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----I was told earlier tonight that RWA closed their doors. I do know they did not run a show tonight. I called Frank Martin a few moments ago and he is suppose to be contacting me with comments. I will post full details when I get the story.

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings - Last Three Shows of July!!

----I am going to do a quick ratings update here. When there is original matter on the show, then I plan to give it a listing. For all the shows that just show all the old stuff. Unless there is some kind of weird huge or low rating, then I am just listing the ratings.

Overall 1.0 [16197 viewers]
1st Quarter
-Tatt2 vs Baron Malkavain
-Starr vs Dotson [start]
1.1 [17817 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Starr vs Dotson [finish]
-DK vs Brian Christopher
1.0 [16197 viewers] [-1620 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Lawler vs Kevin White [start]
.6 [9718 viewers] [-6479 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Lawler vs White [finish]
-Lawler interview
-Michael Jackson video
1.3 [21056 viewers] [+11338 viewers]

----Corey called The Baron - “The Vampire”...Sound and commentary was so bad. Camera work wasn't much better...Tatt2 looked good...Starr vs Dotson was perfect when it came to the moves, but not much psychology, but I think Starr got all the shine, because DK jumped in after the match...DK used the “Ghost of Don Bass” to start heat. Brian was giving DK very little at first. Solid bout...Bill Dundee distracted Lawler and White pinned him. Nice finish.

What was Memphis watching? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.4 [ 22676 viewers]

Start to finish: +3289 viewers


Overall .8 [12957 viewers]

1st Quarter .6 [9718 viewers]
2cnd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [+4859 viewers]
3rd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [n/c/]
4th Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [n/c]

What was Memphis watching?? US Open 1.6 [25,915 viewers]

From start to finish: [+4859 viewers]

----Last three quarters score the same and those 3 quarters are over average for the year.


Overall .7 [11338 viewers]

1st Quarter .3 [4859 viewers]
2cnd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [+9718 viewers]
3rd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [n/c]
4th Quarter .9 [ 14577 viewers]

What was Memphis watching? Hannah Montana/My Rabbit 1.5 [24295 viewers]

Start to finish: [+9718 viewers]

----Again the same rating for the last three quarters. Funny that Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears have lost stronghold on the Saturday morning shows. Maybe they are airing reruns??

----I will have the first two shows of August, 2009 posted sometime early next week.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.08.09

----Show opened with Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart going over the show. They were live at Autozone Park and the crowd seem to be really into it.

----Southern Tag Team Champions Derrick King and Johnny Dotson come out to wrestle the Los Locos. Los Locos no show. DK gets on the mic and then Johnny gets on there. They go back and forth and decide to fight each other. [This guys actually won 2007 TV Match of the Year]. Shine starts with some pretty dropkicks from Dotson. Heat starts with King throwing Dotson to outside the ring. DK bodyslams him on the field. Hope spot with Dotson missing a stinger splash. DK reverses a roll up and uses Dotson's trunks to pin him. Even though it was a short match, this was easily the best bout we have seen on TV all year long.

----Thaddeus Matthews interview. This guy really comes off as heel, even though I am not sure he is suppose to be one??

----Jim Duggan interview. He wanting to know where his 2 x 4 is?? Duggan comes out to wrestle “Nature Boy” Kevin White. Why does he have to wear those blue shorts?? I am always scared “something” is going to fall out!! Garry White is at ringside. White bumping around like a pinball making Duggan look like a million bucks. Not a good match, but what can you do with Duggan. White did a good job and probably had a fun time doing it. White hits Garry on mistake and then Duggan hits him with a closeline for the pin.

----Thaddeus Matthews comes out with a Ninja. When they did this angle, Koko came off as a heel right?? But, Thaddeus got a bunch of boos and was a heel. Matthews then announces his mystery partner – Porkchop Cash!! Cash looked to be 100 years old!! Jimmy Hart comes out and wonders how Cash could turn against Koko Ware and him?? Koko comes out to a babyface reaction. Matthews no sells everything. OH ME!! I can not describe in words how horrible it was. Cash turns on Matthews. I would like to personally apologize to the fans at Autozone and anyone that had to watch this on TV.

----Buff Bagwell interview. Everyone does remember that this match with Lawler was set up LAST YEAR with Bagwell jumping Lawler?? I am speechless.

----Jerry Lawler comes out with Rocky the Redbird. Bagwell comes out and gets heat on the mic. He is still in good shape. Buff bumping around for Lawler. Bagwell starts heat throat popping Lawler on the ropes. Lawler comes out of heat after a double knockout. Lawler pulls down the strap. Rocky the Redbird tries to trip Buff and then Lawler rolls Buff up for the win.


----Overall a decent shows, because I like to watch original stuff.,,Matthews stuff was soooooooooo bad....King/Dotson shined above all....Lawler vs Bagwell – just think this match would have had meant something during the time Bagwell was working WCW...Wouldn't it be funny to see Bagwell come out as guest host on RAW?? LOL

IWA Does Not Air??

----It was reported here and other sites, but IWA did not debut this morning before Memphis Wrestling on Channel 50.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 8.07.09

-Kevin Charles beat Dan Matthews

-Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels vs Alan Steele/Greg Anthony in a 30 minute draw

----Crowd was up to around 55 people, which can be contributed to the Memphis Flyer piece. Exposure seems to have helped them. It added another 25 butts in the seats...Downtown Bruno reffed...I was told the Matthews/Charles bout was the best show of them so far. Also that the 30 minute draw was in the [****} range. Ok..send DVD of this show!!...Rumors this week of one of their top guys leaving...Nikels had the "Kidmission" or "Nikels Pickle 2" or whatever the hell he is calling it [LOL], on TGB when the bell rang for 30 minutes.

