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Show Tonight I Forgot!!

Longtown is located on HWY 310 West. 12 miles from Como, MS and 4 miles from Crenshaw, MS. Take the Como exit off of I55 and go west on HWY 310 towards Crenshaw and the Longtown Volunteer Fire Department will be on the right.


Bill Dundee Gone Back To The Circus!!

----I was told last night that Bill Dundee will not be appearing at the ASWF show tonight. Apparently after helping with the MMA Jammin event last Saturday night in Jackson, TN, Dundee was not happy with the very little or no payoff. The crowd was in the 2500 range with a gate in the $60,000 range. Dundee contacted Ron West earlier this week and is said to be back on the circus circuit. I have written this before, but it is just a sad thing that the WWE can not find a job for a guy like Dundee, so he can make a living in the wrestling business.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 6.26.09

Eric Wayne over Dan Matthews in Matthews ring debut
Matt Justyce over Kevin Charles
Allen Steele and Kid Nikels fought to a 20 min draw.

Around 30-35 attendance...John Steele solo announced as well as referee Chuck Poe... Downtown Bruno was in California for The Bash pay per view.

----Crowd still remains the same even though I have been told they did some fliers and such...Only one wrestler - Steele - that worked and not part of the school.

Brian Christopher Arrested, a Bar Fight and What Happens Next??

As reported on

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Brian Christopher is in the Madison County Jail.

Brian Christopher Lawler, 37, of Lakeland, was arrested just before 3:00 a.m. Friday at a convenience store at the Hwy 45 Bypass and Old Hickory Dr. He is charged with public intoxication.

A store clerk told officers Lawler fell over a cooler outside the store before coming inside.

According to the police report, "Mr. Lawler was very unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and once placed in custody became very belligerent. The officer said cursed and threatened him as he arrested him. At one point, the officer stated Lawler threatened to rip off his head.

Lawler is set to appear in Jackson City Court, Monday. This is his second arrest in the Hub City this year. He was picked up for disorderly conduct in February.

Brian Lawler has been a professional wrestler for several years with different organizations including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action (TNA). He has performed using names including Brian Christopher and Grand Master Sexay.


----This is not the only incident we have been getting word of with Christopher and that pic might have some people wondering about the black eye? Apparently Christopher was involved in a bar fight with some MMA guys from the Jamma origination in Jackson that Bill Dundee was helping promote. Christopher’s fight with the MMA guy had them fighting outside to the parking lot where they ran into some motorcycles. A scene right out of movie had the bikers then jumping him with like 4 guys beating him up and him still fighting the MMA guy. When it was finally broken up, Christopher was really beat up [two black eyes in the photo], but was still taunting the bikers and MMA guys. I was told some of the guys there said that he was one of the toughest “SOBs” they had ever seen.


----This is the same ol’Brian messing up and doing the same crap. The word I got was that his news at the tapings in Memphis after talking to John Laurinaitis was not bad, but there was no promise of a job or anything. Apparently he must have got more news that was negative, because it seems he has “fallen off the wagon” again. Brian in a phone conversation with me after the Bishop incident stressed how he was clean and happy about his upcoming look by the WWE. He also said and told other people in his life he felt that this was his “last chance” at 37 years old at getting back in the WWE and it might have made him go over the edge if the outlook was not positive.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chris O'Neal Doing Well!!

----As reported on the Kayfabe Board and a tweet from The Starr Treatment, O'Neal's surgery went well. He looks to be out for at least one year. Big wishes to O'Neal!!

Coach's Corner: "Eric Wayne - Road to Legacy or Path to Self Destruction??"

----As I take a look at the path of the Eric Wayne’s career, I would like to first say I have no dog in this race. Wayne has been referred by more than one worker to me as - “your boy”. The truth of the matter is that Wayne and I are not friends. We have never gone out to eat together or talked for hours on the phone. I can’t say that about some workers in this area, because I talked to some of the guys in this area at least once a week thru e-mail, texts or calls. Eric has always been very cordial and very respective to me – like many of the young guys in this area. Not only am I the “web site guy”, but to many of the young guys I am an “old timer” and get that respect. I am also still a fan at heart and love to see a kid with talent that seems to have a huge future in this business. And that brings me to this column. Is this guy headed for a long future with success in this business or will he fall by the wayside because of his attitude, his mistakes and because he is the son of Ken Wayne??

-November, 2006

“West Memphis, AR had the debut of Eric Wayne last night. I was told his match with Kevin Nikels, who was also making his pro debut, was very good. It was said that you could not tell it was their first bout.”

-February, 2007

“Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne being trainees of Ken Wayne. I am being told that Eric and Nikels also work on Friday nights in Humboldt, TN for NWA Mid-South. They have got to work guys like Motley Cruz and Don Bass, so these guys can only improve. I look for them being two strong candidates for “rookie of the year” in 2007.”

-September, 2007

----Wayne spent most of 2007 working for MEWA in Batesville, AR feuding with other trainees. His first title win of his career was the MEWA Title. The crowds were really good for the shows [shows were free], but I was told the matches were not always the best. The trainees were some of the top on the crew working each other aside from Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne.

-November, 2007

-----MEWA closed shop with Kid Nikels and Matt Justyce still recognized as champions. Wayne worked the opening match of that show.

-February, 2008

----After watching the Graduation Match – Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne – I wrote the following…

“This is really nothing against RRO 2007 Rookie of the Year Ramsey Cahill, but both Nikels and Wayne were robbed when it came to that award this year.”

----From the Coach’s Corner “The Future’s So Bright I Got To Wear Shades..”

