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RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 8.28.09 - Nikels Streak Ended!!

-Dan Matthews beat Kevin Charles

-Eric Wayne/Austin Lane vs Justin Smart/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony – time limit draw.

-Josh Carney beat Kid Nikels to end his winning streak in NEW.

----About 57 in the building..Crowd was rowdy all night…Downtown Bruno was the only ref because Chuck Poe was working his shoot job…Greg Anthony is no longer booking for this group…I would like to have seen the tag bout…I was told the Carney victory over Nikels was entertaining and shocked everyone there. Kid dominated the match with Josh getting in a few flying head scissors and a sunset flip. Kid kept telling Bruno to stop the bout because Josh was going to get hurt, but then Carney won with a victory roll out of nowhere. I really think this Carney thing might have played out good on TV, but the person that I put over on Kid would have had to been someone I was wanting to make the next big star much like they did putting Ring over Eric earlier this year…Sid Vicious was in attendance at the show, so I am guessing the rumors may be true??

IWA TV Report 8.29.09 - IWA DEBUT!!!

----The opening was ok. The announcers talk about the upcoming show. I could not hear clearly what their names were.

----LaDante [Lammarus] Brooks comes to interview Syn. Jason Hall, which I believe is his name, one of the announcers – interrupts the interview. That was horrible!!

----Officer Hutchenson vs Syn is next. The announcing is so bad here. It seems to be the sound is mic’ed for the whole arena and you really don’t get a good sound for the matches. Match had no psychology. Hutchenson jumped from the second rope and it looked like it killed Syn for real. This was god awful! A bunch of heels jumped in at the end and babys made save. No finish.

----Samoan Rajah was supposed to wrestle Edrick Hines, but “something” bad happened in the back.. Sniper comes out to wrestle Rajah. Match had no psychology. Sniper was the babyface and was getting the heat. LOL Rajah chopped and that was it. One move to the head or chest. No finish – COR.

----At the 17 minute mark, they had aired two horrible matches with no finishes. I was making the kids watch the show as punishment.

----The Ant is interviewed by Brooks. Dre Black comes out first, but then they say they are having an impromptu match?? No psychology. Ant is the only guy that looks “ok” so far. Ref bump and then the “black out” and then the Ant hits a pele kick and then a standing moonsault. [which missed] Nice feat for a guy his side. Roll up from Ant for win. He keeps beating up Black and then a babyface makes the save.

----Malik The Great/Suicide vs Precious/Armageddon. Armo is introduced by Victory and the audio was so bad, I could not tell what his name was?? This match had psychology with heat on Suicide. Armo just did big man moves and he looked good. Precious was toned down a bit on the gimmick and worked hard. Big huge boot from Armo. Precious missed a flying legdrop from second rope [looked good] and Suicide went for the hot tag!! Armo actually sold for Malik [who look to be 150 lbs] and bumped. Armo ends up hitting Malik with a chokeslam for the win. Best match on the show.

----“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs “Full Scale Assault” [Jason Steele/Xander Raynes]. Psycho/Pappy start heat on Steele. No shine for the babys. Raynes came in after a tag. No psychology. They then went to floor fighting. Match went to a total flustercluck. Finish was messed up. Not good.


----Announcing was sooooooooo bad. Audio was horrible…Referee was good…The Ant?? What kind of name is that??... Ten people in the crowd…They kept talking about what happened last week???...Not sure on Jason Steele’s name and really not sure on any name, because audio was so bad…If you are going to have something happen in the back, you have to SHOW IT!...Precious was the best worker on the show…Highly disappointed in the whole show, but I have already received IMs, calls and emails – everyone agreed. But, I easily got more response from the wrestling community in this area about this show than anything Memphis has done all year long. Not sure if that is good or bad – we will see if it equals ratings...Jason Hall could be the worst announcer EVER!!

Sid Vicious and Scott Hall Headed to NEW??

----There was an interview with Scott Hall on the internet wrestling radio show "In Your Head Wrestling Radio" on Aug. 26. During the show, Sid Vicious calls in and they talk about Sid and Scott working together on some recent shows and projects. They end up discussing Scott's goal of becoming an announcer for WWE and Sid's dream of returning to a top spot at WrestleMania.

----Then an interesting piece of information, as far as the Mid-South is concerned, is discussed. Sid says that he has set Scott up with his "first gig" as far as announcing goes at Ken Wayne's Wrestling school in Arkansas on Sept. 18th. Sid then adds that Scott will be teaming with "Lord Humongous" against Sid and Kid Nikels, who was named as an "undefeated" student from the school.

----I have attempted to contact Ken Wayne about this subject, but have not heard back from him yet.

----The interview can be found at

Missouri Bad Boy Announces Retirement!!

----The last time I spoke to Renegade he mentioned that he would be retiring soon. The team of the "Missouri Bad Boys" [Mark Southern/Renegade] with Cash McCoy shocked the area last year when an angle in TIWF drew bigger crowds consistently that period than in other promotion. The team place 2cnd in RRO Tag Team of The Year voting and placed #5 in the RRO Top 10 Tag Team ranking.

----Renegade announced on the Kayfabe Message Board yesterday afternoon that he was hanging up the boots. Renegade and I have a connection that goes back many years. I was tagging with a guy named Jack Diamond as the "Diamond Exchange" [way before Diamond Dallas Paige] and got hurt in a match. Forrest Putnum would take over my spot [and did a damn better] and later start tagging with Mark Southern. As they say, the rest is history. Renegade had success in this area just working the smaller promotions and will always be remembered as knowing the art of getting heat. Best wishes to him.

----Here is what Renegade posted yesterday...

Just want to say that I had a hell of a good time as I've said before wouldn't have changed a thing. Met alot of good people made alot of good friends over the last 20 + years and will miss them all. I wish all the guys the best in whatever they do in the business there is alot of young talent out there that who knows were they could go. Just take this advice from an old timer - you're there to please the crowd and whatever it takes to do that is what has to be done. All the belts in the world don't mean shit if nobody wants to come and see you. People can say whatever they want about the Missouri Baddboys but they will tell you that they would pay to see us again and that my friend makes my little career all over the mid south and surrounding areas worth it ALL. So to all that read this site - I had a blast - keep on keeping on!!! Renegade is out!! One half of one of the greatest independent tag teams of all times!!!

Photo: Renegade with Cash McCoy and Mark Southern

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings Report 8.15.09 - Wrestling Wins Time Slot!!

----It happened for only the second time this year, but Memphis Wrestling won their time slot two weeks ago. The overall rating of 1.4 with almost 23,000 viewers made them the highest rated show in their time slot. The show in second place was Power Rangers RPM that aired two shows back to back and scored a 1.1 average. What was the big draw for the show?? Well there was classic wrestling in the 3rd quarter that posted a 1.6 with a Bobby Eaton/Plowboy Frazier vs Stagger Lee/Terry Taylor including an angle after it. They also aired the start of a Bill Dundee vs Kevin White match. This show was pretty much double the regular audience. They seem to turn it off in the final quarter though as Lawler talked more about running for mayor.

Overall 1.4 [22677 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Lawler interview
-Neidhart/Idol angle
1.4 [22677 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
Neidhart/Idol angle [finish]
-Battle Royal from Union City
1.4 [22677 viewers][n/c]

Eaton/Frazier vs Lee/Taylor
-Dundee vs White
1.6 [25915 viewers][+3238 viewers]

-Dundee vs White [finish]
-Lawler interview
1.1 [17817 viewers] [-8098 viewers]


----I always liked the Neidhart/Idol stuff. The matches were not all that great, but the interviews and angles were fun. Below is what klee34 posted on the Kayfabe Message Board after watching the show.

I hadn't watched Memphis Wrestling in a while (the show is unwatchable most of the time). I can't get past the poor production of Memphis Wrestling these days and the matches look incredibly fake with the camera angles they now use (it wasn't always like this) However, when I do sit down and watch the show I basically know what to expect. However, this past Saturday was too much even for Memphis Wrestling. They had two segments where Lawler talked about his political campaign. This is why I can't take Lawler serious for mayor. His main form of advertising is on a poorly watched wrestling show. If Lawler is going to be the mayor of Memphis, he has to distance himself from his wrestling character. When he is running his campaign, there needs to be no mention of Jerry Lawler the wrestler, but of Jerry Lawler the citizen who loves Memphis. By running his agenda on Memphis Wrestling, it comes across as another publicity stunt. Memphis is in piss poor shape and if you are serious about running for mayor act like a serious candidate.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 8.28.09

52 attended

Saint b Trakan Mathias

Psycho Medic b James Duncan

USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Harold Knight

Jeff Daniels & Chris Michaels b Tommy Mercer & Playboy Scott Hayes when Daniels pinned Hayes

Bad Boy Dixon b Psycho Medic

Kevin Dunn & Matt Korbaine b USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe in a non-title match when Korbaine pinned Payne

Dirty Money b JD Maverick (w/James Duncan)

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.22.09

This show was dedicated to Charles W. Holbrook. (August 1931-August 2009) A picture of Mr. Holbrook was shown.

