Saturday, September 26, 2009

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.25.09

48 attended

Psycho Medic b Lee Cross

Kevin Dunn b Bad Boy Dixon

Shaun Tempers b Saint

USWO Jr. Champion Shane Smalls b Chic Canyon

ATL Champion Ace Rockwell b Chuck Taylor by countout when Taylor left the ring area

LT Falk & Wolfie D b Damien Payne & Josh Crowe when Wolfie pinned Payne

Tommy Mercer (w/Playboy Scott Hayes) b Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) by reverse decision after special ref Psycho Medic found a foreign object on Daniels

Friday, September 25, 2009


----This was posted by D-Rock @ and I forgot to post it in the Shows for the Weekend.

IWA’s next big show “Fall Out” is TONIGHT at 7p.m at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's.

Doors open at 6p.m. Ticket prices-$6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children

Here's some of the matches signed:

First Blood Match-"Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious vs "IWA Original" Sniper

IWA Tag-Team Championship Match-IWA Tag-Team Champions SnS(Syn & Stunner) defend the titles against #1 Contenders Full Scale Assault(Xander Raines & Jason Steele)

IWA United States Championship Match-2 Out of 3 Falls-A.N.T.(Amazing Natural Talent) vs "Big CA" Carnage Antwane

Buried Alive Match-Armageddon vs "The Samoan Savage" Raja

IWA Cruiserweight Title Match

Plus-"The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy), Suicide, Malik "The Great" and Many Many More!!!

IWA Ratings Report 9.19.09 - Best Number!!

----IWA Wrestling posted their best number this past Saturday scoring close to 10,000 viewers overall. It could have only been an improvement after last week’s big zero. The show opened again with a bigger rating and then a drop. My advice to them would be to put a hot match on the front – Tatt2 doing a bunch of high flying stuff!! This might help keep the audience in the second quarter. They had about 33% of their audience leave for the second quarter and half of them come back for the 3rd quarter and stayed. That is good as that tells you the viewers liked the last two quarters. They still lost viewers from start to finish, but less than 1700 viewers this time out. They were averaging about 10,000 viewer loss up to this week.

----How is the show doing for the first four weeks?? Not great, but what did you expect?? They are new, so you have to give them at least 12 weeks before you make a major judgment on whether the TV makes an impact on the house shows and if they can score more viewers. They have an average of 6074 viewers per week now, which is roughly half of what Memphis Wrestling has been drawing on a regular basis.

----For the record, Memphis Wrestling did not air, but Lawler for Major, which is just what it says. That show did a 1.2 [19437 viewers] this past Saturday.

Overall .6 [9719 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Precious/Hudson int
-Sniper/Black int
-Sniper/Black vs Hudson/Precious
.7 [11338 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Sniper/Black vs Hudson/Precious [finish]
-Reno Diamond int
-Ant vs Carnage Antwane
-Raja vs Cymba
.5 [8099 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Tatt2 vs Suicide vs Cryme
.6 [9719 viewers] [+1620 viewers]

4th Quarter
-“Asylum” vs “SnS” vs FSA
.6 [9719 viewers] [n/c]

From start to finish: [-1619 viewers]

Time slot winner – what was Memphis watching??
Hannah Montana/Suite Life 1.4 [21867 viewers]

IWA TV Report 9.19.09

----I would like to first apologize for taking so long for this report. It has been a busy week around here at the RRO offices. Ratings for this show should be up soon today.

----Jason Hall and Eddie Pain welcome everyone to the show. I believe they said Malik is hurt and Precious vs A.N.T. [Amazing Natural Talent] will be the finals for IWA US Title??

----Precious with Officer Hudson comes out for an interview looking in a mirror that Hudson is holding. Precious talks about the US title. Not good. He says he don’t care about the belt. Precious says that Hudson hurt Malik for money. Sniper and Dre Black come out. They set up the next match.

----Precious/Hudson vs Sniper/Black. Start is real weak. Babys are suppose to SHINE not go into leglocks!! Heels run off and get counted out. Not good. As they are leaving Reno Diamond and he announces himself as the new IWA commissioner. Diamond sets up a match for 9.25.09 – First Blood – Precious vs Sniper.

----A.N.T. comes out to say he is now the US Champion because Precious does not want to wrestle in the tourney. He goes to leave and Carnage Antwane comes out to announce that Reno has stated in the back that it will be him vs Ant with the winner being the new US Champion.

----A.N.T. vs Antwane is up next. Two big guys here. A.N.T. moves so well. Antwane hits a side suplex that looked nasty – A.N.T. looked to land on his head hard. Wow!! Antwane hits a closeline that missed by a mile. Flying elbow from Antwane. Carnage looked good here. Ant takes over after a series of punches and hits a standing moonsault. Antwane takes over again. Can you say no psychology??? A.N.T. pins him with feet on the ropes – ref counts three, but announcers count two. OMG!! Diamond comes out to say that the belt is held up with a 2 out of 3 fall match to determine the winner at “Fall Out”!!

----Samoan Raja vs Cymba in chain match – clips only. Reno Diamond comes out to makes Armageddon vs Raja in Buried Alive Match.

----Triple Threat Match: Cryme vs Suicide vs Tatt2. Tatt2 in the ring with Cryme. The first series that Tatt2 did was the best wrestling this show has seen so far. Tatt2 vs Suicide in the ring. Kicks from Tatt2 followed by flying side kick. All three in the ring with Tatt2 leapfrogging Suicide and Cryme hitting him with a dropkick. Then dropkick from Tatt2. Suicide/Cryme end up outside ring and Tatt2 hits a dive over the top rope. Crowd pops for it. Tatt2 hits a springboard kick. Cryme hits a spinebuster. Suicide tried a frankensteiner and Tatt2 blocked. Tatt2 headscissors on Cryme – springboard moonsault from Tatt2. A bunch of near falls at the end. They shitcan Tatt2 and Suicide pins Cryme. Cryme turns on Suicide with a cutter after the match. Not as good as it sounds – really no solid psychology, but the moves looked good and Tatt2 looked good. Cryme says the Lightweight Title will be his.

----“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs “Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines/Jason Steele] vs “SnS” [Syn/DJ Stunner] is the main event. Teams all paired up around the arena with Pappy vs Syn in the ring. Pappy uses a dog chain on Syn – Syn takes a good bump. Stunner jumps in and over and hits Pappy with a sweet dropkick. Syn gets super human abilities and recovers from a chain choke quick enough to dive to the outside missing Pappy. Ouch!! Steele hit everyone with the kendo stick. Fisherman suplex from Raines to Syn should have been a finisher. Psycho uses shovel on Stunner – damn that hurt!! Syn with springboard moonsault on Steele. Steele with camel clutch on Syn. Cradle belly to back suplex from Steele to Syn. Psycho in the ring – flying elbow to Steele. Stunner with running shooting star on Psycho. Single arm slam from Psycho to Stunner. Lots of near falls. A lot of stuff missed by the camera at the end – I think they rolled Psycho in the dressing room on a cart. “Fall from Grace” for the “Asylum” win.


----If you want a belt to mean something, then it must mean something to everyone. Precious saying he does not want it makes it look bad…The whole first bout was spent with a babyface beating up a heel?? Hudson put someone out on last week’s show, but gets beat up the whole match?? Doesn’t make sense?!?...Diamond is smooth on the mic and should easily get over in a babyface commish role…Something else about the US Title – if the commish does make a match with the winner getting the belt – have him make the match on CAMERA – don’t just let someone come out and say it…Suicide needs to change his name, because of TNA guy…Reno announced a IWA Lightweight Title with champion determined at “Fall Out”. Ok, too many belts…Tatt2 vs Suicide vs Cryme was a solid 15 minutes...Main event is not going to be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I had fun watching it. Not much psychology, but some “oh shit” moments that made me keep watching it…They still need another camera and fix the commentary!! Overall probably best show to date. Not a lot of good pure wrestling, but the two triple threat bouts were fun to watch. Reno and Tatt2 bring something to the table and will make it interesting.

Ron Rage - Exit DCW - Enter ASWF!!

