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RassleResults: PWA Parkin, AR 07.09.2009

Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) Entertainment made its return to Parkin, AR, Thursday night with a show at the Old High School Gym. Here are the results...

- John Cage def. Bishop
- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (w/Brian Thompson) def. Dylan Crest
- Ray Ray def. Tommy Wayne
- Austin Lane & Derrick King battled to a double disqualification when their respective valets, Nikki Lane and Angelina, got into a cat fight in the ring leading to an uncontrollable situation.
- PWA Heavyweight Title vs. PWA Tag Team Title: Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton def. Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee . . . By virtue of getting the pinfall on Jamie Jay, Riviera became the new PWA Heavyweight Champion.

RassleNotes: Around 50 - 60 in attendance...Gym was extremely hot!...Representatives from the city's police force including Chief Dean Davidson and Parkin Mayor Charles Patterson were in attendance. Patterson was presented a "Certificate of Appreciation" by the PWA for bringing quality entertainment to his city...Following the Anthony/Crest match, Anthony and Thompson began to double team Crest until Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee made the save. After a brief exchange, Riviera, Morton and manager Jimmy Star came out. Jay talked about his team's tag team title match with Morton/Riviera later in the night. Riviera/Morton said that Lee & Jay had all of their rematches and the only way they would agree to another title match was if Jamie Jay put up his PWA Title to the winner of the fall if Morton/Riviera win. With the referee's attention on Thompson, "Golden Boy" hit Jay with the ring bell at the end of the match setting up a Riviera victory...Kudos go to referee Tom Simon for officiating all five matches in a very hot environment...PWA will return to Parkin sometime in August. The promotion also has a card set for Wynne, AR at the National Guard Armory on Thursday, July 23. Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony w/Brian Thompson) will face Team Hollister (Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee). The usual PWA roster will be on the card as well. The promotion also has a new website -

RassleResults: USWO/ATL 7.10.09

USWO/ATL 7/10:
101 attended the TV taping
Lee Cross b Jake Allen and Jason Xavier in a 3-way match to win the USWO Jr. Championship when he pinned Xavier
Saint b Harold Knight
Jesse Emerson b Anthony Ingram (w/James Duncan) by DQ when Duncan hit Emerson with a cane
Shawn Tempers b Ace Rockwell
ATL Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Bryan Casey
USWO Champion Chase Stevens b Chris Michaels in a falls count anywhere match
Rick Santel b Jesse Emerson by DQ
*The previous match had spilled out into the hotel and the next match was started. Stevens and Michaels made their way back to the ring while Santel and Emerson were still at it. Stevens and Santel backed into each other and Stevens gave Santel a German suplex, causing Emerson to be DQ'd. Stevens then gives Michaels a TKO-thing to win his match.
USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne (w/Hot Rod Biggs) b Kevin Dunn & JC Crowe when Payne pinned JC Crowe
They announced Santel vs Jerry Lynn for next week

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

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Memphis TV Ratings 6.20.09

----This show had a good rating overall scoring 37% over average for the year. The show was really bad for the viewers with nothing new. I am not sure why anyone keeps watching it?? This was the start of the big push for Lawler vs Dundee, which we all know drew only 100 people. Ratings have never equaled crowds since the start of the site. How will they do leading up the next two weeks?? I should have them posted sometime this weekend. BTW, no ratings for 6.13.09 show because it never aired due to weather.

----Read the complete report of the TV show by D-Rock - CLICK HERE!!

Overall 1.4 [22676 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Joey Mercury vs Ted McNalar
- Mercury vs Josh Lowe [start]
.9 [14577 viewers]

-Mercury vs Josh Lowe [finish]
-Boogyman/Little Boogy vs Lil Bastard/Finley
-Lawler vs Dundee [start]
1.4 [22676 viewers] [+8099]

3rd Quarter
-Lawler vs Dundee [finish]
-Old clips of Lawler/Dundee
-Lawler video
-Lawler interview putting over Final Conflict
1.4 [22676 viewers] [n/c]

4th Quarter
-Superstar video
-Hart int
-Koko angle replay
2.0 [32394 viewers] [+9718 viewers]

Start to finish [+17817 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
US Open [tennis]
3.9 [63168 viewers]

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.04.09

Lucky vs Donnie Rush. winner Lucky

Poker Face vs Logan Fury. winner Poker Face

Jazz vs Dangerous Dominique. winner Jazz

J.D. Kerry vs The Mexican Assassin. winner and new RWA TV Champ J.D. Kerry

Dogg Pound vs Money Inc. Double DQ

The RWA hosted its first Fan Fest and the fans turned out for some good food and last year’s RWA videos shown in the Air Conditioned Building. The RWA has added 40 more theater chairs to the arena.

The first match had Donnie Rush a new comer and trained by Rodney Mack taking on Lucky. It was a match that had it all and the fans saw a great wrestling match. Good chain wrestling mixed with good kicks and submission holds. Lucky got Donnie in an arm bar and got the win.

Poker Face and Logan Fury had a great match both of these guys can wrestle and they can both fight and that is just what they did. These two have battled for the past couple of weeks and they know each other well enough to counter each other’s holds and moves. Poker came away with the victory.

Jazz and Dangerous Dominique this was the return match for Jazz since the birth of the twins. Dominique was accompanied to the ring by Raven to watch her back. Jazz looked good and over powered Dominique to get the win.

J.D. Kerry and The Mexican Assassin, this match had been building for a while and it did not disappoint anyone The Assassin beat on Kerry and each time the Assassin hit him with all he had. It looked like the end when the Assassin caught Kerry and gave him the Siesta. Kerry kicked out and mounted his comeback getting the Assassin in the Kerry Coil for the victory and to become the new RWA TV Champion.

The Dogg Pound vs Money Inc. Rodney Mack was the only one from the Dogg Pound that made it to the show. But Mack wanted the team of Money inc so he agreed to a handicap match. Mike Austin and Acid teamed up for Money Inc. They had a great game plan, they tried to cut the ring off and work over Mack's leg and back. Mack is just relentless when it comes to fighting and kept coming back on them. The Loose Cannon came to the ring to partner with Mack who made the hot tag to him. Cannon had Money Inc on the ropes but with Big Money and Rage at ringside Money Inc gained control and that's when all hell broke loose. Rage hit the ring followed by the whole dressing room. It was an all out fight all over the building. The ref DQ'd both teams and Money Inc walked away with the RWA Championship. This is not over by a long shot.

It was a good show for the 4th of July with 100+ in the building.

Credit: rwareporter

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RRO Wednesday Conversation with Brian Thompson - Thompson Leaves NEW!!

----Brian Thompson has decided to leave his post as head announcer at New Experience Wrestling (NEW) with tomorrow night’s event in West Memphis, AR, being his last show. This came as a surprise to a lot of people at NEW as it seemed Thompson was tailor-made for this position and the work he did in the promotion in 2008 helped him win RRO “Announcer of the Year.”

