Saturday, November 07, 2009

(WGN) Nov 7: Former WWE Diva attacked, young indy wrestler passes, TNA wrestler on Dixie's talent meeting, Batista meets Beyonce and more


Saturday November 7, 2009



11/6 Smackdown TV results from Providence, RI: Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty over John Morrison & Cryme Tyme; Beth Phoenix over Brittany Carter; Drew McIntyre over Jimmy Wang Yang; Rey Mysterio over Mike Knox; CM Punk over R-Truth; and Matt Hardy over Batista via DQ.

11/6 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Brussels, Belgium: Christian over William Regal; Yoshi Tatsu over Zack Ryder; Mickie James won a battle royal; Cryme Tyme over The Hart Dynasty; Ezekiel Jackson over Goldust; John Morrison over Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler & Matt Hardy in a four-way; Drew McIntyre over Finlay; Michelle McCool over Mickie James; and The Undertaker over CM Punk in a casket match.

11/6 Raw house show results from Newcastle, England: Santino Marella over Chavo Guerrero; Sheamus over Primo; Paul Burchill over The Hurricane; Mark Henry over Chris Masters; Jack Swagger over Evan Bourne; Melina over Alicia Fox; The Miz over Kofi Kingston & MVP in a three-way; DX & John Cena over Randy Orton & Legacy.

We're looking for brief reader reports from the remaining WWE shows this weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany; and Minehead, Liverpool and Nottingham, England to


Lilian Garcia was assaulted yesterday on the streets of New York City during a Yankees ticker tape parade. Somebody tried to snatch her cell phone but she held on tightly and was thrown to the floor. She filed a police report and cops are hoping to catch the culprit from CCTV footage. She is okay now but grazed her elbow during the fall and was pretty shaken up by the ordeal.

Multichannel News at has a story on WWE reducing PPV events from 14 to 13 in 2010 and increasing the price by $5. An unnamed company spokesperson (WWE is upset about the leaked memo) was quoted as saying: "We're looking at building long term growth and focusing on providing value to our customers."

Batista presented an award to Beyonce at the MTV Europe Music Awards, following a possibly drunk David Hasselhoff, according to The Telegraph newspaper at Batista is quoted as saying: "Oh God, I want to party with David Hasselhoff." I think he meant to say play video games...

The Arizona Republic at has a story on Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly in town for the Wrestlemania 26 on-sale party last night in Glendale. There is also a video from one of the local news stations. A newscaster is interviewing Sgt Slaughter and Maryse. When asked about a foreign country that people wouldn't expect to be crazy about wrestling, Maryse answered MEXICO!

Superstars on Thursday night did a 0.8 rating.

Somebody pointed out to me today that Monday's Raw in England will be the 12 year anniversary of the Montreal screwjob at Survivor Series, and the show is hosted by Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton.

The WWE website interviewed Rey Mysterio about his new autobiography at

WWE has canceled several house shows in January. The canceled events are: Erie, PA; Youngstown, OH; Altoona, PA: Bowling Green, OH; and Charleston, WV. There are likely some disappointed fans in Altoona and Bowling Green as both of those events were originally booked for late 2009, then moved to January and now canceled. (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

Ring announcer Lauren Mayhew is offering a free download of her new song I SPY through Topspin Media at her official MySpace page I SPY is co-written by P.O.D. guitarist Marcos Curiel and produced by Brandon Friesen (Nickelback, Steriogram, Default). The song is also featured on an upcoming episode of MTV's The City.

Today's Diva of the Day is Gail Kim at

Some developmental notes. Zivile Raudoniene made her FCW debut this past week as Askana. Kyle Rasmussen is working under the name of Conrad Tanner, Dos Caras Jr. is Alberto Banderas, and Pate Fifita (son of former WWE wrestler Haku) is Jimmy Uso. Danny Basham was at the TV tapings on Thursday. So were Tommy Dreamer and Ricky Steamboat who signed autographs for fans before the show. Kaval (Low Ki) is almost ready to return following reconstructive knee surgery.


11/6 house show results from Murray, KY: Suicide over D'Angelo Dinero; Rob Terry over Kip James; Alissa Flash over Sojo Bolt; Hernandez over Homicide; Rhino over Abyss; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe.

They drew around 400 in what was a 8,500-seat building.

TNA run in Jackson, TN on Sunday at the Oman Arena. There is also a special charity event in Nashville on Monday at the Wildhorse Saloon to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. Full line up is AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe; Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner; Beer Money & Frank Wycheck vs. World Elite; Abyss vs. Rhino in a Monster's Ball match; Tara vs. Velvet Sky; D'Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide vs. Homicide in a three-way; and Hernandez vs. Kip James.


Impact on Thursday night did a 1.1 rating, just under the YTD average. Not good considering all the Hogan hype from last week.

Regarding Dixie Carter's talent meeting, some of which aired on Impact, one TNA wrestler told us: "I have no idea why Dixie wanted that to air. She sounded terrified. After the meeting there were a lot of guys rolling their eyes. This locker room isn't one big happy family as [Dixie] wants us to portray publicly. Everyone is divided over the idea of Hogan coming in, and not in a good way."

The New York Times reviews Hulk Hogan's book at The reviewer thinks that Hogan is too honest.

Hogan has been named an Ambassador of Movember in Australia; a moustache-growing charity event held each November to raise funds for awareness of men's health.

James Storm appears to have upset a former lady friend as nude photos of him have surfaced on the Internet during the past couple of days.


Bryan Alverez reported that Adam Dykes passed away on Thursday night. No details at press time. He worked on the Northwest indy scene for around a decade mostly under the name of Adam Firestorm. I didn't know him personally but exchanged several emails with him over the years and he always came across as a nice guy. He was just 32-years-old and is survived by his wife Emile and young son Thomas. My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

Lucha star Octagon was arrested last weekend in Coahuila, Mexico after failing a breathalyzer test at a police roadblock. His car was impounded and he spent four hours in jail before a judge sentenced him to 20 hours of community service. Octagon was said to be distraught that his arrest made news headlines and begged for forgiveness from his fans especially the children saying that he just had two drinks which was wrong but it wasn’t a robbery or murder. (Thanks to Kris Zellner)

In other news out of Mexico, Cibernetico also hit headlines after a nude photo of himself surfaced on an adult dating website. Ciber, who is married, said he has no idea how the photo ended up on the dating site and claimed the only person who he sent this photo to was his wife. He said he rarely goes on the Internet and would never do anything like this since he is married and would never expose himself to the world or would be involved in any type of "prostitution."

James Guttman at interviewed Sim Snuka about his WWE release. He said he would love to work for TNA but getting back to WWE is his main goal: "I'd love to be a part of TNA. I wasn't sure when they first started up, but I was hoping for them, I was like, "Man. Hopefully these guys can do something." Just because it gives the boys opportunities to work somewhere else. Then they just kept going. When I got my release from WWE, I think that happens with a lot of guys, one of their first thoughts is, "How about TNA?" And I actually, one of the first things I wanted to do is go back to Japan. And TNA is a thought as well. I'd love to work for those guys and see what that would be like. But my ultimate goal is to go back to WWE. I don't feel finished there yet."

Big Time Wrestling will return to the air on Detroit's channel 33 after a 35 year hiatus. Story is at

There is preview footage of the upcoming movie, Planet 51, voiced by Dwayne Johnson at


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Reminder: Tonight!!!

----Tonight in Jonesboro, AR for DoggCW will be Scott Hall teaming with Rodney Mack vs the Gorillaz with their handler Michael Ward.

IWA Reminder!!

----As reported by D-Rock on earlier this week...

On IWA's Official MySpace ( it was posted to check out IWA this Saturday morn at 10am and at 12pm 2hr, so it looks like IWA Championship Wrestling will be back on with two shows, this coming Saturday, at 10:00am and Noon.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 11.06.09

91 attended

Psycho Medic b Crusher Eric Hodge

Lee Cross & Harold Knight b Dyron Flynn & Convict

Bad Boy Dixon b Shane Smalls to win the USWO Jr. Championship

Tim Renesto vs Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) went to a no-contest after both repeatedly shoved ref Jamie Ferrari

ATL Southern Champion Tommy Mercer b Chris Michaels

Matt Korbaine & Kevin Dunn b USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & Josh Crowe by reverse decision after Dixon's interference caused Payne to pin Korbaine

Mitch Ryder vs LT Falk went to a double countout after Falk chased Ryder to the back

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, November 06, 2009

(WGN) Nov 6: Leaked WWE memo regarding PPV, insider breaks down Dixie Carter's talent meeting, Slammy Awards back again, Candice Michelle and more


Friday November 6, 2009



11/5 Superstars TV results: Santino Marella over Chavo Guerrero; Jack Swagger over Primo; Paul Burchill over Tyler Reks; and Chris Jericho over Finlay.

11/5 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Frankfurt, Germany: Cryme Tyme over The Hart Dynasty; Yoshi Tatsu over Zack Ryder; Ezekiel Jackson over Goldust; Mickie James won a Diva battle royal; Christian over William Regal; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio in a four-way; Drew McIntyre over Finlay; Michelle McCool over Mickie James; and The Undertaker over CM Punk in a casket match. Show drew around 8,000. We have a more detailed report in today's mailbag.

We're looking for brief reader reports from the WWE shows this weekend in Brussels, Belgium; Dusseldorf, Germany; and Newcastle, Minehead, Liverpool and Nottingham, England to

Smackdown TV tonight has Batista vs. Matt Hardy; CM Punk vs. R-Truth; Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox; Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Time & John Morrison; Beth Phoenix vs. Brittney Carter; and Drew McIntrye vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.


A memo leaked to us by a senior cable industry source reveals that WWE is planning to raise the suggested retail price of it's PPV specials by $5 to $44.95 in the United States, starting with the Royal Rumble on January 31. This appears to be a move to offset losses by reducing the numbers of PPV events from 14 to 13 in 2010.

The memo read:

"As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize the WWE pay-per-view business, we have made several changes to our branding strategy in 2009. A key priority was to rename and retheme several of our events to better describe those pay-per-views and to build interest for our fans through new “hooks” and stronger themes. In contemplating the future of the pay-per-view business, we would like to make you aware of two important changes we are making to our pay-per-view strategy in 2010.

1. WWE will increase the suggested retail price of its pay-per-view events (excluding WrestleMania), by $5.00, to $44.95. This change in the SRP shall become effective commencing with Royal Rumble, which will be held on January 31, 2010. This will be the first price increase for non-WrestleMania events since 2006. Please note that the SRP for WrestleMania will remain $54.95."

2. WWE is eliminating one of our June pay-per-view events therefore reducing the number of pay-per-view events in 2010 to 13 events. Please find the preliminary 2010 WWE pay-per-view event schedule below and attached."

The strategy of reducing our pay-per-view calendar to one event per month (except for October) achieves both creative and business objectives for WWE. It allows us to better develop compelling storylines and arcs in order to motivate our fans to purchase more pay-per-views. This change also allows for increased marketing windows for each event, during which we can more effectively communicate our sales message."