----Eric Wayne has some of the same characteristics as Nikels in work ethic and learning. He has the most potential of this crew at being the best all around worker and wrestler. I see Wayne getting the chance to work ROH and possibly Japan in the future. Will he ever be a big star in the US?? He might at the level of say Bryan Danielson, which is not bad. He has a “leg up” than most of the guys – he is a third generation worker and that will sometimes have doors open that would not have opened. It might sometimes hinder him though – expect too much from him. Some of you reading this are too young to know this, but not only is Eric the son of a worker, but he is the son of a VERY GOOD worker.

-October, 2008

----Below is what was written after a few shows of NEW…

“A group of die hard smart fans that just sit there and marked out for not really the people – we marked out for the TALENT!!! I think the main reason most people have wondered “why is Tramel putting over these trainees” is because there is a certain level of a trainee that in this area that we have become accustomed to – green as shit and can’t work. Believe me – for shoot – these “trainees” can out wrestle 80% of the boys in this area.”
-November, 2008

----After the first four NEW shows, Eric Wayne was getting rave reviews after competing in four bouts over [***]. Dustin Starr comments, “He’s been overly-praised, in my opinion, on…”

-December, 2008

----Wayne kicks Scott Fury in the face. Many were saying he was careless and others thought it was just Fury coming into Wayne’s foot too quick. Wayne talks about kicking him in the face the next week on an interview. Fury never returns calls or returns to NEW.

----Wayne was featured on The Starr Treatment with an “Eric Speaks” column. It really didn’t paint Wayne in a good light with people in this area. Others said Eric was just “working” his heel persona, but isn’t that what all workers say when they don’t come out looking good??

“There are always those certain few people out there that feel a need to hate on a person for whatever reason. Whether it’s your own jealousy because you can’t perform at that same level or feeling like you deserve more or WHATEVER the case may be. The bottom line is this, I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. I’m also not stopping because my name is on the tips of so many people’s tongues either. Big deal that you don’t like me, dont watch me. I think Dustin might be one of these people that feels that where I have gotten in this business in just two years is undeserved.”

“There’s a difference between the boys liking you and the office liking you. To my knowledge, I’ve never had a company tell me or my dad that they don’t want me back because of my poor attitude. I’ve always gone out and given my best efforts in every match. I will apologize if my worst effort is better than some of the best efforts put out by the guys in this business now though.”

----Gene Jackson commented on the kick…

“The kick in question in the corner just happened and I really think the backlash from this was a bit overblown. Perhaps it was a bit reckless but clearly accidental, though if I was Scott Fury I still probably would've been pissed also.”

-January, 2009

-----RRO Awards 2008 are announced - Arena Report Match of the Year: Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [****1/4] West Memphis, AR 2.10.08 and Horizon Award winner: Eric Wayne.
-March, 2009

----I start getting comments like “Your savior of wrestling” is fucking up and He will not listen to anything in matches.” Other things like, “I like Eric, but I don’t like Eric the worker.” And, “damn, he whines all the time.” And finally, “they [kid/Eric] are not as good as you say.”

-May, 2009

----Wayne kicks Greg King Jr in the face. This is what I wrote about it that night...

“King is then kicked in the face [LEGIT] and goes to the outside of the ring in agony. “

“Not only did we get a US JR Champion last night, but the biggest story coming out of the show will probably be the kick to the face from Eric Wayne to Greg King Jr. It was a loud sickening thud and King went down and rolled out of the ring in agony. King was screaming and at that point everyone knew something went wrong. King was in some extreme pain. I learned this morning it looks like there are two broken orbital bones and a broken sinus bone. That match had to be called and now let the controversy begin. I know its all part of the business [it is not Bingo guys], but Eric Wayne is starting to get a rep of hurting people. A big part of the business is taking care of your opponent and not maiming them also. Even though they promote a stiffer style, nothing about his is a good thing. This kind of thing is not something they will want in the big time. Greg King’s mother was real upset and can you blame her?? I also was told that Kid Nikels and Wayne had words after the show about it.”

“King’s mom was very upset and even felt like an ambulance should have been called at one point. She was also vocal in saying, “He [Eric] just does this stuff all the time.” She was upset and you can’t blame her – it was her son. The storyline was having Ring beat King for Ring to advance against Wayne. King’s injury did not affect the actual booking of the show…King did come out and introduced to work Ring, but storyline had Ken Wayne stopping him from working”
“I have been told by other workers that the guys from Ken’s school do not work as good outside of the school. In the sense that the NEW building is their “comfort zone”. They also have their best matches against each other – that is all understandable because that is what happens when you train with someone. I have heard that criticism mainly about Eric/Nikels/Justyce with King being apart from them on this.”

“After the King incident, Wayne came out to the main event and had very little reaction. He also made some comment about, “I will do to you what I did to Greg King,” to Ring during the bout that just got a groan from the crowd.”

----Wayne was called careless by Dustin Starr for this and many starting saying he was hurting too many people. Even guys from the school were showing up with marks on their heads with them saying Wayne did it.

----From The Starr Treatment..kingjester wrote the following…..

“As someone who is close to the King family, I am as outraged as everybody else. His folks are taking Greg Jr. to the doctor today. Who knows? Surgery might be required. In between the two times you mentioned, Eric also busted Kid Nickels head open “accidently”. Whether this is a result of Eric having an entire promotion basically built around him, a lack of skills, or a personality issue, this has to stop now. If this keeps up, nobody will want to go to work for NEW. And if NEW folds, Eric will have problems because his reputation will proceed him.”

----Wayne did compete for the finals in the JR Title tourney and ranked a [****] vs Dustin Ring, who beat him for the belt that night.

----Starr wrote the following..

“The fact of the matter is this – when someone steps in the ring with you, they trust you with their body. When you kick a guy’s teeth out… then turn around and break bones in another guy’s face – you’re doing something wrong. You’re being careless, reckless and you do not respect them or their body. If I were Ken Wayne, Eric’s father and trainer, I’d keep Eric out of a wrestling ring until he learned how to protect his opponent.”

