Saturday, August 15, 2009

HAAN - #1 Steam Mop on the Planet!!

----IWA Championship Wrestling is NOT AIRING! I really am hoping these guys get their stuff together, because I have heard only good things about the actual operation of the taping and promotion.

IWA To Air This Morning!

----IWA Championship Wrestling is listed to air at 10:00 AM this morning on the Direct TV guide. If it does air, look for a report of the show up on RRO by Noon!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 8.01 and 8.08.09


----This show was overall a ratings winner. They won the second half of their time slot beating out all the other shows airing in Memphis and a great quarter of scoring 1.9 for the Lawler vs Bockwinkle bout. Fans dropped after that bout with old clips from last year's Autozone, but the overall rating was 33% over the yearly average. The only bad quarter was the 4th quarter dropping numbers, because shows do not want to loss numbers in the last quarter. A fun stat is that for the last 12 quarters that this show has aired the show has scored a .9 with 5 quarters in a row going into the 3rd quarter of this show.

Overall 1.3 [21056 viewers]

1st Quarter .9 [14577 viewers]
2cnd Quarter .9 [14577 viewers] [n/c]

-Nick Bockwinkle vs Jerry Lawler
-Joey Mercury vs Barbarian from last year's Autozone
3rd Quarter 1.9 [30774 viewers] [+16197 viewers]

-Johnny Dotson/Derrick King vs “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]
4th Quarter 1.5 [24296 viewers] [-6478 viewers]

What was Memphis watching? Kamen Rider [1st quarter] 1.4 [22,676 viewers]

From start to finish: [+9719 viewers]


----Sad to see that a show with all original programming scores less than average. It was a steady rating with a start of .5 for two quarters and then 1.0 for the next two quarters. I really thought people would turn off the TV after watching that Koko/Thaddeus stuff, but they stuck in there for the Lawler vs Bagwell match. The show has also gained viewers from start to finish for the last 5 weeks in row. Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears combo return to the winner's circle this week with 56% more viewers than Memphis Wrestling.

Overall .7 [11338 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Dotson vs DK
.5 [8099 viewers]

-Matthews- int
-Duggan vs White
.5 [8099 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-Thaddeus/Koko match
1.0 [16197 viewers] [+8098 viewers]

-Lawler vs Buff
1.0 [16197 viewers] [n/c]

What was Memphis watching?? Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bears 1.7 [27535 viewers]
From start to finish: [+8098 viewers]

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 8.14.09

-Tim Edwards came out with Gunner Thompson to challenge the “Good Ol'Boys”.

-Rocky Randy over Johnathan Storm

-Kilo beat Tim Edwards by DQ when Thompson interfered and Gaylon Ray came out for the save.

-Tim Edwards/Gunner Thompson vs “Good Ol' Boys} [Shannon Lee/Gaylon Ray] – No contest in a DCW Tag Team Title Match. Match turned into a big brawl with Allen Walker, Chris Rocker, Dell Tucker and Storm making the save.

-Seth Knight hit the Sethametmine on Dell Tucker for the win.

-Chris Rocker retains the DCW Title by reversal over Cody Melton. Melton hit Rocker with a gimmick to win the belt, but then the ref caught him with it and reversed it.


69 in the crowd...Hot crowd...Fans hate Melton...Next week “Picture Perfect”, Angelina, Derrick King, Tatt2 and a Big Surprise...Flash Flanagan also returns next week.

Credit: dcwmogul

----Seth Knight reported on Twitter that Allen Walker told everyone they weren't getting paid due to DCW not making rent this month yet. Apparently Brian Steele went out and sold tickets for next week and everyone got paid something...Addisson Walker was involved in an angle with Flash Flanagan a few weeks back, which was a shoot angle with Flash going off on Addisson and his family. In the middle of it, Addisson's friends jump in on Flash [because they didn't know it was a work] and Flash got a busted mouth because of it. This was all playing off the fact that Flash cussed out the Walker family earlier this year and walked out on DCW.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 8.14.09

91 attended
James Duncan b Saint
USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Jason Haggerty and Insane D in a 3-way when he pinned Insane D
Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn b Bryan Casey & Dyron Flynn when Korbaine pinned Flynn
Harold Knight b Convict
Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) b Tommy Mercer by DQ when Daniels pitched Dominique's boot to Mercer and fell down as ref Mark Owen turned around
Chris Michaels b JC Crowe
Tony Falk & USWO Tag Team Champions LT Falk & Mitch Ryder b Mark Anthony & Damien Payne & Josh Crowe when Tony pinned Payne

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, August 14, 2009

XOW Tomorrow night!!

----XOW is in Hernando, MS tomorrow night with "Midnight Gold" [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson and Downtown Bruno is there as a special ref. RRO is in full force there being represented by three columnists.

"Keeping It Reel" By Austin Lane

----I took the complete thing here off of Lane's new web site. CLICK HERE to go to the site. Lane discussed this column to me on the phone before he put it up and I just thought he was part ribbing. I never looked at Rampage like this and even though at times it is embarrassing to think I was associated with it, but if you put it like Lane does here. Wow!! We did have a hell of a crew. LOL Just for the record, Lane is one of only four men that have witnessed two wrestling matches featuring me, [Christian Jacobs, Jack Diamond and JD McKay being the other three lucky guys..LOL] and still seems to like me. LOL

Welcome to the first "Keeping It Reel" in several years. Let me first state that this is not a "shoot" column. This is merely an editorial. Just my own personal opinions.

It has been called one of the worst wrestling promotions of all time. Few knew about the promotion. It was a rip off of ECW and a bad one at that. I am talking about Rampage Wrestling out of Jonesboro, AR. Rampage began in mid 2000 and mercifully ended quietly by late 2000. Not long of a run. Many promotions today begin and end just as abruptly. Most are rarely mentioned and soon forgotten. So why is this seemingly forgettable promotion getting so many referances and mentions throughout Mid South wrestling? I wasn't green ... I was a mark when I worked for Rampage Wrestling. I was a skinny, blonde(black goatee),balcony jumping, crushed velvett wearing(not loose spandex-Dustin), kid with NO clue. Anyways could you imagine the impact that Rampage has had on wrestling in this area? Rampage was bad. But it was only a fews years too early. Lets take a look.