----Brian Thompson came on the local scene first doing interviews of local talents for several wrestling websites. He did some announcing for the old MSWA promotion while working full time with Gateway Championship Wrestling in St. Louis, MO. Thompson was also there for the ECW tryout for “Riot Squad” [Paul & Rick Justice] with Coach BT vs “Total Kaos” [Christian Jacobs/Kade] in January 2001 in Poplar Bluff, MO. He would work with Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW), at the time a WWF developmental territory, where his long time relationship with Bobby Eaton began. Thompson would later form Lethal Attitude Wrestling (LAW) with Jeff O’Dell and Kelly Warner and this is also the first time that he worked with Ken Wayne. His second stint with Wayne started when Wayne was booking for the Columbus, MS promotion All Pro Championship Wrestling. When Wayne started NEW, he knew he had to get the best announcer in the area for not only the company’s lead announcer role, but also for his work backstage and his wrestling mind. Thompson has a public relations/marketing degree from Arkansas State University.

----Thompson earlier this year formed the team of “Midnight Gold,” when he came up with the idea of taking a local guy and teaming him with wrestling legend Bobby Eaton. His duties as manager have kept him busy on Saturday nights and he has been working closely with PWA and Jamie Jay also. RRO had the chance to talk with RRO “Columnist of the Year” Thompson on Wednesday afternoon about leaving NEW and his future plans.

----Rumor is that you just started taking more dates as a manager to beat “Hollywood” Jimmy for “Manager of the Year” 2009? LOL

That is strictly what you said it is BT – a rumor! I’ve always enjoyed managing Bobby. Probably the two most fun times in my career were 2004-05 when Bobby and I worked the Mid-South loop and now with Bobby and “Golden Boy” doing “Midnight Gold.” If the fans and readers of this site, along with the boys in the business, so choose to nominate me for an award for my managerial work, I will be very honored, but I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunder. Jimmy continues to be nominated and continues to win because he is good at what he does.

----Tell us the main reason for leaving NEW?

Time or lack thereof is the main culprit. Also, I feel that I am no longer giving a quality performance like I did earlier on and in the past. I’m still giving 100 percent each time out, but that 100 percent is not nearly as good as it was say five or six months ago. When NEW first started, I had nothing else wrestling related on my calendar. Now, I’m working with Midnight Gold, managing them and arranging some of our dates along with “Golden Boy,” I have several wrestling media projects in conjunction with RRO that I am waaaay behind on and I’m helping Jamie Jay with his PWA promotion in the Wynne, AR area. I also want to be more involved with the promotions that Midnight Gold works for such as RWA and ASWF. I want to assist where needed and wanted. Oh yeah, and Monday thru Friday I work a 40-hour per week job that is not always from 8:30 to 4:30. Sometimes it involves night and weekend work. So when you factor all of that in, one day I had to look in the mirror and say, “Something has to go. I need to slow down.” If NEW, we’re the only thing I had going, things might be different. But they are not. That’s the main reason. I have backed myself into a corner and have overloaded my plate. I’ve got to slow down a bit.

----Is there a chance that you would return to NEW if they got a real TV deal and money was involved??

It’s really not about TV. Actually, I’ve discussed various scenarios about TV when it happens for NEW. Realistically, all that would do is make me even busier which is the problem now. If I based my wrestling career on how much money I make, I would have given up a long time ago. (LOL)

----What do you see in NEW that you like and what do you dislike??

I like the talent that has graced NEW rings since the beginning. I can’t think of anyone who has worked there that hasn’t at least “looked” like a pro wrestler as far as being in condition and having wrestling gear, etc. The set-up is nice and good for young guys to cut their teeth in a TV type environment. It feels like an old studio style show, which it is. Also, the guys learn how to cut interviews in front of a live audience. They learn proper TV timing. Not too many places offer that these days. You don’t get directions that say, “Go 10 to 15 minutes.” You are told, “You have exactly X amount of minutes in your segment.” That includes interviews, introductions, bell to bell in ring time and post match. It’s really good for the crew to learn this, especially those who move on to say a WWE or a TNA. Of course, having veterans like Ken Wayne and Downtown Bruno around is phenomenal. If you can’t learn from them, find another occupation!

As far as dislikes, I think the product is missing that big “it” factor that makes you want to come to the show. The interviews that the guys do are often decent to good, to great in some cases. But as far as anybody compelling you to come watch them week after week, it is just not there. Of course, I could point to not having a TV spot as part of that issue which it is. I think as characters are developed and personalities come through, some of that will end. But right now, that’s a problem. I’d still like to see additional advertising and maybe some survey work. Find out what attracts fans to the show one week, yet doesn’t make them HAVE to be there next week. I felt like most of the shows were decent to good to excellent, but I didn’t HAVE to be there.

----Since you are stepping away from NEW and have been close to the situation, what are your thoughts on the whole Eric Wayne controversy??

I do not think that Eric intentionally tried to hurt either Scott Fury or Greg King. I don’t think he is that coldhearted. At least I hope he isn’t. (LOL) I do think he could have been much wiser in move selection on the kick that injured King. It is one thing to get a black eye, but to break bones in the face is not something that you expect to occur when you give your body to an opponent. I think Eric should work on his move selection to make sure that there is almost no way that he could severely injure someone with such a shot. As far as some of the other stuff like internet reports and going back and forth arguing online, I would stay away from that. I would take the opinions that I care about and see if they have any substance to help me and the rest I would forget about. I’ve been bad about taking things personally when I read a message board post. But that’s a waste of your time. Take the constructive advice and apply it. Forget the wasteful stuff. As far as the Randy Orton deal, I would have advised him against saying what he said. I would have simply introduced myself to him and gone on about my business. The less you say sometimes put you in fewer possible predicaments.

----What are you plans for rest of the year?

Well, my day to day job keeps me busy. I have found a wonderful profession that pays fair and has lots of opportunities. So I’ll be very focused there. As far as wrestling, I’ll keep helping Jamie Jay with his local group, I want to be as involved with RWA and ASWF and whatever other promotions that Midnight Gold works for, I’ll be busy scheduling Midnight Gold dates around Bobby’s North Carolina schedule, I’ll be busy with RRO stuff including soon to be announced books and I’ll spend time with my family. At the end of the day, family comes first and that’s another reason I needed to sit back and evaluate. I don’t want to wake up in 30 years and realize that I neglected my family.

----“Nightmare” Ken Wayne sent in the following in regards to Thompson leaving…

"I regret his leaving NEW, he and John Steele are the best announce team around. Michael Ward will be sitting in his seat temporarily, although no one can replace Brian, we will be looking for someone to fill his spot. Brian has been so good at everything he has done for us, we will miss him and hope he comes back by once in awhile, he will always be welcome to sit in and do his thing. Thanks for everything Brian…..We wish him the best in his future endeavors….lol."