Corey Maclin and Memphis Mayoral Candidate, Jerry "The King" Lawler opened the show. On the program, we'll take a look at The Junkyard Dog. Also, we'll see some footage from the Delta Fair as Memphis Wrestling gears up to return to the Delta Fair & Music Festival on Saturday night, September 5th, with a 7:30 bell time. We'll take a look at a match from AutoZone Park, featuring a battle of the Southern Tag Champs, as Derrick King tangled with partner, Johnny Dotson, who we will hear from about his feud with "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King. Jerry Lawler said that Derrick and Johnny are even feuding online, over the internet, blogging and sending some of the worst e-mails to each other. Corey asked, "Are they with Dustin on that thing, too?" "Dirty" Dutch Mantel will also be in action. They announced that Dutch is coming back to Memphis and will be at the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th.

Corey reminded everyone that the wrestling at the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th is absolutely free with your admission to get into the fair. Jerry said that the reason why the Delta Fair was created is because Memphis lost the Mid-South Fair. Jerry also touched on the fact that the Mid-South Coliseum and The Pyramid are sitting there empty. Lawler added that Memphis lost Libertyland and the Memphis Riverkings are now playing down in Mississippi. Jerry stated that Memphis should have an NFL franchise, but they lost that to Nashville.

We take a look at "Dirty" Dutch Mantel in a classic opening the vaults video, which featured Dutch in a slugfest with "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Dundee ended up nailing Mantel with the title belt and making the pin to get the win.

Following the video, Lawler was telling Maclin how Dutch Mantel had the hairiest back. Lawler recalled one time in the locker room, when he asked Dutch if he could shave the state of Texas in his back hair. Dutch went for it. Corey said we hope to hear from Dutch Mantel, next week, about coming to the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th.

Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin talked about the legendary Junkyard Dog. Lawler reminded everyone that before he became world famous as Junkyard Dog, he came to Memphis. Lawler added that JYD, whose real name was Sylvester Ritter, had just finished playing in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Lawler said when he showed up to Memphis for a tryout, he was awful because he was so inexperienced. Lawler said he told Jerry Jarrett that they needed to give him a gimmick, so Lawler gave him one of his crowns and they brought him in as "King" Sylvester Ritter to feud with Lawler. Lawler continued, by saying, "Ritter was just so inexperienced and so green that they couldn't use him for very long. Ritter left Memphis and went down to Mid-South Wrestling with Bill Watts, where he came up with the idea to put that big chain around his neck and started calling him, The Junkyard Dog." Lawler said that fit his image better because he didn't have to be experienced, he was just a tough brawler that acted like a mad dog when he got in the ring. Jerry said JYD was always the greatest and nicest guy and actually lost his life while driving on his way to his daughter's graduation. He was involved in a car wreck and was killed. Lawler mentioned how JYD was always glad to come back to Memphis, after he was world famous.

Next, was one of JYD's classic appearances on Memphis Wrestling. While JYD was being interviewed by Lance Russell about an upcoming match that JYD was going to have with "Hacksaw" Butch Reed, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel walked out, carrying a bag and distracting JYD so Butch Reed could sucker punch him. Buddy would give Butch a mason jar full of tar that he poured all over JYD as Reed yelled, "We're gonna make him a big bird! We gonna make him a big ole chicken, Baby!" Then, Buddy gave Butch the bag he was holding that contained feathers. Butch Reed poured these feathers all over JYD. After Butch and Buddy left, Lance was apologizing to JYD, but JYD said, "Don't worry about it because every dog needs a bone to chew on and Reed's nasty, no good, highstepping hind end is the dog's bone to chew on."

Catch Corey Maclin's Radio Show on Monday mornings from 8am-9am on KWAM 990 or by listening on the internet at

Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin talked about Former Memphis Mayor, Willie Herenton's recent bizarre one-on-one interview that he had with Joe Birch from WMC-TV. They said they would share their thoughts on this, later in the program.

Memphis Wrestling returns to the Delta Fair & Music Festival out at the agricenter on Saturday, September 5th. The Delta Fair is located right off Walnut Grove Rd, near Germantown Parkway. Corey said it's a terrific location and very secure. They'll be telling us more about the entire lineup and the entire card that's gonna take place.

We take a look back at some of the action from past Delta Fair events, with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware teaming with "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher going up against Too Cool 2 (Tim & Flex). After Too Cool 2 cut off the ring for most of the match, double teaming "The Birdman", Koko somehow managed to make the hot tag to Christopher. Funny part came when Brian and Koko whipped Tim and Flex into each other, but Tim and Flex put on the brakes, playing patty-cake and dancing only to turn around and get blasted by a superkick from Christopher and a clothesline from Koko. Koko and Brian would double suplex Tim and then Flex. Too Cool 2 sent Brian into the ropes, but Brian would duck the double clothesline attempt. Koko tripped Tim up while Brian hit Flex with a flying body press to get the one, two, three!

They air a piece of the exclusive WMC-TV video of Former Mayor Willie Herenton's one-on-one interview with Joe Birch. When Birch asked Herenton if he had read the webs and blogs, Herenton said, "No, because the people, a lot of the people, Joe, that I see in different communities, they are not on this technology. They are just real, working people and you know what they do? They are the silent majority."

Following the clip, Lawler said there were several things that bothered him about Herenton's statements. One of them was when Herenton was informed that this election was going to cost Memphis taxpayers over a million dollars, Herenton simply answered, "Just pay it." The one thing that really struck Lawler was Former Mayor Herenton's answer about his backers being the silent majority, not having that technology. Lawler questioned that Herenton was saying that his supporters don't have computers. "Is it the fact that they don't know how to use computers? I'm wondering what he's saying, but what else can you get from that? I mean, this is 2009. We are in the 21st century and the technology is there, but he's saying his silent majority, the majority of his supporters don't have that technology. That's sad! Here's a man, who's been the mayor of this city for eighteen years and he hasn't done enough for his core of supporters that they are moved into the 21st century enough to have computers and operate computers?

And there's a difference between leading somebody some place and manipulating somebody some place. Sadly, I think, that what we have are politicians that have been manipulating people to a certain place and time so that they can stay in control of them and keep those people voting the way they want them to vote. Believe me, I'm not trying to single out Mayor Herenton on this. I think the reason why I'm in this race is because I don't see one ounce of difference in anybody else in this whole field of candidates because they're all career politicians. And we know that politicians are about this thing. They are about themselves, their own agendas getting re-elected. Myron Lowery after Mayor Herenton made this interview with Joe Birch, Myron Lowery came out and said, "Well, Herenton says one thing and does another, but Man! Is that not typical of all politicians? I mean, is that not the pot calling the kettle black? Here's Myron Lowery, you know, now the mayor pro tem saying, well he says one thing and does another. That's what we get from all politicians!

Lawler discussed how racially divided Memphis is and when he was asked on the Thaddeus Matthews show, recently, if you get elected mayor, what will you do for the black community? Lawler said he answered, "I didn't want to shock him, but I said, Thaddeus, nothing. Nothing more than I'll do for the white community or the hispanic community because we have got to get past thinking about black community, white community or this community. We are all Memphians! If the mayor does what's right for all of Memphis then everybody included black community, white community, hispanics, we're all going forward. We're all going to prosper. We're all going to benefit and that's what this is all about, Everybody. Every community in Memphis. Every racial community. They wanna be happy. They want a quality of life that is a certain point in life where you can enjoy life and we're not all there. And as long as this is a divided city, we won't all be there. There will just be a fraction, there'll just be a portion of people that are there and the other people will be kept down and that's not the way it should be. We gotta get all of Memphis together on this. And this is another thing, when you look at all the candidates in the race. I'm not blowing my own horn, here, but I promise you and I'm not saying that I can do it. I'm not saying that God has spoken to me and said that I can be the great unifier, but out of all the candidates that are in this, I would be the only one that has the possibility of helping to unify the races in Memphis. Corey Maclin added that when he thinks about Memphis, Tennessee, there are two people that he feels brought this city together in the early years more than anybody, Jerry Lawler and Larry Finch, who is is a former player and coach for the University of Memphis men's basketball team. Corey picked these two because of what they did in the Memphis community to help unify the city. Lawler stated, "There are politicians, once again, that for their own selfish, self-interest want to keep this city racially divided."

A short clip aired of what happened between Derrick King and Johnny Dotson at AutoZone Park, a couple weeks ago. This clip was followed by a special interview, back in the dressing room, with Johnny Dotson that had this to say, "Well, here I am, Johnny Dotson. Used to be one half of the Southern Tag-Team Champions with Derrick King. I just really can't believe what just happened at AutoZone Park. In front of twelve thousand people. Derrick King, Johnny Dotson in the ring. I lose the match to Derrick King. He grabbed my tights. But, you look at me, Derrick King. You look at me, real close. I can't wait to get my hands on you. You don't know when I'm gonna get you, Derrick King, but I do. And when I do get my hands on you, Derrick King, I'm gonna beat your brains out. I promise you that."

