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A Piece of My Mind by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

This was an interesting week of reflection for me. It was on June 2nd that two men I knew from early in my career, Classie Freddie Blassie and Sylvester “The Junkyard Dog” Ritter, passed away. In the case of Blassie I got along with him well but we weren’t all that close. He was always funny to be around and we were very cordial. In the case of the JYD we got along real well and did some stuff together. I can remember when Vince McMahon called Afa Anoai for help in locating JYD. I was with Afa as he was calling around until he got the number. When JYD finally got to the WWF we got to know him quickly and real well. At some point he left and moved on and we used him on Indy shows and I took him to Bermuda with us. I remember one time doing a finish with Hercules and JYD and they were tied up in the ropes. I knew it wasn’t looking good but I positioned myself best I could and counted. Well Pedro Morales was the agent that night he really laid into me. It really got stupid after a while then JYD stopped Pedro and said "it wasn’t the kid’s fault it was ours". It was really a coward move on Pedro’s part but that’s the way many people are. I was living in North Carolina when JYD was killed in that car accident. I didn’t attend the wake which was in Wadesboro, NC . I will always remember JYD. I know many of my friends will too. One story stays with me always after The Samoans got done working a program with JYD and Jerry “Mr.Olympia” Stubbs. I was discussing the program with Afa and he told me that I have never heard an ovation like when The Junkyard Dog walks into the Louisiana Superdome.

In the case of Blassie, he was clearly a star. Everything about the way he presented himself was old Hollywood. He didn’t speak much and clearly wasn’t the most trusting guy in the world. He was a great manager and no doubt one of the great all time heels when he wrestled. In those days the greatest manager trio of all time was alive and well in the WWF. It was Capt. Lou Albano, Ernie “The Grand Wizard” Roth and Classie Freddie Blassie. It was priceless just to watch these guys interact among each other. In a bit of irony both of my sisters live only a few miles from where Blassie lived in Hartsdale, NY. I don’t have many great Blassie stories but I did drive him and The Iron Sheik to a show one time in Brooklyn. It was at the height of the Sgt. Slaughter and Iron Sheik feud. It was tough getting those guys in and out of there. They had major, major heat and supposedly weren’t to go on last so we could make a quick escape. But Arnold Skaaland, the agent for the night, put them on last anyway. It was bery tough getting them out of the parking lot but we did it.

It was many years ago that I became friends with a guy that I met indirectly through The Wild Samoans. I was asked to go pick up The Freebirds, who were red hot at the time, at the New Haven Airport. The Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts, got off the plane with a real big guy. I had no idea who it was but it wasn’t Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy. I had no idea who the other guy was but I took him with us to the arena. He was a great guy and we all got along well. That night I took The Freebirds back to Afa’s house on Shepard Ave in Hamden Ct. We had a big meal and a great time. All of that after I got Michael his tights just before they went on and faced The Moondogs “Rex and Spot” in the final match of the night. The airline had left his bag behind on purpose due to weight issues with the plane. I had to go back to the airport and get the bags. I remember Michael saying that he would go in the ring Bad Street Style (blue jeans). At the time I had never seen that in the WWF before. I remember wondering how Jay Strongbow would have handled that. It was an interesting start for a guy who is still a part of the WWE to this day.

It wasn’t until a short time later that I saw a real familiar face in Madison Square Garden and I yelled out to the guy and he said “Hey man how are you Hillbilly Jim here”. I said "oh ok" and I went along with it. Harley Davidson the wrestler that debuted in New Haven seemed to have become Hillbilly Jim the fan. I was the only non worker who knew him so we got to hang out a little since he couldn’t be around the wrestlers anyway. As with so many instances in this business you meet guys and then you don’t see them for years. It was great seeing Jim again recently. He hadn’t changed not one bit at all. We had a great day and this time will keep in touch. It is great to see a success story from one of the boys. He had a great run and did well with his money. He retired at a young age and now has his radio show on the Sirius network. We hear so many negative stories that it’s nice to know of the successes out there.

This picture is of me and Hillbilly Jim after meeting over twenty years after our first meeting.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 6.05.09

80 attended
Saint b James Duncan by DQ when Damien Payne & Josh Crowe interfered
Psycho Medic & Travis Starr b Lee Cross & Dyron Flynn
Shane Eden b Josh Crowe by DQ when Payne interfered
Jason Xavier b Bryan Casey to win the USWO Jr. Championship
Chrisjen Hayme b Drew Haskins
LT Falk b Damien Payne in a fans lumberjack match
USWO Champion Manslaughter b Kevin Dunn
Chase Stevens b Rick Santel

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----I had the chance to see some stuff that LT Falk [photo above] did for MLW this past week. He is a really good solid worker - probably a better worker than his dad.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.30.09

----So we have last week's show report right before this week's show airs. LOL Well, we just can't find a regular correspond to do the reports and I have to steal them from D-Rock. Any takers?? I should have ratings for this show sometime before the weekend or first thing next week.

Corey Maclin and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart kicked off the show by welcoming everyone to the special FREE Memphis Wrestling event that was a part of the Block Party for Peace. This week's show will feature all of the action that took place on Saturday, May 23rd, at the Super K-Mart on Austin Peay Highway. Corey announced the terrific lineup of talent scheduled for the show, that will feature the following matches: "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King vs "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, Johnny Dotson vs Tatt2, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White with Su Yung vs "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, and in the Main Event, it will be someone coming in from parts unknown, wearing a mask, with a special referee facing Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Opening Match-"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware in action against "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King-Derrick jumped Koko from behind to start the match. Then, things spilled on the outside. Derrick spent a little time jawing with the fans at ringside. Back in the ring, Koko mounted a comeback and put Derrick away with a bulldog out of the corner. "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware is your winner at 4:52. Following the match, Koko added insult to injury, by sending Derrick flying over the top-rope to the outside. On the outside, Koko delivered a body slam on the pavement and grabbed a chair from a fan. Then, "The Birdman" blasted Derrick with the chair and focused in on the fallen King with a cold, dark stare. There was a jam packed crowd at this event. At one point, Jimmy Hart said it looked like it was five or six thousand people out there. Also, during the match, Corey talked with Tennessee State Representative, Barbara Cooper, from the Millington District.

Second Match from the Block Party for Peace-Johnny Dotson vs Tatt2-During this match, Corey spoke with County Trustee, Paul Matilla and Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson. Tatt2 was flying all over the place until Dotson grounded him as he leveled Tatt2 with a clothesline in mid-air as he was flying towards him. Tatt2 would roll out of the way from a Dotson frog splash. Tatt2 caught Johnny with a 619. Dotson reversed a backslide attempt from Tatt2, but Tatt2 wrapped him up in a small package to get the win. Dotson would jump Tatt2 from behind, following the match, as he was celebrating. Derrick King ran out to assist Dotson with his attack on Tatt2. Derrick would nail Tatt2 with two super kicks before "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware saved Tatt2.

