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IWA TV: Results and Ratings Report 10.23.09 - Show Two Posts Best Rating So Far!

----I joined this program in progress at the 22 minute mark. I have no idea what was on the front of the show. I could not get anyone to send the other results, so I will just cover the 38 minutes of the show that I did watch.


-Seth Knight beat DJ Stunner when Jason Steele pushed Stunner off the ropes and Knight hits the “sour face silencer” for the pin and win.

-“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] beat Big Red/Big Ace with “Fall From Grace” on Ace.

-Armageddon with Victor Reed beat Precious.

-Bishop/The Baron Malkavain beat Carnage Antwane.


----They have added a second camera!!!...Something that was pointed out to me – and it really is clear on the second camera shoot – they have all the colors wrong for the shoot. Take a look at other wrestling shows – dark crowd – lights in the ring. It really does make for a better TV shoot. Just think about the old ECW stuff – it puts all the focus to the ring…Ok, so they get a second camera, but want to shoot the ringpost. Come on guys!! Have you ever watched a wrestling show??...Big Ace was getting a good response…Psycho did a flying spin kick to Red in the corner!! “Asylum” working babys here, but I thought they were heels?? LOL Psycho hits a “Dreamcatcher” on the floor on Red – damn!!...Precious is working baby now and I have no idea why. Match with Armo wasn’t much as in action, but perfect way to get a babyface over. Have you noticed how they seem to treat their champions like crap every show?? Not in a good way either…Blazer is good as heel commish, but we still have no idea what happened to Reno Diamond other than him being suspended…Blazer joined Michael Ward for commentary on last match. He is good, but I am not a big fan of heel announcers that don’t see stuff – like calling clotheslines as open fists and stuff…All of sudden Baron had blood all over him and Tatt2 jumped him?? What the hell happened?? Match continues with Bishop vs CA. It turned out with Precious coming out and going at it with Bishop after the match. Bishop left him laying.

Best Match
-“Asylum” vs Ace/Red. Just solid bout with “Asylum” looking good here. Did not see the opening bout or the complete Knight vs Stunner bout.

Worst Match
-Nothing horrible on this show. Everyone was working hard.

Must See?
-Nothing really.


----IWA posted their best rating to date with the 12:00 NOON airing of this first run show scoring over 14,000 viewers and a .9 rating. This show was listed as XOW in the ratings. They had a good lead in with Memphis Wrestling doing a 1.3 and they retained 69% of the Memphis Wrestling audience. This is good news for the promotion, but there also “strings” attached to it. #1: I believe Memphis Wrestling has to air something people want to see. #2: The Noon slot looks to be a better bet than the 10:00 slot. #3: Both promotions have to AIR to make a difference. Even though SEC football is very popular, the rating of 8.0 of over 125,000 viewers does let you know that people are watching TV at that time.

Overall Rating:
.9 [14576 viewers]

Quarter Ratings

1st Quarter
.6 [9717 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Knight vs Stunner
-Asylum vs Red/Ace
.6 [9717 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-Asylum vs Red/Ace [finish]
-Precious vs Armo
1.2 [19434 viewers] [+9717 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Precious vs Armo [finish]
-Bishop vs CA
1.1 [17814 viewers] [-1620]

From start to finish
[+8098 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?
SEC football
8.0 [129158 viewers]

IWA Wrestling and Memphis Wrestling Do Not Air Today!!

----Infomercials played in the time slots allotted for wrestling today!! How do any of these promotions think they can get a steady wrestling crowd without airing the same time - every week!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings Report 10.23.09

----This was the second airing of this show that originally aired on 5.02.09. The show was only down 13%, so the material was still something people wanted to watch. It just shows you that when they air 90% original programming [re-air of original], they do better numbers.

Overall 1.3 [21054 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Lawler/Brian C [start]
1.1 [17815 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Lawler/Brian C [finish]
-Dundee/Fairchild vs White/Su Yung [start]
1.6 [25914 viewers][+8099 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Dundee/Fairchild vs White/Su Yung [finish]
-Nightmares vs R&R [start]
1.5 [24943 viewers] [-971 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Nightmare vs R&R [finish]
-Lawler interview
1.2 [19494 viewers] [-5449 viewers]

From start to finish [+1679 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
SEC Football 3.9 [69,970 viewers]

IWA TV: Results and Ratings Report 10.23.09 - Show One!!


-Tatt2 beat Big Ace by COR

-“Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines & Jason Steele]/Samoan Raja beat Suicide/“SnS” [Syn/DJ Stunner]

-Seth Knight beat Big Red with “sour face silencer”

-Precious vs Carnage Antwane – Time limit draw


----Precious is looking more and more like a Memphis hooker every week. Well..not that I know what a Memphis hooker looks like, but you know what I mean…Precious in his interview talks to the crowd – talk to the camera!!!...”No water in that swimming pool” – I loved that! LOL…Crappy finish on opener. Ace worked liked a tall Reno Diamond – not as smooth though…Lights went out and The “Baron” Malkavain came out of a casket from ringside and attacked Tatt2. Baron put the “Demon Wings” on Tatt2 and then did a slight pull-a-part. Good angle…Loved the opening shine spots on the 6-man tag. I like a lot of the guys in the 6-man, but just basic psychology would make such a better match. The young guys have a lot of potential, but need psychology training…Cryme steals the Lightweight title during the 6-man and Jason Hall says it was a “title jacking” – everything does not have to be urban cool when it comes out of his mouth. It comes off really unprofessional. Should we just start calling him “Corey Maclin Jr?”…I usually don’t like a ref that you actually notice during a match, but C-Lo Banks is real fun. He ran one time towards the ropes like he was going to dive over them and when Raja hit his finisher Banks bumped. Good stuff…Red needs some kind of gimmick tights, instead of just plain black…Knight looked good in trunks – he has made a total transformation this year – he looks like a wrestler now!!...Why put both your single champs against each other on TV??...Blalok the Blazer comes out to sign a match for “Halloween Massacre” and announces he is the new commish because Reno got suspended. Good mic work from Blazer. Bishop comes out to sign contract for triple threat and ends up spearing CA and putting Precious thru table…Show continues to improve with guys like Blazer and Bishop…Black Dragon/Psycho vs V-Man/Charlie Parks was suppose to air, but I was told it was such a bad match, they replaced with Red vs Knight dark match.

Best Match
-Knight vs Red. A little sloppy in spots, but had a good solid finish.

Worst Match
-Precious vs CA – not just horrible, but nothing to write home about.

Must See?
-Not really, but if they would have had a camera up close for the Bishop spears and powerbomb, it might have been something to watch.


----They finished with the first show of the day with overall over 6,000 viewers. Not a good rating except for the last quarter and that was probably from people turning on to watch the Memphis Wrestling show. They did have more people watching it when it went off, so that is good. The show actually does seem to improve from the first set of tapings, but they still got a long way to go to establish the show and have the ratings mean something at the box office.

Overall Rating:
.4 [6478 viewers]

Quarter Ratings

1st Quarter
-Precious int
-Tatt2 vs Big Ace
.3 [4859 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Tatt2 vs Big Ace [finish]
-Baron jumps Tatt2
-6-man tag
.3 [4859 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-6-man tag [finish]
-Knight vs Red
-Precious vs Antwane
.0 [-4859 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Precious vs Antwane [finish]
-Bishop spear and powerbomb
.9 [14576 viewers] [+14576 viewers]

From start to finish: +9717 viewers

What was Memphis watching?
Busy Town/Sabrina 2.5 [40,488 viewers]

Photos of the Weekend 10.23 - 10.24.09

----These were sent last weekend and I just forgot to post them. A few from ASWF and one from NEW.

Deadly Dale and Scott Fury

Deadly Dale

Shawn Reed teaching Eric Wayne a "new move" - Kid Nikels watches from behind!!

Ted Dibiase In Dyersburg, TN!!

----Ted Dibiase is in Dyersburg, TN tonight and tomorrow morning at the Dyersburg First Church as part of his "Heart of David" Ministry. The Dyersburg First Church is located at 730 East Court St. and you can call 731.285.4503 to get directions. If anyone attends one of the sermons, then drop me a note with a report.

Friday, October 30, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 10.30.09

-"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over JR Manson

-Christian Jacobs over Rockin' Randy

-Tommy Redneck over Erik Hayes

-Jon Michael over Dell Tucker by DQ when Randy interfered

-Tim Edwards over Stan Lee

-Stan wins 10 man #1 Contendership Battle Royal. Next week is Stan vs DK!!!

So Stan is #1 Contender for title shot against Cody Melton but finally gets his hands on DK next week.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 10.30.09

38 attended

Psycho Medic b Bryan Casey

Lee Cross b Crusher Eric Hodge

Bad Boy Dixon b Ryu

Chris Michaels b Tim Renesto

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe vs Kevin Dunn & Matt Korbaine ended in a double countout when all 4 brawled to the back

Mitch Ryder b LT Falk

Credit: Jimmie Daniel


----I am needing full time reporters for DCW in Dyersburg, TN and TIWF in Trenton, TN. I have not receive reports in a few weeks now. I guess I pissed off someone. LOL

The Dynamite Blast by Seth Knight

----Ok, so I know everyone is going to give us hell, but Seth Knight has joined the staff of RRO with fun column!! It is going to be him reviewing or commenting on the other columnists for the week. It will be posted every Friday morning for your reading please!

