known as “The Magnificent One” Jeremy Moore from this point on. This leads to Moore challenging McDonald to a full ownership “War Games” Cage match at “Summer Jam 2009” with the “Brat Pack” vs “Team NBW” - 5 wrestlers of his choice. Jeff accepts and announces that it will be Derrick King, Mark Justice, Jon Roberts, Tommy Redneck and a SURPRISE PARTNER!!

-O’Donald also is joined by Brian Thompson for an interview segment 2 weeks before “Summer Jam 2009”. Thompson says he has been watching the results on RRO and listening to his friend Brian Tramel, who says that Moore is just a punk. And since it looks like Roberts/Redneck will not be teaming against “Genocide” at “Summer Jam”, why don’t he just bring in “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] and if they beat “Genocide” at the show, then they get a shot at Moore for the tag straps the next week.

-Mark Justice, NBW Champion, is feuding with Jon Michael over the belt. Shawn Reed keeps interfering causing it to be a DQ. Reed gets a shot at the belt 2 weeks before “Summer Jam” and wins the belt. Justice is being cheered as he has sided with McDonald and Davis.

-Nikels does handicap squash matches each week against various opponents. This puts him over as a monster heel.

-Derrick King vs Seth Knight in a series of matches with each match ending in controversy to build the fact that they have met their match.

----The week before “War Games” at “Summer Jam 2009” the show is opened with Mark Justice and Derrick King coming out to talk with Jeff O’Donald. They say after last week’s breakup of Jon Roberts and Tommy Redneck that they have request to fight each other in a “Stairway to Heaven” High Risk Title Match. And, they were the only two members left for “Team NBW”. O’Donald says they still have his SURPRISE partner, but Justice/DK say that is not going to help them right now. They call out Seth Knight and Jon Michael. DK says that Justice and him talked and wanted their partners to be the toughest guys they have ever wrestled. It was not guys that they could trust in a regular match, but they were the toughest guys they knew to help them with this task. Michael/Knight agree to tag with them. DK/Knight vs “Genocide” and Justice/Michael vs Reed/Nikels are signed for that night with both matches ending with big brawls.

----“Summer Jam” has “War Games”: Knight-King-Justice-Michael-Surprise vs Maxx/Rhino/Moore/Reed/Nikels, “Midnight Gold” vs Genocide, “Stairway to Heaven” High Risk Title: Redneck vs Roberts, “Coach Advantage” Matches – Must Win 2 Matches To Establish Which “Coach” will get to choose who starts in “War Games” [giving the advantage to their team] Anita Paige/Jeff O’Donald are the coaches of the teams. : Derrick King vs Jeremy Moore - Mark Justice vs Shawn Reed - Jon Michael vs Kid Nikels.

----Results have

-Nikels beat Michael

-Justice beat Reed

-Moore upsets DK


-“Midnight Gold” beat “Genocide”

-“Stairway to Heaven” Match – No finish as DJ Stunner/Syn surprise the fans jumping Roberts/Redneck leaving them laying and challenging them for a match next week.


-“War Games” - Anita Paige picks Kid Nikels to wrestle first and O’Donald picks his SURPISE – Dustin “Five” Starr joins them. Reed joins next and Starr takes a beating. Justice comes in to even it up. Albino Rhino next. Derrick King enters the cage next. Maxx out next and then Jon Michael. Finally, Moore joins the match, and then Seth Knight. The only two ways to win the bout are to pin your opponent or go over the top of the cage. Justice/Reed fight to the top of the cage and Justice bumps to a table. Reed jumps off the top to the table. Knight at one point takes a chokeslam from Nikels from the top. The final three left in the ring end up with Starr-Moore-DK. DK and Starr are smiling big when they go towards Moore, but then Starr turns on DK. They beat on DK with Moore pinning him. They keep beating on him until finally the babys make the save – Starr, then Moore go over the top of the cage with Moore winning ownership of NBW.

----This sets up the following for weeks to come…

-Moore names Starr President of NBW and Starr makes matches for the next few weeks as DK is out with an injury. Moore with Starr defend the tag straps against “Midnight Gold”. Gold win the belts and lose them the following week to “Genocide” [they were signed for three weeks]…Justice works Reed for the belt…Knight vs Nikels…Redneck/Biscuit vs Stunner/Syn.

----Ok, you guys can give me hell all you want. It was fun and did build for the big show and even had matches ready for AFTER the big show.

Coach's Corner is a bi-weekly feature at RRO by Brian Tramel. Tramel was wrestling manager Coach BT in a former life with Coach's Corner being published on the internet during those days. He has since added it to RRO as his signature column.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steve Crawford Reviews JR's BBQ

----RRO friend Steve Crawford, who claims to have had classes with me in college [I don’t remember it – JD’s fault – Daniels, not McKay], sent in a review of his visit to JR’s BBQ. I also want to put over the fact that he recently published a book titled Shake Some Action: The 318 Greatest Songs of All Time. It is a fun book for anyone that loves music. The note about the author in the book reads, “Steve Crawford grew up in Rector, Arkansas, where he ate too much pizza, drank too much Mountain Dew, watched too much wrestling, and listened to too much rock ‘n’ roll. He has no regrets.” He also even has a reference to RRO columnist “Downtown” Bruno Lauer in the book. Book is only $11.99 over at – just type “Steve Crawford” in the search.

As your Mid-South wrestling correspondent (insert smiley face here), I thought you'd be interested in my visit to J.R.'s Bar-B-Q restaurant yesterday in Norman, Oklahoma.

From the outside, the restaurant looks like it's been converted from some other fast food place. It looked somewhat small from the outside, but it's a decent size place. We were there at about 3:00 and it wasn't very busy. Tons of memorabilia on the walls - lots of pictures of J.R. with various wrestlers and one with Mohammed Ali (almost all the pics with wrestlers are with WWE stars excepting some older pics with "Dr. Death" Steve Williams). There were several displays of individual wrestlers - Ric Flair, Triple H, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Kane with personalized autographs, wrestling boots, etc. The restaurant also has displays featuring John Wayne and Mickey Mantle. There are several televisions in the restaurant, giving it a sports bar kind of feel.

I was worried that the food may not have been good, since business wasn't exactly picking up when we were there. I had the small plate of ribs and they were very good (not as good as the Whole Hog Cage in North Little Rock; when I ate there recently, I almost decided to move my family back to Little Rock on the spot). The "original" bar-b-q sauce is sweet, almost too sweet. The "hot" sauce was very good. The ribs were tender and tasty and the side items were good. The service was quick and it was reasonably priced as well. I'd certainly go back again.

So, there you have it. J.R.'s bar-b-q is a real katie bar the door slobberknocker of a good time!

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings Wrapup 5.09 & 5.16.09 - Brian Christopher and Ric Flair = Ratings!!


----This show did the same number almost all hour with a slight upswing in the 2cnd quarter. Brian Christopher continues his streak of his last four TV appearances being ratings gainers. If I was Memphis Wrestling, I would try to expand on this and maybe feature a Brian Christopher themed show to see what it does. Show finished 11% less than 2009 average and 4% plus last year’s Channel 50 average.