----I had to agree with Dustin Starr 100% here. It was time to sit Eric out for a few weeks for either punishment or out of respect of King.

----During a match with “Picture Perfect” at EWE, Wayne took Christian Jacobs outside the ring and suplexed him on the hard part of the ring apron. I was told, “Eric does not listen and just has his own agenda.” I am also being told constantly that they don’t look as good as they do at the school. Excuse being given is that the talent is not as good at EWE; what??

----NEW opened the next week with an angle out of the Greg King Jr angle. That angle has been dropped because King has stopped returning their calls also. Do we see a pattern here??

----Wayne receives a cut on his nose at EWE Mayhem. He did show it to me backstage, but many people said he was whining about it that night and days after it.

----Downtown Bruno wrote the following in this debut column…

“I’ve known Eric basically all of his life and can honestly say that he has paid his dues in the business. I’ve seen the busted fingers, black eyes ,swollen elbows,etc.”

“Anyway, my point is that “3-G” Wayne is another example of the "promoter’s son" who gets an unfair shake by some nay-sayers who don’t stop to look at the big picture. The kid works his ass off, takes a lot of punishment without bitching or crying about it and comes back week after week to do it again. He does it for not a hell of a lot of money, but the experience is priceless. The learning is invaluable and the dues are being paid in full - week after week.”

-June, 2008

“Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels and Dustin Starr were all in Birmingham, AL today. They worked out in the afternoons and it seems to have been a positive experience for all of them. They were watched by Dean Malenko, Jamie Noble and Fit Finley. They were not used in an on camera capacity. They will all be in Memphis, TN tomorrow night for Smackdown. Good luck guys!!!”

----I was told that Wayne and Nikels were both told things to do to improve their appearances and skills. That is a pretty much a norm for this kind of meeting. It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter than Wayne got a look backstage and none of the other trainees were mentioned. This reminded me of the comments about him getting better treatment.

----The story coming out of the session was from Memphis, when Wayne was introduced to Randy Orton. Starr reported pretty much a “tongue-in-cheek” version that got him tons of heat. It was a story making the dressing rooms for a few weeks. Starr wrote the following…

“Orton, “What did you go and do that for?” Stumbling and stammering over his own words for a moment, Eric tries to explain. For some reason, things just don’t come out right. So, Eric finally tells Orton, “Well, he deserved it!” “

----Orton walked away with his head down. This comment was inexcusable. It was a big rumor all over the dressing rooms with it being confirmed by a few in one form or another. Derrick King, Dustin Starr and I even ribbed Wayne a bit about it at the Tank Benefit show. Overall it was a very stupid thing to say and no respect for King or his family. Kingjester commented the following on The Starr Treatment..

“Wow. Just Wow. How did Greg Jr. deserve this, Eric? Did he deserve it because he chauffeured you and the rest of the guys to your matches because you guys didn’t have cars? Did he deserve it because he taught the younger guys for your Dad for no pay? Did he deserve it because he was at the school everyday working his butt off to achieve his goals? One thing I know, this young man deserved the opportunity to be in front of the WWE in Birmingham and Memphis. He lost that opportunity because of you. Intentionally or unintentionally. This goes way beyond Classless.”

----The story makes, which is an UK based wrestling site injunction with the world popular The Sun. RT of wrestlingglobe tweeted..

“Funny story on Randy Orton tooling an indy worker backstage at Raw a couple of weeks ago”

----Wayne commented with the following..

“You stupid motherfucker! Before you go saying shit why don't you make sure you got you're fucking story right you goof?’

----Seth Knight went on to tweet the following…

“If you don't want someone to tell a "bogus" story about u or anyone else the only way to prevent it is to tell the "real" story first. True?”

----After the Tank Benefit I was trying to say “thank you” to as many people as I could. I walked in to inform Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels that we raised over $600 for Tank. Eric’s response, “Well we will get a payoff then.” And my respond was, “this was a benefit – no one is getting paid.” Eric said, “We drove from Memphis.” And that made me mad. It pissed me off. No one was getting paid for this show and everyone knew it. I have since learned that not all benefits are like this, but this one was a freebie to help Tank’s family. If Eric did not know that, then it was his fault – he should have asked someone. Everyone was booked on this show thru a lot of “word of mouth”, but it was clear to everyone that there would be no payoff. I did tell a few people about this, because as I said, I was pissed me off. One local guy said, “You should have asked him about all those guys drive to West Memphis from Dyersburg for free or almost free.” Another worker said, “You guys should do a book with Eric – the many ways to kill your wrestling career.”

----Wayne did participate in the main event at the Tank Benefit show and had a good showing. He took some really stiff stuff from Crazy Train and worked hard to do his part.

----Chris O’Neal is injured and everyone starts calling me pointing fingers at Wayne. Starr had this to say..

“Also, if you go to RRO News, you’ll see the true video and a few quotes from Brian Tramel, himself (linked below). He says, “Apparently O’Neal told Wayne to look out for his bad knee before they went out and then by the video it looks like Wayne went right for that knee?? Is this another case of Wayne being careless??“ Wow. Very gutsy to point the finger at Eric. Especially, considering Chris had a bad knee to begin with. Chris was told to have surgery a while back and refused. I like that about him. However, Eric did roll into Chris’ knee from what I can see on the video.”

----I have to give Eric the benefit of the doubt on this one as it looked like a freak accident. He also had a good match that night in a brawl with Christian Jacobs.

---Starr reported on The Starr Treatment the following…

“These daddy’s think they have to call me to protect their sons from bad-doing. Whether it’s in the ring, in the locker room or even on this blog – these daddy’s feel VERY intimidated by the power that I hold. “

----Was he working or shooting here?? Is it possible that Ken Wayne has called Starr about the blog reports?? Who else could he be talking about??