More action from Raleigh-Frayser, featuring "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, managed by Su Yung, taking on "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher. During this match, Corey spoke with Bret Thompson, local rapper, Skinny, and Norma Lester, who is running for county commission, District 2, Position 3. In the ring, Brian's head got busted open. Kevin keyed in on Brian's wound, by biting his head. Kevin also hit Brian with a chain. When Kevin attempted a piledriver, Brian escaped by striking Kevin below the belt with a low blow. Su Yung jumped on the apron to grab Brian, but Brian caught her. As he held her, Kevin tried a sneak attack, but was caught with a Christopher super kick. Later, Brian launched Su into the ring and bashed both Kevin and her heads together. While Kevin was down, Brian delivered the hip-hop drop to get the win.

Corey introduced local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, from KWAM 990 that can be heard on weekdays between 4-7PM. For more information, check out Thaddeus said he had been a wrestling fan all his life and was kidding with Jimmy Hart about how he thought he was "The Mouth of the South". "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware came out and told Thaddeus that he didn't belong in the wrestling business and he should go back to where he came from. This escalated into a heated altercation and an entertaining little scuffle, with Koko pushing Thaddeus, while saying, "You got that red suit on! Come on! I'm gonna kick your red butt! You tried to run Mayor Herenton out of town and you tried to run the Fords out of town! I'll be damned, you gonna run The Birdman out of town! You understand that I oughta kick your Kentucky butt!" Thaddeus fired back, saying, "You call yourself The Birdman? You better get ready to fly!" Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart was trying to control the situation by getting in between the two. Then, an enraged Koko added, "I tell you right now. If you want to step into professional wrestling, in my backyard, you gonna have to pay some damn dues! Cause negro, you know what? I will beat the black off of you!"

"Superstar" Bill Dundee made his way over to speak with Corey and Jimmy. Dundee was rockin' a Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk PMG shirt. Bill said that Lawler and him have wrestled each other four hundred times with both being tied with two hundred wins a piece. This next match between the two will be the rubber match. I guess Dundee didn't wanna wear the mask.

Main Event from the Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace-"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs Jerry "The King" Lawler in what Jimmy Hart referred to as, "A Monday night memory on a Saturday afternoon." Corey and Jimmy spoke with PMG's Sam Ware and Antonio "2 Shay" Parkinson, during the match. At the beginning of the contest, "The King" and "The Superstar" tried to size up one another. Referee Kellen called every match. There was no special guest referee for the main event. Dundee would gain the upper hand by choking Lawler with a chain. Referee Kellen found the chain in Dundee's hand and disqualified "The Superstar", awarding the match to Jerry "The King" Lawler.

After the match, Lawler spoke with Corey and Jimmy. Jerry said Corey was an honest man and that's what we need in a Shelby County Court Clerk, so he's got his vote. Lawler continued, by adding, "I don't care if I've wrestled Dundee four hundred times or four thousand times, I don't ever get tired of beating his little Australian butt, in that ring!" Lawler is ready and willing to wrestle Dundee, anytime. Dundee stormed in and said he was now two ahead. Lawler disagreed, stating that he was the one that was one up. Dundee claimed that he learned the little trick with the chain from Jerry Lawler when he came here in 1975. He said that Lawler won ten years worth of matches by using a chain, just like that one. Lawler responded, "All I can tell you is I may have, but at least I was smart enough to not get caught!" Dundee told Corey, anytime he wants it, tell him and he will be there. Dundee asked Jimmy Hart if he needed him as a manager, would he jump on board and help him with Lawler. Jimmy Hart said he loved "The Superstar" and "The King" both, but he's a rent-a-manager, that goes to the highest bidder. Dundee said he was going to save his pennies and asked how much money he was going to charge Corey for wearing a Corey Maclin shirt. Bill told Jimmy to make the decision and he would split it with him, later, as the show ended.

Credit: D-Rock @

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 06.05.2009

Here are the results from last night's New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) event at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling in West Memphis, AR.

- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Shawn Reed
- "All That" Alan Steele defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart
- United States Junior Heavyweight Champion Dustin Ring defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to retain the championship.

RassleNotes: Around 25 in the crowd...The United States Junior Heavyweight Title match was originally set to be "3G" Eric Wayne challenging Ring. "Nightmare" Ken Wayne told Eric that due to his recent disrespectful actions, his shot would not be taking place. A match earlier in the evening between "Golden Boy" and Shawn Reed was deemed a top contenders' match due to the fact that Anthony and Reed were both only one win shy of qualifying for the initial U.S. Junior Title tourney. Anthony won that match, thus getting the shot. As customary in N.E.W., all title matches have two referees - one in the ring and one on the floor. Chuck Poe was in attendance; however, senior official Downtown Bruno was out for the week. Bobby Eaton was appointed as referee on the floor for the match. Also, Kid Nikels came out during the match to continue the TGB/Nikels feud. TGB at one point tossed Ring onto Nikels, who was sitting in a chair at ringside. This, of course, caused Nikels to try to get into the ring...N.E.W. returns to West Memphis next Friday at 8 p.m.

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Samoa Joe for BIG ASWF show!!

----I just got word that along with the other guys on the show, Samoa Joe and Scott Steiner have been added to the June 27th ASWF Batesville, AR show. Along with them will be Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner, Midgets, Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher and Jimmy Hart.

Flashback and 2009!!

----Ok everyone remember the photo below from last week?? Well here it is again along with one taken last Saturday night!!

Happy Birthday!! "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

----Seth Knight wanted me to remind everyone that it is TGB's birthday today!! Happy Birthday to TGB from all the other staff members of RRO and all your friends. That is a very young TGB on the right!! Happy Birthday!!

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RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.30.09

Lucky and Kid Crazy VS The Allen Bros. Winner
The Mexican Asassin VS Soul Train Jones. Winner Soul Train Jones by DQ
Irish Dragons VS The Asylum. Winner Asylum
Dynasty Mike Anthony VS Poker Face in a Respect match. Winner Poker Face
Dynasty Reno Diamond VS J.D. Kerry. Street Match. Winner J.D. Kerry.
Heavyweight Championship Match. Rage Champion VS Cujo. Winner No Contest.