Jerry Lawler said he appreciates the opportunity to come on there and speak to the fans, who are also the voters that can make the decision on October 15th as to what the future of Memphis is going to be like. Lawler said the biggest hill for him to climb is for people to realize that he's in the race and this is a serious campaign. "You know they wonder. They say, well you know Jerry, you're still wrestling and you're still commentating on WWE. Yes, I am as is everybody else in this city. You have to keep your job, but I am a candidate for the mayor's job in Memphis and this is a serious campaign. I need your help. We have a couple of websites. We have and we have We are looking for people to help us volunteer, we're looking for campaign contributions, but you can go online on either one of those websites." Lawler said he's gonna be standing out on some intersections, waving at people, and needs some people to come out to stand with him and hold up some signs. He will also be making some stops at some of the local restaurants. Lawler thinks he could even get Myron Lowery to go out to eat with him.

Next, Jerry and Corey were talking about a match that "The King" had with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Lawler was clownin' on how Eaton called himself "Beautiful". Lawler joked around saying, "When he was a baby, he was so ugly his mother breast-fed him through a straw. That's ugly! She used to sit him in the corner and feed him with a slingshot! That's how ugly Bobby Eaton was!" They said they were going to show a match between Lawler and Eaton, but all that was shown was one of Lawler's classic entrances where he came to the ring in a nice, fancy car. Following the brief clip, Lawler said he was trying to give Eaton an extreme makeover with his fist because he thought any difference in his looks would be an improvement. Lawler told Maclin that Eaton is one guy they need to work on trying to bring back to Memphis. Corey said maybe we can get him for the Delta Fair on September 5th. It was announced that Jerry "The King" Lawler will be there in action. "Dirty" Dutch Mantel is coming to town. Also, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart will be there, as well as, Corey Maclin, who will have the television cameras there rolling.

Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler ended the show by stressing how important it is for all Memphians to get out and vote on October 15th. The most important thing is that you are registered to vote. To get registered, you can go to either or It's as easy as clicking a button and you can print right right out a voter's registration form that you can fill out and drop in the mail so you can be sent a voter's registration card and be eligible to vote on October 15th. Jerry "The King" Lawler will be back, next week, and we will hear more about the Delta Fair, coming up on September 5th. Corey told Jerry, we gotta find out who your opponent will be. Jerry said he didn't care unless maybe they wanted to throw a city councilman in there so they could have a big loser leaves town match. Corey suggested Myron Lowery. Lawler said, "One thing I know I couldn't do is bodyslam him."

Credit: D-Rock @

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Jamie Jay's Leg!!

----Dustin Starr Tweeted this less than a hour ago with the following note, "Jamie Jay will be unable to perform for WWE because of this injury - GRAPHIC!"

RRO Talks with Jamie Jay - Accident Update!!

----I just got off of the phone with Jamie Jay and he talked to RRO about the 4 wheeler wreck. He told us that the 4 wheeler hit some gravel and dust. He hit an embankment going around 60 miles an hour. Jay said he felt at one point it might be “it”. He said it was like everything slowed down, “I am fixing to die is what I thought.”

----After the accident, he felt his head and neck was ok. He tried to stand up and his right leg gave way. After he called his friends and they arrive, there was blood everywhere – the 4 wheeler was messed up real bad. He said that the handle bars were completely bent and the 4 wheeler was totaled. Jamie was lying in the middle of the gravel and his friends thought Jay was dead. This accident probably occurred within 20 seconds – the whole thing and he said, even though he remembers none of it happening, he is in more pain than he has ever been in. First word on the injury is that he has ripped his muscles and tendons, but will get a full report on his injuries next week. Jay is schedule in September to work for the WWE, but does not if that will happen or not.

----As Jay talked about in his “Food For Thought” column this week, he broke his leg two days before his last scheduled tryout in 2005. RRO wishes him the best and we will keep you informed.

Lawler At Mayoral Debate

----This was posted by Rich over at www.wrestlingnewscenter. I am not sure where he got it from, but Lawler did come off in the article as being a real candidate. It surprises me that he would not quit the WWE. CLICK HERE to watch the whole debate!!

Jerry Lawler was at the the first Mayoral debate that was held by WMC-TV in Memphis at Opera Memphis . All candidates answered a rapid-fire series of questions from a trio of panelists well-versed in Memphis politics.Candidates also answered questions from Action News 5 viewers.

The funniest thing to happen last night was when the candidates arrived, Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton headed in the other direction when he saw Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges, a repeat mayoral candidate who claims to be a space alien from a planet called Zambodia. Hodges was seated next to candidate and pro-wrestler Jerry Lawler, who slowly moved away from him.

Jerry Lawler was asked the question "Would you quit WWE if you become Mayor of Memphis"? Lawler told the reporters it would be a good thing for him to continue to be on WWE Monday Night Raw. He's like an ambassador for Memphis. He said that nobody running could give more national exposure to Memphis than him being on WWE every Monday night for two hours in front of a millions of people.

Lawler said some consider his campaign a "joke" because of his wrestling celebrity, but he emphasized that he would run the city like a business. Lawler said "In 1977...I walked in off Union Avenue into WMC's studios, met with the General Manager, and asked him if he would like for me to start a wrestling company at his station. I walked in off the street, started with absolutely nothing, and built one of the most successful wrestling companies in the entire country."

In a night where many politicians agreed and refused to take hard-line stances, Lawler pledged to not raise taxes under any conditions. "That is a politician's way of answering all our problems: raise taxes. As mayor, I will go through the city budget with a fine-tooth comb. We all know there's waste, misapporpiation, and fat that needs to be cut out. The money is there, without raising property taxes or raising taxes of any kind. These people [other mayoral candidates] don't care about your money. Politicians think they know how to spend your money better than you do. I'm about finding the waste, cutting out the fat, spending that money that is allocated properly, not raising taxes, and letting the people keep their own money in their pockets."

When asked about the issue of the Pyramid, Lawler assured the voters something would absolutely be done with it. "We have been sitting with a closed Pyramid, at a cost to the taxpayers of over a million dollars a year." Lawler pledged to keep all options on the table. "Whether it be Bass Pro Shop, a casino, or indoor amusement park...we can't do what we did yesterday, and that's nothing."

Lawler again reaffirmed his commitment to bringing new jobs and industry to Memphis: "The potential of Memphis is just tremendous. Memphis has never been marketed properly, not only to the country, but to the world. I want to market Memphis like a superstar. I want to sell Memphis to the world."

On increasing and revitalizing tourism: "I, as Mayor, would do everything in my power to utilize other parts of Memphis - possibly the Pyramid or Mud Island - to help complement Graceland and bring more tourism into the city."

Jamie Jay Hurt??

----This was posted on Jamie Jay's Facebook at around 2:30 PM this afternoon. I hope to have the full story and keep everyone posted.

"Probably not gonna wrestle for a long time! Bad 4wheeler wreck! My knee is gone! The tendons are ripped!"

Cheap Heat Radio Carnage Cup Preview show on 9/9/09 at 9pm central

Join me with special guest Smooth Plezing as we will preview the 2009 IWA Deep South Carnage Cup Death Match Tournament in Calera, Alabama on September 26th! Other topics will include: the apparent demise of IWA Mid South, the Mike Levy incident, the future of IWA Deep South, the state of wrestling in Alabama, and much, much more!! Listen live and call in with your thoughts. Wednesday September 9th at 9pm central at!

I will also be attending the Carnage Cup show on the 26th and will have a full report of the show here at RRO the after and possibly during the show via twitter.

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High Five: Tatt2

----RRO has not been able to reach Tatt2 for comment, but it has been mentioned on The Starr Treatment - Tatt2 got a look by TNA!! Apparently he was ask to come to Orlando for a tryout and worked Shark Boy. It seems that everyone was impressed with him. RRO wishes him the best of luck!!

----Next week the Coach's Corner column will present my thoughts on the 2009 Award nominees with 2/3 of the year gone, which will include why Tatt2 and other guys getting the look deserve the Horizon Award this year.

Shows for the Weekend 8.28 to 8.29.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Below is one of the biggest shows this year in the area. This show already has a $2,000 advance! $25 front row tickets are sold out!

Mid-South Pro Wrestling
Throwdown in the Downtown

Saturday, August 29
Ft. Smith, AR
Holiday Inn Civic Center
Bell Time: 7:30 P.M.

Triple Main Event!