RassleResults: TIWF Brownsville, TN 8.07.09 - Another Big Crowd!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 8-7-09 at LZ Hurley Football Stadium- Brownsville, Tn. Relay For Life Event

Knockout Kid def. Hostile Brian Michaels

Jawbreaker Jesse Dee def. Royale Executioner

Sgt. Payne def. The Convict

PK Ripper def. “ Playboy” Jody Day

Lawman Williams def. “ Juicy” Johnny Morton

Chico Mendoza def. Big Boy Bob

New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Way Cool) def. The Currie Brothers ( Todd & Buck Currie)

Big Brad Simpson def.Chris Lexxus

FuZ!on wrestled Kilo & Devon Day to a time limit draw

• Free For All Brawl after the main event saw all wrestlers battling it out to the fences of the stadium

• Notes:
• Attendance:2,500 estimated for the entire event
On average between 350-600 were watching the TIWF
• Announcers: Hotrod & Drew Magruder

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

----This event really gave them major exposure. It will be interesting to see if improves the Trenton shows.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 8.07.09

71 attended
LT Falk b Mark Anthony by DQ when Damien Payne & Josh Crowe interfered
USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe b Kevin Dunn & Matt Korbaine when Payne pinned Dunn
Jeff Daniels & Convict (w/Dominique) b Tommy Mercer & Playboy Scott Hayes when Dominique hit Mercer with her shoe and put Daniels on top for the pin
ATL Jr. Champion Jake Allen b Anthony Ingram (w/James Duncan)
ATL Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Bryan Casey
Ty Blade b Chris Michaels by 2 falls to 1 in a 2/3 falls match
USWO Champion Jerry Lynn b Rick Santel

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, August 07, 2009

Shows for The Weekend 8.07.09 to 8.08.09

----CLICK HERE for regular shows!! Nothing big going on this weekend. I do want to remind everyone at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning will be the debut of IWA wrestling on Channel 50 in Memphis. I will have a full report up sometime early tomorrow afternoon.

New Matt Riviera Video!!

----Yes, it is cheesy, but damn does this guy push himself out there or what??

Coach's Corner: "Worry Gives a Small Thing a Big Shadow" by Brian Tramel

----I want first start this column by saying I like both Jamie Jay and Frank Martin.  I like the passion that both guys have for the business.  They want to succeed – whether their goals and ways of getting there are the same or different – they do love wrestling.  Both guys have always been cordial to me.  I have spent less time around Jamie Jay, but I remember a match he had with Chris O’Neal, which I pretty much told him it sucked and he took it with pride.  I also sit with him during the Greg King Jr graduation match and had fun ribbing him about training people. Martin and I have had a curious relationship from the start of RWA. It was more just him and me disagreeing “behind the scenes” more than in front of you guys on this site. But, Frank really has a passion to succeed that reminds of you of a 13 year old boy trying to get a piece of ass. The best I can tell, this story all started when Frank Martin wrote a shoot column on his RWA web site.  Here were his dislikes of Jay [and it is Jamie, not Jami].

-He had listed RWA as a company that he had won belts from.

-He didn’t like this gimmick, but Jay is from this area, not California.

-Jamie claims to have wrestled for the WWE.

----So I may agree here with Martin more.  If I would have seen the RWA reference I would have thought Jay was talking about theJonesboro promotion.  It was actually referring to Razorback Wrestling Association. [which he has changed on his site]  Hey, I don’t like the surfer gimmick either.  I have gone as far to say that I HATE the “Team Hollister Surf Club” to a few people during phone calls or e-mails.  But, guess what??  It doesn’t matter – they seem to be getting over and  I am sure the fans in the Arkansas know Jamie is from here.  I mean, hell, have you heard him talk?? If they had TV, you could always explain this by saying his partner took him to California and taught him how to surf and such.   And, I hate it when a guy claims to work WWE or any promotion and never worked there.  Jamie apparently did a TV extra bit for WWE.  And in my opinion, unless you have worked as a regular, then you should not claim to have worked for them.  It really does make you look bad – not only to the boys, but to the WWE.  And people like Rodney Mack and Jazz, who did work there – who got to the big time – does not equal working as an extra.

----He went on to talk about a few other things.

-Jamie had a bad sunburn and has panic attacks, but came to work out with RWA.

-Jamie worked out with JD Kerry and it sent him to the hospital.

-Martin goes on to challenge Jay to come to RWA to do a shoot match??

----If I was Jamie Jay, I would be thinking “what the fuck?” right now??  The story Martin tells about the sunburn and panic attacks is true. Not sure if JD Kerry beat him up or he blew up so much that he had to go to the hospital.  I have heard he went to the doctor and then he didn’t go to the doctor.  But, does that all matter??  Yeah Jamie should probably not have got in there with a sunburn, but just because he blew up and such; is that a real bad thing??  The best of the best [yeah, I am talking about TGB] even blows up sometimes.  Panic attacks are nothing to be taken lightly.  I suffered with them for years.  I think that was a little too personal to tell on a web site and a cheap shot.  And finally, it would not matter – not an ant's ass matter – whether Jamie could beat someone in a shoot match.  This is wrestling!!  Not shoot fighting.  If he got beat by everyone, including Frank Martin, it would not at anytime show his worth as a professional wrestler.

----So, what lessons can be learned with the whole situation?  Well, unless you are doing this to start an angle -  [And it was not planned as one, but could turn out as one.] – the #1 rule is DO NOT MENTION OTHER GUYS FROM OTHER PROMOTIONS ON YOUR WEB SITE.  Why are you spending time on a site putting over another worker that does not even work your promotion?? At some point your fans are going to start wondering; who is Jamie Jay??  Maybe I should go out and see one of his shows??  If Frank Martin does like him [remember Martin is heel], then I must like him; right?? After all is said and done – the main thing is worry about your own promotion – try to make it better – don't worry about the other promotions in the area.

----I am going to finish this column up by posting what Jamie Jay posted on his web site.  Got to give the kid credit for not putting over RWA, but still making his point.

“Well, where do I start?? lol! This has been a crazy weekend! It all started Friday morning with a phone call. This person called me & said "Hey man, checkout this website. Their really bashing you!" So, I go over 2 this website, and I read it top to bottom and it’s all about Jamie Jay! Now, I'm thinking what have I done to get this much publicity? Is Dustin Starr rubbing off on me? lol! So, I call the guy that owns this company & ask him what the deal is and he says it’s about me saying on that I held their belts. Well, we cleared that up and he said he would apologize on his site. So, I'm saying here & now that the belts I've held were (Razorback Wrestling Association)!
Now, I know people would like to know who I'm talking about, and alot of you already know, but I'm not going to get on here and bad mouth another promotion or worker from that promotion! Why would I want to talk bad about people that are trying to do the same thing we are? Why would I want to mention their promotions name or someone that worked for them? All thats doing is putting them over! Good publicity, Bad publicity, it’s all PUBLICITY! So I say thank you for putting me over on your site & thank you for apologizing! I also apologize for any misunderstandings with the company names & titles I've held!”

----Frank Martin did send in his official statement…
“Yes I did apologize to Jami and put him over on the web site of the RWA.  Why because it was the right thing to do. If it adds to the ego of Jami Jay to say I did this I am glad I could help.”

Credit: Swedish proverb for title of column.

Note About Dr. Death!!

----I got the following e-mailed to me this morning. This is very sad news!!