Yeah Yeah I know....Another freakin' wrestler who thinks he has something to write about.....

Well guess what?

I DO have something to write about. The title of my blog/column/article is "The Dynamite Blast" because I take a look at the other columns for the week and make comments, good and bad, about what I think about what was said. This week I would like to aim my sights at a guy I haven't had any problems with personally but he seems to be getting fans, and by fans I mean enemies, left and right. The article is entitled " Wayne's World" and its by Eric Wayne. Son of Ken Wayne....Grandson of Buddy Also Wayne. How? You might ask....How can someone seriously write a column every two weeks about how great he is? Well let’s just ask Eric Wayne.

Eric...How...Do you find the time in being so awesome to write this column about how awesome you are? I mean its gotta be a little time consuming being so awesome. Let me quote Eric from his article while he was talking about His match with Austin Lane at the N.E.W Anniversary show.

"We both walked away with cuts, bruises, knots, blood, and of course egos larger than life!"

Ok so basically you walked away from the match exactly like you walked into it just with more injuries? I’m not saying the match wasn't probably a great match, but does every match he has honestly have to be considered "Match of the Year" candidate? In the world of Eric Wayne he believes it does. He is his biggest fan. Eric comes on this site knowing that basically everyone who looks at it is a worker or kin to a worker or got trained by a workers nephew, the point is we basically know whats going on....And he writes weekly columns putting himself over and talking about how good his matches are? Ok, So is he trying to convince us, his fellow workers or himself that he has great matches? If they were that great would he have to tell us about them? Has he ever considered that maybe when you work someone with a great deal of talent that you have better matches?

OK another quote from Mr. Wayne...

"I went to one side and cupped my ear, they cheered like crazy. I went to the opposite side, repeated the motion, and THEY went crazy."

So basically you guys were babyfaces and you got cheered after you won? Well I don't know about any of you other guys but isn't that kinda what is supposed to happen? Talent and cheers aren't always connected. Look at what a pop Ultimate Warrior got....was he any good? Most would agree he was a horrible worker. But he got cheered. Must have something to do with him being the face.....
And one more quote...

"Damn that Eric Wayne had a hell of a match."

......More often than not...Eric is the one saying this because I myself have never heard anyone say those exact words.
OK now to Jamie Jay. I love this guy. Some poeple aren't fans but I LIKE him. That being said I would like to say a few words about this column he writes. So this weeks column was entitled "Arkansas State Athletic Commission" and he wrote about how the Commission basically screws everyone and blah blah. Yeah ok Jamie. The Commission is bs. They make us pay for license fees and take part of the gate and all that. All the states athletic commissions are like that. This isn't a new problem. Jamie was quoted as saying

"Why should we pay them to sit on there ass in Little Rock? They do nothing for us!"

Well you have to pay them because they said so. It doesn't matter if its fair or makes any sense. What’s the point of being mad about it? I was in Missouri trying to work a show about a year ago and ran into the problem with the idiot commissioner and all that. But there's nothing complaining is gonna fix about it. I didn't write a column about how I drove all the way there and didn't get to work because I didn’t have all the 20 types of tests they wanted. I went home and got over it.

Jamie and Eric have one thing in common. Their articles are always about the same type of thing. Eric's is always about him and Jamie's is always complaining about something. Let’s try to write something a little more interesting for the fans and workers on this site, Eh?

I would like to finish by saying I have no problem at all with Eric Wayne. He is very talented and I believe him to be a good worker....BUT, I just find it amusing that someone can honestly be as full of themselves as he is. I also think Jamie Jay is a cool guy.

The views expressed by me in this column are mine and only mine....Who am I kidding? You guys are all thinking the EXACT SAME THING!

It’s been a blast, blasting off like that. I feel much better. Now for the backlash. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

(WGN) Oct 29: Diva digital nudity, Hogan news and notes, ROH injury blow, Matt Morgan on Russo, former WWE wrestler backstage at Smackdown and more!!


Thursday October 29, 2009



10/27 ECW TV results from Rochester, NY: Sheamus over Shelton Benjamin, and Christian over Yoshi Tatsu.

Superstars tonight on WGN has Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Reks; Cryme Time & R-Truth vs. The Hart Dynasty & Mike Knox; Jack Swagger vs. Primo; and Alicia Fox vs. Kelly Kelly.

Smackdown on Friday night has Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison; Matt Hardy vs. Eric Escobar; Finlay vs. Drew McIntyre; plus Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Beth Phoenix all in action.

No WWE house shows this weekend so a rare weekend off, if that exists, for most WWE talent. Raw TV is Monday in Worcester, MA with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne as guest hosts. The Smackdown/ECW tapings are Tuesday in Providence. Both crews then fly over to the UK and Ireland for a huge 11-day, 14-date tour. We are looking for reader reports from all the UK shows to


Roddy Piper did an interview this week confirming he will guest host a future edition of Raw. He didn't say when this would be but did say he wants "one more match" as he wasn't happy with what went down at Wrestlemania 25.

Piper has a cameo on tonight's wrestling-themed episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX.

The Sun is reporting that boxer Ricky Hatton will guest host Raw in Sheffield, England on November 9. Hatton told the BBC this week that he would be open to fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. at some point next year.

Jerry Lawler is selling a limited number of "Lawler For Mayor" T-Shirts. They are all size XL or 2XL. They are $30 each with free shipping and each one is hand signed by The King. $30 cash, check or money order can be sent to: LAWLER SHIRT, 540 S. Mendenhall, Suite 209, Memphis, TN 38117. Lawler also has a new website online at

Jim Ross got the news he wanted today when his medical results came back and he was given an all clear for having MS. He wrote at "We had been waiting on that news for over a week. We have more tests scheduled next week as the process is essentially trying to eliminate issues that I might have but likely don't. The waiting process gets a little stressful and my wife is a Saint for putting up with my orneriness as patience isn't a virtue for yours truly." He said he has been amazed by the well wishes from friends within the wrestling biz and has printed off a few emails that he may use in a future book project.

There is a technical glitch in the new Smackdown vs. Raw video game that can leave you're Diva pantsless. People have been posting videos on Youtube but game developers THQ are taking them down as soon as they go up. We're told the error occurs during the create a wrestler mode.

THQ indicated to WWE this week that they want to renew their game license but want to cut out JAKKS Pacific from the deal. The current license expires on December 31, 2009. There is ongoing litigation between WWE and JAKKS.

Courtney Taylor’s profile has been quietly removed from the WWE website. She is still with the company in developmental as best we know.

The Connecticut Journal-Inquirer ran a story today revealing that WWE is taking advantage of a digital media government program to encourage production companies to invest in the local economy. Since the program was initiated WWE has recouped $3 million in tax credits, according to the report.

Colin Delaney (remember him?) was backstage visiting at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Rochester.

Jeff Hardy's Twitter account is back online. He has a big announcement coming soon perhaps after his next court date should that go his way.

During Raw on Monday night Josh Matthews came down to the ring during a commercial break and got the crowd scream "HEY!" several times as the word flashed on the Titantron. Apparently this was fo new opening credits that debut next week.

Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly are hosting a WWE party next Friday in Glendale, AZ at the Westgate City Center to push Wrestlemania 26 tickets going on sale the next day. Those who attend will have the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Mickie James surprised promoter Bert Prentice with an appearance at last Friday's USA Wrestling event in Carthage, TN to thank him for his support in her early career. Prentice, who is reportedly battling cancer, booked Mickie in Nashville prior to her start in TNA known back then as Alexis Laree. We have an update on Mickie's wrestling career in the next newsletter, which will likely be Sunday.

The Smackdown main event at Survivor Series will actually be Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho in a three-way for the World title.

Great Khali at spotted earlier this year shopping at Walmart.

The October 16 Smackdown did a 1.9 rating. ECW on Tuesday night did a 1.0 rating.

Batista's entrance music Saliva's I Walk Alone is being used by Johnny Damon at the World Series.

MVP turned 36 today. Yes, really.


Impact tonight on Spike has the unveiling of Hulk Hogan as the biggest signing in TNA history; plus Alissa Flash vs. Tara; Machine Guns vs. Team 3D; Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley for the Legends title; The Beautiful People vs. ODB, Hamada & Christy Hemme; Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie in a no DQ match; Rhino vs. Matt Morgan; and Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness) in a street fight.

There is a house show tonight at the County Events Cente in Clovis, NM. The crew also run on Friday at the Star Center in Rio Rancho, and again on Saturday at the Events Center in Loveland, CO. We're looking for reader reports from these shows to


Hulk Hogan has been all over the place this week promoting his new book. Very few people in the company knew he was coming in although there had been rumors for months. Dixie Carter called a few guys, including Mick Foley, after the press conference on Tuesday to tell them she had signed Hogan. She also threw a party with her office staff this morning, apparently involving champagne and donuts. As far as media goes, Hogan was in rare form on Jimmy Fallon saying he was coming to TNA to show the young guys the art form of professional wrestling, that there was only one major wrestling company [WWE] and he was going to put TNA on the map. Well, he didn't exactly say that, but near enough. On Howard Stern he mostly talked about his suicide attempt and the car wreck involving his son and John Graziano. By the way, did you know that when Hulk was holding the gun in his mouth he could have accidentally pulled the trigger because his fingers still tingle from a botched tombstone from Undertaker? He also did an interview on CNN with Larry King which you can watch in it's entirety at When asked by King if he would want to retract anything from his book, he said: "No Brother. I wrote the truth!" He then talked about being in a bad place a couple of years ago but he went back to the training, saying prayers, and eating his vitamins, Hulked Up, and now there is no more craziness in his life. Awesome stuff.