Overall .8 [12957 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Block Party promo
-Lance Russell on Jarrett
-Jarrett vs Falk
.8 [12957 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Brian C vs Kevin White
1.0 [16197 viewers] [+3240 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Nasty Boys vs Jaggars/Carl Fergie
-Bigelow vs Lawler [start]
.8 [12957 viewers] [-3240 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Bigelow vs Lawler [finish]
.8 [12957 viewers] [n/c]

From start to finish [n/c]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.6 [25914 viewers]


----The change in Jeff Jarrett from his first day until his USWA days is just crazy. Jarrett gets a bad rep sometimes and I think it is the “daddy got me in the business” thing, but he really did turn into a good worker. Can you think of anyone else since Jarrett that was pushed ahead of Jerry Lawler? And they wonder why they do not have talent or “stars”??...White vs Brian C wasn’t great, but nothing really wrong with it. It was probably the third best match of the year of original programming. All three have featured Kevin White…Bobby Jaggars was a good bumper. Is it just me or were the Nasty Boys really bad??...Lawler vs Bigelow was typical Lawler bout. Lawler has said in interviews in the past how much he liked working Bigelow, because he was so big, but a hell of a bumper.


----Brian Christopher ended his streak with this week, but look who he had to compete with – Ric Flair!!! Flair vs Lawler was a big ratings gainer – over 14,000 viewers. This quarter alone was 52% over the 2009 ratings and 61% over average rating of 2008 Channel 50 ratings. The show overall finished 25% over the 2009 average and 38% over 2008 Channel 50 ratings. It also is one of the top 10 rated shows since the change to Channel 50.

Overall 1.2 [19436 viewers]

1st Quarter

-Fabs vs Moondogs
-UPN Brian C/Doug G interview
1.0 [16197 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Flair/Lawler angle
1.0 [16197 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-Flair vs Lawler match
1.9 [30773 viewers] [+14576 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Savage vs Idol
-Idol interview
-Savage - int
1.0 [16197 viewers] [-14576 viewers]

From start to finish [n/c]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 2.4 [38872 viewers]


----Steve Keirn angle where he gets his neck caught up in the top and middle rope. What is the origin of this angle?? Anyone know?? This was so believable at the time…UPN Brian C and Doug Gilbert interview was so good. Doug is really underrated on the mic. You really don’t ever know what he is going to say…Flair vs Lawler stuff is so good also. Here is a funny story about this match – sort of a “Flashback” about me. I was 15 years old when this match aired. I would go to town [because I lived in a rural area] to watch wrestling with my best friend Ronnie. This was a markout moment for both us as RIC FLAIR WAS ON MEMPHIS WRESTLING!! After the angle aired and right before they got in the ring, Ronnie’s dad came in the front door. He was drinking [it was the weekend dammit] and said, “We ain’t watching this fake shit!!” and turned off the TV. We were both so mad and thought we were going to miss the only time we would ever see Flair wrestle Lawler!! Minutes into the bout, Ronnie’s mom got his dad to come into the kitchen and we got to see about 95% of the bout. Never at that point would I have imagined that I could watch that match every day now. LOL…Austin Idol was never a great wrestler, but could be walked thru a good match and was tremendous on the mic!!

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN Results Wrapup 5.16 and 5.23.09


10 Bell Salute to “ Tank” Tim Robertson to open the show. A eulogy written by Destiny was read by Hotrod. This was a somber moment.

The action of the night begins with “ The Family” coming to the ring. It is quite apparent that this is a dysfunctional family. Destiny keeps on interrupting Randy and “putting him in his place”. Wildside takes the mic and mediates the arguments and offers his services to tag with Devon later on in the night.

PK Ripper def. Marvelous Mike Kelly

Chico Mendoza wrestled Way Cool to a double countout

Damage Inc. (Blaze/Pyro) def. Dazzlin’ Dixie & Samoan Raja

“Ruthless” Ron McClarity def. Da’ Knockout Kid

Royale Executioner def. Lawman Williams

Kilo & Chris Lexxus def. Devon Day & Wildside

• Notes:
• Attendance:94
• TIWF in action 6-6-09 Memphis, Tn.
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Friday 6-12-09.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 5-23-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Sgt. Payne def. AC Styles

Marvelous Mike Kelly def. The Outlaw

Way Cool def.Chico Mendoza in an anything goes match

Fuz!on def. The Destroyers

Devon Day wrestled Da’ Knockout Kid to a double count out.

Lawman Williams def. Royale Executioner in a career versus mask match. Royale Executioner was unmasked.

Kilo def. PK Ripper by DQ when “ The Family” interfered in the match

• Notes:
• Attendance:124
• TIWF in action 6-6-09 Memphis, Tn.
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Friday 6-12-09.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Credit: Steve Hunter

----This group is still drawing good steady numbers. Lower number than last year, but they are drawing as good as the surrounding groups or better most weeks…Who is Fuzion?? The Destroyers??... Royale Executioner lost his mask, but no other name was given???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarge Jumps to DCW: The Story

----In the continuing revolving door of the NBW/DCW – Walker family feud story, Sarge O’Reilly walked out of NBW Saturday night to work for DCW. Sarge had been working for NBW since December, 2008 in a big angle first starting with the XOW takeover of NBW. They decided to rerun the angle from Dyersburg in Newbern with the end results being the Sarge babyface turn on the “Spring Breakout 2009” show. Recent weeks have had Sarge’s long time partner Mickey Ray join back with him to form the tag team of “Family of Pain” to feud with XOW.

----The DCW show started Saturday night with the XOW guys coming out with Billy Russ on the mic. He stated that some things were going to change at DCW. Sarge then walked thru the front door to inform the fans and XOW that he was there to go against them. He was going to follow them no matter where they went. So, they will continue the Sarge vs XOW storyline at DCW.

----Not only did Sarge walk out, but it looks like he takes the whole XOW crew with him – Billy Russ, Brandon Barbwire, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Jason The Brain, Lil Bit, TigerFace, Syn, Stunner, Mickey Ray and maybe more.

----This put booker Jeremy Moore and NBW owner Jeff McDonald in a bad situation Saturday night, when they were not told that XOW was walking out along with Sarge O’Reilly until around 8:30 PM. Apparently Sarge had some words with Tim Davis, because he did not feel it was fair to NBW with them walking out. Sarge, who had planned to finish up his stint here, instead just walked out. That is my criticism of the whole situation. Sarge should have stayed for at least two weeks and finished up everything. The rest of XOW stayed for the show with Brandon Barbwire dropping the High Risk Title and Jeremy Moore winning the NBW tag straps by himself beating Syn/Stunner with an “on the fly” booked show.

----Jeremy Moore will be left with a big hole in his roster. It looks like the following will be staying – Mark Justice, Tommy Redneck, Jon Biscuit Roberts, Crazy Train, Antonio Anderson, Derrick King [on dates he is not booked on other shows], Seth Knight, Redman and Norrin Radd. Moore will be backed up against the wall [something he should be getting use to doing] to come up with a new roster and new stuff.