The memo also contained a calendar of events for 2010 which is listed below by event, date, location and arena:

Royal Rumble
Sunday, January, 31, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Philips Arena

Elimination Chamber
Sunday, February 21, 2010
St. Louis, MO
Scottrade Center

WrestleMania XXVI
Sunday, March 28, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
University of Phoenix

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Baltimore, MD
1st Mariner Arena

Extreme Rules
Sunday, May 23, 2010
Oakland, CA

WWE The Bash
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center

Night of Champions
Sunday, September 19, 2010
Chicago, IL
Allstate Arena

Hell in the Cell
Sunday, October 3, 2010
Dallas, TX
American Airlines Center

WWE Bragging Rights
Sunday, October 24, 2010
Minneapolis, MN
Target Center

Survivor Series
Sunday, November 21, 2010
Miami, FL
American Airlines Arena

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Sunday, December 19, 2010
Houston, TX
Toyota Center


Dennis Miller is confirmed to guest Raw on December 14 in Corpus Christi, TX. He will host the Slammy Awards during a special three-hour show.

Anyone get their Wrestlemania tickets today?

Edge is signing autographs in Sydney, Australia next Wednesday at the Westpoint Blacktown.


11/5 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Beer Money over Eric Young & Rob Terry; Desmond Wolfe over Cody Beaner; Tara over Hamada; Bobby Lashley over Homicide; Taylor Wilde over Madison Rayne; AJ Styles over Christopher Daniels with Samoa Joe as the special referee; and Matt Morgan & Hernandez over Team 3D.

TNA are back on the road this weekend. They run tonight in Murray, KY and Sunday in Jackson, TN with AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe on top.

There is also a special charity event on Monday at the Wildhorse Saloon to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. Full line up is AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe; Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner; Beer Money & Frank Wycheck (former NFL tight end) vs. World Elite; Abyss vs. Rhino in a Monster's Ball match; Tara vs. Velvet Sky; D'Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide vs. Homicide in a three-way; and Hernandez vs. Kip James.


Dixie Carter's talent meeting prior to the TV tapings this past week is online at It's a less abrasive version speeches that Eric Bischoff gave to the WCW locker room in the late 90s; one in which Raven walked out and much later Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero. One former industry power-player analyzed Dixie's speech by saying she is no Stephanie McMahon but is moving in the right direction: "I don't think she's in Stephanie's league as a ruthless businessperson, but this is how she chose to publicly address the members of her staff and locker room. If she went this far, she should have offered releases to talent. It's been done in WWE in the past. Bischoff did it in WCW and only Raven took him up on it. It was done in ECW. She wanted to position herself in public and behind the scenes as a strong leader. I don't think she came off as strong as Stephanie, and that's the standard she needs to live up to when she says she wants to go forward and step up in the industry. She didn't do anything wrong, and came across like a person who had belief in the direction she chose. She also didn't instil any confidence, either."

The updated lineup for Turning Point next Sunday is AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels in a three-way for the TNA title; Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe; Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner; The Machine Guns vs. The British Invasion for the tag titles; Tara vs. Awesome Kong in a steel cage; Amazing Red vs. Homicide; and ODB, Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. The Beautiful People.


Today's Diva of the Day is Awesome Kong at

Shimmer has a DVD taping on Sunday in Berwyn, IL at the Eagles Club. The show sold out but there is an after party for anyone in the Chicago area that wants to hang out and party with the wrestlers. Address is 39TEN Lounge, 3910 S. Harlem Ave, Lyons, IL. Begins at 8:30pm, lasts til closing. All ages welcome until midnight. No cover. Among those in attendance will be: MsChif, The Canadian Ninjas, Ayako Hamada, Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey, Wesna Busic (w/ Annie Social), Rain & Jetta (w/ Lacey), Allison Danger, Mercedes Martinez, Jessie McKay, Malia Hosaka, Cat Power, Tenille, Nikki Roxx, Portuguese Princess Ariel, Rachel Summerlyn, Kellie Skater, Daffney, and Melanie Cruise. More info on Shimmer at

The Tampa Tribune has a story on Jimmy Hart supporting Brian Blair's opponent Irene Guy in the 2010 Republican primary for Florida's District 47 state House seat. Story is at

Alex Marvex has a story on Dragon Gate with Gabe Sapolsky pushing tonight's PPV at

Candice Michelle will be signing autographs from 11 - 1pm on November 28 at The Frank & Son Collectible Show, 19649 E. San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA. For more info, email Steve at or go to ... Kevin Nash, Traci Brooks and SoCal Val will be signing autographs December 5 and 6 at Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA. For more info go to Also, Nash and Amy "Lita" Dumas will be signing autographs from 11 - 2pm on December 19 at The Frank & Son Collectible Show, 19649 E. San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA.

Brian Tramel is reporting Memphis area wrestling promoter Bert Prentice came home from the hospital on Tuesday and said he is now cancer free.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the passing of Mike "Crash Holly" Lockwood at the much too young age of 32.


Me and a friend decided on short notice to visit the house show in Frankfurt yesterday. We got some good seats (approx. tenth row) and from my thinking the arena was almost packed, I would say around 8.000 people or so.

Opener Cryme Tyme vs. Tyson Kidd and D.H. Smith was the right thing to open the show with. Shad and JTG knew how to get the crowd hot, for the start they received huge pops. Match was solid, classical architecture, strong heel offense from the start, hot tag, face victory after turbulence in the ring.

Next up Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu. Crowd was almost dead during the whole match. It seemed, that nobody in the arena watches ECW and knows those two are.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Goldust was kind of a squash. First heel victory today for which also nobody seemed to care. Ezekiel is an impressive figure.

Diva battle royal for a title shoot tonight was what you expected, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix being the main actresses. Towards the end of the match we realised that the battle royal was not top rope since Mickie kicked Beth through the ropes below and Natalya over the second rope for the win.

ECW title match Christian vs. William Regal. Regal came to the ring with huge heat. He took the mic and discredited Germans "I could never possibly suck like a German", nice draw for even more heat. Christian seems to be loved here, hugest pop until now. Christian interacted with the crowd so the start of the match took a while. Good mat wrestling in the beginning. Match seemed to long, but not to long and having Christian win with a not so good looking Unprettier. Nice long celebration in the ring afterwards. You could tell that Christian loves to be in the ring. Match of the night psychology wise.

Next up a fatal four way for the Intercontinental title. John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. Match of the night entertainment wise.The faces started of by beating down Ziggler. Afterwards Matt and Rey teamed against Morrison and then it was a free for all. Intense match with lots of near falls, all signature moves and a win by Morrison in the end. After the match the three faces celebrated together on the ramp.

After a 15 minute break Drew McIntyre entered the ring almost no reaction. He drew good heat with defamation of Germans and even read some sentences in German, which I thought was really good. Of course Finlay then had a good stand with the crowd. He even took a German flag with him to the ring. After a little bit of drama the match had some good mat wrestling stuff. Drew won with a roll up with his feet on the ring ropes. Finlay did not.

Diva title match Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James was a normal diva match without particular highlights, won by Michelle.

Main event was, as announced, a casket match between The Undertaker and CM Punk. Punk received good pops at his entrance, and had an argument with a fan ringside. Undertakers entrance was the loudest the arena had heard this evening. During the match Punk had much fear of the casket. Highlights were an almost-rope walk of Taker, a nice chokeslam, a beautiful GTS and the chair usage of Punk against Taker. Taker won as expected after an nicely executed tombstone. Celebration afterwards was fairly short for his "last" tour.

Overall a solid around three hour show with good work by some talent (Drew McIntyre, participants of the fatal fourway, Christian, Regal, Cryme Tyme).

We waited behind the arena for around an hour (maybe 50 meters away from the buses, behind a fence) to meet some talent. Finlay and Matt did wave, but that's all we got.

We really like your newsletter, its the best source for overseas wrestling fans to be up to date.

Florian Keppler


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The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight

Hey Everybody… I’m back again this week to run off at the mouth about this week’s columns. Now last week was fun and I had a lot of mean and uncalled for things to say, but this week is different. The columns I’m going to touch base on today are mostly positive columns and aren’t written by any douchebags….Not that the ones last week were, in any way, written by one. So basically what I’m saying is it will be a lot harder to say anything negative about such positive articles so this week's Blast will be more of an agree or disagree type. Here we go…

Greg Anthony as you all may know is my brother in law. We have a very different style in the ring and different opinions of what is awesome or great when it comes to wrestling. His column is always short and to the point but never fails to make a valid and interesting read. This week he wrote about two matches that pushed him into this game we call pro wrestling. The two matches he chose were Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat and Undertaker vs. Mankind in a Hell in the Cell.

The Hell in the Cell match went leaps and bounds over anything anyone had done in the ring at that time. There was no Ultimate X or Elimination Chamber. This was the most dangerous match anyone could think of. I remember Greg telling me the story of being there and watching that match and the people he was with saying things like “The mat is rubber” and “The blood is ketchup” and my personal favorite “The tacks aren’t really stuck in him”……Fake tacks? How does that work exactly? And how do you make ketchup run out of peoples heads? Mick took an epic fall and I was blown away, We all were.

Ric Flair vs Steamboat was great for totally different reasons than the Cell match was. When these two got in the ring it was like magic. They don’t really have the kind of matches I like to watch but I know a great match when I see it. They always had great matches.

I enjoyed reading your column this week bro. It was good as gold..

Bruno’s column this week was about Austin Lane, Whom I have known for years and years. Austin is a hard worker with all the tools it takes to make it and all the tools it takes to stay there. He has the talent to make it then he also has the ability to not run his mouth and get himself fired like so many young guys do. He knows he’s good but he doesn’t run off at the mouth about it. That makes me respect him that much more.

Bruno is a great guy himself. He’s worked all these years for WWE and never has it given him a big head. He has Vince McMahon on speed dial but doesn’t act like he’s any better than anyone else in the locker room. That’s a special kind of guy, right there.

Two class acts who have a lot in common. Nice column.

Now I’m to my favorite column of the week, Brian Tramel’s “My day with Derrick King”. Now I hope everyone knows this article he wrote is meant to be funny. Was it funny? Well that would depend on who you ask. Personally I love this kind of ridiculous ranting and imagination. How can I technically judge what he wrote and put in my two cents on something that isn’t even real? Well I think I’ve figured it out. Let me start over….

Brian Tramel got to spend the day with Derrick King. This as you all know is a huge deal since Derrick doesn’t have many friends or people hanging around him much. He is also very hard to find at a time that he isn’t busy doing lots of important things. Derrick King as you all know is the 3 time RRO wrestler of the year and if he keeps hanging out with BT he will prolly win it again.

How dare the host of that party not keep extra chicken for Brian and DK. honestly, he deserved the kick. But the real reason DK kicked him was because he was aiming the mustard at him….Don’t ever aim the mustard at Derrick King.

Why was a guy you didn’t even know at your kid’s birthday party? He deserved the
superkick for being at a child’s party he wasn’t invited to.