Raven and Ron Rage

----In a surprising move, Ron Rage and Raven have parted ways with Dogg Championship Wrestling in Jonesboro, AR. In a conversation this morning via cell phone with RRO, Rage discussed his decision. "I am just having some problems with management, not Rodney Mack, and I felt it was just better to part ways with the company." Rage would not go into detail, but there seems to be no hard feelings and Rage would easily consider going back in the future. "I would like to wish the whole crew the best and good luck."

----It has been posted here and considered by many that Rage was the catalyst in the explosion of the gates earlier this year. In a conversation with DCW/RWA cameraman Brandon Wallace Saturday night, it was discussed that the angle with Rage/Mack in the pool hall where Rage hit Mack with a ball and broke a pool stick over his back, lead to some of the biggest gates of the promotion's history. "After that, within a few weeks, we hit over 300 [people]," said Brandon.

----Ron Rage will be appearing this coming Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR for ASWF. Rage will be a good new addition to a stale roster. Raven will be joining him the following week.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sex and Violence This Saturday Night!!!

----My good friend Tony Myers [Think I will get heat for saying that?? LOL But, hell, I have known the guy longer than some of you have been alive!!], presents another taste of his unusual cuisine of rasslin, fornication and splatter movies this coming Saturday night in Memphis, TN. Myers sent in the following and below that is a plug for their new DVD.

...Ok, onto the next time. On September 26th, there WILL BE 5 HUGE bands (G 90, Inches From Falling, Thorax Hum PLUS Memphis Legends GLUTTON4PUNISHMENT and YET ANOTHER TBA band!) . Hey! Bands, beer, blunts and bitches and THIS TIME the bands WILL BE ORGANIZED AND READY TO GO. As for the talent in SnV prepare: It is going to be The Asylum (Pappy and Psycho) AND the debuting "The Original Horror" Jason Myers going against the grain for an an all-out war at The Buccanneer as IT'S AN ALL OUT ASSAULT FROM THE WHOLEWIDE KNOWN CZW as Tournament of Death of Death Champion 2009 AND NEW CZW BOSS: DJ Hyde INVADE SnV The Home of SnV-The Buccaneer. Fun gets under way at 3pm with tons of bands and our hot chicks wrestling in fucking oil. If you are a fucking idiot and even ask who CZW is, go die and fuck yourself (not in that order) because you're a fucking moron!!!

Hot off the presses! Psycho RETAINS THE Sick Fuck Championship and A BRAND NEW LADIES SICK BYTCH CHAMPION IS CROWNED! Enjoy and please don't forget to comment! The DVD comes out next week so check our below info to see how you can reserve your copy today for only $12!!!

Lawler Going To Court reported the following today.

--Jerry Lawler is going to court after being excluded from the next Memphis mayoral debate. The next debate, hosted by WREG television, The Memphis Commercial Appeal and Mpact Memphis, decide to only invite the top four finishers in a poll, which were A.C. Wharton, Carol Chumney, Myron Lowery and Charles Carpenter. Carpenter got 3% and Lawler got 2% in the latest poll. Story is at

Bobby Eaton In WON Hall of Fame!!

----Bobby Eaton with "the Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Brian Thompson form the "Midnight Gold" in this area. Eaton will be named to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in the 9.28.09 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Below is what Dave Meltzer had to say about the team.

Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton, and later Eaton & Stan Lane, managed by Jim Cornette - The Midnight Express got named on 75% of the North American ballots of current wrestlers, as they are considered the iconic in-ring tag team of the generation now in the ring. They also did well among historians and reporters, but didn’t do well among former wrestlers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Join TGB This Sunday!!

Shows for the Weekend 9.25 to 9.26.09

----CLICK HERE for all the regular shows. Below is the poster for the XOW tapings.

The Golden Circle "The Good, The Bad or The Ugly" by Greg Anthony

When anything becomes mainstream it is almost an automatic that it eventually becomes watered down. When Nirvana hit the scene and changed rock music forever we were exposed to some really great, raw, awe inspiring music. By the same token we were also exposed to vomit educing garage bands that thought flannel was their only way to rock n roll history. The phenomenon of pro wrestling in the late 90s gave us a edgy, anti-hero wrestling that with all the stars in perfect alignment began a new era of pro wrestling. The downside to this revolutionary era combined with the internet was the complete lack or preparation and talent for incoming wrestlers. So that is were we are today a business where wrestlers fall into one of three categories: The Good, The Bad or The Ugly.

In today's wrestling when you're good, you're very good. The creativity that these guys put into their matches and their characters is sometimes astonishing. They truly love the history of our business. I say that because I am and will always be foremost a wrestling fan. Before CM Punk was WWE bound I heard him cut a promo right before a match with Samoa Joe in his hometown, Chicago, IL, that gave me goosebumps. The emotion, the passion, the story it was all there. Wrestling is about standing alone, you can do the same moves, have the same name but if you have "it".. then you are going to stand apart from anyone else. Its just not guys like CM Punk, there are guys all over the country that make me feel that when I watch them work. Makes me proud to be apart of the business. These are The Good!

Now for the bad. The bad are the unprepared. The guys that love the business but have no reliable guidance. They don't have a firm grasp on psychology. Its not that they can't learn the things that would make them successful or at least a viable part of the business, its they don't have a mentor that can lead the way. They may be able to perform any moves with crisp precision but its not how many moves you know, it knowing when to use them and if they fit you and your gimmick.

Then there are the ugly! The ones that absolutely have no business in the business. They don't get it, they don't want to get it and they never will. Ironically these are also usually the ones who pronounce as loud as they can to anyone and everyone that will lesson that they are a "pro wrestler"! Making it even harder for "The Good" to gain respect from a casual fan.

Maybe its time for all of us to look in the mirror. Look with an honest eye and determine which category we fall in to. Are we the good? Are we the bad? Or are we the ugly that stains the very business we claim to love? I promise if we do that then maybe the next article will be The Golden Circle:The Great and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise it's as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg is currently working as booker of NEW and can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

Dustin Starr on ECW!! had the following in their report by Phil DiLiegro.

Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov v. Dustin Brady & Brandon Young
Matt Striker mentioned that he met Danny Hodge before the show but said he would wager that Kozlov could take Hodge. He then compared Jackson & Kozlov to Andre the Giant and Big John Studd. Anyway, the heels showed off some power stuff while the jobbers took some nice bumps for them. Kozlov used his overhead throw on Brady and Jackson finished him with his uranage. After the match, Kozlov hit the final curtain on Brady.
Jackson & Kozlov squash, 2:20

----Brandon Young was Brandon Groom; remember him from Memphis Wrestling? No word on anything that I can report yet about Dustin and the WWE. If there is a big announcement, then expect to read it first at The Starr Treatment.

Photos below by

Lord Humongous - Gunner Eudy Talk On the Kayfabe Board!!

Sid face to face with Lord Humongous

Lord Humongous

----Just wanted to make note we are having a fun smart conversation about Gunner wrestling at 16 years old and if Ken Wayne made a mistake by not using these guys last weekend. I know some of you never go to the board, but this is something I would like to see more people respond to - CLICK HERE!!

Photos by: Lily Winningham

My50 Memphis - Three Hour Wrestling Block!! RassleResults: XOW Hernando, MS 9.19.09

----This was posted over at by D-Rock. The big news is - Channel 50 as of 10.10.09 will have a three hour wrestling block!! It will start at 10:00 AM with IWA Wrestling followed by Memphis Wrestling [which aired Lawler For Mayor instead of wrestling this week] and then XOW. How will XOW do compared to the other two shows?? How good will production be?? I was told by a guy that worked the show that it was a fun time, but there is only one camera. I am posting these SPOILERS, but honestly, I am not going to read it. I know...but..if you know me - I don't even listen to finishes backstage, so I want to watch it has it happens. RRO also will be doing a weekly poll starting 10.10.09 and you will be able to vote for the best show of the three each week.

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow kicked things off by announcing to the Hernando audience that they were being a part of the first ever XOW TV Taping that will be airing on WPXX/My50 Memphis, starting October 10th at 12:00 noon. Also, on October 10th, XOW will be returning to Hernando for another set of tv tapings. Oscar said, "It's been a long time since a good product has been put on Memphis tv." Oscar mentioned that on the show, we'll see "Downtown" Bruno, Danny B. Good, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and many, many more. Oscar got the crowd to get loud.