Veterans- there were plenty of veterans around the Rampage lockerroom to help with developing good workers. Gary Diamond, Mike Austin(Itty Little), Gravedigger, Freezer Thompson, Tim Hanson, and Phil Hanson were there for guys like me. And most of those guys are still main eventing cards throughout this area. With a talented veteran core like that, why did it fail? Oh cause these next guys just wasn't there ... YET!

Christian Jacobs-Formerly known as Viper during his Rampage days, CJ has become one of the best wrestlers in the area and is one half/third of the most recognized tag team in the mid south over the last five years. Picture Perfect! Now Viper was a skinny Hardy Boy wannabe with no hair and no idea what he was doing. Now he can hang with anyone in the world.

Psycho-Psycho has turned into one of the best big men around and lets face it...THE Man as far as hardcore is concerned. Rampage also debuted Kayte, Psycho's hardcore plastic friend. Psycho always joked that I dated his doll. But truth is we made out a few times but that is all. LOL

Austin Lane-Like I said ... NO CLUE! I was just happy to be there. Every taping I found the biggest part of the building and jumped off of it. IDIOT! Now I actually learned to work a little. I am not one to toot my own horn... bullcrap! TOOT! TOOT! I have been lucky enough to be considered one of the absolute best. And have been able to work with the best. I have learned alot from the before mentioned vets as well as true professionals like Rodney Mack, Jerry Lynn, Brandon Baxter, and Derrick King. And countless others.

Dustin Starr-That name strikes a cord with lots of people. Dustin began with Rampage also. And now is one of the most controversial personalities in wrestling. By the way he also has the talent to back it up. He has IT. The look, the talent, and the IT factor. There is a reason why he is always in the running for numerous awards every year. He deserves them. He also has one of the best business minds around.

Coach BT-Brian Tramel is the same as before...fat guy that looks like Drew Carey and has a loud mouth. LOL. Brian has changed the way indy wrestling is seen in the Mid South. He took the shows out of the barns and armories and onto your computer screen. is one of the most viewed sites around. He made the INDY workers look like SUPERSTARS. Plus the site has made shows better. Promoters and writers will read other results and attendance figures and shoot to top them. Which in turn makes for better products for the fans. He also shows the fans that there are other shows out there that you can watch. Out of all of us alumni...he may have had the biggest impact.

Now could you imagine BT, Starr, CJ, Psycho, and myself working for Rampage with the knowledge and talent we have gained since. With those vets and us where we are now, that could have been HUGE! I guess we will never know.

Until next time...thank you for your time. I will go in detail about lots of
subjects. If you have any questions you want me to address or anything you want me to comment me. Until true to yourself and always BELIEVE THE HYPE!

Putting Over: Dustin Starr

----I do not always agree with everything he writes, but you got to give the guy some credit. The last two posts on The Starr Treatment are really good. "Dedication" could have been a long ass promo. It is really well written. The newest post is a video that will air in Ripley, TN on the big screen Saturday night. Great promo - every time I see him do something like this, it makes me ask the question over and over - why did they not push him better on Memphis Wrestling?? CLICK HERE

SnV This Saturday Night and Info About DVD!!

----Tony Myers of SnV sent along the colorful press release for their show this coming Saturday night August 15th, 2009 Memphis, TN at The Buccanneer!! Myers brand of garbage wrestling is not for everyone, but I had a fun time at the show I attended. And, believe it or not, RRO will be attending another SnV event before the end of the year!!

SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCER FOR SATURDAY WILL BE: well, fuck you! Come on out and find out. The guy is a legitimate SnV FUCKING LEGEND. One of the forefathers who helped lauch this mother fucker over 2 years ago is returning once again! We promise it will be huge, you won't believe who is going to join us this time around!!!

WOW! Announcer Chris Hart was slapped around a little bit by Psycho at the close of the last show SO-he has vowed that either Pappy T. Hellbilly or Pogo Wikkid Pankster either unseat Psycho for the Sick Fuck Championship of the Universe or HE WOULD SHAVE HIS HEAD! When it was brought up to Psycho if he was confident to put up his hair and THE Title and agree on the stips, as confirmation he not only nodded affirmatively but he HEAD-BUTTED the hapless announcer! It is ALL there on the last DVD so look below and see the great offer for that one. Soooooooooooooo biggest news this week:

It is settled, IT IS HAIR VS. HAIR WITH THE SICK FUCK CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE UNIVERSE ALL HANGING IN THE BALANCE AUGUST THE 15TH @ THE BUCCANEER! Both men have had long hair for the last 20 years and when SnV promises something, WE DELIVER IT!!!

...On that note, the very night and place where the incident occured, we at SnV wanted to personally GIVE THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE FUCKING DVD RELEASE PARTY! I MEAN OLD AND NEW OVER A DOZEN SnV PERSONALITIES ATTENDED and ANOTHER 50 or so new fans came out! You people fucking rule!!!
Just $12 shipped and everything. For the latest DVD and if you wanna buy one, here is our contact info:
Hysteria Wrestling Media
6515 Mill Creek Rd.
Memphis, Tn 38134
Fax: (901) 725-5701
Or feel free to call anytime day or night, literally(!): (201)400-9344
E-mail/Pay Pal ID: be sure to include in a SEPARATE e-mail what payment is for if sending via Pay Pal...

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "Let's Talk about TGB" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony is one of my favorite guys for several reasons. First of all, this guy has the heart, soul and drive to be in this profession. He deserves any good thing that comes his way. The fact is, I’ve never met anybody with such passion for the business and thirst for knowledge. He has a desire to learn and improve on in every possible manner. Not since myself back in the late 70s and early 90s, so I can absolutely relate. I am burnt out and behind the Eight ball in many ways now, but back in my youth, I was fired up about every aspect of the business. Now, TGB, is there. He watches DVDs religiously, not for entertainment purposes, but to learn and absorb finishes, technique, and psychology and basically figure out how and why the top guys over the years in our profession became top guys.