Bubba the Love Sponge said that Hogan has full creative control in his TNA contract, which probably goes without saying, because he isn't doing anything he doesn't want to do. Bubba also claimed Hogan will be taking the book from Vince Russo, which nobody believes. On a related note, Hogan recently gave Bubba's son his original WCW world title belt as a gift.

Footage from Tuesday's TNA-Hogan press conference at Madison Square Garden is online at Dixie Carter said TNA's goal is to become the No. 1 wrestling company in the world. I really hope that isn't her goal, because it really shouldn't be for a company that survives on rights fees paid to them by Spike TV. That's not a knock, but surely she can't be serious?

Reuters on Tuesday listed Hogan signing with TNA as the newswire's fourth most read article. That's pretty impressive.

Hogan is signing copies of his book tonight at Borders Books in Chicago, and also on Friday at 6pm at Barnes & Noble at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. He has a camera crew filming him where ever he goes.

Reaction to Hogan signing across the industry has been mixed. WWE people weren't so much surprised by the news but many speculated the company may now downplay the soon-to-be-released Hogan DVD. Vickie Guerrero wrote on her Facebook, "Hulk can kiss my ass! He will use TNA as well!"

There are the conspiracy theorists that believe Vince McMahon sent Hogan and Eric Bischoff to kill the company. The Honky Tonk Man wrote in his blog: "As an outsider looking in, I see the end of TNA. Is Hogan a double agent? Dumping Jarrett a few weeks ago, Russo having heat with every heart beating person on the planet to now work beside Hogan. Don't think so... WWE kills from the inside you idiots. WCW was the master plan. XWF was the next victim. ROH will fall when Vince wants them to go away. As long as they are not a PPV or TV threat, they will live on. Not wrong, just good business. Let the other guys spend and spend and spend, then take the top guys and the promotion starts to die. Tie up the buildings where they have no place to run. Case in point, WWE will tie up any buildings around the world after they see the numbers of the Hogan Aussie Tour. Do you think for one minute WWE is going to let Hogan and Flair tour the world for TNA? Not going to happen."

Lance Storm at also wrote a blog on Hogan. He is sceptical that Hogan signing would lead to a shift in creative, but is hoping it might. Storm wrote: "I’ve always wanted TNA to succeed and I’ve always maintained my support of their extremely talented locker room. My complaints of TNA have always been directed towards TNA’s creative team (Primarily Vince Russo) and the fact that they (he) somehow manages to book a show so infuriating and nonsensical that I’ve had to completely quit watching despite many of my favourite performers being featured on the show. So while there are some potential down sides to the addition of Hogan and Bischoff to TNA, there are several potential up sides as well, and I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for more of the latter and less of the former. "

Tara said she got her mole biopsy results back and they were benign which is great news.

The Sun has a Q&A with Matt Morgan at He talks about Kurt Angle being the best wrestler on the planet. He said Kurt walks around like the living dead backstage but when the bell rings there is nobody who can touch him. When asked about his WWE run in 2005 he was diplomatic saying he didn't have a bad word to say about his doomed stuttering gimmick: "I believed in myself when I talked. [Vince McMahon] thought it would work with the stuttering character and at the time I agreed." He put over Vince Russo for booking him to his strengths in TNA [actually, Jim Cornette should take most of the credit here]. "What the billion dollar geniuses couldn't do, Vince Russo has," he said. Morgan also put over Kevin Nash: "He's helped me from the beginning. Moves, you name it, he's helped me. He's a smart dude. Maybe I've come across Kevin at a good time in his career, but people crap all over Kevin and say he's out for himself. If that's true, I haven't seen it."

Christy Hemme turned 29 today.


A rare Jim Cornette interview at where he doesn't knock anyone. Well, except for Republicans.

Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA suffered a torn ACL while wrestling Kotaro Suzuki on Tuesday night in Japan. He is expected to be sidelined for at least 6 months, which rules him out of his upcoming ROH bookings.

Ring of Honor at already have tickets on sale for their annual Wrestlemania weekend shows. They secured a building [at Phoenix College] well in advance for next year amid rumblings that WWE was planning to work with the cities of Glendale and Phoenix to prevent them from running local facilities.

Dragon Gate USA are also running Mania weekend at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Davey Richards and The Young Bucks have already committed to these shows. More info at

As noted here, ROH was recently awarded in The Village Voice's Best of NYC issue. They won Best Place to Watch Straight Men Get All Homoerotic. Apparently over on the ROH website message board any topics started regarding the award are either locked or deleted.

Graffiti magazine interviewed Terry Funk at pushing his appearance at an upcoming IWA show in West Virginia. He said he hasn't wrestled for 18 months [hip surgery] and this would be his last ever show as a guest referee. He also noted just getting a call to be inducted into the Professional Hall of Fame at the Dan Gable Wrestling Institute & Museum in Iowa. That puts him in some seriously elite company usually reserved for wrestlers with a strong amateur background.

Jesse Ventura's new TV show premieres on December 2 at 10pm ET on TruTV.

Journal of a Journeyman, a new book by indie wrestler Dusty Wolfe, is available at a special discounted price at or

Fog City Wrestling with The Necro Butcher shares at the Cow Palace Friday night with some of the biggest electronic music acts in the world. 6:30 Door, 8pm Bell Time. Cow Palace 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA. More info at

Bobby Heenan makes his first public wrestling appearance in over 12 months for Great Lakes Championship Wrestling on December 5 in Waukesha, WI. Show is headlined by Al Snow vs. BG James vs. Kip James with Mick Foley as guest referee; Mr. Ken [formerly Kennedy] Anderson vs. Armando Estrada; Demolition vs. The McCoys; NBC Sports Anchor Lance Allan vs. the man they call Gillberg; Headbanger Mosh vs. Matt Longtime; plus King Kong Bundy and much more. You can find out more info at

Greg Oliver has a good story on Godfather actor and former wrestler Lenny Montana at

Christopher Nowinski was scheduled to appear before a Congressional committee today to discuss the effects of concussions and head trauma on professional athletes.

Ted DiBiase Sr. shoots back at Superstar Graham at


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Dusty Wolfe Celebrates with Discounted Price!!

One year ago this month, wrestling fans throughout the world were treated to the life story of a true professional wrestling journeyman Dusty Wolfe through the release of his autobiography "Journal of a Journeyman."

Now, for a limited time only, those who missed their first chance to purchase the book may do so at a discounted price of only $14.99, a savings of $5 off the original cover price. This price is good for a limited time only!!!

"This is a great opportunity for any fan who may not have heard about the book or for those looking for a great early Christmas gift for the wrestling fan in their family," said Brian Tramel, co-owner of publishing company BT Press which helped Wolfe produce his life's story.

"Journal of a Journeyman" gives readers an insight into the life of Wolfe as he first combats a childhood disorder that made walking a nearly impossible feat. Readers will marvel at how Wolfe overcame such troubles to eventual work in the world of professional wrestling, competing for the industry's biggest organizations such as the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and World Class Championship Wrestling, among others.

Road stories from Wolfe's many years in professional wrestling will entertain and, in some cases, make a jaw drop. Wolfe also reveals his thoughts on the current state of the business.

"Journal of a Journeyman" is available at the special discounted price at, and in the PWInsider Superstore at Or if the price is not in effect on those sites yet, then go to!!

Shows for the Weekend 10.30 to 10.31.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. Nothing special this weekend other than a lot of shows featuring costume contests and such. RRO will be.....SURPRISE!!! That's right, RRO will be attending a show this weekend, but in the Halloween spirit - it was be a surprise!! If you see me, make sure to stop by and say "Hey!!"

My World - MAXXED OUT!! "When I First Notice..." by Maxx Corbin

I watched last week’s episode of South Park and found it very entertaining. For those of you that didn’t see it, they did a spoof on wrestling. I think it was kind of a shot at WWE to tell you the truth. They kept calling themselves wrestlers and they ran wrestling shows, but about 99.999% of the show was them just talking and 0.001% of the show was someone getting hit with a chair. Does that sound familiar? I think the guys at South Park were trying to send a message that fans have been trying to send for a while. When did the interview take over wrestling? I remember watching wrestling back when I was a kid and interviews were usually only about 3 or 4 minutes long and just seg-ways between matches. Sometimes they would play the interview on a small split screen during the match.

What the hell happened?

Now, when Raw comes on we are treated to a 30 minute interview to start off the show, a 3 minute match and another interview. It’s like they have switched places. I have found myself watching less wrestling in the past couple of years for this very reason. I think the mid 90’s are what changed everything. WCW was giving an hour of Nitro to the n.W.o and people watched it…..for a while. Austin, DX, and the Rock were also doing interviews in WWE at the time too. I guess that’s when I first noticed that interview had taken over wrestling.