Oscar was joined by his broadcast partner, Al Hall. Oscar and Al were sporting new XOW shirts. Cool shirts. Before the taping got underway, one guy jumped up, chanting "XOW!" Al said, "That guy wants to be on tv. You've got a radio face, but we'll try to see what we can do."

1st TV Taping:

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall opened the first taping. Al said, "I promise we will not have a weatherman announcing and we're not going to have anyone running for mayor either because we already have our very own "Mayor". (Fun Fact: Oscar Barlow is currently the Mayor of Crenshaw, Mississippi) Oscar introduced XOW Owner/Promoter, Billy Russ, who was rocking the suit. Billy said we've got all kinds of tournaments and terrific stuff lined up for XOW. Tony Watts walked out to add that he's half owner of XOW, as well. Tony told Billy, "I don't know who you think you are?" After Tony said his piece, Billy's responded with, "But I look good." That was funny.

The Hollywood Clique, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and consisting of Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs and "The Natural" Josh Matthews made their way out. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he's known Al Hall forever and remembers the KAW days of when they used to party it up on Beale Street. Then, "Hollywood" Jimmy turned toward Oscar Barlow, asking him, "Who are you?" "Hollywood" asked Tony Watts that he heard he had a big surprise for him. Tony Watts confirmed that this was true, stating that he had made some calls to the WWE. Tony introduced "Downtown" Bruno, who walked out with "All That" Alan Steele to join The Hollywood Clique. Bruno said that Alan Steele was his latest find and listed his credentials that included working for Power Pro and USWA Wrestling in Memphis. Bruno continued by adding that he's here for a reason, not a season, ending with his signature catchphrase, "Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes!"

Oscar and Al talked about the great building there at ConXion Gymnastics, in Hernando, Mississippi. Al Hall said he was learning on the balance beam, before he split it. It was time for the very first match to be filmed for XOW TV on My50. You never know what's going to happen and who's gonna show up on XOW because XOW Specializes in Mayhem and Madness!!!

Opening Match-"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs with "Downtown" Bruno vs Drew Donovan-Referee Chuck Poe-The two locked up, with Tony catching Drew with a snap arm drag. Headlock by Tony. Drew tried sending in the ropes, but Tony ran him over with a shoulder block. Drew responds with a hip toss, armdrag and dropkick, sending Tony to the outside. Drew flew out over the ropes onto the floor on Tony. Back in, Drew connected with a running neckbreaker. Tony sent Drew to the outside, where "Downtown" Bruno got in some cheap shots. Drew back in with a sunset flip off the apron for a nearfall, but Tony would fire back with a clothesline. Tony followed it up with a bodyslam and leg drop. Near fall. Bruno distracted Referee Chuck Poe. Tony tried a back body drop, but Drew caught him with a swinging neckbreaker. Drew connected with a flying elbow drop from the top-rope, but "Downtown" Bruno jumped up, distracting Drew. Tony rolled him up with a schoolboy, pulling the tights and got the win. Your winner, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs!

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow called out Wraith. Wraith has a new look. Wraith said he was happy to be there and mentioned that he's been out of action for six months with a sternum fracture. Wraith is ready to compete. "Big Daddy" Storm walked out, interrupting Wraith, asking Wraith, "Why don't you tell all of the inbreds who put you out of business?" Wraith answered with, "That was one big, stupid looking Elvis guy." Storm added, "I brought you into this business." Storm added that they should keep him away from kids and small animals. Wraith asked, "You really wanna know why I'm here?" Wraith punched Storm and the melee began with both men flying over the announce table, almost catching Oscar. The fight continued in the ring, where Referees Chris P. Fries and Chuck Poe, as well as, several of the other wrestlers had to jump in to try and break the two up with Josh Matthews, Tony Dabbs and Alan Steele grabbing Storm while Danny B. Good, Jai Webster, Drew Donovan, Chris Styles, and Colton Anderson tried to contain Wraith.

2nd Match-"The Natural" Josh Matthews, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "The Future" Chris Styles-Referee Chris P. Fries-These two brothers that were also former XOW tag champs as The Sons of the South were set to square off. But first, "Hollywood" Jimmy had a little mishap, falling off the apron. A disgruntled "Hollywood" Jimmy grabbed the microphone yelling, "I almost fell and broke my neck and you people think it's funny!" The two siblings lock up. Clean break, but Josh accused Chris of pulling his hair. Josh hit Chris with a boot and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Chris tried a desperation comeback, but was cut off. Al Hall chimed in on this bitter war between brothers with, "This feud started over a porkchop on the dinner table." "Hollywood" Jimmy hit Chris with his cane. Josh with the Captain Morgan pin attempt, but Chris kicked out. Chris fought back with a dropkick. Chris attempted a superplex off the top-rope, but Josh hit Chris, sending him crashing to the canvas. Josh missed a frog splash. The end of the match came when Josh and "Hollywood" Jimmy had a miscommunication that led to Josh colliding with "Hollywood" and Chris taking advantage of the opportunity by rolling up Josh for the three count. Your winner, "The Future" Chris Styles! Afterwards, "Hollywood" Jimmy and Josh Matthews argued over who was in the wrong.

Oscar Barlow and Al Hall thanked all their great sponsors which include:

Universal Glass-(901)726-1184/(662)363-0054
Tobia Town Music in Senatobia, Mississippi

ConXion Gymnastics
1725 Memphis Street
Hernando, MS. 38632

3rd Match-"All That" Alan Steele, with "Downtown" Bruno vs "The Greatness" Jai Webster-Referee Chuck Poe-Oscar and Al announced that the tag-team and heavyweight tournaments will be coming up soon. Bruno popped Jai on the back while he was locked up in the corner. Steele with a snapmare and then, smiled at Jai. Steele was making faces in the camera, throughout the match. Steele with some mat wrestling maneuvers. Steele followed it with a slap on Jai's back. Steele with a headlock. Crowd chanting, "You're all that!" Steele ran over Jai with a shoulder block. Bruno and Steele lift up the rope, asking Webster if he wanted to leave. Webster kicked Steele and followed with a Lou Thesz press, punching away. Bruno tripped up Jai as he was running the ropes. Steele with a vertical suplex. While Referee Chuck Poe was distracted by Bruno, Webster rolled up Steele with a sunset flip. Steele fought back, hitting Webster with a splash and picking him up before the count of three. Steele gets the three count after delivering the Alabama slam. Your winner, The Newest Member of The Hollywood Clique, "All That" Alan Steele! After the bell, "Downtown" Bruno pinned Webster, while Steele counted to three. "Downtown" Bruno said, "That right there is just the beginning! You're looking at the next XOW Heavyweight Champion, Alan Steele. Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes!" The referees helped Jai Webster to the back.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made their way out. Neil grabbed the microphone and handed it to "Hollywood". "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "When I walk out here, I demand respect!" "Hollywood" Jimmy grabbed a guy's cellphone right out of his hands that was sitting in the front row. "Hollywood" told the guy, "Don't you be texting when I'm out here!" Then, "Hollywood" threw the phone across the room, breaking it into bits and pieces.

4th Match-Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs "Fabulous" Chris Rocker-Referee Chris P. Fries-Crowd started chanting, "You've got manboobs!" directed towards "Hollywood". "Downtown" Bruno came out and tried to sneak up behind Rocker. Neil tried to jump Chris, but Chris fought back, sending Neil to the outside. Rocker started to jump out, but Neil dodged out of the way, so he put on the brakes for a second, then shot off the ropes with an Asai moonsault, catching Neil outside on the floor. "Hollywood" Jimmy tripped Chris, opening up the opportunity for Neil to go to work. Neil caught Chris with an elbow. "Hollywood" choked Rocker in the ropes with a chain. Chris got the shoulder up at two. While Neil was arguing with Referee Chris P. Fries, Rocker rolled up Neil. Neil kicked out and hit Chris with a clothesline. "Hollywood" unloaded on Rocker with a chain and said, "That's what it's all about! Team Hollywood, Baby!" Neil caught Chris running with a sitdown spinebuster slam. Neil with a chinbuster. "Hollywood" continued to attack Rocker and grabbed the mic, chanting, "Go Neil go!" Rocker fought back with some dropkicks. Rocker connected with a moonsault from the top-rope, but when he tried to pin Neil the Hollywood Clique hit the ring. Tony Dabbs, Josh Matthews, "Downtown" Bruno and Alan Steele jumped in attacking Rocker. Danny B. Good made the save, wielding the nunchucks.