If more up and comers in the biz would follow this path instead of just wanting to do high spots for the sake of doing high spots and whack each other with chairs, etc..well..hell…the future of the business would be a lot better. And when I say that, believe it, because my word is “as good as gold”..whoops..I mean because mama says it bees that way sometimes!

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

Shows for the Weekend 8.14 to 8.15.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular shows. PWA has a couple of shows listed as mentioned on the PWA web site by Jamie Jay below!!

This weekend is going to be a busy one! PWA Entertainment has a show in Augusta at the National Guard Armory on Friday, August 14th. This is "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton's birthday & it is also mine!! Plus, we will be wrestling each other!! Maybe we can turn this into a birthday bash! Lol!!!!

Then PWA will be in Wynne on Saturday , August 15, at The Ridge! It is a bar in Wynne! Women in Chocolate pudding!!!! Plus, Team Hollister will be taking on Derrick King & Johnny Dotson!!

The Golden Circle "The Moment" by Greg Anthony

I think all wrestlers have a story that really shows how much wrestling means to them. A moment in their lives that they can pinpoint and explain how they emotional connected with wrestling. A son that the only way to bond with his father was by watching wrestling together. Someone new that moved into the neighborhood and found his first friend because they had the same favorite wrestler. The stories I'm sure are endless.

I've talked a few times about how much my grandmother has meant to me as a wrestler. It was her passion for it that drew me to it as a young "golden" boy. Ironic that my favorite wrestler or all time, Ric Flair, was her most hated back then. I wonder what my life would be like today if it wouldn't have been for her fandemonium. I wouldn't have the friends I have today, which in turn means I wouldn't have met my wife which means no second generation wrestlers to debut at a later date. But this isn't my moment.

Since I've lived on my own, I've had a wrestling room. A room in my house or apartment ,at first, that has been dedicated to my wrestling memorabilia. Its kind of taken on a life of its own, alot of the boys hear me or friends talk about it. So when they get a chance to come to town, they almost always want to see what all I have. The process usually involves them saying "Oh, man I had that when I was a kid" or "That is freaking awesome". However most haven't seen my most prized possession. When my grandmother was a kid and watched wrestling in its golden age she kept a little black book were she written down results. This little black book that is close to fifty years old means more to me than anything else in the wrestling room because it holds more sentimental value above all else. But this still isn't my moment.

My friends growing up in school didn't really get into wrestling like I did. But for one year, one glorious year with all the stars in perfect position it became cool to like wrestling. With the NWO, ECW and The Attitude Era it was a marvelous time to be a wrestling fan. We didn't stop with just the major three but we found a local wrestling promotion right here in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Warriors of Wrestling Federation or affectionately WOWF and became a weekly ritual for us. We loved the bad guys and baddest bad guys at WOWF were The Missouri Bad Boys.

We talked all week about going to wrestling that weekend and even took time to make our own homemade Missouri Bad Boys tshirts. That afternoon before the show my mother told me that I couldn't go because we were broke. I was raised by a single mom and it broke her heart to have to tell me. We didn't have $5. I was crushed! I told my mother it was ok and I understood. I called my grandmother and asked if I could borrow $5 dollars so I could go to wrestling and she of course said ok and told me to come get the money. When I arrived my grandfather handed me a $5 bill and I just bursted into tears. I guess it was pride or something. It just meant so much to me to go, not for my friends but for myself. My grandparents consoled me and ended up giving me $40 so I could go to wrestling as much as I wanted. When I got back in the car that when I realized how much wrestling meant to me, that was my moment. I realized it wasn't JUST wrestling, it was WRESTLING and it’s been WRESTLING ever since.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


----D-Rock posted the following over at I was told that the set up for the TV tapings is very professional and guys were actually paid to do TV. So, at least this will give everyone an extra place to work.

Unfortunately, the New IWA Championship Wrestling show that was scheduled to debut this past Saturday at 10:00AM on WPXX TV did not air.

When I messaged IWA's Malik "The Great" about the show, he said they experienced some minor complications with their footage, but hopefully that obstacle has been tamed. Malik added, "If all goes well, we will air on the 15th."

So be on the lookout for the New IWA Championship Wrestling show this Saturday morning at 10:00AM on My50 WPXX TV.

Special thanks to Malik "The Great" for the information.

Jerry Lawler in the Memphis Flyer

----Dave Meltzer reported this in the 8.10.09 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Not sure what week this appeared in the Memphis Flyer. I don't think Lawler has a chance, if he doesn't "try" to run as a politician.

There was an interesting article in the Memphis Flyer on Lawler running for mayor. He said former mayor Wyeth Chandler told him in 1999 when he ran the first time, “I’m going to tell you your problem. Black people love you. They will spend their last dollar to see you. But Jerry, they will not vote for you. Memphis will never have another white mayor.” Lawler said he didn’t believe him, campaigned hard in black sections of the city. He noted in one section he was thrilled as he walked around. “I was like a pied piper,” with people gravitating toward him. Then he noted he got all of eight votes in the entire precinct. The special election was announced for 10/27. Lawler said education is the city’s No. 1 problem, and he also feels Memphis is the most racially divided city in the country and he’d like to bridge that gap. Lawler as a pro wrestler in the 70s and 80s was so popular among African-Americans that there was a business term in the city, “Lawler’s cousins,” for the huge African-American fan base he drew. But, as predicted, they did not support him running for mayor. And this is long after his wrestling heyday in the city. He said he was going to run as an anti-politician. No fund-raisers, no paid advertising, no professional campaign staffers and not even yard signs. He said he would push his campaign on Twitter, have volunteers who will hold up hand-made signs at intersections, and tell people to put yellow ribbons all over the city to indicate their support for him, and that they no longer intend to be held hostage by the politicians. Lawler knows that to make a great babyface, you have to create a group of heels. He also said he’d like to have a revolving mayor’s office, taking a Winnebago and going into different parts of the city for a week or two at a time, and allowing people to just walk up and talk with him about their problems.

Brian Teigland: Wrongful Death Lawsuit

----The 8.10.09 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the following about Brian Teigland.

The family of Brian Teigland, the one-time Memphis television wrestling announcer, who died last year at the age of 53, filed a wrongful death and malpractice lawsuit against Methodist Hospital in Memphis regarding his medical care, as they diagnosed him with an aneurism, sent him home and he died the next morning of a ruptured artery aneurism. Teigland was much better known in the market for two decades as a television weatherman. Back to School Special!!