Think back to the 80’s, very few guys would even get close to a mic. When they did it was short and to the point. They did the talking and told their stories in the ring. In fact there were a lot of guys that were great wrestlers, but horrible interviews. The Iron Sheik was mean and menacing, but listen to his interviews….not too good. Ever hear a Bob Backlund interview that you thought was cool? NO! And don’t say you have either. Wrestlers that could talk were few and far between back then, but it was ok because they could wrestle. Even the guys that could talk (Hogan and Flair for example) didn’t talk for 30 minutes every week.

Switch to the 90’s again and look at the interviews. The guys could talk and wrestle. It made sense for them to do an interview and entertain people in different ways, after a while it got a bit redundant, but all in all people were watching in large numbers. Now, look at today. The guys that get the push are the ones
that can talk….kinda. In a perfect world (or the WWE dream world) wrestlers would all be at least 6’5”, 250 lbs of muscle, run a 40 in 3.99, and be able to captivate an audience by picking up a microphone. Those guys are few and far between these days. It’s like someone told them pick 2 of the things on that list. Don’t believe me? Here is proof: The Miz can talk, he can wrestle ok, but he’s not that big . Shelton Benjamin can wrestle, has a great build, but can’t do an interview. Batista looks like he has been sculpted out of stone, he’s a decent talker, but (in my opinion) can’t wrestle for shit. I’m sure I could go on with this forever but let me make my point before Dustin Starr stops reading lol.

I think its time we went back to longer matches and shorter interviews. WWE has the ability to draw people on their matches alone without the help of 30 minute interviews. I mean I love Randy Orton as a heel, but I would much rather see he wrestle than hear him talk. Think about how many people get lost in the shuffle now days because they can’t talk and the ones that should because they can’t wrestle. Now is the time to make the switch. I realize me saying that hurts my chances for ever doing anything in wrestling as my mic work is far superior than my wrestling. I don’t care though; I can always try out for announcing. I want to be entertained by ring work again. I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

----Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling and provides RRO with a monthly column. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).

Wayne's World "Why?" by "3G" Eric Wayne


Knowing that a large part of the traffic that comes to RRO are involved in wrestling, I thought this column was only fitting. A majority of you are in a ring somewhere at least one to two nights a week or more. And for myself and a few others its been a busy few months.

On October 9th, at the NEW 1yr Anniversary show, I wrestled Austin Lane in 25+ minutes of some of most brutal, intense, emotional action this area has seen all year. Austin wrestled almost an hour between three matches that night and was a huge part of the show. I want to publicly thank him for giving it everything he had and making me step my game up that night. We both walked away with cuts, bruises, knots, blood, and of course egos larger than life!

The following week at NBW Legacy 3, myself and Kid Nikels won the NBW tag titles from Motley Cruz and his partner for the night, Big Red(a man that is very underrated in this area). Again I walked away with bruises, knots, a lot more blood, and a bigger ego. We had one hell of a 20 minute tag that had literally everything. Mat wrestling, high flying(myself and Kid Nikels both went airborne, see what I mean when I say size doesn't limit your style?), brawling, and even a touch of comedy.

We were left in the ring at Legacy 3 to a near standing ovation from the 220+ and that's when I got the idea that eventually led to this column. As I stood there in the middle of the ring, I thought about how far we had come and where we were going and decided to have some fun and see just how much the fans liked us.

I went to one side and cupped my ear, they cheered like crazy. I went to the opposite side, repeated the motion, and THEY went crazy. So I go back and forth with dueling cheers and realize I left the largest side out. I had an idea what would happen and was right...I went to them and heard nothing but crickets and a couple boos! So we laughed it off and went back to the first side. They went back to dueling before I finally brought both sides up and promptly left the ring, title in hand.

What's any of this have to do with the title of this column? Moments like this and the Austin Lane match are just a few answers to the question for me. I've had a lot of people at my gym and other places that see the bruises, the black eye I had for two and a half weeks after the NEW anniversary, they've seen me limp around from time to time. And they all ask the same question...why do I do it?

Having the fans in the palm of your hand and entertaining them is why I do it. Knowing that all eyes are on you is not only an ego booster, and a reason to want to perform at your best, but it's also a chance to have everyone leave that night saying "Damn that Eric Wayne had a hell of a match." I've always followed the philosophy that whether there are 40 fans or 4000, I'm going out there and working just as hard. Those people make it possible for all of us to live our dream.

Of course I have the same dream that many of us do, becoming a full-time wrestler and paying the bills by wrestling only. Its a lofty dream that not many reach. The desire and heart to make it that far are beyond belief. The dedication of going week in and week out, sometimes in front of smaller crowds, under the conditions we face sometimes make you second guess yourself and what you're doing, and why you're doing it. But once you are in the ring and you feel the people in the palm of your hand, its ALL worth it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 10.23.09

What a night tonight would be! Referee Chuck Poe would officiate tonight's matches. Announcers would be John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward.

The first match of the evening would be Kolby Stern would go toe to toe with Matt Justyce. Stern, would pay alot of attention to his dancing instead of his wrestling, which would hurt him in this match. Matt would simply stay in control and keep his opponent guessing. Stern would try to make a rebound but would fail and get pinned by Justyce.
Time: 5:02

The second match of the night was Scott Fury and Austin Lane teaming up to take on Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles. Both teams would try to muscle their way to take control throughout the match. But before the match was even close to being over Austin would use up his two saves, NEW rules state that your are allotted two saves in a match. Charles and Fury would find themselves fatigued and both would make it to their corners for the tags. However, Dan would come in full steam and a submission hold would be placed on Austin to make him tap out but Fury would try to save Austin and get DQ'd in the process.
Time: 8:10

Tonight's third match was Shawn Reed taking on Kid Nikels. Both would be on their game tonight as neither would be able to gain the upper hand. But Shawn would find a way to keep the big man down. Shawn would unsuccessfully try to pin Nikels but would fail. Reed would then roll Nikels up for a pin and get the 1, 2, 3.
Time: 5:20

Tonight's Main-Event would be a Non-Title Match between Justin Smart and 3G Eric Wayne. Justin would come off to a nice start keeping Wayne guessing on what he would do next. Wayne would eventually get tired of game and would deliver some hard kicks to the spine of Justin Smart. It would seem that Wayne would be adding another win to his belt, but Wayne would go up to the top rope and try a diving headbutt, but would miss as Smart would move at the last second. Smart would roll up Wayne for the win.
Time: 9:10

Credit: Terrance Ward @

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

(WGN) Oct 27: Updates on Hogan to TNA, what Dixie Carter hopes the deal means, former ECW wrestler in rehab, Nash disciplined and more!!


Tuesday October 27, 2009



10/25 Bragging Rights PPV results from Pittsburgh, PA: The Miz over John Morrison in a non-title match; Melina, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim over Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya; The Undertaker over CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Batista in a four-way to retain the World title; John Cena (6) over Randy Orton (5) in a 60-minute no DQ Iron Man match to capture the WWE title; and Team Smackdown (Chris Jericho, Kane, R-Truth, Fit Finlay & The Hart Dynasty) over Team Raw (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes) to win a big tacky-looking silver trophy. Pre show dark was Christian over Paul Burchill.

10/26 Raw TV results from Buffalo, NY: Kofi Kingston over Chris Jericho; Santino & Melina over Chavo Guerrero & Jillian Hall; Mark Henry & MVP over Legacy; Evan Bourne over The Miz via CO in a non-title match; Sheamus over Jamie Noble; and Triple H over Big Show in a lumber jack match.

The Smackdown/ECW tapings are today in Rochester, NY with Bryan Kelly from FCW making his announce debut with Josh Matthews. Matt Striker and Todd Grisham are covering Smackdown while Jim Ross recovers from his Bells Palsy attack. Kelly is a 28-year-old Virginia native with that MTV look they like. He is a former producer and reporter covering traffic/sport for Channel 4 News in Jacksonville. FL and also has a background in radio.

ECW tonight on SyFy is headlined by Christian vs. Yoshi Tatsu.


WWE is paying for The Sandman to go to rehab right now as part of the mass letter offer to former talents. He had told people he was getting knee surgery.

Jim Ross' MRI on his brain came back inconclusive. He said that his neurologist and radiologist have differing opinions on the initial test results. "I still remain confident that all these health issues will work out in due time," Ross wrote in his blog. "The road just got a little bumpier, or so it seems, for now, but that's when people roll up their sleeves and fight just a little harder."

Raw with the NASCAR drivers, who clearly aren't wrestling fans, did a 3.7 rating. Superstars last Thursday did a 0.9.

Undertaker vs. Big Show in a casket match is tentative for Survivor Series. Last night they announced a three-way of John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE title at the PPV.

WWE shot their Diva Halloween photos in Buffalo. Apparently some of the photos that aren't making the cut are quite something.

The reason they stopped the clock for a few seconds during the Iron Man match at Bragging Rights was panic from the production truck over Orton busting open Cena hardway. Since the move to PG the directive is to show little or no blood much like they did in the early 1990s. Vince McMahon was flipping out at the gorilla position which is why they had trainers in the ring with towels and a glue gun to clean up the blood between falls.

WWE sent out a press release this week touting the economical benefits of hosting a Wrestlemania. This was aimed at major city officials around the country. The release noted Wrestlemania 25 generated $49.8 million for the greater Houston area, and $5.7 million in taxes for the local and state governments. They also noted 86 percent of out of state fans stayed in local Houston area hotels.

Out of the not so smart files.... ECW newcomer Savannah (Angela Fong) wrote on her Twitter that she and her travel buddies were caught speeding but they, "got pulled over by the coolest cop ever" and the cop let them go.

