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Stacy Carter Update!!

----Stacy sent RRO an message thru Facebook the other day to confirm the reality show story and let us know what it was about!!

"I am going to be starting a reality show soon about my real estate company & my wrestling career."

Loose Cannon Out for 3 to 5 Months!!

----Tia over at reported the following yesterday...

Loose Cannon suffers knee injury in the ring.

He suffered a Fracture to his knee along with a tore Meniscus and is expecting to be out 3 to 5 months to heal up.

Although there is no surgery required now, but if the injury is not heal right there's a outside chance of surgery later on.

----RRO and family wish him a speedy recovery!!

Greg King Jr Car Photo!!

----As reported earlier this week, RRO Rookie of the Year 2008 Greg King JR was involved in a head on collision early Sunday morning. He was by himself, when he hit head on with another car. Here is a photo he posted on his account. Wow!!

Congrats to RRO Columnist Greg Anthony and Jeanna!!

Xander Gregory Hertel was born yesterday morning. Xander weighed 9lbs, 7 ozs.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.11.09

Corey Maclin began the program by welcoming everyone to Lawler's Fireworks in West Memphis, Arkansas. This week's show will feature all of the action that took place there on the Fourth of July, which involved Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, Tatt2, Dustin Starr and The Vampire(The Baron Malkavain).

Catch Corey Maclin's Radio Show on Monday mornings at 8AM on KWAM 990

Opening Match from Lawler's Fireworks-Wrestling News Center's Winner for Best Gimmick of 2008, The Baron Malkavain, whom Corey Maclin referred to as simply "The Vampire" during this match vs Tatt2-WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined Corey at the announcer's table. The opening moments consisted of each man trying to work over the other's arm with several reversals taking place. The Vampire bit Tatt2's hand, but Tatt2 managed to break free with a couple kicks to the shoulder. Tatt2 took back over on his attack on Baron's arm until Baron ran into the corner, backflipping off the ropes to break things up. Baron sent Tatt2 into the ropes, but missed a running attack when Tatt2 dodged outside on the apron, kicking Malkavain. Tatt2 tried a springboard diving attack from the apron, but The Vampire got out of the way. As Tatt2 ran the ropes he ducked a clothesline from The Vampire and caught him with a flying face plant, keying back in on the arm. The Vampire sent Tatt2 into the corner, landing some knees. Tatt2 would reverse an Irish whip, sending Baron into the corner, nailing him with an elbow. Tatt2 would rock The Vampire with a kick from the apron and followed it up with a beautiful flying body press for a two count. Tatt2 connected with a flying kick to The Vampire in the corner. Tatt2 slammed The Vampire down on the mat, but missed a frog splash attempt from the top-rope. Both men, slowly, made it back to their feet. The Vampire tried to punch Tatt2, but Tatt2 would block it and land some strikes of his own to the fanged one. Tatt2 sent The Vampire into the ropes, connecting with the 619, followed by a seated senton from the top. The Vampire would kick out and attempt his finisher, "The Devil's Wings", but Tatt2 would counter with a hurricanrana, hooking the leg to get the win. Your winner, Tatt2!

2nd Match-Dustin Starr vs Johnny Dotson-Before the match got underway, Johnny made friends with all the fans sitting at ringside, calling them a bunch of toothless rednecks and said they've probley never been to a wrestling show, a day in their life and the only reason they're here is because it's free. The match began with a collar and elbow tieup with Dustin easily throwing Johnny to the mat. Johnny decided to challenge Dustin to a test of strength. Well, that didn't go so well, either, for Johnny because as soon as Dustin grabbed his hand, Johnny began screaming like a little girl as he fell to his knee. Funny stuff! Dustin whipped Johnny into the corner with Johnny jumping to try and leap over Dustin, but no one was home. When Dotson turned around, Starr elevated him with two hip-tosses and followed it up with a dropkick. Dotson retrieved to the ropes to try to collect his thoughts and regain his energy. Johnny held up his hand saying, "One more time! I got you!" challenging Dustin to another test of strength, but this time Johnny would catch Dustin with a kick to the breadbasket. Dotson on the attack with some punches. Johnny delivered a flying kick. Pinfall attempt, but Dustin quickly kicked out. Dustin battled back with a hip-toss and a belly-to-back takedown into a pinning combination for a two count. Dustin with a headlock. Johnny sent Dustin into the ropes and raked the eyes while Referee Jerry Calhoun was trying to separate the two. Johnny sent Dustin into the ropes, ducking his head, but Dustin punted him with a kick and hit him with a clothesline. Dustin with a suplex for a nearfall. Dustin lifted Johnny above his head and dropped him with an overhead press (Ultimate Warrior style). Derrick King ran in and started attacking Dustin. Johnny Dotson connected with a frog splash from the top onto a grounded Dustin Starr. Both Derrick King and Johnny Dotson raised their hands, much to the fan's displeasure, but Johnny Dotson was disqualified due to Derrick King's interference. Therefore, your winner, Dustin Starr!

Corey spoke with local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews. Thaddeus was asking, "Where's Koko? Where's The Birdbrain? Is Koko scared?" Thaddeus heard that Koko B. Ware was scheduled to be there, but he wasn't. Thaddeus stressed to everyone that he's no rassler, but he's no punk either. Thaddeus asked Corey, "So is Koko really a wrestler or is he a punk? Huh? I mean, I believe he's a punk. Birdbrain, wherever you are, I want you to know that, eventually, we're gonna meet. Now, as one great Memphian once said, There's not a punk bone in my body. And I'm no rassler, but you have issued the challenge. Let's make it do what it do, if you got the manhood to do it, Birdbrain!" Awww snap!

Very brief clip of a classic Memphis Wrestling music video to Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive". This was quickly interrupted by Derrick King, who was in the ring at Lawler's Fireworks, calling everybody there a bunch of freeloaders. Derrick said that he and his partner just showed everyone how great they are. Now, he wants Corey to get his opponent out there, so he can take care of him and get out of there.

3rd Match-Derrick King vs "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher-
Match began with a test of strength. Brian would gain the advantage, putting Derrick in a headlock, but Derrick would strike Brian in the back of the head with what appeared to be a foreign object. Derrick worked over Brian in the corner. Derrick whipped Brian into the corner, but ran into a superkick, courtesy of Brian. Brian followed with a missle dropkick from the top-rope. Two count. Johnny Dotson made his way out to ringside to get a closer look at the action. Brian twisted Derrick's arm, sticking his tongue out at Johnny Dotson. Derrick sent Brian into the ropes, with Brian getting tripped by Johnny. Brian grabbed Johnny, but Derrick would attack Brian from behind. King landed some right hands on Christopher. Dotson choked Christopher and nailed him with a foreign object, sending the "Grandmasta" down hard to the mat. Derrick attempted a piledriver, but Brian caught him with a lowblow, south of the border. Brian connected with a ddt, followed by a bulldog. Brian off the top-rope with the hip-hop drop, but Johnny Dotson jumped up on the apron. Brian catapulted Johnny into the ring. While Brian was going after Johnny, Derrick grabbed Brian from behind. Johnny with a double axe handle from the second rope, caught Derrick after Brian ducked out of the way. Brian would clothesline Derrick over the ropes as Referee Calhoun called for the disqualification. Your winner, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher!

"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Su Yung in the ring. The vivacious Su Yung introduced Kevin White. Su continued, by adding, "Today, Independence Day! I say it! I have my green card! And I heard... I have my green card! I'm a legal citizen, now! No! No! No! I heard you were running for office, huh? (Talking to Corey Maclin) Isn't he running for office? I never, ever vote for a crooked person like you, Corey Maclin!" Corey was quick to snatch the mic away from Su Yung.