Main Event #1:
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match
Reckage & Romance
(Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett)
Midnight Gold
(Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Greg Anthony)
with Brian Thompson

Main Event #2:
TNA Knockouts Collide!
Awesome Kong
Taylor Wilde

Main Event #3:
International Title Match
"The Atomic Dogg" Ali Stevens
Tim Storm

-Added Attraction-
Dexter Hardaway

-The Feud Continues-
Mark Johnson
Rick Sweetan (with Rich Rude)

-Feature Bout-
Wes Robinson vs. Chavez Windwalker

-Challenge Match-
Prince Al Farat vs. Heartbreaker Chas Cardington

My World - Maxxed Out: "The Big Debate" by Maxx Corbin

----I am usually all about this site being only about wrestling, but Maxx did churn out a good column. It is also based on conversations with workers, so I guess it counts. LOL

No, this will not be the super long blog it was last month but it is interactive. Well maybe it will be interactive. If you see a poll question at the bottom then consider it interactive, ok. I was real amazed the past few weeks in the different locker rooms I've been to. No, not just the talent level. No, not about how the guys got along. And no, I wasn't pecker checking either.(I'm sure someone was bound to ask what I saw in a locker room that "amazed" The reason I was amazed is that I realized a lot of people read my article last month. I had workers come right up to me and tell me they thought it was great and I've had some mention it in passing. The big picture here is the fact that people read it. I was sure when I wrote it that is was way too long. The damn thing practically took up a full page on the's web site. I was sure that that big of a story would piss someone off. If nobody else was angry, then surely the TIWF fans that were turned away at the door because of the huge crowd, would be pissed at me because they had to go to page 2 to see that PK Ripper had won or lost by dq again.(Only ribbing guys, no emails But everyone I talked to seemed to have read it. Hell, I went to Arkansas a few weeks ago and a few people were asking me when I was gonna do another CineMaxx video. Could it be that RRONEWS.COM has gotten me more over to a wider variety of people than my wrestling? lol.

Anyways, to the task(or post) at hand. As I stated before I have the worst taste in music. I listen to everything really, but I prefer to listen to late 90's alternative and soft rock like Dave Matthew, Blues Traveler, Counting Crows, and Sister Hazel (shout out to my Hazelnuts... or Every once in a while thought I'll pop in a compilation CD when I'm on a trip. Best of the 90's, One Hit Wonders, 80's Rock, early 90's Rap, etc. They are all great ways to pass the time. Once, Myles, Kelly the ref, and I put Chambawamba's "I get knocked down" on repeat and sang it for about an hour, just as a rib on the rookie riding with us. There is nothing funnier than the pain you see in the eyes of somebody while singing "pissing the night away..." lol. Well, it was on a trip back from Ripley one night that the compilation cd sparked a debate. The cd was greatest hits from 1997-1998-1999. We had just made our stop at the gas station in Brownsville and hit I-40 East to Jackson when a song came on the CD. It was no other than the "I'll never let go, Jack....I'll never let go" song itself "My Heart Will Go On" From the movie Titanic. As the song played its opening riff I sat and thought about the past. I was in Middle School when this song came out. I remember it was the Main Event couple's skate song back then. Hell, this song made every single teenage girl cry happy and sad tears. I remember trying to console a crying girl one night that swore her friend committed suicide to the song. I'm sure there was no friend, but if the song could make her cry and make up stories like that (even if it was for attention) it had a tremendous power over the ladies. Then I started thinking about the girls I knew in the past that had lost their virginity to the song because of the movie and I blurted out "MAN, This song got so many people laid!" I looked over to see Myles (probably wondering where the hell that came from) shaking his head. "Yeah, But not as many as IN YOUR EYES by Peter Gabriel." Myles said. I thought that was the most ridiculous statement I had ever heard. I reminded Myles that the movie made MY HEART WILL GO ON 10 times more powerful. I mean damn Myles, Jack died holding her hand......they were supposed to be together!! He wouldn't budge on his position. He said that Peter Gabriel's song had also been in a movie as well. We argued for a while and finally I decided to make a few calls.

CJ was the first. When we asked him the question he laughed and said Peter Gabriel. WHAT? Was CJ high? What was he thinking? Is he for real? Well this wasn't over by a long shot. I called up John Michael and asked him the same question. After having us sing the songs for him, he chose Celine Dion. Myles went to his Ace in the Hole, Alex. He knew Alex would agree with him if he thought it would bother me. So, he asked Alex the question. Alex paused and asked "Are we counting Gay sex?" A frustrated Myles said no, then I reminded him the question was, Which song got more PEOPLE laid? not, Which got more straight guys laid. Myles then tried a desperate approach. He told Alex that I had chosen Celine Dion and he had chosen Peter Gabriel. I knew it was over for me. Then I heard Myles cursing up a storm. WHAT?!?!?! Alex had agreed with me. The song won with gay sex! (there is a sentence I've never said.) From there we made a few more calls and the total was 5
to 2 in favor of MY HEART WILL GO ON. I had won the night, but maybe not the war. What do you think? Take a small break from wrestling and vote on our gay debate. Have your voice heard. Till next month, everyone stay safe....and watch the boot in the corner.




----Maxx Corbin of "Genocide" is the newest columnist of RRO. Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "Two New for NEW" by “Downtown” Bruno Lauer

Dan Matthews

Kevin Charles

Okay, this week I would like to talk about the two latest members of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne Wrestling Academy. They have now moved along into the ring for our Friday night NEW events – Kevin Charles and Dan Matthews. I give nothing but thumbs up to these guys. Just getting started in this business today, let along grabbing the brass ring for a full time WWE contract, or at the very least a developmental is a real uphill battle. If heart along was enough to get them there, then both of these guys would be in the main even at the next WWE PPV. But, alas, it takes more than desire, hard work, improved conditioning, interview skills and the intangible BREAK all come into play. Jerry Lawler gave me my break and I will never forget him for it. I hope I can one day be instrumental in giving these guys and others as well a break or at least an opportunity. Only time will tell!!

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He surprised everyone last year winning RRO Referee of the Year 2008 from his work at NEW. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 8.15 & 8.22.09

Results for 8-15
Biscuit Def. Gaylon Ray
Devils Rejects Interview
C-Money Def. "The New Sensation" Ricky Andrews
"Dynamite" Seth Knight Interview
Crazy Train Def. A.J.Ray
Riot Squad Def. Weezy/Rockin Randy & Hardcore Yow
"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore Def. Motley Cruz
Jon Michael Def. "Dynamite" Seth Knight

C4p came out and revealed they were now The Devils Rejects
Seth Knight came out and was talking trash about Derrick King
and said he wanted him in the ring right now! Derrick's music hits
Buckwheat comes out dressed like Derrick shouting "I'm The 3
Time 3 Time 3 Time Wrestler of the year" Gets in the ring and seth
beats him and talks trash to him....Owner Jeff McDonald tells Seth
that was funny but that he wasn't getting off that easy. that he
had a match later on that night....Mad Money Mike cost Motley
his match against Jeremy Moore
Around 65 in the Crowd

Results for 8/22
Riot Squad Def. Weezy & Rockin Randy
Austin Lane Def. Gaylon Ray
"The Enforcer" Mark Justice Def. The Kid
Moore/ Andrews & Biscuit Def. The Devils Rejects
Law & Order Def. Missouri Bad Boyz

Austin lane Come out and trashes the Crowd out ( He asks the
Crowd how many graduated High School and about 7 or 8 People
raised there hands. Funny)...Jon Michaels comes out for his
interview and calls out Mark Justice they stand toe to toe mark
tells jon he don't defend the heavyweight title enough and jon
tells mark he don't have any respect for the business...MBB come out
and tell Law & Order that Missouri Renagade's pinto broke down
and he was not here BUT they had a replacement about that time Sgt. O'Riley
turns on Law & Order and the match begins and it goes all over the place.

120 to 125 in the Crowd

----I was surprised to see Sarge back...Love the new C4P gimmick!!...Austin Lane vs Jon Michael down the road??...Who is working as Riot Squad now??

IWA Wrestling This Saturday??

----This was posted over at So...we are ready for IWA this Saturday?? I will have the full report of the show up before Noon, if it does air.

The Golden Circle "Creating a Vocabulary" by Greg Anthony

Among the many tasks of running a wrestling company, between finding great talent and producing a worthwhile product there is something that few even think about and that's creating a vocabulary. Creating a vocabulary for your show, especially in television, is essential to making a wrestling promotion successful. WWE are masters at creating a phrase or reinventing a word that assures every time you hear it you think of a specific person or the product as a whole. Announcers play a huge role is this process, it’s not that they say it once, they say it every week. To a different degree or variation but they build a wrestling vocabulary.

It helps that WWE has the greatest announcer of all time in Jim Ross. I hope if Jim Ross ever retires that he is still kept on salary to call in once a week and coach young announcers on this irreplaceable gift. Phrases like "educated feet", "broken in half" and "tougher than a $2 steak" are just scratching the surface of good ol' JR's contributions to the wrestling dictionary. If you notice the word wrestler is never used on WWE TV, but is instead replaced by WWE Superstar or sports entertainer. Those are an intentional choice of words. Sometimes creating a wrestling vocabulary isn't about what you do say but rather what you don't say.

Certain words have been used to further describe a superstar's persona. Calling Steve Austin "Stone Cold" was a perfect complement to his character but adding "The Texas Rattlesnake" provoked a deliberate visual that furthered Austin's image when we didn't think that was possible. Triple H has been working on top in WWE for some time now ,and if being called "The Game" wasn't enough to convey his ability in this business, but the term "Cerebal Assasian" was a perfect fit. Telling the story that some may be bigger or faster but none will be smarter in between those ropes. When "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was live in living color in front of television camera and said that he was "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" and talked about "Space Mountain" and the limousines, jets and kissing all the girls he was creating a vocabulary. He was probably telling the truth as well but creating terms and phrases that are used in the business to this day.