----I was helping Darrell and was the webmaster of until yesterday afternoon. Darrell and I have been friends for a long time and he wanted me to spend more time on the site than I can provide. My main priority has always been this site. MLW will soon have their 4th webmaster, since the start of the site and I wish everyone good luck over at MLW. And they are running the following special on downloads.

If you order one download from Memphis Ladies Wrestling, you get one of equal or less value free. It's a BACK to SCHOOL Summer Sizzler Special. That's right, order the match you want via paypal, then email us at and let us know which match you would like free. Not a bad deal and our way of saying THANKS to everyone for supporting us. is the web site. This is on all downloads, older ones or newer ones. Let us hear from you, with this Buy One, Get One Free Download Sale!

Thanks from MLW!


Fans and Workers Respond to RWA Shutdown!!

----I did do a phone interview with Ron Rage on Tuesday and I plan to run a story either this weekend or earlier next week on the story leading up to the shutdown of RWA. Below is comments by Jamie Jay and Stacy. I've also been contacted by Frank Martin and he will be given time to respond to everything and tell his side of the story.

----Jamie Jay wrote this on his PWA web site in his "Food for Thought" column.

"Hello everyone! Another crazy week! Ha. Well lets back up to a week ago. I told everyone about me getting bashed & "punked" out on some website & I made my comments here about it. After his so called apology, he goes & bashes me again! He goes on to say that I'm more than welcome to come to there arena & take on there heavyweight champ & that there doors are always open! Well guess what??? The doors are CLOSED!!! lmao! Was he scared that I was coming? Ha! Na! All I know is that there were problems within the company. That just goes to show you that you need to worry more about your own promotion than somebody else's! This guy is a mark & will always be one! He thought he was Vince for the indy's! Well, think again? Don't get me wrong I hate it that another promotion shuts down, but I don't think any of the guys will have a problem finding a place to work. Also, I don't want anybody to think that I don't like other promotions running, because I do. I work for ASWF in Tuckerman, DCW in Dyersburg! To all the guys from that group that shut down, goodluck!"

----Stacy sent in the following...

I have been a wrestling fan pretty much my entire life. I’ve been to many wrestling events in my area. I am from Paragould, Arkansas. I was a huge LAW fan. I understand that LAW had a really bad reputation there at the end. However, it used to be considered, “the wrestler’s haven.” Golden Boy was an excellent booker. He lives for the business and wants the business to do well. (I’m getting to the point.) Anyways, since LAW shut down, I’ve been going to DCW because I enjoyed watching those guys. Derrick King, Chris Rocker and Flash Flanagan were the ones I went to Rector to see.

Jonesboro is 18 minutes from my house, so on occasion I check out the show. Okay, I’m no expert, but I know good wrestling when I see it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just partial to the Dyersburg guys. Don’t get me wrong, RWA has some really good talent, (Rodney Mack, Jazz, Pokerface, POB) but they have some really bad talent as well. Just for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings, I’m not going to mention any names… Okay, I was just about to leave Paragould Saturday night for the RWA show. My Godmother called me and said, "I don't know whats going on, but we're leaving. Frank Martin is out here showing his ass and canceled the show, for good." So I start calling around to figure out what is going on. Something about a disagreement between Frank and Rodney Mack.

I wait impatiently for you to post something on RRO, not only about this story, but the story about Flash getting his tooth knocked out during a fight with the Walkers.... Anyways, I saw last night that you posted the remarks from Frank Martin that he had on Facebook. Well, it was really eating away at me. I've been told time and time again, that "smarks" have no right to express there opinion about the business or what goes on behind the curtain, but I'm gonna do it. I got on Facebook and posted a comment, "looks like you didn't win anything. Looks like you're sulking and since you didn't get your way, your taking one of the only positive things in Jonesboro away." Despite the lack of professionalism of Frank starting an argument with Rodney Mack in front of the boys... Every wrestling promotion has an excellent opportunity to provide something positive to the community they are in. The crowd was split down the middle between adults and children. Rodney Mack can hook up with the Electric Cowboy and have his own show every week, but where does that leave the kids? Now, I’m a fan, and I drive here, there, and yonder to watch great wrestling. I have family that wrestled, so I kind of know the difference between bad wrestling, good wrestling and great wrestling. I also understand that every promotion is different and they book their shows differently. I also understand that everyone has there place. This is only my opinion, but here it is... I feel that Frank Martin didn't know his place in the business. Granted, he is the owner and can do whatever he wants with his business, however, he hired Rodney Mack to book the show. I was under the impression that the booker calls the shots, but I guess I'm wrong. Either way, the die hard fans, who were there every stinking week are the ones to suffer because Frank Martin wants to take his ball and go home.

Stacy (the girl that ran the door in Rector)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 8.08.09

Special guest announcer for the event was "War Machine" Gene Jackson

Cassanova Kid vs. EPW Extreme Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes ended in a time limit draw. Grimes retains the title.

JR Mauler defeated Jay Webster.

The third match was supposed to be Danny Morris vs. Geno Sydal, but Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) came to the ring and said it was going to be PD vs. Geno & Danny. Cody & Brody then proceeded to give Geno & Danny a royal beating. Winners: Pure Destruction.

Izzy Rotten defeated Chazz Stone, and then in a second contest defeated Cyrus, in a double match ordered by EPW Promoter Edith Poole due to some "fine print" in a contract signed by Izzy.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Justin Rhodes to become #1 contender for the EPW heavyweight belt. He gets his title shot on 9-5.

EPW Champion Bonecrusher defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor in a fan's lumberjack strap match.

Be sure to watch EPW Wrestling on My MS TV Network every Wednesday night at
10:30 p.m.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 8.08.09

The XOW attempt to take over TFW has escalated into an all out war, with XOW General manager Al Hall and XOW Promoter Tony "The Weasel" Watts declaring that XOW will take over TFW and that "nothing can stop XOW." Al Hall evicted TFW Promoter Denise Blaylock from the announce table and took her place.