Sheamus moving over to Raw was something Triple H manipulated i.e. made Vince think it was his idea. Hunter noted in a recent interview that he sees Sheamus as a big star and put over his work ethic.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne host Raw next week in Worcester, MA.

We have another update on Mickie James coming soon.

CM Punk turned 31 on Monday.


10/25 house show results from Green Bay, WI: Alex Shelley over Shark Boy; Rhino over Kip James; ODB over Alissa Flash; Matt Morgan over Scott Steiner; Lethal Consequences over World Elite; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe.


The big news of the day is obviously Hulk Hogan signing with TNA. They have been in serious negotiations since August. Unlike the last time they announced Hogan coming in following an angle with Jeff Jarrett in Japan he has actually signed a contract this time. Eric Bischoff and his production company with Jason Hervey (of Wonder Years fame) are part of the deal, along with Spike TV who also have a vested interest. Ric Flair would presumably be part of the package as his agreement with Hogan is that he is involved in any Hogan project related to wrestling for the next three years.

Hogan said today at the press conference that he and Vince Russo can co-exist as long as Russo does his job and doesn't cross him. That almost sounds like a threat. Dixie Carter talked about Hogan coming in as the missing piece of the puzzle to take them to the next level. Well, not sure it will be that.

Impact on Thursday is now built around Hogan's debut, which is likely a taped interview and press conference footage.

Hogan had around 500 fans at his book signing today at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. He was said to be very personable and taking time to talk to as many people as he could. Jimmy Hart was with him. There was another signing at Barnes & Noble in Lake Grove, NY and they had over 1,000 fans and sold out of books.

Another major TNA announcement is coming before the end of the year.

Diamond Dallas Page, 53, is telling friends he is returning to wrestling. Page is very good friends with Bischoff.

Kevin Nash is not currently booked for the next TV taping following his backstage outburst at the last taping when Chris Sabin suffered a stinger and they continued the match while he lay in the ring. There is a report elsewhere suggesting Nash is suspended, but it should be noted he has a clause in his TNA contract which doesn't allow them to suspend him without pay.

Jay Lethal suffered a hamstring injury at the house Saturday night in Racine, WI. Not thought to be serious as he worked the next night in Green Bay.

Eric Young had successful throat surgery today and is now back at home recovering. He isn't expected to miss any time.

Lisa Varon (Tara) wrote on her Twitter that she had two moles removed the other day and warned against the dangers of too much tanning.


Luna Vachon vs. Eric Simms at the Legends of the Ring convention this past weekend at

Paul Heyman and the former Mr. Kennedy, Ken Anderson, shot some footage for The Heyman Hustle at Times Square in NYC late Monday night. Apparently they were mobbed in front of Planet Hollywood (45th and Broadway) and brought traffic to a standstill. The Hustle has some new exclusive photos of Torrie Wilson online at

Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin originally scheduled for UFC 106 in Las Vegas has been pushed back to January 2, 2010 due to Lesnar coming down with a bad case of flu which has left him unable to train.

Ultimo Guerrero was hospitalized following a match at Arena Mexico on Friday night. He went into convulsions after taking a powerbomb from Jon Anderson and doesn’t remember what happened. He spent the night at Hospital Obregon in Mexico City for evaluations and was discharged the next morning.


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(WGN) Breaking News: Hulk Hogan signs with TNA Wrestling, Eric Young surgery and Mickie James news


Tuesday October 27, 2009



Dixie Carter announced today during a press conference at Madison Square Garden that TNA Wrestling has signed Hulk Hogan.

In a press release sent out literally minutes ago, Carter was quoted as saying: "Hulk Hogan is one of the world’s top pop culture icons and the biggest superstar in the history of professional wrestling. We are truly excited to welcome him into the TNA family. Our goal is to become the world’s biggest professional wrestling company. Hulk defines professional wrestling and we look forward to partnering with him in a variety of ways as we continue to grow TNA globally."

"I’m thrilled to be jumping back into the world of professional wrestling," said Hogan. "My fans have been asking me to return to the business for many years on a full time basis, but the timing or the opportunity has never been right until now. TNA Wrestling is a great company with an already excellent fan base, business and broadcast partner. I firmly believe now is the time for some change at TNA as they are positioned to jump to the next level in their development and I’m here to work with Dixie to help make that a reality."

Eric Bischoff is also TNA bound along with at least two other notable names we can't reveal right now.

Bischoff has inked a TV developmental deal with TNA with a view to develop new programming extensions of the TNA brand.

Given how Hogan has said he would never do business with TNA while Vince Russo is running creative this should be a very interesting story to follow.

More on this shocking turn of events later today.


Eric Young is undergoing throat surgery today at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Young has been battling a throat ailment called papilloma and has undergone multiple surgeries since an early age. In 2006 during a surgery to remove a polyp from his throat he flatlined for 10 minutes after a negative reaction to pre-surgery anesthesia. Jeremy Borash wrote on his Twitter this afternoon asking fans to keep Young in their prayers.


Mickie James has signed a management deal with the Nashville-based Skyline Management Group, Inc. and is expected to announce plans to enter country music in the near future. Mickie recently laid down demo tracks to pitch to music industry execs and has been planning for life outside of wrestling for some time.


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Whatever happened to Gene Jackson?

by Gene Chailland

10/27/09 first off I'll give this disclaimer that this column has nothing to do with wrestling other than a brief mention at the end so some of you may want to skip this one. I'm writing this under my shoot name cause this isn't a "rasslin column" from "Gene Jackson"...this isn't me doing my "gimmick"'s just me the real person who not many of you know.

The reason I'm writing this is I've gotten several emails and texts from people asking me why I've seemingly "dropped off the face of the earth." The truth is I've tried to avoid talking about this for quite a while as I hoped things would end up working out and no one would really need to know but it is now clear that isn't the case so I figured I owed BT, my friends, and the three other people who are interested in my columns or radio shows an explanation for my absence.

This is a 100% shoot and I probably shouldn't be posting this here but it's easier than addressing everyone individually. The last three months have been the worse three months of my life. As many of you may know about a year and a half ago my wife was told her heart function was less than 20% and there was a major artery that was blocked which required a stent. After that she was on a ton of medications and was sick and dizzy all the time and was just sitting at home as she put it "waiting to die." This year in late June she went back in the hospital for what was thought to be a "mini-stroke" was then discovered one of her heart medications was what was causing her to be so dizzy and out of it all the time...they took her off the medication and she felt better and started working out in a just a few weeks she was a like a new person her ........unfortunately a new person I'd never met. Her heart function had improved and she felt better than she had in a long time which you'd THINK would be a good thing. I'm not going to completely bury her by going into detail but let's just say she made a lot of stupid decisions and did a lot of things that were completely out of character for the woman I'd been married to for nine years. At first I wanted to try to forgive her and work things out but she continued to do what she'd been doing and I just can't live with that.

So at this point we are separated and will be getting divorced...due to the fact that she couldn't work for a year and a half while she was sick we don't have the money to get a divorce right now or to live in separate places and even though I don't want to be her husband anymore I'm not gonna just kick her out on the street because of my step children whom I've raised since they were we're forced for the time being to still live together....which is completely awkward and miserable. So while dealing with all this I've really had no interest in keeping up with wrestling or chiming in on all the drama that's popped up here and there because in the big picture of my life right now none of that shit is important enough to talk about.

I do feel bad for just abandoning the website but the new writers Jamie Jay, Golden Boy, Maxx Corbin, Downtown Bruno, and forgive me if I've left anyone out have been doing great work along with the regulars like BT, Brian Thompson, and Sal Corrente. Hopefully soon I can get back involved again and contribute whether it be columns, a radio show, or whatever. I wanna thank the people who have emailed me, texted me, or contacted me on myspace checking in with me you know who you are and it's much appreciated. I'm not sure what's gonna happen once I get divorced.....if I can transfer my job I may go back to Mississippi, if not I guess I'll be staying around here. If I come back to Mississippi I hope to get back involved on some level with some of the wrestling shows around there because I really miss it and have for years.

The only wrestling related note to this column is once again I'm gonna make myself be a liar......even though I've said to numerous people on numerous occassions that I'd "never wrestle a match again" I've recently been offered a match that I can't pass in January, Southern Destruction will go to the ring together at least one more time....the one good thing is while dealing with all the stress of my marriage falling apart I started going to the track everyday and working out so I've lost about 60 pounds so far and I'm in better shape than I have been in years and hope to have made more improvements by January. Now if I can just stop drinking again....I'll be all set....but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen anytime soon....oh well you gotta have something to get your through the weekend......thanks for reading. If anyone needs to contact me for any reason my email is I would like to start getting booked on some shows in some capacity so if there's any interest email me....I just need plenty of advance notice to get be able to get off from my shoot job.

Food For Thought "Arkansas State Athletic Commission" by Jamie Jay

Hello Everyone!

Arkansas State Athletic Commission....

Where do I begin? Well, I for one have never believed in the commission. I mean, I know they exist but I refuse to be apart of it! I was taught that they do nothing for me, so why should I pay them my money? The commission in AR is a GIMMICK! All they do is take workers money & we get nothing in return! Think about it! What have they done for you or you're promotion? That's right...NOTHING!!!