Even on our level, trying to catch a big break, some of the most successful are those who create a vocab about themselves. I wanted the TLCW championship to be considered the top title in this area, so when I said I was in the best company, with the best talent and that made me "The Best of the Best" it became a piece of wrestling vocabulary in this area. When you hear "I'm Derrick, by God, Greater then Great, King...1...2...3... DAMMIT" he created another aspect to his character. Or when Dustin Starr decided to add a number in the middle of his name. Guys really need to sit down and try to brainstorm to come up with things that can enhance their character.

It would be impossible to list all of the contributions that people have made relating to this aspect of the business. It would be impossible for me in a bi-weekly article. But even as I finish up phrases like "One legged man in an ass kicking contest" and "Genetic Jackhammer" are dancing through my head. I guess what I'm trying to point out is its not just about watching the product but also listening to the product. So eyes and EARS open and you will learn more than bargain for, I promise and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it’s as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meltzer Talks Lawler and Running for Mayor

----Dave Meltzer had this to say about Jerry Lawler in the 8.24.09 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Lawler is insisting he’s a serious candidate for Memphis mayor. The idea he’s talked about giving up a great job for it (even though several announcers have quit or been mentally beaten down like Cole and to a degree Ross, Vince for whatever reason leaves Lawler alone), is kind of surprising with his lifestyle. He talked about trying to get high-profile people to invest in the city. He insists he has a chance to win, although he is not considered a favorite, and is playing the outsider hand, that unlike the rest of the candidates, he’s not one of the long-time politicians. He said that the Memphis political scene is a laughing stock and the joke of the nation (actually, outside of Memphis, nobody even knows much about the Memphis political scene). “I wrestle and travel to a different city every Monday night with the World Wrestling Entertainment group. I go all over the United States and I can tell you our city government and the Memphis race is the laughing stock of the country.” What he’s said publicly is he wants to hire more police officer and improve schools, and spend less on government waste, and talks about wanting to be the person to help mollify the racial tension in the city. Regarding his past arrests (all of which he’s been cleared of except he did plea bargain to a harassing a witness in a 1992 statutory rape case with the rest of the charges dropped when the accuser changed her story), he said in an interview on WREG television, “Have I been to court? Yes, I’ve been to court. When you’re a public figure, you become a target. That’s just the way it goes.”

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman 8.22.09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem.

Before the show could get under way "Mr. Awesome" Tommy Wayne called out Chuck Fears for costing X-Kaliber the match against Casino for the ASWF Championship. Chuck hit the ring full of fire and was on top until X-Kaliber hit him from behind. X-Kaliber refused to give Casino the European Championship match tonight and instead challenged Chuck and Casino against Tommy and himself.

1. Vinny Ramono vs. Scott Fury--Strong match with the Irish Dragon out classing Vinny in the submission style that he performs so well with. In the end the match would spill outside and Scott would attempt a sunset flip over the top rope but Vinny would drop to the mat and hold the ropes while the referee counted to 3.

2. Joshua Cross vs. Christopher Lee--After months of fighting the Renegade Superstar would finally take out Cross in an all out war. Christopher Lee wins the match.

3. Cason McClain w/ Cody Murdoch vs. Ray Ray--Last week Ray fell victim to the "Big Rig" but this week he faced Murdoch's tag team partner. This match was everything you could want from a wrestling match. I would go as far to say this is the match that stole the show. Hard impact moves from Cason and high flying moves from the "Suicide King". The match ended with Ray hitting a frog splash all the way across the ring for the 1-2-3.

4. The Enforcer vs. Mike Anthony (Hardcore Match)--Two weeks ago Mike was in a brutal hardcore match against Silas. Tonight he said he was on the road to being the future of hardcore wrestling, so he challenges an ASWF original and hardcore legend Enforcer. Brutal match with everything being used from trash cans, cooking pans, computer keyboard, vacuum cleaner and a stop sign. The match even went to the concession stand as Enforcer always used to do and food got involved. Mike was able to pull out the victory with a spike DDT. After the match Enforcer held up Mike's hand in respect.

5. Cody Murdoch w/ Cason McClain vs. Seth Saber--Seth would start the match with a quick offense hitting the much bigger Murdoch with everything he had but size would eventually become much more difficult for Seth to handle. It eventually turned 2 on 1 but Seth was able to get out of the way and cause Murdoch to knock his own partner off the ring apron. Seth would counter with his finishing move the Light Saber for the victory. After the match CM2 would double team Seth sending Ray Ray out to make the save. Ray and Seth have challenged CM2 in a tag match where the fans get to choose the stipulation.

6. Beach Bums (c) vs. LSD--This would be Cody Only and Idol Banes chance to regain the tag team championships and it looked like they would. LSD would control most of the match, beating up Kala'iki and Surfer Mark. In the end though the current champs were able to roll up Idol Bane for a quick 3 count. LSD showed their respect to the current champs by shaking hands with them after the match.

7. X-Kaliber/Tommy Wayne w/ Athena Eclipse vs. Chuck Fears/Casino--Three champions and a former champion were involved in this match and it was very intense. Misters Impact and Entertainment would take early advantage on the Euro and X-Division champions bouncing them all over the ring. A rake to the eyes would be the beginning of a vicious attack on Chuck Fears. A bone rattling spine buster on X-Kaliber would allow Chuck to get the tag to Casino and the action would get out of control. X and Casino would be on the outside while Mr. Impact was taking it to Mr. Awesome in the ring. With a distraction from Athena Eclipse, Tommy Wayne would make any NFL field goal kicker proud with the low blow he hit on Chuck Fears and the resulting pin.

The winners weren't excused though as Casino announced he wouldn't be in the Valiant Arena but had permission from T-Bone Terrance Ward to choose X-Kaliber's opponent for next week. He annonced that it would be X-Kaliber defending the European title against "Iron" Mike Anthony in a Hardcore Match.

Credit: Terrance Ward @

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.15.09

----D-Rock posted this over at this weekend. This is last week's show and I plan to have ratings up early this week.

Corey Maclin kicked off the show, announcing that Memphis Wrestling is returning to the Delta Fair & Music Festival on Saturday, September 5th, with a 7:30 bell time. When you purchase your admission to the fair, the wrestling is included. Corey has a feeling that it's going to be another BIG, BIG night of Memphis Wrestling. Corey said they'll be telling us about all that action in the weeks to come. Coming up on the program, we'll take a look at Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart's feud with "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol, a recent battle royal that took place at the high school in Union City, Tennessee, we'll open the vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling and take a look at Plowboy Frazier.

Video of Jerry "The King" Lawler sitting at his desk, campaigning to become Mayor of Memphis. Here's what Jerry had to say: Hi, Everybody! I'm Jerry Lawler. Wanted to come out here for just a minute and say a couple of things that I feel that I need to get clarified, if you will. I guess, unless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you probably know by now that the city of Memphis is gonna have a special election October 15th to elect a new Mayor. And I, Jerry Lawler, am gonna be on the ballot, in the race. And as I said, one of the things that I wanna clarify is the face that I am definitely gonna be running for the office of Mayor of Memphis. This is a serious campaign. It's not a publicity stunt. And that's I guess my major hill to climb in this race. Is getting the people of Memphis to take my campaign serious. Now, I'm not a politician. We know that. I don't wanna be a politician. People ask me, "Well, then, why do you wanna be the mayor?" My answer to that question is, it's not that I wanna be the mayor. I think that's what politicians want. Politicians want that title of being a mayor or a congressman, or a senator. They want that position of power. And that's not what I want. I don't want to be the mayor, I just want a better city. You know, Memphis is my hometown. I was born and raised, right here, and I've had the opportunity, you know, with my career and my life to live anywhere in this country or anywhere in the world that I've wanted to, but I've chosen to stay, right here, because I love this city, my hometown. But when I look around and see what it's become, I just say, you know, it's time that somebody steps up to the plate and tries to bring about a change. And you know, to me it's like the old saying, if you keep on doing what you been doing, you gonna keep on getting what you been getting. And for years, we go to the polls and we vote for these politicians, who have got us where we are today. And are we better off than we were ten years ago, twenty years ago? I mean, you know, crime is rampant in our streets. Our city schools are in a abysmal state. And as I look at the field of politicians, who are gonna run for the office of mayor, after Mayor Herenton is out. I don't see one ounce of difference in any one of these career politicians. They'll run the city the same way that it's been run. And I'm offering simply an alternative. I'm saying, why can't this city be run like a business? Why can't someone use some common sense in the office of mayor. You know, it's an administrative job. Why can't we elect someone who will hire qualified people, not create jobs, not creat positions just to give out the paychecks to your friends and family and cronies. That's what politicians do! And it's time that we as Memphians change that. Now, I'm gonna come back a little bit later on in the show and I wanna continue talking to you, but I just wanted to stop by and make everyone realize that this is a serious campaign. I'm taking this very serious. And I'm gonna need your help. I'm gonna need a lot of help and I'm gonna be back in just a little bit to ask you more. Thank you.