Shows of the Weekend 7.09 to 7.11.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule shows plus remember TFW is back in business in Skyline, MS. Below is a big show for tonight!! A really good lineup - it should be a great show. Lane vs DK on the undercard.

PWA show in Parkin, AR at the Old High School Gym

Bishop vs. John Cage

"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (w/Brian Thompson) vs. Dylan Crest

Derrick King (w/Angelina) vs. Austin Lane (w/Nikki Lane)

Tommy Wayne vs. Ray Ray

Matt Riviera & Johnny Morton vs. Jamie Jay & Jamie Lee

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 7.03.09

-JR Manson beat Gunner Thompson when Tim Edwards interfered.

-Dazzlin Dixie beat Tim Edwards, when Gunner came out to interfere to help Dixie win.

-DCW Champion Chris Rocker beat JR Manson after Manson came out to brag about his win earlier. Rocker won with a frogsplash.

-Tim Edwards beat Gunner Thompson. Edwards used a bunch of stuff including chairs and signs. He “injured” Gunner’s ankle and even ran after Gunner’s wife. Brian Steele made the save.

-“The Good Ol’Boys” [Gaylon Ray/Shannon Lee] beat Motley Cruz/Mad Money Mike.


----I was told there were only 2 paid at 7:50 PM for the show. Final number look to be in the 40s…They are promoting a big show called “Summer Lockdown” as an all day event…Rocker vs Manson was said to have been a good match along with the main event when Cruz was in.

Lawler IS RUNNING for Mayor!!

----So what do you the readers of RRO think of this?? Does he really have a chance?? I don't think so. And, the photo below just cracked me up!! Does it make you laugh as much as me?? LOL


MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Wrestler Jerry 'The King' Lawler announced Wednesday morning that he will run for Memphis mayor in a special election, barring any "surprises" from the outgoing Mayor Willie Herenton.

Lawler made the announcement during the Young and Elder Show on KIX106 Wednesday morning. He was careful to preface his statement, saying "We don't know what to expect as far as what Mayor Herenton is going to do …nothing that Mayor Herenton does from this point on will surprise us."

Lawler went on to say, "Is he going to rescind his resignation?... If there is a special election for the office of mayor, Memphis, Tennessee, then Jerry Lawler will be in that election."

In an interview with FOX13 following the announcement, Lawler said that he does not plan to ask for campaign contributions, and that he was opposed to the idea of raising millions of dollars for the position of Mayor.

Likening to Jimmy Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," Lawler stated "I don't want to be known as a politician… I'm in this election to try to help Memphis be a better city."

Jerry Lawler last ran in the 1999 Mayoral election, placing third behind Willie Herenton and Joe Ford respectively with 12% of the vote.

In a 7-6 vote Tuesday night the Memphis City Council passed the resolution to accept the verbal declaration of Mayor Willie Herenton to step down on July 30th, but City Council Attorney Alan Wade is skeptical that the resolution would stand up in court if Herenton decides to stay. Herenton's original retirement date would have been Friday, July 10.

Council member Bill Boyd said, "He may be playing games with people on this council that are seeking his office."

The Election Commission can now move forward with setting a special election, according to the Memphis City Council.

Lawler's announcement is making waves around the globe as well. In an interview with the British tabloid The Sun Tuesday , Lawler said "The people of Memphis are so tired of the political circus that we have been living in for the past 18 years and hopefully, are tired of politicians in general. I would be an alternative to that since I am not a politician and never want to be one… Just someone who could bring some common sense to the office of Mayor and hopefully make my hometown of Memphis a city that people want to come to, instead of move away from."

Here's the link to the video

Credit My Fox Memphis

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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.04.09

----D-Rock put this up on I had the chance to see this show and it was horrible. The only good thing for the second week in a row was "Hollywood" Jimmy segment. D-Rock did a good job also. This is the kind of stuff that Maclin needs to do on every show.

The first forty-five minutes of the show was just a replay of last week's show. For those who may have missed it, check out last week's results at

During the final moments of the Lawler and Dundee 400th Match from Parsons, Tennessee, the Memphis Wrestling intro started. This was followed by a flashing graphic, advertising the free wrestling show that took place Saturday at Jerry Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Corey Maclin is joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart for a special hour and a half edition of Memphis Wrestling.

Lance Russell joined them by telephone to discuss the final match between Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. Lance said he's seen Lawler and Dundee face each other on numerous occasions and have never seen a bad match, yet. Hart asked just to put the icing on the cake if Jerry Calhoun was going to be the referee for this final clash. Lawler confirmed that Jerry Calhoun would indeed be the referee for the match. Lawler spoke highly of Lance Russell's ability to remember all kinds of matches. Lawler told Russell, "I know you go around, reminding elephants of stuff they've forgotten." Lawler brought up the disagreement that Dundee and he are having regarding the total number of wins and losses that each has. Both feel like they are ahead. Lawler said, "I can't imagine losing to Bill Dundee two hundred times! Good grief!" Jerry informed Lance that they were going to have a special hookup at Minglewood Hall, so he could hear all the action. Lance verified, once again, that he's never seen a greater match, anywhere, anytime than Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. Lance added, "And you know, I've been around a bunch of em with the WCW and I've saw the great Ric Flair in a lot of his matches and all of the Anderson boys and all of that. Never have I've seen competition like Lawler and Dundee." Corey told Lance that we gotta get him back up here to Memphis, real soon. Lance said that sounds good to him because he loves to see all the Memphis Wrestling fans because there "No better ones anywhere in the world." Corey informed Lance that they are going to be on until twelve thirty, on their old time slot, today. Lance Russell took us to break, by saying, "Ok! We'll be back and we'll have more action, coming up, in just a moment!"

Commercial with Corey Maclin and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart plugging Corey Maclin's upcoming radio show on KWAM 990 on Monday morning at 8AM. Jimmy Hart was the special co-host and they were having a big surprise guest. To read all about Corey Maclin's radio show with Jerry Lawler hinting at running for Mayor of Memphis, be sure to check out the earlier post that can also be found at

Jimmy Hart said he's been thinking about all the great feuds, including Frazier and Ali in boxing and Sputnik Monroe and Billy Wicks, and, of course, there's Dundee and Lawler.

Lawler announced that, coming up in the show, we'll be seeing and hearing from a lot of guys from WWE sharing their opinion of who they think are going to win the match. Lawler said we'll hear from William Regal, Santino Marella, Joey Styles from ECW, Michael P.S. Hayes from The Fabulous Freebirds, Chris Jericho, Michael Cole, and John Cena. Unfortunately, since they showed so much of last week's show earlier, we only got to see William Regal and Michael Hayes from the list of names.