XOW TV Main Event-Danny B. Good vs "The Sure Thing" Colton Anderson-Referee Chuck Poe-Before the match, Oscar Barlow spoke with Danny. When the match started, Colton caught Danny with some hip tosses. An impressed Danny said, "Boy, you've been eating your Wheaties!" Arm drag, hip toss, and bodyslam combo by Danny. Danny slugged away on Colton. Danny landed a clothesline in the corner on Colton. Near fall. Colton fought back with a jawbreaker. Colton firing away at Danny. Colton hit Danny with a flying clothesline. Oscar and Al mentioned that Colton Anderson is one half of The Wrecking Crew tag-team, saying they may be a part of the upcoming tag-team tournament. Anderson with a chinlock on Danny. Danny tried to fight back, but Colton stopped him and planted him with a snap suplex. After reversing the Irish whip, Danny hit Colton with an elbow, followed by three consecutive leg drops. A double clothesline, sends both men down. A "Let's go Danny!" chant filled the ConXion Gymnastics Center in Hernando. Danny ducked a clothesline and delivered a bodyslam on Colton. Double axehandle from the top by Danny, but he went to the well too many times, as Al Hall said, because Colton caught him with a punch when he tried another high-risk attack from the top-rope. Shaky exchange in the corner. Danny delivered The Revolution to get the win. Your winner, Danny B. Good!

Oscar Barlow spoke with Danny after the match. Danny said that "Hollywood Jimmy's" own mirror is sick of seeing him. "Hollywood" Jimmy and "Downtown" Bruno walk out. "Hollywood" Jimmy told Danny, "I've got a pen and paper and I want you to join The Hollywood Clique." "Hollywood" asked Bruno if he could use some of his money to pay Danny. Bruno agreed. Danny said he's got a son that just graduated and is on his way to college so he could sure use the money. Bruno said, "That will be fine as long as you are a good boy." "Hollywood" Jimmy told Danny, "You are gonna do exactly what I say." Danny agreed, signing the contract and shaking "Hollywood" Jimmy's hand. Suddenly, Danny dropkicked "Hollywood" Jimmy. Hollywood Clique members, Neil Taylor, Tony Dabbs, Josh Matthews, and Alan Steele run out to attack Danny. "Fabulous" Chris Rocker saved Danny, by jumping in with the nunchucks. Chris Rocker and Danny B. Good were standing tall in the ring as the first XOW television show came to a close.

Ten minute break. XOW will be returning to Hernando on October 10th for another set of tv tapings. After the break, as they were preparing for the next taping, Al Hall pointed out that one guy in the crowd was ugly. Al said he bet that he plays a banjo.

2nd TV Taping:

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall started off the show by revisiting what transpired last week.

Danny B. Good interviewed. Danny asked Chris Rocker to come out. Chris made his way out. Danny told Chris that they go way back and asked Chris to join forces with him. Danny brought back the DTA Click from back in tha day. Danny asked XOW Owner/Promoter Billy Russ if they could be put into the hat for the upcoming tag-team tournament. Billy agreed to enter the duo into the tournament. XOW Owner/Promoter Tony Watts walked out, telling Billy there he goes again. Tony announced that he's got a special match lined up for us on next week's show. Tony Watts and Billy Russ jaw back and forth with each other.

Opening Match-Danny B. Good & "Fabulous" Chris Rocker vs Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Danny said Neil Taylor is pregnant. Chris said "Hollywood" Jimmy has manboobs. Fans chanting, "Leave your shirt on!" to Neil, who was wearing his Neil Taylor Hates Fat People t-shirt. "Hollywood" Jimmy told Danny, "I'm not a woman! You can hit them, (Pointing at Tia and Jori in the front row) but you're not hitting me!" Danny takes it to Tony, clotheslining him into the corner. Tony retreats. Danny tagged in Rocker. Rocker in with a hip toss and a flying kick. Tags Danny who flies in with an axehandle and catches Tony with a dropkick. Tony slows him down with a low blow and rakes his eyes and back. Neil tagged in, putting the boots to Danny. Neil distracts Rocker. While Neil swapped out with Tony, "Hollywood" Jimmy attacked Danny with his pimp cane. Danny ducked a clothesline and caught Tony with a hurracanrana. Tony and Neil swapped out, again. Danny fought back, but Neil lit him up with a chop in the corner, followed by a clothesline. Another quick swap between Neil and Tony. Danny ducked a double elbow and made the tag to Rocker. Danny and Chris sent Tony and Neil into each other. Rocker gave Neil a stone cold stunner. Danny connects with The Revolution, followed by a frog splash from Rocker. Tony broke the count. All hell broke loose, as Danny sent Tony into the green lockers at the ConXion center. Neil and Chris went at it. Official decision was a double countout. "Hollywood" Jimmy tried to sneak up behind Danny, but Danny chased him off.

Having a fundraiser and would like to bring XOW to your town?
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Oscar Barlow and Al Hall thanked all their great sponsors which include:

Universal Glass-(901)726-1184/(662)363-0054
Tobia Town Music in Senatobia, Mississippi

ConXion Gymnastics
1725 Memphis Street
Hernando, MS. 38632

"Big Daddy" Storm interviewed by Oscar Barlow. Storm stated, "You are looking at XOW, right here. You can boo all you want. The fact of the matter is this, you wanna be like me or you wanna be with me. You people are so far below me, I will stomp you like the roaches you are. Who's your daddy?" Storm said he's gonna prove that Wraith deserves to be locked up because he's not right in tha head. Wraith walked out.

2nd Match-"Big Daddy" Storm vs Wraith-Referee Chuck Poe-Storm told Wraith, "This is a wrestling match. No punching or biting!" Armbar by Storm, but Wraith counters with hip tosses and a sunset flip. Running bulldog by Storm on Wraith. Storm applies a camel clutch. Crowd chanted, "Who's your daddy?" Wraith ducked a clothesline and caught Storm with a spinning kick, followed by a suplex. Standing flip leg drop by Wraith. Storm pokes the eyes and chokes Wraith in the ropes. Storm caught Wraith with a spinning backbreaker, which led to a near fall. Wraith answered with a spinning headscissor. Storm lifted Wraith up into a fireman's carry, with Wraith's leg striking Referee Chuck Poe and knocking him down. Wraith flew off the top, but Storm threw powder in his eyes to get the three count. Your winner, "Big Daddy" Storm! Following the match, an irate Wraith grabbed Al Hall. Colton Anderson ran out to get Wraith off of Al. Al said he's got powder all over his new shirt and done made a mess in his pants. Al said he's scared and asked where security was at, saying he'll have them fired. Al berated Oscar for not helping him and told him that if Wraith comes back, Oscar better protect him.

3rd Match-"The Greatness" Jai Webster vs Drew Donovan-Referee Chuck Poe-Before the match, Drew Donovan introduced himself, saying that he's looking forward to entertaining everyone and thanked the fans for coming out. Drew started with an armbar, but Jai reversed. Drew back with a quick rollup. Drew with a headlock, followed by a shoulderblock. Flying body press by Drew for a near fall. Curt Henning rolling neck snap by Drew on Jai. Back body drop by Drew sent Jai flying. Two count. Drew was sent into the turnbuckle when Jai pulled the tights. The two men collided. Drew flew off the ropes with a flying elbow. Drew reversed Jai's suplex with one of his own. Drew off the top with a flying elbow smash to get the win. Your winner, Drew Donovan!