----This situation all came to a head on the show last Saturday night [5.16.09]when Sarge brought Angelina into the ring with FOP. Moore and his mom/Jeff were highly upset. They try to promote a “family show” and they had already told Sarge that Angelina did not fit in that category. Sarge and Moore had been having disagreements back and forth for the last few months. It was really just the time for them to split with both parties feeling it will be good for both of them. Sarge had met with the Walkers early in the week and XOW had planned leaving. It will be interested to see if this move helps or hurts attendance at either show.

Monday, May 25, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.23.09 - FIRE BEFORE MAYHEM!!!

The show opens to about the 130 fans eagerly awaiting what could possibly happen the week before the biggest show of the year for EWE.

Commissioner Dustin Baker comes out to make an announcement before the first match concerning the passing of Tim Robertson, also known as “Tank”. Baker leads the crowd into a moment of silence, then Mark Tipton delivers the ten bell salute as a picture of Tank is displayed on the big screen.

Christian Jacobs def. Rockin’ Randy via pinfall. After the match, Chris O’Neal comes to the ring to help his partner celebrate. The lights go dark and a video starts playing on the monitor. Brian Thompson and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony come on screen, telling Picture Perfect that they will not be tag team champions after next week at MAYHEM. Chris O’Neal grabs the mic and begins to deliver a message to Midnight Gold. He says that he doesn’t like Golden Boy, but when he’s in the ring, he is dangerous, and Beautiful Bobby Eaton is a tag team legend. He says they may consider themselves the best of the best, but they’re not picture perfect. Chris says next Saturday night is MAYHEM, and next week, Midnight Gold will know why it’s called MAYHEM. He says when things get going, when the fans start screaming when their music hits, it will be just that. They will know how much the tag team titles mean to the fans and to them, and how hard they’re willing to fight to keep them. He tells Golden Boy to make all the promises he can, but he better hope that his promises are the only thing that will be broken. Christian Jacobs grabs the mic and says that next week is more than just the titles and being the best, next week, Picture Perfect will become legendary.

Flash Flanagan def. Chad Badd via pinfall. After the match, Badd takes a cheap shot on Flanagan, but Flash heads to the back and comes back with a steel chair and gives Chad a hard hit to the back. He calls Dustin Starr out to the ring. Starr comes out, saying there’s no hard feelings, that he won the Elite 8 title fair and square, giving him the chance to go head to head against Stan Lee for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. He tells Flash to put the chair down, that he has something he wants to discuss. He says that there has been a lot going on, and a lot of things that have been happening, but when he defeats Stan Lee at MAYHEM, if Flash doesn’t interfere with his match, Starr will give Flash the first shot at it. Flash asks the fans if he should stay out of his business, and a roar comes from the crowd “NO!”. Then Flash begins an attack on Starr, but Chad Badd comes from behind to grab the steel chair from his hand before it hits Starr. Dustin grabs something from his pocket right before Flash turns around, and just as Flash turns around, Starr throws a FIREBALL at Flash, burning his face and causing him to fall to the mat instantly. Starr makes his escape as Jon Michael comes to Flash’s aid. They take a wet towel to Flash’s face and rush him to the back.

Dustin Starr comes back out afterwards to host another installment of the “Five Starr Showcase”. He says that to offer Flash a chance at the belt, but he has to listen to all the fans. He says it doesn’t matter if Flash has a steel chair, kendo stick, or even a machine gun, the fact of the matter is that he is going to MAYHEM to take the belt. Starr says that he has a very special guest on the 5 Starr Showcase tonight, and introduces Scott Adams. He asks what he looks forward to more, having his hand raised or finishing the job. Adams says that Michael should have never asked for a No Holds Barred match. Starr asks Adams what he wants to do to him, and Adams says that he intends on powerbombing Michael through a table. Starr asks if Stan Lee has the guts to show up at MAYHEM, and ask Adams begins a reply, Lee comes out and begins attacking Starr. Scott Adams grabs Lee’s head and starts to squeeze, but Jon Michael comes back out and grabs the steel chair, forcing Adams and Starr to the arena floor. Stan Lee and Jon Michael call for Adams and Starr to get in the ring, but they won’t go. Lee calls for a tag team match with Jon Michael and Stan Lee against Dustin Starr and Scott Adams. Commissioner Baker comes out and gives them the match as the main event of the evening.

Tatt2 def. Storm via pinfall. J.R. Manson comes out after the match and grabs the belt from the referee as the team of Wicked and Storm hold Tatt2. J.R. goes to strike Tatt2, but Tatt2 manages to get away from The Regulators and J.R. strikes both Wicked and Storm as Tatt2 escapes the ring. Commissioner Baker comes out as Tatt2 heads to the back, and says that there will be a lumberjack match between J.R. and Ike Tucker, and that Tatt2 will be one of the lumberjacks.

Genocide comes to the ring demanding Premiere Brutality come to the ring. Chad Badd limps to the ring saying that he just got off the phone with the tag team of Premiere Brutality, and has a message for Genocide. A video starts to play on the screen, and it’s Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels reminding Genocide how they left them laying in the ring a couple of weeks ago. They say that they think it’s crazy that Genocide wants a match with them at MAYHEM, but next week will not be any different than the last time they left Genocide laying. The Albino Rhino says that Premiere Brutality wants to talk about strategy, but Rhino has their strategy, and that’s 700 pounds of kick-ass. He says that he doesn’t want a match with Premiere Brutality, he wants a funeral. Maxx Corbin turns to Chad Badd and tells him to deliver two messages back to Wayne and Nikels. The first is that people are more famous when they’re dead, then they slam Badd to the mat and leave the arena.

Wicked comes over to Mark Tipton and says that he just witnessed his partner get cheated, and he makes an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match right now. Chris O’Neal comes out, the bell rings, and O’Neal gives Wicked the “Over Exposure” and sends him down for the 3 count.

The EWE superstars begin making their way to ringside for the lumberjack match between J.R. Manson and Ike Tucker. After Manson gets some help from some of the lumberjacks, he scores the pinfall to earn the victory over Ike Tucker.

Scott Adams and Dustin Starr make their way to the ring for their tag team match between Stan Lee and Jon Michael. As soon as Stan Lee’s music hits, Lee and Michael run to the ring and begin their assault. The bell rings with all four competitors in the ring at the same time, then spilling out onto the arena floor, the announcers table, and even into the bleachers. The chaos is calmed only for a minute as Scott Adams and Jon Michael are the only competitors in action, but as Adams and Michael go at it in the corner, Starr goes after Lee once again in his corner. All-out chaos unfolds after that, with Starr and Lee going all over the EWE arena. Starr slams Lee down on the announcers table, breaking it in two. After a few minutes of all out insanity, the referee finally calls for the bell, stating no contest in the match. After a while, the EWE superstars come back out to help restrain the four men. They each manage to get away from each other for just a minute to gain that one extra hit. Fights break out between other superstars in the ring before it’s finally broken up by security and Commissioner Baker. After a few words between everyone on both sides, everyone slowly manages to work their way to the back.