Corey reminded everyone about the upcoming show at the Delta Fair & Music Festival on September 5th. For more information on the Delta Fair & Music Festival, visit Corey said they will be sharing more with us in a couple weeks. Corey also guaranteed that they are gonna have some big names coming in.

Classic footage of the bitter feud between Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. This was some good stuff, right here. I found these videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

Video of a recent battle royal from Union City, Tennessee, that featured Jerry "The King" Lawler, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, and Too Cool 2's Tim Grind, as well as a few others that I couldn't tell because of the camera angle. The camera angle was far away from the ring. I kept waiting on it to zoom in, but it never did. Referee Kellen James was on the outside of the ring, trying to maintain order. The final four were Jerry, Koko, Kevin and Tim. As the Union City Connection (Koko & Tim) tried to eliminate Kevin, Jerry snuck up behind them and eliminated both Koko and Kevin at the same time. Following the elimination, Koko got on the mic and told Lawler: You cheated, Jerry Lawler! You no good dirty dog! You a dirty rat, you know that! You a stinkin' rat! You ain't nothing, but a cheater and you know what? You cheat all the time! I beat you fair and square! That's alright! We got a Union City Alum! (Talking about Tim Grind) Union City Alum take care of Jerry Lawler for me! Tim! Tim! Tim! The Union City crowd got behind their hometown hero. Tim Grind ended up throwing Lawler over the top-rope and getting the win. Following the match, Corey said that the main event from that show was a match between Koko B. Ware and Jerry Lawler. Corey mentioned that they had the cameras rolling for that one, as well, and maybe they'll bring us it in the weeks to come. Corey added that there might be a little bit of heat between "The King" and "The Birdman".

Corey talked about "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and his First Family, while showing highlights from his match from AutoZone Park, where he teamed with Koko to face the team of local radio personality, Thaddeus Matthews and his mystery partner, Porkchop Cash, who ended up turning on Matthews and reuniting with fellow First Family members, Ware and Hart. Corey said that there was some big action that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, involving Lance Russell, Dave Brown, Jimmy Hart, and "The Fabulous One" Jackie Fargo. Corey added that they will show us some of that action, next week or so. I assume this was from the NWA Fanfest in Charlotte.

They open the vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling, highlighting Plowboy Frazier as he teamed with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton to take on the team of Terry Taylor and Stagger Lee. The stipulations of the match was Stagger Lee's mask vs Plowboy Frazier's hair. Jimmy Hart was also involved in the contest. Plowboy and Bobby lost and they showed the clip of Mr. Coffee shaving Plowboy's head. Jimmy Hart nailed Stagger Lee with a big bag of powder and Plowboy, Eaton, and Hart jumped both Lee and Taylor. Plowboy pulled Stagger Lee's mask off. The referee, Paul Morton, got knocked down and suffered a big leg drop from Plowboy Frazier.

A look back at Memphis Wrestling at the Delta Fair featuring "Superstar" Bill Dundee vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White with Dundee getting the win after White made a nonchalant pin attempt that Dundee countered into a rollup to get the three count.

More from Jerry "The King" Lawler about running for Mayor of Memphis: Hey, Everybody! Jerry Lawler back with you, again, to talk a little bit more about my campaign for the office of mayor. Special election is going to be October 15th. There will probley be twelve to fifteen names on the ballot. Most of which will be career politicians. And then, you will see Jerry Lawler's name. Now, all of these politicians will say, well as a matter of fact, Myron Lowery has already came out last week and said, "Well, I think that Jerry Lawler's campaign is just a publicity stunt." As a matter of fact, he even jokingly challenged me to a wrestling match. Well, if this were a wrestling match, not one candidate on the ballot would have a chance. It would be real easy for me. But, it's not wrestling. This is real life and our city has some real problems. And the politicians, well, they have their way of dealing with the problems and you see where we are. I mean, we all know that politicians will tell you exactly what you wanna hear until they're elected. And then, tell me how many follow through on their promises? And the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, over and over, but expecting a different result. And we keep voting for these career politicians and I guess we expect one of them to turn out to be honest and keep their promise. It's not going to happen. So, that's why I'm in this race. And that's why I'm gonna need your help. I feel that I am the only person in this race that has an opportunity to run this city like a business. If our city government leaders were running a business, they'd been fired years ago. I mean, you cannot spend more money than you take in, but our politicians do. They think they know how to spend our money better than we do. So they tax us to high heaven and they give our money away, as they see fit. That's not what I'm gonna be about. In 1999, I ran for the office of mayor. I came in third out of a field of twelve. I spent a total of 19,000 dollars. Got about 19,000 votes. Mayor Herenton spent 1.2 million dollars and got about 70,000 votes. Now, common sense would tell you that when someone spends 1.2 million dollars to get a job that pays 150,000 dollars a year, well, they either are going to owe somebody 1.2 million dollars worth of favors or they expect to make more than 1.2 million dollars at that job. So, that brings us to one of the things that this race is about. One of the disadvantages I'm gonna have is, you know, I am not comfortable asking people for money for donations. I understand that A C Wharton already has a half a million dollar war chest. That's money that he's gonna spend to buy advertising billboards, television commercials and that sort of thing. You know, we are embarking on an attempt to do some fundraising. As a matter of fact, we have a website, If you check out that website, you are gonna see some information. We got a fundraiser, coming up, this week, as a matter of fact and I would love to have everyone come and be a part of it. But, it's That's gonna give you all the information about our upcoming fundraisers, how you can help out, how you can register to vote. If you're not registered, that is so important! Go right on that website and it'll show you with one click of the button how to register to vote. And I'm gonna be back here, again, next week and we're gonna be talking more about this and like I said, Memphis, you guys, have made me who I am today. I have you to thank for that. And now, I'm asking you to help me one more time so that I in turn can help you and help our city get back to where it used to be. I mean, I remember when this was the cleanest city in America. I can remember when we weren't afraid to walk down the streets at night. We didn't worry about being carjacked or having our homes broken into. And we can get back to that. It can be done. With common sense and with the right kind of leadership. And that's what I'm offering here with this campaign. Thank you and I'll see you, again, next week. Don't forget,

Corey Maclin plugged his radio show that airs on Monday mornings from 8am-9am on KWAM 990. You can also listen live on the internet at This past Monday, Jerry "The King" Lawler was his special guest.

Corey Maclin hopes you'll join him back here on Saturday at 11:00am on My50.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 8.22.09

Cassanova Kid defeated Tommy Knox.

Revolution (Chazz & Cyrus Stone) defeated Rajah & Iron Jake Johnson w/Pimpin Antoin Smooth.

Jonathan Storm defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

It was announced that the tag team belts, which were relinquished by Pain, Inc. the previous week, were "up for grabs" and that a tournament would be held to crown new champions. Out of the back came Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk. They grabbed the tag team belts and declared that they were the new EPW Tag Team Champions. They said no tournament was necessary because they would win it anyway. They stayed at the table and "helped" announce for the next three matches. They left with the belts at the end of the show.

EPW Extreme Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes cheated his way to victory over Kilo Green. Kilo then berated Nick for having to cheat to win the match, and challenged Nick to a re-match at the next show. Grimes accepted.

Justin Rhodes defeated Lucid.

EPW Champion Bonecrusher over Rajah w/Antoin Smooth by DQ due to interference by "Big Daddy" Neno. Neno said there was no way he was going to let Rajah or anyone else win the belt, because next week he was taking it home.

This Saturday night at EPW the card will include: Bonecrusher vs. "Big Daddy" Neno for the EPW Championship. Also Nick Grimes defends the Extreme Championship against
Kilo Green in a re-match requested by Kilo. It all happens at the EPW arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville. Bell time is 8:00. Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Izzy Rotten was fired from this group on Saturday. We should have something up about this from Izzy sometime early this week.

RassleResults: TFW Fulton, MS 8.22.09

The take-over war continues!

TFW Lightweight Champion "The Future" Chris Styles won a 3-way match over XOW's Josh Matthews and Jonathon Douglas to retain.

Chop defeated Curly Moe.

Psycho defeated Mason w/T-Byrd.