Main Event-"The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, accompanied by Su Yung vs Jerry "The King" Lawler-Thaddeus Matthews joined Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart at the announce table. Lawler and White locked up. Lawler shoved Kevin down. Kevin accused Jerry of pulling his tights. Second lockup, down goes White, again. This time, Kevin claimed that Jerry pulled his hair. Third lockup, Kevin threw Jerry down with a handful of hair. Lawler complained about the hair pull. Lawler with a headlock, but White, again, with another hair pull. Kevin and Su denied any wrongdoing. Jerry tied up with Kevin, leading him to the corner. Lawler got Referee Jerry Calhoun to check on Su Yung as he launched White out of the corner with two hands full of hair. Kevin and Su complained on the outside about Jerry pulling his hair. Test of strength with Lawler gaining the advantage, instantly. White kicked Lawler, but Lawler retaliated with four swift kicks of his own, followed by a punch, which sent "The New Nature Boy" back to the outside. Su Yung warned "The King" that she was going to come in there and punch him in the face. Kevin backed Jerry into the corner, punching away at Jerry, Kevin started strutting out of the corner, but "The King" would tap Kevin on the shoulder and blast him with two big right hands of his own. Out goes Kevin, again, to regroup. Kevin had to hold back Su Yung, who was fighting to get in the ring to get Jerry. Kevin would trap Jerry in the ropes, opening the door for Su Yung to choke Jerry. Lawler would start to take off after Su, but White would stop him by hitting him from behind. Su Yung would choke Jerry some more in the corner. Kevin whipped Jerry into the ropes and caught him with a back drop. Near fall. The fans got behind "The King". Su Yung attacked Jerry while he was caught up in the ropes. Kevin would strike Jerry in the nose. Lawler would fight back by poking White in the eyes. Kevin would knock Jerry down with a punch, but "The King" would power up like Curly from The Three Stooges, by going "woo-woo-woo" as he went around in a circle on the canvas. Lawler would rub his face and stand up, punching away at White. The strap came down. Good stuff! Dropkick by "The King". Suddenly, Bill "Superstar" Dundee showed up, distracting Lawler. While Lawler was focusing in on Dundee, Kevin White rolled up Lawler by pulling his tights to get the three count and the win. Your winner, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White!

Following the match, Dundee told Lawler, "Hey, Lawler! He would have done it by hisself! It was just boring watching you do nothing! So, tonight, down in Minglewood, this will be twice in the same day! Kevin White beat you! And Bill Dundee is gonna beat you, tonight! And if you think that ain't right, just bring your lunch! It may take awhile, but you're going down!" Then, Dundee turned his attention towards Jimmy Hart by asking, "Jimmy Hart, you're not involved with this are ya? I'll punch you right in the nose, now! Lawler, you better bring a lunch, Brother! This may take awhile, but you're going down, tonight!" Lawler grabbed a chair from the crowd and threw it at the sharp new blue Ford Mustang that Dundee left in. Corey said that Dundee had a driver and everything. Corey, then, got these words from Jerry Lawler, "You know what? That just shows you. You gotta expect anything and everything from a snake like Bill Dundee! You know he's been talking about how he and I have been partners over the years. We were the most successful tag-team ever. Won the AWA World tag-team titles! Yeah! Well, who gives a crap about that when he comes out here and pulls a stunt like this. (Pointing at Dundee, who got out of the car on top of the hill, near the highway) Let me tell you something, Dundee! How big and bad do you look, sitting behind the wheel of that car, getting ready to hightail it outta here! Why don't you come down here and get in this ring, one more time with me!" Jimmy Hart added, "He looks taller on the hill, King!" That may very well be one of the funniest things I've heard. That cracked me up! I believe I heard Corey and Jerry laughing also. Lawler continued, "What time is it? Somebody tell me what time it is? Five minutes after two! Fifteen minutes after two! You got about five hours, Dundee! A little more than five hours and you and me are gonna climb in the ring at Minglewood Hall! And I promise you this! I promise you and everybody, right here and everybody that's watching out there on tv, I'm gonna kick your rear end from one end of that building to the other!"

They concluded Memphis Wrestling by remembering the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop". Last week, there was a special memorial and tribute that took place in Los Angeles at The Staples Center. They showed video from Jackson's last rehearsal that also took place at The Staples Center, which actually features Jerry "The King" Lawler's theme music. This was followed by a very special musical tribute to Michael Jackson to his hit song, "You Are Not Alone".

Credit: D-Rock @

RassleResults: USWO/ATL 7.17.09

67 attended
Damien Payne (w/Josh Crowe & Hot Rod Biggs) b Jake Allen
Kevin Dunn & Derrick Neal vs Harold Knight & Dyron Flynn was a no contest due to Mark Anthony hitting the ring and beating up all 4
ATL Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Hiro Yorotama Jr.
Chris Michaels b Jason Xavier
Shawn Tempers (w/Aaron Voight) b Ace Rockwell after Anthony came out to distract Rockwell, which allowed Tempers to hit him with a chain
Rick Santel vs Jerry Lynn went to a double countout due to brawling on the floor
USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe (w/Hot Rod Biggs) b Saint & JC Crowe when Payne pinned Saint after Biggs interfered

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----How said is it that they drew more last week without Jerry Lynn??

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dustin Starr vs Austin Lane - Bring On The Hype!!

----Yes, this is one of those matches that will feature two of the RRO's Top Ten ranked guys in this area. A match that I would happily attend if they were not doing it on a Thursday night in Wynne, AR!! I was there for Starr's first bout and I actually think Lane may have been on that show also. These two guys have been accused of having the two biggest egos in this area. Ask Austin Lane about who has the best bouts week after week in this area and he will tell you - Austin Lane. Ask Dustin Starr who has the best matches, best promos and has the the best look and he will tell you - Dustin Starr. Dustin Starr did a great promo on his blog and then Lane sent along the below as a response. Yes, folks this is how you WORK a bout!! If this is taped, I want a copy of it. CLICK HERE to read Starr's comments about Lane and then below Lane responds.

I read Dustin's blog about me and decided to reply. I won't be an idiot. I respect and know that Dustin Starr is a heck of a performer. He always has been. But for years he seems to have blindfolds on and can't see what the rest of the world has grown to know. Austin Lane is as good as the praise he gets. There is a reason that everytime I step into a ring it is a Match Of The Year candidate. There is a reason I am always at the top of the list of best workers in the area. Just like there is a reason that Dustin Starr is always on that list. I proved my worth to Derrick King this year, it is time once again. It is time for Dustin Starr to put up.....or shut up! Dustin, this Thursday night in Wynne, AR, I will find out why they call you FIVE STARR. But you will learn when it comes to Austin Lane.... BELIEVE THE HYPE!

XOW Shut Down? by Billy Russ

----This was posted about 10 days ago on and I have been meaning to post it here. It goes back to something I said once on the radio show, I think this site is not only a news or opinion site, but can be a teaching tool for indy wrestling. Billy Russ and Tony Watts have to be given some credit here. Russ and Sarge O'Reilly helped put the XOW name over in this area - in towns that would have never known who or what XOW was with their invasion angles. I also don't blame Watts a bit here standing his ground about not paying extra. As it always seems in this area, if you have just a little bit of success - people hate on you. It should only matter about the ring product - if 10 guys can put on a show in the area - let their talent stand out and let the fans decide who puts on the best show. Sometimes it hurts when people keep seeing shit, because then they think all wrestling is shit. Wonder why most shows in this area only draw 100?? Because people are tired of being burned by watching people that would be best sitting in the crowd than performing.

