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Show for the Weekend 8.01.09 to 8.02.09

----Big Memphis Autozone show this week and then CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows.

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Cheap Heat Radio is returning......for real this time!

So.....there's been a change in circumstances around my place now which is gonna allow for the return of Cheap Heat Radio! Currently looking to line up guests for August. The return show will be Thursday August 6th at 7:30pm central. If your interested in being a guest or have a topic you like to have discussed, show you wanna promote, or whatever else that might be of interest. Contact me at

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.25.09

----D-Rock posted this over at I love it that Thaddeus Matthews gets more of a push than any of the young local talent we have in this area!!

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at AutoZone Park, getting ready for the upcoming Memphis Wrestling event, this Saturday, August 1st. Jerry is excited about the match he's going to be in because its been a year in the making and has carried over from the last Memphis Wrestling event that was held at AutoZone Park. Corey said we'll talk to "The King's" opponent, later in the program. They announced that also this Saturday, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart will team up to face local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, and a mystery partner.

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Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler are joined by Rocky The Redbird. Lawler announced that his opponent, this Saturday, at AutoZone Park will be Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, who interfered in his match at AutoZone Park, last year. While Lawler was wrestling Test, out of nowhere, Buff ran in and started attacking "The King". Lawler said he can't trust this guy and asked Rocky The Redbird if there was anyway he could watch his back. Rocky pulled out a baseball bat. Lawler asked Rocky to bring that baseball bat to ringside.

This Saturday, August 1st, at AutoZone Park, the Memphis Redbirds game will begin at 6:05PM and as soon as the game is over, they will set the ring up while the wrestlers sign autographs. They will have four or five matches. Remember, when you buy your ticket for the Redbirds game, that includes your admission for the wrestling.

They go back and take a look at some of the action that's taken place at AutoZone Park over the last year or so.

They showed highlights from both of Kid Kash's matches at AutoZone Park, where he teamed with Kevin White against Koko and Pat Tanaka, last year, and his match he had teaming with Koko against Too Cool 2 (Tim & Flex), in 2007. During the video, there was a special interview with Kid Kash, but this was from last year when they were getting ready for the Delta Fair.

Jerry Lawler was talking about his return bout, this Saturday, with Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Buff called in saying that Lawler was crying. Jerry asked Buff, "I figured it was some kind of little plot that maybe Test came up with. I'm wrestling Test. I had him beat. Then, all of the sudden, you show up. I figured you and Test had gotten your pea-brains together and came up with some idea that when Test was in trouble, you were going to show up, but you're telling me, you did this on your own just because you don't like me?" Buff's response, "Well, I can tell you this. You're a great wrestler and you are The King, but I am Buff and I am The Stuff." Jerry Lawler said he's going to beat the stuffing out of Buff "The Stuff". Corey said they will be telling us some more names that are signed to be at AutoZone Park, this Saturday, later in the show.

Action from Minglewood Hall, featuring "Outlaw" Don Bass, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs King Cobra-Bass had his trusty chain with him. "Hollywood" landed some briefcase shots on Cobra. Miscommunication between "Hollywood" and Bass ended with King Cobra getting the rollup for the win.

Corey Maclin's sitdown interview with Buff Bagwell from Buff's home in Atlanta. This was from last year, building toward Lawler and Bagwell's match at the Delta Fair. Buff gave "The King" his props, but said that he's going to stomp him and there's going to be a top hat left and the crown is going to be squashed.

Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler announced some of the names that will be at AutoZone Park, this Saturday, August 1st. There will be a special challenge match take place with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart teaming with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware taking on local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews, who is bringing in a special mystery partner. Lawler is a little worried about Koko and Jimmy. Also "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is bringing his 2x4 to Memphis Wrestling for the first time ever at AutoZone Park. Hooo! U-S-A! And of course, the grudge match between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Corey said they will be telling us more about the entire lineup, next week. Don't forget, this Saturday, when you buy Redbirds tickets, you get into the Redbirds baseball game that begins at 6:05PM. Immediately following the game, they will set up the ring for Memphis Wrestling. Also, since it's the big Payroll Management Group Grand Slam, the first 500 fans will receive a free Corey Maclin for Shelby County Clerk PMG t-shirt.

More footage from Minglewood Hall, featuring "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, with Su Yung vs Dustin Starr. While Dustin was punching Kevin in the corner, Referee Jerry Calhoun intervened, enabling Kevin just enough time to strike Dustin with a foreign object to get the win.

Video of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in action from New Jersey. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan defeated Executioner #2, who was managed by Big Daddy. Duggan got the win after delivering his three-point stance clothesline.

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling. Lance Russell interviewed "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. Idol was running a little late. He apologized and as he was going to put on his gear, Tony Faulk stormed over and said, "Not so fast, big mouth!" Tony said that today is his lucky day and he is going to beat Austin Idol because he knows how to get out of that Las Vegas leglock. Tony said he didn't want to wait and told Austin to jump in the ring, right now. Austin accepted and told Lance, "You know, in Chicago, they call William Perry, the refrigerator, but in this area, they gonna call Austin Idol the microwave! I'm gonna heat him up and then I'm gonna melt him down to nothing!" While the match was going on, "The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel made his way out to educate everyone that he was the master and he perfected the figure four leglock. Austin Idol got the win with the Las Vegas leglock.

Minglewood Hall footage, featuring the Hardcore Match that took place between "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, with Garry White in his corner. Brian tied up Doug in the corner and grabbed the barbwire bat, but was stopped by a big boot from Doug. Brian would fight back hitting Doug in the back with the bat and giving him a low blow with a weedeater. Christopher got the win after nailing Gilbert with a chain from the top-rope.

Opening the Vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with the infamous incident when Bill "Superstar" Dundee came on the set, while "The Fabulous Ones" were being interviewed. Dundee was pumped up and wanted "The King" to tag up with him to go against "The Fabulous Ones" so they could win those belts, but "The King" didn't want to because he was friends with Stan and Steve. So, this made Dundee irate and he went off on Lawler, demanding a title shot. Dundee defeated Lawler for the Southern Heavyweight Championship.

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler wrapped up the show from beautiful AutoZone Park, reminding everyone about Memphis Wrestling live, this Saturday, August 1st, at AutoZone Park, featuring Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware teaming with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart to go against Thaddeus Matthews and his mystery partner. Also, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will be in action. Corey said they will tell us more, next week.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.25.09

Mark Tipton appears on the big screen as the show starts with about 75 fans in the crowd. He says that he needs to make two announcements, with one changing the structure of the EWE forever. He says that he's not able to be at the arena tonight because he is in Southaven, MS watching Tatt2 wrestle for a TNA house show. He then starts to explain the big changes coming to the EWE. He said that someone had come to him inquiring about ownership of the EWE. Tipton says that the EWE means a lot to him, but this person has shown that he has what it takes to take ownership of the EWE. He says that sitting in his position at the announcers table tonight would be K.C. Gold. Gold comes out and takes his seat at the table. Mark Tipton then asks everyone to welcome the new owner of Elite Wrestling Entertainment, Dustin Baker. Baker comes out, saying it is not only an honor, but a privlidge to be the new owner of EWE. He says that he promises there will be some other changes to the EWE. Baker says that there is one thing he would like to get off his chest, and that's concerning K.C. Gold. He says that there's nothing that he can do about Mark Tipton's decision to have Gold as tonights announcer, but he will do as he did the last time Gold was employed by the EWE and keep an eye on him. Baker also announces the next big show that will happen, which will be the Super Summer Showdown. More details will become available in the coming weeks. He also makes the official announcement that EWE will now go back to a weekly schedule effective immediately. Baker gets the crowd pumped up for tonights action before heading to the back.