Derrick HATES it when people are drunk and wild at a club. "Tiny Dancer" is a great song. But he should have dedicated “Fat Bottomed Girls”….That’s what makes your rockin’ world go round…

If Derrick Kings superkick didn’t hurt Sid Humongous, you prolly should have asked Eric Wayne to kick him. We all know no matter how big you are, a broken orbital bone will take you down a peg or two...

Stop going to hockey games and starting fights. Who fights at a hockey game?! Is anything in Steele, MO? High-rise? Who told you I picked Dustin Starr? That is classified info and you weren’t supposed to talk about that meeting. Jamie Jay was shady cause DK told him he was gonna superkick you and he was debating on telling you or not. I still think 24Karot Express would have been a cooler name. Who is Nelson Royal?

Then Derrick superkicked me for writing too much….

OK Guys, I had a blast this week writing my article, Maybe next week I will have meaner things to say since everyone enjoyed that last week. See you then. . .

Bert Prentice - Good News!!

----I got word yesterday that area wrestling promoter Bert Prentice came home from the hospital Tuesday and he is cancer free. Surgery went good. Good news!!!'s Rob Russen Book Gets A Good Review!!

----Ron Marshall of the PUGILIBRI bookstore in California sent the comment below. The book "8...9...10..You're Out" by Rob Russen that published is available by clicking the HERE or going to will also be posting ordering info on Sunday about a new book that will be available this Tuesday from I will also have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the next few weeks about a new book that Brian Thompson and I are working on with a big time wrestling legend!! We also will be publishing Yearbook 2009 in January, 2010.

"I read the book, and even though I've been actively following the sport since 1956, in which time I've literally read several hundred books and innumerable magazine and newspaper articles, I found your book be be much more revealing than almost any other in my collection. I especially found the dynamics of the Terry Davis - Sylvester Stallone relationship to be extremely telling, as it literally blows the lid off of Stallone's public persona."

Shows for the Weekend - That I Forgot - 11.07 and 11.08.09

----A couple of shows that I forgot. I am also looking for a TNA report if anyone attends the event with crowd estimate.

-USA Wrestling in Selmer,TN on Saturday night with Steve O vs, Kevin White in a Tennessee Street Match along with Bert Prentice and Kevin White regulars.


Jackson, Tennessee will host a TNA Live! event on Sunday, November 8 at the Oman Arena at 4:00 pm. Tickets are available at or toll free 866-262-8867.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Knockouts Action
Tara vs. The Beautiful People’s Velvet Sky

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

Also Appearing: TNA World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion, “The War Machine” Rhino, Beer Money, Inc., Hernandez, Kip James, Homicide, and more!

*card subject to change*

Want to help promote this show? Join the TNAtion. Citizens of the TNAtion get free tickets to the show and other rewards. Visit or email e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Why get lost in a “Universe,” when you can join a Nation?

(WGN) Nov 5: WWE Finances, Maryse talks return date, Jericho upsets GLAAD, Nash on TNA suspension, Flair NWA belt sale update, Lesnar sick, and more..


Thursday November 5, 2009



11/5 Raw house show results from Glasgow, Scotland: Evan Bourne pinned Chavo Guerrero; Jack Swagger pinned Santino; Paul Burchill pinned The Hurricane; Sheamus pinned Primo; Mark Henry pinned Chris Masters; Melina pinned Alicia Fox; The Miz beat MVP and Kofi Kingston in a three-way; and John Cena & DX over Randy Orton & Legacy.

We're looking for reader reports from the Smackdown/ECW show tonight in Frankfurt, Germany to

Superstars tonight on WGN has Finlay vs. Chris Jericho; Paul Burchill vs. Tyler Reks; Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero; and Jack Swagger vs. Primo.


WWE today announced financial results for it's third quarter ended September 30, 2009. Revenues totaled $111.3 million and profit was $8.9 million, up from $5.3 million during the same period in 2008. This was more to do increased television rights fees ($3.9 million) and cost cutting than anything else. PPV buys were down 22 percent with SummerSlam losing 108,000 buys from 2008. Consumer products declined 14 percent mainly due to drops in licensing and magazine publishing revenue. Home Video showed a gain of $200,000 but that was mostly due to promotional offers and a 20 percent reduction in DVD prices. As with the last few quarters the profit didn't cover the dividend but they are sitting on healthy cash reserves of approximately $230 million with virtually no debt.

During the investors conference call Vince McMahon said he thought the company had a good quarter. He pointed to an increase in average attendance at live events (5,800 vs. 5,300) and television ratings as his barometer. However, that doesn't stand up too well when you consider they've run more overseas events with lower ticket prices comparable to the last quarter, and also added the Superstars show on WGN, which attributes to the overall increase in ratings. The Q&A portion of the call mostly featured softball questions from analysts, to the point you would think it's scripted, asking about utilizing archive footage from the 70s and 80s, and WWE's partnership with The National Guard.

Vince did talk about Linda and Shane leaving the company. He said: "We’ve lost Linda in terms of her CEO role of course which I have assumed, she still sits on the Board. The other aspect of family, some people perceive this to be a family business, which I do not. But nonetheless, my son Shane as well has decided to pursue other opportunities in the marketplace. Nonetheless, I have mentioned before that the strength of our management team is stronger now than it has ever been. And if your last name is McMahon or not, decisions are always made on your abilities in terms of whatever position you hold now and/or will in the future and be judged on your performance, not because your last name is McMahon."

Vince also talked about a "revised film philosophy and practice" with regards to WWE Studios, and confirmed launching a cable television channel in the future, although he admitted they are very early in that process. He said the new film philosophy was to concentrate on movies with a $5 million budget and roll them out quickly direct-to-video rather than produce big budget theatrical releases. In the financial report it was hinted at that 12 Rounds with John Cena broke even but they didn't post any revenue. During the call, WWE Chief Financial Officer George Barrios mentioned The Marine 2 was coming out in December and said they project WWE's future direct-to-video releases will surpass breakeven profits.

WWE also revised it's business outlook, targeting average annual earnings growth between 15 to 20 percent over the next three years. The stock market reacted favorably to the results with the stock price jumping 7.2 percent to $14.51 by the close of play.

"We believe we can achieve meaningful growth by strengthening our global expansion and television distribution, leveraging our new partnership with Mattel and continuing to improve operating efficiency," said Vince McMahon in a press release. "Through disciplined cost management, we expect our operating leverage to deliver outstanding earnings growth with even moderate increases in revenue."


Maryse and Sgt. Slaughter were studio guests this morning on KiiM-FM radio in Tucson, AZ. They were in town as part of WWE's kids reading challenge and promoting live events in the area. Maryse said she hopes to return for and be back in the ring at Survivor Series, which is two weeks away.

Chris Jericho made TMZ today for not very PG comments two weeks ago during the screening of his movie Albino Farm at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. He made a few jokes and referred to the moderator as "Hadji" which apparently is perceived a racial slur against Middle Easterners. Jericho has now apologised and TMZ has him quoted as saying, "After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody... Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast and we all shared a drink and a laugh after! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ." Story is at

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) jumped on the story, because Jericho also said the word "fag", and released this ridiculous statement: "Just three months ago, Chris Jericho's boss and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon acknowledged to GLAAD that words matter. There is no time, context or occasion in which it is acceptable to utter racist and anti-gay slurs. Jericho's hollow apology `if offended anyone' is a template used by many and is insincere and worn." How this group can determine the sincerity of an apology when they haven't heard it is beyond me.

A correction from yesterday. Jeff Hardy's next court date is actually December 2, not November 14. When we called the court house yesterday afternoon we were mistakenly given the date of a hearing for a different person also named Hardy.

Mark Henry was good to go tonight in Scotland although he is having some knee issues.

Already announced for ECW next week in England is Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW title; and Paul Burchill vs. Hurricane. If Burchill loses, he and Katie Lea must depart ECW, and if Hurricane loses he must remove his mask.

Jerry Lawler is scheduled to appear at the Texas Motor Speedway this Saturday.


Impact tonight on Spike has AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels with Samoa Joe as the special referee; Bobby Lashley vs. Homicide; Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde; Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan & Hernandez; Tara vs. Hamada; and Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Rob Terry. They will also be airing footage of a meeting Dixie Carter held with talent at the tapings this past week, and also, so I am told, hyping a interview with Sting to discuss his future with the company.

TNA are back on the road this weekend. They run in Murray, KY on Friday and Jackson, TN on Saturday. There is also a special charity event on Monday at the Wildhorse Saloon to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. More info on that at


Hulk Hogan has been claiming at booking signings this week that he was going to introduce Rob Van Dam to Dixie Carter and bring him to TNA. You know, the same guy who recently met Dixie at Bound For Glory. On a related note, RVD did an interview with The Monday Night Mayhem radio show. Regarding Hogan signing with TNA, he thought it was a good for the business but wasn't too sure that Hogan should have any booking power. You can listen in at

Hogan was interviewed today on Good Day LA in Los Angeles. He was having difficulty walking and had to be helped onto the set. He first plugged his book and then plugged TNA saying he would be running the company and giving everyone a choice.

Hogan's book made No. 14 on the Publishers Weekly Best-Sellers list.

Kevin Nash released the following statement regarding his suspension: "Thought I would clear up some internet bulls**t. The reason I did not receive a letter from T.N.A was because this matter was discussed between President Dixie Carter and myself. I promise you it cost me money not a paid vacation at my beach home. I understand Dixie's reason for the action she has taken but stand by my reaction to what at the time appeared a serious neck injury to Josh [meaning Josh Harter aka Chris Sabin]."

The latest TNA Today webshow is online with Desmond Wolfe at Also, Hermie's Hotseat with Madison Rayne at


Today's Diva of the Day is Alissa Flash at released the following statement on Wednesday regarding the sale of Ric Flair's NWA title belt: 'It has been accurately reported that, Highspots is one of two companies that Ric Flair pledged his NWA belt to for outstanding amounts owed. To ensure that the eventual buyer has no potential issues, Highspots has continued to work with the other holder of the lien on the title belt at issue. After speaking with our counsel, Combraco, Inc. has informed us that they decided to give Mr. Flair an additional six months in which to repay the more than $300,000 that he owes to them. While we are disappointed by the delay, we respect the legal process and continue to work to resolve the issues with Mr. Flair’s other creditors to protect the interest of our customers. In the unlikely event Mr. Flair pays these funds owed, we will be the only remaining lien holder on the belt and will place it back for sale. If he does not, we anticipate working with Combraco after the period ends to reach a final agreement to facilitate the sale. Again, we are sorry for the delay, but Highspots is a long standing and respected company that values its integrity and respect for the legal process. We will continue to hold the belt and will update the situation and contact all individuals who submitted bids again this spring.'

Who's Slamming Who at has brand new content with audio from Jim Cornette, Lanny Poffo, Evan Ginzburg, Bill Behrens, and some jabroni called Kenny Bolin. Cornette talks Hulk Hogan, Vince Russo, and more.