Dear fan,

It had been brought to our attention that some people have been making claims that XOW is shut down. This is not true but we do have to resolve an issue before we get our 2009 – 2010 license.

On June 13th 2009 XOW put on a show at Thunder on Water in Grenada, Ms. in front of over 300 fans. That sounds good but we had to turn away well over another 100 plus people because they didn’t have a place to sit. This was not something that XOW had control over because we were told that we would have 800 plus chairs for people to sit and when the day of the show rolled around only 310 chairs were at the event. When Tony Watts confronted Joe Carter about the additional chairs Mr. Carter said that’s all he can get because no one would return his calls for other chairs.

In all fairness Mr. Carter worked hard to get the building ready for the event and we appreciate his hard work but, when you have talent booked for a show you know how many people you need at the event to make sure everyone is paid for coming and performing and 310 seats isn’t going to do it and finding out at the last minuet doesn’t help either. So the show went on as planned and it was a sell out for the seating we had but it was not going to be enough. Thunder on Water had a representative there to count the number of people that came to the even so the City of Grenada could get %10 of the ticket sales. The representative counted everyone that came into the building including family members that most of the time gets in free so the count was off for those who paid and those who were family members that got into the event free.

At the end of the night not everyone got paid, some were shorted because we had to turn people away for lack of seating which once again was not the fault of XOW. With this being said the City of Grenada did not get 10% of the ticket sales. Promoter Tony Watts was contacted about this matter and explained that the workers had to get paid and since the promise of seating wasn’t met there wasn’t enough money to pay the City of Grenada at that time.

Now fast forward to July 3, 2009 Tony Watts went to Tupelo, MS. to the re-opening of TFW to renew his promoters license where he was told that he would have to pay the City of Grenada the 10% owed before he could get his license renewed for 2009 – 2010. The amount owed was based off of the number of people who were in the building and not the number of ticket sales, so Watts challenged the amount and the fact that the agreement made by himself and Joe Carter on seating was not met.

Sammy Hall has spoken with Joe carter and explained to him that the money will be paid to the City of Grenada based off of ticket sales and not off of the head count taken at the door. So as of right now XOW and the Mississippi Athletic Commission are making arrangements to get the money to the City of Grenada by Friday July 10, 2009 for the total ticket sales then XOW will purchase it’s 2009 – 2010 promoters license.

So any person or organization boasting or assuming they have shut down XOW is sadly mistaken and looking to boost there own ego. You did not do this and it’s a sad fact that you are trying to take credit for something that would seem so low down and underhanded. If you have a ring and you want to rent it out to other shows then go ahead and do it and have a good time. That doesn’t hurt us one little bit, but nice try. It’s back stabbing, dog eat dog, stuff like this that hurts the wrestling business and the fans can and do figure out what’s going on sooner or later when 3 different promotions come to there town within a year. If wrestling would be about having fun and entertaining people like it was in the good old days, then more people would show up and everyone would have fun. This will never happen again with so many people having a hidden agenda to dominate the wrestling business so just stop being a hypocritical bottom feeder because it will never happen and you might think you are living a dream but you are only living a lie. If you want to make a difference try working with other organizations for the fun and entertainment value for the sake of the fans and those of us who love this business and not for self preservation.

Thanks you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in a town near you soon,

Stacy Carter Reality Show??

----It was reported over at that West Memphis, AR native Stacy Carter is going to be appearing in a reality show. She tweeted, “I just got confirmation that I will start filming my own reality TV show in a couple of months. Check out my Facebook for more details!!!” You know part of me thinks it is really cool that someone can take the little bit of success they had in this business and keep it going. Another part of me thinks “You know she would have never been in the business, if it wouldn’t have been for Lawler!!” Since I have no idea what the show will be about [and it makes me wonder??], I thought it might be fun for everyone to post what their ideas for her would be for a reality show?? Post your ideas on the KAYFABE MESSAGE BOARD. Have fun with it and post anything!!

----Since I am talking about Stacy Carter, I got to share a story about her. As most of you know, Stacy was very young when she started dating Jerry Lawler. I remember being told that her mom [who was a very good looking lady also] had to come to the matches with her and dates when they first started dating. Well, Stacy was working the gimmick table one night at the Mid-South Coliseum and I walked up to the table. I knew who she was and me being, well..being me…I looked down at photos of Lawler and said, “Man..he has lost a lot of weight..he must have AIDS!!” [I know it was bad] Stacy piped up real quick and said, “He has had ulcer problems and not been able to eat.”

----All that said and done, Stacy is still a good looking woman, but -she is just 38 years old. Can you believe this also – it has almost been 10 years since she held the WWE Title??

Photo from her Facebook page.

Another Big Benefit Show For the Weekend!!






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Just Joe Passes Away!!

----I just got word that area wrestling announcer "Just Joe" passed away earlier this morning. Our thoughts are with the family.

Shows For The Weekend 7.17 and 7.18.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. I have updated it a bit and just posted the promotions, not the workers, since that seems to change every week. Please note that DCW starts next Friday night in Dyersburg. If you are a promoter and want more info about your show - like address, price, time and such, then you got to e-mail me details.

Chris O'Neal Update!!

----I talked with O'Neal last night and the news is not good. It seems Chris has been doing too much and has ended up tearing something else. He will need another surgery and then out for at least a year from that date. He has considered seriously retiring. Good luck on the recovery Chris!!

Photo by Brian Tramel - Chris on the left with Christian Jacobs on the right.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.11.09

There are about 60 fans in the crowd for tonight's EWE action.
Stan Lee def. Rockin' Randy and Tommy Redneck via pinfall.

J.R. Manson comes to the ring with the mic, and says that there's something that he's going to say that everyone thinks they know, but they really don't. Ike Tucker comes to the ring shaking his hea. As Ike gets in the ring, Manson says that Tucker can't be here, that he took Tucker out and sent him home. Tucker leads the crowd into "Momma Said Knock You Out" as Manson starts to rock back and fourth in the corner. In the middle of the match, Manson tried to use a chain but the referee catches it before it strikes Tucker. As the referee is getting rid of the chain, Ike Tucker sends J.R. Manson to the mat to score the pinfall.

Premiere Brutality comes to the ring to inform everyone that Genocide will not be here this week, but they found replacements for this week to show everyone what they will do to Genocide in two weeks when they will go head to head in a stretcher match. Genocides music hits, but Chad and Brad Badd come down the ramp impersonating Maxx Corbin and The Albino Rhino. The Badd Guys make fun of the tag team, making an attempt to hop over the top rope and Brads head wrapped up. Eric Wayne tells the concession stand to hide the food as Chad Badd goes to ask for a hot dog and a diet coke. Everyone gathers in the ring as dramatic theatrical music begins to play. Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels begin their assault on Chad and Brad Badd, but in extreme slow motion. After a few more time warped hits to The Badd Buys, Premiere Brutality score the pinfall. Christian Jacobs races to the ring with a steel chair, forcing all 4 men to the arena floor. Commissioner Baker makes his way out and asks if Jacobs wants a match with one of The Badd Guys. Jacobs says that Premiere Brutality thinks it's all funny, putting people in the hospital and putting Chris O'Neal out for a year. Jacobs says he swears to God that every one of them will pay. He dares one of The Badd Guys to get in the ring, the looks at Commissioner Baker and says they're making fun of Genocide, and that he wants them both. Baker makes the match official as The Badd Guys, Premiere Brutality and Christian Jacobs make their way to the back.