Suicide defeated Curly Moe by count out after XOW's Tony "The Weasel" Watts interfered.

Mason & Chop w/T-Byrd defeated Hittman & LSD.

In a career vs. career match, "Spectacular" Shawn Reed defeated "DC" David Cross when special referee Jonathon Douglas turned on DC and hit him, costing DC the match. DC's wrestling career is over.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated "The Greatness" Jay Webster to win the TFW Heavyweight Championship. In the beginning it was all Webster, but later on Neno turned things around and gained the advantage. Webster tried to leave the ring during the match in order to lose via count out (which would enable him to retain the title), but the General Manager made him return to the ring where Neno quickly defeated him.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor cheated his way to victory over "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs in a fan's lumberjack strap match.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) w/Anita Paige defeated Syn & DJ Stunner w/Tony the WEasel Watts to capture the TFW Tag Team belts. This was a great match - in fact I think it was one of the best efforts by the ASylum that I have seen. Syn & Stunner were on the receiving end of some major verbal abuse from Tony Watts after the match.

In the main event, "The Future" Chris Styles defeated Josh Matthews in a ladder match to become the undisputed TFW Lightweight Champion. Great match!

This Friday night's TFW card will include a special challenge match, "The Future" Chris Styles taking on Jonathon Douglas, with the belt on the line. Styles made the challenge and offered to put the Lightweight belt on the line in order to get Douglas in the ring for what he did to DC. This and more will take place at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline (about half a mile outside the Tupelo city limits). Bell time is 8:00. Also, XOW's Tony Watts has promised to take the takeover battle to another level this Friday night. What does he have planned in the war between TFW and XOW? Will XOW be successful in taking over TFW? Don't miss this event!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Back In The Saddle.......

----I would like to say "thanks" to everyone that has sent e-mails or called. I am "back in the saddle" here at RRO offices. Special thanks to Brian "the Other BT" Thompson for helping out the last few days. I wrote the following on my Facebook page..

"Just back from the doctor and says I am doing good. It was a staph infection, but as he said, "not the bad kind"...caused by probably an infected hair. All that worry over a hair!! Funny, I have been bald since I was 18 and I am having to worry about a hair? LOL Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and such over the last few days!"

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 08.08.2009

Below are results from this past Saturday's New Blood Wrestling (NBW) event in Newbern, TN.

The show opened with Tim Davis in the ring talking about Ricky Hayes facing The Renegade in a couple of weeks and how they would tear the place down one more time. KoKo Anderson then interrupted and told Tim that while Tim was busy playing games with the Bad Boys, he was making sure the show ran like it was supposed to. KoKo said he made Summer Jam a success and now has accomplished more in a month than Tim has - period. He said now Tim throws him to the back burner and wants to steal his thunder. This led to an argument between the two and finally Tim punched KoKo and dropped him.

"3G" Eric Wayne/Kid Nickels def. Rockin' Randy/Tommy Redneck after Rob Justice came to ringside and whispered something to Redneck to cause him to leave, which left Randy to be picked apart. After all was said and done Weezy came to check on his former partner

Seth Knight def. The Kid. After the match Seth Knight said once again DK has failed to show and that he is issuing a Challenge to King for a Last Man Standing match to prove he is better.

NBW Tag Team Champions Jeremy Moore and Ricky Andrews came out for an interview. Moore said that he was here to address what happened two weeks ago, and why he wasn't at NBW last week. Moore said that he never expected what happened at Summer Jam but it did. He said that it was very painful and embarassing. Moore said that he can't speak for Ricky when he says this but he isnt afraid of C4P. This brought C4P to the ring. 187 said the only thing stopping Moore from putting up the belts was fear and common sense. Moore said once again he was afraid and that tonight he and Ricky would be defending champions and they would put the belts on the line!

C-Money def. Crazy Train to retain The NBW High Risk Championship after a Frogsplash

In his hunt for a rematch at the NBW Title, Mark Justice def. Hardcore Yow. Post-match Rob Justice and Redneck came to the ring and all three beat down Yow until Rockin' Randy made the save.

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore and "The New Sensation" Ricky Andrews def. C4P by DQ after they attacked the ref after Moore hit an Acecrusher on 187. C4P jumped Moore and Andrews and continued beating on them until Randy and Kid came out to make the save and they were left laying, then Weezy and Shannon were left laying then Crazy Train was left laying, then C Money came out with a chair and C4P backed off until out of nowhere C Money tossed the chair to Andrews and did a spinkick dropping Andrews! They continued beating on Moore and Andrews until Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels made the save to a good reaction!

Motley got on the mic and said that he promised C4P would make an impact and that's just what they were doing. The crowd was booing all three men by this time, and this was none of Wayne's and Nickel's business but if they wanted to make it that way then that's fine with him. Wayne said he and Kid may just take them up on that offer!

RassleNotes: Crowd was down this week by about 30, it was 60 or so. Show was good and the fans were surprised to see C Money turn. A C4P vs. Wayne/Nikels bout could be an interesting mix of styles for sure.

Local workers featured in PWI 500

Several area workers are listed in the upcoming Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500. The PWI 500 is a concept started in 1991 where the magazine "ranks" wrestlers from around the world. Of course, in the Internet era its meaning has diminished but it is still pretty cool for an indy wrestler to see his name in the listings. Area workers in the ranking are Brandon Espinosa (445); Wildside (454); Way Cool (456); Jamie Jay (470); Matt Boyce (495); Matt Riviera (497); and Lawman Williams (499). Wildside, Way Cool and Williams have all worked for TIWF I do believe. Espinosa worked for Joey McNew's WorldWide Championship Wrestling, which ran Southeast Missouri until earlier this summer. Matt Boyce and Jamie Jay are both familiar names to the area and, no surprise here, Matt Riviera once again keeps his name out there. Riviera has actually been listed in the PWI 500 the past two or three years at least.

Flash Flanigan and Jerry "The King" Lawler are also listed with Flash coming in at No. 347 while "The King" is No. 399.

The magazine should be on newsstands soon, if it isn't already.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 08.08.2009

Below is a recap of last Saturday night's Elite Wrestling Entertainment (EWE) event in Ripley, TN.