Oscar Barlow and Al Hall thanked all their great sponsors which include:

Universal Glass-(901)726-1184/(662)363-0054
Tobia Town Music in Senatobia, Mississippi

ConXion Gymnastics
1725 Memphis Street
Hernando, MS. 38632

Oscar and Al also did an AWESOME job of plugging us here at, "Your Online Source For Local And National Pro Wrestling News". Good Call, Guys!

TV Main Event-The Newest Member of The Hollywood Clique, "All That" Alan Steele with "Downtown" Bruno vs "The Future" Chris Styles-Referee Chris P. Fries-Bruno told Referee Chris P. Fries to make sure the other guy follows the rules because we always follow the rules." Bruno informed Chris that this was going to be his final match. When the bell rang to start the match, Bruno asked Chris if he was looking at him. Bruno told Chris, "I've got so many combinations, you'll think I'm a safe. I'll hit him with so many lefts, he'll be begging for a right." Then, Bruno got the cameraman to zoom in on the trophies that are displayed at the ConXion Gymnastics Center in Hernando. Bruno said, "Everytime Alan Steele ends someone's career, he gets one. Jimmy is shining up another one that will be up there, later." Good stuff. Way to take advantage of your surroundings. When the action got underway, Steele threw down Styles twice, sending him flying across the ring. Then, Chris ran into a brick wall. Alan set Chris up on the turnbuckle and slapped him before walking away. Chris leaped off, nailing Alan with a flying missle dropkick. Some mat wrestling by Steele. Chris attempted to fly off the ropes with a dropkick, but Alan moved out of the way. Steele smashed Styles with some forearms. Steele with a big backbreaker for a two count. The crowd rallied behind Chris, rooting him on by chanting, "Go Chris go!" The crowd was hot all night. Very loud, so it should sound good on tv. Steele with another vicious backbreaker. Bruno grabbed Chris in a headlock while he was on the outside and punched away at him. Chris tried to fight back, but things came to an abrupt halt when Alan delivered a back suplex. Steele followed this up with a splash to Styles back. Styles mounted another comeback, flying out of the corner with bulldog that got the crowd chanting, "Let's go, Chris!" Chris punched Alan and followed with a flying attack. Chris with the kip-up and gave Alan two atomic drops. Chris flew off with a flying body press and followed this with another springboard diving attack. The Hollywood Clique hit the ring, attacking Chris. "Hollywood" Jimmy whipped Chris with a belt. (Shouldn't have joined Team Tia:) "Hollywood" Jimmy told Josh Matthews, who was standing on the apron, to do something and go get a chair. Josh went and grabbed a chair, but in an unprecendented turn of events, Josh hit Neil Taylor with the chair. Chris and Josh cleared the ring. Your winner, "The Future" Chris Styles, by disqualification! The brothers have reunited and afterwards said they will be competing in the upcoming XOW tag tournament, as the taping came to an end.

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Al Hall thanked everyone for coming out and reminded everyone that they will be returning to Hernando at the ConXion Gymnastics Center on October 10.

October 10th will also be a very important date because that's when XOW will debut on WPXX/My50 Memphis at 12:00 noon.

This Saturday night, September 26th, XOW will be returning to Longtown, Mississippi at the Longtown Volunteer Fire Department with a 7:30 Bell Time:

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.19.09

There are about 90 fans in attendance tonight for some EWE action.

As we prepare to hear the National Anthem, Cody Melton comes to the ring and says to play the real National Anthem. Oh Canada begins to play, but is cut off by The Cosmic Cowboy Brian Steele. Steele says that nobody disrespects the United States of America and challenges Melton to a match later tonight. Melton accepts and makes his way to the back. Steele says to play the real National Anthem and sings along before heading to the back.

J.R. Manson makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic, saying that he's not here to wrestle. He says that he's done. He says that he is quitting because he is tired of getting beat week after week. He begins to thank Jon Michael before K.C. Gold and Dell Tucker come to the ring. Manson asks what the two of them are doing in the ring. Gold grabs the mic and reminds Manson that he managed him in the not too distant past. Tucker keeps trying to interrupt. Gold says that the reason that him and Manson couldn't get things together was because of his problem. He says that since Manson now realizes his problem, that he wants to help him. Tucker begins to bounce around the ring and threatens Manson. Tucker calls Manson a pathetic excuse for a wrestler and that he's just giving up. Manson goes for his pills but Tucker knocks them out of his hand. Manson attacks Tucker and the match begins. In the end, Manson would roll Tucker up for the pinfall. After the match, K.C. Gold gives Dell Tucker a pat on the back before heading to the back.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight makes his way to the ring for his match. The music of Rhythm and Blues hits, but Big Red and "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards come to the ring for their handicap match against Knight. Knight rolls Big Red to score the pinfall.

"The Canadian Dragon" Cody Melton def. "The Cosmic Cowboy" Brian Steele via pinfall. After the match, Steele goes after Melton sending him outside the ring. Steele grabs the Canadian flag that Melton draped over his back, balled it up and wiped himself with it in the middle of the ring.

EWE owner Dustin Baker makes his way to the ring and apologizes for the actions of Derrick King last week. Baker says that he was able to get in touch with King and conducted an interview with him. In the interview, King explains the reasons behind him superkicking Stan Lee last week, and saying that EWE is his company. To see the interview in it's entirety, visit and select the video on the right side of the page. After the interview played, Baker looks at the camera and starts to make a statement to King when Stan Lee comes to the ring. Lee says that he thought King was his brother and that he could trust him with anything, but that trust was broken last week. Lee says that if he really wants everything in the open, then so be it. Lee says that when his grandmother passed away and it was up to him and King to take care of everything, King ran away. When TLCW was hurting, King ran away. Lee says that every time he was there, he picked up the ball when he dropped it. He says that King didn't create EWE and TLCW, the fans did. Tommy Redneck comes out telling Lee to stop crying and to start their match. Lee tells King to show up in the ring next week, but Tommy interrupts him again, saying that he wants the match to start already. Tommy slaps Lee in the face, and the match begins. Lee begins an all-out assault on Tommy. Stan Lee will score the pinfall on Tommy Redneck, but after the match, Tommy starts on Lee. Bishop comes out and sends Tommy Redneck to the mat and has a standoff with Stan Lee. Lee extends his hand out to Bishop, but he just walks away.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs make their way to the ring for their Falls Count Anywhere match. Jacobs grabs the mic and says that he has good news, and bad news. The good news is that Chris O'Neal and his wife had their baby girl today. Jacobs says that the bad news is for Anthony. Chris O'Neal was to be the special enforcer for their match tonight, but he is at home with his wife, so Jacobs found another special enforcer. Jon Michael comes to the ring to a thunderous welcome and the match gets underway. This match goes all over the ring, the ramp, and even over the top of the bleachers. To view all of the mayhem, visit and click on the match on the right side. Anthony goes to deliver a low blow to Jacobs, but hits the referee instead. Anthony grabs a fork from the concession stand and tries to stab Jacobs but Jacobs sends Anthony out of the ring. After Anthony gives Michael a cheap shot, Jacobs comes back with a spear and pins Anthony. The referee is still out, so Michael comes in and makes the 3 count. After the match, Michael delivers a few blows to Anthony to leave him laying in the ring.

For all the latest information and full length videos, be sure to visit While you're there, be sure to become a fan of EWE on Facebook, become our friend on MySpace, and follow us on Twitter.

Credit: Dustin Williams

----I really expected more fans in the building after the show last weekend...Good interview from DK and Stan...Seth and Ike could not beat Red/Edwards last week, but Seth beats them both??

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 9.19.09 - "It's A Bird...No It is Superman!!!"

The show opened w/ NBW's newest Star "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane coming to the ring to say a few words about coming into NBW and automatically becoming a household name. Austin ranted about how He is the top guy wherever He goes and that tonight's #1 contenders match against Jason Reed would be no different because He would win and show everyone that He is the next NBW Champion..... Cue Jason Reed. Reed said that tonight He would beat Lane in a No Holds Barred match and prove to everyone that He built this town and that He is STILL the best and He was out to prove it. Lane and Reed went nose to nose when none other than the NBW Champion Jon Michael came to the ring and stated that He was just here to wish both men the best of luck and looked forward to facing the winner!