The first match of the night is between Bishop and Jon Michael. Near the beginning of the match, J.R. Manson brings out a sign that says "Tell them the truth." Jon Michael would score the pinfall over Bishop, then confront Manson with the meaning of his sign. Manson heads to the back, followed by Michael.

Genocide makes their way to the ring. They stand in the ring waiting for Premiere Brutality to appear for their Stretcher Match. The referee comes out and delivers a message to K.C. Gold. Gold stands up and says that Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels have not made it to the building. Corbin grabs the mic and begins to make a statement when Chris O'Neals music hits and he makes his way to ringside on crutches. He's accompanied by Christian Jacobs, who helps Genocide get O'Neal in the ring. He says that he talked to then Commissioner Baker a few weeks ago, and asked if there was anything he could do in the EWE. O'Neal says that he talked to Baker again Wednesday after his second surgery and asked once again if there was anything he could do, weather it be ring announcer, commentator, or even time keeper. He said that he got a phone call from Baker Friday night, telling him to be at the EWE arena tonight. He said little did he know when he got to the arena, Baker told Chris O'Neal that he was the new commissioner for the EWE. O'Neal says that the first thing on his agenda is what Premiere Brutality did two weeks ago. Chad and Brad Badd made fun of Genocide when they weren't at the arena and faced Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels. O'Neal says that Premiere Brutality has made the comment to the EWE management that Wayne and Nikels would never face Genocide in a stretcher match. So, from this point, Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels are suspended indefinitely. He says that's fine, because there is new talent headed to EWE, as well as some former EWE superstars that haven't been in Ripley, TN in a long time. O'Neal says that his second decision will be to put a hold on any tag team title matches due to him being injured. Genocide doesn't like the decision, but O'Neal sweetens the deal a little bit, making a match against The Badd Guys in a no disqualification match tonight. The Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin agree to the match. O'Neal makes his way toward the ropes to exit the ring, but grabs the mic one more time. He says that he also heard that Dustin Starr has told them that he will not defend the EWE Heavyweight Championship tonight against Stan Lee. O'Neal says that if Dustin Starr does not show up and defend his title against Lee tonight, he will be suspended alongside Premiere Brutality. Genocide assists O'Neal out of the ring and to the back. Christian Jacobs remains in the ring for his next match.

Christian Jacobs def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

Ike Tucker makes his way to the ring. He says that The Bluesman was a little blue tonight. He says that he was supposed to have a match tonight with Tommy Redneck, but he didn't want to come and get a "Blues Attack." He says that instead, it's going to be "On the Mic with Ike." He says that he's tired of the not showing up, the backstabbing, and the double crossing going on in the EWE. He says that he's had people jump him from behind, had powder thrown on him, been hit with chairs and chains, and he's sick and tired of it. He says that he hasn't gotten a title shot either, and he doesn't know why. He says that he's very frustrated right now, but he's not going to take it out on the people in the EWE arena. He says that we're going to have some fun in here tonight. He says he wants to show everyone how the superstars of the EWE train and condition to come into the ring and do what they do. He asks the crowd for volunteers, and a bunch of fans jump up and raise their hands. He makes his way around the sides of the ring, then points to a fan in the corner of the stands and asks him to come down. He helps the fan into the ring and stands him in the corner. He asks for Dustin Baker to come out with a waiver to be in the ring as a precautionary measure. Baker brings the form over to the fan and asks him what his name is. The fan says that his name is Matt as Dustin Baker hands the waiver over to him to sign. Baker leaves the ring as Ike begins his lesson. Ike says that there are three things that he needs in order to be a professional wrestler. He says that the first thing that you have to have is strength, so he asks Matt to do 20 push ups in the middle of the ring. He completes all 20, but looked a bit weak after he gets up. Ike then says that the second thing he needs is speed and endurance, so he asks Matt to run the ropes back and fourth until he says to stop. Matt makes his way back and fourth a few times and stops to rest for a second, but Ike grabs him and rolls him over for a pin. The referee slides over and gives the 3 count. Ike then says that the third thing he needs is to be smarter than the other guy. Matt exits the ring exhausted as Ike makes his way around the ring dancing with the fans as he walks by.

The Badd Guys make their way from the back, but right away they try to find a place to hide from Genocide. They look behind the stands, under the ring, and even try to sit in the stands and act like fans. They look at the concession stand and decide to duck under and hide behind the counter. After a friendly game of Marco Polo, Genocide makes their way to the ring. The fans start pointing to the concession stand as soon as they hit the ramp. Maxx Corbin grabs the mic and asks The Albino Rhino where their opponents are. Corbin says that he supposes that they aren't here and act like they're going to leave, but turn around and grab Chad and Brad Badd by the head and drag them over the counter as the bell rings. Genocide brings just about everything they could find out to hit The Badd Guys with, including plastic forks, packages of salt, and even a broom. Corbin goes to the announcers table and grabs the bell. After a splash in the corner, he says it's bell time and places the bell on Chads crotch. He leans back and gives the bell a good hit as Chad jumps and screams in pain. The Albino Rhino grabs the bell and does the same thing to Brad Badd, sending him in the corner kicking and screaming. Maxx grabs the mic and says that The Badd Guys came out last week saying they couldn't enunciate their words, and they made a lot of trips to the concession stand last week. Rhino says that he couldn't forget, and Maxx suggests another trip to the concession stand. Rhino grabs Brad, asks the people at the stand for a hot dog, then lays Brad on top of the counter. He dresses the hot dog with mustard and ketchup, then shoves it in Brads mouth. Maxx then says that he needs a drink to go along with it and pours an entire bottle of water all over Brad. Genocide then brings The Badd Guys back into the ring as Maxx starts popping Brad with his own towel. Maxx places Brad in the corner, then launches Chad in the corner with him. Rhino helps Maxx hit both men in the corner, then says that he likes hot dogs, but he loves pancakes. He then runs and splashes everyone in the corner, burying The Badd Guys in the corner. Maxx positions Chad outside the ring to be run into the ring post, but Chad moves out of the way, sending Maxx head first into the post. The Badd Guys gain composure and try to life The Albino Rhino, but the tables turn as Rhino lifts both men and sends them to the mat. Maxx goes to the back, grabs a stretcher and throws it in the ring. The Badd Guys jump out of the ring and grab a mic, saying that this is a no disqualification match, but they never said anything about a count out. They run out the front door of the arena as the referee makes the 10 count, giving Genocide the victory.