Opening the Vault footage, featuring a match between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jeff Jarrett. Referee Jerry Calhoun ended up taking a bump when Jarrett flew off the top-rope landing on both he and Lawler. "Superstar" Bill Dundee ran out and blasted Jarrett with a chain, enabling Lawler to make the pin and get the three count. Following the match, Jarrett complained to Referee Jerry Calhoun, saying he was hit by Dundee, who had a chain. Calhoun got Dundee to come out. Dundee attacked Jarrett, again, with the chain, knocking him out of the ring and onto the floor. Once on the outside, Dundee bashed Jarrett's head in with a couple steel chair shots and ran Jarrett into the ring post. Lawler would come out to intervene, but would get leveled with the chair by Dundee, as well. Dundee continued his malicious attack on Jarrett until the locker room cleared out. Dundee also had some choice words for Eddie Marlin and Lance Russell as everyone held Jarrett back. I couldn't hear anything during this clip. For some reason, there was no sound at all. Here's a video of this match. I wish it had more of Dundee's assault on Jarrett and his tirade.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee called in from Long Island, New York, to talk about his match with Jerry Lawler. Jimmy Hart said that Dundee has held a grudge against him because when he first got involved in the wrestling business, he threw a chain in to "The King" and he knocked Dundee out. Dundee learned that Jerry Calhoun was going to be the referee for the match. Dundee noted that it seems like Lawler, Hart, and Calhoun are in cahoots together. Dundee said he's gonna feel like walking down Beale Street, Saturday with Lawler's crown and the bragging rights of beating Jerry Lawler for the last time. Dundee thanked all the people living in Memphis and the surrounding area for feeding him for the past 31 years. Dundee told Lawler, "This is a personal thing between you and me. We tolerated one another. We never really was in love with one another, but with Calhoun and Jimmy Hart. Man, this is like going back in time! Well, I don't really care. I'm gonna be the one bragging Saturday night!"

We hear from an old buddy of Dundee's, William Regal, who had this to say about the Lawler/Dundee match: Tonight, Memphis, there's going to be a contest of epic proportions. "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Jerry "The King' Lawler. Their four hundred and first encounter. They both hold two hundred victories each, but tonight, being a friend of mine and former manager, I have to give the winning vote to "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Because he's far superior in the ring. And being a man of, believe it or not, similar ideals and we both serve under the same Queen. Because, although, you think he's Australian, he's not. He's actually Scottish. He's just a superior person. Jerry Lawler, I like you, but tonight is not your night.

Next, we heard from Michael P.S. Hayes, who gave us these thoughts on Lawler and Dundee's Final Match: After four hundred attempts! I'm talking about not one! Not two! Not three! Not three hundred ninety-nine! Four hundred attempts! Jerry "The King" Lawler! "Superstar" Bill Dundee! Or as Lance Russell would say (Shakes head while imitating Lance, by saying, Ahh! "Superstar" Bill Dundee) They can't decide who is the best! They can't figure out which one is, literally, the best to ever hit the squared circle in Mempho! Memphis, Tennessee! I'm hollering out to you, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant! Ladies and gentlemen, we know who the best ever to strike and pose! And rock and roll in Memphis is and you're looking at him! Michael P.S. Hayes! Leader of The Fabulous Freebirds! Nevertheless, if I have to make a prediction. I'm going with Jerry "The King" Lawler! Later. (Winks)

Opening the Vault video of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee teaming together against The Fabulous Freebirds, Michael P.S. Hayes and Terry Gordy. Dundee picked up the win with a sunset flip on Michael Hayes.

Jimmy Hart mentioned that they are at Corey Maclin's Headquarters because there was a big Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk banner in the background. Corey said he doesn't have an opponent, yet in the race for Shelby County Clerk.

Lawler talked about how Downtown Bruno used to live in his backyard. This was followed by a video of Downtown Bruno giving us his pick in the Lawler and Dundee match: Hello! It's Downtown Bruno from Walls, Mississippi. I'm here to talk about Jerry "The King" Lawler against "Superstar" Bill Dundee for their four hundred and first match. Who's gonna win? Well you know what? I'm glad you came to me because I've had to think about this long and hard. I've been in the ring with both those guys, many times, and I had to decide who beat me up worse? Bill "Superstar" Dundee or "King" Jerry Lawler. Well, you know what? I thought about it cause who ever beat me up worse is, naturally, gonna beat up his opponent worse and win this big, epic match. I guarantee you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, tell you who's gonna win that match. (Takes a drink of water from a water bottle and gets choked, walking away)

Lawler said that Downtown Bruno is all choked up over the match.

Opening the Vaults with another classic Lawler and Dundee battle. Dundee picked up the win in what was described by Lance Russell as "A wild brawl."

Corey Maclin said, "I tell you who's standing by now, Jimmy Hart. A manager that you always talk about, Jimmy Blaylock!"

Jerry Lawler: Now that's one guy you don't like, right? You don't like him?

Jimmy Hart: You better believe it! Blaylock, Man! This guy like to ate us out of house and home when he was down here visiting us that time.

Jerry Lawler: I told him! I said, Blaylock, please stop eating when you get to the plate. C'mon, Man!

Corey Maclin: He'll be eating it all and the plate, huh?

Jerry Lawler: Oh my gosh! Unbelievable!

Corey Maclin: Well, he's got some words, King! And I understand, he's picking a winner.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I know. He's been going all over Mississippi, asking people who they think is going to win this big match, tonight. What's he got this time?

Corey Maclin: Everybody's talking about it. Let's hear what Jimmy Blaylock has up his sleeve.

Video of "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock with an incredibly tall and handsome, young man.

"Hollywood" Jimmy: I'm here with one of the biggest wrestling fans around. I know you've heard about it. July the Fourth! Jerry Lawler versus BILL "SUPERSTAR" DUNDEE!

Fan: Yes! Yes!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: At Minglewood Hall. Now, tell me what you think about this match, you know?

Fan: Oh, it's going to be a great match! I can't wait! Jerry "The King" Lawler! "Superstar" Bill Dundee! It's gonna be AWESOME! A fan's dream! Gonna be a Good Call, for sure! (Lifts up a Good Call sign) Good Call! Yes!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Yeah! Yeah! Ok, now, wait a minute. I know you've got your card, right there, but let's talk about Jerry "The King" Lawler. What would you put for Jerry Lawler?

Fan: Awww! Jerry "The King" (Flips sign, revealing Bad Call) Booo! (While giving the thumbs down) Awww! Gosh! I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth whenever you mentioned that name!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Ok, and what about BILL "SUPERSTAR" DUNDEE?

Fan: Woooooo!!! (Flips sign back to Good Call and gives the thumbs up) Living legend! Living legend!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Living legend! That's right! That's right! See!

Fan: Beats Jerry Lawler everyday of the week!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: No Lawler fans! Can't find a one!