After intermission the XOW group came to the ring, including Al Hall (XOW General Manager), Tony "The Weasel" Watts (XOW Promoter), and all the XOW wrestlers. They introduced their special guest, who they said was a "wrestling legend and international super star" - BUT - turned out to be Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. HJB went immediately to the ring and started running his mouth about the XOW takeover of TFW, and attacking TFW Promoter Denise Blaylock. Hollywood went on to say that he and Denise were related, but that he was ashamed to be her relative. He said that she was an unfit mother to her kids, especially to her son, Josh Blaylock (who has joined the XOW group of wrestlers). He then demanded that Denise come to the ring and apologize to Josh for being an unfit mother. Denise went to the ring and Josh demanded an apology, which he did not get. Instead, Denise slapped Josh. The XOW group then attacked Denise and beat her down. TFW owner Wayne Blaylock entered the ring to defend Denise and was also beaten down. I was also attacked. I was blindfolded with tape and beaten with a cane by Jimmy Blaylock. I was also stomped and kicked by someone, who I was told later was Neil Taylor and Tony Watts. The TFW group finally arrived and broke it up, but not before Denise had been seriously injured. "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs then issued a challenge to the XOW group for a 10-man tag team match, 5 from XOW vs. 5 from TFW, in a steel cage, for Friday, September 4. If the XOW team wins, they will get total control of TFW. If the TFW team wins, the XOW take over attempt is over and Al Hall & Tony Watts and the XOW guys must leave for good. XOW agreed to the match. As TFW General Manager I then made the match - it is official - it will take place om 9-4-09.

Neil Taylor & Al Hall cheated their way to a win over Hittman and Tony Dabbs.

TFW Champion "Big Daddy" Neno defeated Jay Webster.

End of show.

TFW will be in action this Friday night at the TFW arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline. The XOW group has said they will be back and that they are bringing in another super star to do more damage.TFW has vowed revenge. Don't miss it! Also make plans to be at TFW on 9-4-09 for the steel cage match, XOW vs. TFW, for total control of TFW. That should be wild! Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 8.22.09

The crowd is filled with about 130 fans ready to see some EWE action.

T@tt2 makes a return to Ripley, Tennessee with a win via pinfall over Big Red. Big Red attacks T@tt2 after the match and heads to the locker room.

Jon Michael makes his way to the ring to conduct an interview with the announcer. The announcer goes on to say that the talk of the wrestling world is Michael's winning streak of 74 and 0, but due to the actions of J.R. Manson and Tim Edwards, Michael's has an injured arm. And last night at DCW, Gunner Thompson and Tim Edwards faced Michael and Christian Jacobs, but Michael's arm was assaulted even more. The announcer asks how Michael how he plans on protecting his arm, but Michael says that he'll treat protection like caution and throw it to the wind. Michael says that the winning streak isn't on his mind as much as the problems of J.R. Manson. Michael says that everyone else that has challenged him to a match face to face, but Manson is using the so-called "secrets" against Jon Michael and hiding behind them. Michael says that if Manson steps up to Michael, then he'll strike Manson down like the dog that he is. He says that there will be no 1 in the loss column, and that there will be a match between the two of them at Super Summer Showdown. Michael says that after Super Summer Showdown, there will be nothing left of J.R. Manson except for Slim Pickins.

"Juicy" Johnny Martin makes his way to the ring to make an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Shannon Lee comes out to accept the challenge and the match begins. K.C. Gold comes out and stands in Shannon Lee's corner. Shannon Lee will earn the victory over Johnny Martin via pinfall. After the match, Gold and Lee have a brief discussion, then head for the locker room.

"The Future" Dell Tucker grabs a mic and steps in the ring. He welcomes everyone to the Future Showcase, with his favorite guest, Dell Tucker. K.C. Gold comes back out with Shannon Lee right behind him. Gold says that Tucker is right, and that he is the future of this business. He goes on to tell Tucker about his new organization called "Wrestlers Against Chris O'Neal" and tells Tucker he would be a good fit for the organization. Tucker asks Gold what he can do for him, and Gold says that he manages champions and points to Shannon Lee as an example, saying that last week he didn't have a spot on the card, but after joining W.A.C.O he wrestled. Shannon Lee grabs the mic and says that he doesn't know about the whole W.A.C.O thing, and that he wants to do what the fans want. Gold takes the mic and tells Lee if he doesn't have the guts, to walk away. Lee grabs Gold, but Tucker starts to attack Lee. Christian Jacobs comes to Lee's aid and tells Tucker that he was supposed to have the night off, but he's going to the back and getting dressed and tells Tucker to do the same. Tucker agrees as him and K.C. Gold head to the locker room.

"Mr. Big Stuff" Gary White comes to the ring and immediately starts off by saying that he doesn't want to start anything and that Kevin White isn't here tonight, and invites Genocide to the ring. Maxx Corbin and The Albino Rhino come to the ring and shake hands with White. White goes on to say that Ripley, Tennessee is dead, and that their career is nothing in Ripley. He then asks Genocide to come with him to Birmingham, Alabama to Big Stuff Inc. and wrestle for him. He goes on to praise Corbin and Rhino a bit more. Corbin takes the mic and says that Ripley, Tennessee is not dead, and that he thinks they have a good thing going here. Corbin says that he wants to stay here and see how things go. White says that he wants to see Genocide go to the next level, and just wants to help them do it. Rhino says that White means a lot to them, but the people in Ripley mean something to them as well, so thanks but no thanks. White says that he doesn't want to push anything down their throat, and asks to sit in their corner during their match tonight. Corbin says that if White can promise that there won't be anything like the old Mr. Big Stuff, then he can say at ringside. J.R. Manson and "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards make their way to ringside and prepare for their match against Genocide. As Genocide prepares for their finisher on Manson, White grabs Manson's legs and sends him to the mat. Corbin and Rhino argue with White for a bit, giving Manson enough time to get up, grab Corbin by the legs and roll him up for the pin and the victory. After the match, Genocide continues to argue with Gary White as they make their way to the locker room.

"The Bluesman" Ike Tucker def. Gunner Thompson via pinfall.

Dell Tucker and Christian Jacobs prepare for their match with K.C. Gold looking on from Tucker's corner. Christian Jacobs goes for a pin on Tucker, but Gold grabs the referee and drags him outside the ring. Jacobs grabs Gold, but the referee steps between them. Meanwhile, Dell tucker takes out a chain and wraps it around his hand. When Jacobs turns around, Tucker strikes Jacobs with his chain wrapped hand and scores the pinfall. Tucker and Gold quickly make their way to the locker room as Christian Jacobs tries to figure out exactly what happened in the ring.

The match between Hot Topic and the tag team of Bishop and Dustin "Five" Starr gets underway, and becomes a furious bout between all four men. Stan Lee throws Starr out of the ring and goes to make sure he doesn't interfere with Derrick King and Bishop in the ring. Derrick manages to score the pinfall on Bishop, giving Hot Topic the win. After the match, Bishop repeatedly powerbombs King as Starr ties Lee up with the ropes and relentlessly assaults him. Dustin Baker makes his way to ringside and tells Bishop and Starr to stop and to get out of the ring. Baker tells Bishop that he will go one on one next week with Derrick King. Starr taunts Lee a bit, shoving the EWE Heavyweight Championship belt in his face. Starr grabs the mic and says welcome to what the Five Starr Showcase is capable of. Starr looks at Baker and says he'll wrestle when he wants, how he wants, whoever he wants. He then says that he knows he's supposed to defend his title at Super Summer Showdown, but he might not even come back. Starr looks at Lee and says that he'll be wondering where the champ is. Baker stops Starr and says that he has something in store for him next week as Starr and Bishop make their way to the locker room.

For full videos and up to the minute information, visit the official website of Elite Wrestling Entertainment at While you're there, be sure to become a fan of EWE on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 8.22.09

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 8-22-09 at Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

Big Brad Simpson wrestled Brian Steele to a time limit draw

Playboy” Jody Day def. Cletus Y. Tittle

AC Styles def. Frankie Tucker©

Knockout Kid def. Lawman Williams© to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title

Kilo & Devon Day def. The Currie Brothers ( Todd & Buck)

Brandon Espinosa wrestled Brandon Aarons to a double pin

NBOP def.The Internationals©, FuZ!on, Big & Nasty in a 4way tag team match to win the Tag Team Titles

• Notes:

• Attendance: 124
• NBOP win the titles with the help of Big & Nasty
• Knockout Kid def. Lawman with a small package in less than 1 minute!!
• Brian Steele made his TIWF debut.
• Announcers: Jon Seymour & Drew Magruder

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

"Food For Thought" by Jamie Jay

----Since we are following Jay's upcoming WWE opportunity, I thought everyone would like to read this that Jay posted.

Well, last week I said I would talk more on the WWE thing, so where do I start? Lets back up to Feb. 2005! I was booked by Tommy Dreamer (then in talent relations) for Smackdown taping at the FedEx forum in Memphis, TN for March 21st, 2005! Now, you have to remember I got married on March 19th, 2005, so this is a CRAZY week! That meant no honeymoon, & that means HEAT right away! lol!

I get to the FedEx forum at 12 in the ring working out by 2! It was great to be able to work in the ring with Undertaker sitting in one corner & Arn Anderson sitting in one & Fit Finley sitting in another! Ricky Steamboat standing on the outside along with Dean Malenko, Triple H, Big Show! Thinking back now, Ricky Steamboat & Arn Anderson! How great is that!