Commissioner Chris O'Neal comes to the ring to welcome about 130 fans to the EWE Arena. He said that he promised that there would be a Five Starr Showcase, and he is making good on it tonight. He then introduced Derrick King who made his way down the ramp to a thunderous applause by the crowd. King grabs the mic and says to "never say never." He says that it's great to be back in Ripley, TN.

He goes on to say that everyone reads the things posted on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace that say this day would never come, but he's here to say that today is the day. King said that he's supposed to be here for a Five Starr Showcase, but there's no Five Starr host. Bishop comes to the ring to confront King. Commissioner O'Neal says that last time he checked, Bishop is not Dustin Starr. Bishop grabs the mic and says that he talked to Dustin Starr, and he said that he refuses to waste his time conducting a Five Starr Showcase with trash like Derrick King. Bishop says that if anyone has anything to say to Dustin Starr, it'll go through him. King takes the mic and says that he's glad that Bishop is out here, saying it's good to talk to a former champion, and the person that also lost his Triple Threat match last week against Dustin Starr and Stan Lee.

King says that he's not out here for a Five Starr Showcase or to see Dustin Starr. He says that he's here for Bishop. He says that Bishop is going to have a match against his tag team partner Stan Lee. Bishop grabs the mic and says that he's already beat Stan Lee, and asks Derrick King who he thinks he is. Commissioner O'Neal grabs the mic back and says that he has the authority and that the match is going to happen, and gives the mic back to King. He says that just in case Bishop forgot, he is Derrick, by-God, greater than great king, dammit, and tonight Bishop will face Stan Lee, and that he will be the very special guest referee.

Commissioner O'Neal said that since Bishop is delivering messages to Dustin Starr, to tell him that he has a match tonight against the largest athlete in the EWE, The Albino Rhino.

"Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs def. "The Future" Dell Tucker via pinfall.

Maxx Corbin def. Gaylon Ray via pinfall.

J.R. Manson made his way to the ring with "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards following behind. Manson said that he's still got Jon Michael's secrets in his case. He says that he would like to introduce his half brother as he hands the mic to Tim Edwards. He says that his brother brought him to EWE for one reason, and that is to watch his back. He says that he is one of the most violent guys you will ever see in a wrestling ring, and just in case Jon Michael gets through Big Red tonight, he guarantees that he will not make it through "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards.

The match between Jon Michael and Big Red gets underway. Big Red grabs a chair and attempts to hit Jon Michael, but Michael moves out of the way, the chair hits the ropes and comes back to hit Big Red in the head. Jon Michael quickly makes the pin and gets the win via pinfall. After the match, Tim Edwards and J.R. Manson come back out to taunt Michael. Manson distracts Michael as Edwards sneaks up behind and sends Michael to the mat.

Commissioner O'Neal comes back to the ring once again to address the fans. He says that last week, he said that he has some big news for Super Summer Showdown. He said that everyone has been working hard on the show, and haven't finalized the venue or the date for the show, but there is still a huge announcement to be made and he would like the owner of EWE, Dustin Baker, to join him in the ring. Baker comes out and says that he has the most important part of Super Summer Showdown confirmed, and that this is possibly the biggest news for the EWE. Commissioner O'Neal asks for a drumroll as Dusitn Baker announces that Super Summer Showdown 2009 will be absolutely, 100% FREE for all EWE fans in Ripley, TN.

The Albino Rhino and Dustin Starr make their way to the ring. Starr is very reluctant to get into the ring with Rhino before the match begins. Starr is thrown from the ring and the referee is distracted while Bishop grabs Starr's belt and hits Rhino in the back of the head, knocking him out. Starr struggles to take Rhino away from the ropes and finally scores the pinfall. Maxx Corbin makes his way to assist his tag team partner as Starr makes his way to the back.

Bishop and Stan Lee make their way to the ring alongside special guest referee Derrick King. As the match progresses, hostility grows between Bishop and King. Lee hits a frog splash from across the ring and King starts the count, but Dustin Starr grabs King's leg and pulls him out of the ring. King ejects Starr from ringside as the match continues. Bishop grabs a chair and goes to hit Lee, but King grabs the chair and puts it back. Bishop picks up King but he quickly kicks out and goes for the superkick, but fakes and distracts Bishop so that Lee can roll him up to score the pinfall, which is successful. Bishop and Dustin Starr scramble to ringside as Stan Lee and Derrick King celebrate in the ring with fans. Lee calls King over to the camera and makes the comment, "You never know when Hot Topic may be back."

For full length videos of all these matches, visit the EWE website at While you're there, be sure to become a fan of Elite Wrestling Entertainment on Facebook. You can also follow EWE on Twitter to receive the latest info, including breaking news directly from the EWE arena and more! Just follow @eweonline.

RassleNotes: Sounds like a fun night at the EWE Arena!...You have to think that with the right combo of advertising, plus the great talent at EWE, that houses will be up this fall.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Matt Riviera Publicity

Matt Riviera was recently profiled in his hometown newspaper the Russellville Courier in regard to his latest project "Megan Wants a Millionaire" on VH-1. You really have to tip your hat to Matt for putting himself in the spotlight!

Click here to view the article.

My trip to EPW by Gene Jackson

Been meaning to write this for a couple of days and haven't had the time, I'm sure there's a couple of people interested in what I'm going to say about it. Here's how I ended up going.....I went to Mississippi on Saturday for a much needed break from work and just being in Alabama in general. I went and visited my parents for half the day then met up with Ned (Neil Taylor) that afternoon. When I called him earlier in the week he told me he'd be going to work for EPW in Booneville to wrestle Bonecrusher in a 'Fans Lumberjack Strap Match', (his 2nd one of the weekend). I asked him if I could come along and he said sure but I don't know if you'll be able to do anything or not which I told him was fine. forward to Saturday night...I met up with Neil in Corinth and we ate, then drove down to Booneville. Now the only knowledge of EPW, I had going in was what I'd read in results and over on the bathroom wall (which I always take with a grain of salt anyway). Now I know some people are gonna be disappointed because it seems it's only cool to knock people these days but honestly don't have many bad things to say about the experience. I honestly was apprehensive about them taping tv in there when I saw the outside of the building but the ring is really nice, they have professional steel guard rails around the ring and a nice ring entrance area.