----I guess being a son of a famous wrestler in this area can not be easy. “Nightmare” Ken Wayne’s name was spoken in the same breath as Bobby Eaton and Ric Flair when I was talking with Ricky Morton earlier this year. Will we continue to write about all the bad things that Wayne is doing?? Is he getting a bad rep for no reason?? Will this kid be mentioned in the same breath as Shawn Stasiak and Brian Christopher?? Or in the same breath as a guy like Randy Orton, who was trouble for years and came out of it?? Will he even get that chance to get even at the level of a Stasiak?? Or will he just be a good worker that only makes it because he is being pushed in his dad’s promotion?? My advice to him would be to do what the WWE told you to improve yourself. Keep your mouth and listen. There are a lot guys in this area that will help, but you have to listen. You have to remember that just because your dad was a great wrestler, it doesn’t mean you will get the respect from the boys in this area – you have to earn that. And if you could care less about what people think in this area or your fellow workers or what the WWE is saying to you – you will just keep going down the same path.


Shows for The Weekend 6.26 to 6.27.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. The show that will probably come in the top three shows is this weekend in Batesville, AR. Details are below. Also, I want to point out that "Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] will debut with RPW in Metropolis, IL against also debuting "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs & "The Marvel" Stan Lee TONIGHT!!!

Batesville Promotions & ASWF Present
Batesville Family Fun Fest
An all day event for the entire family!
Saturday June 27, 2009


The Steiner Brothers will be back together at the ASWF Batesville Show in Batesville Ark. On June 27th. This is one of the biggest cards of the year. Make sure you have plans to be there!!!

Saturday June 27, 2009
Riverside Park Batesville, AR

Park opens at 8:00am
Free to the Public!
Kids Games, Water Slides, Animal Rides, Treasure Hunt, 3 on 3 Basketball, Frisbee Toss, Skate Boarding, Much More...

Park Closes at 4:30pm
Reopens at 5:30pm for
ASWF Wrestling ticket holders
Wrestling starts at 6:00pm

Jimmie Van Zant Band starts at approximately 9:30pm Playing all his family's hits from Lynyrd Skynyrd & 38 Special

Samoa Joe is another big name added to the big ASWF wrestling show in Batesville Ark. This will be one of the biggest shows of the year!! Make sure you have plans to be there.

WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware Will Be There!!!!

Jerry ''King'' Lawler
''Superstar'' Bill Dundee
''Mouth Of South'' Jimmy Hart
Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner,
Austin Lane, Traci Brooks,
Nikki Lane, Roxxi, Flash Flannigan, ''Hollywood'' Jimmy,
''Grandmaster Sexay'' Brian Christopher, Demon X, "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane and "Mr. Entertainment" Casino
X-Kaliber,Ray Ray,"Mr. Muscle" Morgan Williams,
& Many More!

$10 General Admission
Gen admission ticket (advance)
$10-- entrance to Wrestling & Van Zant concert. Lawn chairs and or standing

$25 Reserve Tickets
Reserve Ticket (advance)
$25-- entrance to to Wrestling & Van Zant concert. Reserve seats in Wrestling (500 seats available). Up close at concert (no seats, standing only).

VIP Tickets (advance)
$40--entrance to Wrestling & Van Zant concert. Best reserve seats at Wrestling & up close in concert (no seats,standing only) & arm band entrance into VIP area that includes tents & picnic tables on side of stage with good visibility to stage plus, hot meal & cold drink.

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4th In The Forest - Battle on the Beach 2009 Announced!!

----I was happy to get the following in my inbox yesterday putting over what looks like could be one of the bigger crowds of the year watching wrestling. Below is the three match card and the rundown of the angle they are running. It sounds like a fun card and for everyone that likes to be outside, then you should enjoy it. PP vs Lee/Lane could be a "Match of the Year" if they are given time. I am looking for all eyewitness reports I can get of the show and if anyone video tapes the show - send me a copy!!

101.9 Kiss FM, 107.9 KFIN, 95.9 The Wolf, & New Blood Wrestling Present: Battle On The Beach '09

Saturday July 4th - Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro

Admission is FREE

No Holds Barred - Fight To The Finish Handicap Match - Derrick King & Randy Hales -vs- Brandon Baxter

Last year at 4th In The Forest, Randy Hales set out to get revenge on Brandon Baxter. Hales hired his longtime friend, Derrick King to be the guy to get the job done. Randy was in Derrick's corner last year, but Randy's interference ended up backfiring. At the end of the event Brandon & Ali Stevens threw Hales into Craighead Forest Lake.

Fast forward one year, and Baxter is enjoying the greatest year of his life. Since the last 4th In The Forest Kiss FM has become an even more dominant radio station, he has gotten married, and has a child on the way. Hales has had a miserable year, as he was humiliated at 4th In The Forest, in the city that he was born and raised in.

New Blood Wrestling of Newbern, Tennessee contacted East Arkansas Broadcasters, and they placed a bid to be the organization to run the wrestling portion of 4th In The Forest. EAB accepted the bid. New Blood Wrestling hired longtime wrestling promoter Randy Hales to be the matchmaker for this huge event. Randy took it upon himself to stack the deck against Double B, to hopefully finish their rivalry once and for all.

Picture Perfect (Christian Jacobs & Jon Michael) -vs- "Hot Topic" Stan Lee & "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane

Triple Threat Match - Tattoo -vs- Baron Malkavain -vs- Rockin Randy


4th In The Forest features the regions biggest, brightest, and most impressive FREE fireworks display, shot high above Craighead Forest lake...

Free music on the main stage throughout the day from: The Other Side featuring Walter Stewart, Fallen Within, Burning Waco, The Cliff Hudson Band, The Wolfpack Band, & more!

A free kids fishing derby...

The Freedom 5K Run...

The Colgate Country Showdown...