Following the video, Corey Maclin, Jerry Lawler, and Jimmy Hart were talking, but there was no sound, again. There was sound problems off and on, throughout the show. This was the last thing that aired. It appeared like they had an all-new, one hour and thirty minute show prepared. I'm not sure, why they aired the first forty-five minutes of last week's program. Oh well! At least Memphis Wrestling ended on a Good Call!

Credit: D-Rock @

King in Bid for Mayoral Post

----This was posted at my RRO regular Mike Aldren

JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER is considering entering the next elections for Mayor of Memphis because he is sick of the way his home city is being run.

The former WWE announcer told SunSport that he is testing the waters before he launches an official campaign later this week.

He said: "I am going to do some media interviews and see what level of support is out there before I officially declare.

"The people of Memphis are so tired of the political circus that we have been living in for the past 18 years and hopefully, are tired of politicians in general.

"I would be an alternative to that since I am not a politician and never want to be one.

"Just someone who could bring some common sense to the office of Mayor and hopefully make my hometown of Memphis a city that people want to come to, instead of move away from.

"I will be making an announcement by the end of this week."

This would be the second time that Lawler has ran for Mayor.

During a 1999 run he garnered 11.7% of ballots, laying the SmackDown on twelve of the fifteen candidates. His platform focused on making the streets safer for residents, beautifying the city, and improving the quality of education.

The 59-year-old WWE Hall of Famer — who has held more than 140 championships in his glittering career — is perhaps inspired by fellow grappler Jesse Ventura, who successfully ran for the governorship of Minnesota.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Minglewood Hall Memphis, TN 7.04.09

-Matt Boyce beat Lani Keoloha.

-Renee & Lil Brusier beat Su Yung & Shorty Shortcakes [Reggie B. Fine on his knees].

-Koko B. Ware beat "Mr. Canada" Cody Melton

-Brian Christopher & Wolfie D beat Kevin White & Buddy Landell

-Bill Dundee w/ Hollywood Jimmy beat Jerry Lawler

----Attendance around 100, which can not make them very happy...Landell/White as a team was probably fun - "Team Nature Boy"...No Shows Jamie Dundee, Doug Gilbert and a Midget...I was wondering what happened to Melton?? He would be a guy for one of these local promotions to pick up doing his Canadian gimmick...I am just cracking up thinking about Reggie B Fine on his knees doing a midget gimmick.

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling West Memphis, AR 7.04.09

-Tattoo beat Baron Malkavain

-Dustin Starr over Johnny Dotson after Derrick interfered.

-Brian Christopher beat Derrick King

-Kevin White beat Jerry Lawler after Bill Dundee distracted Lawler.

----I was told there were "a lot" of people that showed up to watch the event.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 7.03.09

Derrick King/Seth Knight was a no contest after the action spilled onto the floor. The dressing room cleared to seperate the two. Law & Order (Ricky Hayes & Tim Davis) said this would reach a conclusion next week.

Biscuit Def. Rockin Randy after Randy tried to use a chain but was rolled up for the three by Biscuit.

Christian Jacobs def. NBW High Risk Champion Tommy Redneck in a non title match. Redneck tried to leave the ring in the end but was thrown back in by Biscuit. he was then speared by Jacobs who then pinned him.

NBW/SOB Heavyweight Champion Mark justice def. Eric Hayes by pinfall after executing the hard justice finisher. Eric's dad Ricky Hayes was special Referee. Justice told Law & Order that remember he has to drive thru the Bootheel of Missouri to get to NBW every week. After match Justice attacked Ricky Hayes. Tim Davis run out. then two men wearing bandannas over their faces and hoods came out and attacked Law & Order and Eric Hayes. They unmasked to reveal the Missouri Bad Boys. They continued their attack which saw Mark Justice light firecrackers and throw them on Eric Hayes.

Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews def. AJ Ray/The Kid in a bsaic tag match. Ray who is heel turned on Kid who is baby after match. Moore and Andrews helped kid up.

Jon Michael/Mark Justice had their contract signing for SummerJam2009. Justice told Micheal he wasn't signing the contract. Micheal said he was so he would for sure get next title shot. As he went to sign it Justice attacked him, but Michael quickly turned the tide and signed the contract, and then made Justice sign it too.

Main Event- The Marvel Stan Lee def. Superman Jason Reed by countout after trapping him in the apron and getting back in the ring before the ref counted to ten. postmatch Reed attacked Lee but he was saved by Moore and Andrews. Reed told them next week Five Starr Returns!!!

As stated earlier NBW presents SummerJam 2009 on July 25.
already signed
NBW Heavyweight Title

The Enforcer Mark Justice defends title against The Trendsetter Jon Michael

NBW Tag Titles

Dustin Five Starr/Superman Jason Reed defends their titles against Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews

Also "Midnight Gold" ["Beautiful" Bobby Eaton/"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson will be there headlining the card.

Funny side note they're promoting Bobby Eaton as a former wwe/wcw superstar. I don't remember Eaton in wwe?

Credit: Billy Besinger

----I am not sure if Eaton worked officially on WWE shows, but he was a trainer at the old MCW developmental group...No attendance was given...It will be interesting to see what Gold will draw with their main feud being Starr/Reed vs Moore/Andrews...RRO will be attending that show because the building has an AC now!! LOL

Jerry Lawler Hints At Running For Memphis Mayor??

----Recap was posted by D-Rock @, but reported yesterday in their post, "Latest twist throws Memphis mayor's race into chaos" the following.....

Another potential candidate emerged when Jerry Lawler, the Memphis wrestler who won less than 12 percent of the vote in a 1999 bid, said he was considering a run.

Recap of this morning's Corey Maclin Radio Show on KWAM 990:

Corey Maclin opened the show, by mentioning how there is quite a lot of buzz going around about Jerry "The King" Lawler and they will talk to him shortly. Then, Corey was joined at the radio station by his special co-host for the show, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Hart joked about how his trip consisted of flying At Your Own Risk Airlines and staying at The Corey Maclin Hotel.

Jerry "The King" Lawler called in while on Northwest Airlines, traveling to New York to do voiceover for tonight's RAW. Lawler announced that he is strongly considering running for Mayor of Memphis, although, he's not made anything official, yet. He said he's just testing the waters, right now. It was stated, during the show that Lawler must file by July 16th to be in the special election that will be held in October. They discussed how he will only have shortly over eighty days to prepare if he chooses to run. Lawler added that he feels there are too many politicians involved now, that make loads of promises, but fail to deliver. Lawler said, "We need to make Memphis a city that people want to come to instead of one that people want to leave. Memphis should be a magnet that attracts people." Lawler pointed out that President Obama won the election by stressing one word, change, and feels like he can improve Memphis by creating change.

Jimmy Hart asked Lawler if he would give up Monday Night Raw and the monthly pay-per-views? Lawler answered that he would strongly consider giving them up. Lawler said before he left that he has a few more meetings that has to take place and will let everyone know more this Wednesday morning, when he appears on the Young & Elder show on Kix 106.