As Christian Jacobs begins to gain control of his match between The Badd Guys, Premiere Brutality come and interfere with the match, assaulting Jacobs in the middle of the ring. As Eric Wayne was about to put a bat to Christian Jacobs' head, Jon Michael comes to his aid and sends Premiere Brutality to the arena floor and The Badd Guys to the locker room. Commissioner Baker comes out and asks Jon Michael to ask Jacobs if he feels like pulling some double time tonight. Jacobs gets pumped up by Michael and Commissioner Baker makes the match between Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael against Premiere Brutality.

The match started immediately and got off to a fast paced start. In the middle of
the match, J.R. Manson comes to the arena floor with a sign that says "They know who you are." Jon Michael will score the pinfall against Eric Wayne giving him and Christian Jacobs the victory over Premiere Brutality. A few more punches are exchanged after the match is over. J.R. Manson is still at ringside with his sign, but Jon Michael takes the sign and tears it up in the ring.

Stan Lee and Dustin "Five" Starr make their way to the ring for their game of strip
poker. Starr grabs the mic and welcomes everyone to the first ever episode of Five Starr Stud. He says that Lee can challenge Starr to anything because Lee can't beat him in a wrestling match. Both men sit down at the table as EWE Owner Mark Tipton explains the rules of Five Card Draw. He explains that the loser of each hand will be forced to take off one article of clothing. He also explains that if Stan Lee wins the match, he will be awarded a match against Dustin Starr for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. The first hand is dealt, and Starr wins with 3 of a kind. Lee takes off his shoes and socks and sits back at the table. The second hand is dealt, and once again, Starr wins with a straight. Lee stands up and takes off his shirt. The third hand is dealt, and Starr wins yet again with a full house. Lee stands back up and takes off his jeans, forcing him down to his boxers. The fourth hand is dealt and Dustin Starr is laughing almost uncontrollably. Lee shows two pair, then Starr grabs the mic and says that in true Five Starr fashion, lays down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Fives. Mark Tipton and Stan Lee look at Starr, asking how there could possibly be five fives in the deck. Lee throws the table over, then brings Starr to the ground and untucks his shirt. Starr had an entire deck of cards hidden inside his shirt. Lee starts bashing Starr, forcing him to the arena floor. The referee dealer gives Lee the win via disqualification. Lee grabs the mic and says thats what happens to cheaters, and that Starr will have to defend the title against him in two weeks because his 30 days are up, and he gets his rematch.

In two weeks, there will be two major matches, with Premiere Brutality facing Genocide in a stretcher match, and Dustin "Five" Starr will defend his EWE Heavyweight Championship against Stan Lee.

Full length videos are available on

Credit: Dustin Williams

----The bi-weekly thing is killing this town...I love the idea of Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs tagging again as "Picture Picture"???...That Poker match sounded like horseshit. Something you would see on a bad wrestling TV show. I am going to heat for this one, but booking has not been good here since TGB, DK and Flash left.

A view from outside the "Golden Circle" by Gene Jackson

I've read Greg Anthony's Golden Circle article (in fact I got a chance to read it in advance) on UFC 100 and Dana White's comments on Brock Lesnar and the WWE. I think it was a good column and made some valid points. I just wanted to take the time to offer a few counterpoints to some of those to hopefully spark some discussion on the message board and get some dialogue going amongst everyone on the subject. If for some reason you haven't read this week's Golden Circle take a moment to read it now so what I'm saying makes sense.... go ahead I'll wait..............................................................................................CLICK HERE

Ok, so here's my take on this. Now I'm writing this based on my knowledge of the UFC (I've watched since it's inception in the mid 90's), how my friends who are both wrestling and MMA fans react and based on the views of MMA fans I know who stopped watching (or never watched) wrestling.

Yes there are similarities between pro wrestling and MMA or in this case to be more specific the UFC and the WWE. UFC has prided itself from the beginning on what they do as being 'REAL' which from the get go was taking a pot shot at pro wrestling. While their are many, many fans who watch both the UFC and WWE, at the root most fans who are loyal to one or the other the two are very different. MMA fans have picked UFC over the WWE because they want to see fights that are real atheletic contests between competitors not performers. As the UFC has grown the more mainstream it's become and with that brings more marketing and things that have put them on par (or many cases above) the WWE. Vince hates the comparison saying that the two entities have nothing to do with one another and they are not competition. Dana White hates the comparison more because more wrestling fans are watching and today's cynical pro wrestling fan thinks EVERYTHING is a work, so since they've been "competing" with WWE there's more and more people who swear the UFC is a work and is just "sports entertainment" presented in a new more serious form.

Enter Brock Lesnar, while the man is a former National Champion amatuer wrestler and unquestionably a great athelete the stigma of being a former "WWE Superstar" made him hated by many fans and fighters in the MMA world. If Brock can walk into the octagon and dominate how was this gonna make the UFC look? Would it appear that the "phony wrestler" was tougher than the guys who fought for "real". That's why before he ever opened his mouth Brock Lesnar was already the biggest heel in UFC history. Say what you will about Dana White but he's smart man who has made a boat load of money in marketing the UFC. He's in a win/win scenario here because you've got your loyal MMA fans who are gonna be more compelled to buy pay per views to see the big WWE Superstar get his ass kicked by a "real fighter". Then you've got wrestling fans tuning in in hopes to see Lesnar win or at the very least figure out how they are "working" it.

Now Greg makes a good point about Dana being full of s*** acting all high and mighty like the WWE and it's showmanship is beneath him. The key word there is ACTING, make no mistake Dana White does want to sell tickets and he wants to keep selling tickets. Which means #1: It's not a good idea to have your champion insulting one of your huge corparate sponsors. #2- People are already starting make accusations that perhaps the UFC may be not be on the up and up with things like Greg pointed out Brock getting a title shot with his record being 1-1, and the way everything fell together to happen at the 100th UFC pay per view. So I can see where he might tell Brock to tone it down a bit because it's clearly an act on his part and it probably will sell a few more tickets and pay per views because the fans want to see him humbled (probably in just the manner Iron Sheik describes) but it's not really needed. I think deep down Dana White liked most of that promo at the end of the fight but he's the owner of the company and Brock's the outsider coming in so he's gotta play the babyface here. He puts the heat on Brock and the WWE and distances himself from the controversy to help protect his business. I don't blame him. The truth of the matter is that Brock is gonna have "heat" for a long time in the MMA world whether he acts like a jackass in interviews or not simply because of who he is and where he came from. Not to mention the UFC is not having trouble selling tickets or making money.....check online and see what the ticket prices are for UFC events, they aren't hurting.

So to summarize, I think Lesnar is to MMA, what Mike Tyson was to boxing in the 80's and 90's. He's a big tough guy who knocks people out and creates controversy, he has and will make Dana White a LOT of money, but there's a fine line between fighting and entertainment and I think Brock probably jumped too far onto the entertainment side of it Saturday night so they reigned him back in because if people want to see the WWE, they've got Vince McMahon to provide that to them, meanwhile MMA gets more popular everyday. The fact is if you look around the internet at websites, message boards, etc. NOBODY else elicits as much discussion and interest as Brock Lesnar does after his fights so whatever he's doing he's doing something right and regardless of what Dana White says....that is a good thing.

Again just my 2 cents on the matter, I've enjoyed Greg's Golden Circle columns that he's written and this one was no exception but I did want to provide another viewpoint. If your reading this and you've a take on the subject agreeing or disgreeing with Greg's column or mine, please post it on the kayfabe board cause it's fun to hear other people's thoughts on things.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "The Three Commenteers" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

Brian Thompson is one guy I have a great deal of respect for. This guy always dresses properly as if he was about to commentate the main event of Wrestlemania. He brings the same enthusiasm to the the table as if it was Hulk Hogan vs the Rock. It doesn’t matter that it is a small house in a small venue with guys who are not [yet] household names. Not only that, but he is very knowledgeable, very professional, very polite and very friendly. I am proud to call him my friend.