I got a phone call on Sep. 17th. the day after I had surgery on my knee. The commission called me & said "we heard through the grapevine that you're running shows without a promoters license" I asked him who his grapevine was & he said he couldn't disclose that information, then I went on to say that I don't believe in the commission & that they didn't do anything for me, so why should I get all these license's? He said because its the law! Well, how strict is the law, or how would you compare it to another law? If it was like speeding, well then its not as big of a deal, we all break the speed limit sometimes. The fact is law or no law, its them committing a crime by stealing money from everyone stupid enough to give it to them!

Like I said earlier, someone called the commission on me! That's the only reason the commission even exist, because some asshole gets mad because you're drawing better than him or you used some of his talent! But, also like I said earlier, I don't believe in the commission & I won't purchase any license from them! I've talked to my lawyer & we're working out all the details now, but I won't be harassed by the commission anymore! So, for whoever that wants to call the commission go right ahead! My crew isn't wrestlers, they're actors, performing in front of a live audience! Like Vince said "We're ENTERTAINMENT!"

Speaking of acting. I'm working on a playwright now! Some of you know what I'm talking about & the rest of you will find out soon enough. Its going to be something great, or I hope anyways! lol!

Back to the commission! For all you young guys out there that thinks its cool to own a wrestlers license, think again! You send them 30 dollars for a license to wrestle in a shop, barn, outside, etc... I know its just 30 dollars, but you add up every wrestler, ref, announcer, manager, bell ringer, (yes, I said bell ringer), booker, promoter, & then 5% of the gate, that's alot of money for nothing! Why should we pay them to sit on there ass in Little Rock? They do nothing for us! For example: ASWF runs Tuckerman every Sat. night & 15 miles down the road SWA runs Newport! Now, commission rules state that a promotion can't run within 30 miles of another promotion, but they've been doing it for at least the past 6 months! Nothing against SWA, thats thier business, just an example!

I could go on & on about that! Anyways, chew on that! Really! Chew on that!!!

----Jamie Jay provides a bi-weekly column about the local focusing on his career and thoughts on the area. Jay is the driving force behind PWA, which promotes shows in the area Jay is currently sidelined with a knee injury.

Monday, October 26, 2009

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.24.09

Homer Lee vs Russian Assassin, Homer won by pinfall

-Southside defeats Hambone 1

-3 way match and Pimptacular defeating War Machine and Hambone 2

-"All American" Frankie Tucker defeats Ray in a hard fought heavyweight title match to retain his championship.

In the intermission following the Semi Main Event Southside and Pimp came out complaining about competition and ended up jumping Big Daddy! Frankie made the save and there will be a match in 2 weeks Big Daddy and Frankie vs Southside and Pimp
Main Event East Coast Bad Boyz (Spyro and C-Money) against Bishop and Pokerface. The match was all over the building and eventually ECBB get DQ'd and Bishop and Pokerface won the match

-MCW will not have any matches on Oct 30 due to Marilynn's House of Fright. All proceeds will go to St. Jude and Breast Cancer Awareness. Come on out and enjoy the fun and spooks!

Credit: Kim Wallace & MCW

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 10.24.09

At the beginning of the show it was announced that a tournament to determine the #1 contender for the EPW Extreme Championship would begin immediately.

(Tournament match) Cassanova Kid defeated Derrick Devine Dudley. Cassanova advances in the tournament.

EPW Champion Kilo Green defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris in a non-title match.

The ladies who were involved in the mud wrestling event the previous week came to the ring and demanded that Kross (EPW Commissioner) come to the ring. When Kross arrived they confronted him about the way things went down the previous week when their match was interrupted by Antoin Smooth. The winner was to have been crowned Miss EPW, and they wanted to know who Miss EPW is since the match never had an official ending. One of the girls told Kross to "fix it." Kross ended up setting up another mud match for Saturday, 11-7-09. He said the match would have a winner and would not be interrupted. He was also made to promise that real mud will be used. After the ladies got that committment from Kross, they took him down and humiliated him.

Justin Rhodes defeated Chazz Stone & Chris Lexxus.

Rajah w/Antoin Smooth cheated their way to victory over "Big Daddy" Neno.

JR Mauler defeated Tysin Starr. Mauler advances in the tournament.

EPW's next event will be this Saturday night, 10-31-09 (Halloween night), at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville, MS. Two costume contests, one for ages 1 through
12, and another for ages 13 & up. Winners will receive $20.00 each. Lots of candy for the kids, lots of surprises, and lots of fun, so DON'T MISS IT!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.23.09

Josh Matthews defeated LSD.

"The Future" Chris Styles defeated Syn.

Curly Moe defeated "The Greatness" Jay Webster & Dirty by count out in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs defeated Suicide.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated "Dangerous" David Cox & David Andrews.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Hittman by DQ when Neil Taylor interfered.

The TFW Card for this Friday night, 10-30-09, will include a match between Curly Moe & Jay Webster. Stipulations are if Curly Moe beats Webster he will get 5 minutes in the ring with Dirty. If Webster wins, however, Curly Moe is done with wrestling.

Also Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor vs. "Big Daddy" Neno. Taylor has managed to dodge having a match with Neno by claiming to be injured. He has, however, not been too injured to interfere in Neno's matches.

Josh Matthews vs. Chris Styles for the TFW Lightweight belt. No love lost between these two, who have been at each other's throats for weeks. It all comes to a head this Friday night.

This Friday night is also TFW's 7th anniversary show. Seven years, now that ain't too shabby, folks. Lots of surprises for the kids, costume contests, candy... who knows what will happen! It all starts this Friday night at 8:00 at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline (Tupelo) MS. Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.24.09

Our first match of the night would be Cody Murdoch agains Seth Sabor. Murdoch with his size advantage would take control early on in the match against Sabor. Sabor would then use his agility and speed to take back the match with some outstanding dropkicks and a super kick that would plant Murdoch on the mat. However, the night was grim for Sabor as Murdoch would once again take over and use the Flatbed to take home the victory after the 1, 2, 3.

Tonight's second match would be The Enforcer vs Kid Krazzy. Krazzys high flying moves would not be enough to take down the ASWF Original as he would lose via pin fall.

The third match of the night was almost a joke for Ron Rage as he would take on Sancho Libre yet again. And yet again he would defeat Sancho Libre, but Sancho Numero Dos would come in the ring and lay out Rage. Rage would quickly get out of the ring and behold Dos would unmask and reveal that he was in fact Scott Fury. Fury would challenge him to a cage match next week at Halloween Fright Fest.

The fourth match of the night was Tim Hanson getting some revenge against Gravedigger. Both would be almost equally match until Gravedigger would order a casket be brought out. While the referees were arguing about why the casket was out in the arena, Gravedigger would hit Hanson with a foriegn object. He would then get the ref's attention and get the pin.

Tonight's fifth match would be pulse pounding as Mark Wolf would take on Cason McClain. Mark would get off to a great start but would soon slip and Cason would take over. With Athena and Murdoch in his corner Mark would not be alone this week as Morgan Williams would join him to even the odds. Mark would then land his finisher to a suprise to everyone and get the pin.

The sixth match would be Tommy Wayne vs Christopher Lee in a non-title match. Lee would state that he was almost 100% and that he made his injury seem worse than what it was to get the upper hand on Tommy. Even after all that, Lee would fall short as Tommy would get the pin over Lee.

Our Main-Event would be LSD's Cody Only and Deadly Dale going against Joshua Cross and Vinny Romano. LSD would dominate this match with style. Taking their opponents almost to hell and back, but they would begin to counter LSD and the fight would take to the outside of the ring. But Josh would pin Cody in the ring to get them the win. LSD would then challenge there opponents to an LSD Death Match next week at the Halloween Show.

Credit: Terrance Ward @

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.24.09 - DK Does #1 On A Grave!!

This past Saturday night was a crowd of about 75.

*Interview Dell Tucker/Randy talking about bringing the tag champion belts to Ripley and putting them on the line. JR Manson comes out and disputes the rematch and CJ/Jon Michael come out and start first match. Match goes over and Randy/Tucker are uncontrollable and nail Jon Michael in the head with steel chair. Jon Michael exits out on stretcher.

*O’Neal interview with Erik Hayes - wanting to wrestle while home from Military. O’Neal grants him his match against Shannon Lee

*Seth Knight vs The "Baron" Malkavain - Seth wins

*Tag Match with Tim Edwards/Tommy Redneck vs JR Manson/Tatt2 (Tim and JR dispute over not fighting each other since they are brothers)

*Erik Hayes vs Shannon Lee - Erik wins

*Plug for Halloween show - special bell time 7 p.m. with costume contest for a chance to win $50.00 for all ages

*Main event DK vs Stan Lee

Stan comes out for his main even match with DK. Dk's music plays but ends up being a taped interview. Derrick goes on his whole spill again about how Stan held him back, EWE is his, and that he is going to expose Ripley for what it is, however he took it to far this time. He had actually went to Stan's grandmother's grave site and urinated on her headstone.

As it is Derrick didn't show up so Stan begged for a match from Chris O’Neal. O’Neal was determined to fire Derrick but backed down for Stan's wishes. Stan has 3 way match against Rockin Randy and Dell Tucker.

Stan wins by DQ on Tucker/Randy from chair shot. Seth and CJ come out for save. CJ gets on mic and states he is tired of all this and is ready to put an end to it all.