I just got and e-mail from Steve and his cancer is back and he needs everyones prayers. He was just 3 weeks out from his retirement match in Japan. He currently is working for SW Airlines and spending time with his family kids and grand kids. Please let everyone know.


Frank Martin

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----I am looking for someone to be a regular reporter for NBW, DCW and MCW. NBW and DCW have slacked off as of late. Two promotions that I help promote their big shows, but I am not getting results on regular shows??? MCW is one that we have tried to get since the start of the site.

----If you attended or wrestled on the 4th in the Forest and the July 24th, 2009 Union City, TN show, please send along results and crowd estimate. If you wrestled on either show, then just e-mail me along the match that you worked along with the results. I need this for preparation of Yearbook 2009.

Megan Wants A Millionaire Episode 1

----"Riviera was out of his element here as he was almost playing old school heel. First part was good, and then it was almost like Riviera was doing “heat” and it just didn’t feel right." is what I wrote after Riviera performed in October of last year at NEW. Out of his element; huh?? Well, if he was not "own" that night, he is differently something to see now on the VH1 series. This guy will be seen during this stint by more people [other than being on WWE/TNA] than anyone in this area. They also play the episode over and over every week and will then have a marathon, so the potential of exposure is endless. As some of you might laugh in dressing rooms about this role, this guy has got out and got his name out as you perform in front of less than 50 people. Kudos to Riviera!!


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RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 8.01.09

Dustin "Five" Starr comes to the ring to give the over 100 fans in attendance a Five Starr Showcase. He says that he's pretty pissed off because he steps in the ring, beats Stan Lee and proves why he's the best and why he's the EWE heavyweight champion, but Lee somehow gets unlimited title shots. He also comments on the new commissioner, Chris O'Neal. He says that he beat him in the first ever Barb Wire match, and even beat him in a Loser Leaves Town match, but he's back again. Starr then calls out Commissioner O'Neal to the ring. Starr says that O'Neal is really brave to step in the ring with a monster like himself. He says that with the snap of his fingers, he could end Oneal's career for good. Starr gets in Oneal's face and asks who the hell does he thing he is, and O'Neal grabs the mic from Starr saying that he's the commissioner, which makes him the boss. O'Neal goes on to say that Starr will have to defend his belt against Stan Lee and Bishop tonight. O'Neal then says that Starr is going to have a special guest on his Five Starr Showcase next week. O'Neal told everyone that there are some new EWE superstars coming, and there are some tonight, as well as some old faces that haven't been to EWE in a very long time, and one of those people will be on the Five Starr Showcase next week. Starr asks who, and O'Neal says that he'll show him. A video plays on the big screen, showing that the person coming to EWE for the first time will be Derrick King. Dustin Starr scrambles to the ring floor in frustration. Starr slowly makes his way to the back as O'Neal makes a comment about the Super Summer Showdown. He says that there will be a special treat for the fans that will be announced soon.

J.R. Manson makes his way to ringside with a silver case. He grabs the mic and says that he has all of Jon Michael's secrets in the case, then makes his way to the ring. Christian Jacobs comes to the ring very quickly and forces J.R. Manson to the arena floor. Christian Jacobs will get the victory over J.R. Manson via disqualification because Manson used his case to hit Jacobs in the head.

"The Future" Dell Tucker makes a return appearance in Ripley. He grabs the mic and makes an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, because he is the pinnacle of perfection. Big Red makes his way to the ring to accept the challenge. Big Red will score the victory over Dell Tucker via pinfall.

The match between Jon Michael and Rockin' Randy gets underway. J.R. Manson comes to ringside holding the case that supposedly holds Jon Michael's secrets. Jon Michael would make Rockin Randy tap out of a sharpshooter, giving Michael the victory. Jon Michael starts to confront Manson, but another competitor comes to the ring by the name of David Ray. Michaels will go on to score the pinfall on Ray for the win. The Badd Guys come to the ring next, challenging Michaels to a match as well. The bell rings and both Chad and Brad Badd go for a clothesline, but Jon Michael will send Chad to the mat for a quick pinfall and victory. Big Red slides out and gives Jon Michael a massive chokeslam to the mat. Big Red grabs the mic saying that he suckered out on everyone, and that Jon Michael's wining streak is over next week.

"The Future" Dell Tucker returns to the ring to make yet another open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Shannon Lee comes to the ring to accept, and the match gets underway. This time, Dell Tucker will score the pinfall over Shannon Lee giving him his first victory in the EWE.

The matchup between Bishop, Stan Lee and Dustin "Five" Starr is next. Immediately, Bishop and Starr form an alliance to team up on Lee, but as the match progresses, both men want the pinfall. When one man would be in position for a win, the other would break the pin. Just as Lee would gain control, Bishop and Starr would join forces again to take him down. Lee hits a frog splash off the top rope on Bishop, but Starr slides in and throws Lee off Bishop, then scores the pinfall on Bishop. After the match, Bishop would get revenge on Lee by sending him to the mat.

Be sure to check out the new for full length videos and special announcements from Elite Wrestling Entertainment! You can also follow us on Twitter @eweonline.

Credit: Dustin Williams

----Derrick King returning to Ripley?? Never say never; huh??...Crowd is up another 25%. It will be interesting to see what happens with the new people coming in and current angles.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 8.01.09

TIWF Results 8-1-09 Trenton, Tn.:

Cletus Tittle def. Big Boy Bob by DQ

Chadd & Bradd Badd versus FuZ!on Ruled a No Contest

Kilo def. Sgt. Payne to win the cruiserweight title

Big Brad Simpso def. Dazzlin Dixie by DQ

AC Styles def. Devon Day

Frankie Tucker def. Dre' Black to retain the Cyberzone Title

"Sexy" Rick Cataldo & Juicy Johnny Morton def. Knockout Kid & Brian Michaels

The Internationals ( PK Ripper & Chico Mendoza) Def. URL ( Stevie K. Williams & Jonny Hacker) to retain the Tag Team Titles

*Attendance 134
* TIWF Returns to Brownsville at LZ Hurley Memorial Field/ John B. Hooper stadium on Friday night 8-7-09
* Big and Nasty Return next week.
* Lawman Williams returns.
* Currie Bros. vs. Day Bros. ( Devon and Jody)

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 8.01.09

Match 1. Rodney Mack VS Mike Austin.
Match 2. Ron Rage VS Ruthless Ron McClairty
Match 3. Kid Krazy VS Lucky.
Match 4. The Mexican Assassin VS Poker face VS John Allen VS RWA TV Champ J.D. Kerry.
Match 5. Midnight Gold VS The Natural Born Playa'z