Another guy who has the same attributes as Mr. Thompson – that is his former NEW “partner in crime” John Steele. He is super guy – super knowledgeable and informed about our business. Whether it is past, present or future.

Michael Ward, the third musketeer in the NEW announcing status, is a guy who I go all the way back to AAW and Razorback All Star Wrestling with. Back in the day, we say…he is another guy that likes and respects the business and does a great job.

A good commentating team can make or break a TV wrestling show and they guys bring their A game every time. The fans of NEW and the area know it and love it!!

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 7.04.09

----The final show leading up to the big “Final Conflict” of Lawler vs Dundee finished with just an average rating. The last three shows have scored over average and then the “go home” show drops to normal. The Parsons, TN Lawler vs Dundee bout has lost over 21,000 viewers in the last two weeks. Wonder why they only had 100 at Minglewood Hall?? The Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears combo on CBS seems to beat Memphis Wrestling every week. The funny thing is that in the last half hour, CBS aired “paid programming” and still beat them. The last quarter was the big loser again this week and it again had the best stuff on the show.

----CLICK HERE for the full report by D-Rock!!

Overall: .9 [14577 viewers]

1st Quarter

-Lawler vs Dundee – video

1.1 [17817 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

-PG-13 piece

-Lawler int

1.1 [17817 viewers] [n/c]


-Lawler vs Dundee from Parsons

.8 [12958 viewers] [-4859 viewers]


-Lawler/Hart/Corey talk about the show.

1.0 [16197 viewers] [+3239 viewers]

5th Quarter

-Jeff Jarrett vs Dundee

-Lawler/Jimmy Hart/Corey int

-William Regal – int

-Michael Hayes – int

-Lawler/Dundee vs Freebirds [start]

1.0 [16197 viewers] [n/c]


-Lawler/Dundee vs Freebirds [finish]

-Downtown Bruno int

-Blaylock/D-Rock – int

.6 [9718 viewers] [-6479 viewers]

Start to finish: [-8099 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?

Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears/Paid Programming 2.1 [34014 viewers]


----Some fun stuff on this show with Hayes, DT Bruno and D-Rock/Blaylock, but all the wrestling was just old stuff that has been played over and over and over. This was a horrible way for anyone to spend a hour and half of their life.

----I should have this week's ratings up either by the weekend.

The Golden Circle "Not Ultimate To Me" by Greg Anthony

With Brock Lesnar's actions at UFC 100 many people are up at arms in the sports world. Am I? No, I love hearing about controversy especially in sports. What I don't like is article's like this and Dana White placing blame or judgment on pro wrestling. Lesnar's controversial actions had nothing to do with Vince McMahon or WWE. It had everything to do with a balls to walls competitor who silenced his critics.

I personally am not compelled to watch UFC. It’s like ice cream, it’s just not my favorite flavor. I however am compelled by their achievements in the sports world. Some think that UFC is bigger than pro wrestling but that doesn't matter to me because I'm a wrestling fan, not a MMA fan. I'm just tired of hearing Dana White tell us how his product is better than pro wrestling in general.

I think Dana making Brock apologize is quite simply a bad business decision. Mr. White says and I quote “You don’t have to act like something you’re not. This isn’t the WWE. I don’t ask these guys to act crazy so we get more pay per views. That’s not the business I’m in.” Well if you're not in selling pay per views then what business are you in, Dana? Oh, that’s right.. I'm sorry you run a legitimate MMA promotion. You are creating a level playing field for the best MMA fighters to make it to the top of their profession right? Then why did Brock Lesnar get a UFC title shot in the first place?

Brock lost his debut UFC contest to Frank Mir. Mir had been never actually been beaten when he lost the belt in 2005,so how did Brock Lesnar leapfrog Mir to get a title shot? How did Lesnar with a 1-1 record prove to UFC that he deserved a title shot? I'll tell you how, because Brock Lesnar is a household name. Don't get me wrong a very talented individual but name recognition was the high power in this scenario. Let's not forget why Brock Lesnar is a household name and that's because of pro wrestling. More specifically WWE, Vince McMahon, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, John Cena and anyone else who worked with Brock to make sure that he was a household name.

So now you have Brock Lesnar as your UFC champion. A champion whose name is more recognizable than any other UFC champion in history defending his title against a man who defeated him in his debut and never lost the title to begin with. Wow, you couldn't have SCRIPTED it even better. All of this just happen to culminate at UFC 100, how ironic such a historic match taking place at such a historic even. Dana White uses the promoting style and business practices that pro wrestling has used for over a century then acts like he's above it all. Cashing checks and making millions but saying he's not in the business to sell pay per views. He shuns pro wrestling but drooled to capitalize on a guy like Brock Lesnar. That’s the definition of hypocrisy, I promise and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it’s as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Meltzer Talks Lesner

----I prided myself on this site being a wrestling site and not a MMA site with my "No MMA" declaration when this site originated. Guess what has made us talk about MMA on this site?? A former pro wrestler - Brock Lesner. Gene Jackson is usually the one that posts stuff, but Greg Anthony has a good "The Golden Circle" above about Lesner and Dana White. I thought the below that Dave Meltzer wrote on in the Sunday update was such a good companion piece to Anthony's column that I wanted to post it.

A ton of interesting reaction to last night. I'm going to give my old boxing speech with a little bit of a twist. Anyone who has ripped on every athlete who at times shows unsportsmanlike like behavior can say anything they want about Brock Lesnar and that's fine. For those who think that it is going to mean more people will tune out UFC than people he has hooked as fans who want to see him get beat, you are probably as dead wrong as the people who said the same thing about Ali. For those who think Lesnar was a disgrace to the UFC for doing WWE antics, read a real history lesson of how the sport got popular. Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie doing WWE interviews, and the funny thing is nobody was more arrogant on his interviews than Gracie, but he was small and beat big guys at first so he backed it up and became the first legend. Shamrock and Tito in 2002 saved UFC when it was one step from death. Did they save it because they were the top two fighters in the world on that night and all these sports fans wanted to pay to find out who was really No. 1?

No. They saved it because they went on "Best Damn Sports Show Period" and cut pro wrestling promos on each other and with no television at all, 150,000 people bought their PPV match, and the UFC owners realized that there was potential in this money losing outfit.

The real history that all the UFC historical retrospectives left out, was that it was the TV shows the two weeks before the Leben vs. Koscheck fight on Ultimate Fighter that was the real building blocks for the success of the sport, not the Griffin and Bonnar fight as has been reported in many places over the past week. Leben vs. Koscheck in a taped match in front of a dozen people in a warehouse like gym drew a higher rating than Griffin and Bonnar did.

In no way do I want to diminish that Griffin-Bonnar was the perfect fight on the perfect night and in the long-term helped more, because they delivered the great fight as opposed to just the great hype that delivered television ratings, but disappointed in the end. What was Matt Serra before Montreal? What was Frank Mir and Michael Bisping this past week? Play some tapes of Ali's promos for Frazier.