Michele Mupo is handling indy/convention bookings for a number of Divas including Candice Michelle, Tara f.k.a. Victoria, Sunny, Karen Angle, Dawn Marie, Jackie Haas, Traci Brooks, Christy Hemme, Kristal Marshall, Terri Runnels, and many others. For a full client list you can call 732-236-1987 or email to

Lillian Garcia is not taking any new convention bookings and is going to be concentrating on her music.

Brock Lesnar confirmed he is suffering from mononucleosis [kissing disease]. His doctor told him not to train for a month so the idea of fighting Shane Carwin at UFC 108 on January 2 is off the table. Carwin wrote on his website: "I hope Brock gets well soon. I highly suggest he get into a Max Muscle store because they have the best advice and supplements to support that advice. It really is the only way to make it through the grueling weather and training we live through." It's believed that Brock won't be ready to fight until March.

National Wrestling Superstars has a double shot this weekend in Belleville and Dunellen, NJ with 7-foot-7 Giant Silva and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. More info at


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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Coach's Corner "A Day with Derrick King" by Brian Tramel

----Have you ever just dreamed of spending your day with a hero of yours?? Since most of people reading this site have been life long wrestling fans, then I assume most of you would love to spend the day with a wrestling legend. I will say one thing - because of my involvement with wrestling and this web site, I have been fortunate enough to spend days with guys that I grew up watching on TV. I compare it to spending the day with say a guy that regularly appears on a popular TV show. I mean Memphis Wrestling was seen by EVERYONE and we all grew up watching Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Bobby Eaton, Downtown Bruno, Dutch Mantell, Ken Wayne and others. I got to thinking about this and outside of the wrestling realm, I would maybe pick say Dereck Jeter or the crew The Office. But, the guy that I would love to spend a few days ago with in this area is RRO 3-Time Wrestler of the Year Derrick King!! It has to be a blast; right?? I mean..can you just fantasized about going to a BBQ, DK saving your ass or even a karaoke bar with DK?? Below I have listed a few ways that DK and I could spend our days together!!

-DK comes to a friend's BBQ with me. It is loaded with different kinds of food and drinks. DK, as usual will NOT drink, but we will all be having fun. As the day goes by, I notice there is no chicken left on the table. I am mad!! DK, since he is my friend, SUPERKICKS the host. We leave.

-I invite DK to my daughter's birthday. He dresses up in his Spiderman gimmick, because Spiderman is one her favorite superheros. The party is going good until Karly's step father starts talking about "Say No To Drugs" and it upsets DK. DK is upset because someone from the party is saying it is ok to smoke weed. We do not even know who this guy is?? I mean who still smokes weed?? Is he a hippie or something?? But, DK, who wants to be part of the "Say No To Drugs" campaign SUPERKICKS this guy for talking about smoking weed. We leave.

-Buffalo Hot Wings in Jackon, TN treats DK, me and Cody Melton to a great meal. Melton is drinking a little too much and DK asks him to hold off on the alcohol. I mean "wow" Cody - who still drinks like that?? DK starts to sing karaoke. He dedicates "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John to me. As he starts to sing, you can hear Melton in the background talking. DK stops and steps down in the crowd - DK hates it when someone is rowdy at a club - he SUPERKICKS Cody!! We leave.

-Sid Vicious is scheduled for EWE in Ripley, TN. He dresses up like Lord Humongous and I have no idea who he is. Jamie Jay is also scheduled for the night and he also has no idea that Sid is Lord Humongous. Jamie Jay is being shady, so Sid gets mad and grabs him around the neck for a chokeslam. I try to help Jay, but Sid grabs me also. Out of nowhere DK SUPERKICKS Sid!! It does not hurt Sid, because he is wearing the mask!! So, DK, me and Jay leave - real fast!!

-DK and Dustin Starr at the River Kings game and they treat me to front row seats. Wow!! I am with both DK and Dustin!! DK and Starr are MCing the event. The crowd is loud and into the game. One of the pucks goes flying into the crowd and it hits me in the arm. DK is mad. He walks onto the ice and SUPERKICKS the player. DK and I leave - Starr stays!!!

-RRO weekly staff meeting at the high-rise offices in downtown Steele, MO. The staff is talking about the Wrestler of the Year picks. Everyone has their own view. Seth Knight picks Dustin Starr. Jamie Jay is not saying anything, because he is shady. [that joke never gets old!!] Downtown Bruno says anyone from NEW. Eric Wayne picks himself. Brian Thompson says Bobby Eaton. Greg Anthony says "Midnight Gold" [but we are voting on wrestler??]. Sal Corrente says Nelson Royal. Maxx Corbin arrives late and says, "What about DK?" I go on to say that I don't think DK should be considered this year and "I will vote for Rodney Mack." Just as I say that, DK walks into the room. And you guessed it folks - he SUPERKICKS me!! DK leaves.

----So, you know, everyone can not get what they dream about; right?? So, even though I can just think about spending the day with my favorite wrestler - Derrick King - it is still fun to do. Is there anyone that you would love to spend the day with?? Write us here at RRO and send in your stories.

---"The Lighter Side of Riot” Disclaimer:. It is my attempt at presenting a “lighter side” of Riot and having fun. If you do not see the humor in it or it doesn’t even make you laugh, then click to the next story. Thank you for visiting.

Shows for the Weekend 11.06 to 11.07.09

----CLICK HERE for regular shows. I did not attend a show last week as I had planned. This is also the time of the year where I start working on the Yearbook, so I will not be attending many events. I have been at "Thanksgiving Throwdown" the last two years, so I do plan to attend those events. Below are three special shows for the weekend!!

This Saturday night at the TIWF Show-Plex Arena in Trenton, Tennessee, NOVEMBER PAIN with a TRIPLE MAIN EVENT!!!!


Devon "All" Day v The Knockout Kid


New Breed of Perfection (Wildside & Way Cool) v Chadd and Bradd Badd v Fuz!on (Jett & J-Rage)


Big Brad Simpson v "Get Back" Frankie Tucker v "The Latin Assassin" Chico Mendoza v "The Ace in the Hole" Kilo


PK Ripper v winner of Cruiserwieght Battle Royale with the battle Royale winner deciding on the stipulations of the match


Naughty by Nature (Rude & Tully) v Devil's Rejects (187 & 666)


Lawman Williams v Big Boy Bob


Black Widow v Jennifer Justice


Buckwild Bill & Hostile Brian Michaels v "Party Boys" Gaylon Ray & Shannon Lee


Plus: Ravishing Randy, Blaine Devine Morrison, Twinkie, Ms. Kee Kee, Buck Currie, "Playboy" Jody Day, Taylor Paine, Jon Seymore, Todd Currie, Commander DeKlerk, Drew Magruder Hotrod, Scotty C and others

Note the Special Bell Time 7:00 pm

405 West 1st Street Trenton, TN

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "Let's Talk Austin Lane!” Bruno Lauer

Austin Lane is a real class act,110% in my book. He comes to the events dressed like a star - necktie,slacks,dress shirt and the whole 9 yards. Whether its for WWE (which he appeared in Little Rock and Tulsa for),or a smaller venue such as NEW. In NEW, he has become one of NEW's true shining stars.

If you arrive looking like somebody sitting in the stands,then maybe that's where you SHOULD be! Think about it. Your work in the ring is important,don't misread me,but everything adds up. That's one of the things I like and respect about Austin, but it doesn't end there. He is a nice respectful guy,which goes a long way not just in the business,but in life! Any break he gets,he deserves.

Another thing I have to give him credit for is getting himself booked on the WWE appearances that he did. It wasn't me,although i would have been proud to do it for him..he in fact did it 100% on his own. That's huge,doing that without reaching out for help,not that there is anything wrong with asking for help---there is not--but to do it by himself,that's a bigger deal than a lot of people may imagine. Nice guy,great technician in the ring and looks the part. Keep an eye on this guy - he is on his way!

(WGN) Nov 4: Did you know Hulk Hogan was romantically linked to Pamela Anderson? Roddy Piper update, Jeff Hardy in court, news on Rock movie and more!


Wednesday November 4, 2009



11/3 ECW TV results from Providence, RI: William Regal over Goldust; Shelton Benjamin over Zack Ryder; Vance Archer over Logan Jones; and Christian & Yoshi Tatsu over Ezekiel Jackson & Kozlov.

11/4 Raw house show results from Dublin, Ireland: Jack Swagger won a battle royal to face John Cena in the main event; Hornswoggle over Chavo Guerrero; Sheamus over Evan Bourne; The Miz over MVP; Melina over Alica Fox; Mark Henry over Chris Masters; Randy Orton over Koffi Kingston; DX over Legacy; and John Cena over Jack Swagger.

The show was near capacity (10,000) and said to be a far larger crowd than what TNA drew here last month. Hometown hero Sheamus heeled the crowd calling them a bunch of Begrudgers. He didn't get the reaction you would expect. Jillian Hall got a lot of heat for coming out and signing a Sinead O'Connor song. Biggest pop of the night went to DX with Cena a close second. A lot of people were also cheering for Swagger during the main event.

We're looking for reader reports from the WWE shows tomorrow in Glasgow, Scotland and Frankfurt, Germany to


Roddy Piper has just had it confirmed from WWE that he will host Raw on November 16 at Madison Square Garden.

Mark Henry hurt his knee tonight in Dublin. No update at press time.

The Irish Sunday Times this past week reported that WWE stopped a company called Mideuro Imports in Dublin from shipping 100,000 Euros (just over $148,000) of counterfeit WWE merchandise from France. WWE has requested French customs to destroy the merchandise which was imported from China.

The upcoming DVD on the history of the World Heavyweight Championship will apparently trace all the way back to Frank Gotch in 1908. The documentary portion also includes chapters on Lou Thez and Buddy Rogers, and the following NWA matches: Pat O'Connor vs. Buddy Rogers from Chicago in 1961; Gene Kiniski vs. Dory Funk Jr. from 1969; Jack Brisco vs. Terry Funk from 1975; Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes from 1979; Ric Flair vs. Magnum TA at SuperClash in 1985; and Ric Flair vs. Sting from the Great American Bash in 1990. Of course there are also a selection of late 90s/early 2000 matches from WCW and WWE.

Jeff Hardy appeared in court this morning relating to the drug trafficking and possession charges in September. Nothing happened. A new probable cause hearing was set for November 14.

Batista will be presenting the best song award at the MTV Europe Awards in Berlin on Thursday night.

Two matches added to the Survivor Series PPV on November 21 in Washington, DC: Rey Mysterio vs. Batista, and Team Michelle McCool vs. Team Mickie James in a traditional Survivor Series match.

ECW on Tuesday night did a 1.0 rating and averaged 1.3 million viewers.

WWE sent out a release touting Wrestlemania 26 tickets going on sale this Saturday. Ticket prices range from $25-$255 and ringside seats are $755. The release also including a list of weekend activities including the Hall of Fame, Axxess, and a Pro-Am Golf Tournament! There is an Internet pre sale on Thursday at 10am MST using the password WWEUOP at

Raw the day after Wrestlemania is booked at the US Airways Arena in Phoenix. Tickets go on sale in December.