Jimmy Hart said that if Lawler decides to join the race, that would make about ten people in all, so that would be like a good old fashion Memphis Battle Royal.

Pastor Michael Biton led us with a Monday morning Inspirational Thought.

Fellow KWAM radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, called in. Corey and Jimmy asked Thaddeus how much money the Mayor of Memphis makes a year. Thaddeus answered $200,000. They said that means that Lawler loves Memphis, because he would have to take a significant pay cut from what he's currently making in the WWE. Maclin noted how Lawler also does artwork for DC Comics.

Jack Eaton called in, backing Lawler for Mayor. Jimmy Hart said that Eaton used to do the play-by-play for his Treadwell football games back when he played. Jack Eaton spoke of his new book of poems, which Corey Maclin gave away a copy to one lucky listener, along with a Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk t-shirt and bumper sticker.

Up next, was Wanda Liner and, well, she had a lot of one-liners. This was interesting. I'm not sure if Corey was expecting that.

Political Hotbox with Bret Thompson and Tennessee Representative for the 86th District, Barbara Cooper. They discussed how this Friday is when Mayor Willie Herenton will step down from his position as Mayor of Memphis.

Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart mentioned the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, along with the recent tragic death of Former Tennessee Titans Quarterback, Steve McNair. Corey and Jimmy sent out their prayers and condolences to McNair's wife, Mechelle, and his children. Jimmy Hart stated how Reggie B. Fine would always say, "I ain't made no money in wrestling since The Jackson 5 broke up!" Talks turned to basketball, with Jimmy Hart saying he knew that former Memphis Tigers coach, John Calipari, would go where the money was. Maclin was excited about the Memphis Grizzlies possibly striking a deal with Allen Iverson and his upcoming trip to the MLB All-Star Game.

Jimmy Hart joked with Corey, telling about how after church, yesterday, they went to McDonald's and Corey bought his kids one milkshake with six straws.

Corey announced that the Department of Transportation are going to have a meeting, this week. Jimmy Hart wondered if anyone else ever noticed that whenever they are doing construction, there's always twenty guys looking at the one guy that's working.

Corey Maclin ended the show, by saying that next week he will discuss how he's going to help make things more efficient for Shelby County.

Corey Maclin also announced that he is now on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. You can also check out his website at

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.27.09

----This was posted on Friday by D-Rock @ I am going to try to get caught up on the last three week's of ratings sometime later this week. They really did a hard sell job on the Lawler vs Dundee stuff, but most of the stuff was just bad. The best thing on this whole show was the Hollywood Jimmy interview with Tony Watts. Watts was hilarious!! PG-13 stuff was fun to watch also.

Corey Maclin began with a special note remembering, honoring, and respecting the legacy of "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson, who passed away last Thursday, June 25, 2009. On this edition of Memphis Wrestling, they salute and honor the lifelong legacy of Michael Jackson.

Corey mentioned that they had technical difficulties, a couple weeks ago. The station was actually off the air due to bad weather. They apologized for the inconvience, but they are back on, this week, with another big week of Memphis Wrestling.

Upcoming show at Minglewood Hall THIS SATURDAY on the Fourth of July! What a HUGE lineup, including a six man tag team bout and the final conflict between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Bill "Superstar" Dundee. Minglewood Hall is located at 1555 Madison Avenue. Corey said we'll be hearing from "The King" and "The Superstar", later on in the show.

Also on the Fourth of July, at 1:00PM, there's going to be FREE Memphis Wrestling over at Jerry Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas, located right across the Old Bridge off the first exit. Here's the deal, be one of the first 500 fans to come by Jerry Lawler's Fireworks at 1:00PM and you will get a free coupon for half off your ticket price for the action, later that same night at Minglewood Hall. Corey Maclin and the television cameras will be there rolling. Coming up on the show, we'll take a look at some classic matches with Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.

New commercial airs with Corey Maclin and his daughter, Carmen, who celebrated her fifth birthday, last Monday. Corey said that Carmen was going to join him as his special co-host on KWAM 990 at 8AM Monday morning. Corey asked Carmen what she wanted for her birthday. Cute commercial.

Following the break, Corey showed us the latest edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated with Mick Foley on the cover. On the inside, there was a picture of Bill Dundee with Jerry Lawler in a sleeperhold. The match, coming up, this Saturday, July 4th, will be Match #401, with the feud tied up with 200 victories for Lawler and 200 for Dundee. Match #401 is the final conflict, the final straw and for all the marbles. Lawler vs Dundee, coming up, this Saturday, July 4th at Minglewood Hall.

Highlights of four classic battles featuring Lawler and Dundee to the tunes of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" and "Bad". One of the videos that was featured was this classic.

Corey announced that J.C. Ice and Wolfie D, that's right! PG-13 are on their way back to Memphis for the BIG night of wrestling on the Fourth of July at Minglewood Hall! They will be teaming up with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher on the Fourth of July show at Minglewood Hall.

We take a look at PG-13 in action. This was a very good video that included J.C. Ice and Wolfie D rapping. PG-13 was described in the package as the most successful tag team in USWA, since the glory days of The Fabulous Ones. This video also touched on the fact that the team debuted in the USWA in 1993 and over the years would go on to become 7-time USWA tag team champions. Highlights were shown of PG-13 in action against the likes of 1-2-3 Kid, Jerry Lawler, their violent feud with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, and their battle in Louisville, Kentucky during June of 1995, when they defeated the legendary Rock n' Roll Express. I wasn't able to find the exact video that was shown, but I ran across this one that features a lot of really cool PG-13 moments.

Corey spoke with Jerry "The King" Lawler on the telephone. Jerry talked about his final conflict match against Bill "Superstar" Dundee. Lawler stated, "That's going to be the final conflict and the final fight ever between Bill "Superstar" Dundee and "The King"! You've seen it before, but you'll never see it again! Bill came to The United States from Australia, back in the mid 70s. I think 1976 or 77, something like that. So, you're talking about a span of thirty years and a lot of matches that me and Dundee have had against each other. This will be the very last one." Lawler said he had a problem with the total with the way the tallies were counted because he thinks he's ahead and Dundee claims he's won more than the two hundred. "Maybe that's just the way we both remember it, but apparently, it's even. So, this is gonna be the final fight and after this, never again, will I face Bill Dundee in a wrestling ring or will he face "The King" in a wrestling ring, but one of us, somebody is gonna come out the victor. There must be a winner in this match and so somebody is gonna have the upper hand when this is all over after July 4th. Jerry stated that a lot of fans from all over the country and a lot of the other wrestlers are interested in this match because Dundee and Lawler wrestled all over the Mid-South area, during their four hundred matches, including matches they had in places like Louisville, Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Tupelo, Mississippi. "We wrestled all over the Mid-South area, hundreds of times." "The King" also announced that PG-13 wanted to be there and will be coming back to team up with Brian Christopher. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel is also coming back to Memphis to team with "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. And The Spellbinder will be making his return to Memphis Wrestling. "It's gonna be a big night, July 4th! Talk about fireworks. You know everybody's used to seeing Jerry Lawler's Fireworks all around on New Year's and the Fourth of July. Well, we are gonna have some fireworks, but they are all gonna be unloaded on Bill Dundee on July 4th!"