Games, exhibits, and a whole bunch more!

And the best part is, you get a full day of fun for FREE! No admission parking's all FREE!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 6.20.09

Just like we do every Saturday night we started off the show with the playing of the national anthem.

Our first match of the night was Regulator taking on the ASWF newcomer Cody Meade. Regulator would start of strong in this match almost not even giving Cody a time to rest. Just when you thought Meade was out for good, he would take the lead and capitalize on Regulator, but his momentum would be stopped when Ego Trip (X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams) would take to the ring with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock to interfere and beat up Meade. Meade would win by DQ.

Just after the match had ended and everyone had proceeded to the back. Brian Thompson, who was supposed to recieve ten lashes from Austin and Nikki Lane, came to the ring with Angelina to try and weasel his way out of it. Commissioner Terrence Ward would tell Thompson that he would take the licks or be suspended perminantly from the ASWF. Thompson would chicken out of five lashes giving them to Angelina who would recieve her punishment from Austin Lane. However when Nikki would get her turn on Thompson she would use a VERY large belt and cause Brian to go into a rage. Johnny Hawk and Midnight Gold would storm to the ring and begin attacking Austin and Nikki. They would eventually get some aid from Demon X and Johnny Harper. Lane would challenge them to a match later that evening and Harper would tell Hawk that he would close the Final Chapter of Mexicanos.

The second match was Christian Jacobs taking on the X-Division Champion Ray Ray. Jacobs would start off very nice in this match taking Ray to the edge. Jacobs strength against Ray would not enable Ray to use his speed and size to out manuvere the 220+ pound Jacobs. Ray would finally be able to start getting a lead but would be attacked by Tommy Wayne who had a pair of brass knuckles. Ray would win by DQ and challenge Tommy to a match next week.

Our third match was a Tag Team Match between Ego Trip and the Beach Bums. Kaliki would start off this match taking on Morgan Williams and would come off to a great start. Ego Trip, with the help of Athena Eclipse and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, would gain control of the match and take home the victory after a not so grueling match. As they were attacking the Beach Bums saying that this is what Jerry Lawler was going to get next Saturday, The King's music would begin to play but he wasn't coming out.

Our next match was between Tommy Wayne and the returning Mike Anthony. As Mike was making his way to ringside Tommy would say that he was not under a contract and he would not face Anthony. Commissioner Ward would then pull out a contract for Anthony to sign and the match would then officially begin. Throughout this entire match you could tell that Tommy appeared to have bitten off more than he could chew. Everytime Anthony would gain control Tommy would work his way out of the ring to a more safer environment. Tommy would eventually gain control of the match and lowblow Anthony giving Mike the win by DQ. However for Mike Anthony things were only beginning. Silas a name and person that we have not seen in a long time had returned to finish business he started before Mike's disappearance from the ASWF. Silas would leave Mike Anthony battered but not broken.

Our Feature match of the night was for the Tag Team Titles. As you can see above it was almost every man for himself. The match was originally between LSD (Cody Only/Idol Bane) and CM2 (Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain) but Christopher Lee and Cody Meade would issue a rematch after losing their titles last week. Lee would then ask the Commissioner to make it a Triple Threat to which he would agree. Lee and Idol Bane would start off this match, but as you could have guessed it, it became a free-for-all. The referee would lose control of the match with superstars in and out of the ring. Just as everyone was getting back up from Idol's splash from the side of the ring, Murdoch would take and throw himself on top of the superstars below. McClain and Cody Only would make their way back into the ring. Cody Only would Irish Whip McClain into ropes and deliver an LTO and get the 1, 2, 3.

The semi-main event would be the ASWF HOF Hot Rod John Ellison taking on Sancho Libre. This match would prove to be short live for Sancho Libre, Hot Rod would deliver a match ending Superkick and get the pin in what had to be his quickest match this year.

Just after the match had finished Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and X-Kaliber would call the Commissioner Terrence Ward to the ring. Hollywood would go on to say that Terrence had been telling everyone on the internet and at Valiant Arena that he was to blame for his recent surgery. Blaylock would then take the end of his cane and hit Ward in the throat.

As X-Kaliber was about to start beating the Commissioner to a pulp Jimmy noticed blood coming from Terrence's mouth. X-Kaliber would begin his assault anyways causing who knows how much more damage to the Commissioner. After the assault was complete Ricky Rowland would call security to help the wounded and bleeding Commissioner to the back to try and help the critical situation. After Ward was taken to the back Hollywood Jimmy would take to the Announcers table with Magic Man Jimmy Rhodes to finish the night announcing the main event.

The final match of the evening was Midnight Gold/Johnny Hawk vs Johnny Harper/Demon X/Austin Lane. The match was an all out battle between these superstars. There was action all over the ring. With the help of Angelina and Brian Thompson Midnight Gold would gain an upper hand but not for too long. Harper would get the advantage and pin Bobby Eaton for the victory over Midnight Gold.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----Oh Me!! I know Eaton probably volunteered to the do the job, but why to Johnny Harper?? LOL Wouldn't Johnny Hawk just be great in the "Big Bubba" role with the "Midnight Gold"?? Please laugh, because that is a joke!!...I was surprised to see Mike Anthony return. He has been a mainstay with RWA since leaving here.

"Golden Circle" Gets Attention on Other Sites!!

----"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony got some press with his "The Golden Circle" column from last week. A link was posted on www.wrestlingnewscenter and has it featured on their home page.

Cheap Heat DVD REVIEW - June 24, 2009

CHEAP HEAT DVD REVIEW- The Brickhouse Brown Shoot Interview by Gene Jackson

Ok, so I'd been wanting to see this shoot interview for quite a while but didn't have any extra cash to blow, well I finally had some disposable income and made an order to Highspots and decided to pick up this shoot for two reasons. One because I worked around Brickhouse every weekend for about 2 or 3 years and I know he's got a ton of stories. Two, because they really hyped the hell out of this thing as being a "can't miss" interview.