CoCo Anderson came to the ring w/ A.J. Ray to make an announcement concerning Legacy 3 slated for October 17th. CoCo said that at Legacy there would be a "Stairway To Stardom" Ladder Match in which a contract would be hung above the ring and the person who grabs the contract had the right to challenge for any NBW Championship of their choosing and that A.J. Ray was the 1st official entrant. Ray then went on to say that He will finally get some recognition when CoCo becomes full Commissioner of NBW and that He is the reason the fans pay to see the show every week. Ray said nobody in the back was better than him, this brought out Gaylon Ray. Gaylon challenged A.j. for his spot in the match and Ray accepted.

A.J. Ray def. Gaylon Ray in around 5 minutes after a brass knuckles shot.

Mark Justice came to the ring and said week in and week out he has been beating these young punks NBW has thrown at him and he wants a real challenge. NBW Owner Jeff McDonald said that Mark had one more "Kid" to face and he was sure that he could go toe to toe w/ Justice. Out comes Jeremy Moore!

Mark Justice def. Jeremy Moore after a hard justice. Post Match Mark stated Moore did go toe to toe but told Moore as long as he has all these fans behind him that he would always be a "Kid"

After Intermission CoCo came out and called Jeremy Moore out and said that he has a scheduled Tag Title rematch tonight, but Ricky Andrews failed to make it to the show. CoCo then brought out Motley and said Moore would be going at it alone tonight, This prompted Jeff McDonald to step in and say he was tired of Tim davis and CoCo trying to take over the show and that he was making a decision here. He said Moore had already wrestled and that he had overheard Cruz telling his partners to go home because he had it handled tonight. Jeff said that this wasn't the case and that Motley would still be defending the belts since he was so confident. Jeff brought out Biscuit, but then told Cruz that wasn't all... Hardcore Yow made his way to the ring for somewhat of a reunion w/ Biscuit.

Motley Cruz def. Yow/Biscuit in a handi-cap match to retain the Tag championship.

Jason Reed and Austin Lane had a Double pin on one another after possibly the Wildest match in NBW history which featured Jason Reed climbing on the roof and Jumping off onto Lane and a host of security guards!!! Post Match Jeff said that next week there would be a triple threat to solve this problem... Mark Justice came out and claimed he never got his re-match, Jeff agreed w/ his point and said it would be a Fatal 4 Way for the title next week!!!

Jeff McDonald announced that October 17th was Legacy 3 and would feature the return of Sir Mo and NBW would also be welcoming wrestling Legend "Wildfire" Tommy Rich

The Mo. Badd Boys def. Law and Order in a Cage Match. Post Match The Badd Boys beat on Tim and Ricky and Kid along with the help of CoCo and A.J. Ray. Jeff said that CoCo and Tim cannot continue doing this and that next week it would be Tim Davis and Kid vs. CoCo and A.J.Ray, if Tim wins CoCo is fired but if CoCo wins then he has full commissionership!!!

Great show and the crowd was hot for everything pretty much!
between 80-90 in attendance

Next week:

NBW Championship Fatal 4 Way
Jon Michael (c) vs. Mark Justice vs. Jason Reed vs. Austin Lane

Commissionership match
Davis/Kid vs. Ray/CoCo

Legacy 3 October 17th 2009

"Wildfire" Tommy Rich and Sir Mo

----Reed seems to have stepped up a notch. Back to the old Reed?? Matches between him and Lane HAVE to be good...I could care less about Commish storylines. They have been done too many times...Rich and Mo should help with the gate. Mo has a history with the company...Fatal 4 Way should be real good - I look for Michael to drop the belt...MO Bad Boys are Mark Southern and Cookie St. James is actually wrestling now.

Local Wrestlers On Raw!!!

Cedric the Entertainer and Danny B Goode

Cedric the Entertainer with Pokerface

----The following guys were seen last night as Cedric the Entertainer arrived in a limousine to start RAW - Kevin Charles, Pokerface, Austin Lane, Dustin Starr and Danny B Goode.

----I was told they didn't workout much yesterday and no one has a contract yet. Matt Boyce was also part of the crew.

Photos Credit:

Arena Report: DCW Jonesboro, AR 9.19.09

Scott Hall

----First I would like to thank all the people [non-workers] that came up to me to just say "Hi" that are readers of the site. I think it was a record for a single show. Thanks for all the nice compliments and encouragement. I see the hits every day, but it is nice to have people walk up to you to tell you how much they enjoy the web site. A "shout out" to a special reader of the site - you know who you are - you are a true conservationist!! You made me laugh all night!!

----John Allen vs Kid Krazy ended in a draw. Not a great bout, but nothing real bad. Just a little psychology, but not totally solid in that department either. Krazy has some nice smooth moves - dropkick and springboard legdrop look real good. He hit a moonsault where Allen put his legs up. Also took a big bump from a dropkick to the floor. [*1/2]

----Lord Humongous/Scott Hall beat Sid Vicious/Pokerface. Hall got the mic and did "Hey Yo" and did the survey gimmick. Crowd was hot for it. Hall threw a few toothpicks at Vicious and Poker. Hall took the heat. Even though Hall/Vicious were in the ring, Poker was the star here. He made everyone look like a million bucks. Hall pulled Poker's trunks up in his butt during the shine. Hall took a good beating though and sold great for Poker. Hot tag to Huey. Ref bump. JD Kerry ran out with ref shirt on as Huey rolled up Sid for the pin and win. [**1/2]

----Gary Diamond beat Donnie Rush. A bad match. Rush is a green rookie and got scared and confused. It happens. Diamond tried his best and sit him down in a resthold, but nothing would work. Finally Diamond with a powerslam for the win. [DUD] After the match Tejano Kid with Dominique jump Diamond and beat the hell out of him. Tejeno can get the the heat. Fans were wanting to charge the ring. Dominique also is good at getting heat on the mic.

----Lucky beat Rude. This is one of those bouts that all the rookies need to watch. This was the best bout I have ever seen Lucky in. Just basic psychology. Scott Hall did commentary in the "Crow's Nest". Rude just gave him a few hope spots and then Lucky came out of heat with a swinging DDT for the win. [**1/2]

----Soultrain Jones beat Ron Rage with Raven. Solid bout with them doing nothing special. Basic psychology which seem to get off around the end. Jones seem to get lost. He has a lot of potiental. He hit a good dropkick and pretty suplex. He finished Rage off with a powerslam. [**]

----Tejano Kid with Dominque beat Lavert. Fans were into the bout, but not much psychology. It was more like Tejano would get a little heat and then let Lavert do some comeback and back & forth, instead of extended heat. Fans would pop every time Lavert hit something. They hate Tejano. Tejano used a chain for the win. [**] After the match, Brittany Star jumped Dominque. Tejano ended up DDTing Star. Diamond made the save to set up Diamond/Star vs Dominque/Tejano next week.

----JD Kerry beat Logan Fury. They wrestled in the start. Good shine. Logan started the heat when Kerry's shoulder went into the ringpost. Kerry hit a sweet springboard dropkick. Logan throws some legit looking knees. Kerry threw Logan off the top turnbuckle for for DKO. Kerry comeback using a "Canadian destroyer" variation move, then up to the top for a frogsplash. [**3/4]

----"Dynasty" [Blalok the Blazer/Mike Anthony] with Reno Diamond beat "Natural Born Playas" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] in the best bout of the show. This was a fun match to watch with perfect psychology with a twist. Heels gave the babys about 75% of the bout in a long shine for them. Move after move, it would backfire on the heels. Good stuff. Heat on Southside. Everyone looked real good here. Southside hit an "Emerald Fusion" for a DKO. Hot tag to Pimp. Blalok used a chain for them to get a win. [***1/2]

----Rodney Mack with Jazz vs Ron McClarity with Angel-Lena/The Boss ruled no contest in a match for the DCW title. This was probably the best bout I have seen Mack in. Basic psychology. Mack did mat work, arm drags and armbars for the shine. Crowd was hot for it. 10 punch in the corner and McClarity got a spinebuster from the second rope. McClarity worked hard here. Ron missed a legrop from the second rope with Mack making the comeback. Mack hit the ref with the spear. The Boss jumped in. Soultrain Jones made the save to set up Mack/Jazz/Jones vs McClarity/Angel-Lena/The Boss. [***1/4]