Stan Lee makes his way to the ring and anxiously awaits the arrival of Dustin Starr. Some time passes before Starr finally makes his appearance on the ramp. Introductions are made and the match gets underway. After almost 15 minutes of both competitors swapping power back and fourth, Bishop comes to the ring and causes a distraction to Lee and the referee. Starr grabs his championship belt and hits Lee in the head with it as the referees back is turned, and when he turns around, he gives Dustin Starr the 3 count and the victory over Stan Lee. Bishop grabs the mic and says that Starr won the match fair and square, beating him in the ring 1 2 3. Starr starts to leave the ring, but Bishop stops him and asks Starr if he's a man of his word because he was promised a shot at the title after Stan Lee was dealt with. Starr says he never cheats, he never lies, and he's always a man of his word. He then says that he doesn't think the fans would even want to see a match between him and Bishop. Bishop asks the fans if they want to see a match between him and Starr, and the crowd agreed they would want to see it. Starr says that if Bishop wants a shot at the title, he'll give it to him next week. Dustin Baker stops the two men and says he just got off the phone with Commissioner Chris O'Neal. Baker says that he's happy that he's a man of his word on giving Bishop a title shot, and Commissioner O'Neal has to sign off to approve the match. He says that Commissioner O'Neal will approve the match, but there is one stipulation that has been added to the match. It will be a triple threat match between Dustin Starr, Bishop, and Stan Lee for the EWE Heavyweight Championship. Stan Lee grabs Bishop and drives him into the mat as Starr makes his way to the back.

credit: Dustin Williams @

----Was Tatt2 at Southaven?? He was on the Kosciusko,MS show right against Eric Wayne??...I was told the Badd Boys vs Genocide was good...The Ike segment sounded bad, but Ike is really over...Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels are over here after doing the slow motion segment a few weeks back - video below. This was one of the worse things I have ever seen in this area. Ken Wayne pulled the guys not feeling good about the direction of the promotion...Watch the video and VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THE KAYFABE BOARD!!...Good to see them going back weekly and Chris O'Neal is also huge over with the crowd here, so this will be a good spot for him...Manson with a sign saying, "Tell them the truth" - wow that could go in so many different directions. LOL

Arena Report: SUMMER-JAM NBW Newbern, TN 7.25.09

----So you can argue back and forth about quality of matches. Does it matter if the match is not good, if it gets a pop at the end? If the match is forgotten because of an angle that they run right after a bad match?? Well it counts to me and it counts to all the guys involved, just ask them!! It reminded me when I came back from TIWF last year and noted that all the guys were OVER, but they were not excellent workers. Well the guys on this show were over – with good crowd reactions – but a few of the matches just fell real short. Booking overall was good and if the first match would have been tweaked, I could maybe be writing it was an above average show with one bad match. The main event delivered and the fans went home happy!!

----Jason Reed and Jimmy Tidwell opened the show. Not a big fan of an opening interview segment. I thought Reed did a good heel interview, but others were saying “Horrible” to “Great” segment.

----Jon “Biscuit” Roberts beat Tommy Redneck in a handcuff on a pole match. Ok, if you put handcuffs on a pole – the object of the match is to get the handcuffs and use them; right?? Well Redneck brought out some handcuffs in a bag for some reason. This was all wrong – you are using the gimmick of the match in the match. Both guys juiced and Biscuit ended up using handcuffs too. Redneck got the handcuffs to no pop. Biscuit ended up pinning Redneck for the win. Big pop for Biscuit win. After the match, Rockin Randy jumped in and they beat up on Biscuit, until Biscuit's brother Gaylon Ray jumped in for the win and save. [DUD]

----High Risk Invitational - C-Money pinned AJ Ray to win the NBW High Risk Title in a match that featured The Kid [champ coming into the match], Crazy Train, Rockin Randy, Robert Justice, Chad Heart, Dell Tucker and the “American Arrogant” AJ Ray. Crazy Train was the star of this bout and closing in the year as one of the most improved guys around. He hit a nasty closeline on Chad Heart. A dive outside the ring. A frogsplash that was really pretty. And guys, this kid is not small. Rob E Justice was managing outside the ring and almost ruined the whole match. Justice spent time running around the ring trying to get himself over and not his guy. AJ Ray also spent too much time around the ring. You got 8 guys – you can try to do too much around the ring, because the crowd will not be into what is going on IN the ring. Randy and Tucker both were real smooth. Ray hit Train with a chain to pin him, then Money ended it with a frog splash on Ray for the win. Money is over big time and it was the right decision to put him over. [***]

----Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews beat Dustin Starr/Jason Reed to win the NBW Tag Team Titles. Not a good match – everything that could go wrong – went wrong. Andrews, who is really over with the crowd, is real green. And it seemed that Reed/Starr could not cover him up on this match. Every time Reed got in the bout with Andrews [who they put the heat on], something went wrong. Just real sloppy. Starr was visibly upset and seem to be fighting to put moves on Andrews every time he tried. Some stuff got real stiff at the end and Andrews took a kick to the ribs, but was more his fault, because he does not know how to flow when selling. Hot tag got a big pop, then for some reason they went to the floor, so Reed could do a moonsault. Andrews tried to do his finisher at one point and even screwed that up. Moore pinned Reed for the win. Then as the heels made it to the dressing room, “Cruzin For Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] returned as a tag team destroying the new champs. I went around to stand at the front door and the whole crowd was standing up for this like they were moving towards the ring. [DUD] for the match. C4P could be good for this group.

----At this point the crowd is really noisy and into the show even though they just watched a shitty match. They do a 45 minute intermission, which killed all the heat they had!!!!!! It is the TINY things that people can't get right!! It seemed like the temperature went up in the building like 20 degrees also.

----”Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson came out and did a good promo putting over the idea of their bout. If they beat Seth Knight/Derrick King later in the night, then both of them have to leave NBW. Thompson put over the fact that his beef was with DK. He worked hard and finally had them reacting at the end.

----”Missouri Street Fight” - “Missouri Bad Boys” [Renegade/Mark Southern] with Cookie St. James vs “Law and Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes]. ST. James and Renegade did some mic work at the start – which was good. They started the bout with the lights going off a couple of times, and when it finally ended – St. James was handcuffed to the ringpost and Hayes hit Renegade with a florescent bulb. The match went all over the place with Renegade/Ricky Hayes paring up and Southern/Davis. Southern and Davis battled outside a few times. Renegade and Hayes were mainly in the front of the announcer's desk and around the ring. They were stiff as hell. They destroyed the whole freakin desk!! People have wondered how the MBB drew such big numbers in TIWF last year?? When they are giving just a little bit to present an angle and can do something like this – it lives up to the hype! Renegade has always been the asshole of the crew and it never changes as the fans hate him. Renegade/Hayes did a big superplex spot. It was crazy at the end, but I think Hayes pinned Renegade and then Southern pinned Davis outside. This set up no finish, but then lead right into Renegade doing a great promo to put over a match between him/Ricky Hayes in a “Career Match” [Loser Retires] three weeks from this past Saturday. The old guys did live up to their hype – second best on the show [***1/2].

----Seth Knight/Derrick King beat “Midnight Gold” [“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson. A really slow start as this match was designed to just tell a story – Knight/DK being partners, but bitter enemies. They had to work together to keep their job. Lots of shine for them. Heat on DK. Eaton was working his ass off doing a couple of double team moves and just seem to be having a great time. DK took a sweet beating with some great looking punches from TGB. Hot tag and finish had it look like DK was going to superkick Knight, but Knight ducked and DK hit Eaton. Knight pinned Eaton for them to win. They argued after the match and DK hit Knight with two superkicks before leaving the ring. [***]

----Jon Michael beat Mark Justice with Rob E Justice to win the NBW Title in a TLC Match. Last week [for some reason??] Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs cut Justice's hair. He was almost bald. He entered the ring with a towel on his head doing a promo about not caring about the belt because they took his hair and then ripped the towel off. Great promo as Jon Michael's music hits!! Good build as the match went back and forth with them concentrating on the ladder and going to get the belt. Chairs were used at proper times with Justice juicing first. Rob E Justice was nice enough to call Jon Michael a pussy around the ring about 10 times and called him a whore on the mic, so he was really getting some heat. [I am being sarcastic here!!] Michael bleds good. Michael places Justice’s head on the ladder and smashes it with a chair that looked real nasty. Finish had them fighting outside the ring and Michael setting Justice up on a table. Ref bump somewhere. Michael in the ring, but then comes off the top turnbuckle with a Shawn Michaels elbow putting Justice threw the table. Michael then makes it up the ladder to win the title. Justice then gets back in the ring and nut shots Michael and bumped ref holds up his hand. The decision stands though as new NBW Champion and a big pop!! [***3/4]