I really think that they've kinda 'jumped the shark' on these shoot interviews and this one further proves it. I'm not knocking the whole interview there were some interesting stories in there. Especially the early ones about how he broke into the business as a mark and the story of his first match with Bobby Jaggers for the Southwest title where he thought it was a shoot and the "finish" they called in the back was one of the "ribs" he'd been warned about before leaving Florida. Those kinds of stories are's the so called "juicy" stuff that's lacking. Most of that kinda thing was shown in the preview they put on youtube.

The other thing about this interview and many others is just all the inaccuracies. For instance, one minute he's telling how well he was doing in the WWF working tag matches against Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy untill Jerry Lawler showed up and got him heat with the office.........That doesn't exactly add up considering the matches against Studd/Bundy took place in 1986 and Lawler didn't show up in the WWF untill 1993!?!? I realize it's hard to keep time frames straight when you've wrestled so long but damn that' s seven years difference.

He also does the thing where he tells some things but is already pimping a VOLUME 2, where the "real shit is gonna be told". Well what the hell is this then? He also promises a book with yet even more "dirt". One thing that kinda ruins some of the stories is the fact that in telling stories that are pretty common knowledge and have been well established as being the way they happened by many people, such as details about Bruiser Brody's death, his version of what happened is way different than what actually happened and all speculation cause he wasn't there. So then it casts doubts on just how accurate the other stories are that's being told.

I hate to knock it, because I like Brickhouse and he's been everywhere and he does have a lot of interesting things to tell but I think they were trying to hard to make up for his lack of current day name recognition by making the comparisons to the Jamie Dundee and Iron Sheik shoots and raised expectations to high. I admit the FIRST TIME I saw one of the Iron Sheik shoots it was amusing but it quickly got old. I liked the first Jamie Dundee shoot, the one with him and Wolfie where he was really drunk was annoying. I thought his interviews on Cheap Heat Radio were far more relavant and informative than his drunken YOUSHOOT interview, or God forbid that one where they got Jamie and the Sheik drunk and high TOGETHER and interviewed them both. I didn't make it through 20 minutes of that one.

I'm almost to the point that I'm just over these shoot interviews as none of them seem to deliver on what they tease. Even the Flair one wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I am curious about the Bob Holly one that Feinstein did a while back, and possibly the one of Flair and Piper together. However the new 'Insane Ramblings and Accusations' of Billy Jack Haynes (that's not the REAL title) one doesn't interest me at all, that guy is f'n nuts and they are exploiting his mental defects to make a few bucks. It's sad really.

Anyway, one purchase I made on that order that I'm happy with so far is Downtown Bruno's book, "Wrestling with the Truth", I've been wanting to get it since it came out and finally did, so far I'm really enjoying it. I'll do a review of it when I'm finished. I also ordered Missy Hyatt's book mostly as research on the Eddie Gilbert project I'm doing, and I also ordered the Jim Cornette/Midnight Express book that should be in the mail any day now (ordered it from Cornette's site.)

If you wanna see it and form your own opinion on the Brickhouse Brown shoot, go to to order, but I highly reccomend you order Bruno's book instead if you haven't already.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Site News and Notes!!

----This has started out as one of the slowest weeks of recent memory, but I wanted to make note at a few things that we should be covering by the end of the week.

-I wanted everyone know that l will not be attending any outdoor shows this summer and if the building is not equipped with air conditioning, then I am not planning to attend. If you are a promoter and you have ac – e-mail me and I will add that info to the Shows Of The Weekend page.

-ASWF will be having a huge outdoor show in Batesville, AR this coming Saturday. I am looking for as many eyewitness reports as possible. I want to post as close as real attendance of the show. Also thoughts on the matches and such.

-“Forth in the Forest” is starting to promote on Brandon Baxter’s Kiss FM radio show in Jonesboro, AR. I do not have the complete lineup or exactly what is going on, but it looks like Randy Hales will be part of the show again. I am looking for as many eyewitness reports as possible on this show also. This was the #1 show last year and it is possible it will be again this year. They are posting on their web site, “Free Wrestling on the beach, featuring stars from New Blood Wrestling”, so it looks like NBW got the show this year.

-There has been a lot going over at The Starr Treatment. I plan on a Coach’s Corner this week focusing on some of his main topics over the weekend – mainly my thoughts on Eric Wayne and recent incidents.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.20.09

Corey Maclin welcomed everyone to Memphis Wrestling. Corey announced that coming up on the 4th of July, Memphis Wrestling will be live at Jerry "The King" Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas at 1:00PM.

Immediately following that, on 4th of July night, Memphis Wrestling returns to Minglewood Hall, located at 1555 Madison Avenue. There's a big lineup for that one. Corey said they will tell us more about the show at Minglewood, next week.

This week, the show will feature Former WWE Superstar, The Boogeyman and Little Boogeyman in action, a classic bout between "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler from the Mid-South Coliseum, and we will take a look at Former WWE Tag Champion, Joey Mercury, who wrestled as Joey Matthews in Ohio Valley Wrestling. There will also be a special music video.

Corey Maclin plugged his new radio show that debuts on Monday, June 22nd on KWAM 990. His show will take place on Monday mornings at 8:00AM.

Two matches shown featuring Joey Mercury wrestling in OVW under the name Joey Matthews. In the first match, Joey wrestled Ted "The Trailer" McNaler AKA "The Man Beast". Matthews defeated McNaler with a double arm ddt. In the second match, Joey Matthews made light work out of Josh Lowry and defeated him with the double arm ddt, as well.

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart holding a Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk shirt said, "Check out! We need your vote, Baby! Hahahaha!"