----I would say close to 225 in the building or more. Crowd was hot, even at the end of nine matches...I like Krazy. I would like to see him in the ring with a Stan Lee or even Tatt2...Hall was wearing a T-shirt that had a razor on it and it said, "For life". Hall introduced himself to everyone in the dressing room shaking everyone's hand. It was funny that he said, "Hello..I am Scott Hall.." LOL No shit!!!...Kerry stated after the big bout that he did the ref thing to get revenge on Sid from last time when Sid powerbombed him. Sid vs Kerry next week. Not sure how long Sid will be here, but he could really put Kerry over if they did the 1-2-3 Kid/Hall angle...A lot of talk of Gunner being Lord Humongous on the major sites. He is green as grass, but don't have to do much in the this role. If they continue to put him in there with guys like Poker - he will continue to be ok...Hall was so blown up after the bout. And, man, just watching him walk backstage made my knees hurt...Rude looked great and moved good - better than last time I seen him. He has had a few surgeries that should slow you down, but he doesn't seem to have lost a step. He would be a great guy to add helping the rookies!! Rude vs Soultrain would be a good feud and help Jones a lot...Star got up too quick from the DDT. She is a wrestler, so she shouldn't have actually DIED, but maybe should have took a little more time. While Diamond is doing his interview to set up the match, she is trying to fix her hair. Seriously - after taking a DDT - the only thing you are worried about is your hair?? Rookie mistake... Kerry and Fury are both two of my favorite young guys. Good attitude and work very hard...Reno is doing the managerial gimmick since his hand is hurt. Great attitude from Reno as usual...Blalok needs to be considered as one of the most underrated in this area. Not only as a very smart worker, but he also has a great mind for the business... Have I ever mentioned how over Mack is?? What about Jazz?? Crowd was so hot when they came out and it was a close to a four hour show...I like to see Mack still chasing the belt. McClarity will keep it one more week because of the match set up for next week...Solid show. The fans that came out to see the "stars" got to see three really good final bouts. Not a lot of fans left either...My only criticism [and you knew this was coming] was the show was 9 matches and four hours long. [As someone in the back said, "Did DK book this show??"] Mack did say to me that he likes to mix it up like that - so the fans don't always know what to expect. I am a big fan of 5 or 6 matches and a 2.5 hour show. But, I don't think anyone that stayed for the last three bouts could complain...Fun time was had by all. Thanks to cast and crew for their respect and hospitality.

Photo credit: Lily Winningham

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 9.18.09

Sid Vicious and Pokerface

-Scott Hall/Lord Humongous beat Sid Vicious/Pokerface

-"East Coast Bad Boys" [Spyro/C-Money] beat Bishop/Ray

-"Natural Born Plays" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] vs The Hambones ended in DCO.

-Snuffy/Titantic/Knockout Kid beat BuzzKill/Homer Lee/War Machine with winner of the fall getting a MCW Title shot - KO Kid got it.

-Frankie Tucker beat Ron McClarity in a Lumberjack Match to win the MCW Title.


----There were around 200 people in the building...Huey beat Vicious with what was describe to be as the sleephold, but it might have been the old Huey Shenamache [cobra clutch] sleeper finish. They carried Sid out on a stretcher...Who is Ray?? Is this Ray Ray??...First match was pretty much the same as Saturday night except the finish...Main event went close to 40 minutes and I was told it was a good match. Fans and workers were happy with it....Big Daddy and the crew at MCW wanted to make sure to thank the fans for all their support Friday night. It is the fans that has kept the wrestling show going for the past fifteen years.

Photo credit: Lily Winningham

Report credit: Kim Wallace & MCW

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.19.09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem.

Tonight would start off rather different with Tommy Wayne taking on Christopher Lee for the ASWF X-Division Title. This match would could be called a Battle of the Wits. Tommy Wayne would come off to a great start but would Irish Whip Lee into the ropes and attempt a Shoulder Block but neither would move. Tommy would eventually find a way to wear down Lee, but Lee would begin a final assault. However, with Athena Eclipse at Tommy's side Lee would be at a disadvantage. Athena would hand Tommy a chain and he would later deliver a low blow to Lee. The Establishment would soon have enough, with Lee giving Tommy a run for his money, and interfere in the match. During the attack, Morgan Williams would make an incredible return with the help of Mark Wolfe they would chase The Establishment out of the ring. X-Kaliber would state that he didn't have a contract. Commissioner Rowland would make his way to the ring and state that he didn' t know if he did either. Commissioner Rowland would look to Announcer Terrence Ward and ask if he still had a contract, to which he said yes. Cody Murdoch would be enraged. He would begin destroying Ward's notebook and other items. Rowland would then tell Murdoch that he was fined $100 for the destruction of ASWF property. X-Kaliber would then be scheduled to take on Morgan Williams later in the evening.

The second match of the night would be Joshua Cross and Seth Sabor, two former X-Division Champions going toe to toe. Cross would start a brutal attack against Sabor. Cross would make one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the ring, turning your back on your opponent. Sabor would be able to stop Cross dead in his tracks. It would all be short lived for Sabor as Cross would gain control once again and land a HUGE Vertical Suplex. Sabor would be able to get his adrenaline going and finally get a pin over Joshua Cross.

Tonight third match was Big Rig Cody Murdoch VS Mark Wolf. This had to be the best match of Wolf and Murdoch this year! Mark would seem to have his ducks in a row taking the fight to Cody Murdoch early, but the tide would turn when Murdoch would start taking back the match. Murdoch would begin to prey on the previously injured arm of Mark Wolf. (His arm was injured by Danger Zone over two weeks ago) Athena Eclipse, who just happended to be at ringside, would "assist" Murdoch and Mark would be set up and set down with Murdoch's finisher, The Flatbed.

Our fourth match of the night was literally Brother VS Brother. X-Kaliber would take on Morgan Williams in this brawl. No sooner did this match start, both wrestlers would simply ignore the referee and try to get there revenge on one another. Since the referee could not control the match he would rule this match a No Contest. Shortly after The Establishment would attack again. But this time Mark Wolfe and Christopher Lee would come to Morgan's aid. The Establishment would challenge them to a match next week, which as you guessed they didn't get turned down.

The Semi-Main Event would be LSD (Idol Bane/Deadly Dale/Cody Only) taking on Demon X, Hot Rod John Ellison, and The Enforcer. Deadly Dale and The Enforcer would start off this bout, but it would be Deadly that would make an impact against a fellow ASWF Original. But LSD would begin to fall short when their opponents would begin to fight dirty. Johnny Hawk, who was in the corner of Demon X, Hot Rod John Ellison, and The Enforcer, would begin to hit Dale with a piece of PVC pipe. The referee would eventually turn around and catch Hawk red handed. LSD would win the match via Disqualification.

Our Main-Event of the night was the Flag VS Flag Match. The Battle of Europe was at hand. The Irish Dragon Scott Fury, representing Ireland, would take on The Sicilian Superstar Vinny Ramano, representing Italy. Vinny would start off like a true Sicilian, using whatever is lying around to punish Scott Fury. Fury, who sustained an injury last week at Ramano's hands, would try to fight back until Ramano went after his injured leg. During this scuffle for control the referee would accidentally be knocked out. Scott Fury would be able to get to his feet and capture his flag, but the referee would never see it. Ramano would attack Fury from behind and place the Irish flag back in its holder and retrieve his just as the referee was coming around. The referee would wake up to see the Italian flag in the hands of Vinny Ramano. Vinny's celebration would be short lived as the Commissioner would come to the ring and confront Ramano. He would order the referee to restart the match and with the quick thinking of Scott Fury he would capture his flag yet again and take home the victory for Ireland.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----I have been told this group is not drawing well, but it might be from all the same talent being in for so long...Williams/X-Kalibur stuff has already been done here...Liked the idea for the main...Good to see the full LSD team with Deadly Dale's return.