They show Match #400 from Parsons, Tennessee, between Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. This video featured music from Michael Jackson's hit, "Man in the Mirror". Lawler got the win by rolling up Dundee with a schoolboy after pulling the tights just a little.

Corey Maclin started to speak with "Superstar" Bill Dundee, but suddenly they went to some more highlights from a classic Lawler/Dundee match. So, we didn't hear from Dundee. Not sure what happened there.

Next, was local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews from KWAM 990 that can be heard on weekdays between 4-7PM. Thaddeus discussed being verbally and physically attacked by "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware during The recent Raleigh-Frayser Block Party for Peace event. I believe Thaddeus referred to Koko as Koko "The Bird Brain" Ware. Thaddeus said Koko found out he was no push over and served Koko notice, in the words of another great Memphian, "There's no punk bone in my body. So, my friend, let me tell you this, I am no wrestler. You are right. You are in the world fame. The Hall of Fame or whatever it is that you wrestlers do, but I am the best at what I do. I am from the streets of North Memphis and anytime that you want to make it do what it do, then let's do it!" (To quote Booker T: "Tell me he didn't just say that!")

Now, we take a listen to some of the stars that are talking about the Fourth of July with "The King" and "The Superstar"

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock had this to say: You know what? July the Fourth, at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee, it's gonna be Bill "Superstar" Dundee against Jerry Lawler! First of all, (takes off sunglasses) I wanna say something. Jerry Lawler, you're going down because you know what? They need to clean up Memphis, Tennessee! You know they can't do anything until they get rid of you. That's why the crime rate is so high in Memphis, Tennessee, is because of people like you! Let me tell you something, right now. This is a stranger, right here. Come here! Come here!

(A man wearing an Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling shirt that looks identical to XOW Promoter, Tony Watts, comes into the picture)

"Hollywood" Jimmy: I've never met you at all. (Extends hand)

Tony Watts: (Shakes hand and starts pointing) You're a... You're the tv..

"Hollywood" Jimmy: (Looking into the camera) I'm the tv star!

Tony Watts: You're "Hollywood" Jimmy!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: I'm a Memphis legend! Yeah!

Tony Watts: Hey! Can I... Can I have your autograph?

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Yeah, you can have my autograph in a little bit, but first of all. I want you to say it real loud. You know July the Fourth. Everybodies talking about it.

Tony Watts: Yes, I've heard.

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Jerry Lawler versus BILL "SUPERSTAR" DUNDEE!

Tony Watts: Hey, I like Dundee!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Now, who are you going to be for and why?

Tony Watts: I like Dundee. Dundee is the man! Dundee, when he came back to Memphis in 1975, you know, he was a young talented star. I mean, now, he's a legend. Lawler has been following him in his footsteps and I want to tell you something about Lawler. Lawler makes me sick because one reason. He's got his head this deep (pointing to his neck) shoulder deep in Vince McMahon's butt!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: Hahahaha! That's true! That's true!

Tony Watts: And I want to tell you something, Lawler. I don't like you. I mean, you ran for Mayor of Memphis and you lost. You're a loser! You've been a loser all your life, Lawler! I tell you, I don't even watch RAW no more because it makes me sick everytime I hear you talk and laugh!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: (Shaking head) I can't stand him! I can't stand him!

Tony Watts: You make me sick, Lawler! You suck!

"Hollywood" Jimmy: See, that's on the streets, right here, in Memphis, Tennessee, but you know what? I wanna talk to even more people about this match, coming up!

Next, we heard from Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Hi! This is Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. I know Bill Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler have wrestled many, many times, but you know what? I'm picking Bill Dundee to whip Jerry Lawler!

Bert Prentice: (Eating a pastry) Oh! Hey, Everybody! Welcome to my kitchen. Four hundred matches, huh? Lawler and Dundee, the final time! The final fight! Fourth of July! I wouldn't be anywhere else! I think my money is on old Dundee. I think he'll pull it out, one more time. See you at Minglewood Hall, July 4th. That's where the real fireworks are gonna be!

Cleveland Indians Second Baseman, Jamey Carroll: In the final match between "The King" and Dundee. You know, I've seen it hundreds of times. I think I'm gonna go with "The King". He's gonna bring this one home. End on a high note. So, go get em, King! I'm all for ya, Buddy!


1:00PM at Jerry "The King" Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas
Kicking things off on the Fourth of July, at 1:00PM, there's going to be FREE Memphis Wrestling over at Jerry Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas, located right across the Old Bridge off the first exit. Here's the deal, be one of the first 500 fans to come by Jerry Lawler's Fireworks at 1:00PM and you will get a free coupon for half off your ticket price for the action, later that same night at Minglewood Hall. Corey Maclin and the television cameras will be there rolling.

7:00PM at Minglewood Hall, located at 1555 Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee
It's The Final Conflict between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Bill "Superstar" Dundee! You've seen it before, but you'll never see it again! Come see these two Memphis Legends do battle for the very last time! This show will also feature the return of PG-13, J.C. Ice & Wolfie D as they team with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher in 6-Man Action against "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. The Spellbinder and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock will be there and many, many more! Be sure you're there live to witness all the fireworks of Memphis Wrestling on The Fourth of July!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 7.03.09

-The Dirty South Boys beat Dalton Diamond/Christopher Jade

-RPW Southern Il Champion Mekka 9 retained the title beating Mike Michaels

-Tojo Yamamoto JR beat Farmer Billy Hills managed by Coach

-Diabla/Miss Mizzery beat Red Rum Husein/Chivas Jr

-Iceman Danny Ice/Nighttrain beat PrettyBoy/Mr. Kryptonite

-RPW Tag Team Champs The Devil Rejects managed by Nick Steele went to DDQ vs Just Zach/Dustin Estrella

----Crowd was 76 paid…Crowd was treated to fireworks after the show…Nighttrain is billed as 6’ 8” 400 lbs…Who the hell is this “Coach” dude?? LOL

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.04.09

What a Independence Day show we had tonight! Even with it being the fourth of July we had a 110+ fans in the building! Just like every Saturday night we would begin with the playing of our national anthem.