Commercial ran with Corey Maclin inviting everyone to join him on the radio, starting Monday morning, June 22nd at 8AM on KWAM 990 in Memphis. Corey will have guests that include, Jerry "The King" Lawler, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, Lance Russell, and who knows who else he's going to hear from. Also special guests, Shelby County Trustee, Paul Matilla. We'll have legal questions and we'll have answers with Judge Betty Thomas Moore from general sessions court, as well. It's an open forum. It's a community involved program that's going to be live on the radio, on Monday mornings, starting June 22nd at 8AM. It's The Corey Maclin Show!

Advertisement for Saturday, July 4th. Memphis Wrestling live at Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas. Just across the old bridge with a 1PM bell time.

Mixed Tag Match from Friday Night SmackDown featuring The Boogeyman and Little Boogeyman in action against Finlay and Hornswoggle, who was simply known back then as "Little Bastard". JBL and Michael Cole called the action. Hornswoggle hid under the ring for most of the match, but came out when Little Boogeyman gave Finlay a low blow. Little Boogeyman spit worms in Hornswoggle's face and the two went at it. This was followed by several of The Boogeyman's videos that aired while they were hyping his debut in the WWE.

They showed the opening moments of the Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee match from the Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace, then went to the classic footage from the Mid-South Coliseum, in which, Lawler and Dundee were the last two remaining representatives for their two teams in an elimination match. Phil Hickerson tripped Dundee while he was running into the ropes. Lawler off the top with the fist drop, but Dundee kicked out and started to make a comeback. Lawler would hit Dundee with a chain, but "The Fabulous One" Jackie Fargo would jump in to get some of Lawler. Hickerson and Dennis Condrey would come out to help Lawler. Tojo Yamamoto would come out to even the odds for team Dundee and take it to Condrey. Fargo was rocking Lawler with some vicious right hands, splitting "The King's" head with the ring he was wearing.

Corey announced that the big return bout has been signed for the 4th of July at Minglewood Hall. This one is going to be the final straw between "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Next, we heard from Jerry "The King" Lawler that had this to say: "Well, it looks like this July 4th is truly going to be the most explosive July 4th that I can ever remember! And when I say ever remember, I'm talking about from the time that I was a little kid, until right now because this is going to be the final conflict between Bill "Superstar" Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler. That's right! You've seen it before, but you'll never see it again! Now, somebody did some research. Some wrestling historian checked back and found out that Bill and I have wrestled each other, against each other, four hundred times, throughout our careers. And he claims to have won two hundred. I know I've won at least two hundred so, supposedly, this final conflict is gonna be to tip the scales, to see who was the better of the two, throughout their entire career. And all I can say is , it's going to be, right here, in Memphis, Tennessee. It's not gonna be in Australia, Bill "Superstar" Dundee! It's gonna be in Memphis, Tennessee at Minglewood Hall, July 4th. Man, it's gonna be a blowout! I promise you that! And "The King" is gonna prove to you, Dundee, once and for all, that all of this time! All of these years! I was number one and you were like Avis, number two!"

Corey Maclin mentioned Lance Russell and Dave Brown. Corey thinks the world of those two and said if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be a Corey Maclin. Corey said, "We're gonna get them back here, real soon, because we're working on something that's gonna be big, my friends. So get ready! We'll be telling you about it. I'm telling you, it's going to be huge! First time ever. I'm excited about it, been working on it, but I can't let the cat out of the bag, just yet until we get all our ducks in a row. So, once we dot all our is and cross all our ts, I promise you, you'll be the first to know, all of you fans out there watching."

Special music video of all the major stars of Memphis Wrestling to the tune of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive".

We hear from "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, who talked about the confrontation between "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware and local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, that took place at the Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace. They showed video of this heated altercation. Jimmy told Corey that we need to work this whole ordeal out between Koko and Thaddeus.

Corey Maclin ended the show by reminding everyone of all the action that's taking place on the 4th of July.

On Saturday, July 4, Memphis Wrestling will be live at Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas. Just across the old bridge with a 1PM bell time.

Later that night on the 4th of July, Memphis Wrestling returns to Minglewood Hall, located at 1555 Madison Avenue for a BIG night of wrestling action, featuring the final battle between Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Superstar" Bill Dundee!

Credit: D-Rock @

Matt Riveria's Show on VH1

Monday, June 22, 2009

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 6.20.09

Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 6-20-09 at the Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

The beginning of the show saw Hotrod come out and welcomed Lawman “the new champ” to the ring. As both were in the ring someone brought a large fedex package to the ring.
Hotrod opened it and it was a letter from the TIWF competition committee along with a large blown up picture that showed that Devon Day’s foot was underneath the rope when Lawman pinned him the night before in Gadsden to win the title. Hotrod has no choice be to take the championship from Lawman and return it to Devon for this stipulation.

Also in the package is a signed contract from Devon to face anyone in an open contract match. Lawman signs it and it is scheduled for July 3rd. Lawman Williams vs. Devon Day in a Texas Bullrope Match. Lawman reminds everyone that he has never been defeated in this match.

Big Brad def. The Outlaw

Fuz!on def. Darkside Inc.
Jon Seymour brings FuZ!ion to the ring and announces that he has another member of his party now and brings out “Black Widow” after the match the Badd boys ( Chadd and Bradd Badd attacked Fuz!on.

PK Ripper def. Todd Currie

Ron McClarity def. Knockout Kid

New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) def. Sgt. Payne & Marvelous Mike Kelly
The end of this match saw Ravishing Randy accidentally handcuff Mike Kelly to Wildside. Way Cool won the match with his “ Cool Breeze” and then PK Ripper came out. Way Cool held up Sgt. Payne and PK Ripper attempted to hit him witht the kendo stick but instead hit Way Cool. Wildside got unhandcuffed and immediately started going off on PK Ripper. End of this saw PK Ripper hit Ravishing Randy, Wildside and Way Cool with the stick again. This time the entire family came out ( Kilo, Devon Day, Ron McClarity) PK Ripper hit each one an then fled the scene and got on the mic and said that he quit the family.