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Birmingham, AL 9.19.09

Memphis Wrestling @ Alabama State Fair
Fair Show - Birmingham (Pelham), AL
9-19-09 Attendance was a handful. Maybe 50-100.
It rained all day so turn out was very light.

Johnny Dotson d. Bones
Derrick King d. Mr. Hughes (with Dave Wills)- DQ
AR Fox d. Tat2
Kevin White d. Lord Humongus (with Veronica Fairchild)
Kevin White won $1,000 battle royal by eliminating Mr. Hughes.

White told Corey Maclin that he was going to donate the money to some Memphis Charities. Hughes asked White to put the money on the line and wrestle him for 5 more minutes. White said he was smarter than than that and then punched Hughes manager and left to send fans home happy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coach's Corner "A Starr Is Born" by Brian Tramel

----Even though most of us here at the RRO offices knew that Dustin Starr was getting a shot at working the WWE tapings tonight and tomorrow night, Starr revealed it to everyone yesterday on his site. Even though Austin Lane, Danny B Goode [reported by] and a few other guys [who will have to remain kayfabed until after the event] will be getting a look, Starr is going back to get a contract. All of this got me to thinking about the things that have put him in this spot and make him different than others in the area.

----Dedication: That is what Dustin Starr talked about in a past blog post. What has this guy done to get himself ready for the shot?? Could you run as much as he does?? Could you eat all those weird meals?? What has he not done to get ready?? Have you not seen the photos?? Take a look above - it takes the LOOK to get signed!!

----Dreaming: Can you just sit there and just piss and moan?? Why is Dustin Starr getting the shot and not me?? For real?? You really want to know?? Get off your ass and get a gym!! The WWE is not going to come calling if you do not believe in yourself enough to try to make it. Starr has dreamed the dream way too many times. It is time to make it come true.

----Attitude: Starr gets criticism sometimes from having an attitude. He says stuff on his blog that he shouldn't say; right?? It not only gives him confidence, but gives him an outlet to get his thoughts out. This helps him get over to a level that no other worker in this area has done. Does Starr have an attitude? Nah. It would surprise how nice he really is. LOL

----Improvement: I watched this guy go from being a mediocre worker to an average worker to one of the top guys in this area. He is ready!! I am hoping so much that sometime in the next few days I get a text or a call and someone is saying that Dustin has been signed. It would be not only a big deal for him - but it would be a ginormous deal for this area!! It would prove to the WWE that the Memphis area does have the talent to make it.

----Luck: Good luck to Dustin. It takes a little bit of that to get where he is now. He has worked very hard for the last few months getting ready to make an impression!! If anyone in this area deserves a shot, it is him!!

----So, if he goes in this time after doing everything to get a contract and doesn't get it? What will it mean? It will just make him more determined and more focused. He will take all the things that I mentioned above and go back again.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 9.19.09

Derrick Devine defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

Tysin Starr cheated his way to victory over Tommy Knox by using a chain.

Dre Black w/Pimpin' Antoin Smooth defeated Suicide.

EPW Extreme Champion Kilo Green came out for his match but was attacked by Omega, who came out of the crowd. Omega gave Kilo a beating and left Kilo laying in the ring. Omega left with Kilo's Extreme Championship belt. Kilo carried from the ring - no word on his condition.

JR Mauler over Justin Rhodes by DQ due to interference by Pure Destruction. Psycho & Pappy in to make the save.

Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz Stone) and Buzz Harley defeated Smooth, Inc. (Rajah, Iron Jake, & Dre Black) w/Antoin Smooth.

Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) over Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) by DQ due to interference by Justin Rhodes. Justin, Brody, & Cody beat down Pappy & Psycho. Pappy badly injured - will be out 3 to 4 weeks.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 9.18.09

Jay Webster defeated Curly Moe w/Dirty Rell Moe. Dirty Rell Moe turned on Curly and left with Webster.

Josh Matthews defeated Big Daddy Neno.

David Andrews defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Tony Dabbs defeated Izzy Rotten by count out. Izzy was outside the ring because the fans were taunting him by calling him "Special Ed."

Jay Webster defeated TFW Lightweight Champion "The Future" Chris Styles by DQ due to interference by Josh Matthews. Styles retains the belt.

TFW Tag Team Champions The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated Syn & Suicide. After the match Psycho was handcuffed to the rope and Syn & Suicide beat down Pappy, attempting to break his neck. No word yet on his condition.

Attendance about 50 on a nasty rainy night.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 9.18.09

What a show we had this week, one that blew last week right out of the water. Referee's for the night would be Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe. Your announcers would be John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward.

We kicked off the night with Ken Wayne, Kid Nickels, and Alan Steele in the ring. Wayne would state that after reviewing the tape from last week and having time to think about the options of what to do. He told them that they would have match, but without NEW rules. Steele and Nickels were pleased to hear Ken Wayne make that statement. However, he stated that the match would take place on the NEW One Year Anniversary on October 9th. He also stated that neither Steele or Nickels could lay a hand on each other until October 9th.

The first bout of the night would be Mike Anthony taking on "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane in what would prove to be an exciting match. Both Lane and Anthony would come off to a great start. Austin would soon start to take the advantage by targeting Mike Anthony's arm. This would bad for Mike. Austin would continue his assault on Anthony's arm despite Anthony trying to regain control. Lane would wrap him up in a submission hold and take home the victory.

Time: 7:09

The next match was Matt Justyce against Kid Nickels. Both men can boast about their height but only Kid Nickels can talk about a weight advantage. Justyce would pick up momentum but would be destroyed by Kid Nickels chokeslam. Then to send a message to Alan Steele he would use Steele's finisher and get the pinfall.

Time: 5:05

Just shortly after that match Shawn Reed would go to the announcers table stating that he was coming back to NEW after an injury. Matt Justyce would come out as well and challenge him to a match on the night of his return.

The third match of the night was between Kolby Stern and 3G Eric Wayne. Eric would dominate this match with no question. Stern would try to fight back against the US Junior Heavyweight Champion but would fail. 3G would would finish the match with a German Suplex pin.

Time: 7:55

The Main-Event was a Handicap Tag Match. "All That Smart" (Alan Steele and Justin "The Juice Smart") would take on Josh Carney, "Dangerous" Dan Matthews, and Kevin Charles. Kevin Charles and Justin Smart would start of the match at a great pace. Throughout the match Josh Carney would get taged in take it to Steele and Smart. To Steele's surprise Kid Nickels would come out during the match to distract Steele allowing Justin Smart to be pinned and lose the match.

Time: 8:42

Don't forget October 9th, 2009 the 1 Year Anniversary of New Experience Wrestling!

Credit: Terrance Ward

----I told between 40 - 50 people in the crowd...Good to see Mike Anthony working here and Shawn Reed coming back...RRO will be at the 1 Year Anniversary show!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sid Vicious and Scott Hall Events - Biggest Crowds of the Weekend and Quick Results!!

----Scott Hall and Sid Vicious came to this area for a two day stint and the fans came out to see the stars. MCW Friday night was “Standing room only” with close to 200 fans in Osceola, AR. Last night in Jonesboro, AR the show drew in the 225 range. I only noticed about 10 seats that did not have people in them. Family and workers included – for the two day stint – close to 450 people to see the Hall/Vicious tandem. Did the match live up to the hype? From a fan’s perspective they put on an entertaining bout with the crowd into it. Even though, it was Hall/Vicious in the ring, Pokerface was the star of the bout – working his ass off making everyone look good last night. I was told by several that the Friday bout was pretty much the same.

----Full Arena Report from DCW in Jonesboro, AR will be posted sometime early this week and I should have RassleResults of MCW also posted. Below are the Quick Results!!

DCW Jonesboro, AR 9.19.09

-Kid Krazy vs John Allen - draw
-Lord Humongous/Scott Hall beat Pokerface/Sid Vicious
-Gary Diamond beat Donnie Rush
-Lucky beat Rude
-Soultrain Jones beat Ron Rage with Raven
-Tejano Kid with Dominique beat Lavert
-JD Kerry beat Logan Fury
-“Dynasty” [Blalok the Blazer/Mike Anthony] with Reno Diamond beat “Natural Born Playas” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]
-Rodney Mack vs Ron McClarity – no contest