There are a lot of very good reasons not to like Brock Lesnar. But whatever media and Hardcore backlash there is against him, which admittedly is some of the most entertaining stuff in a long time, is because he's a former WWE wrestler, not for anything he did. Tank Abbott flipped off fans, and said he was sexually aroused when watching a replay of his match with Paul Varelans. Was Lesnar doing it anymore than Tito Ortiz and his Gay Mezger is my bitch T-shirt, or his grave digging, and take Ortiz out of the history of this sport (and some people are attempting to do that as we speak), and 2006's records never exist. Take 2006 out of the sport's history and you're at a completely different level of interest, media acceptance and CBS, Showtime, and others never get into this game in the first place. The most important fight in getting mainstream interest was a crap third fight with Ortiz and Shamrock. Buy rates mean something to company profitability, but in the media world, ratings are king, because it's a world they understand. What very slowly got the mainstream media into MMA, and as Dana White likes to remind me, took me from one place in life to another, is the media couldn't deny the ratings of the Ortiz-Shamrock match in 2006 on Spike when in 18-34 males it beat several games of that year's World Series. Was that the two best fighters in the world vying to see who was really No. 1? No, it was just a match that the two combatants and the promotion made people want to see more than any other match up to that point in history. And those viewers seeing that crap fight were so turned off by it, that a few months later, when the natural build led to Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell, the company's bank account grew like never before.

We watched people piss in beds and piss in fruit and jack off on sushi, and guess what, more people still watched last night's PPV than any non-boxing event in history most likely. But some guy cutting a WWE-style promo, which Frank Mir and Michael Bisping both did better than he did on television over the past week, is going to turn off more people than he turns on. Hell, if guys in WWE were cutting WWE style promos as good as Mir, Bisping and Lesnar, WWE would be the one whose business would be turning around. When you actually think about the argument, it's almost absurd.

Could it hurt sanctioning in New York and Massachusetts? It's a weird world we live in and anything is possible. In a logical world, that punch Dan Henderson threw was 100 times worse, but you never know how things can mushroom. But I'm guessing it will have no effect. But you never know.

If you are consistent in your beliefs, that's cool. If you're a reactionary fool on this one, calm down and look at the world, and sports in general. When boxing people say what Lesnar did was worse than anything Mike Tyson did, I'm baffled. Did he bite a man's ear off? Did he threaten to eat any children? He cut the best and most talked about promo of his life and what will be the single most talked about promo of the year. And that's bad? Why, because he came from WWE? Why don't they blame the University of Minnesota while we're at it. Is anyone aware of how Lesnar acted as the U of M wrestling matches during his junior and senior year when they had dual meets against the other powers and fans booed him out of the small gyms? Dana White can say Lesnar was acting, and he has to, but he was just being himself, ratcheted up a few notches, because he is in the sports business, which is why he trained his ass off. But he's in the entertainment business, which is why 1 million or more people plucked down $45 last night.

Why is he now the biggest PPV draw in the world since Oscar De La Hoya is now retired? And by the way, when Oscar De La Hoya set his record two years ago, answer this question: Was the reason he set the record because he had an adversary who was or wasn't playing a villain role on purpose to drum up interest in his match?

Because Lesnar became a celebrity from WWE, and because of that, a lot of people like paying to see him fight, either to beat people up, or to get beat up. Who drew more new fans to the sport this past year, St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Fedor or Lesnar?

Some great athletes really aren't nice guys. But that doesn't diminish them as athletes, nor hurt their sport one iota. In the plethora of stories, how many people mentioned how many new fans Lesnar has made for UFC with his fight with Mir and fight with Couture getting hundreds of thousands of first-time buyers? One of the key reasons UFC 100 is going to set records and has already started setting them even before the first PPV returns have come in, is because Brock Lesnar came from WWE and he can really fight. Guess what? The fact that some people look their noses up or have nervous breakdowns about the latter part of the statement is exactly the emotional reaction that makes him so valuable to the sport in the first place. No, it's not the WWE. You have to really be able to fight.

What Lesnar did by ripping on Bud Lite, particularly come so soon after the Dana White/Loretta Hunt deal, was absolutely bad for the company. That's the company'ss leading sponsor, and if I was Dana White, I'd be furious over that one. That was stupid, but I doubt Lesnar was aware of the White/Hunt thing and how everything went down from that. He was just trying to be funny, and actually, if it wasn't the lead sponsor and the timing wasn't absolutely horrible, it would have been funny. Hell, that was the one thing he said that almost the entire crowd cheered and laughed at live. But that line also had zero impact on fans paying money to see him beaten the next time he fights.

But for every MMA fan who criticizes Lesnar's behavior as bad for the sport, it was not even within an earshot of the two worst things of this past week. Just in the last few days, what did Quinton Jackson do a reporter? And then the professional fighter as opposed to a blowhard pro wrestler nearly got into a fight with another fighter at the show last night? Has Lesnar ever got in a situation while at ringside at a UFC show that he ever nearly came to blows with someone? And it's not like Jackson had a spotless track record over the last year. Or what if Lesnar did what Dan Henderson did, which was something a whole lot more significant?

But it got nowhere near the reaction. It's all about emotion and frame of reference. GSP is a babyface that people wanted to see win, and they were happy to see him do the right game plan to achieve his victory. Dan Henderson was there to shut up a loudmouth Brit who was obviously playing a role. And he shut him up, and then shut him up once time extra for bad measure. Lesnar was a heel people wanted to see lose, and were furious to see him succeeding with a game plan that was working. All of those elements were part of the emotions of the night. The goal, in the end, is to make people care.

The history of what has drawn the biggest PPV numbers, what made the sport and saved the sport is a lesson very much worth examining for anyone arguing about what is good or bad for the future of the sport. That duality of the reaction of the crowd live, and a large percentage of those who complained about Lesnar's tactics (but not all), says something pretty significant about MMA and its fan base.

That's not even a bad thing. But it's simply accepting the truth of what all of this is, as opposed to people who live in the world of pretend. And then somehow complain about pro wrestling.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 7.11.09

-Jon Michael beat Rob Justice with a jackhammer slam

-Dustin Starr beat Brandon Espinosa after a “Starr-struck”

-AJ Ray beat Derrick King with help from Seth Knight

-Crazy Train beat Jon Roberts and Sicilian Kid in triple threat

-Seth Knight vs Jeremy Moore – No contest when DK and Knight were fighting

-Mark Justice beat Brandon Espinosa

-Jason Reed beat Ricky Andrews

Credit: twitter/sethknight

----These guys had seven matches and Espinosa got beat twice. LOL…I was told around 100 in the building…They also made a match with Knight/DK teaming [even though they are feuding??] vs “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson at “Summer-Jam” on 7.25.09.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brian Lawler In Jail!!

----After reading this, all I could think about is Brian wearing one of those shirts like above. Is it just me?? Wouldn't you rather spend 30 days in rehab, instead of jail?? He is going to have to "dry out" while in jail, but he could have been in rehab where they help you get clean.

Brian Christopher Lawler will spend time in jail for public intoxication

Lawler was taken into custody in Jackson City Court today [7.13.09] for failing to comply with court orders as part of a plea agreement for a June 26 incident. He was taken into custody today because he did not enter an in-patient treatment center before a hearing that started at 1:30 p.m.

According to an arrest report, on June 26 Lawler became belligerent with Jackson police following a call about an intoxicated person outside the Circle K store at 1831 U.S. 45 Bypass.

Lawler had entered a guilty plea and as part of the plea, Lawler could have accepted 30 days at an in-patient treatment center instead of 30 days in jail.

Judge Blake Anderson said Monday that Lawler failed to meet the term's of the agreement.

Lawler, who wrestles for several independent promotions, is the the son of world-famous professional wrestler and WWE personality Jerry "The King" Lawler.


RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.11.09

New Kids (Cassanova Kid & Tysin Star) defeated Kilo Green & "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

"Big Daddy" Neno destroyed LSD & PCP in a handicap match.

Hakeem Insane defeated Gino Sydal.