Kilo def. Buckwild Bill

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Chico Mendoza def. Devon Day © by DQ after Devon hit Chico with a small baseball bat. After that, Lawman Williams rushes down to the ring and spears Devon. Chaos ensues as both men are pulled apart!

• Notes:
• Attendance: 113
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams,Twinkie,

Credit: Steven Hunter

----Who is Fuzion??

RassleResults: TIWF Gadsden, TN 6.19.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 6-19-09
at the Gadsden Gym- Gadsden, Tn.

Big Brad def. Cletus Tittle

Chico Mendoza def. Kilo

Knockout Kid def. Ron McClarity

New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) def. Sgt. Payne & Marvelous Mike Kelly

Young Guns Battle Royale with Todd Currie and PK Ripper the final two. Todd Currie eliminated PK Ripper.

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Lawman Williams def. Devon Day © to win the title.

• Notes:
• Attendance: 97
• Benefit for the Crockett County Softball Team
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Credit: Steven Hunter

----This was their first show here and it looks the crowd was ok. The weather is just really hot in this area right now. If your arena is not ac'ed, then be happy with the 100...This town is about 25 miles from Trenton, so it might help there also.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 6.20.09

At the beginning of the show it was announced that EPW has entered into an agreement with MyMS TV network to begin broadcasting EPW shows in 2 weeks. It was also announced that the 6/27 EPW show will be be EPW's first TV taping.

Kilo defeated Geno Sydal.

Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) defeated STD (PCP & LSD).

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

EPW Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) defeated Prime Time (Nick Grimes & David Anderson). Anderson hit his own partner Nick Grimes to cause Prime Time to lose the match.

After intermission Buzz Harley came to the ring and began running his mouth about what he was going to do to JR Mauler in the cage match on 6-27. Jr came to the ring and an brawl ensued between JR & Buzz. It took security quite a while to break them up and get them to the back.

New Kids (Tysin Starr & Cassanova Kid) defeated Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) by DQ when Revolution attacked New Kids. This was the second week in a row that Revolution has attacked New Kids during a match. After the match New Kids challenged Revolution to a match on 6-27 with the following stipulations: Losers wear a dress and eat dog food. Now that should be interesting!

Main event was Bonecrusher vs. Mason. Bonecrusher out first, and he was more than ready. Mason out next, accompanied by Bonecrusher's wife Michelle, who is under a spell put on her by Mason. Mason grabbed a mic and ran his mouth, and said that he would put the EPW belt on the line. He said that if Bonecrusher won the match, he would also take the spell off Michelle. It was quite a battle, but in the end Bonecrusher won the match and the belt when he hit Mason with a chain. He then ordered Mason to take the spell off Michelle, but Mason refused. Bonecrusher pounded him with the chain until he finally took the spell off. Michelle left with Bonecrusher, but slapped Mason first. Mason left the ring looking utterly pathetic and dejected. New EPW Champion: Bonecrusher.

Next week's EPW event will be a TV taping and will include:

JR Mauler vs. Buzz Harley in a steel cage. Loser of the match must retire from pro wrestling. That's right, either JR Mauler or Buzz Harley will retire on Saturday night, 6-27. Also New Kids vs. Revolution, losers must eat dog food and wear dresses. It all happens at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 (old Dodd's Garage building) in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00. Get there early & get a good seat! Don't miss this special night of EPW wrestling action!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Oh me!!! I heard rumors about this group getting TV a few weeks back. I really hope they do some changes in the roster or it is going to be BAD!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chris O'Neal Out For A Year!!

----Chris O'Neal [picture to the left with "Picture Perfect" tag team partner Christian Jacobs]has been told he will be out of action for at least one full year. O'Neal has a tore ACL, PCL and meniscus. He will have to have full recontructive surgery. They will have to graft a new ACL and screw it in. Sounds painful and absolutely no fun!! All of us here at RRO wish him a quick and speedy recovery!!

----O'Neal has been suffering with a new injury since April when he popped his knee in the main event at EWE vs Krisis. He was scheduled for surgery and then after a freak accident last weekend, it just made it worse. No word on if Jon Michael will start teaming again with CJ or if Jacobs will become a singles worker. I personally would love to see CJ feud with Dustin Starr over the EWE belt.

RassleResults: Renegade Pro Wrestling Metropolis, IL 6.19.09

-Christopher Jade beat Mike Michaels
-RPW Heavyweight Champion Pretty Boy with Mr. Kryptonite beat Franky D
-RPW Southern IL Champion Just Zack vs Mekka 9 – 15 min draw
-“Latino Thug” Jose Guerrero vs Dustin Estrella – No Contest
-“Iceman” Danny Ice won a Extreme Rulz Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the RPW Title.

----70 people in the crowd and not bad since it was hot as hades in this area!!...Photo is RPW Women’s Champion – Diabla after she was attacked by Red Rum Husein…I have been in talks with this group and looks like we will covering it as one of our weekly shows…”Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] are headed in this coming Friday night to face “Girl Candy” Christian Jacobs and “The Marvel” Stan Lee. Lee might be a heel here, since this is DC land. LOL Ok that joke was for all you comic book marks!!!

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 6.20.09

-Eric Wayne beat Kevin Charles
-Allen Steele vs Kid Nikels -15 min draw
-Nikels/Wayne beat Justin Smart/Dustin Ring

----30 in the building…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs…Michael Ward and John Steele were the announcers…I am here some rumbling of some major news coming out of this group. Also, one of their major personalities is planning to leave the promotion in the next few weeks. We have the full report when all starts to happens!!!