Jim Ross in his latest blog at wrote about Matt Cappotelli, the former Tough Enough winner and developmental wrestler, who has been battling cancer and undergoing chemo now for three years: "I always thought this kid had "it" but he has been sidetracked with battling cancer which has had to become a huge part of Matt's life. Matt is an assistant manager at a Louisville health club and is also finishing his college degree at the University of Louisville in Exercise Physiology. I love Matt Cappotelli's mental and physical toughness and his undying Faith. What a great young man."

Maryse is signing autographs on Friday from 4pm to 6pm at The Room Store in Phoenix, AZ.

The WWE website has added Paul Bearer to it's Alumni section.


Hulk Hogan was a live studio guest this morning on KISW-FM in Seattle, WA, He mostly pushed his book but remembered to mention he was going to TNA to take charge and show all these younger wrestler's how to work. He said the rumors romantically linking him to Pamela Anderson, Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore and Dolly Parton weren't true. No clue what he was talking about there because I have never heard those rumors. He also talked about ex-wife Linda needing help and said he heard she has been throwing wild Halloween parties with underage teens.

By the way, if any readers in Toronto want to learn the art form of professional wrestling, Hogan is a guest on CBC Television's The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos in Toronto on November 18. Free audience tickets are available by emailing to

Dixie Carter on her Twitter today hinted she is talking Shannon Moore and said she doubted his TNA days were over.

Daniels recently shot some skits for the Fox Sports website series, called Cubed at They’re scheduled to be posted next week.


Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to star opposite Dwayne Johnson in CBS Films' Faster, an upcoming action movie starring Johnson as an ex-con who is out to avenge his brother's murder after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. Director is George Tillman, Jr. who produced Notorious, the biopic on the life of Christopher 'Biggie' Wallace.

Q&A with Colt Cabana at talking ROH, WWE and comedy.

Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard has joined Mick Foley with Total Xtreme Comedy. Prichard makes his standup debut on Thursday at the Dick Doherty’s Comedy Escape at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Worcester, MA. More info by calling 800-401-2221.

Ring of Honor return to Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday night for their HDNet tapings. Matches include: Austin Aries defending the ROH title; Tyler Black vs. Sonjay Dutt; Claudio Castagnoli vs. Colt Cabana; and Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico. Also scheduled to appear are The American Wolves, Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, Kenny Omega, Joey Ryan, "The King of Old School" Steve Corino, Kenny King, Rhett Titus, Delirious with Daizee Haze, Necro Butcher, plus more. Tickets will be available to purchase at the door on the night of the show. More info at

ROH also run on Saturday night at the Inman Center in Edison, NJ with Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Davey Richards & Chris Hero; Tyler Black vs. Kenny King; Roderick Strong vs. Delirious; Kenny Omega vs. Sonjay Dutt; Jay Briscoe vs. Claudio Castagnoli; Austin Aries & Rhett Titus in tag action, and more. Jim Cornette is doing a free meet and greet before each show with his Cornette’s Collectibles merchandise table setup.

Dragon Gate USA presents it's Untouchable PPV on Friday at 10pm on iN DEMAND, DISH Network and TVN in the United States as well as TVN and Bell ExpressVU in Canada. This is said to be another awesome show for people who like wrestling as oppose to sports entertainment: Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino; Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. YAMATO & Gran Akuma; Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi; Brian Kendrick vs. CIMA; Davey Richards vs. Shingo; and The Young Bucks vs. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi. There is a preview video at

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro will be appearing for Playboy at Glamourcon on November 14 at the Hilton LAX.

"Mr. Kennedy" Anderson has dyed his hair dark. Photo at

There is a where are they now on Mike Sharpe, Tito Santana, Nikolai VolKoff, Rick Martel, Paul Orndorff, Wendi Richter, and Luna Vachon at

There is a wrestling convention on December 12 at the Radisson Hotel in Carteret NJ with Dory Funk Jr, Ron and Don Harris, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Superstar Bill Dundee, Danny Spivey, Moondog Rex, Jack Victory, General Skandor Akbar, Clarence Mason, Outback Jack, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, Brad Armstrong, Tim Horner, Mike Sanders, Lash LeRoux, Headbanger Mosh, former Nitro Girls Spice & Chae, David Sammartino, Sonjay Dutt, Jazz and So Cal Val. More info at


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 10.31.09 - JD KERRY - NEW CHAMPION!!


DCW announcers Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman start the show off by talking about the Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership af the DCW Title and about the DCW Title Match with JD Kerry vs Ron McClarity...Then DCW Champ Ron McClarity music hits and the champ comes to the ring with Boss to talk about JD Kerry....Kerry come to the ring and starts to talk to McClarity abou their match tonite, but before he could leave the ring McClarity starts to beat on Kerry and the Boss goes outside and gets a chair..Then he gives it to McClarity and he hits Kerry with it in the head and then Kerry gets sidewalk slam on the chair and is left laying in the ring..Then Rodney Mack comes out to help Kerry get back to the locker-room!

Match 1: Battle Royal (#1 Contendership for the DCW Title)
-Battle Royal had Blalok, Southside, Pimptacular, Poker Face, Mike Anthony, Acid, Logan Furry, John Allen, Soul Train, and Boss! Battle Royal was a really good match and actually had some really good wrestling in it considering there were a lot of people in the ring...Everyone gets eliminated except Poker and Soul Train! They both wrestle around for about 5 or so minutes and then Blalok and Mike Anthony come out to distract DCW Senior Official Tim Daniels while Soul Train eliminates Poker, but the ref did not see him eliminated and Poker comes back into the ring and throws Soul Train over the top-rope to win the match...winner of the Battle Royal Poker Face!!

After the match DCW Diva Angeleena comes out to introduce former WWE Women's Champion Jazz and she is going to give Poker Face his trophy he winning for the Battle Royal...then he starts telling Jazz that he isn't going to say thank you to her or to anyone, he did this himself and that he will slap her if she says anything..then Rodney Mack comes out to confront Poker and ask him whats going on...Poker tells him that Rodney found him a few years ago and asked him to join DCW, and told him he was the future of this business..Poker tells him that Mack was supposed to help him succeed, and Mack tells him that he has kept his end of the bargain, because a few weeks ago Poker Face was on Raw being one of Cederic the Entertainers Entourage...Poker tells him that he is gonna do this on his own and leaves the ring...After that doctors come up to the booth and tell the announcers that JD Kerry is very injured and may not compete in his DCW Title Match later on against Champion Ron McClarity....

Match 2: Jon Allen vs. Mike Anthony
-match was really good..these two are phenomenal in the ring together! Both of these guys are rising stars in DCW and in this business...After a big suplex off of the top rope by Allen, Anthony battles back and gets the victory...winner Mike Anthony!

Match 3: Soul Train vs. Blalok
-match was supposed to be against Bishop, but he comes out and says that he isnt going to fight anyone in DCW except Rodney Mack..So then Blalok comes out to wrestle Soul Train! Pretty dang good match..a match that went back and forth for about 10 minutes or so with Soul Train coming out with the victory with a HUGE POWER SLAM...winner Soul Train!

Match 4: Lord Humoungous 1 & Lord Humoungous 2 vs the Gorillaz
-suppesed to be a match but Logan Furry and Acid come out to attack both Lord Humoungous' and then Rodney Mack comes out to help...both Lord Humoungous' and Rodney Mack clear the ring and Mack drops a bombshell...he tells the Gorillaz that if they wanna make a name for themselves so fast that next week the Gorillaz can wrestle him and his partner "The Outsider" Scott Hall....


Match 5: Johnny Dotson vs. Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match was pretty dang good! I tell you one thing, no one is hated more than the Tejano Kid and Dominique..They are over so much as a heel its ridiculous..amazing start to the match with some good chain-wrestling and psychology by Dotson and Tejano Kid...match goes back and forth for about 10 minutes or so..while Dominique distracts the referee, Tejano Kid hits Dotson with some kind of object and gets the 1-2-3...winner Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique

Match 6: DCW Title Match JD Kerry vs. Ron McClarity
-was the greatest match in DCW History in my opinion...I am new to the company, but it was amazing match! Ron McClarity is the greatest heel and one of the greatest wrestlers Ive seen in the area in a long time...he is a true class act in-and-out of the ring, i mean come on, he is the DCW Champion..Champions are always classy! Match went for about 45 minutes or so...back and fourth, one minute Kerry had the upper and then McClarity had the upper hand! Both men have phenomenal condition to go that long, and believe me i have some amateur wrestling and jiu jitsu back ground and its hard to go that long...match ended up with Kerry missing is frog-splash, and McClarity being able to pin Kerry a few times but pulled him up to continue beating on him but went for a move and Kerry reversed it and rolls up McClarity for the 1-2-3...winner and NEW DCW CHAMPION JD KERRY CHAMPION!

-McClarity after the match hands the title to Kerry, maybe passing the torch to the future of this business, and Ron is a class act, it is an honor for any person to be in the ring with Ron McClarity...Johnny Dotson and Rodney Mack come out to hold up JD Kerry on their shoulders...Kerry with tears in his eyes is ecstatic and with good reason after having an amazing match like DCW Fans and everyone in Northeast Arkansas, the Bootheel of Missouri, and West Tennessee will now get to see two of the most amazing athletes, rising stars and wrestlers in this business vie for the DCW Championship with Poker Face now being the #1 Contender....

Really good crowd tonite around 175 or so...

Credit: Jeff Perryman

(WGN) Nov 3: WWE-Twitter, rare Stephanie McMahon interview, Gerald Brisco update, TNA brings back names from the past, Cornette talks Hogan and more!!


Tuesday November 3, 2009



11/2 Raw TV results from Worcester, MA: The Miz over Evan Bourne; Sheamus over Jamie Noble via stoppage; Kofi Kingston, MVP & Mark Henry over Randy Orton & Legacy; Alicia Fox won a Diva battle royal for a titleshot; and Chris Jericho over John Cena & Big Show in a three-way.

The Smackdown/ECW tapings are tonight in Providence. ECW main event is Christian & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov. Also, Vance Archer, the former Lance Hoyt makes his debut. Only Smackdown match announced is Batista vs. Matt Hardy, and they shot a pre tape this afternoon with Josh Matthews interviewing Rey Mysterio.

WWE hits Europe this coming week for the start of a two-week tour. We're looking for brief house show reports from Dublin, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Newcastle, Bressels, Minehead, Dusseldorf, Liverpool, and Nottingham to


There has been recent internal discussion about what to do with talent and their Twitter accounts. This has been brought on by the likes of Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, and Shad Gaspard making controversial statements after "playing too many video games" and even going back several months to Joey Styles and his political rants against Obama. There are some in management, although not many, espousing the benefits of Twitter as a promotional tool while others mostly want a blanket ban on all talent Tweeting under their gimmick names, or at least Tweeting after Midnight, to prevent the company being connected to anything that would upset those who matter, i.e. sponsors and advertisers.

Gerald Brisco is recovering well following surgery earlier this year after suffering a series of mini strokes. However, the latest word is that he isn't expected back on the road with WWE in the foreseeable future.