For complete video, including footage shot directly in the middle of the action in both the lumberjack match and the insanity during the Adams-Starr and Lee-Michael match, head over to Also, as a reminder to everyone attending MAYHEM, don’t forget to bring your strap for the Fans Strap Match between J.R. Manson and Tatt2. Tickets will be sold at the door. If you bought an all-day pass, the festivities begin at 12 noon. Bell time is 7:00PM. Be sure to get to the arena early to grab your favorite seat!

Sarge Leaves NBW!!

----It is being reported over at that Sarge O'Reilly quit NBW and is headed over to work for the Walkers at DCW. Not sure the story behind all of this, but Sarge has been helping Jeremy Moore book NBW and done lots of work on the building and such. I hope to have a statement from Sarge sometime today and update the story. WNC is reporting that the XOW crew will also be going over to DCW.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.23.09

What a show we had tonight! Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward, Magic Man Jimmy Rhodes, and Alex Martin would take to the announcers table to begin this exciting night of wrestling. Before things would get started, T-Bone asked Jimmy what the big black box was that has been setting in the arena the last couple of weeks. Jimmy Stated that he had been working on a few magic tricks. He began to say a few magic words and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock would magically appear in the box. Blaylock would take to the ring and state today was his 30th birthday and he had some friends to help him celebrate it. Well to say none the least his birthday “party” would be ruined by some unique gifts.

Our first match of the night would start off for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams would take on Team Hollister’s Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee. This would be a very exciting match. Jamie Lee would stay in control for the first part of the match, which was a surprise for most of the crowd, considering X-Kaliber is a former Heavyweight, Tag Team, and X-Division Champion. After a few tag exchanges X-Kaliber would gain control and get the win.

The second match was a Bull Rope Match between MacDaddy and Judgment. Judgment at first refused to participate in this match, so Commissioner Ward would tell Judgment that he would either fight or get fired. The rules of this match would be either by pin fall, KO, or touching all four top turnbuckles consecutively. MacDaddy would punish Judgment by using the bull rope to all its advantages. Judgment would somehow get MacDaddy up on his shoulders and begin tagging each corner but MacDaddy would outsmart Judgment and be touching the same turnbuckles and tag the fourth one before Judgment getting the win.

The third match was LSD taking on Cody Murdoch and Sancho Libre. LSD would maintain control for the entire match and make a huge impression on the Murdoch/Libre Tag Team. LSD would get the pin.

Our fourth match was between the current European Champion Hot Rod and Tim Hanson. Tim issued a challenge to Hot Rod last week for the title. Tim Hanson would be a strong opponent for the ASWF Hall of Famer. He would almost get a win until David Cox would interfere, costing Hanson the match. Hanson would challenge him to a match next week. Hot Rod would up the ante and add that David Cox would be the special guest referee and the title would be on the line.

The feature match of the night would be the Beach Bums (Mark Wolfe/Kaliki) vs. Johnny Hawk and Regulator. Regulator would be under the wing of his new tag team partner through the match. But just when you thought the Beach Bums were out of the match they came back with an impressive return and would win the match. However, Regulator would not be so fortunate and would get the blunt of Hawk’s frustration.

Our semi-main event was between the Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wayne and Justin “The Juice” Smart. The Juice would be fierce in this match not letting up one time. After every strong hit Tommy would seem to have given up. But he then began to fight back against Smart and just when he did it was shot down. Smart would win the match but not the title. The Commissioner stated that he has earned a title shot next week.

The main event was a no DQ featuring Bill Dundee with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs. Austin Lane. Bill Dundee was a powerhouse in this match. Well until Blaylock started helping Dundee win his match. Hollywood Jimmy would tell the Commissioner to quit talking about him and that he was getting sick of his mouthing until finally, Blaylock would hit T-Bone in the head with his cane. Even amongst this carnage Austin would pull out the win.

Credit: Terrance Ward @

Sunday, May 24, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 5.23.09

1st match Oz v/s Gunner Thompson ...Gunner Thompson won

2nd match Gaylon Ray and AJ Ray v/s Big Tim and Big Red for tag team title shot...Gaylon Ray and AJ Ray are your new tag team champions

3rd match Chris Rocker v/s Shannon Lee...Rocker won

4th match Bishop v's Jason Reed...Jason Reed Won

5th match Motley Cruz v/s Bitty Little... Motley hit Bitty in the head with a chain and busted him open then Miles the ref gave Bitty a low blow and they both was beating on him and out came HollyWood [the midget] for the save.

6th match Derrick King v/s Wolfie D w/ Angelina...Derrick And Wolfie was playing tug a war with the hugcap and it hit Wolfie D in the head and Derrick went for the pin then that did not work so Derrick hit him again and was going for the pin. Angelina was too late to save Wolfie D so Derrick won. He then got a hold of Angelina and superkicked her in the face and busted her nose then he gave her a DDT and poured a bottle of water in her face.

90 in the crowd counting the workers family

Credit: Spiritof2009

----Who is AJ Ray??...How long has it been since Bitty worked Dyersburg??...This is DK's last show - he will be working NBW from this point on.

Tank Bio: Extensive Look at The Last Three Years

Tank - Timmy Lee Robertson March 29, 1980 – May 15, 2009

“Live Life Like You Were Dying”

----One of my first memories of Tank is from an old hot stuffy building in Blytheville, AR. A crew of guys would train there and my job would end up being to get them dates and make sure they would make the shows and such. I would start my stint as “Coach BT” sometime later that year with guys like Christian Jacobs, Kade and Paul Justice. Mark Justice would come along later on, but if I remember right this was before the other guys had even debuted or had just debuted. Tank had an idea of taking the crew with him to do a show with the Hambones. I was adamant about him not doing this. Well, I was just a plain asshole. Yelling at him and telling him that I didn’t want my guys booked on shows that would make them have bad habits. Tank stood there and just took the ass chewing. He never yelled back and just pretty much said I will do what you want. Thankfully he didn’t just punch me. But, I guess with knowing what I know now about him, and when I asked Tank about his years after the face, he would say, “You were right, I was just listening.”

----Rod Dent posted on the Starr Treatment,

“One of my memories of Tank. We were working a show for BT in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, we had a full crew Tank showed up and did security.” And that was fine with him that night. He just wanted to be part of the show. Tank would go on to work for me during a stint I had booking in Malden, MO for ICW. He would tell me later that he learn psychology during that period and would always talk fondly of working with the locker room of Dent, Psycho, Stephanie, James Arnez and others.

----“It’s sad when anyone dies in the wrestling business, because it touches all of us that are involved in the business being it’s as a worker or a fan. But to have someone you worked shows with, talked to, joked around with in the locker rooms, its something you don’t expect. Makes you realize how short life is.”, stated “Notorious” on the Starr Treatment. I could have not said it better myself. I stayed numb almost the whole day on Friday. I took my family out to eat and as we returned, I just went to the site and read what it said again. I had written the damn thing and still couldn’t believe it – “Tank Dies At The Age of 29.”