----165 in the crowd, which was a 24% decrease from their last show. Not sure what they did different in advertising, but do know that Sarge O'Reilly really “hustled” that show. Big shows like this should have the RAW commercials!!...My daughter Karly said during the first match, “I think we are in Mississippi!!” LOL...I was told that the first match should have been my first ever [-*] match, but at least there was reaction for the guys and the ending with Gaylon...At one point Train smashed Justice's drink and it went all over the crowd. I was told by more than one person it was rum and coke. Justice denied it. NBW has always considered themselves a “family show”. Rob E Justice is not part of that kind of show – hell Angelina would have been less offensive than some of the stuff he said during this match and the main event...Andrews was being talked to by almost everyone in the dressing rooms. The kid has lots of potential – he has a good look and the crowd loves him. But he has to learn to bump. The only way you can do that is do it over and over and over. I liked AJ Ray also, but also very green and needs lots of ring time!! Guys can't get better when they are only wrestling one time a week. And if you are getting a good crowd reaction, it still doesn't ALWAYS mean you doing everything right...Southern cracked me up after the match, he said, “We got at least 2 stars right??”...Cookie St. James has always been one of my favorite indy managers in this area. Totally different than anyone else in the area. And what you see is what you get – a total fuckin shoot!! Pretty much the same for the whole crew of MBBs…JJ was in the crowd…”Big” Dave Sims and Coco Anderson were the announcers and did a good job…One of the best bouts I have seen Justice in since the start of the site. Michael is cementing himself into a MVP Performer nomination with the caliber of matches he has had this year. Justice might get another Most Underrated nomination…Seth Knight has pinned Nick Dinsmore, Brian Christopher and now Bobby Eaton this year!!...Fun time was had by all – thanks to NBW for having us!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "My Friend Allen Steele" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

I’d like to dedicate this week’s column to my good friend Allen Steele – who not so coincidentally is also a Desoto County [MS] resident. He being a Horn Lake-er and me being a Walls boy. Some people claim Walls stands for “We all Live Like Shit..but don’t believe it!!

Anyway, let’s talk about Mr. Steele here. I first met him when he was just starting out in the old Memphis Power Pro Wrestling days. I didn’t run across him again until Boss Winters hired me to be senior consultant and color commentator for Razorback All-Star Wrestling, which later changed to Arkansas All-Star Wrestling due to some to the point humorless legal letter from the University of Arkansas. [long story] I had not seen anybody improve as dramatically as Allen did in that relatively short period of time. I that point the kid had it all – size, strength, agility and ring presence. Actually a matche for AAW where Allen wrestled Dustin Starr we me serving as special guest referee was honestly one of the best matches I have ever been involved in personally and that covers 30 years PLUS worth of territory.

Yes, I feel Allen has everything to offer this business that is required and I hope that someday gets what he deserves. That is a break and full time living in our industry. If it was 20-25 years ago when I was manager on top in various territories such as Kansas City, Alabama, Memphis, etc – I GUARANTEE I could have and would have found a secured spot for him and now who knows what level he would be at now. Timing is everything and sometimes in an unfortunate sense.

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

The Golden Circle "Peanut Butter and Jelly" by Greg Anthony

No, this isn't an article on how I, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, make the greatest PB&J sandwiches. Instead an analogy pertaining to pro wrestling. Now bear with me on this one. I think it would be safe to say that Peanut Butter and Jelly is probably one the greatest combinations in the history of man. Perfectly complimenting each other so much that now it’s impossible to imagine one without the other. So let’s say that Pro Wrestling is Peanut Butter or Pro Wresting=Peanut Butter for you math geeks. What would be Jelly in this equation? Well the solution is simple, Music!

Can you imagine the last thirty years of pro wrestling without music? No glass breaking for a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin entrance, no unmistakable guitar riffs, no spine rattling drums. Great moments that no longer exist because there wasn't a soundtrack for that moment. Music is truly a universal language and has made its impact on every form of entertainment and pro wrestling is no different.

Now we all know that Michael Hayes is credited with being the first to use rock music in his entrances. From Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" to one of my all time favorites "Badstreet USA" ,where Mr.Hayes sang lead vocals, his impact on the business in this aspect is legendary. Now look how far we've come with music in pro wrestling. WWE alone has released 22 albums that have done very well commercially.

Now P.S. Hayes wasn't the first to come out to music in general and I don't know if anyone really knows who the first actually was. I remember my grandmother telling me that Gorgeous George use to come out to "Pomp and Circumstance" or the graduation theme as you may know it. Of course it will always be Macho Man's music to me. At the request of Vince McMahon Sr, Sgt. Slaughter used The Marine Corps' Hymn in the late 80s. Music has had as much of impact on wrestling as anything else.

In 2009, music and wrestling are a given. I've had to work shows were the sound equipment breaks or the guy who owns the speakers quit the company. Now to enter without music, it seems like something is missing not just to me but the fans as well. It’s like..... like eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich without the jelly, I promise and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it’s as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

My World - Maxxed Out: "The Road To Superman's House" by Maxx Corbin

I think it was the week after EWE's Mayhem, in the parking lot of a Huddle House, when we got to talking about places we could take the Genocide vs Picture Perfect Tour. We had some looks on different bookings but nothing was set in stone. I'd throw out a city or a state and Myles and CJ would say yay or nay weather they wanted to work there or not. That’s when Myles mentioned that he had seen something on the travel channel about Metropolis, IL. Now, forget that I didn't even know there was a travel channel, or that it apparently was one of Myles' favorite stations, Metropolis could be a possibility. After all, I had family there and......that’s it...I had family there. I don't know why I thought I had a leg up in getting us a booking because of the location of my family, but in my mind we were as good as booked. So, when Myles said he wanted to go to Metropolis I said, very confidently, ok I'll make it happen.

So, I asked BT if he knew who ran Metropolis and he gave me the info. I emailed Tojo Jr and got us a booking. This was gonna be awesome! A road trip with the guys. We had all these plans about hitting the casino there and snapping some pics with the 20 foot tall Superman statue downtown. The best part of it all is that my cousin(who works at the casion there) was gonna try to comp us a room. We made it very well known that this trip was about hanging with our friends and not money and as long as we didn't lose money, we would be fine with not getting a big amount for PO. Remember that bit of info, it will be important in a minute. Either way, we were booked in 2 weeks for the city of Superman.
Genocide was sitting out of the next EWE show. We were working an angle with Premiere Brutality and they had "injured" us the week before. So with a rare Saturday at home I was relaxing when the phone rang.

Me: Hello?
CJ: Hey man, did you hear yet?
Me: What??
CJ: Chris was doing a run in and I'm not sure what happened, but I turned around and he was rolling around in pain. He thinks Eric may have bumped on it.
Me: Dammit Eric! Is Chris ok?
CJ: I don't think so dude they took him straight to the ER.
Me:I'll try to give him a call, do you know if he's home
CJ: Yeah he should be home.
Me: Crap, I just remembered, we're booked next week with Metropolis!
CJ: Yeah I know.....
Me: Well let me get a hold of Chris and see how he is doing. I don't want to replace him if I don't have too. I'll give him a call
CJ: Ok man. I just wanted to call and let you know. Later Bro.
Me: Later.