The night started out with Frank "Big Money" Martin coming to the ring with Mike Austin and cutting a promo. Rodney Mack responded to the promo and as Martin distracted Mack Austin attacked from behind. The match was physical and Austin really brought it to Mack. Austin hit Mack with several big clothes lines and as Mack made his come back Austin cut him off. Mack finally gained control and Austin ducked 3 clothes lines to be caught by the spear by Mack. Mack did not get to cover Austin because Martin motioned to the curtain and out came Ruthless Ron McClairty and attacked Mack. Austin joined in on the beat down and they had Mack hurt and down. That's when Martin motioned again to the curtain and Angel-leena came out and then the Boss. Man this guy is big, he picked up Mack like he weighed nothing and gave him a huge sidewalk slam. Ron Rage hit the ring with a chair and everyone powdered except the Boss who stood there looking like he was not afraid of Rage at all. Rage made no move towards the Boss and Martin got all of them out and McClairty told Rage if he was so tuff put down the chair and we will fight. Rage dropped the chair.

Ruthless Ron McClairty VS Ron Rage. Rage had control of the match from the start catching McClairty coming into the ring. This was a good match just good old school fighting. The match went back and forth and at one point The Mexican Assassin came to the ring and Rage caught him with a right hand before he made it into the ring. Rage hit a Lou Thez press and put the right fist's to McClairty. Mike Austin hit the ring and Rage caught him coming in with a right fist and hit another Thez press and again put the fist's to McClairty. The Assassin finally caught Rage from behind and Austin and McClairty took Rage out. The Boss came out but before he could get Rage up in the slam Mack hit the ring with a chair and everyone powdered. Rage and Mack stood together in the ring and even shook hands.

Lucky VS Kid Krazy. This match was just like the others that these two have had. They are both quick and can wrestle with anyone, they also both like to fight and will when the time comes. These two went after each other right off the bat and the fight was on. It appears that Kidd has made the turn to the heal side and he made it apparent on this night. Kidd got Lucky in the Texas Clover Leaf and Lucky submitted. But kidd would not let go of the hold and after being warned by the ref the ref reversed the decision and gave the win to Lucky. Security broke up the two of them and forced Kidd back to the back. Then as Lucky got up Kidd attacked him again. Security grabbed Kidd again and took him to the back and before they could get Lucky out of the ring Kidd got to the ring again. Each attack was on the injured leg. On the last run in Kidd bowed up on the Security staff which is not a smart thing to do. Security at the Kings Sportatorium is real Security not just people who want to do that job. They do not allow fans to put their hands on the wrestlers nor are the wrestlers allowed to put their hands on the fans. Kidd has really lost his mind and this could get worse before ever getting better.

Match 4. Poker Face VS The Mexican Assassin VS John Allen VS The RWA TV Champion J.D. Kerry. This was a number one's contender's match. 4 way match's are very hard to keep order in. A lot of the action can be missed in one of these because of the wrestlers involved. These guy's understand that the TV belt is on the line and each one of them feel and rightfully so that they are the number 1 contender. Kerry went after everyone proving that he is not scared of anyone and will defend his title against all comers. There were big moves and plenty of false covers and good fighting for everyone to enjoy. The finish was Kerry hit his frog splash off the top rope and The Mexican Assassin grabbed Kerry and threw him out of the ring and covered Poker to get the when. Poker and Kerry faced off in the ring after that and there is a serious feud brewing and it will be a great thing for the RWA.

Match 5. Midnight Gold, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and the Golden Boy Greg Anthony along with Brian Thompson got their return Tag Team Title match against the Natural Born Playa'z. If you have not seen Bobby Eaton work then you are missing something that can never be duplicated. One of the greatest tag team wrestlers and one of the greatest old school wrestlers. Greg Anthony fits right in with this group and they work very well together. Add in the Playa'z and you have a match that could headline any card in the USA. Both of these two teams can work and work very well together. Lots of old school stuff and just enough of the new to keep the fans on their feet the whole time. As the Playa'z gained control and looked like the match was won Martin and D.C. came out and attacked the Playa'z. Midnight Gold and D.C. dismantled the Playa'z and when D.C. was done with the Playa'z the took out Midnight Gold. Thompson was screaming at Martin What did we do! Martin looked at them and said this is not personal it's just business...The Playa'z got up and grabbed their signs and hit D.C. and D.C. powdered. The Playa'z cut a promo about being at the Electric Cowboy Monday Night and they wanted anyone in Money Inc.

The crowd was good again this week 150+ The RWA is not running the Electric Cowboy that show is Run by Rodney Mack as DCW his old company. Mack uses most of the RWA Talent and some others on his shows. This gives the guy's a chance to make more money during the week.

Credit: rwareporter

----Apparently that show was run at Electric Cowboy on Monday; anybody got results??

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dustin Starr Talks Memphis Flyer!!

----CLICK HERE as Dustin Starr had some choice words about the NEW Memphis Flyer article. I don't agree with some of the stuff that Dustin is saying here, but I do think it might have been better to have kept the Eric Wayne comments out of the article.

RassleResults: XOW Hernando, MS 8.1.09

T-Byrd welcomed everyone to Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling at the ConXion Gymnastics Center in Hernando. Love the building. It has a great studio feel to it. T-Byrd introduced Al Hall, who joined him to call the action for the night. T-Byrd made fun of Al Hall's weight, but Al was quick to fire back, stating, "You making fun of me? You left the country and now you look like a Mexican. It looks like you are going to steal the hubcaps off my new truck. You probley wanna get paid in pesos, tonight!" T-Byrd did look like he would fit right in with LAX, The Latin American X-Change, as he was wearing a bandana and a Broken Method t-shirt. Thug life! T-Byrd and Al let everyone know who was going to be on the show. This was followed by the playing of The National Anthem.