Our first match of the night was an ASWF Heavywieght Title Match between Mike Anthony and Justin "The Juice" Smart. At the beginning of the match both men would appear to show equal strength not letting one get control over the other. And between all of this Justin would request that the referee search Anthony again. When Smart was asked why he stated that it was because he was black and didn't trust him. Justin Smart would prove to be too much for Anthony for a second week in a row. Smart would get a roll up pin and keep his title. However when Justin would turn his back on Mike Anthony he would get hit from behind dragged to the ring and Anthony would use his finisher on Smart and take his title for now. Justin would state that he would get his title back tonight or there would be blood.

The second match of the night was Cody Only vs X-Kaliber with Athena Eclipse in his corner. Cody Only would start off with a huge momentum . Athena would then begin to try to put things in X-Kaliber's corner by distracting Cody Only. Even though he was at disadvantage Cody Only would march on until his already injured arm, from last week, would be yet again be under attack. X-Kaliber was like animal feeding off the pain of Cody Only. Only would try to plant his LTO, but after that failed attempt X-Kaliber would land the Sword and Stone and get the victory. X-Kaiber would further state that LSD had been put on notice by Ego Trip.

Tonights third match was a tag team match between Danger Zone (John Ellison/David Cox) and Demon X/Johnny Harper. Harper would come off to a great start with some powerful side headlock takedowns. But just as you guessed it Danger Zone would be up to no good throughout the match. Hot Rod John Ellison would end up using a chain against Johnny Harper behind the referee's back and get the 1, 2, 3. After the win Danger Zone would begin bragging on their win and showing the chain that they used on Harper. While their back was turned Demon X would show the referee that Ellison had the chain. The referee would reverse his decision making Demon X and Johnny Harper the winners.

Our Semi-Main event was Big Rig Cody Murdoch taking on Idol Bane. Two of the largest superstars in the ASWF would go mano y mano in what would be a nothing short of an all out brawl. Cody Murdoch would be off to a great start but both would be evenly matched with strength and size. Idol Bane would finally get control and Irish Whip Murdoch into the ropes and plant a Big Boot on the kisser of Cody Murdoch. Idol would go for the pin but would fall short when Murdoch kicked out before the 3. After a few failed attempts by Cody Murdoch to use his finisher the Flatbed on Idol Bane, Bane would capitalize and use his finsher ending the match and giving him the win. However, after the match when he was headed to the locker room X-Kaliber would come out and hit Idol in the head with a foreign object knocking him out in the aisle.

The Main Event would be a match of speed and agility. Ray Ray and Christopher Lee would take on Tommy Wayne and Regulator. Ray and Regulator would start off this match with Ray in control. Ray would plant a few heart pounding chops to Regulator. Ray would make the tag to Lee, but it wasn't too long before Lee would be in trouble. Both teams would fight tooth and nail to try and get the victory tonight. The referee would finally loose control of the match with all four contenders in the ring at the same time. Just as action was about to go in and out of the ring, Tommy Wayne would low blow Ray Ray and Regulator would get the pin.

Next Week:

ASWF Title Match
Justin "The Juice" Smart
Mike Anthony

Tuckerman Street Fight
Johnny Hawk
Austin Lane

Credit: Terrence Ward @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.03.09

The first 4 matches were first round matches in a tournament to crown a new Lightweight Champion.

"The Future" Chris Styles defeated "Spectacular" Shawn Reed. Chris Styles advances to the next round.

DC won a 3-way match over LSD & Chris Chaos. DC advances.

Jay Webster defeated Curly Moe. Webster advances.

Josh Matthews w.Shawn Reed defeated Suicide. Matthews advances.

Mason w/T-Byrd defeated Hitman.

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor.

Chop Top the Clown defeated "Big Daddy" Neno.

TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & DJ Stunner defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) w/Tony Watts when Watts hit Pappy with a kendo stick.

I counted 128 in the crowd.

I am impressed with the amount of work that was done at the new building to get ready for this first event. The TFW crew had only 5 days to get the building ready, and they did a good job. Much more will be done in the coming week I am sure.

This coming Friday night's TFW card will include the second round of the tournament to crown a new Lightweight champion. Also Tony Watts said the Asylum will be back and "nobody is safe." Don't miss it - it all happens this Friday night at the new TFW Arena at 2913 Hwy. 178 in Skyline. Bell time is 8:00.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 7.03 & 7.04.09

Southern States Wrestling at the American Legion Carnival in Kingsport TN

Friday July 3 7 PM

*Misty James beat Kassie Rains
*Beau James beat Jeff Storm by DQ after Rains got involved to set up a mix tag
*Misty and Beau James beat Jeff Storm and Kassie Raines.
After the match Storm yelled at Rains for "causing him to lose" as he went to grab her she kicked him low and left with the James Family

Saturday July 4th 5 PM

Beau James beat Eddie Browning
Jamey Gibson w/ Rebecca Lynn beat Mike Cooper
Ray Idol beat Jeff Storm by DQ when Gibson jumped in
Cooper and Idol beat Gibson and Storm

Over 300 watching Friday Night with a little less watching Saturday after noon. This was the 5th set of events that SSW has done for Nicely Family Midway.

Beau James is Manager of the carnival that is owned by long time friend. He also promotes the carnival and sales side events to sponsors like wrestling, car shows, live music etc to help draw people in to the carnival. James, Kassie Rains and EZ Money were in the Kingsport American Legion 4th of July Parade.

They have more events coming up in East TN and SW VA. The next SSW Event is Next Saturday July 11 Unicoi County Fair in Erwin TN 7pm Belltime featuring ECW WWE Star EZ Money

Sunday, July 05, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 7.03.09

-Alan Steele/"TGB" Greg Anthony over Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles
-Eric Wayne beat Matt Justyce
-Kid Nikels beat Dan Matthews

----40 in the building...All students, except Steele/TGB. This is actually the goal of the promotion - to have a solid crew of all students and maybe two or three outsiders...Downtown Bruno was the ref...Brian Thompson and John Steele were announcing with Michael Ward doing warms up and such.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 7.03.09

54 attended

Kevin Dunn b Convict

James Duncan b Saint

Bryan Casey b JC Crowe

Lee Cross b USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier in a non-title match

Rick Santel b Xavier Mustafa

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b LT Falk & Psycho Medic when Crowe pinned Falk

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 7.03.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 7-3-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Big Brad Simpson def. The Destroyer & Hostile Brian Michaels in a handicap match

Sgt. Payne© defeated J-Rage to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Blaze def. Knockout Kid

Kilo wrestled Buckwild Bill to a no contest

Wildside def. Chico Mendoza by DQ

Lawman Williams def. Devon Day© in a Texas Bullrope match to win his 16th TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title

• Notes:
• Attendance:88
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville, Tn. Friday Aug. 7th
• Lawman Williams remains undefeated in Bullrope Matches
• TIWF will be having a major announcement in the next few weeks involving running another weekly show in another town in addition to their Trenton shows and Brownsville shows.
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams, Twinkie

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Credit: Steven Hunter