I got a hold of Chris the next day and he assured me that he was going to be in no shape to wrestle, as he was in pain just sitting. So, who to ask? Luckily we were working on the benefit that day and there were workers everywhere from all over. All we had to do was find someone who looked like they could be CJ's Partner. Just to take a second to mark out for CJ, he has a great look and is very underrated as a worker. So, we had to find someone with at least a decent look and an average work rate, plus we had to get along with them and they had to be cool with taken the low PO we had got Ok, Jon Michael? Working...dang. So there goes the Picture Perfect idea. That left DK, Stan, TGB, and Dustin. We knew that TGB was working with Midnight Gold and was probably booked already and Dustin was probably gonna say no because the money. So out of DK and Stan we decided to go with the guy that was booking jk. (Side note here: DK told me when I was doing the CineMaxx Videos that he hasn't watched a lot of them because he has no attention span. So if you're gonna say anything about him do it in the middle of a 3 minute So, I walked up to Stan and asked him and he said that sounded great to him. Disaster avoided and now we have saved the match.

Wrestlers can't plan for anything. We say hey you wanna work a show in 2 years? Yeah? ok be at Wal Mart, I'll drive. The next time they talk about it is either the night before they have to go or to see why the fuck they aren't at Wal-Mart yet. So, following this pattern to the "T" I didn't call anyone about when we were leaving or anything. I was setting in a movie and my phone blew up. All 3 Texted me at the same time. Anyways, I sent a text to them all that said this. "Guys I think we will leave at 12 to give us time to take pics and stuff. The hotel is a no go so we'll have to drive back. Hope that’s cool." Myles replied, Cj replied, No reply from Stan so I assumed it was cool. I leave the movie and about 30 minutes into my Wal-Mart trip. I get a text saying Stan won't be able to make it. TIME TO SCRAMBLE! "Hey DK, are you available? Stan can't come can you?" Derrick asked for Stan's number and said he'd call me back. (Has he or Dustin ever said that and meant it Anyways, 2 minutes later I get a call from Stan. He tells me he's cool to go so the search is over. I get my gear ready and hit the bed about 2 a.m.

The day of the show is finally here. I'm up at the crack of 10 I start to the computer to check for directions. I look at my phone, hey, I have a couple of texts from Stan and CJ. Probably wondering about some last minute info on the show. I open the text and read what Stan wrote. "Hey man the power at the building is out and I got to get it going for 2morrow. I can't go. sorry" Oh crap that’s not good what does CJ's say "Hey man just got a text Stan's not going so maybe I should sit out as well. Maybe ya'll could work each other or something." Did both of our opponents tap out 2 hours before we So, I call CJ and assure him I will have him a partner for the show. I ask him if I can get him a tag partner would he go. He says yes, so here we go again.

First call Derrick.
Me: Derrick whats up bro?
DK:Working in Arkansas. Stan already called me. I don't know who else is available man. Everyone I know is either working in Arkansas or for Rude tonight.

So I start out to get gas and I'm calling people the entire time. This led me to a conversation I had with Dustin Starr.

Me: Hey Dustin, what are you doing tonight?
DS: Not much man whats up?
Me: You wanna go to a show tonight?
DS: Where at?
Me: Metropolis,IL
DS: How far is that?
Me: about 2 1/2 hours away, but you can ride with me.
DS: When are ya'll leaving?
Me: In 30 mins or when you get here.
DS: GEEEZ. .....Well hows the PO?
Me: Not good dude.
DS: Well, FUCK RICHARD!(My shoot name)
Me: (laughing uncontrollably at the situation)

Dustin was a no go, even though he waited an hour to tell us this.(and he wonders why I keep hiding his belt when he leaves it sitting around) So, I picked up Myles and made calls to others. Kevin, Cody, Michael Gilbert, Kayhill, Aj Bradley, Alan Steele, Flash, Reno(no answer),Seth Knight,Shawn Reed and Just about anyone and everyone I had a number for. Just about all them had a booking with Rude in Humboldt. This led me and Myles to call Rude and see if there was any one he didn't book and could we talk to them before he called them. He said he'd check and see who he hadn't booked and get back with me. Then I called Pokerface. (Funny side note here. Poker is, like me, a huge mark for “Family Guy”. I once told him when we were feuding in TLCW, that I was gonna call an entire match like Herbert, the old pedophile character with a high voice. He tells me not to cause he'll start laughing. Then we lock up and he says, "Hey there muscley arms, take a headlock.")
So, when Poker answers the phone he tells me that he's working for Rude. I jokingly, ask him how much it would take for him to no show Rude. He laughs and says you should ask Rude how much it would take for him to no show his own show. I laughed....then called Rude to see if he'd no show his own we hung up we wondered why we were the only workers in the area that weren't asked to be on Rude's show...hmmm.)

It was about 1 now and we were supposed to leave at 12. So, we decided to leave Jackson and try to find a partner for CJ from on the road. It was then that Myles let out "Aww Crap!" knowing the day had been going downhill so far I nervously asked him what was wrong. That's when he told me this, "I forgot to put on underwear,man." How does that happen? That is like step one of getting dressed. I guess in all the excitement of trying to find a partner he had forgot. But we were too far gone to go back now. He was just gonna have to free ball the match that may not happen. We had gotten a small bite on a partner for CJ when we called Rocker. He was doing a shoot job so he said if he finished he would go, but it didn't look like it was gonna happen as we were already 2 hours behind schedule. CJ called and said he was about half way there and wanted to know if had any luck on the partner. We told him we'd talk about it when we got to the meeting place. That should have been a sign for him to turn around, but to his credit he trusted

At this point we were just trying to get a body to be in there with CJ, whether they fit his look or not. We even, believe it or not, called BT to see if he wanted to do it. He didn't answer his phone though. That would have been an awesome “Picture Perfect”. Imagine, BT in O'Neal's gear. Now try to We pulled up to the meeting point and the fact that no one was with us should have been a dead giveaway that we weren't going to be able to find him a partner.But we threw his bag in the car and told him we'd buy him lunch if he went. I don't think he would have flaked on us after driving to D-Burg but just in case we would try to entice him with a free meal.

We ate and got on the road. We had pretty much decided that if we had to we'd work CJ in a handicap match. Ironic twist here was that we were thinking of asking Brian to go. We didn't have a contact number and knew he probably wouldn't want to go for the money we were going for anyways. But, right as we are driving in to Kentucky we hear this on a scrambled station, "....Lawler....Arrested...was .....He was .......Back in Febuary he was arrested........similar charge...." Then the station went out. CJ and Myles both looked at each other and said NO WAY. I on the other hand was in my own little world and told them "Guys....there is no way Jerry got arrested in Jackson!" That both responded with "Uhh, no but Brian may have." Yep for some reason it was fate that CJ would have to work us by himself. This brought on the comedic phrase that was said throughout the day....."Damn,.....I blame Eric for"

Once we got into the town we followed the signs to the Superman statue. On the way there we noticed another Statue of sorts. Outside of this Big John grocery store was a statue of a lumberjack holding a bag of groceries. I assume he was Big John. He was decked out in a flannel shirt and jeans, but he had on an apron. The apron didn't seem out of place until we got word why it was on there. "Ya'll went by the Big John Statue huh?" my cousin's boyfriend asked us. "Ya'll notice the apron on the statue?" We all said yeah and then he asked us if we knew why it was there. When we told him no he replied with this, "ITS BECAUSE SOMEONE PAINTED A HUGE COCK ON HIM AND THEY COULDN"T PAINT OVER IT BECAUSE IT KEPT BLEEDING THROUGH!" upon further inspection he was right. The only problem was the apron didn't cover it completely. So, Big John stood there looking like the crazy, lumberjack, bag boy that was about to throw back the apron and molest you when you least expected it. At least the kids who did it didn't embarrass the city. They made Big John a tripod.