----I sit there thinking about every time you would see him; he would have a big smile on his face. Especially if he was at a wrestling event. Tony Dale, who is the step father of my daughters, actually lived across the street from Tank and his family growing up. He was talking to a few of us before the funeral and he said, “When Tank was just old enough talk you could ask him “What do you want to be when you grow up??” and he would say, “I wanna be a “waassller”.”” It really didn’t matter that Tank was not in every main event or was not wrestling on a big level card. He was living out a dream. Many people grow dreaming about being something and never getting an opportunity. He did and he enjoyed every minute of every event.

----Tank was one of many of my RRO staff that is not seen by the readers. He would send in results, news and would message me once or twice a week on Yahoo messenger to just say, “ there?” I would not always respond as my hours were different than his, but it would not stop him from saying hello or informing of something that was going on. “Did you hear?” or “We got a show this weekend..” was common things. If he was on a show, he would make sure that I knew about it and would send in results after the fact. Friday morning I got home from work with a message from him talking about the situation with Mo in South Carolina. I would not get that message until I logged into messenger just hours after he had died. It was almost liked he was sending in stuff after he had died. He was a huge supporter of what I was doing and always had ideas all the time. The Yearbook actually came out of an idea that Psycho and Tank had. He wanted me to do a TOP 100 wrestlers of this area book and it would later morph into the Yearbook. We always talked about the Top 100 and how it would cause controversy no matter who was in it. When I first talked with Tank’s wife Helen she said, "He really wanted one of those Yearbooks this year, but we just didn't have the money. He really liked and respected you." I broke down pretty hard from that one. When a friend dies you are not trying to make it about yourself, when someone says something like that – it just hurts like hell and also makes you proud that he was a friend.

----Tank’s wrestling career would span over 10 years. He would work CCW, MCW, ICW, DCW and other small promotions in this area. Below are results and highlights of the last 3 years of his career.

9.23.06 – Appeared on first NBW show in Dyersburg, TN - The Real Deal” Tim Edwards beat Tommy Boy and Tank in a 3 Way match.

9.29.06 - Tank/Pecos beat Hamhock/JoeDalton at MCW in Osceola, AR.

10.06.06 – His match was rated on the first ever Arena Report. Show was booked by Greg Anthony with him giving Tank the idea about the 5 Count gimmick.

----Tank totally squashed Tommy Boy and ended it with a 5 count. [**] Tank gave Tommy very little and should have given him nothing. Tommy is ok at taking a beating, but he didn’t even show up in wrestling gear. Tank is so much bigger than everyone on the roster, except maybe Edwards. He looks like a killer unstoppable monster heel. He is doing the 5 count King Kong Bundy gimmick and that is perfect for him.

10.14.06 – NBW **Triple 5 Challenge** [5 count in under 5 minutes or opponent gets $500]TANK defeated The K.I.D. in 2:20 with a Dual chokeslam spinebuster.

10.21.06 – NBW TANK defeated Jumpin' Jack Flash in 3:20 in the Cash Flow Triple 5 Challenge.

10.26.06 - "Main Event" Steven Rampage/A.C. Havoc defeated "Playboy" Jason D/TANK w/ Passion for a show in Memphis, TN.

10.28.06 – Tank would be managed by Cash Flow - TANK defeated Starblazer #3 [Jamie Lee under a hood]in 3:42 in Cashflow's Triple 5 Challenge in NBW.

11.04.06 – NBW Tank beat Rod Dent III in Cashflow's Triple 5 Challenge.

11.16.06 – “All American" Teco Murdoch pinned TANK in Newport, AR.

11.17.06 - Tank beat Lunatic (Jamie Lee under a hood) in 3:47 in the Cashflow Triple 5 Challenge in Kenton, TN for NBW.

11.18.06 – NBW TANK defeated "East Coast Bad Boy" Sypro in 4:53 in the Cashflow Triple 5 Challenge”.

11.25.06 – Tank defeats Kilo to win the vacated NBW Title. Kilo lasted more than 5 minutes, so he won the 5 minute challenge. This title would be the top title he held in the area.

12.06.06 – NBW Tim Edwards/Tank beat Slim Pickens/The Kid.

12.17.06 - "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & Jerry Weezy defeated TANK & A.W. James.

12.23.06 - NBW Heavyweight Champion TANK over "Southern Outlaw" Kilo by submission in a non -title match.

12.30.06 – Kilo would beat Tank for the NBW Title. In an angle earlier in the night, Tank hit Kilo with a clipboard to bust him open. Tank would joke to me that he stole my Coach BT gimmick.

----In January of 2007, Tank would contribute an article titled “Tank Talks” about letters from MO, Dustin Starr and indy wrestling in general. I wrote this about him.

“He actually worked many shows for me in Malden, MO and was an all around good person. Even though I was not one to pay lots of money [we were not drawing big crowds], Tank was always there to wrestle. He has improved to being an asset to any of the promotions in this area and I do feel he has “untapped” abilities. He is believable as a monster and actually knows psychology, which I hope I can claim was part of my teaching.”

----Tank did a few things to say about the various subjects, but the last few lines of the piece will show you that he was not only thinking about Tank, he was also thinking about the whole dressing room.

“So be careful of how you talk about talent pools in another locker room because that doesn’t look too good on the locker room they are working in right now. Regardless of how much money anyone makes. Regardless of where they go to wrestle. Regardless of whom they meet along the way. Everyone is equal in my opinion, some just more experienced, but no better. That is what is wrong with the independent scene now is that everyone is trying to compete. And for what? The independents might be a stepping stone to get to the top, but don’t let other workers be the stones you cast along the way.”

1.06.07 – NBW Tank beat Tim Edwards in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match. Tank would tell me after the match that he was very proud of the beating that both of them took in this bout.

1.13.07 – NBW “Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix] beat The Kid/Tim Edwards & Tank/Playboy Tommy Love in a 3-way tag match.

1.20.07 – NBW Indian Strap Match – Tim Edwards beat Tank.

1.27.07 – NBW Ca$hFlow [Tank, A.C. Havoc & Big Red] went to a double count out with "Real Deal" Tim Edwards/”The Kountry Homeboyz” [ J.Weezy/G. Thompson].

2.02.07 - Tank/Rockin Randy/Drew Evans beat Pretty Boy James/Tim Alfonzo/Erik Hayes for WTWA in Dyersburg, TN.

2.03.07 – NBW "Real Deal" Tim Edwards beat Tank in a submission match. The match only went about 3 to 4 minutes because the ring broke and Tank got a really bad stinger on his spine which caused his left leg to go numb. He was doing the Umaga spot where he has them sat down in the corner and runs and puts his butt in their face - Edwards moved and he hit and the ring snapped, dropped the turnbuckles down and gave him one hell of a stinger. He got a standing ovation when he got up. Tank came out the following week at NBW and thanked the fans turning babyface.