Danny Flexen, a writer with Boxing News magazine, briefly interviewed Stephanie McMahon at the recent Mayweather-Marquez fight in Las Vegas. The entire interview is transcribed in the latest issue of PowerSlam magazine in the UK. When asked about separating her personal and professional life she said she rarely ever has an argument with Triple H. "Sometimes, you can take your work home with you and sometimes you don't," she said. "But we always work things out." She said reading TV reviews on the Internet used to bother her but now she ignores them: "I don't read the dirt sheets at all anymore: they used to really bother me. But the numbers — live event attendances, TV ratings — they tell me what I'm doing right and wrong. We're lucky in that way: we have a focus group in every town we go to every night, so if something's not working, we find out quickly and we can change it. We could be heading in the wrong direction and then completely change it." When asked about butting heads with Shane, and bare in mind she was asked this before Shane resigned, she said: "Our roles don't exactly cross over that much. But I can't deny that we are, and always have been, competitive. Even now, as grown adults, after meetings we still play 'touched you last' - you know, like tag. We'll come out all serious, and then he'll tag me and shout, 'touched you last!' and then run away. (Shane's) the head of the International operation, so our paths cross when we do international live events - but we tend to work well together. I think our type of competition is a good kind: it drives us both on and makes the business better. But I cannot foresee a day when my dad (Vince McMahon) hands over the reins to either of us. He's still very much in charge -- and, trust me, everyone knows it."

Raw last night with Ozzy Osbourne drew a 3.45 rating and averaged 5 million viewers. Good number up against the World Series and NFL.

Edge is currently in Europe on a promotional tour. He did an interview in France at mostly talking about video games. Regarding his recovery he talked about just starting in physical therapy and said he hopes to return for Wrestlemania.

WWE Studios has almost completed principal photography on Knucklehead, a comedy adventure starring Big Show. The movie was shot in New Orleans during the past few week's with a production budget of around $7 million. Theatrical release in the United States is scheduled for Spring 2010. Show is a cast as Walter Kronk, a na├»ve giant and church orphan who is competing in a $100,000 MMA tournament to pay off his church’s debts.

Boxer Ricky Hatton was confirmed as Raw guest host next Monday in Sheffield, England. WWE sent out a press release today with Hatton talking about being a huge wrestling fan and said he is really excited about hosting the show.

Roddy Piper is now being talked about for hosting Raw at Madison Square Garden on November 16.

The Bella Twins will be appearing at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas on Saturday.

The Sun interviewed Kofi Kingston at He talks about his character development, working with Randy Orton, ECW, Soccer and more.

Maria Kanellis, Bret Michaels and Sharon Osbourne were shooting footage today for Celebrity Apprentice at 24 Hour Fitness on 225 5th in New York City. They set up some work out classes in return for charity donations for the show.

Northeast indy worker Brooke Carter is working the Smackdown tapings today.


No Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff or Kevin Nash at the TV tapings this week. Mick Foley did make the shows after his comedy club gig in New York City was postponed at short notice.

53-year-old Jim Neidhart made his debut at today's taping. TNA people are already speculating the presence of Neidhart is a play to service Bret Hart, but it's actually part of a new storyline involving Jay Lethal, that may lead to something bigger down the road.

Raven also worked the tapings and appears to be coming back as a regular.

There is a flu epidemic in the locker room right now.

Tara vs. Daffney was originally on the booking sheets this week but that changed as Daffney wasn't cleared after the insane barbed wire bump at Bound For Glory. She worked the tapings but didn't wrestle.

Jim Cornette commented on the decision to sign Hulk Hogan. He said the signing reminded him of why he hated corporate wrestling but got a kick out of the possibility that the news would increase the blood pressure of Vince McMahon. "They have reunited the same team that helped WCW lose more money than any wrestling promotion in history," Cornette wrote on his website. "In all seriousness, of course Hogan's presence will boost ratings, at least in the short term, and one or two PPV appearances over six months or a year will do buys far beyond anything TNA's ever done on PPV. He can get publicity like no one else associated with TNA. Bischoff has proven he can get television deals done, just possibly not GOOD television shows MADE. But to me there are still issues. Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara are still writing the show. If a lot of people are looking at a turd, does it smell better? This is not a company-making move unless the extra viewers see a product they can get hooked on when Hogan isn't there or gone." You can read the entire commentary at

Sadly no great Hogan media articles to pass along today. I am still waiting for him to repeat the story about how he lost $100 million on the George Foreman Grill because he missed the phone call from his agent while picking the kids up from school so George got the grill and he ended up with the blender.

The PPV price increase of $5 starts with Turning Point on November 15.

Lacey Von Erich is interviewed at She chooses her words very carefully and is suddenly a big fan of Angelina Love. Regarding Tammy Sytch, she said: "I don't know who she is, nor have I followed her career. Everyone has a right to their opinions and the way they share them to the world. You could take the classy respectful way, or blast them on the internet, its all up to them. I ignore it, either way."

Jeff Jarrett returns to the ring on November 14 in Princeton, KY but it won't be for TNA. He faces Dutch Mantell for Joe Gray's West Kentucky Championship Wrestling. Apparently this will be the first time they have worked each other in nearly 20 years.


Dutch Mantell's latest blog entry discusses his toughest working conditions at and no, they don't include TNA.

There is a great article on the 10 things corporations can learn from professional wrestling at Everyone in wrestling should read these and ask themselves why they aren't done very well any more.

Paul Heyman has exclusive news on Brock Lesnar at including a movie role Lesnar recently turned down with Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson tried to make amends for snubbing an autograph seeker by offering him a walk-on role in his latest movie. Story is at

Ultimate Death Match II was filmed last weekend at the OVW facility in Louisville, KY. The movie is about a promoter who hosts illegal fights to the death and streams them on the Internet. The director is a huge pro wrestling fan and used a ton of wrestlers including Kevin Nash, Al Snow, Raven, Dan Severn, Kid Kash, Johnny Swinger, Brutus Beefcake, Shane Douglas, Jimmy Valiant, Melissa Coates, April Hunter, and Melody Starr. There were travel issues with bringing in some other talent; Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, and Sabu were all no shows. Jake Roberts, Mike Mondo, New Jack, Stephanie Bellars, Colt Cabana were among those contacted to come in but their parts were cut to save on budget. We're told the money men behind the film are already planning to shoot Ultimate Death Match III in January at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

Ring of Honor are working on an interesting deal with AAA in Mexico.

Pedro Morales, 68, and Dawn Marie celebrate birthday's today.

One of our readers, Bruce Bennett at is looking for someone in North Carolina to send him a mint condition Ric Flair lottery card. He will provide $10 for the trouble.

Former WWE Heart Throb Romeo Roselli is currently studying at the William Esper Studio For Acting in New York City. He has a cameo in the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie, Salt. has a look at the early career of Ric Drasin at


I have to laugh at Linda's campaign attacking DODD'S credibility. Yes, WWE does pull videos off of YouTube, but it is very convenient that these particular videos (live sex celebration, Katie Vick) were taken off when the Democrats attacked Linda sounding like Dan Quayle.

What the Democrats should be attacking is the fact that Linda presided over a mutil million dollar company which is publicly traded that does NOT provide health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation benefits etc to their wrestlers while at the same time, making their wrestlers work ungodly schedules. These same wrestlers make money for WWE and is the very reason she has the lifestyle she and her family have. Linda McMahon has NO business as a potential senator voting on health care issues if the company she presided over does not even provide health care benefits for the wrestlers.

Terri Bey
Lexington, KY


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RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.31.09

Show begins with me going out plugging the Halloween costume contest...winner got 50 bucks

Tim Edwards vs Shannon Lee (JR Manson comes out after match and confronts Tim) Tim wins - beats up JR

Seth Knight vs Chrisjen Hayme (debut of EWE) Seth wins

Triple Threat for Christian Jacobs' #1 contender spot (Cody Melton, Baron Malkavain, and Tatt2) Cody wins

Tommy Redneck vs Black Jack (Ike Tucker) Redneck loses by DQ

Dk interview for lumberjack match. Brings out 4 lumber jacks
(Stan, w/ his lumberjacks, come out and confronts DK

Christian Jacobs vs Randy - CJ wins

Thanksgiving Throwdown's 3 day extravaganza (Thurs - Neon Moon in Dberg, Friday - DCW, and Sat EWE (announce DK vs Stan at DCW w/ first taping for TV)

Lumberjack Match (DK vs Stan Lee)
DK's Lumberjacks

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.31.09 - Austin Lane Returns!!

What a show we had tonight! Over 230+ people in the building for ASWF's Fright Fest 2009. A special thanks to Mayz End who performed before our show started. Our show would begin with Rickey Rowland calling local kids out of the crowd to hold the flag for the playing of the National Anthem.

Tonight would start with Seth Sabor challenging The Enforcer to a Hardcore Match. The Enforcer stated that Sabor was not worthy, but if he could pin him tonight he would allow a match to take place. Commissioner Rowland would approve of the matches and the match would begin.

The Enforcer would dominate this match using his veteran ring experience. Sabor would make what looked to be a promising return, but would receive a face full of powder. Then The Enforcer would go for the pin and win the match.

Our next match of the night would help set the bar. Mark Wolf would take on "Big Rig" Cody Murdoch. These two are no strangers as Mark has given Cody a run for his money before. Murdoch would take control of the match early as to not lose the match. However, to Murdoch's suprise Mark would counter with a spear and unleash alot of energy. But the energy would not be enough as Cody Murdoch would again take home the victory.

The third match of the night was for the X-Division Title in a House of Horrors Match. Tommy Wayne(C) would take on "The Renegade Superstar" Christopher Lee. Tommy would get away with being unfair as the rules for the match was no disqualification. Athena would stick her nose in a few times but at no avail. Finally Lee would have enough and take a chain to the skull of Tommy Wayne and pin him for the win and the title.

Our intermission would include a Costume Contest for all ages. A couple of Superstars would even show off their costumes. LSD was the NWO (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan), Cody Murdoch was Velvet Thunder, Terrence Ward was Jim Ross, and Jimmy Rhodes was Skipper from Gilligans Island.

After the contest and fun was over at intermission, Vinny Ramano and Joshua Cross would take to the ring and try to weasel out of the LSD Death Match yet to come. However, LSD had found them a third partner...Sancho Libre, but Sancho would be taken out by LSD and leave them one short once again.

The fourth match tonight was a Casket Match. X-Kaliber would take on his brother "Mr. Muscle" Morgan Williams. X-Kaliber would take control over his younger brother. But, again, Athena Eclipse would help add to the situation but would recieve a Muscle Cutter for her involvement.

But when he would turn around he would receive a shot to the head by X-Kaliber with a foreign object. X-Kaliber would place him in the casket and win the match.

Demon X with Johnny Hawk would take to the ring this time to challenge Michael Myers. Demon X would be on the ball and performing at his best in the beginning. But just as you see in the movies never turn your back on Michael Myers.