EPW Extreme Champion, "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, issued an open challenge to anyone in the back to come to the ring and face him for the belt. Justin Rhodes answered the challenge. Rhodes actually had the match won, but Grimes left with the belt. Watch the broadcast to see what happened.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) - but why did Revolution do what they did? Watch the broadcast to how the match ended. Revolution showed their true colors.

EPW Tag Team Champions Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) defeated JR Mauler & Soultaker due to interference by "Big Daddy" Neno. Pain, Inc. retains.

In a match demanded earlier in the show by Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, EPW Champion Bonecrusher defeated Neil Taylor to retain. After the match Neil... well, watch the show & see what Neil did.

I counted 102 in the crowd.

The first EPW broadcast airs this Wednesday night, 7-15-09, at 10:30 p.m. on My MS TV. Don't miss it!

The next EPW taping will be this Saturday night at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville. You never know what will happen at EPW, so be sure to be there!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----As I have said before, "Axeman" kayfabing here is not going to equal viewers watching the TV show. Most of the people reading the report can not or will not watch it.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.10.09

In a semi-final match in the tournament to crown a new TFW Lightweight Champion, Josh Matthews w/Shawn Reed defeated "DC" David Cross due to interference by Shawn Reed. Josh advances.

Mason w/T-Byrd defeated Curly Moe w/Dirty Rell Moe.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated LSD.

In a semi-final match in the Lightweight Championship tournament. Chris Styles won a 3-way match over "The Greatness" Jay Webster and "The Answer" Chris Chaos. Styles advances. NOTE: Chaos came out of the back before the match started and demanded to be included in the match, although he did not win his match the week before in order to advance. He was finally allowed to be in the match just to get him to shut up.

"Bad Attutude" Tony Dabbs defeated Neil Taylor by pin fall in less that a minute for the second week in a row.

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) defeated Hitman & Suicide.

TFW Champion Chop Top the Clown defeated Shawn Reed w/Josh Matthews to retain.

TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & Stunner defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) due to interference by Tony "The Weasel" Watts. After the match Psycho & Pappy gave Watts a beating.

Now, I've said it before & I say it again: The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) are an awesome team. They are in demand all over the mid-south. They are one of the best teams in the area, if not THE best. It is great to have them back in TFW.

I counted 98 in the crowd.

This Friday night's TFW card will include the final match in the tournament to crown a new Lightweight Champion. "The Future" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews w/"Spectacular" Shawn Reed will square off with the winner getting the belt. That's sure to be a wild match, so don't miss it! Bell time is 8:00 at the TFW Arena, 2913 Hwy. 178 in Skyline.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Greg King Jr In Car Crash!!

----RRO Rookie of the Year 2008 Greg King JR was involved in a head on collision early Sunday morning. He was by himself, when he hit head on with another car. I was told that if you could see both of the cars involved no one should have survived. Both parties were beat up badly but survived with cuts, bruises and chipped teeth. This accident was ruled not his fault. RRO wishes King a speedy recovery!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 6.27.09

----Overall the show was above the yearly average, but after the first two quarters, it lost viewers. It lost a full point and over 16,000 viewers for the Lawler vs Dundee match. This should have been a sign that no one cares about those two in the ring against each other after all these years. No one can say anything about their effort though, because they tried their best to sell that match – for over 4 TV shows. The best quarter featured the great PG-13 video piece and worst quarter actually featured the best thing [Blaylock/Watts] on the show.

----Full report of the show by D-Rock - CLICK HERE!!

Overall: 1.4 [22671 viewers]
1st Quarter
-Corey opening with Michael Jackson reference
-Put over July 4th shows.
-Dundee video
-Dundee vs Lawler videos
1.8 [28155 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-PG-13 video piece
-Lawler phone – interview
2.0 [32394 viewers] [+4239 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Lawler vs Dundee from Parsons
1.0 [16197 viewers] [-16197 viewers]

-Lawler vs Dundee video
-Blaylock int with Tony Watts
-Greg Valentine int
-Bert Prentice – int
.8 [12958 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

From start to finish: [-15197 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?
Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.9 [29964 viewers]

----Wolfe calls Lawler a mark in the video. Those guys were so over. I think their feud with Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert was the last time Memphis made money week after week. Was that Bill Rush – RRO Ref of the Year 2006/2007 working against PG in one of those bouts?? I do know he was the ref in the R&R vs PG bout…They were stating it was 200 wins each for Lawler/Dundee…As I have said, the best thing on the show was Watts/Blaylock. That was funny.

Monday, July 13, 2009

RassleResults: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Anderson, SC - Featuring "Midnight Gold" Bobby Eaton

On 7/11 in front of 1500+ wrestling fans Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling presented "Summer Bash 2009" in Anderson S.C. at McCants Middle School for. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was in attendance to sign autographs. Before the show started Ric Flair came out to address the the crowd. He thanked the crowd for there support all these years and that he loved each and everyone of them. He also said that he loved coming to this area because it brings back so many memories and that it was Flair country!!

In the opening match Former ECW Star Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$.

Christie Ricci defeated Amber O'Neal.

MACW Hardcore Champion "The Midnight Express" Bobby Eaton defeated Trooper Jeff Justice and Andru Bane in a three way match.

MACW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Rikki Nelson defeated Richie Steamboat ( Ricky Steamboat's Son)

MACW Heavyweight Champion Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell defeated JW Boss.
Upcoming dates:

" Rutherford County Rumble"
Saturday September 12th, 2009
RS Central High School
Rutherfordton, NC
8 PM Bell Time
Door's open at 6 PM !!
Saturday September 26th, 2009
Blythewood High School
Blythewood, SC
8 PM Bell Time
Door's open at 6 PM !!
"Hillcrest Havoc"
Saturday October 24th, 2009
Hillcrest High School
Simpsonville, SC
8 PM Bell Time
Door's open at 6 PM !!
Detail's To Follow !!

Check out for more upcoming dates and Rikki Nelson's column The Three Count!

Derrick King New DCW Owner!!

----On December 6, 2008, the “Rebirth of a Legacy” Dyersburg Championship Wrestling returned to Dyersburg, TN at the Jukebox CafĂ©. On 1.24.09, the group packed 192 in the building, which was the biggest crowd in that building besides a big show since the start of the site. The next week about 200 showed up. The major story [which has been the top RRO story of this year] coming out of this group happened in April, when Brian Christopher battled Bishop in a backstage shoot brawl. Derrick King was replaced as booker in May and the crowds have been going down since then with maybe only a small increase when Sarge O’Reilly jumped from NBW.

----Derrick King, as of this past weekend, is now the owner and operator of DCW along with Allen Walker. The Walkers still own the building, but King will be fully in charge of the wrestling. He is planning to book shows on Friday nights, so the guys can have two nights a week to work. I expect to the see the best of talent from EWE and NBW to join in to work Fridays. King will continue to work Saturday nights for NBW.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 7.11.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 7-11-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Jett wrestled “ Hitman” Todd Currie to a time limit draw

Jason “ The Fury” Vaughn & J-Dragon def. Damage Inc.

Johnny Morton def. Knockout Kid

Ravishing Randy & The Big Boys def. Lawman Williams/Sgt. Payne/Cletus Tittle

New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) def. PK Ripper & Chico Mendoza by DQ

Buckwild Bill/ Mystic def. Kilo/Destiny in a mixed hardcore tag team match

• Notes:
• Attendance:87
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville, Tn. Friday July 31st & Friday Aug. 7th
• Announcers: Drew Magruder, Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 7.11.09

USWO 7/11

50 attended

Travis Starr NC Violent T when Damien Payne & Chris Norte ran in and attacked both

James Duncan b Saint due to promoter Tony Falk throwing in the towel on behalf of Saint

Miss Rachel b Mr. X

Kilo b Kevin James

Kevin Dunn & James Duncan b Deathwish when Dunn pinned one of the identically dressed Deathwish guys. Pre-match, Duncan had volunteered to be Dunn's partner then later walked out on him. He returned after the match and paid off Deathwish following a 3 on 1 beatdown.