We made it to Metropolis and actually got to the building early. If we would have left when we were supposed to we would have been hanging around for hours with nothing to do. We got to the building at about 6 pm. Everybody was extremely nice. Tojo was cool with us going in a handicap match and let us do whatever we wanted. The building was ok but hot as hell. We actually worried when the referee almost passed out and we were told he couldn't ref our match. Keep in mind this guy was skinny and not carrying around weight like me or Myles. CJ was probably the 3rd or 4th biggest guy there too. So he was concerned as well. We were sweating just getting in our gear. No oil needed for CJ either....or niacin.....or push ups. We were done. We had a great match considering the stress of the day, though. CJ beat after a miscue on our part and the crowd really got behind him. They gave us a great reaction even though they had no clue who we were. When we got to the back everyone in the back come up to us and told us the match was great. Everyone watched the match and we considered it a huge compliment. We tried to rent a room for a few hours at the hotel next door, after our match. We had decided we couldn't go to the casino sweating like we were. They turned us down for a room. After spending most of my PO at Sonic, trying to get dehydrated, we decided the casino wasn't gonna happen. It was the cherry on top of a night that most people would have considered a disaster. But I think deep down we all enjoyed the trip. We had been to where Superman lived....and we tore his house down. Even if we did it with 3 people instead of 4.

----Maxx Corbin of "Genocide" is the newest columnist of RRO. Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.25.09

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Newcomer Iron Jake Johnson.

Chazz Stone w/Cyrus destroyed LSD.

Kilo defeated "Perfect" Christopher Peterson.

Raja, making his EPW debut, defeated Cassanova Kid.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated JR Mauler, knocking JR unconscious.

EPW Extreme Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated Tysin Starr to retain.

EPW Tag Team Champions Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) cheated their way to victory over Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) to retain the belts.

I counted 62 in the crowd.

A BIG surprise is in store for those in attendance at EPW this Saturday night,
8-1-09, in Booneville! Don't miss this show - you never know what will happen at EPW! The EPW Arena is located on Hwy 145 in Booneville (Old Dodds Garage building). See you there!

Be sure to catch EPW Wrestling every Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. on MY MS TV network!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

----The TV has really helped them attendance...Does anyone tape this stuff?? You have it on DVD?? Wanna send me a copy for review??

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman,AR 7.25.09

Our show began with Ricky Rowland bringing our nations flag to the ring. He would ask that all of the fans stand for the playing of our national anthem.

Our show opened up with X-Kaliber coming to the ring to talk down about his brother and former ASWF Superstar, Morgan Williams. After X-Kaliber was in the middle of his ranting, Morgan Williams music would hit and no one would come throught the curtain. Just when it seemed that X-Kaliber was going to stop this downgrading of X-Kaliber's brother, SETH SABOR would return and challenge him to a match.

Our first match of the night was a singles match between ASWF Hall of Famer Johnny Hawk and Mike Anthony. Mike would come off to a great start taking control of Johnny Hawk and keeping him on the mat at all times. However, this would be short lived as Hawk would resort to his usual dirty tactics to try and gain the upper hand. Just when you thought that Mike Anthony was out he would sneek a pin taking home the win.

Our second match was a Triple Threat Match. Cody Only, Cody Murdoch, and Kalaiki would all go at it in this powerhouse match. Cody Only and Cody Murdoch would dominate this match. Even though Kalaiki was not as big as these other two titans, he would hold his own. Cody Only and Kalaiki would make numerous attempts to pin Big Rig Cody Murdoch but neither would succeed. That was until Kalaiki would suprise us all by getting a roll up pin and walking away the winner.

After this match was over, Commissioner Ward would take to the ring with Austin Lane's daughter, Meagan, who wanted to present her dad with a birthday cake for his birthday. When Commissioner Ward asked them to play Austin's music, Justin The Juice Smart would decide that he wanted to have some fun. He would ask Meagan for the cake, to which she said no. Smart would finally say give me that cake. Well she gave it to him alright, a face full. When he would go to stand up she kicked smart in the ankle. Smart would then grab her by the hair and Commissioner Ward would grab Smarts arm to separate his graps. Ward would be knocked down for his trouble. Just as you thought it was about to be good night for Meagan Austin would take to the ring and challenge Smart. All Lane would simply say is...Your Dead.

The third match of the night was between the returning Seth Sabor and X-Kaliber. Seth Sabor would fight hard in this match. Having Athena Eclipse in X-Kaliber's corner made a huge difference for X-Kaliber. Seth Sabor would be no match for X-Kaliber when he would be wrapped up and a submission hold and tap out to X-Kaliber.

Tonight's Feature Match was one that should have ended the final chapter in the former tag team, Mexicanos. Johnny Hawk fight again but would tag with Hot Rod John Ellison to take on Demon X and Johnny Harper. Harper stated a few weeks ago that he was going to personally end the final chapter on Mexicanos. And just as you could have guessed it Johnny Hawk would steal the bell hammer to use as a foriegn object. The referee would never see the weapon but Hawk and Ellison would use it to keep the match in their favor. After a few false tags and the continued blind eye by the referee, Harper would have enough. He would start to resort to the old days, kind of like the saying, fight fire with fire. Hawk would eventually get Demon X in a pin and get the one, two, three.

Our Semi-Main Event was a Tag Team Match. Tommy Wayne would take to the ring first but would have something to say. His partner had changed his name from Regulator to his real name of Joshua Cross. They would take on Ray Ray and Christopher Lee after last week's actions. Ray and Joshua Cross would be the first two to start the match. Joshua Cross would get Ray in the corner and deliver a nasty chop. However, Ray has been known to deliver chops heard around the world and Cross would pretty much agree. Lee and Ray would work non-stop to try to win the match. Cross would distract the referee to allow Tommy Wayne to hit Ray and Lee with Ray's X-Division Title. Cross would then sweep over for the pin and win tonight's match.

The Main Event was for the ASWF Heavyweight Title. Justin The Juice Smart would take on The Human Highlight Reel Austin Lane. Austin would start off on fire. Not even giving Smart time to react. Smart would get ahold of things and Lane's win would start to look grim. After a non-stop, all out fight, Lane would throw Smart into the corner and wait to spear him, but the referee was in the way. Smart would shove the referee out of the way and Austin would spear Smart and go for the pin. However, the referee would disqualify Smart for laying his hands on him. Smart would retain his title. The crowd not happy would start to chant, five more minutes. Commissioner Ward would take to the ring and tell the crowd that time slot for this match was used up. He did however, make a rematch for next week but made a stipulation. Even if the match resulted in a DQ, the title would change hands. The crowd went nuts and could not wait to see Austin take back the title.

Credit: Terrance Ward and!!!!!

----Would have loved to seen angle with Lane's daughter!! Is Nikki and her going to turn on Lane in a few weeks?? Just as he is going to hit Smart with a chair, Meagan jumps in the way. LOL Oh, did I ever love old ECW!!...Feature match was a "Dream" match for me!! All four of my favorite ASWF guys in one match!!...Ward is working on the new ASWF web site. Take a look - it looks to have potential...Good to see Regulator change his name!!

Putting Over: Paul Heyman

----CLICK HERE for a great blog from Heyman. This has been a topic in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter also. Where is the next HHH or Cena?? I really think the WWE ending their relationship with Danny Davis and OVW has really hurt them. TNA does not even think of the future - they just hire old guys!!


RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.25.09 - Martin turns on Rage!!!

Match 1. Lucky VS Kid Krazy
Match 2. J.D. Kerry VS Pokerface VS The Mexican Assassin Tejano Kid.
Match 3. RWA Heavyweight Champion Soul Train Jones VS John Allen.
Match 4. Rage VS Ron McClairty
Match 5. Rodney Bad Dogg Mack VS Mike Austin.
Match 6. D.C. VS The Natural Born Playa'z.