After the workout, Steve Kiern came up to me & said he wanted me & this other guy to tag & work MNM! Johnny Nitro (John Morrison), & Joey Mercury with Melina! Joey asked what I wanted to do & I said whatever you want! Ha! They asked if I could take their finisher and I said sure & we got in the ring and tried it out & it went smooth! Now, the bad part! Waiting to get in the ring! Once I got out there it was great! The match went great! Steve Kiern said the match was great! Thats all I needed to here! Right? Well, not exactly! I was wondering when Steve was going to say " Go to OVW next week & we'll have the paperwork ready for you to sign a developmental deal!" Ok, Ok, I know it's not that easy, but I was a green kid with big dreams! lol!

Now we go to Sep. 2005, 6 months later! I'm booked in Little Rock, AR for a RAW, Smackdown SuperShow! The date was set for Sep. 12th, 2005! I'm stoked! 6 months later & booked again for WWE! Thats great! Well, Sep. 10th, 2005 two days before the show I break my leg! This sucks! So, I call Dreamer up & tell him the news and he's cool with it! Well, things change BIGTIME for me during this down time for me! Me & my wife build a house & move into it & the best thing thats ever happened to me, we have a Handsome little boy! I finally get my cast off & things never returned to the way they once were! I didn't wrestle for awhile! Then me & my wife get a divorce! This was a crazy time for me! I started having anxiety attacks & just lots of stress! It think it was mainly about me not seeing my boy as much as I was used to! I started to wrestle here & there, nothing main stay! I want to say right now, Thank You Johnny Morton for being there for me! This guy knew what I was going through & was there for me! If a promoter called & wanted me, Johnny would tell them " He's gotta work me!" So, I say Thank You Brother!

Now, fast foward to Jan. 2008! 3 years after the WWE stuff! I ran a little angle in RWA in Jonesboro, AR! Then off & on again! So, now Jan. 2009 I meet some kids that wanna train & I take the job! I worked with these guys as much as possible 3-4 days a week! In March 2009 I started running PWA shows & giving these guys a place to work! I told them to hang on, because it will come like a bizzard when it does! And it did! 5 months after starting PWA, 4 years after my last WWE tryout & were back!

So, I shared a little to much information, maybe? But atleast everybody reading this knows how much this means to me, to come this far & get back to where I once was! I thank each & everyone of you for being there for me & cheering for me! I hope I can impress WWE & make everybody proud! Rest assured I will give it my all!

RassleResults: USA Wrestling Alamo, TN 8.22.09

Jerry Lawler vs Wolfie D

At National Guard Armory

Kevin Charles defeated Eric Wayne via a roll-up. Charles was billed as wrestling in his first match. Finish saw referee Rudy Charles (no relation) get shoved by Wayne and shove EW into a roll-up.

Post-match saw Wayne attack Kevin Charles and beat him down until Steve-O (not the Jackass guy) made the save. Steve-O challenged EW to a match later and he accepted.

NWA Mid-American Television Champion: Matt Boyce retained his title by defeating Kid Nikels with a top rope cross bodyblock. Solid match. Crowd was really behind Boyce.

Then, came intermission # 1.

After the intermission, Veronika Fairchild defeated Su Yung via pinfall. Nice women's match. Su Yung really knows how to get the heat. Yung also had a wardrobe malfunction.

NWA Mid-American Heavyweight Champion: Steve-O defended his title against Eric Wayne, winning with a superkick. With Steve-O nearly finished off by Wayne, Kevin Charles showed up in his corner, which distracted EW long enough for Steve-O to get a superkick in and the win.

Next was intermission #2.

Main Event: Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Wolfie D. w/ Su Yung. Lawler pinned Wolfie in the corner with his feet on the ropes. Basic Lawler match with the big comeback at the end. No phantom foreign object, though. Yung actually had a chain that she hid under Wolfie's hubcap in the corner, but it never came into play. Finish saw Lawler rally and Yung get on the ring apron. Lawler teased a slap to her face, but kissed her instead. After the kiss, Su grabbed Lawler and wanted some more. LOL.

Then, came the eventually pin of Wolfie in the corner with his feet on the ropes.


Rudy Charles is a top-notch referee and he gets the tip of the cap for doing everything from officiating the matches to getting Cokes to take to the concession stand early in the evening. All the faces winning not my cup of tea, but that's how it went down.

Attendance was around 135 and the show lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Shawn Schultz and Shane Williams were no shows, thus Eric Wayne wrestled two matches and Kevin Charles was thrown in the ring in the opener.

Wolfie D. looked to be in tip-top shape. Su Yung is a heat-drawing machine. With how hated she is, if she ever turned face she'd do a ton of business at the gimmick tables.

Speaking of gimmick tables, during the second intermission, Bert Prentice, who was promoting the card, brought out a stack of red and black hats and claimed they were "Lawler's Army" softball hats. Only had seven. In reality, they were blank hats with regular black bills and red on top. Lawler had signed them in Sharpie to look as if they were official team hats.

They promptly sold out, lol. Gotta love the Southern wrestling scene. If they could find a way to sign a piece of toilet paper and make a buck, they'd try it.

Credit: Results and photo KC

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 8.22.09

at least 43 attended
Kevin Dunn b James Duncan
Harold Knight b Violent T
Cody Weatherby & Kevin James b Cody Whitehead & Norman Cross when Weatherby pinned Cross
Eric Hodge b LT Falk
Saint & Psycho Medic b Deathwish (w/James Duncan) when Saint pinned a Deathwish guy
TJ Weatherby b Bad Boy Dixon in a fan lumberjack match
Damien Payne b Aiden Scott

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 8.21.09 - New DCW Champion and New Tag Champions!!

"Canadian Dragon" Cody Melton - New DCW Champion!!

Friday Night Aug.21 2009 At DcW in Dyersburg Tenn..
Crowd was better than we all expected with around 74 Tickets sold and roughly 93 in building...But they were loud at times...

Opening match Weezy vs Jonathan Storm...Match was decent with not alot of physcology but entertaining..with weezy getting the win...

2nd Match saw Johnny Morton making his debut and coming to the ring to introduce himself and then dogging out the fans and the town..and then he asked who he was facing in this losing town and much to everyone's surprise Kilo's music hit and got a great pop and accepted the challenge....This match could have been in the feature or semi it was that good with great psychology and working the crowd.this match went back and forth and the crowd stayed into it..very impressed with johnny morton..but in the end Kilo got the 123..

Next came a interview with DK and he was thanking the crowd for coming out and just as Ric Marks asked him about Flash,Bobby Eatons music hit and out came Brian Thompson and he carried on about how DK held him back and that he was now aligned with Bobby Eaton and Golden Boy,Dk could hold him back and that tonight Bobby was going to take care of DK..good crowd reaction they were yelling superkick and it was a great setup to the match...

3rd Match “The Good Ol Boys” [Gaylon Ray/Shannon Lee] come to the ring and they are talking about the different challenges that have came there way and because of the fans they are still the champs..well out comes Dell Tucker..He tells them that he knows they are the champs but since he has been in DcW he has not gotten the chance to really prove himself and asked the Good ol Boys that if he got a partner could he get a title match and they agreed and he brought out his partner none other than Rockin Randy..and the match started the match was back and forth with Tucker not taking any double team moves when tagged in just playing the whole babyface gimmick perfect...the end was Tucker getting the Belt from announcers stand and nailing Gaylon and Randy getting the pin 123 new tag champs...But it wasn't over the new champs decided to beat the former champs up and busting them open making a statement until Rhythm and Blues hit the ring to make the save...and they got the biggest pop of
the night..

4th match was for the number one contenders to the tag titles
with Tim Edwards and Gunner Thompson  facing the returning “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] and when they came out the crowd went nuts..the match wasnt that great but tim and picture perfect tried there best but it was ok with the end Picture Perfect getting the 123 on gunner and then after the match tim was getting on gunner for losing the match.

5th match Seth Knight vs Stan Lee
match was great both of these guys really work well together and the crowd stayed into but in the end it was Seth Knight getting the win by holding the ropes for the 123 

6th match Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Derrick King
great psychology and just a great match.The ending saw Dk superkick Bobby and go for the pin and just as the ref was to slapping the mat for the 3 count Flash hit the ring out of nowhere and blasted DK and they continued to beat down DK until Stan Lee hit the ring and it looked as though he was cleaning house but got low blowed by Flash and then Bobby and Flash left the ring and Stan got on the mic and challenged either Bobby or Flash to a match next week....

Main Event DcW heavyweight title match
the “Canadian Dragon” Cody Melton  vs The Fabulous Chris Rocker
Cody not liked at all and the crowd was into this match even though it was almost 11pm  but noone left the show..Cody worked the chain gimmick and taunted the crowd with the finish being rocker got the chain the ref stopped him from using the chain on Cody and Cody getting a second chain and nailing Rocker for the 123 and the we have a new champ

Credit: dcwmogul

----I was told by several people that Flash Flanagan was in worse shape than expected by the attack from the fan a few weeks back. Apparently he had his jaw wired shut. Something can be said about all this with a lesson learned. Flanagan is one of the true professionals in this area. If you can't learn something from working with him or around him, then you are not trying to learn. Security should have their ass whipped one my one letting this happen. But, also do you think some of the old timers would have done a SHOOT angle without telling others it was a SHOOT??