The show started the way it always does with Biscuit coming out and telling the fans who was on the card for the evening. Then it was time for the introduction of Big Money Inc. Frank "Big Money" Martin and the TV Champion The Mexican Assassin and the RWA Heavyweight Champion Rage escorted by Dangerous Dominique and Raven came to the ring. Martin told the crowd he had some business to take care of first and called out the Playa'z. The Playa'z shook hands with everyone and Martin told them he knew that they got the contracts that were sent to them and they had plenty of time to look them over. All Big Money Inc needed was a simple yes or no.

Southside took the mic and told Martin that the contract was good and all they had to say is there was no way they would join a group with a piece of Sh@t running it. With an illegal alien as champion and a broke down redneck as champion. They went on to insult the ladies and told Martin they told him the only reason they were there was because of Rodney and they were loyal to Rodney. Martin took the mic from them and told them they weren’t loyal to anyone, " if I throw a piece of chicken down between you guys you would beat the hell out of each other for it". But that's ok George and Weezy I knew you wouldn’t take my offer so I already bought someone for just this reason. So next week you boys will defend your titles. I will give you a hint of who you will face. I love the color of Gold everyone knows that. So if it takes all night long all the way till Midnight the tag team titles will be in Money Inc so think about that while you are driving your broke down Cadillac home and think about that while you stop for your cheap 40 ounce and fried chicken. Now get out of my ring and go to the back.

Martin then called out Cujo for the segment of Money Talks. Cujo was not sure about being out in the ring with everyone but did set down. Martin did not ask him any questions he told him that he was the big dog in the dog pound and Rodney has never givin him his shot, nor does he respect him or treat him right. Cujo just got up and started to walk off. Martin stopped him by telling him that it was him that paid his light bill when it was getting turned off 2 weeks ago. I was the one who fixed the car that his wife and kid was in broke down on the road last week. I was the one who sent all the food to your house Cujo. I am opening the door for you to join Big Money Inc. You don't have to give me an answer just think about it. Cujo walked off.

Cannon’s music and out he came for his match with The Mexican Assassin. Dr Randy was with him and as he got into the ring Martin stopped him and told him that if he thought he was getting another shot at the title he was crazy. There is no way that I am going to let you a broke down fat, balding, old, toothless old man represent my company, Martin said. Take your old @ss back to the dressing room. It appeared to really hurt Cannon's feelings and the fans were very mad about this. After Cannon went back threw the curtain Soul Train Jones music hit and Soul Train came out to the ring. Soul Train called Martin a piece of trash and could not believe he would talk to Cannon like that. But I have beat your TV Champion and I am not old and broke down so I want a shot at the Title, Soul Train Said. Martin got the mic and started laughing at Soul Train, do you really think you deserve a shot at the TV Champ, are you serious? Fine you want it you got it and when we are done with you we will hang you from the rafters and put a spot light on you and spin you around and use you as a mirror ball.

Lucky and Kid Krazy took on the Allen Bros. This was a really good match and both teams were quick and ready to fight. You can always count on Kid Krazy to be just that Krazy and Lucky was right there with him. At one point the both came flying out of the ring between the ropes and Lucky did not get caught and went head first into the wood railing. Before the railing he would have went head first into the fans... Dynasty ran in on the match because of the feud with Lucky and Reno so this was a no contest.

The second match saw The Mexican Assassin and Soul Train Jones. Soul Train used his power and speed to keep the Assassin off balance but the Assassin who is the veteran in this match stayed on Soul Train but once got the upper hand the rest of Big Money Inc hit the ring to make the save and then the Dogg Pound hit the ring. The winner of the match was Soul Train by DQ but the title stayed with the Mexican Assassin.

The third match had the Irish Dragons taking on the Asylum. Last week the Asylum left the Dragons and the Playa'z laying in the ring with some big shots and signs and everything else. I think the Asylum made a statement last week that the Playa'z were not the only team that could beat up people. Well this week the Asylum matched up with a smaller quicker team in the Dragons. Acid was missing and Logan Fury and Scot Fury teamed up. Both teams showed they could wrestle and fight. The Dragons did their best to keep the Asylum isolated from each other and work on just one of them. One move that stood out among the rest was a spine buster pappy hit on Logan. He whipped Logan into the ropes and hit a spine buster that had the crowd stunned at the quickness it was amazing considering the size of pappy. The finish saw Scot over throw a chain to Logan while the ref was down. Psycho caught it and used it and the Asylum got the win.

The fourth match was a Respect Match. The winner had to put their opponent in a submission hold and make them say I respect you. Poker Face was taking on Mike Anthony from Dynasty. Of course Blaylok was at ringside along with Reno Diamond making the match kind a one sided. But in the end it was Poker getting Mike Anthony down and making him yell I respect you.

The Fifth math was a Street match between Reno Diamond and J.D. Kerry. These two went at it all over the place and hit big moves everywhere. J.D. is one of the best up and coming stars and Reno, well Reno is one of the best period. They put on a great match and J.D. hit a frog splash to get the win.

Main Event: RWA Title Match: Rage vs Cujo. Big Money inc came to the ring and Big Money took the mic and told Cujo that he could have the night off and have his pay. Just stay in the back and don't come out when they play your music. You can have the night off with pay it's that simple. The Dogg Pound Music played and the longer it played it seemed maybe Cujo took the night off. Cujo hit the ring hard and hit several big moves. big Money kept asking Cujo what are you doing? Rage sent Cujo out of the ring and Big Money whispered in his ear for the second straight week. This time Cujo got up and grabbed Martin but let him go. Cujo got back into the ring and Rage got back on Cujo, at one point Rage could be heard yelling,"I don't want to do this Frank!" Cujo fought back and hit the 747 finisher. Big Money jumped up on the ring apron showing Cujo money again, Rage got up and Mike Austin and The Mexican Assassin were behind Cujo when he turned around. The Dogg Pound hit the ring fighting with Big Money inc. Soul Train, Rodney Mack, The Playa'z hit the ring and in the middle of it Cujo just walked away. Cujo seems confused about whom to side with.

6 good matches and 150+ in the arena. This week is a tv shoot for the group.

Credit: RWAreporter

----“Midnight Gold” [“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson debut for RWA this week. I guess most people probably guessed that if you read the interview above.

Hub City Fitness Quest!!

Tank Benefit!!

----I have already got tons of response and almost too much for me to answer everyone, either of the guys below and they will book you on the show.

-Jeremy Moore 7313450126

-Crazy Train aka OZ 5737247035

Harley Race at RPW!!!