2.17.07 - Tank & "Playboy" Tommy Love defeated "The Kountry Homeboyz" [J. Weezy/G.Thompson] to become the new NBW Tag Team Champions after Tank hit Weezy Waldo with his "Detonator" (double underhook piledriver) - Tank was working babyface after the accident and they were running a gimmick were he is trying get Tommy to stop cheating.

2.24.07 - Tommy Love/Tank lost by DQ, but retained the NBW Tag Team Titles over "Kountry Homeboyz" [J.Weezy/G.Thompson].

3.03.07 - Tank beat J-Fed

3.10.07 - The Sicilian Kid/Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens def. "Playboy" Tommy Love/Tank to become the new NBW Tag Team Champions. The finish had Tommy was wanting to use a chain and Tank was trying to stop him and Tommy got rolled up for the 3, after Tank left the ring, Kilo and Alan Steele came out and beat down Kid and Slim. Tank saved and they tried to attack him only to be thrown off, then all of the heels came out and started beating everyone in the ring, faces came out to a huge brawl, crowd was nuts for this.

4.14.07 – Arena Report was filed as NBW packed 316 fans for a show with Rikishi. Here is what I wrote about his match.

---- Even though Kid won the bout, Tank was the star of the battle royal leading most of the young guys into being eliminated and calling the right stuff at the right time. Tank had been out for few weeks and the crowd was hot for him. Tank threw Kid thru the top and second rope, so he was not eliminated. After Tank eliminated Weezy, then he jumped over the top rope thinking he won, but then Kid got in. Crowd liked the finish and Weezy/Kid/Tank all shook hands at the end. [**1/2]

4.21.07 - Tank defeated Stumaga with his "Detonator" piledriver.

4.28.07 - Tank wins the Battle Royal to determine #1 contender for NBW heavyweight Title. The last 3 in was Kilo, Mark justice and Tank. The heels worked over Tank’s leg and was trying to throw him out. Kilo held Tank while Mark got a running start. Tank elbowed Kilo and backdropped Mark over the top. Tank and Kilo worked a good 3 to 4 minutes after that. Tank went for a splash on Kilo, he moved and Tank cleared the top rope while in the air. Kilo jumped over the top after Tank. Both fought on the apron, then Kilo ran towards Tank and got backdropped out of the ring for the Tank win.

5.04.07 – Tim Edwards and Tank team against Mutt/Rex – “Moondogs” and walk out. This version of the Dogs was not selling the two big guys, so they just walked out on them.

5.05.07 - NBW Heavyweight Champion "All That" Allen Steele defeated Tank. Tank was going for his "Detonator" piledriver, when Mark Justice came out. Referee Ron got out of the ring and forced Justice to the back. meanwhile in the ring, Steele grabbed his title belt and went to blast Tank. Tank ducked and kicked Steele and went for the powerbomb. When Tank got Steele up, Steele still had ahold of the belt and blasted Tank in the head and tossed the belt aside. The referee came back in the ring and counted the three.
5.11.07 – LAW Rector, AR - Tank beat TL Jones.

5.12.07 – NBW The 1 Man Wrecking Crew" Tank & J.Weezy defeated "Mr. EGO" Kilo & Stumaga when Tank pinned Stumaga.

5.19.07 – ACW Loose Caboose Festival Paragould, AR Tank & Kilo defeated The Hambones to advance to a title match later in the card…Idol Bane/Cody Daniels defeated Tank & Kilo to retain the ACW Tag-Team Titles.

5.19.07 - Tank defeated Buckwheat.

6.01.09 - "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Crazy Train on a show that featured Rikishi/Brian Christopher vs “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] in Union City, TN.

6.02.07 - Tank defeated Crazy Train. Bigg Money Gripp came out before the match and told him that he has a surprise for him next week. He told Tank that he had seen enough of him beating up on all the little people in NBW, especially his guys, so he promised that Tank would taste his own blood at Summer Jam at the hands of Lord Humongous.

6.02.07 – Arena Report is filed for NBW’s “Summer Jam”.

----Tank by DQ over Lord Humongous. This was all psychology with Huey heeling and Tank taking a beating. Tank bodyslammed Huey early. Huey dropkicked Tank in the face – and that is not easy considering the size of both guys. Huey is bigger than he looks on TV. Huey started using the hockey mask and Tank bladed. Real good juice. Crowd was not into it as much as I expected. Ref bump with ending with interference, but ref caught him and DQ’ed him. Krisis came down and put the Claw on Tank and they left him lying. [**]

6.09.07 – NBW Crazy Train beat "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank by DQ when Alex Krisis came to the ring and blasted Crazy Train with a chair. (While Tank had his back to Krisis pleading his case to the referee, Krisis came to the ring and attacked Tank with the chair across the back and then put on the CLAW!. Tank bled again and Krisis left him laying).

6.23.07 – NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Alex Krisis. Krisis attacked Tank while he was making his way to the ring while the lights were off sending him straight into the ring pole busting him open. Krisis took quick advantage and starting working Tank over but Tank would not stay down. Krisis hit a series of moves on Tank including 2 big splashes but Krisis pulled Tank up before the ref could count. Krisis went back to work on Tanks head busting him open even worse. (Good Color) Krisis bodyslammed Tank, which has never been done in NBW, and went for the pin but Tank kicked out big. Tank came back on Krisis with punches that sent him reeling. Tank hit a series of clotheslines and sent Krisis in the corner for not 1, but 2 big avalanches. Tank set up for the Warhead (double handed sit down chokeslam) but Krisis raked the eyes. Tank turned around into the CLAW and went down to his knees. Ref raised his hand but it only dropped twice. Tank came back up with the CLAW still applied and caught Krisis with the Warhead and got the pin.

6.30.07 NBW Tank interview. Tank talked about how everyone that has come into NBW has tried to take him out because he is the biggest around, but he is still standing. Tank talked about how he was the rightful #1 contender for the heavyweight title and put over the fact that NBW was in the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and they even listed him as #1 contender, but he could still not get a title match. Tank stated that Tim Edwards was supposed to be climbing the ladder for a title match as well and he has went thru everyone back there except for him.

7.07.07 NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated "Playboy" Tommy Love after a "Warhead".

7.14.07 NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated "Straight Shooter" Gunner Thompson to advance in the Lucky 7 Tournament.

7.21.07 NBW Tank runs an angle where he is trying to get Tim Edwards in the ring.

7.28.07 NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated "The Enforcer" Mark Justice in the finals of the NBW Lucky 7 Tournament at NBW’s Vendetta show.

8.04.07 NBW J.R. Manson defeated "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank. Tim Edwards was still avoiding Tank and even caused Tank’s loss here.

8.11.07 NBW "Real Deal" Tim Edwards & NBW High Risk Champion J.R. Manson defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank. During the match, Edwards would never tag in while Tank was in the ring. when it finally came down to it and Moore made the hot tag to Tank, Edwards sidestepped a punch and Tank stopped just short of hitting the referee. Referee Barry sent Tank to the locker room because he thought Tank was trying to hit him. Edwards & Manson double teamed Moore until Manson pinned him after an "Unprettier". after the match, Edwards knocked out the referee and held Moore so Manson could cut some of his hair off until Tank came back in for the save.