What Demon X didn't see is that Austin Lane WAS Michael Myers. Austin would start dominating the match. Hawk was bound and determined to stop him cold. But Austin would prevail and get the pin. This was far from over. Demon X would call Commissioner Rowland to the ring to declare him the winner. Rowland stated that since Austin was not a wrestler contracted through the ASWF he would have to give back the title. Rowland would also state that next week a contract signing would be in order.

The Feature Match was not for the faint of heart. This was scheduled as the LSD Death Match. Vinny Ramano and Joshua Cross would take on LSD (Cody Only/Idol Bane/Deadly Dale).

Weapons included bats, bats covered in tacs and barbed wire, and everything else that you could think of. This match was all over the place and was hard to keep up with. Vinny and Josh would be no match for LSD and fall short losing this match made in Hell.

The Semi-Main Event was scheduled for a Cage Match between Tim Hanson and Gravedigger. This match had to be the quickiest in ASWF History. Tim Hanson would get Gravedigger off balance and roll him up for the 1, 2, 3 in less than a minute and a half.

The Main-Event is one that everyone was waiting to see. "The Irish Dragon" Scott Fury would go mano y mano with Ron "By God" Rage. Scott would try to get the big man down early and as fast as he could. He would start aiming for any body part he could find that was weak, but when Rage would catch on it would be Hell for Fury. Ron would take back control and begin dishing out punishment that he talked about for weeks. But in a surprise to everyone in the audience, Fury would make a 180 turn and roll up Rage for the pin.

Special Thanks to: City of Tuckerman and Batesville Promotions!

Credit: Terrance Ward @

----Austin Lane's return should be a shot in the arm for this promotion. Shitty finish to his match though...Did they really set up a cage for a minute and half match?? It is says it was a "scheduled" cage match, so I am assuming they did not have a cage match?? If they did and it ended that way, then the booker for this promotion needs to be fired!!!

MLW PRESS RELEASE: Joyce Grable!!!

We are PROUD to announce for our next tapings, January 23rd and 24th, in a MANAGING ROLE only, Joyce Grable will be available to Manage any MLW Superstar you would like for a very fair price. Joyce as many of you know, was a multi World Tag Champions with Vickie Williams and "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter. Joyce was an international star going to Japan many times and has wrestled the best of the best in ladies wrestling. Judy Martin and herself wrestled 2 males opponents in a tournament match in Atlanta, Georgia in the old Georgia Championship Wrestling Days. There was no tougher lady in wrestling than Joyce Grable. Order early there are only a few slots available.

* *Amy Lee*, The Bruiser Biker Gal from Philly
* *Ann Brookstone*, Tough as Nails from Minneapolis
* *Athena from Texas*, rugged black star who is an excellent wrestler
* *Brittney Love*, the LOVE of Middle Tennessee
* *Diablo*, fiesty, mean, nasty loves to see her opponents hurt andv
* *Faith*, Sexy SuperStar from Georgia
* *Great Cheyanne*, OUtstanding star from Chicago who can be very
dominating in the ring
* *Hailey Rage*, possible candiate for MLW Rookie of the Year 2009
* *Heather Owens*, Hardcore Lady from the Mid West who is a very
capable lady wrestler
* *Rock N Roll Rock C*, 5'11" of pure WOMAN
* *Sassy Stephie*, Shimmer star making her debut to MLW
* *Su Yung*, The current MLW Champion
* *Susan Morton*, Solid and beautiful and VIOLENT
* *Tiffany Roxx*, East Tennessee beauty who isn't afraid to mix it up
* *Tracy Taylor*, Hawaiian Star who could be a model any day of the week
* *Veronica Fairchild*, Blonde Superstar from the deep South,
Gorgeous from head to toe

CHECK OUT for more info!!

The Golden Circle "Two Matches" by Greg Anthony

As many of you are probably like me and are lifelong wrestling fans, I have seen a lot of matches. Now finding matches to watch now is relatively easy now with youtube and some of the other outlets out there. However before the internet I traded tapes to see the early days of ECW because I had heard so much about it but hadn't seen it. I've been asked so many times what's my favorite match? Well, that would be next to impossible. There are so many great matches that I watch over and over like HBK vs Bret in the original Iron Man match, Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson for the WCW TV Title, Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams for the UWF Title, Four outstanding matches from The Great American Bash '88, HBK vs HHH for World Title on RAW from San Antonio. But there are only two matches I credit with really cementing the fact I wanted to be a pro wrestler, so if you want to blame someone blame them.

APRIL 2, 1989

Its no secret who my favorite wrestler of all time is, Ric Flair but Steamboat isn't running far behind. I was 7 years old when I waited on pins and needles for the much anticipated 2 out of 3 falls match at Clash of the Champions VI. When the day finally come, I was not disappointed. I sat there in awe for this almost hour classic. I had said for years that I wanted to be a wrestler but after watching this match I KNEW I had to become a wrestler. That's how I looked at the match with a 7 year olds eyes now I look at it as just a masterpiece of work. This was work not choreography, the ability to go out there and create a great match on the fly, in the ring. Even though the following match between these two in Nashville is considered the best of their series with a fast paced 20 minute up and down match it was that 2/3 falls that really hooked me.

Now the other match is pretty much a 180 from the Flair/Steamboat classic just mentioned. Its important for a whole different reason.


Everyone knows the match, everyone knows the bumps, everyone knows how important this one match is to the career of Mick Foley. Well, its important to mine as well. I had just turned 17 about 3 weeks before and I was seriously considering when I turned 18 to take the leap and try to make my way in pro wrestling. I sat at a friends house as we watched the King of the Ring pay per view. I don't think anyone knew what we would all witness that night.

When Undertaker threw Mankind off the cell crashing down through the announcers table, everyone I was watching with stood up in complete amazement. The match was over but what an ending or so we thought until Foley came off the stretcher and climbed once again to the top of the cage. Only this time he wasn't thrown off but choke slammed through to the "unforgiving" mat. Once again, we all stood up in amazement. Just when I thought I had run the gambit of emotion for a match, out come the tacks! We all stood up, yet again. When Taker tombstoned Foley for the 1,2,3.. we had witnessed the single greatest effort in wrestling history and we stood one last time for a living room, pay per view party standing ovation.

Now, yes this match made me want to be a pro wrestler. But no that doesn't mean I wanted to be hurled off a 20 foot structure breaking several bones on the way down or slammed through said structure giving me a concussion and few less teeth. What it did was make me realize that if I wanted to be a wrestler than I would care no less about it than Mick Foley. It made me realize that the fictional Mankind may have loved pain but very real Mick Foley loved pro wrestling, pro wrestling fans and that's why he did what he did. I would give no less, because I promise that's what wrestling deserves and when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony makes a promise its as good as gold.

----Greg Anthony is a regular on the local area circuit. He won RRO Booker of the Year 2008 and is listed in the top 5 of the RRO Top 10 2008. Greg currently can be seen tagging with legend Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson as “Midnight Gold”.

RassleResults: IWA Southaven, MS 10.30.09

IWA Championship Wrestling's Spooktacular extravaganza "Halloween Massacre" began with "The Commentating God" Jason Hall welcoming everyone to the show and informing us that his broadcast colleague, Michael Ward, could not be there tonight. Jason ran down the card that would include three championship matches and a casket match. Then, IWA's Acting Commissioner, Blalok The Blazer interrupted Jason, announcing that he was going to join him in calling all the action at "Halloween Massacre". With that, Jason Hall said we are watching IWA Championship Wrestling "Where Only The Strong Survive! And the survival begins now!" Oh yeah, they've got a new entranceway that looks good.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight walks out, saying that they didn't give him a match because they know nobody can beat him. "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja walked out carrying a skull with glowing eyes.

Opening Contest-"Dynamite" Seth Knight vs "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja-Referee C'Lo Banks-Raja jumps Seth Knight from the start. Raja scared Referee C'Lo so much, at one point, that he leaped over the top-rope and ran into the crowd. Raja with a running Umaga attack in the corner, followed by a big splash on Knight. Knight would slow down the big man by working over his legs. Raja tried to fight back, but Knight dropkicked his leg and then gave him a chop block. Again, Raja would fight back with some chops, but Knight would catch him with a low blow. Blalok started a "Go, Seth, go" chant. Knight rammed Raja's head into the turnbuckle, but this did no damage whatsoever as Raja started pounding his own head into the turnbuckle to get fired up. Raja would take it too Seth before missing a headbutt attempt. Knight tried his "Sour Face Silencer" finisher, but Raja countered the hold and gave Knight a chokeslam. Knight managed to grab a chair and blasted Raja in the head with it, but once, again, it did nothing but make the big man angry. Raja would get the chair and bash his own head into it, repeatedly. Raja chased off Knight. Your winner, by disqualification, Samoan Raja!

"V.I.P." Tim Styles walked out, wearing his shirt that says, "It Ain't Easy Being Me". V.I.P. said that he takes care of business and is the most important person in the building. Big Red comes out and said that he's there to whoop some ass.

2nd Match-"V.I.P." Tim Styles vs Big Red-Big Red pretty much dominated this one. Red started out stomping a mudhole in V.I.P. in the corner. V.I.P. would try to scoop slam Red, but Red countered and delivered three bodyslams. The crowd rallied behind Big Red and kept chanting, "One more time" after he delivered a move. Red with a clothesline. "One more time!" Another short-arm clothesline by Red. V.I.P. moved out of the corner as Red tried a splash, but Red nailed V.I.P. with a big boot. Red would get the three count after delivering a pumphandle slam. Your winner, Big Red! Following the match, the crowd was telling V.I.P., "You got whooped!" V.I.P. grabbed the mic and said, "I can whoop everybody in the back." Big Red started walking towards V.I.P. and V.I.P. said, "I wasn't talking about you."

3rd Match-"The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace & Cymba, managed by "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed vs Dre' Black & Beyond-Dre' started out taking it to Ace, sending him over the top and stopping Cymba's attack, as well. Beyond dove off the top-rope on Ace, Cymba, and Victor Reed on the outside. Beyond in with the running knees in the corner on Ace. Ace caught Beyond with a scissors kick. Cymba in with a powerbomb. Dre' Black in to break the count. Cymba and Ace swap out. Another two count. Ace with a fireman's carry into a back breaker. Cymba in with a sidewalk slam. Cymba caught Beyond with an elbow. Ace back in. Beyond tried to fight out of a headlock, but Ace stopped him and delivered a vicious brainbuster. Hot tag made to Dre' Black. Dre' in with a sky high, followed by a double underhook suplex. Cymba shoots Beyond out to the floor. Dre' attempted his signature "Black Out" maneuver, but Victor Reed jumped in and hit him. Ace would smash Dre' into the mat with a flatliner to get the win. Meanwhile, Cymba suplexed Beyond on the floor and slammed him into the wall. Your winners, Big Ace & Cymba!