----Another "Show of the Weekend" with Harley Race at RPW - 1409 E 5th St in Metropolis, IL Friday night!! All Tickets are $10 with under 5 years old FREE. Doors open at 5:00 PM with show starting at 7:00 PM

"Tank" Tim Robertson Benefit Show!!

----The show is being put together by Crazy Train and Jeremy Moore at NBW Arena on June 14, 2009 - next Sunday afternoon!! Please if you are interested in working the show or would like to contribute ANYTHING to the funeral expenses of Tank, then contact me at and I will send you in the right direction. RRO will be there. If you are a fan of wrestling - please come and help the Tank family!!

Shows for the Weekend 6.05 to 6.07.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule of shows. Below is a big show for XOW in Mississippi this weekend.

RassleResults: NBW Results Wrapup Newbern, TN 5.23 and 5.30.09

5 23 09

Redman def the Kid

Seth Knight def Derrick King

Tigerface def Biscuit

Tommy Redneck def Brandon Barbwire to win the High Risk title

Mark Justice def Crazy Train

Jeremy Moore def Syn and Stunner to win the tag titles

Crowd was around 110, good show

5 30 09

Show opened with Moore coming to the ring saying last week he did what he said and rid NBW of a big problem, he then said all week he has been looking for a tag partner, this brought out Tim Davis. Davis said Moore didn't win the match by himself last week and maybe he should be the champ. Out comes Ricky Hayes who was motioning to Tim that maybe he should be champ. This brings out Jimmy Tidwell who said that he hates Ricky but has never seen him take a backseat to anyone until now. He offered Ricky a spot as his enforcer and then told Moore that tonight he had a surprise for him.

Kilo def redneck in a non-title match after Redneck tried to cheat and Jon Roberts stopped him leading to a superkick from Kilo.

Hardcore Yow def Kid Psycho and Triple C

Rockin Randy def Jon Roberts after Redneck caused the loss and turned on Roberts leading to AJ Ray saving Biscuit.

Seth knight def “East Coast Bad Boy” C Money. After the match Knight hit C Money with a chair and was going to use it again when Derrick King made the save.

Ricky Andrews def Mark Justice by dq after a mystery man jumped in from the crowd to help Mark.

Jason Reed def Jeremy Moore after a roll up while Moore was distracted by Ricky Hayes turning on Tidwell

Great show with around 75 or so in the crowd

This week

Moore vs Reed with Hayes as the ref

Randy and Redneck vs Biscuit and AJ Ray

Crazy Train and John Michael return

----The first show as booked “on the fly”, because XOW & Sarge had walked out…The dressing room doubled over at DCW and it looks like AJ Ray and Jason Reed are the first casualties jumping to NBW. ..C Money would be a good regular and could give over big as a baby…Who was the “mystery man” that helped Justice?? Didn’t they just do this angle with someone out of the crowd introducing Andrews??...Hardcore Yow is aka Phoenix X w/o his mask.

RassleResults: All Pro Productions Batesville, MS 5.30.09

Xander Raines defeated The Ant

JD McKay defeated Logan Creed

VIP & Danny B Good defeated Sammy Hall & Johnny Morton

Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Cameron Valentine W/ Hollywood Jimmy (Big T was Special Referee)

JD McKay, The Giant Hillbilly, Xander Raines, won over Logan Creed, The Ant & Candy Man.

Photo and results:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here come the haters..... by Gene Jackson

Something I absolutely hate about the wrestling business is the fact it seems no one can ever be happy for anyone else who gets the chance to do something they wish they could do. It's amazing to me how the same "workers" who run out and buy a ticket every time WWE or TNA comes to town who either sat in the audience last night or sat at home in front of their television watching Dustin Starr wrestle on WWE television for ECW will then go online the next day to places like "the bathroom wall" and criticize Dustin for doing something they'd give anything to do.

Now don't get me wrong not EVERYONE is like that. I've seen on twitter and a few other places where guys have congratulated Dustin on getting the spot on TV last night. However it's mostly negative stuff from bitter ass people who will never amount to anything in the business. Most of the guys who are talkin' shit about Starr "jobbing" for Zack Ryder don't realize that more people saw Dustin Starr wrestle that one match last night than if you added up all the people who will ever see them wrestle on their little show where they are the "Star".

Of course BT reports it and immediatly people start calling him a "kiss ass" (and I'll get the same thing once this is read) but what's he supposed to do, act like it didn't happen. Jump on the bandwagon of the others who somehow think being the champion of your own promotion whose audience is made up of friends and family is somehow more impressive than being a "jobber" for the biggest wrestling company in the world. Come on, whether you like Dustin Starr personally or not, whether you agree with his antics and internet postings you still have to give him his due. He got there and you didn't, if you don't like it how bout instead of bitching about on a message board under a fake name, go do something to get yourself noticed, do something that earns YOU an opportunity to be seen. Go somewhere and be seen by someone who has some connections to help you get somewhere, that's the way businesss works...notice I didn't say THE business, that's ALL business. That's how things work.

If doing jobs on TV is so detrimental to one's career how come Gary Nations is still bragging about jobbing on WCW television, SIXTEEN YEARS LATER??? According to him that led him to being able to sell out arenas all over the World and to this day he's still a daily topic of discussion on your little bathroom wall.

I know this whole column is in vein, it's not just wrestling it's human nature that most folk's are jealous and root for other people to fail but it really just comes off pathetic when reading this shit on the internet. Congrats to Kid Nickels and Eric Wayne for being on camera as well on RAW.

In all seriousness though, think about this...for you folks who defend Mississippi Rasslin' over at the 'bathroom wall'. Dustin Starr, Lord Humongous, Lady Vixen, and Chris Rocker's wife are the most 'over' people on your board because good or bad they get talked about the most.......when's the last time ANY of them WORKED in MISSISSIPPI?.....there's something to that.....figure it out.....

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "Kid Nikels - The Next Big Star?" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

Hello cyber-world ,it’s me again, Downtown “good looking” Bruno.

This time around I am here to talk about my friend, Kid Nikels - one of the first graduates of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling and one of the stars of New Experience Wrestling. I actually had the honor and privilege of refereeing Kid’s first professional match, which was, ironically, vs Eric Wayne. [ I talked about him last time] I can honestly tell you that in 30 plus years in the business, I have never seen anybody come so far so fast as Kid Nikels.

When I first met him, he had a white boy afro. He was tall and gangly and was definitely tentative in the ring. Fast forward to 2008 - when N.E.W. first began and I was honored to be brought in as the senior official and one of the first bouts on the card was Kid Nikels. This was a new and improved version of 2008(AND '09). He was still tall(duh),but now bald like a N.E.W. version of “Stone Cold” – he was a lot more muscular and less gangly! Oh, but to me, the biggest and most impressive change was the confidence and ring presence that had came to the kid. He actually seems like a 10 or more year veteran now. He is very comfortable and at home in the ring and I’ve never seen him blow up either.