Opening Match-Suicide vs DC-Referee Chris P. Fries-With the sound of XOW's new bell, things got underway. It's really got a good ring to it. DC with a takedown. Suicide reverses. Shoulder block. Suicide and DC trade hip toss attempts, with DC bouncing off the ropes and lifting Suicide up into a fireman's carry. DC would try an F-5, but Suicide would come down clutching DC's arm. Suicide would follow with a dropkick and a charging high knee attack to a dazed DC in the corner. DC out on the floor. Suicide leaped off the apron, catching DC with a bulldog. DC would fight back, catching Suicide with a flying swanton from the apron back inside the ring. Both men fighting on the top-rope. Suicide knocked off DC with a headbutt and followed it up with a flying body press from the top, but DC would roll over, picking up Suicide and slamming him down to the mat with an innovative maneuver. DC missed a lionsault attempt. Suicide locked in a surfboard. Suicide with a running kneedrop. Suicide whipped DC into the corner. DC slipped out of the way of a flying Suicide. DC hit a flying kick. DC sent Suicide into the ropes. Suicide put on the brakes. DC ran toward Suicide with Suicide ducking and sending DC flying to the outside, landing in the front row. Back in the ring, there was a near fall. Suicide missed a legdrop. DC went up top for a splash, but missed his target. Suicide would catch DC with the Canadian Destroyer to get the win. Your winner, Suicide! Following the match, great sportsmanship was shown by the two combatants.

2nd Match-Mason vs Drew Donovan-Referee Chuck Poe-Mason began the match, taking down Drew with ease, delivering an arm drag and bodyslam. However, Drew would fight back, giving Mason a hip toss and arm drag, followed by a dropkick. Mason rolled to the outside. Back in the ring, Mason would apply an armbar, but Drew would flip out, countering with an armlock of his own. Mason Irish whipped Drew into the corner. Drew moved, catching Mason with a neckbreaker. Legdrop by Drew. Near fall. Drew would duck a clothesline and land a body press on Mason. Drew attempted to slam Mason, but Mason poked him in the eyes. Mason would take over, dropping elbows and putting the boots to Donovan. Mason locked in a camel clutch on Donovan. Mason continued his onslaught, by choking Drew in the corner and hitting him with an elbow as he ran the ropes. Mason slammed Drew in the middle of the ring and went up top. Mason off the top with a splash, but Drew moved, resulting in Mason hitting the canvas. Both men managed to get back to their feet. Mason punched at Drew, but Drew blocked the attack and started taking it to Mason. Drew with a sunset flip and almost decapitated Mason with a big running clothesline. Flying elbow by Drew. Mason caught Drew with a big boot and says, "It's over!" Drew countered Mason's attack, delivering a swinging neckbreaker and finishing off the big man with a flying elbow drop from the top-rope. Your winner, Drew Donovan!

Al Hall said, "A storm came through, this past Thursday, and made two million dollars worth of improvements to Hernando."

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out to the ring with "The Natural" Josh Matthews. "Hollywood" Jimmy said Hernando is the worst place that he has ever been to. "Hollywood" Jimmy continued, by saying, that he couldn't believe that he turned down a show at AutoZone Park, working for Memphis Wrestling, to be here. "Hollywood" Jimmy proceeded to walk around the ring. When he seen a group of about four big guys wearing overalls, he asked, "Wouldn't Hee Haw over a long time ago? "Hollywood" Jimmy informed the Hernando audience that they were in the presence of a Memphis Wrestling legend. "The Future" Chris Styles walked out to the ring.

3rd Match-"The Natural" Josh Matthews, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Future" Chris Styles-Referee Chris P. Fries-"Hollywood" Jimmy told everyone that Josh and Chris are brothers, but Josh has class and Chris is the black sheep and a disgrace to his family. "Hollywood" suggested that Chris leave now. Chris started to leave, but stopped, saying that he will leave as soon as he's done beating the crap out of him. Chris also said then, he's going to kick Jimmy's butt all the way to Memphis, so he can be near his boy, Corey Maclin. Match began with a collar and elbow tieup. Chris takes Josh in the corner. Clean break. Josh claimed that Chris was pulling his hair. Another lockup, this time Chris got things started with an arm drag, followed by a Japanese arm drag, but Josh would land a couple arm drags too in a very fast offensive exchange between the two siblings. Josh would take a break on the outside. "Hollywood" Jimmy complained to Referee Chris P. Fries and even poked him with his cane. Back in the ring, Chris and Josh had a test of strength. "Hollywood" tried to pull Chris's leg, opening up the opportunity for Josh to work over Chris's arm. During the match, T-Byrd was complaining about how he wasn't able to see because "Hollywood" Jimmy was standing in his way and blocking his view. Another test of strength, but this time, Chris would send Josh to the mat, pinning his shoulders, but Josh would kick out. Chris lands an elbow and a dropkick. Josh back to the outside. Chris out after him, but Josh flipped him over on the gymnastics mat. While carrying Chris back to the ring, Chris slipped out of the headlock, sending Josh crashing into the ring pole. Chris would nail Josh with a running neckbreaker, while Josh was entering through the ropes. Josh fights back with a kick and a suplex, followed by a kip-up, taunting the fans. Josh locked in an armbar, attempting a guillotine choke, but Chris picked up Josh and smashed him into the mat with a powerbomb. Chris attempted a moonsault from the top-rope, but no one was home. Near fall. Josh with a flipping neckbreaker on Chris. Josh lands a knee to Chris's temple. Chris fought back with kicks and planted Josh's face into the canvas, with the curb stomp (ECW's Paul Burchill's finisher at one time). Two count. Chris sent Josh into the corner, following with an elbow. Josh would splash Chris in the corner. Josh attempted a superplex, but Chris blocked, sending Josh flying off. "Hollywood" tried to trip Chris while he was on the top, but Chris still managed to jump off, but he caught a lowblow from brother Josh. Josh would hit the RKO and get the victory in this intense battle of The Sons of the South. Your winner, Josh Matthews!

During intermission, T-Byrd announced that XOW would be back at ConXion in Hernando, Mississippi, on Saturday, August 15th. This show will include Former WCW Superstar and one half of the legendary Midnight Express, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Al Hall made his way around the ring, making fun of the big overall fans and a guy that had his ears pierced. Al said he worked with a guy that looks like he fell into a tacklebox.

"Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson made their way out to ringside. Storm informed everyone that Colton would be wrestling, but he was going to sing a little diddy. Storm started singing, like Elvis, about the people of Hernando. His song included verses like: The men are gay, The women are hippos, Their breasts are saggy and butts are doublewide. Whorey! Whorey! Hallelujah! T-Byrd suggested that Storm pair up with another locally known Elvis Tribute Artist, so you would have one tall, skinny Elvis and one short, fat Elvis.