8.18.07 NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Alex Krisis in angle where Jimmy Tidwell picked his opponent.

8.24.07 MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker defeated Tank to retain the title in Osecola, AR for MCW.

8.25.07 NBW An angle where Tim Edwards signs to face Tank at NBW’s “Legacy” – at the contract signing Edwards stabs Tank in the eye with a pen.

8.31.07 Southern Outlaw" Kilo & MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker defeated "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank & T.W. Justice when Kilo pinned Justice after a frogsplash from MCW in Osceola, AR.

9.01.07 NBW "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank vs. "Real Deal" Tim Edwards & J.R. Manson w/ Tidwell at ringside. Tank took a beating with his eye still injured. Krisis made the hot tag and shook Tank’s hand after the match.

9.15.07 NBW Tank teamed with Tim Edwards when Allen Walker made them team. They were defeated by “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas].

9.22.07 NBW "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards def. Tank to retain the NBW Championship at NBW’s “Legacy”.

10.06.07 It was reported that Tank had moved from Dyersburg, TN and living in Missouri. He would not be working NBW for now.
10.13.07 Tank defeated Slim Pickens for LAW in Rector, AR.

10.27.07 Tank returned three weeks after leaving to turn heel on Jeremy Moore and Jason Reed. Tank becomes a member of the “Riot Squad” [Mark Justice/Rob Justice] with Jimmy Tidwell.

11.10.07 NBW “The Riot Squad” (Tank & "The Law" Robert Justice) with Jimmy Tidwell defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & the returning J. Weezy when Tank pinned J Weezy.

11.17.07 "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore, Crazy Train & "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated The Riot Squad (Mark Justice, Rob Justice & Tank) when Jacobs pinned Mark Justice.

11.23.07 Tank participated in a $10,000 Battle Royal at LAW’s “Thanksgiving Throwdown”. He was one of the last three in the ring. Tank made everyone look small in the battle royal – even Psycho. He also stayed in the ring the whole match and worked his ass off

12.08.07 NBW Tank defeated J.Weezy after a "Warhead". After the match, Mark Justice told Tank to finish him off and Tank gave Weezy a vicious looking "Detonator" piledriver and Weezy had to be carried to the locker room.

12.15.07 NBW “Southern Outlaw” Kilo defeated Tank by DQ when Riot Squad interfered.

12.16.07 The Asylum (Psycho, Arnez & Pappy) defeated The Riot Squad (Mark & Rob Justice & Tank) at the Barry Harber Memorial Show in Dyersburg, TN.

12.23.07 NBW “The Asylum” [Psycho & Arnez] defeated NBW Tag-Team Champions “The Riot Squad” [Tank & Rob Justice] by countout when Rob & Tank left during the match because they had enough and told commissioner Allen Walker that they were too crazy.

12.29.07 – “Riot Squad” [Tank/X-Treme Justice] beat “Asylum” [Pappy/Arnez] in Weapons Cage match.

1.05.08 – NBW Tank as part of the “Riot Squad” in NBW with Rob and Mark Justice managed by Jimmy Tidwell held the NBW Tag Team Titles. They would lose the titles to Dustin Starr and Chris Rocker that night.

1.12.08 NBW Tank defeated "Knockout Kid" Jason Matthews.

1.26.08 Tank defeated Hamhock by DQ when the Hambone Express interfered and would later team with Ryan Lee in 2 out of 3 Falls Main Event losing to the Hambone Express for NWF in Marmaduke, AR.

2.02.08 Tank finishes up with NBW as reported on the site - Tank does not work for the promotion anymore because they say he is not “reliable”. Moore apparently fired him in front of all the boys, but has not called Tank to tell him he is not needed anymore.

2.16.08 Farmer Billy Hills & "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee defeated The Missouri Wrecking Crew (Tank & Bonecrusher) w/ Foxy Lady when Farmer pinned Bonecrusher for HCW in Duquoin, IL.

3.1.08 "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank wrestled "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee to a no contest for RCW in Marmaduke, AR. It was a showed he booked.

4.12.08 "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank & "Wildcard" Chris Graham defeated The Hambone Express in a "Street Fight" for RCW in Marmaduke, AR.

5.03.08 “The Missouri Wrecking Crew” (Tank & Bonecrusher) beat Farmer Billy Hills & Crazy Train when Tank pinned Crazy Train after a "Detonator" for HCW in Anna, IL.

5.10.08 "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Hambone #1 by DQ when Hambone #2 interfered. "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee made the save.

8.16.08 "New Age Punisher" Ricky Andrews defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank for RCW in Parsons, TN. This was a group run by Steve Creasy and booked by Tank. Tank would send in results, but not even put it over to me about him booking for Creasy, because of my past heat with Creasy.

8.06.08 MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker w/ Sexy Sam Dollar & Billion Dollar Baby defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank after interference from SSD for MCW in Dyress, AR.

10.11.08 Rick Ruby defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank after a big boot in the corner and Ruby put his feet on the ropes for OCW for a benefit in Manila, AR. This was Ruby’s debut and Tank volunteered to take the pin for him.

10.24.08 “Natural Born Playaz” (Southside & Pimp) (champions) w/ Sexy Sam Dollar wrestled Hillbilly Nate and TANK to a no contest for MCW in Osceola, AR.

10.31.08 "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank w/ Sexy Sam Dollar defeated J.T. Storm, AC Styles and Ray Lee in a 4-Way Elimination match to receive a heavyweight title shot in Luxora the next night for MCW in Osceola, AR.

11.01.08 MCW Heavyweight Title Match "Mr. Slice & Dice" Frankie Tucker w/ Sexy Sam Dollar defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank w/ Passion to retain the title after Tank missed a big splash in the corner and Frankie delivered the Flatliner. Passion was Tank’s wife Helen.

11.07.08 AC Styles & C-Money defeated Leroy Hambone & Tank w/ Sexy Sam Dollar after Tank accidentally hit Hambone with the bone instead of C-Money for MCW in Osceola, AR.

11.14.08 Southside Brawler & "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank w/ Ms. Vicky vs C-Money & Pokerface ended in a No Contest after a 4-way ensued and the referee could not control the action for MCW in Osceola, AR.

12.20.08 Deranged defeated Tank returning to NBW after a 10 month absence.

----Tank would be nominated Most Underrated 2008. He placed second behind Kilo and in front of Mark Justice in 3rd. All three had spent 2008 in NBW.

1.24.09 Tank returned full time to NBW doing the Triple 5 Challenge gimmick again and started an angle with a “fan” [Ricky Andrews – who he helped train] in the crowd.

2.14.09 NBW "One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Norrin Radd in a "Triple 5 Challenge" in under 3 minutes with a Black Hole Slam. After the match Tank challenged the “fan” again and told everyone that if the fan had the balls, he would sign a waiver to wrestle him.