When we went in the dressing room (I was carrying Neil Taylor's bag cause he's an f'n superstar....j/k.....I mean joking about being a superstar I WAS carrying his bag) I saw a few familiar faces and quite a few I'd never seen before. One of the first people I ran into was Danny Morris, which was sorta awkward cause of that 'Cheap Heat Hall Of Fame' bit I wrote a while back....but Danny came over and shook my hand and said, "some people thought what you wrote was mean but I thought it was funny and most of it was true." I have to say that was a very classy thing to do on his part and while I've never disliked Danny, I know the article was kinda mean so I feel bad for writing it....but I have nothing but for respect for Danny Morris for the way he handled it.

Also there were old friends Izzy Rotten, Bret Michaels, Brody & Cody Hawk, Axeman, and a few people I'd met once or twice before like Dustin Burcham and Chazz......Not long after we got there they told me I could sit out with Axeman and do commentary which was so much fun. I've got to say I have no desire to wrestle anymore (which works out cause no one has the desire to see me wrestle) but I really love doing the heel announcing like that. For all the flack we've given each other online I really enjoy working with Axeman and I think we play off each other pretty well. It was great getting a chance to heel it up again trying to get the marks to buy tickets to whip Neil in the main event, or ad libbing some spots on the show where I jumped in the ring to "referee" and helped Bret Michaels hide the belt he used to knock out Cyrus. It was also fun watching Izzy Rotten try to not to laugh while I put him over on the mic comparing him to the Anderson Brothers, Brad Armstrong, and Jeff Hardy at different points in the match.

I want to thank Edith and Bonecrusher and who ever else had any say so in letting me be a part of the show. Now before people get all bent out of shape and say I'm kissing ass just because they let me show up and be on the show I will admit that there are areas of the show that need a lot of work especially if it's gonna be on tv, but what show can you name that doesn't. Nobody is perfect and I'm just sick of being negative....if you want to read that shit there's plenty of other places to do it. No offense to anyone else but I thought the best match of the night was Nick Grymes vs. Cassonova Kid, they worked really hard and put on a good match. I don't know Cassanova Kid and I don't think he liked me making fun of his New Kids on the Block theme music or his "pink man panties" but it was all in fun, I thought the guy was a good worker. There were a couple of other good matches, a couple not so good but again that's every show you go to.

All in all, I thought everyone worked really hard and put on a good show. From what I saw Dustin Burcham busts his ass working on that tv and has a really good voice for ring announcing, which I think he deserves more credit for. A fun night and again I appreciate them letting me be there on a rare Saturday night where I wasn't at my shoot job and have some fun and see some old friends.


Minor Surgery!

----I just wanted everyone to know that had a minor surgery late yesterday afternoon to remove a lemon size mass from my left arm. I am in some minor pain, so I will not be spending time on the site. I will be released by the doctor hopefully late tomorrow afternoon and have some stuff up by Thursday. I am reading e-mails and still following the RWA story. I got plenty of info and a lot to say, when I get to feeling better. Results and such may be posted, if anyone sends in stuff, by Brian Thompson today and tomorrow.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Frank Martin On Facebook!!

----Below is what Terrance Ward posted over at I have a letter from Martin, but I am waiting on permission to print and along with a TON more stuff about this story coming this week!!

It is official, the Royal Wrestling Alliance has officially shut down as of this past Saturday. After reviewing the official RWA Facebook page I found this statement by RWA Owner Frank Martin:

"RWA is shut down because the workers think they could run the wrestling with out an owner. I win I shut it down and they can work any where they want . I will be at the lake on my new boat having furn..."

RWA is a wrestling promotion based in Jonesboro, AR. Their talent included the likes of former WWE Superstars Rodney Mack and Jazz. WrestlingNewsCenter will keep you posted as more information is availible. If at all possible I would like Frank to contact us here at WrestlingNewsCenter so that we can get all information as to why his company has closed it's doors.

Mike Anthony Pics!!

----Here is one pic from last night!! For more visit: and go to the Results section!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.08.09 - Mike Anthony Gets Hurt!!

Our show started out this week like it always does, Rickey Rowland would take to the ring and present our nation's flag for the playing of the National Anthem.

Before the show could even get underway, CM2 would take to the ring and call LSD cowards for avoiding them with a tag team title shot. That statement would send LSD to the ring to confront CM2. And it wouldn't take long for the Beach Bums to state their claim on the ASWF Tag Team Titles as well. To set the record straight Commissioner Ward would state that tonight all three tag teams would fight each other in a three way for the tag team titles.

The first match was a match between Joshua Cross and the Renegade Superstar Christopher Lee. Lee would be off to a great start by getting started fast and furious. Regulator would start to make a comback but would try to use the bell hammer aginst Lee. The referee would catch him just in time and take the weapon from Cross. Cross would get a chair and throw it Christopher Lee and then fall to the ground. When the referee turned around he would disqualify Lee and Cross would win the match by DQ.

Tonight's second match would be payback for last week's screwjob. Ray Ray would take on Johnny Hawk after Hawk cost Ray the X-Division title last week. Hawk would start off dominating this match but Ray would soon turn it around and gain control in the match. Suddenly Hawk would began holding his shoulder and start walking to the back. The referee would try to go get Hawk but when he came back out the curtain he would declare this a no contest due to Hawk's injury.

Our third match of the night Tommy Wayne and Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Team Hollister. Jamie Jay and Tommy Wayne would start of this match on each others toes but Jay would soon take control. Team Hollister would prove to be the dominating force in this match and Jamie Jay and Jamie Lee would use the Wipeout on John Ellison and Jay would get the 1, 2, 3! Wayne and Ellison wasn't finished yet, they would attack Jamie Jay and then set the sights on his younger tag team partner Jamie Lee. Ellison and Wayne would place a chair around the neck of Jamie Lee and begin a brutal assault on his neck. Thankfully Jamie Jay would return to his feet and come to his partners aid. He would state that this has only begun.