Cody Weatherby & Aiden Scott b Damien Payne & Chris Norte when Weatherby pinned Norte

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 7.10.09

-“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Dan Matthews

-Kid Nikels beat Kevin Charles

-Eric Wayne beat Justin “the Juice” Smart

----34 people in attendance…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs….Brian Thompson [his finale] and Michael Ward provided the commentary…Thompson acknowledged his departure from NEW to the crowd after the event and presented Ken Wayne with a certificate of appreciation. He also singled out Richard Bressler, Ken Wayne and Downtown Bruno in the speech. And gave Michael Ward and John Steele encouragement after his departure…Debbie Wayne [Ken’s wife] presented a “Thank you” cake after the event that was shared by staff, wrestlers and fans…Along with the awards ceremony, graduation matches and now this – this group is really first class in presentations and such.

A Piece of my Mind July 12th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

With all the injuries affecting WWE and the potential for others always being there, they need a depth chart that goes more deep than wide. I felt bad when I heard about Edge blowing his Achilles tendon. He is really a class act. If you are the WWE office staff you have to be constantly thinking about the rash of injuries lately. How far away from real catastrophe are they? The injuries come so suddenly and without warning, along with any aging talent pool of superstars. That combined with the fact that most of the top level guys don’t appear to have any long term financial concerns. It’s a clear signal that something has to change and new true main event PPV leader type talent has to be developed.

It did my heart good to see how well Ted DiBiase did as the guest host of Raw this past week. When you see promos cut like that it makes you long for days gone by. If you get the right people, performers at heart loaded with charisma they can still connect with the audience.

I wonder who decided to go in a different direction with Mark Henry? I am not sure why, but I have always liked Mark Henry. I believe that the people can get behind him if booked properly.

These days I fly about 75,000 miles a year if not more, but there was a time when I took my very first flight. I remember being at Kennedy airport really having no clue what was going on. I got on the plane and went back to the coach section. We were on our way to the city of Dohah in Qatar for a week long tour then on to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. One of the guys on the tour with us was the “Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz. I had never really seen Johnny do anything other than jobs for guys on television and work underneath matches on house shows. I was very lucky that before we took off I was brought up to first class. In those days these kinds of changes could be easily made. I didn’t know how lucky I was at the time but I do now.

The one thing I remember about the tour that puzzled me at the time was that Johnny Rodz got a huge reaction from the people. He got a big reaction when announced and during the matches as well. We used him in a program over there with Prof. Tanaka. When it was all said and done Prof. Tanaka had been a major star for years and years. When it came to Johnny Rodz I would be surprised if any of those people in Dohah had ever seen Johnny win a match. I got my first taste of the TV star facet of wrestling versus a win/loss record type of reaction.

I questioned Charley Fulton about it saying “Charley why are the people so behind Johnny when he loses matches on TV all the time?" His position was that even though he rarely won a match he never let anyone push him around. He always held his own in matches the people here respect that. It was a totally different thing for me.
In the early days of my career I came very close to missing some finishes as a referee. I was supposed to stop Tanaka from throwing the salt at Johnny over there. I almost missed it but it worked out ok.

While Jimmy Hart was in Chicago for the Hulk Hogan Fan Appreciation Day he appeared on the Mancow Show with the lead singer of REO Speedwagon Kevin Cronin. It was a great experience for Jimmy since Kevin was a big Jimmy Hart and Gentry’s fan. He played Keep on Dancin on the guitar while Jimmy and Kevin sang. Jimmy also appeared on the sports segments of the WGN news on Friday morning to promote the Hulk Hogan event. Of course Jimmy is always a WWE ambassador at heart and made sure to plug the WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS PPV. All of that took place after he started the morning on Q101. It was a busy morning for the hardest working man in wrestling.

This picture is from a QA session on the first night of WrestleReunion. In the photo from left to right is Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and WrestleReunion host Bill Apter.

This has been a piece of my mind

Brock gets his revenge at UFC 100, still undisputed Champion! by Gene Jackson

Fifteen months ago Brock Lesnar stepped into the UFC octagon for what would be his first UFC fight and only second ever MMA fight against a former Heavyweight Champion of the UFC, Frank Mir. After landing some inpressive blows and showing he had some potential Brock was tapped out by Mir after looking really careless as he allowed himself into to position to be tapped out by the more experienced Mir. Lesnar would go on to convincingly defeat "Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring and was then given a title match against champion Randy Couture.

Many people felt that Lesnar didn't deserve such a high profile title match with only 3 matches under his belt with one of them being a loss to a man probably should have been getting the title match instead (Frank Mir, who was the "interim" Heavyweight Champion while Couture had walked out of the company previously) Most MMA fans thought that Courture would teach the cocky Lesnar a lesson but Lesnar came into this fight a much smarter fighter then he did against Mir and knocked out Courture to win the UFC Championship in November of last year.

Despite winning the title from a proven fighter and Hall of Famer like Randy Couture many still knock Lesnar and the hardcore MMA fans still discount him as a "phony WWE wrestler", it was time Lesnar to try to avenge his loss against Mir last year. That brings us UFC 100 that took place last night in Las Vegas. It was a hard one to call considering the results of their first encounter but mos
t of the odds makers were actually picking Mir as the underdog.

Lesnar dominated Mir this time out and took the win with a TKO in just under 2 minutes of the 2nd Round. The fight was pretty one sided as at no point in the fight was Lesnar ever in any serious trouble. Mir's face was battered and bloody at the end of the first round and looked even worse afterwards. Lesnar followed up his win with some "WWE like theatrics" as he got in Mir's face
telling him "talk your shit now". He then was interviewed by Joe Rogan where he made it a point to say he was gonna "go home and drink some COORS Light, cause Bud Light won't pay me nothin." This I'm sure didn't sit well with owner Dana White as Bud Light was one of the main sponsors for UFC 100 and other UFC events. Lesnar was booed viciously by the fans after the fight causing him to "shoot the bird" with both hands to the entire crowd. Lesnar then followed up the Coors light comment by saying he was "going home to be with family and friends and maybe even get on top of my wife tonight."

An interesting footnote to all that is that the post fight press conference is up now on and a more subdued Brock was seen sitting at the press table with a bottle of Bud Light in front of him apologizing for his "unprofessionalism" at the end of the fight saying that Dana White had scolded him for it but it's just his nature to "sell tickets" having worked for the "best in the business" (assuming that means Vince). It will be interesting to see where Brock goes from here, there really aren't many heavyweights in the UFC right and none that would seem to be a huge threat to Brock as dominate as he's been recently. There's just no one else in MMA right now who deal with his size, strength, and reach now that he has the skills to go along with it. Some are saying that Dana is working on signing Bobby Lashley for an eventual showdown with Brock but that remains to be seen as Lashley doesn't have the credibility in the MMA world that Brock had as a former National Champion amatuer wrestler to walk right into such a huge fight. Kimbo Slice will be the upcoming season of Ultimate Fighter but if he even makes it through that Brock would destroy him.

The real money match at this point would be Brock vs. Fedor but that doesn't look like that's gonna be happening anytime soon. Regardless the hardcore MMA fans are starting to have to admit....Brock Lesnar really is the "next big thing" in the UFC...and it makes them sick....Personally, I love it!