I would have to say that years ago, when I was managing in different territories all over the country - Kid would have been a top attraction in any or every one of them. I could picture him main eventing against Rufus or Pork Chop in Kansas City, Lawler or Dundee in Memphis, Dusty or Jack Brisco in Tampa, the Von Erichs in Dallas, Carlos in Puerto Rico,JYD in Bill Watts’ backyard, Dutch or The Bullet in alabama,etc…and I would have loved to manage him back, as we say, in the day! Well, those main events will never happen, for obvious reasons, but what about Kid Nikels vs Shawn Michaels? Or maybe Kid Nikels vs John Cena? Like Chief Gillespie said in the movie Heat of the Night..."dont you bet against it!"

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

Photo Credit: Donna Partee - Bruno and Kid

Dustin Starr on ECW Video!!

----This really went up quick!! It was spotted by the RRO myspace page!! Thanks Chad!!

The Golden Circle: "TANK" by Greg Anthony

I'm still reeling from the passing of Tank. I myself am an only child that is why I feel many of the wrestlers are like brothers. Tank and I weren't best friends but we both loved wrestling. He didn't love wrestling because he thought it would bring him fame and fortune, he loved wrestling because it brought him happiness. That is something many can learn from him.

I hate when someone passes away and no matter what kind of life they lead people sing their praises. I look at each death with one question "Is the world a better place because they aren't in it?" The world is NOT a better place because of Tank's death. Not a better place for his family, not a better place for our wrestling community and not a better place for me.

Tank and I didn't agree on everything but I liked him. Creatively I needed Tank, his size made him a unique commodity for any show. In New Blood Wrestling, Tank wanted to use the old King Kong Bundy 5-count gimmick. So I came up with The Triple 5 Challenge. He could beat any opponent in under 5 minutes with a 5-count and if he didn't his opposition won $5,000. I really like that one but unfortunately it wasn't given the time to mature and if I'm not mistaken, I think he used it again this year in NBW. I also used him for a few weeks in Lethal Attitude Wrestling leading up to the $10,000 Royale Challenge. A 20 man battle royal whose ending was centered around "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank.

I would like to give my deepest sympathies to Tank's family and closest friends. I know you are missing him in a way many of us can't fathom. I urge anyone who has wrestling footage of Tank to give it to his wife. So his children can one day enjoy seeing what Tank enjoyed doing. Tim "Tank" Robertson will never be forgotten, I promise because he was as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 4 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Others to be Seen On Smackdown!!

----Eric Wayne, Dan Matthews [Ken Wayne student] and Kid Nikels can all be seen in cameos on Smackdown this coming Friday. Wayne was featured during a Kahli segment, Dan during a Jericho segment and Nikels was a paparazzi when Melina came out. Kid/Wayne also worked out this afternoon with the WWE guys again.

----I also noticed during ECW today a sign!! So, I am assuming you will probably see that on Smackdown. Good job guys!!

Dustin Starr on ECW!!

----Starr just wrestled Zach Ryder a few moments ago on ECW. Ryder gave him very little, but good to see a local guy on the show. Before everyone starts talking - remember Starr was on WWE TV while you were home watching him!! Congrats Dustin!!

Dustin Starr on ECW!!!

----I just got word that Dustin Starr vs Zack Ryder will be featured on ECW tonight!! Show airs 9:00 PM on Sci-Fi Network locally!!



STEELE, Mo. – As the boxing world seems to go through another mindless cycle with only a handful of superstars on the scene today; former boxing promoter Rob Russen has just completed a hard-hitting novel that shows the scary side of the sport that has made millionaires out of the likes Manny Pacquaio, Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather, Jr and Ricky Hatton.

Russen, who spent several years working for the late promoter Rick Parker and his “Rick Parker Presents” boxing organizations, details much of the political side of his beloved sport in “8…9…10…You’re Out!,” available now from

No punches are pulled in this story of lies, drugs, decent and more; however, readers will learn of the many punches pulled by boxers who were paid off to enhance the careers of Parker’s star performers.

“This is certainly a tell-all story,” said Brian Tramel, co-owner of “I’m sure many of the stories told in this book will shock everyone. I certainly couldn’t believe some of the things I discovered while completing the editing portion of the book.”

Fans of boxing greats will be stunned when they learn how promoters of some of the sport’s most beloved once used sex and drugs to wear down an opponent days before a championship fight. They will learn all of the details that eventually led to the murder of Parker himself for business practices that one of his prized fighter’s could take no more.

"There is no denying the irresistible charm of a sport that could produce so many delightful saints and sinners,” said Russen. “Yet for all its enchanting elements, there is no escaping boxing’s dark side, and all the constant reminders of why it is still called --- and rightfully so --- an unsavory racket.”

“8…9…10…You’re Out!” has a suggested retail price of $19.99 and is available for purchase online at and

Joey McNew is NOT closing WWCW

----Joey post the following on the Kayfabe Message Board.

I guess it might be statement time. As owner of WWCW Wrestling has not and are not going to just drop the WWCW company to go to MMA only. WWCW and Lethal Assault Entertainment Promotions will both be going. As far as WWCW, we are restructuring all positions and talents as well as getting the MMA company going. Stay tuned to and (currently under construction) for the latest on both companies.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 5.30.09

At the beginning of the show, EPW Tag Team Champions, Phat Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) were called to ringside to receive the Wrestling News "Tag Team of 2008" Award, (as voted by the fans). However, the awards were not in the box they had arrived in. The box was full of trash - the awards had apparently been stolen. Phat Foundation was angry, then out came Pain, Inc. members Brett Michaels & Izzy Rotten with the awards. They had covered PHAT Foundation with tape and written Pain, Inc. on the awards. Izzy said Pain, Inc. deserved the awards instead of PHAT Foundation. An argument ensued, and a match was finally set up for later in the show, PHAT Foundation vs. Pain, Inc., Tag Team Titles vs. the awards.

Hakim Insane w/Max Pain defeated Buzz Harley after interference by JR Mauler.

Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) defeated New Kids (Tysin Starr & Cassanova Kid).

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes won a three-way match over Jay Webster and "Dangerous" David Cox by pinning EPW Extreme Champion Jay Webster. New Extreme Champion is Nick Grimes.

Soultaker vs. "Big Daddy" Neno ended up being thrown out by the referee.