2.21.09 NBW Ricky Andrews signs a waiver and wrestles Tank. Tank destroys him.

2.28.09 NBW "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated BlackJack in 3:33 in a "Triple 5 Challenge" after the match, instead of Tank’s music playing, another music started playing in the background. Ricky Andrews came out from the locker room and ran in the ring. Tank swung with a clothesline, Andrews ducked and came back with a Thesz Press and started pounding on Tank. Tank ran back towards Andrews with another clothesline, Andrews ducked again and this time nailed Tank with a Calf Kick and Tank bumped and rolled out of the ring. NBW Owner Jeff McDonald made a rematch between Tank and Andrews for this Saturday in another "Triple 5 Challenge".

3.14.09 NBW "One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Ricky Andrews in a "Triple 5 Challenge" after a "Detonator". The ring announcer said the time of the match was 4:58 while Jeff said that his stopwatch shows just a few seconds after the 5 minute mark..

3.21.09 NBW "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Ricky Andrews by count out in 5:20. Andrews lost but beat the “Triple 5 Challenge”.

3.28.09 NBW Tank runs out and attacks Ricky Andrews after his match. Dog Collar Match is signed for NBW “Spring Breakout 2009”.

4.11.09 NBW "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Ozwick the Clown after a "Detonator". After the match, Tank and Ricky Andrews signs contract for Dog Collar Match.

4.18.09 NBW Arena Report is filed as Andrews goes over Tank in the blow off match at “Spring Breakout 2009”. This would be Tank’s last high profile match. Tank was happy with the match and felt they did good having to follow a Ladder match and Andrews being a rookie.

----Ricky Andrews beat Tank in a Dog Collar Match. Andrews is really green and needs some work. He is over like crazy though. Crowd loves this kid. Tank took some early bumps to a much smaller Andrews that he shouldn’t have. It seem like they were given limited time. [good thing and bad thing at the same time] Both guys juiced. Andrews took a good beating and Tank did good upsetting the fans. Andrews got a comeback and Tank bled well. Tank took back over and went to win the bout and they did the same ol’babyface chain match finish. Tank goes to three corners with Andrews behind him hitting them. Andrews slipped thru his legs pulling the chain between Tank’s legs and falling into the corner for the win. [**1/2]

5.09.09 *RCW Heavyweight Title Match*(champion) "One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated BoneCrusher w/ Jade by reverse decision in Corning, AR. This would be the last match of Tank’s life.

----Referee Ron Bryson wrote the following…

“I had the pleasure to work with Tank on many different occasions in the ring. He was a good worker and a fine friend. I never saw him refuse to do anything that was asked of him. He would put anyone over to sell the story. I never really heard him talk bad about anyone, if he had an opinion that was negative he would keep it to himself unless he was ask. Well rest in peace my friend you will be greatly missed. Once again too damn many workers are dying too young.”

----Tank was one of those guys that I always believed should be pushed in main events because of his size, but was happy just working the middle of the card. If he was in the ring having fun and working with a friend like Blackjack, Crazy Train or Bonecrusher – well it didn’t matter to him that he was not in a main event.

----Tank was listed as 434 in the PWI 500 2008. He was very proud of it, because he had grew up reading PWI and thought it was just cool seeing his name listed there.

-----Neil Taylor said the following on

“That’s how I remember Tank even now, smiling and laughing. I do not know if the guy had a mean bone in him, if he did I never saw it.”

----That just reminded me of that time many years ago when I was in his face yelling. Maybe because Tank was such a good person is why he didn’t just squash me!!

----Wrestling people from the area that attended his funeral were Crazy Train, Tommy Redneck, Jon “Biscuit” Roberts, Outlaw, Bonecrusher, Blackjack, Ricky Andrews, Southside Brawler and Shannon Lee. The pastor that proceeded over the funeral was a former worker, who I was not familiar with. He did a great job letting rest of the packed funeral home know the importance that wrestling was to Tank. He also put over the fact that the workers might not look like your normal kind of people, but they do have some of the biggest hearts of anyone. Some of the pallbearers were dressed in gimmick.

----Frankie Tucker said the following on the Kayfabe Message Board.

“I respected and liked Tank in the ring and outside the ring !!!”

----A photo of Tank appears in Yearbook 2008 with a handprint of Tucker’s chop on Tank’s chest. Tank was proud of that picture.

----Ricky Andrews said the following on the Kayfabe Message Board.

“Tank was a friend and brother to many. He was truly one of the nicest giants I ever met. We use to joke that he was my daughter’s big teddy bear. RIP will never be forgotten.”

----Jeremy Moore, who Tank worked with for the majority of his last three years, said the following on

“This past weekend was a very tough weekend for not only wrestling in general in this area but also for me and my Dad. It's never easy when you get the call that one of your friends have passed away, this time was no different. It's always hard to try and find a way to smile when something like this happens, but I truly think Tank wouldn't want everybody walking around all down and out. I personally have known Tank for somewhere close to 3 years. He was there for the very first New Blood Wrestling show we ran in Dyersburg, Tn.

From day 1 I could tell Tank not only loved but truly respected the wrestling business, something I and many of the other young guys on the NBW roster were just learning. When I took over booking for NBW Tank helped out alot, I guess you could say he was a company guy. He was full of many ideas some great and some not so great, the same went for me, I guess that’s why it was a good combination. We didn't always see eye to eye by no means but at the end of the day we would put our differences aside and start fresh. After Tank and I parted ways we lost touch for awhile until just recently. I'm sure glad I had the chance to work and talk with him again before he passed away.

Tank my Dad and I will truly miss you.”

----In the territorial days, Tank would have been a perfect opponent as a huge heel. It is not hard for me to imagine Jimmy Hart bringing him in to fight Jerry Lawler for a big show on Monday night. His size, his agility and his attitude would have made him a household name. But, being born in 1980 and being stuck in the post-territorial area didn’t help his case in getting any high profile matches.

----Dustin Starr on the Starr Treatment wrote the following…

“A monstrous, 400-plus pound athlete.that probably stood 6′ 3″ tall… You just don’t see losing a specimen like that at such an early age. But it goes to show you that you just never know when your time has come.”

----“Live Life Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw was played at Tank’s funeral. That song always gets me to thinking about my own life every time I heard it. You can only be sad thinking about a friend dying. A friend dying at the age of 29. But, I think I can honestly say Tank lived life to the fullest. The big man billed from the Badlands of Missouri [a nod to Coach BT and the Riot Squad, which made me smile every time I heard it announced], will be missed. Many of you reading this will miss him at the matches – either you are a worker or a fan. Some of the workers at the funeral were joking they would miss his ribs of freezing their clothes. He will be missed by his wife Helen and their two kids. Blackjack, who had been Tank’s friend for a long time, said he would miss him saying “Just ate some cold pizza and drank a Pepsi.” Everyone will miss his big smile. I will miss messages I would get on Yahoo messengers. Not only the wrestling news and such, but the things like, “Merry Christmas” and just “How’s it going?” RIP my friend – thanks for giving us the time you did.