Frank"Big Money" Martin started the show by telling the crowd that they looked very good but if they were to harness the brain power of the crowd there would be just enough energy to toast a slice of bread...lightly. Martin then went on to introduce his new team. He told the crowd that he has been watching these two for a while and they have done everything he has asked them to do. Even when Martin is gone these two do just what they are told. Martin then introduced his new debt collectors or D.C. and out came Logan Fury and Acid who are now referred to as Mr. Logan and Mr. Acid. Martin then went on to tell the crowd that someone had stole something from him and no one steals from Big Money Inc. So the first Debt to be collected on is...This is where the Playa'z came out. They told D.C. That there were two new turds in the toilet called Money Inc. They said they had beat them before and would again because nothing had changed just because they are with Big Money. Then they grabbed one of Big Money's T-Shirts and told Martin he stole the slogan(Big Money Says, Stay Down) from them. They then challenged D.C. to a match. Martin accepted the match and made it a title match. He reminded the Playa'z that it only took one time for Midnight Gold to come in and take the titles but this time it would take longer because he wants D.C. to inflect so much pain the Playa'z will not want to challenge for the belts again.

1st Match. Lucky VS Kid Krazy. Kid and Lucky are still fan favorites but there seems to be a grudge growing between the two. Kid started out in control with a side head lock. Kid took Lucky down to the mat and got several 2 counts. After Lucky escaped the pace quickened and the two demonstrated some great wrestling skills. They both hit hip tosses and arm drags at midway thru the match Kid seemed determined to fight and not wrestle and Lucky kept fighting Kid off. Lucky hit a suplex but missed the leg drop off the top rope. Kid hit a face buster then picked up Lucky whipping him into the ropes and put his boot flat in Lucky's face. Kid seemed to have hurt his knee with that move as he was checking it Lucky rolled him up for the 3 count. Winner Lucky. Kid lost it after the match and pulled out a chain and busted Lucky open. The ref could not get him to stop and RWA security had to restrain him.

Match 2. After a back stage Promo for TV where Tejano challenged Kerry, Pokerface got into the mix reminding Kerry that he too wants to have a shot at the belt. Poker also told both Kerry and Tejano that at one time he was a dirty and as mean as anyone in the RWA and he can be that way again if he needs to be.

The match started out as everyone thought it would, Kerry and Poker double teaming Tejano. But as one would make a cover the other would break it up. Kerry hit a drop kick on Tejano, Poker sends Kerry into the corner and into Tejano. Kerry and Poker then exchanged punches and Poker hit Kerry with a drop kick. Tejano just lets these two fight it out but would break up any pin attempts. Tejano then went after Kerry and Poker grabbed Tejano and threw him out of the ring and turned his attention to Kerry. The fight spilled out on to the floor Tejano went after Kerry and Poker went after Tejano. The 3 of them made it back into the ring where Kerry gained control over both men. Tejano fought his way back into control and stayed on Kerry. Poker came back and attacked Kerry then Kerry went after Poker. Tejano grabs Kerry and sends him out of the ring and hits an elbow drop off the top rope on Poker. Kerry comes back into the ring and breaks up the pin attempt and climbs up onto the top rope and hits a frog splash off the top. Poker grabs Kerry before he can cover Tejano and throws Kerry out of the ring and covers Tejano and gets the 3 count. Winner Pokerface.

Match 3. The RWA Heavyweight Champion Soul Train Jones VS John Allen. Soul Train showed his power early in the match and punches from John Allen didn't even phase Soul Train. Soul Train took control and hit a power slam on Allen and got the 3 count. Winner Soul Train Jones. Jones is a legit heavyweight this guy is big and strong and can bench 400lb's. It seems that Jones has come out of his shell and is starting to become the monster that he is.

After intermission Big Money came out and called out the former RWA Heavyweight Champion Rage. Martin told the story of how Rage was the first person Martin approached to start Money Inc and get rid of Rodney Mack. He told the crowd that Rage did everything Martin told him to do however of late Rage has not been listening to Martin. Like he did 2 weeks ago when he lost the RWA Heavyweight Title. Martin told Rage that he did not have to fight he had a legit injury to his left shoulder, "an athelete of your caliber never should defend a title when they are injured you get paid the same if you work or not." "Then while I was on vacation you stepped in and lost the tag belts!" Martin said, "I guess you can't take the trash out of white trash." Martin said. Rage replied that he was sorry and Martin grabbed the mic and said yes you are sorry, the sorry piece of trash I have......Rage grabbed the mic and told Martin he was sorry he ever listened to him. Rage said the reason he defended the title was because he is not a PUSSY!! Rage went on to say he has spent the last week in Memphis back to his roots and has spent time with his trainer Sid Vicious! That statement made Martin start looking around. Rage pulled off his button down shirt to reveal he was wearing the POB colors he grabbed Martin by the throat and went to hit him when Ron Maclairty hit the ring and took Rage down. McClairty was relentless on his attack and pulled out Brass Knucks and busted Rage open. Martin just stood back and smiled the whole time. McClairty the hit a piledriver on Rage and motioned to the curtain. Angle-leena came out and then Martin motioned towards the curtain and one of the biggest guy's I have seen ever came out. This guy is 6' 8" legit and weights at least 380 lbs. He climbed in the ring and Martin pointed at Rage. The big man picked Rage up like a rag doll and hit a sidewalk slam on Rage. Not done with him he did it again and Rage was lifeless. Martin got out of the ring and grabbed a chair and slid it into the ring but before anyone with Martin could grab it Mack hit the ring and grabbed the chair. Maclairty powdered but the big man was not scared of Mack with the chair at all. Martin called him out of the ring all that we know about this guy is Martin called him Boss. Mack kept the chair and told Martin to get in the ring. Mack threw the chair out and Martin started to take off his tuxedo jacket like he was going to get in the ring. That's when Mike Austin hit the ring catching Mack from behind. Martin's group then left ringside. Austin stayed on the offensive for a while and then Mack started fighting back. Austin powdered to take a 9 count rolling back in to break the count and back out again. This time Mack follows him outside and attacks Austin on the outside. Mack throws two chairs into the ring and Austin catches Mack coming back in the ring. Mack fights off Austin's assault and power slams Austin on the chair. McClairty hits the ring with Martin watching and attacks Mack. Mack grabbed a chair and cleared the ring. Winner of the match was Mack by DQ.

The Main Event. For the RWA Tag Team Titles. Money Inc's D. C. VS The Natural Born Playa'z. Acid and Pimp start the match with Acid slapping Pimp and Pimp comes out swinging and he whips Acid into the ropes and hip tosses him. Acid came back pounding away at Pimp. Acid tags in Logan and Logan continues to punish Pimp. Pimp comes back and hits a belly to belly and gets a 2 count. Logan gets the Tag on Acid and Pimp tags in Southside and they double team Acid. Southside starts to work Acid and whips Acid into the corner and as Acid comes out he catches Southside with a big boot. Acid tags in Logan and Logan starts to work Southsides back. With some good quick tags DC works over Southsides back. Logan gets southside into the Camel Clutch facing towards Martin who taunts Southside. With each tag DC would keep the ref distracted in order to choke and beat on Southside. Towards the end the hot tag was made and all 4 men ended up in the ring. Acid hits his finisher and as the ref counts the bell rings just before the 3 count. DC thought they won the belts and Logan went out and got the belts to celebrate. The ref was telling them no it was a time limit draw. The Playa'z grabbed their signs and has they went to attack DC Logan and Acid turned around and caught them and took the signs. The Playa'z fought back and the 4 of them fought to the outside and into the back. The Playa'z came back out as the fans were going crazy. At one point in the match some fans sprayed Silly String all over Martin.