4th Match-"The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson, managed by "Big Daddy" Storm vs Kenny D, who I believe is a local police officer-Referee Chuck Poe-Storm told them, "This ain't The Andy Griffith Show! Get Barney Fife out of the ring!" Match started with Kenny catching Colton with an arm drag, hip toss, bodyslam, and a clothesline. Colton rolled out of the ring. Back inside, Kenny sent Colton in the corner and splashed him. Kenny would lock in a single leg, but Storm raked Kenny's eyes, forcing him to break the hold. Colton took over. Storm would choke Kenny while Colton distracted the ref. Colton would also choke Kenny. Colton sent Kenny in the ropes, hitting him with an elbow. Colton applied a rear chinlock. Kenny would fight back with a sunset flip, but Colton kicked out. Colton threw Kenny out of the ring, where Storm attacked him. During the match, Storm was giving some of the fans on the front row lapdances and he kept standing in the way of one fan. The fan would try to move, but Storm would get right back in front of him. Colton slammed Kenny, followed by a big legdrop. The pissed off fan pushed Storm in the back. Bad idea. Storm hauled off and punched the fan, leading to all hell breaking loose. The fan was escorted out of the building by security. Storm went to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, Kenny rolled up Colton. Near fall. Storm ran in, attacking Kenny. Some guy ran in the ring to Kenny's aid, chasing off Storm and Colton. Kenny introduced him as former wrestler, Michael Lee, who is a lifelong friend in law enforcement. Kenny laid out a challenge to Storm and Colton Anderson. On August 15th, the ring will be surrounded with the Hernando Police Department, who will have straps to use for a special tag match between Kenny D and Michael Lee versus "Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson.

Semi-Main Event-XOW Tag Team Championship-XOW Tag Team Champions, Syn & D.J. Stunner vs Andy 2 Dandy & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, with "The Future" Chris Styles in their corner-Referee Chris P. Fries-Before the match got started, T-Byrd said that Studd wasn't able to be there to carry Tony, during this match, so he went and got Andy instead. Syn and Andy started the contest with a fast pace. Syn would dip out to the outside. Syn taunted and tried to provoke the big country family, wearing the overalls. Stunner and Tony in. Stunner with a clean break in the corner. Tony worked over Stunner's arm. Stunner with an impressive standing flip, reversing the armlock into a headlock. Tony put down Stunner with a shoulder block. Stunner takes a break, pumping up his arms. Another shoulder block by Tony. Tony invited both Syn and Stunner into the ring to take a free shot. Syn and Stunner accepted and attacked Tony, grabbing him into a double headlock, but Tony would fight back, putting both men down. Stunner sent Tony in the corner, but missed a diving attack and got caught up in the Tree of woe. Tony would duck out of the way of Syn, who ran into Stunner and fell down on the mat. Stunner fell off the turnbuckle, falling on top of Syn in a rather uncomfortable and embarrassing position. Stunner with a lethal kick to Tony's chest. Tag into Syn. Chris Styles pulled Syn off, during a pin attempt. Syn placed a chinlock on Tony. Down goes Tony, by a flipping dropkick from Syn. Double team by S & S. Stunner missed a kneedrop. T-Byrd said the young team of Syn and Stunner reminded him of Parental Advisory, The team of "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs and "The Studd" Scott Porteau. Syn scraped Tony's eye with his boot. Syn stomped a mudhole into Tony in the corner and followed it up with a hesitation dropkick. Shooting star by Syn on Tony. Tag into Stunner. Stunner locks in a bearhug on Tony. The crowd got behind Tony. Tony picks up his arm before it dropped for the third time. Tony fought back and made the tag to Andy 2 Dandy, but Referee Chris P. Fries didn't see it. Stunner and Syn swap out. Syn missed a corkscrew moonsault from the top-rope when Tony moved. Crowd, again, got behind Tony. Syn tagged Stunner. Tony tagged Andy. T-Byrd said that Andy hit the ring, "Like an Ethiopian kid fighting over a bowl of rice!" Stunner and Andy going at it, outside the ring. Suplex on the floor. Chris jumped in taking it to Stunner. Inside the ring, Syn hit the sliced bread #2 on Tony. Stunner managed to fight off Andy and Chris to jump on the top-rope and successfully land a swanton on Tony to get the three count. Your winners and still XOW Tag-Team Champions, Syn and D.J. Stunner!

Time for the Main Event. The XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine made his way out to the ring, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Brian, again. "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good made his way to the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy told Danny that he's not for all this white on black crime. "Why don't we do this. I've got three Budweisers in a cooler in my car. Why don't we have a beer summit in the middle of the ring?" "Hollywood" said he voted for Obama. When Jimmy asked Brian So Fine if he voted for Obama, Brian's response was, "He didn't support the Gay Community." Danny said he would take him up on that beer summit, but he would bash him over the head with it and shove it down Jimmy's throat. Brian So Fine informed the Hernando crowd that he's, "Everybody's hero, The Pink Flamingo! Often imitated, never duplicated. The most underrated wrestler of all-time!" Danny said that Al Hall looked like the Monopoly man. Al called Danny a woman beater.

Main Event-XOW Heavyweight Championship-XOW Heavyweight Champion, "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Hotstepper" Danny B. Good-Referee Chuck Poe-Brian and Danny size up each other. Danny with a headlock on Brian. Brian thought he dumped Danny over the top-rope, but Danny held on, flipping back in on Brian with a sunset flip. Danny followed up with an arm drag, hip toss, and dropkick. Brian rolled out of the ring, screaming with his strap over his head. Brian and Jimmy claimed that Danny pulled his tights. Funny stuff. Brian tried to jump Danny from behind, while Jimmy distracted him, but Danny caught him. Danny worked over Brian, until "Hollywood" Jimmy tripped him up as he was running the ropes. Brian with a big bodyslam on Danny, followed by a kneedrop. Brian locked in a sleeperhold. The crowd got behind Danny. Danny fired back, but Brian would stop him and silence the crowd with a dropkick. T-Byrd said that's the largest flamingo he's ever seen fly. On the outside, "Hollywood" Jimmy broke his cane over the back of Danny B. While Jimmy asked the ref to get some lady in the front row to shut up, Brian landed a chair shot on Danny's leg. "Hollywood" lended a hand to Brian to add some extra pressure as Brian targeted the leg. Danny fought back with a hurracanrana. Danny off the top with an axe handle. The next time, however, Danny caught a pink boot to the face. Brian with a textbook suplex. Near fall. "Hollywood" Jimmy nailed Danny with a chain he had wrapped around his hand. Pinfall attempt, but Danny kicked out. Danny would fight back as "Hollywood" screamed for Brian to "Get up!" Danny tried to dropkick Brian, but Brian moved out of the way, so Danny hit Referee Chuck Poe instead. Razzle-dazzle with both men running the ropes, colliding with a double clothesline. While everyone was knocked out, "Hollywood" Jimmy came in with a chair and blasted Referee Chuck Poe. As the ref was coming to, "Hollywood" tossed the chair to Danny. Referee Chuck Poe seen Danny holding the chair and called for the bell, disqualifying Danny B. Your winner by disqualification and still XOW Heavyweight Champion, Brian So Fine!