The next match was tag team action to determine the #1 contenders for the EPW Tag Team Championship, M.I.A. (Dirty Sanchez & Geno Sydal) vs. S.T.D. (LSD & PCP). The match ended in a double pin, and the referee declared it a draw. No #1 contender was determined.

The next match was to have been Bonecrusher vs. EPW Champion Mason for the belt. Bonecrusher came to the ring first, but Mason did not come to the ring. EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out & said that Mason was not in the building, and that Mason said he was going to Dyersburg, TN, to defend the belt. Bonecrusher was angry. Edith said she had another opponent for Bonecrusher, but he was having no part of it. Bonecrusher said he was going to Dyersburg after Mason & left the arena.

Main event was PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris vs. Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & "Extreme" Brett Michaels). As set up at the beginning of the show, it was Tag Team Belts vs. 2008 Tag Team of the Year awards. The match was wild and eventually ended in a DQ. Phat Foundation retains the belts. Pain, Inc. went to the back without the awards, so Phat Foundation was called back to the ring and the awards were presented to them.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----That opening angle sounded funny...Please don't bring Mason to Tennessee!!!! LOL...The "New Kids"?? Come on guys - you got to be able to come up with something better??

Dustin Starr WAS on RAW!!

----Just got a call a few moments ago and apparently was seen just a quick moment during the Flair/Orton backstage skit. My source said, "You had to almost freeze frame it to see him, but he was on there." Good deal for Starr.

Arena Report: MAYHEM EWE Ripley, TN 5.30.09

----“Baron” Malkavain beat Vinnie Romano. Just a total squash. Vinnie was on the mic making a challenging before the match – not bad. Other than that Malkavain dominated and ended it with a “Demon Wings” [*].

----“Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] beat by dq Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne. Entrance with video was awesome. Corbin had a fireworks grenade that was lit and it looked cool – it put smoke all over the small building. Not a good match – should have been a lot better. The ring was engulfed in smoke and Maxx/Albino jumped on Kid/Eric. Good stuff at the front for the shine. They did an injury angle where Corbin was supposed to be hurt and left to go to the back. [it made no sense] Rhino took the heat and it was not believable. Kid/Wayne should have done a ton of double team moves to put him down – they worked hard, but it just didn’t work. Wayne used a chair after Maxx ran in for the hot tag for the DQ. [*1/2]

----Bishop beat Idol Bane. Good solid bout from the two big men. They had these guys come in to try to get Bishop to start a babyface stint here. Bane used the chain Bishop wears to keep the heat going. [smart stuff] Belly to belly for a DKO. Bane went for the “Ghost of Andy Kaufman”, but Bishop came out of it with a DVD for the win. [**]

----“Bad Guys” [Chad & Brad Badd] beat Shannon Lee/Ike Tucker with Brian Steele. A good solid bout – a lot better than I expected. Lee, as noted, as improved a lot. Heat on Lee with Tucker making the hot tag [perfect role for him]. Chad ended up pinning Lee for the win. After the match, Steele ended up hitting Brad with a small guitar over the back.[**1/2]

----Strap Match: JR Manson beat Tatt2. This was really a disappointing match. I don’t like these matches anyway, but as typical with a lot guys in this area – they forget about psychology when doing gimmick matches. Just real sloppy from both guys and I actually like watching both guys perform. A heel fan for JR at ringside killed almost all the heat for the bout. I would have liked just a normal match between them. [*] – just for some of the whelps that JR took.

----Krisis vs Bishop ended in a 15 minute draw. This was not the kind of match that Bishop needed to get him over as babyface. No one cared about the match. Crowd was dead or leaving. It was close to 9:00 PM and the building was so freakin hot. Nothing bad about the match, but it just fell flat. [*1/2]

----“No Holds Barred” Jon Michael beat Scott Adams. Everything was good and solid for this match. Great video piece before and just super psychology. This was easily probably Adams’ best match of his career. Michael/Adams are both over here. Adams has really good punches. Michael did a moonsault from the top to floor. I thought he died. Both got a couple of big moves including a power bomb from Scott and choke slam - Michael with a senton dive with a chair on Scott’s chest - near falls building for a finish. They lost the fans a bit in the middle, but finish got a huge pop. Michael on the mat and Adams on the second turnbuckle getting ready to do a Vader splash – Michael then ran up and caught him in a powerbomb for pin and win. Big pop!! [***1/2]

----“Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] beat “Midnight Gold” [“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/”Beautiful” Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson. A fun match. Just basic psychology here. You could tell everyone was having a good time. Thompson at ringside sells everything in the ring – just what a manager is supposed to do!! Good mic work at the start. PP are soooooo over!! Heat on O’Neal as they worked on his knee. He even bumped over to the corner and Eaton worked on his knee. Great finish as after a hot tag they cut them off with TGB putting O’Neal in a figure four. Eaton was leaning over in O’Neal face when CJ bumped him and Chris rolled Bobby up for the pin with him still in the figure four. [**3/4]

----Stan Lee beat Dustin Starr to retain the EWE Title. The best bout on the show. Heat was there during the whole match. Crowd loves Lee and wanted to see him beat up Starr. It really came off as a big match. Solid build in the shine as Lee did a dive over the ropes onto Starr. He hit a running shooting star. A nice senton from the top. He missed a 450. Heat started as Starr worked on Lee’s knee. [only gripe – because they had just done that] Lee was working towards hitting the Tiger bomb for the finish with Starr kicking out once. A couple of ref bumps – one real sweet from Ron Bryson. Kaleb took a crossbody from Lee. Lee hit a Tiger bomb, but no pin. Lee went to the top and Starr hit him with a “Super Starr Struck” [Rock bottom from top turnbuckle] Starr tries to use a chair, but Lee hits the chair with a spinning leg smashing it into Starr’s face. Tiger bomb for the win. [***3/4]


----140 to 150 in the building at the most. It was god awful HOT!!!...I just don’t buy “Genocide” as babys. They really need someone to beat the hell of them to put them over as babys and it is hard to have anyone on the roster to do that on the heel side…Eric Wayne got his nose busted during the match…Bane/Bishop and first match were not even needed. If I was going to put Bishop over big – I would have just had a quick squash…Bane deserved his Most Improved 2008 award. He has really turned into a solid worker. He is officially spelling his name – Idol Bane now. LOL…Bishop has great deliver on the mic. He needs a cool catch phrase…I am not sure who is doing all the video packages – maybe CineMaxx and Stan Lee – but with the EWE Tron and all – they heads above anyone in this area. The video pieces look like something you would see on TNA…Ike Tucker has more charisma than most in this area. If one of the young guys could get a pop and reaction like this – WWE would be knocking their door down…Tatt2 did some amazing stuff in his bout as it always seems he is just at the edge of being one of the top in the area. It was announced after the bout that this was his last match with EWE…Scott Adams needs a cool singlet made of that shiny leather stuff…The guys that are super over for this promotion are Chris O’Neal, Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael and Stan Lee on the babyface side. Starr and Adams are over as heels. Kid/Wayne got a good reaction coming out also…Main event went in the ring at 10:12 with it finishing around 10:45 PM – so we are talking almost 4 hour show. They could have done without two of the bouts and still had a solid show. I had someone joke, “ know DK was seen earlier today.” I really never understand that when they are doing a big show they seem to have to stick on matches that do not mean anything…This was the first in a series of matches with Lee vs Starr. If they did that on the first try, what else can they do?? One of the top four bouts I have seen this year...Starr may be in the best shape I have ever seen him in...Thanks to cast and crew - I had a great time!!