Credit: DB

----I love the DK angle. It is one of those angles that will help the attendance or it will just turn off people. If they do not see an increase in tickets for the Halloween show, promoting the DK vs Lee bout, then this town is dead and the angle was not over!

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 10.24.09 - New Faces Debut!!

Show starts off with DCW Champion Ron McClarity coming out with his big enforcer Boss...Ron tells everyone that after the incident at the end of the show last week, he promised to have a match with JD Kerry in an Arkansas Street Fight tonite, but that's not going to happen..He says since he is the champ and its a week before his big title defense why would he wrestle Kerry just 7 days before their match, so instead he is going to do what he said he was going to do a few weeks ago..He is going to go to the back and draw names out of a hat, giving some lucky person a chance to wrestle the champ...

Match 1: Poker Face vs JD Kerry
-match was great from beginning to end, and it really show-cases how amazing these two guys are! It was def a match that showed 2 of the top guys in this area of pro-wrestling...a good fast paced match the entire way with Poker coming out with the victory...winner Poker Face! After the match Poker tells JD Kerry that, he cant even beat him how is he going to compete with the DCW Champ Ron McClarity....

Then Dynasty's music hits and they come out talking trash about the Playaz and Jon Allen who interfered in their business and they want him to come out and explain himself..Jon Allen's music hits and he comes out to a good pop from the crowd at the Dogg House. Dynasty tells him, he shouldn't have have put his nose in their business and that they have something special planned for him tonite..Dynasty tells Jon Allen they paid someone to come in and take care of him, and they guys name is Bishop..his music hits and he is a pretty big guy at 6'2 250 lbs...

Match 2: Jon Allen vs Bishop
-match was really good...This guy Bishop is amazing in the ring! Jon Allen is really coming into his own right now, and he has some amazing moves in the ring..Rodney Mack comes out by the announcers table perched high above the ring to get a look at Bishop and Bishop starts mocking Mack while beating on Jon the end Bishop pushes senior DCW official Tim Daniels into the rope to knock Jon Allen off of the turnbuckle and gets DQ'd...great match! Winner by DQ Jon Allen....

Then former DCW announcer Mike Ward comes out and says he has been sick of all the crap going on in DCW lately and has gone out and found some people to straighten it out..he said he heard Sid Vicious, Scott Hall, and Lord Humongous have been wrestling in DCW lately and wants to send them a message...then he calls out his new Tag Team: The Gorillaz! These guys are MASSIVE...they are prob both 6'7 or better and combining weight of 850 lbs...and one of them has Lord Humongous tied up and on his shoulder bringing him to the ring...they beat on Humongous for about 3-5 minutes, and then Ward says since Sid couldn't be here, they wanted to send him a message.....

Match 3: Angeleena vs Luscious
-match was amazing..these two really had an amazing match! Crowd was def into it and one of the new Divas in DCW Luscious is phenominal in the ring..She was trained by Shawn Michaels and has wrestled all over the world including TNA and R.O.H.! They had a fast paced match with Luscious pinning Angeleena (with her feet on the ropes I might add) and getting the 1-2-3...winner Luscious! After the match Luscious starts putting the boots to Angeleena hard, then former WWE Womens Champion Jazz comes out to help Angeleena...Luscious runs out of the ring and goes to the back! Jazz tells Angeleena that she took her under her wing before, but Angeleena turned on her but she would give her once more chance...and Angeleena says she wants one more chance!

Intermission: Big show next week on Halloween with a DCW Title Match w/ JD Kerry vs Ron McClarity and a 20 man Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership for the winner of the title match.....

Match 4: Genesis vs Ron McClarity w/Boss (DCW Title Match)
-another new guy in the DCW Arena tonite and man does he have a good look! Genesis is 6'1 235 lbs from Olympia, Washington and on his first nite in DCW, gets a shot at the Champ...It may get old me saying it, but no one is better than Ron McClarity around here, the man has some major talent and is the best heel ive ever around this area! These two had a good match together with both men playing to the crowd and McClarity getting pissed b/c the DCW Arena was getting behind this new guy Genesis...match went back and forth for about 15 mins or so with DCW Senior Official Tim Daniels getting knocked down and Boss coming in and hits Genesis with a HUGE side-walk slam, and Ron McClarity gets the 1-2-3...winner and still DCW Champion Ron McClarity! Genesis looked pretty good in his debut..hope to see more of him in the weeks to come!

Earlier in the nite the Playaz came out and said that tonite their match with Dynasty was going to be a 4-Sides of Mayhem match...

Match 5: Dynasty vs Playaz
-if there was a such thing as 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th gear this match def hit it in the beginning and kept on hitting it the whole way..Match of the Night in my eyes and man is this fued getting good! These four were amazing..they wrestled in every square inch of the Arena including the area where fans can buy t shirts and pictures of their fav DCW wrestlers...They used every weapon on each other except for the kitchen sink ( guess Home Depot was out of them when the Playaz stopped by there) including road signs, chairs, garbage cans, a crutch, and i think i even saw a Yoo-Hoo bottle being used at some point..after they finally quit fighting in the crowd, on tables, and near the concession stand, they made it back into the ring but a masked man came out and hit Southside with some sort of weapon and Dynasty picked up the 1-2-3..winner Dynasty!

Match 6: Rodney Mack vs Acid
-another amazing match from these two, always fast paced and always very technical! Ill say it again, but man Acid sure can do some crazy things for a big man...match went back and forth for a while with Rodney Mack having the upper hand most of the match, but Mack accidently spears Ref Tim Daniels and Acid hits Mack with a BIG SLAM and gets the 1-2-3...winner Acid!

There were about 145 or so in attendance...not bad considering down the road ASU had a Homecoming game going on at the exact same time the show was.....!

Credit: Jeff Perryman

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Potts Camp, MS 10.24.09

Derrick King beat Cody Melton
Brody Hawk w/Hollywood Jimmy beat Patrick Smith
Michael Gilbert by DQ over The Albino Rhino
Destiny beat Su Yung w/Garry White
Jerry Lawler won over Kevin White w/ Garry White & Su Yung

This show was not promoted right at all. Probably 125 in the building. The guy put out shitty posters, no radio, no pre-sale tickets. This was a benefit for the football team and not one football player sold tickets. No sponsors either. Saying Lawler was upset would be an understatement. Good thing about the show was Lawler liked all the matches.

Lord Humongous Info!!

----Dave Meltzer reported the following in the 10.19.09 Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Camp was the second guy to play the role after Mike Stark. He was mainly in Alabama - I am not sure if he did any work in Memphis in the gimmick or not?? Camp was in the role before Gary Nation and Sid Vicious.

The starting quarterback at Florida Atlantic University is Jeff Van Camp, a 6-5, 222 pound junior. And his father was the 80s pro wrestler Jeff Van Camp, who was Lord Humongous for a time in Alabama, and more notably did the gimmick in Mid South.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

DK's Big News!!

----Derrick King was scheduled to appear tonight at the River Kings game as MC to sub for Dustin Starr.

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 10.23.09 - Sid/Scott Show Draws 600!!!!!!!!

Sid Vicious/Tojo Yamamoto Jr/Scott Hall

Opener 6ft 8 400lb monster titan beat Ed Love & Davey boy Sloan & Lil Big Nasty & Christopher Jade in a 5 way elimination match

2nd match RPW hardcore champ Rockstar beat RPW Southern IL champ Mike Michaels in a non title match

3rd match RPW heavyweight champ Cash Cavins beat Mekka Nyne

semi main Zac Jones managed by Mr Kryptonite beat Iceman Danny Ice

main event Tojo Yamamoto Jr & Reyes Moreno & Panic beat Scott Hall & Sid Vicious & Lord Humongous when Tojo Jr rolled up Scott Hall after he attempted a razor edge.

----600 paid to see the Sid/Scott show and they have become the top draws in the area.

(WGN) Oct 25: Bragging Rights PPV tonight, Triple H on young talent, Jim Cornette on TNA, Joe update, altercation at legends convention and more


Sunday October 25, 2009



10/24 WWE house show results from State College, PA: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Zach Ryder & Paul Burchill over Yoshi Tatsu & Tyler Reks; Matt Hardy over Jamie Noble; Drew McIntyre over R-Truth; Christian over William Regal; The Bella Twins over Rosa Mendes & Katie Lea; John Morrison over The Miz; and the min event was John Cena, Mark Henry & MVP over Randy Orton and Legacy.

Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin were all advertised but didn't appear. Matt Hardy was called to come in late.

WWE presents Bragging Rights tonight on PPV from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh: The Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista in a four-way for the World title; Randy Orton vs. John Cena in a 60-minute no DQ Iron Man match for the WWE title and if Cena loses he leaves Raw for good; John Morrison vs. The Miz in a non-title match; Melina, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya; and Team Raw (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes) vs. Team Smackdown (Chris Jericho, Kane, R-Truth, Fit Finlay & The Hart Dynasty).


In an interview with PowerSlam magazine when asked about potential break out stars, Triple H listed Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, and Kofi Kingston as one's to watch. He said: "They are all moving up, but slowly, which is the right way. The closest to me is probably Sheamus, because we always train together on the road. But I try to watch all the young guys' matches and give them advice, if they want to hear it. If they take advice to heart and really want to improve, them I am wanting to help. As for seeing some of myself in someone? That's tough. Sheamus just the other day showed up at a show he didn't have to be at. He does whatever he's asked to do without complaining, he goes to every show and is always wanting to work: he does it all, goes above and beyond. That's what I was like."