Another good night of action with 150+ in the building. McClairty was told everyone in the back he found a home and would be a regular from now on. Still no word on who the Big Man is.

Monday, July 27, 2009

RassleResults: PWA Wynne, AR 7.23.09

Show started off with Terrance Tbone Ward & Jimmy Rhodes coming out to the announcers table for their first PWA show.

The first match was a 8 man over the top Battle Royal for the PWA Southern Ultimate Championship! The first two to start things off were Tommy Wayne & Dylan Crest. 30 seconds later was Scott Fury. Then ended up with Cali, Ray Ray, Regulator, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop. One of these guys entered the ring every 30 seconds. It came down to 4 guys in the ring. Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray, Maxx Corbin, & Bishop! Maxx Corbin & Bishop were feuding on the ropes, trying to get one of the other over! Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray took advantage of the situation and hit the 2 big guys with a double dropkick sending both over to the floor! As soon as TW & RR made their way back up, TW threw RR over the top to become first ever PWA Southern Ultimate Champion! BTW, spot of the match, Bishop eliminated Dylan Crest with a Fall away slam over the top rope!

2nd match! PWA TagTeam Champions Memphis Mafia VS. Tatt2 & Johnny Dotson
T@2 & JD started off strong, it was mainly a back & forth battle! Johnny Morton & John Cage came out with the win, but soon as they walked out Johnny Dotson was mad at Tatt2 for losing the match, & JD jumped him! Do we see a Johnny Dotson & Tatt2 feud coming?

3rd match! PWA Heavyweight Champion Matt Riviera VS Mike "Action" Jackson
MJ started off hot! This guy is 60 years old & moves better in the ring than some of the 30 year olds! He hit Matt with a suicide dive to the outside, then walked the ropes on TWO sides of the ring! lol! This guy is awesome! Matt Riviera gets the pin & remains PWA Champion!

During Intermission Team Hollister went out to recognize one of the towns community leaders & they were giving away some free shirts & stuff when Midnight Gold jumped them from behind. They threw Jamie Jay into the ring post (Twice)! While he was down they took Jamie Lee & I don’t know what the move was called that they hit JL's arm with, but it was vicious! MG left TH lying!

4th match! Dustin 5 Starr VS. Austin Lane
The one everybody wanted to see! I believe it lived up to its hype! Back & forth battle between these two! Austin Lane picked up the win, but Dustin Starr wasn’t having that & jumps him & leaves him laying! There is more to come out of these two!

5th match! Derrick King VS. Brandon Baxter
All I can say is Wild! They were all over the place! Brandon Baxter pulls out the win!

6th match! Midnight Gold VS. Team Hollister
Midnight Gold made their entrance laughing & joking about what they did earlier in the night to Jamie Lee! Then Team Hollisters music hits, Jamie Jay hits the ring running, lays into Bobby Eaton, & Golden Boy! JJ was on fire steadily fighting back! Finally MG gets the upper hand! They lay it into Jamie Jay! Great battle between JJ & GB! JJ started making a comeback & GB reversed it into a sleeper hold! As the ref was raising JJ arm to see if he was out Jamie Lee ran & jumped up on the ring apron, looking for the tag! JJ started firing up out of the sleeper, couple of elbows to the stomach & JJ hit the ropes, then JJ & GB hit each other with a double clothes line! JJ makes his way up & JL was wanted the tag, but JJ was shaking his head telling him NO! That he didn’t want him to hurt his arm anymore, about that time GB gave JJ a forearm to the back, slamming him into JL & him getting a hottag! JL came in punching away! Bobby bumped to the outside & JL went to pick up GB & GB grabbed that hurt arm & gave him a stunner to the arm! lol! He then locked on a armbar & was trying to pull it completely out! Jamie Jay had enough & charged into the ring only to have the ref jump in front of him & Jamie Jay slammed him to the canvas & dived after GB while he was jumping out of the ring! Midnight Gold pulls of the victory, but this is going to be a tag team feud for the year! Jamie Jay wanted to kill Brian Thompson!

Notes- 150 in the building…Fans were into all matches…Everybody in the locker room got along! lol!...PWA Entertainment was upset that it didn't draw as much as they were hoping! KISS FM really PUSHED this show! It was a great show though!...Dustin Starr & Austin Lane had the best match!


----I was also told everyone was highly impressed with Mike Jackson – especially those people that had never seen him work. ..Dotson and Tatt2 could really have some good matches.

NBW SUMMER-JAM - All Titles change hands!!

----The crowd looked to be around 140 to 165. Here is a quick rundown of the results. I am going to try to have an Arena Report up tomorrow.

-Jon Biscuit beat Tommy Redneck in a handcuff match.

-C-Money won the NBW High Risk belt in an elimination match.

-Jeremy Moore/Ricky Andrews beat Dustin Starr/Jason Reed with Jimmy Tidwell to win the NBW Tag Titles and post match had the return of “C4P”!!

-“Law & Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes] vs “Missouri Bad Boys” [Mark Southern/Renegade] with Cookie St. James in a “Missouri Street Fight” ended with a double pin.

-Seth Knight/Derrick King beat “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson, when Knight pinned Eaton.

-Jon Michael won the NBW Title over Mark Justice in a brutal TLC Match.

----Who had a match that some were saying should be [-**]??...Did Dustin Starr really have a [DUD] match??...How many “superstars” has Knight pinned this year??...Did the old guys live up to the hype of a “Street Fight”??...All this will be answered in the Arena Report!!!

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 7.25.09

-Panic beat Christ Steamboat, Nick Steele and Farmer Billy Hills managed by the Coach in an Elimination Match.

-Mike Michaels beat KB Chaser

-RPW Champion Iceman Danny Ice beat RPW Southern IL Champ Mekka Nyne managed by Mr. Kryptonite in a non title match.

-Dustin Estrella beat Kid Fabulous

-Rosey/Tojo Yamamoto Jr beat Prettyboy and Christopher Jade managed by Mr. Kryptonite.

----128 fans helped raised over $1000 worth of school supplies. They will be giving them out this coming Wednesday….This group is running a special Thursday show this week as a Fan Appreciation show with $5 tickets.

Photo: Rosey and Tojo JR

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 7.25.09

43 attended

Saint b Harold Knight & Chris Norte in a 3-way when he pinned Knight

Kevin Dunn b Dyron Flynn and Violent T and Damien Payne in a 4-way elimination match last pinning Payne

Xavier Mustafa b Bad Boy Dixon

Kevin James b Josh Crowe

Cody Weatherby b Damien Payne

Deathwish b Quinton Quarisma & Jeremiah Plunkett after hitting Quarisma with a chain

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 7.25.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 7-25-09 at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Brian Michaels def. Outlaw & Cletus Tittle in a three way match

Chadd & Bradd Badd def. FuZ!on

Cruiserweight Title Match
Sgt. Payne © def. The Convict

Rick Cataldo def. Knockout Kid

Big Brad Simpson def. Dazzlin’ Dixie

Devon Day & Kilo Def. Buck & Todd Currie

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
“ The Internationals” ( PK Ripper& Chico Mendoza) def. New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) to win the titles

• Notes:
• Attendance:89
•TIWF Returns to Brownsville, Tn. Friday July 31st & Friday Aug. 7th
• Announcers: Hotrod
• Referees: Danny Williams

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.