Monday, June 01, 2009


----Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels and Dustin Starr were all in Birmingham, AL today. They worked out in the afternoons and it seems to have been a positive experience for all of them. They were watched by Dean Malenko, Jamie Noble and Fit Finley. They were not used in an on camera capacity. They will all be in Memphis, TN tomorrow night for Smackdown. Good luck guys!!!


----Rumors on a few personal sites [Myspace/Twitter] and such that three or more local guys will be featured at RAW tonight in Birmingham, AL and Smackdown in Memphis, TN tomorrow night. Dustin Starr reported that he is in Alabama on “The Starr Treatment” yesterday, so I am assuming it is for RAW. I am keeping all other stuff I know kayfabed until they make their appearances, because as of right now none of them know their role and I don’t want a “Naturals” kind of thing happen to them. I did want to say GOOD LUCK to everyone from the RRO staff. I should have an update on this story around 11:00 PM tonight after RAW goes off the air.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.30.09 - PK RIPPER GETS ATTACKED!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 5-30-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Sgt. Payne & Marvelous Mike Kelly def. Darkside Inc.

Fuz!on def. The Exterminators

Da’ Knockout Kid def. Ruthless Ron McClarity by DQ

PK Ripper def. Kilo

New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) def. Chico Mendoza & Chris Lexxus

• Notes:
• Attendance:121
• TIWF in action 6-6-09 Memphis, Tn.
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville Friday 6-12-09 @ LZ Hurley
Memorial Football Stadium
• TIWF Coming Soon to Alamo, Bells, Humboldt and
Dresden, Tn.
• Announcers: Hotrod & Devon Day
• Referees: Danny Williams, Will

More Notes

Great action this past Saturday night. End of the night saw a huge brawl when NBOP stormed the ring and beat down Kilo after the Kilo vs. PK Ripper match. They were soon joined by the other family members of Destiny, Devon Day & Ron McClarity. Chris Lexxus, Fuz!on, Chico Mendoza and others came in to make then save and this ended up being a huge brawl.

Things got out of hand as the crowd go so irate at PK Ripper and the family that the entire security force could not hold them back. PK Ripper received lacerations to the forehead from a fan that was swinging a metal cane. Jon Seymour also was hit in the head by the same fan with the glancing blow.This fan was subdued but the action was all over the arena.

PK Ripper recived medical attention in the back. This upcoming week the security has been doubled as the fans are really aggressive against PK Ripper, Ron McClarity, Devon Day, Wildside, Way Cool, Destiny & Ravishing Randy. Plans have been made to escort " The Family" to their cars after the show. Should be interesting as the summer just starts to heat up.

Credit: Steven Hunter

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twitter Notes!!

Quick results of MAYEM last night.

-Baron Malkavain beat Vinnie Romano
-Bad Guys beat Ike Tucker/Shannon Lee
-Genocide by dq over Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels
-Bishop over Idol Bane
-JR Manson over Tatt2
-Krisis vs Bishop – draw
-Picture Perfect beat Midnight Gold
-Stan Lee beat Dustin Starr

----A quick correction last night from Seth Knight’s Tweeting – it was not MICKEY Ray that was there, but AJ RAY. He was one half of the DCW tag champions. Apparently he told Rocker he was doing double duty and Rocker told him to stay at NBW.

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 5.30.09 - Let The War Begin - Phase II!!

Great night last night at DCW like the sign says "You never know who will show up" Hollywood brought in Fire and Flame last night!

1st match: Suicide vs Tim Edwards vs Norman Raid... Suicide won
2nd match: Big Red vs Gunner Thompson... Big Red won
3rd match: the FOP Sarge O’Reilly and Mickey Ray lost to Fire and Flame
4th match: XOW DJ Stunner and Syn vs Gaylon Ray and Shannon lee double dq
5th Tiger Face vs Motley Cruz and Mad Money Mike Motley won
6th match Chris Rocker won over Brandon Barbwire...

XOW opened the show and brought in Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Hollywood told the fans he had a bigger surprise - the music hit and Fire and Flame hit the ring. They told the fans that they where the Memphis TV stars lmao. Good show from start to finish

120 in the crowd - what a great start for DCW/Sarge reign.

Credit: Spiritoftoday

----I was told the best match on the show was Lee/Gaylon vs DJ/Syn. After seeing Lee last night at MAYHEM, I would agree he has really improved in the last year…Show was up almost 50% with the first week of Sarge and crew. Sarge was hustling this week getting fans in. This will help if they put on a good show – the fans will come back. DCW seems to have the momentum in this DCW/NBW feud right now.

RassleResults: XOW Wendy Jones Benefit Independence, MS 5.30.09

The XOW benefit show for the family of Wendy Jones got underway with the music from Nashville Recording Artist, Ken Hatton. Following a song, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out and dissed on the band. Tony Watts, then, had "Hollywood" escorted off the premises.

The Tracy Wyatt Band took the stage. In between songs, announcer Al Hall was joking around with the band and making fun of all the people in the crowd.

All of the sudden, "Big Daddy" Storm pulled up to ringside in his convertible sports car. Storm made fun of the band and sung a little diddy himself. It was a special rendition of one of Elvis's all-time classics that he sung just for the ladies in the crowd. Instead of singing, "I get so lonely" he hit us with the remix with, "You be so ugly". Storm made his way up to the trailer where Andy from the band was. As Andy was putting his guitar away, Storm attacked him from behind. Storm called for a ref as he dragged Andy to the ring. Referee Chris P. Fries came out to call this impromptu match. It wasn't long before Storm hauled off and hit Chris P. Fries, which brought out Referee Uncle Felton. Well, Felton suffered the same fate as Fries and was knocked out, as well. Then, Tony Watts came to the ring and got into a confrontation with Storm. Tony shoved Storm and Andy took advantage of the opportunity and rolled up Storm, while Tony counted to three. Andy got the win. An irate Al Hall jumped into the ring to attack Tony, but security broke them up. Tony tossed Al Hall from the premises, as well, but before he left Tony said, "June 6th, bring your fat a@# to Crenshaw!" As Storm was leaving, Tony informed him that the next time Storm takes on Andy it will be under Extreme Rules.