Right before intermission Ray Ray would make his way to the ring and challenge anyone from the back to a match since his original opponent "chickened out". Ray would soon hear his challenge answered by none other than Sanch Libre! It would not take long for Ray to beat Sancho Libre. Ray would full off a frogsplash and get the pin over Sancho Libre.

Our Feature Match was for the European Championship in a four way style match. Commissioner Ward stated that the title has been vacated due to Tim Hanson not defending it within 30 days. X-Kaliber, Vinni Ramano, Scott Fury, and Seth Sabor would be the contenders in this match. Action would be all over the ringside area. X-Kaliber would prove to be the best out of the four after giving his finisher, The Sword and Stone, to Seth Sabor and getting the pin.

Our Semi-Main Event would be for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. LSD would defend their titles agains CM2 and the Beach Bums. Idol Bane and Cody Murdoch would start out this match in full fury. Two the larges superstars in the ASWF going toe to toe. However, when things started getting out of hand the Beach Bums would take full advantage and single out Cason McClain and get the 1, 2, 3. The Beach Bums would win their first title in the ASWF.

The Main-Event was sceduled for a Chicago Massacre Match and a Massacre it was. Silas would bring his choice weapons to the ring, but at first Mike Anthony would come out empty handed. He would disappear behind the curtain and come out with a shopping cart full of suprises. Anthony would get the head start on Silas using every weapon at his disposal. The fight would soon breakout into the crowd. On their way back to ringside Silas would whip his opponent into the steel post of the ring. When Silas got back into the ring a bloody Mike Anthony would come after him with powder, blinding the seven foot tall giant. He would then use a guitar on Silas and get a roll up pin giving him the win, but it come at a cost. When Mike Anthony was whiped into post he split his temple wide open. Medics and First Responders treated Mike in the ring and helped him to the back for further treatment.

For more infortmation visit:

Credit: Terrence Ward

Some Advice for Wrestlers, Promoters and Bookers by Norm

----This was posted over at Mid-Southern Message Board and thought it was something the readers of this site would enjoy. This guy had to have been in MS!! LOL

I'm not normally one to give lots of unsolicited advice, but while attending an indy show last weekend (that will remain unnamed), a few things screamed out at me that I thought I should point out:

1. When calling spots, a) lower your voice and b) try to conceal the movement of your lips. Last night while watching a match, I knew every move that was about to happen because I could hear the guy calling the match call the spots. And I was in the fourth a crowded gymnasium.

2. If you're in a spot that obviously misses, don't just sell it anyway! If a guy throws a dropkick that misses by a mile, don't throw yourself over the top rope and don't bump! Act like you sidestepped it and then put the guy in a resthold. Talk it over, regroup, and try it again. Selling a move that misses badly is cheap, and trust me, fans see it.

3. When booking a tag match, if you're going to cut off the ring, the guys cutting off the ring should be the heels, not the babies. Watching a heel get beat down and double teamed makes no sense and is no fun unless it's the early part of the match and you want to put the heels behind the eight ball early. But having the babies cut off the ring halfway into the match is anticlimactic and very, very poor for pacing.

4. Don't feel so compelled to tell so many ####amamie stories. Not every match has to involve the heel grabbing a microphone and droning on and on and on about some unrealistic, improbable chain of events. Not every match has to have some silly backstory. Just wrestle! Tell your story in the ring!

5. When you do make up a story, make it original. Don't just rip off some angle from an old episode of Raw.

6. There is heat and then there is cheap heat. Learn the difference. Heels, stop trying to insult fans by insulting their city or by "forgetting" what city you're in. That is way, way, way overdone. It's done at least once in every indy show and it's cheap. A truly good heel can draw heat without ever touching the microphone.

7. Promoters, take charge of your promotion. Don't run silly angles where the inmates rule the asylum. Don't let wrestlers "fire" your referee and demand someone else be the ref for their match. Don't let wrestlers book impromptu title matches. Don't let wrestlers "trade" titles, have someone else defend their title for them, or surrender their title to someone else.

8. Do NOT use a toy/replica title belt as your championship belt! Come on! It's better to not have a belt at all. And if you really must use a replica (and again, you shouldn't), at least have the brains to rub out or cover up the WWE logo.

9. While on the subject of championships, don't have the title change hands every time you run a show. Having the title changing hands so frequently cheapens the notion of a champion. Tell the guys in the back to stop whining about not getting a title run. It's an act.

10. Wrestlers, get in the gym! GET IN THE GYM! You have to look the part! Lift heavy 5 times a week! Get on the treadmill or the stair stepper and burn off your gut! Looking at your doughy gut is disgusting. And don't think wearing a t-shirt makes it OK. Promoters and bookers, do not book a guy if he's not in shape! I find it both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time when I hear guys talking about making it to the bigs when they have the physiques of the nerds in high school who always got picked last in P.E. and hung out at comic book stores.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 8.08.09

60 attended
LT Falk b Harold Knight and Violent T in a 3-way when he pinned Knight
Cody Weatherby b Chris Norte
ref The Brucester b Bad Boy Dixon in a match with TJ Weatherby as special ref. Post-match, Dixon Pillmanized Brucester's leg.
Kevin Dunn b James Duncan
Aiden Scott b Damien Payne
Post-match, Payne attacked Scott until New York Gangster appeared to confront Payne
Deathwish (w/James Duncan) b Saint & LT Falk by pinning Saint after Payne ran out and attacked Falk then dragged him to the back

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 8.08.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 8-8-09 at Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Todd Currie def. Devon Day

Chris Lexxus def. Cletus Y. Tittle

TIWF Cyberzone Title
Frankie Tucker© def. AC Styles

Big & Nasty w/ Destiny def. Buckwild Bill, Mystic & Big Brad Simpson

Sgt. Payne def. Kilo by DQ

Johnny Morton def. Knockout Kid

The Internationals def. Hostile Brian Michaels & Mike Kelly

FuZ!on def. Chadd & Bradd Badd in ladder match to claim the #1 contendership for the tag team titles

• Notes:

• Attendance: 111
• Gibson County Fair Weekend with Rodeo and Tractor Pull same weekend.
• Lawman Williams attacks Knockout Kid
• NBOP attack the Internationals
• Announcers: Jon Seymour & Drew Magruder

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.