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review at has a story on CM Punk spending his day off visiting a local children's hospital with gift packs for the kids.

The new WWE-produced Hulk Hogan DVD has been titled Hulk Hogan's Unreleased Collector's Series, a 3-disc set of 27 matches most of which have never been released before. The collection will be released on November 17.

Hogan is all over New York City next week pushing his book. He will be on The Today Show on NBC early Tuesday morning, Larry King on Tuesday night, and Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

Marty Jannetty wrote a blog noting he was dealing with an injury when he worked Raw last Monday in Jacksonville. He wrote: "I knew ahead of time I wasn't going to be able to give the performance I like to give and expect from myself. I did give it my all, but my all wasn't all it can be. I wont make excuses, as even a great excuse will accomplish nothing, and what's done is done. I'll simply say what you saw the other night is not what you will see in the future."

Shane Helms wrote on his Twitter that he watched UFC last night and thought the show was very lackluster. "WWE party tonight. Guarantee WWE will be the better show," he Tweeted.

Edge is headed to France next week for a promotional tour.

Cody Rhodes is interviewed at


10/24 house show results from Racine, WI: Alex Shelley over Kip James; Kiyoshi over Shark Boy; ODB over Alisha Flash; Matt Morgan over Rhino; Lethal Consequences over Sheik Bashir & Kiyoshi; and AJ Styles over Scott Steiner.

Samoa Joe didn't work a match after a knock Friday night in Chicago. Show drew an estimated 600 here, and 400 in Chicago.


Joe is expected back in the ring this afternoon in Green Bay.

Jim Cornette at has a new blog online with his perspective on his TNA run, Vince Russo, and what really happened behind the scenes leading to his release. He says he would welcome the chance to work with TNA again, but not under the creative of Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara, who collectively he describes as Abbott & Costello: "They split for a few years, but apparently have kissed and made up. I have not seen Ed Ferrara since I vented my disgust on him in 2002 over his mockery of Jim Ross' Bells Palsy on national television. It's safe to say he doesn't want to be around me, and especially in the absence of Dutch [Mantel] and Jeff [Jarrett] and the presence of Russo, there's no way I could tolerate him either."

Kip James and Rhino appeared on Saturday at the University of Wisconsin college football game. They were introduced as "WWF stars Billy Gunn and Rhino" and shot off the cannon following a touchdown.

TNA Karaoke featuring Creed and Flash from earlier today at

Booker T's profile was removed from the TNA website. Sharmell is still listed as part of the roster.


Ultimate Death Match 2, a movie starring several pro wrestlers including Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, is filming on Tuesday at the Davis Arena (home of OVW), 4400 Shepherdsville Road in Louisville, KY. The producer is looking for volunteers as extras to report to the Davis Arena at 10am.

The wife of Mike "Nova" Bucci just gave birth to a baby girl called Olivia Marie weighing in at 7 lbs 2oz. Congrats to the happy couple.

There was an altercation between Luna Vachon and Eric Simms (best known as the Iron Sheik's handler) at the Legends of the Ring convention on Saturday in New Jersey. Luna was yelling at Simms from a distance then made a lunge but security blocked her attack. One eye-witness said: "[Luna] calmed down and eventually everything went back to normal, but it was still something to see." Several people caught the altercation on tape so I am sure this will be make the rounds on YouTube. Apparently Luna was upset that Simms wasn't spending enough time with her as her agent at the convention.

We have a report on the Terry Funk Roast in today's mailbag. New Jack upset a lot of people at this event over some mean spirited comments directed at Missy Hyatt and Lacey Von Erich.

Mick Foley wrote a blog with his thoughts on the roast at

2 Cold Scorpio turns 44 today.

James Guttman interviewed Tony Anthony (T.L. Hopper) about his WWE run, the Godwinns, Vince Russo and more at

Dan Mirade reports that Shiloh Pepin (known as "Mermaid Girl" from Discovery Channel and TLC documentaries as well as an appearance on Oprah last month) passed away on Friday at the age of 10. Earlier this year Superstar Graham and John Cena Sr. arranged for Pepin, a huge wrestling fan, to go to the WWE Backlash PPV. She was born with both of her legs were fused together from the waist down, leaving her with no genitals or lower colon and one kidney that didn't function. has an interview up with Bret Hart. Again he was negative on TNA booking, saying another promotion is good for the wrestling, "but I’m not so sure about the ridiculous storylines." He added: "I don’t get it. But they have some great people, I think pound-for-pound AJ Styles might be the best wrestler in the world today; he’s one of them anyway.." He also put over Randy Orton in WWE and talked about producing an audio version of his popular autobiography.

Dwayne Johnson got some negative press in today's New York Post at

Wrestle Talk Radio tonight 11pm ET at

Bill Anderson has a book out titled, The School of Wrestling. The book is 8.5′ x 11″ with 164 pages and over 350 photographs from Bill’s training sessions featuring the likes of Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Louie Spicoli, and many others, with a narrative relating to that particular training session. More info at


Ring Roast 2 took place this past Friday, the day before Legends of the Ring at Monroe NJ's Crowne Plaza Hotel. The room was packed with fans, both casual and workers in the wresting business who came to salute the one and only Terry Funk.

The wrestlers included Kevin Sullivan, Kevin Von Erich, King Kong Bundy, Dennis Stamp, Superstar Billy Graham, New Jack, Missy Hyatt, Mike Graham, JJ Dillon, Mick Foley and the event was hosted by Bill Apter. Other TV wrestling personalities in attendance were Al Snow, Ken Anderson, Luna Vachon, Mark Lewin, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Terry Runnells, Lacey Von Erich and many other people who packed the room to give tribute to this legendary superstar.

The event opened with Bill Apter disguised as an old women who escorted Terry into the room and told stories about when they first met in Japan and how by dressing as a "grandma", he is finally even with Terry for things that happened years ago while Apter was singing Karaoke.

Next up was comedian Ryan Mahar who opened the show and started what seemed to be an overload of jokes about Missy Hyatt's sexual prowess, Terry Funk's many retirements and how Terry had also done movies and started with such luminaries as Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Swayze and more. Then he went around the room throwing shots against almost every wrestler in attendance.

Next up was New Jack, who delivered story after story about his relationship with Terry Funk including the fact that Paul Heyman kept him off the first PPV and yet delivered a 28 minute tribute to him before the PPV. He then went on to talk about certain incidents that happened over the years including Mass Transit and through it all thanked Terry for helping him when he was with Smokey Mountain and other territories.

Next was King Kong Bundy who started off with comedy before talking about he and Terry in Texas and delivered some funny stories about getting started with the Funk Family.

Next up was Kevin Von Erich who told people he was not funny but delivered some great stories about the Funk and Von Erich family and telling people that as a kid, he used to hang with Terry and one day, while gigging for frogs, Terry steered him toward a 10 foot hole in the pond where Terry laughed while Kevin tried to tred water.

Next up was another comedian Sean Morton (who tried but rather than give a tribute to Terry, wound up almost getting attacked for shoots on New Jack). Security as well as Mick Foley handled the matter and it was quicky resolved without an issue.

After that was Florida Championship Wrestling's Mike Graham, who like Kevin Von Erich, had some great stories about growing up with the Funk Family. Mike told the crowd right up front he was not very funny, but was indeed very entertaining to the crowd.

JJ Dillon went to the podium and told people that while everyone remembers him as a manager, he was indeed a wrestler who had been taught a lot by Terry Funk and brought up stories about Florida, Georgia and other territories.

Next up was Kevin Sullivan who told stories about ECW, WCW, Florida Championship Wrestling, Japan and more. Kevin Sullivan is a master storyteller and had the full attendion of everyone in the room.

After that, we had Dennis Stamp head to the podium who proceeded to tell what a great humanitarian Terry was, giving his time to children and those who were sick and showed the selflessness side of Terry Funk, that had tears in many eyes in the room.

Not to be outdone was Superstar Billy Graham who told stories about the different territories and how proud he was to call the Funks, not just Terry but Dorry Jr. and Sr. as well as friends and family. Graham mentioned how much time Michelangelo put into working on the Sistine Chapel, dedicating 7 years of his life to the project and told Funk that he had his own dedication and presented a drawing of Terry (among his many retirements... that joke never got old).

After another comedian, Matt Bridgestone (with a so-so imitation of Randy Savage including presenting a Slim Jim to Terry Funk), it was time to let Missy Hyatt get her revenge on everyone and told stories about each and everyone who had attacked her during the night. Then she went and told a nice story about Terry and that he was one of the true gentlemen of wrestling.

Finally we had Mick Foley who told everyone about stories in Japan, WWE, ECW, and how he wanted to know how Terry could punch and make it look so good (the truth be told, according to Mick Foley is that the punches were real, which is why they looked so good).

After everyone had their say, Terry took the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to see him and showed an award presented to him earlier in the day. He also showed off the painting by Superstar Graham and went and told some remarkable stories about working with each and every wrestler in the room. He then talked about what the business has become today and about keeping it old school and keeping the business safe.

This is just a short synopsis of the Ring Roast 2 and the DVD will be available soon. For more info you can send an email to

Kevin Redding


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