1st Official Match-"The Greatness" Jay Webster, with "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson in his corner, tied up with Curly Moe, with Dirty Rell Moe watching his back. In the early moments of the contest, Webster accused Moe of pulling his hair. Later, Curly would deliver a powerful spinebuster. While on the outside, suddenly, Dirty Rell Moe would level Curly with a licence plate and roll him back into the ring. Webster would connect with a flatliner to get the win. I guess he lived up to his name, because that was dirty!

2nd Match-Triple Threat Match featuring Suicide vs DC vs Chop Top The Clown. Suicide was laying low at the beginning of this one, letting DC and Chop go at one another. While trying to make his calculated attacks, Suicide was caught and it was on as all three hit one another with their best to get their hand raised in victory. During the final moments, DC delivered a corkscrew neckbreaker on Suicide off the ropes, but would receive an innovative neckbreaker as well from Chop, who got the win. Chop Top The Clown is your winner.

During intermission, Tony brought out Joe Riley, who's wife, Wendy Jones, passed away recently in a car accident. Tony gave him the big XOW banner, which was signed by everyone on the show.

This was followed by a special cake auction by Billy Russ and Tony, along with the lovely XOW Divas, Jori and Lil Bit. They had pineapple pie, strawberry cake, and a chocolate cake. Chocolate Cake-Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

3rd Match-The Hawaiian Kid and Jay Webster, with Colton Anderson and Dirty Rell Moe in their corner, squared off against "The Asylum" Psycho and Pappy, with Tony Watts. The Hawaiian Kid came out to Kofi Kingston's theme music. I had to hit that Thunder Clap a couple times. Booah! Booah! Booah! He looked more like Umaga to me. Not long after this one started, Curly Moe came out chasing after Dirty Rell Moe to get some retribution for what transpired earlier. The funniest part of this one was that The Hawaiian Kid was not wearing any boots or shoes, he was barefooted. Well, the sun was shining and the ring was pretty much on fire, so The Hawaiian Kid looked as if he was dancing while he was on the apron, but the funniest part was when he actually got tagged in because he was moving around so slow. Each step that he took, he was cringing in pain. That was funny as hell! I couldn't stop laughing. Tony visited with me during this one since his boys had everything under control. In the end, Psycho and Pappy got the win with a double team fireman's carry drop. As soon as the match ended, The Hawaiian Kid jetted to the back. I believe The Kid made a Bad Call going without shoes.

"The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine made his way out to the ring. He said that Danny B. was not there and forced Referee Felton to count him out and declare him the winner. Before Brian left the ring, Tony told him to hold on and brought out his new opponent, Drew Donovan. Fine tried to hit him with his plastic flamingo, but Donovan ducked, sending Fine into the turnbuckle enabling Donovan to get the roll up for the three count. After the match, Brian So Fine told Tony that on June 6th in Crenshaw, he better have Danny B. there or he will forfeit the title.

Semi-Main Event-Mason vs "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs with his manager, Jason "The Brain". This one went back and forth with each man trying to gain the advantage underneath the blistering sun. Tony Dabbs landed the superkick on Mason to get the win.

Main Event-Syn and DJ Stunner with their manager Jason "The Brain" vs The XOW Tag Team Champions, "The Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews with Tony Watts. Referee Chris P. Fries grabbed the microphone and announced that the match was now going to be Falls Count Anywhere. These four quickly took flight, piling up on the outside. Chris threw Syn face first into a trash can. Ewww! As Chris and Syn were battling on the outside, Josh and Stunner were showcasing some incredible fast paced action inside the ring. Chris took Syn over to the Bud Light trailer. While they were fighting, Jason "The Brain" started throwing rocks at Chris. That's good stuff, right there. Chris would bring Syn over into the crowd and drop him on the wooden bleachers. Josh flat out leveled Stunner with the trash can. Then, Chris suplexed Syn on the trash can in the gravel. There was lots of chair shots. A little kid was giving Syn a hard time. Chris ended up grabbing Jason "The Brain" and bringing him into the ring, where he unleashed a vicious attack that left "The Brain" in bad shape. Stunner hit a sweet lionsault on Josh. Chris broke up the count by tossing in a chair that hit Referee Chris P. Fries. Syn landed an Asai Moonsault from the apron on Chris. The finish saw Josh connecting with the Cradle Shock as Chris hit the Southern Destroyer to defeat Syn and Stunner. Following the match, Chris Styles got on the mic and said that they respect Syn and Stunner, as well as, the XOW company, but they don't have the heart to stop kicking their a@# everytime they see them. Chris announced that next Saturday, June 6th in Crenshaw the four will do battle, again, but this time it will be in a Special Dog Collar Match for the XOW Tag Team Titles. These guys always have some AWESOME matches. They work great together. If you're anywhere around Crenshaw, next week, you will definitely want to check it out. You will be in for a treat. Tony had some choice words for Syn as he left.

Following the wrestling, they featured some more great singing with Wade & Tisha and Chris and Melissa.

XOW Wrestling would like to thank Bud Light for the trailer and The Independence Community Center for the ball park.

Don't forget next Saturday, June 6th, XOW returns to Crenshaw, Mississippi, at the Crenshaw Baptist Church to benefit the Youth Group. Already signed Brian So Fine vs Danny B., The Special Dog Collar Match for the XOW Tag Team Titles with "The Sons of the South" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews putting the belts on the line against Syn and DJ Stunner, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and much much more. It's sure to be lots of fun!

Everyone gets a Good Call for all their hard work on delivering a good show for a Great Cause!

Credit: D-Rock @

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.30.09

70 attended
Kevin Dunn b Bad Boy Dixon
Harold Knight b Lightning Bolt Kid
Aiden Scott vs Jason Xavier was a no contest due to James Duncan lumbering in and attacking both men
Damien Payne b Anthony Wayne
Dustin Green b Convict
Tony Falk & TJ Weatherby b James Duncan & Bad Boy Dixon and LT Falk & Cody Weatherby and Damien Payne & Chris Norte in a 4-way match when Tony pinned Duncan

Credit: Jimmie Daniel