4th Match-Ladder Match for the IWA Light Heavyweight Championship-The Crime Challenging The IWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Suicide-Things get off to a quick start as both men started throwing fistacups at each other. Suicide would try to get the ladder from under the ring, but was quickly cutoff by Crime, who attacked him and threw him into the ring steps and the wall. Suicide countered a running attack from Crime with a drop toe hold, sending Crime crashing into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Suicide with a leg drop, jumping heel kick, knee drop and ddt. Suicide went after the ladder on the outside, but was dropkicked by Crime. Suicide would return the favor by dropkicking the ladder into Crime. Suicide attempted a suicide attack through the ropes, but caught a ladder to the head from Crime. Suicide clotheslined Crime in the corner on the ladder. Suicide launched Crime into the ladder in the corner with a t-bone suplex. Let me say this. That was a pretty rough looking ladder. You could definitely tell it's been used a lot. Both men teetering on the ladder, going for the belt. Crime would hit a swinging neckbreaker off the ladder on Suicide. The ladder was then placed in between the ring and guardrail (ECW style). Crime sent Suicide smashing into the ladder with a hot shot. Suicide stopped an oncoming Crime and caught him with a ddt on the ladder. Crime threw a chair, bashing Suicide in the face. Crime started climbing to get the belt, but Suicide would run back in and push the ladder down in time. Suicide with a running kick in the corner. Suicide catapulted himself into the ladder that was conveniently placed in between Crime's legs to do maximum damage to the jewels. Suicide was there at the belt, but Crime bashed Suicide in the back with a steel chair, sending Suicide off the ladder. Superplex attempt by Crime. Suicide tried to fight back. Crime hit Suicide with the "Crime Way" on the ladder. Suicide powerbombed Crime off the ladder as Crime was going for the belt. The IWA Arena in Southaven, Mississippi, was rocking as the crowd got behind Suicide. Suicide spiked Crime on a chair with a ddt. Crime and Suicide flew off the ladder as Crime sent Suicide to the mat with the electric chair. Crime landed on the chair. Both men, again, were at the top of the ladder brawling. Suicide sent Crime flying as he fought off Crime's attempt of the "Crime Way". Crime landed on the chair. Suicide grabbed the belt and won the match. Your winner and still IWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Suicide! Suddenly, in an unprecedented turn of events, current IWA Commissioner Blalok The Blazer ran in with Referee C'Lo Banks, ruining Suicide's celebration. Blalok attacked Suicide and got Referee C'Lo Banks to make the three count, so your NEW IWA Light Heavyweight Champion is Blalok The Blazer! Can you say screwjob? After that transpired and Blalok had left, the fans started chanting for both Crime and Suicide, appreciating the epic battle they had just witnessed as the two warriors stared at each other, as a sign of respect. Gotta give it up to those two guys. They beat the hell out of each other and had a great match. New IWA Light Heavyweight Champion and IWA Acting Commissioner, Blalok The Blazer, rejoined Jason Hall at the announce table, a few minutes later.

5th Match-Casket Match-"The INKcredible" Tatt2 vs The Baron Malkavain-Before the match got underway, Tatt2 was given a big lollipop from a little girl in the crowd. How sweet! Baron walks out, accompanied by Armageddon, who was pushing the casket, and Victor Reed. Blalok mentioned that he was a member of Hell's Army. Blalok referred to Armageddon as, "Satan's Pitbull". When the match got started, one fan yelled, "Let's go Justin Timberlake" directed towards Baron. Another fan would call him, "Powder". Tatt2 started out, rocking Baron with right hands. Baron tried to throw him off, but a dropkick would send Baron flying over the top-rope. Tatt2 with a suicide dive through the ropes, driving Baron's back into the guardrail. Baron sent Tatt2 slamming into the ring step, however, the momentum would shoot Tatt2 into a guy sitting in the front row. Baron with a Michinoku driver on Tatt2. Baron opened the casket. Tatt2 tried to fight back, but is thrown into the ring post. Baron hit Tatt2 with the F-5 and choked him. Leg drop by Baron on Tatt2 while he was on the apron. Baron threw Tatt2 into the casket, but Tatt2 fought back. The two men traded knife edge chops back and forth. Wooooo! Tatt2 decked Baron with a spinning kick. Tatt2 missed a shooting star attempt. Baron leveled Tatt2 with his "Demon's Wings" finisher and went for the cover, but pins don't matter in this match. Gotta put him in the casket. Baron closed the top part of the casket, but Tatt2 kicked out when he tried to close the lower. Tatt2 shooting off the ropes with a springboard dropkick. Tatt2 hit the 901. Tatt2 knocked Baron into the casket, but could not close it. Tatt2 attempted another 901, but Baron ducked out of the way, hitting him with a clothesline. Baron went up and missed a guillotine leg drop. Tatt2 launched off the ropes with "The Flying Chuck". Baron goes into the crowd. Tatt2 flew over the top-rope, into the seats with a suicide dive on Baron. That was AWESOME! Fans started chanting, "Holy s@#$!" While in the crowd, Tatt2 executed the Van Daminator on Baron, by kicking the steel chair into him. Baron would dive over the ropes on Tatt2. Back in the ring, Baron with a big leg drop. Tatt2 with a smooth hurracanrana on Baron. Baron backdropped Tatt2 over the top-rope. Baron would later backdrop Tatt2 into the casket, but Tatt2 still had some fight left in him. Baron can't close the casket. Baron picked up a steel chair and blasted Tatt2 with it to close the casket and win the match. Your winner, The Baron Malkavain! Wow! I've had the chance to see these two battle twice now and let me tell ya when these two tie up, it's truly something special. That was one hell of a match!

6th Match-IWA Tag-Team Championship-Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) challenging The IWA Tag-Team Champions, SnS (Syn & Stunner)-Full Scale Assault jumped SnS from the start, but SnS quickly fought back with dropkicks. Xander grabbed the mic and said this has to be settled one way or another. SnS with some double team moves, that included a double arm twist takedown followed by double dropkicks and a knee lift, dropkick, and shooting star combination. Beautiful flying heel kick by Syn on Jason Steele. Xander went at Stunner with forearm strikes, followed by a spinning vertical suplex. Double clothesline by Full Scale Assault. Fisherman suplex by Steele on Stunner that got a two count. Xander in with a big splash and fall away slam on Stunner. Xander distracted Syn while Steele choked Stunner in the ropes. Xander missed a Vader Bomb in the corner when Stunner moved. Stunner was about to make the tag, but was cutoff by Steele. Steele worked over Stunner's knee with a leg grapevine. Xander ran in with a big leg drop. Stunner with some kicks, but Xander caught his leg and put him down with a vicious slam. This was followed by Full Scale Assault's signature "Assault & Battery" hi-lo combination. Stunner with a nice leapfrog, but is caught by Xander on the second try, who slams him. A chair is brought in. Stunner kicked the chair into Xander. Xander with a big discus punch on Stunner in the corner. Hot tag made to Syn. Full Scale Assault attempted the Tech 9, but Syn breaks it up with the Sliced Bread #2. Miscommunication from Full Scale Assault leads to Syn catching Steele with a hurracanrana to get the three count. Stunner dropkicked Xander into the corner. Your winner, and still IWA Tag-Team Champions, Syn & Stunner! Following the match, Full Scale Assault partners, Xander Raines and Jason Steele, argued and blamed the other for the loss.

7th Match-Falls Count Anywhere-"The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy) vs Barnone (Sniper & V-Man)-Sniper walked out on crutches. As soon as, The Asylum would turn their heads, Sniper and V-Man attacked Psycho and Pappy with the crutches to get the madness underway. Sniper and Pappy went at it. Psycho hit V-Man with a big railroad crossing sign. Sniper sent Pappy head first into a big speed limit sign in the corner. Rude Awakening neckbreaker by Sniper on Pappy in the ring. Psycho pounded away at V-Man with a glove. Sniper punished Pappy with a steel chair. Psycho was busted open by V-Man. Psycho knocked out V-Man with the kitchen sink. That's right, the kitchen sink. Pappy leaped off the ring steps, hitting Sniper with an elbow on the floor. Psycho blasted V-Man with a chain, followed by "The Fall from Grace". Sniper bashed Pappy's head into the steps. Pappy got hit with the barbwire crutch. Psycho beating on V-Man in the crowd. Sniper beat down Pappy in the ring. Psycho sent V-Man through the wall in the IWA Arena to get the win. Your winners, Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum"!

Main Event-Triple Threat for The IWA Heavyweight Championship-The Reigning Champion, "The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious vs IWA United States Champion, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane vs Blalok The Blazer's "Instrument of Destruction/The Human Juggernaut" Bishop-Precious got a huge pop. There was even a little girl that was dressed up like him. Precious and CA joined forces and double teamed Bishop at the beginning, landing a double backdrop and double suplex on the big man. Precious and CA also took turns hitting Bishop in the corner. Precious would, eventually, attack CA from behind and send him to the floor. While Precious went at Bishop, CA was taking a break on the floor. Flying headscissor by Precious in the corner on Bishop. However, the second go around, Bishop would catch Precious and deliver a big Alabama slam. Bishop also turned Precious inside out with a devastating clothesline. Bishop chopped CA in the corner. Precious with a flying lariat, followed by a springboard leg drop. Precious missed a big leg drop attempt from the top. CA back in on the attack. Tower of doom out of the corner with Bishop powerbombing CA, who suplexed Precious. CA with a big boot on Bishop. When Referee C'Lo Banks started to make the count, Blalok The Blazer told him that he was "under evaluation", so he did not make the count. Precious with the backstabber on CA, but once again, C'Lo would not make the count. Precious knocked out C'Lo. C'Lo flopped around like a fish out of water. Hilarious! Everybody got a kick out of that. Bishop with a spear. New ref in, but there was a kick out. New ref out. Misconnection between Bishop and Blalok. Blalok with a superkick, but another kick out. Referee C'Lo Banks back up. Bishop put away Precious with "The Hellevator". Your winner, and NEW IWA Heavyweight Champion, "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop! Entertaining match. The wrestling portion of the show ended with the new champs Bishop and Blalok The Blazer celebrating as they held up their new titles. Precious threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the ring. The little kids were telling him not to cry and that it's alright. It's unbelievable how Precious has the people in the palm of his hands.

Now it was time for the Halloween Costume Contest. IWA Superstars Sniper, Malik "The Great", Beyond, and Suicide were judges for the contest. There were twenty-three kids contestants and five adults. They would be scored based on crowd response and scored from one to ten with ten being the highest score. Dre' Black helped each kid into the ring. The kids costumes included: a lion, pink poodle, The Pink Panther, Precious, Witch, Scooby-Doo, Cleopatra Twins, John Cena, Michael Jackson with curls, Butterfly, Devil, Michael Myers with knife, Pirate, and a rabbit. There were a lot of "Awwws!" In the end, Michael Jackson won the kids contest, winning five hundred bucks.

The five contestants for the adults costume contest included: A cheetah, Freddy Krueger, The Cat in the Hat, A Maid, and Madea. Madea done pulled the gun out on Dre' Black. Madea won the adults contest, winning one thousand dollars. What a great night of fun and excitement. Good Call!

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX-ION Television. On IWA's Official MySpace ( it was posted to check out IWA this Saturday morn at 10am and at 12pm 2hr, so it looks like IWA Championship Wrestling will be back on with two shows, this coming Saturday, at 10:00am and Noon.

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

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