Following the match, Danny said he was sick of Brian and Jimmy. Danny said he was going to call someone. Danny grabbed his phone and made a call. We heard a familiar voice talking. Everybody wasn't sure who it was until the end when he said, "Mama Says It Beeees That Way Sometimes". It's Downtown Bruno! Downtown Bruno will be the special guest referee on August 15th. Danny told Brian and "Hollywood", "They will feel The Revolution!" Brian said, "If Bruno puts his hands on Jimmy, I will break his neck!"

XOW would like to thank all the fans, workers, ConXion Gymnastics Center, and S & S Property Claims & Roofing for sponsoring the event.

Saturday, August 15th, XOW returns to Hernando, Mississippi, at the ConXion Gymnastics Center with another BIG night of wrestling action! Midnight Gold, a trio featuring "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony with Brian Thompson as their manager will be on the show. Downtown Bruno, who some may remember as Harvey Wippleman in the WWF, will be the Special Guest Referee in the XOW Heavyweight Championship rematch between "The Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine and Danny B. Good. Also on the card, will be a Special Tag Team Lumberjack match between Kenny D and Michael Lee versus the team of "Big Daddy" Storm and "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson. During this match, the ring will be surrounded with the Hernando Police Department, who will have straps to use. All this and much more, coming up, on Saturday night, August 15th, in Hernando, Mississippi at ConXion!

Be sure and check back for all the great pictures that Tia got from this event!

Credit: D-Rock @

----As noted, RRO's Greg Anthony, Brian Thompson and Downtown Bruno will be appearing on August 15th for XOW!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.01.09

Our show began with Ricky Rowland bringing our nations flag to the ring. He would ask that all of the fans stand for the playing of our national anthem.

Our first match of the night was a one fall match between the Irish Dragon Scott Fury and the Italian Luchador Vinny Ramano. Vinny would be off to a great start agains the former ASWF Champion taking control in great stride. However to Vinny's suprise Scott would get a roll up pin for the win.

The second match was scheduled for tag team action. The Beach Bums would take on CM2. Cason McClain and Kalaiki would start off as the two legal men in the start of the match. It wasn't too long before CM2 would dominate the match taking physical and mental control over the match. But this wasn't over for the Beach Bums. They would make an impressive comeback and Mark would nail a 1, 2, 3, over Cason McClain to CM2's suprise.

Tonight's third match was also a tag team match between the ASWF Tag Team Champions LSD and Team Hollister (Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee). Idol Bane and Jamie Jay would start of nice. But buisness would soon pick up after Jamie Jay started giving LSD a run for their money. Just as the match was starting to get even better, CM2 would interfere and attack both teams. Just as all hope was lost the Beach Bums would come to the rescue. The referee would delcare this match a no contest.

Our next match was Hot Rod John Ellison and Johnny Hawk vs. Demon X and Johnny Harper. Ellison and Hawk would really cause a stir with the fans, considering that they stayed in control for most of the match. However, when Johnny Harper seemed he was about to get some much needed help from Demon X, Demon would turn on Harper and start brutally attacking him. Hawk, Ellison, and Demon X would all take turns using a steel chair to try and break the ankle of Johnny Harper. The referee would rule a no contest and no word as of yet on Harper's condition.

Our next match could rightfully be called the match of the night! It would start off with X-Kaliber, Joshua Cross, and Silas heading to the ring. As Silas was making his way to ringside he would be blindsided by Mike Anthony. Silas would pick up Anthony with a Military Press and throw him in the ring. The three would start to deliver a beating until Christopher Lee and Seth Sabor would bring a chair and barbwire bat to level the playing field. The Commissioner would tell all six superstars that since they were already willing to take it to the next level that they would fight in a 6-Man Tag Match. Lee and Cross would start of the match but before too long each superstar would be in and out of the ring. The referee had lost all control of the match and who was legal and who wasn't. Mike Anthony would take to the ring and help Seth Sabor get the pin over X-Kaliber.

Our Main-Event was for the X-Divison Championship. Ray Ray, the champion, would take on Tommy Wayne, but with a special stipulation. If Ray lost he would not get a rematch for the title and would have to start at the bottom all over again. Wayne would use dirty tactics to gain the upper hand for most of the match. When you thought things couldn't get worse for the Ray, Johnny Hawk would come to the announcers table and help Tommy to secure the win and the title.

Credit: Terrance Ward @

RassleResults: TIWF Brownsville, TN 7.31.09 - Big Crowd!!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 7-31-09 at the New Breed Arena- Brownsville, Tn.

Big Brad Simpson def. Hostile Brian Michaels

Hardknocks Hooligan def. Jon “ Biscuit” Roberts

Sgt. Payne/ Johnny Morton def. Knockout Kid & Mystery Partner

FuZ!on def. New Breed of Perfection by DQ

Lawman Williams def. Cletus Tittle

Johnny Morton def. Knockout Kid

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
“ The Internationals” ( PK Ripper& Chico Mendoza) def. The Big Boys by DQ

Jawbreaker Jesse Dee, Derrick Byrd, Todd Currie & Dallas Byrd def. Devon Day & Kilo Buck Currie & Ravishing Randy

• Notes:
• Attendance:238
• TIWF Returns to Brownsville, Tn. Friday Aug. 7th
• Announcers: Hotrod & Drew Magruder

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Monday, August 03, 2009

RassleResults: AUTOZONE PARK Memphis Wrestling, Memphis, TN 8..01.09

Derrick King & johnny Dotson comes out. They are the new Southern Heavyweight Tag Champs. Cory informs them that their opponents had trouble getting to Memphis and they couldn't defend their belts. Derrick  & Dotson decided to wrestle each other.
Derrick King beats Johnny Dotson.
Garry & Kevin White is out next. Garry goes over to Cory Maclin and tells him that he was doing just fine setting in his home on the Tennessee River but when he heard Maclin had booked Kevin against a goof that carried a 2 x 4 Hacksaw Jim Duggan, there was no way he wasn't going to be there tonight. Cory tells Garry White, your not booked on this show but before he could finished , Kevin grabs the Mic and tells Maclin, he couldn't tell him who to bring and that he's not scared of Duggan, that Duggan never has left the U.S. and I have been all the the world, I have even been skiing in Japan and he was going to stick the 2 x4 you know where.
Duggan comes out to a great ovation, carrying the 2 x4 and a American flag.
Duggan Beats White.
Thaddus Martin & a mystery manager comes out next. He announces his mystery partner as Pork Chop Cash. Hart comes out and ask Chop why he was turning his back on the first family and Chop says its for  the money Jimmy. Hart brings out Koko B. Ware to a great ovation also. Chops makes the heel turn and Thaddus Martin wins by DQ.
Main event. Jerry Lawler beat Buff Bagwell.
Bagwell does his typical poses and struts. This was a good solid match with Rocky "The Redbird " Getting involved in the finish.
12,000 people bought tickets for the game and the show. I don't know how many stayed, I would say 90% stayed. It was a real good crowd, loud and was into most every match. They sold $7000 advance, I don't know what they usually do on a given night but I do know that the management of Autozone park has already booked next years show, so they was satisfied.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 8.01.09

Little Stevie Davis defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

JR Mauler defeated Geno Sydal.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Bubba Boodrow.

Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) came out of the back, much to everyone's surprise, grabbed a mic and began to talk. They said they had come back to EPW with one purpose, and that is to hurt someone. They were interrupted by Kilo Green, who came to the ring for his match with PCP. Cody & Brody beat him down for daring to interrupt them. Kilo was carried from the ring unconscious. The match between Kilo & PCP never took place.

Iron Jake Johnson defeated Justin Rhodes.

Chazz Stone w/Cyrus defeated Izzy Rotten w/Brett Michaels. Stipulation was that if Chazz defeated Izzy by pin fall, Revolution (Chazz & Cyrus) would get another shot at the EPW tag team belts currently held by Pain, Inc. (Izzy & Brett). Therefore Revolution gets another title shot.

Rajah & Bloodbath w/Pimpin' Antoin Smooth defeated New Kids (Cassanova Kid & Tysin Starr).

Main Event was EPW Champion Bonecrusher defending against Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. Taylor came to the ring wearing the EPW Championship Belt, which he had previously stolen from Bonecrusher. Bonecrusher won the match, but Taylor grabbed the belt and headed for the door. He was met at the door by the Booneville Police, placed under arrest, and handcuffed. Bonecrusher had filed charges against Neil for stealing the belt. The belt was then returned to Bonecrusher, issued the following ultimatum to Neil: Either agree to a fan's lumberjack strap match at the next show, or go to jail. Neil reluctantly agreed to the match, so...

This Saturday night in Booneville it will be Neil Taylor vs. Bonecrusher in a fans lumberjack strap match! Don't miss this show - it will be wild! Bell time is 8:00 p.m. at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville.

Be sure to watch EPW Wrestling on My MS TV at 10:30 every Wednesday night!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----I hated the Taylor angle. So Bonecrusher - the babyface - looks like a cry baby for not wanting to "fight" to get his title. So, he is outsmarted by Taylor in the end, but gets the belt taken away from him by the police, because Bonecrusher "snitched" on him. LOL

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.31.09

"The Future" Chris Styles vs. TFW Lightweight Champion Josh Matthews ended in a double pin. Referee Chris P. Fryes was injured and referee Andy Camps had come to the ring to take over. Both referees made the 3 count, and both Styles' & Matthews' shoulders were down. There was a disagreement between the two referees as to who the winner and Champion was. The TFW General Manager held up the belt and said the matter would be settled the following week in a ladder match.

Mason vs. Chop vs. LSD was ruled a no contest when Hittman interfered.

TFW Champion Jay Webster managed to defeat Suicide.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Hittman.

The TFW General Manager then set up a match between Neno and Jay Webster for the belt at the next show. He said that Neno deserved the shot since he is undefeated in TFW, and that it was time Webster proved he was worthy of being TFW Champion.

"DC" David Cross was talking with fans during intermission and was attacked by Shawn Reed. This went into the ring and a referee ran in to officiate, but the match was eventually thrown out. It took several minutes to separate them, and Reed challenged DC to a LOSER LEAVES WRESTLING match the following week, which DC accepted. The General Manager reluctantly agreed to make the match, saying that there was apparently not room in TFW for both DC and Shawn Reed, who have been involved in a bitter feud for weeks.

The Asylum defeated Syn & DJ Stunner by DQ.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs in a street fight by choking him out with a belt. After the match the TFW General Manager ordered a match for this Friday night: Taylor vs. Dabbs in a fan's lumberjack strap match - 16 fans will be selected to be around the ring and beat Taylor & Dabbs with belts if they leave the ring.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Memphis Flyer Features NEW on the Cover!!

----CLICK HERE to read the story with NEW getting some major exposure. I wonder how many wrestlers have made the cover of Memphis Flyer?? I also have always liked the Memphis Flyer, who have never been afraid to publish stuff. I loved the line about the NEW building, "In a metal shed in a grubby corner of West Memphis, Arkansas," - great description!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

RassleResults: USWO 8.01.09

69 attended
Kevin Dunn & Xavier Mustafa b James Duncan & Tony Grande when Dunn pinned Grande
Chris Norte b Violent T
Kevin James b Bad Boy Dixon
Jason Xavier b Josh Crowe
Cody Weatherby b Harold Knight
Mark Anthony & Damien Payne b Aiden Scott & Kevin Dunn when Payne pinned Dunn
Deathwish (w/James Duncan) b Tim Renesto & Saint when a Deathwish guy pinned Renesto after Duncan hit Renesto with a shoe

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 7.31.09 - New US Jr Champion!!

-Justin Smart beat Kevin Charles

-Kid Nikels beat Silas

-Eric Wayne beat "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

----Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs...Michael Ward and John Steele were the announcers...Dustin Ring has not appeared here in months and was stripped of the title. So what do you have to do?? You have to put it on someone that is going to be there for you, but I do see where there will be a moan when people see Eric is the new champ.

RassleResults: USWO 7.31.09

89 attended
All but #3 were taped for TV
Saint & Jason Xavier & Kevin Dunn b Bryan Casey & James Duncan & Damien Payne when Dunn pinned Duncan
Chris Michaels b Ty Blade
ATL Champion Chrisjen Hayme b USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross and ATL Jr. Champion Jake Allen
Anthony Ingram (w/James Duncan) b JC Crowe
USWO Tag Team Champions LT Falk & Mitch Ryder b Josh Crowe & Damien Payne when Ryder pinned Crowe
Tommy Mercer b Matt Burns
Post-match, Jeff Daniels & Dominique came out and attacked Mercer
Jerry Lynn b Chase Stevens and Rick Santel and Mark Anthony in a shootout (scramble match) to win the USWO Championship

Credit: Jimmie Daniel