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The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight Week 5

So much to read this week here on RRO News! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you ate too much. I wonder what Dustin Starr eats at Thanksgiving. Definitely not the Dutch apple pie or the pumpkin pie…or the Dressing…But the turkey should be ok. Or maybe he splurges this time of year and eats an ounce of fat…who knows? One thing is for sure, I don’t have the willpower so I do eat one big meal on thanksgiving, Plus dessert ha-ha. I’ve been thinking all week about all these columns, Very good columns all around this week. Eric Wayne didn’t talk about himself and the best wrestling show poster I have ever seen was posted on the website. Such a great week, Lets get started breaking it down

First this week Brian posted the best wrestling show poster ever! By best I mean the most ridiculous excuse for a pathetic wrestling show I have myself ever seen. WHAT THE F*%$ WERE YOU THINKING! The shot caller should have called a better shot on this poster. Who decided it would be a good idea to have a 9 year old child to write this thing? Was it the “Shot coler” or the “General Manager and Ref Ree” Sam Whiskers or maybe the Promoter? This poster is everything that’s wrong with the wrestling business today put onto a piece of paper. Would you go see a dentist if his sign was made of cardboard on his garage door? No…. Would you go to a fair if all the rides had handwritten paper signs saying “This ride has been rated safe to ride by billy bob”? No….. And you wouldn’t go to a wrestling show if the people don’t have enough sense to at least type the F&%$ing poster and spell the “Workers” names correctly. This company’s poster is a disgrace to everything we as wrestlers have worked towards to make people believe wrestling is more than a joke. You just knocked us back ten years on that goal. Thanks….

Sam Whiskers the Ref Ree wasn’t available for comment…

….Seriously WHAT THE F*#@!!!

OK….I feel better now. Next up Jamie Jay wrote about anxiety. Hes been battling with an emotional disorder and has finally decided to talk about it with all of us. Kudos to him for the bravery. I like Jamie. Hes a good guy. But I don’t know what he was hoping to accomplish by telling everyone that he has such a problem with anxiety. If he has a hard time wrestling once a week, or wrestling in the same area with the same talent for an extended period of time how could he ever work for a company the size of the WWE? He has a hard time working in front of a large crowd of 100 people…What would you do in front of millions? He is basically telling everyone he will probably never get a grip on this problem and move up in the ranks to the next level. I don’t think I would tell everyone about a problem so serious when it affects my career such as this problem affects his. I hope he is able to work thru it but the way he typed his column he seems to be coming to grips that he may next make that next step, because he isn’t capable of working through his disease. If he can, then great job to him and good luck on doing so. But you didn’t leave me with much hope after reading such a depressing article. If he remembers the date that this started it was probably brought on by a big life altering event that happened in his life around this time. My advice would be to get some counseling about the underlying problem so you can push this anxiety out of your life and move forward.
No, I’m not a doctor…But I play one on tv…..Moving on.

Maxx Corbin’s article is always different and is never underwritten. He puts a lot of explanation on his article. He goes into detail. Maxx wrote about how he found out wrestling was scripted and how it made him feel. I myself still don’t consider it a work when I watch it. I try to sit there as a fan and watch it as if it is a shoot. I like being able to hold onto that part of myself. I never want to stop watching and enjoying wrestling and if you are one of those workers who don’t watch wrestling, you must not have it in your blood enough and you should consider retirement. When I was young and watched wrestling I loved Hulk Hogan. I watched for years and then I got into baseball and somehow wrestling slipped away. I didn’t watch it for years so when I go back into it I remember I bought the WM PPV with Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels. I watched the buildup before the match and wow it hooked me all over again. Like a soap opera it was like I never missed an episode. The next night I watched RAW and I never stopped watching it since. But I missed lots of big moments in wrestling history prior to 1998. Such as Hogan vs Warrior. I was never a Ultimate Warrior fan. I thought he was an idiot. So, in 2003 when I was at a friends house, they popped in WM with Hogan and Warrior with both titles on the line. I knew there was no way Warrior ever beat Hogan at all. Much less at Wrestlemania….So, I watched…Oh I watched and I got pissed off worse than you could imagine. I’m sitting there in a good mood next thing I know Warrior kicks out of the leg drop….Hogan ends up getting the splash…and…he….loses….I couldn’t speak for an hour. I was so mad I thought I was gonna throw up….Why do I tell you this story?....Because that’s how REAL….Wrestling really is…

Next, Eric Wayne offers up a nugget of goodness with his “Wayne’s World” column.
A quote from Eric

I HATE with a passion the responses I get sometimes when i tell people I wrestle. It usually goes like this, "Oh you wrestle? Cool. Is it real wrestling, like UFC, or that fake stuff?"

I literally want to punch people when they ask me this question. Eric is right about this for sure. Its always the only thing they want to ask. Occasionally they will follow up with “Well it still takes talent and ability to do the things you do in the ring” But, They still think its fake. No matter how many concussions or broken orbital bones a wrestler gets people still want to call it fake. I can’t stand those people. UFC, Baseball, Football, freakin’ Tennis…It’s ALL A WORK! Vince is just the only one to come out and SAY it. Working out in the ring is essential to ever making it anywhere in this business. Get your lazy ass in the damn ring and try this stuff. Don’t go to the ring in front of a crowd and try a new corkscrew moonsault plancha off the cage through a table. MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO IT FIRST!! Everyone wants to be a wrestler but no one wants to bump or practice. Everyone wants to be in shape but they don’t want to WORK OUT! Wrestling is the same as anything else, If you want to be good at it you have to practice. Do baseball players practice? All the time. Football? Yep. In some sports the people train years just to get to the point they can play. But wrestlers want to train a few months, hop in the ring, and think that’s it. They know everything already…Hell no you don’t know shit until you work on it over and over like Eric Wayne, Greg Anthony, Kid Nichols, Alan Steele, those are some people I know work out in the ring and enjoy it. They enjoy learning new things because with the exception of Eric (Kidding) they all know they still have stuff to learn. I learn new things all the time. Eric Wayne hit the nail on the head with this column.

Wrestlers, Get off your ass and get in the ring!

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for reading and I hope it was interesting. Vote for me on and if you can find a category I fall into. I was thinking “Best Butt.”

This has been the Dynamite Blast.

Thanksgiving Throwdown in Ripley TN at 8pm. Yours Truly in a number one contenders match vs. Bishop! Be there to get your weekly dose of Sethamphetamine!

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Merry Thanksgiving To All!!!

----From the whole RRO staff to your family - we wish you a Merry Thanksgiving!!!

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Shows for the Weekend 11.27 to 11.28.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. The big shows are the "Thanksgiving Throwdown" shows with an ad running to the right on this blog. Below the ad is a fantastic interview from "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. If you are doing TV in this area, this is the kind of guy you want doing promos!! Below are some of the big matches for the shows.

Thanksgiving Throwdown - DCW [Dyersburg, TN] and EWE [Ripley, TN]

Steel cage match with DK/Cody vs Tatt2/Stan (27th)

Christian Jacobs vs Golden Boy (28th for the EWE title)

DK vs Stan Lee (28th "last man standing")

Seth Knight vs Bishop (#1 contender 28th)

Tim Edwards vs. J.R. Manson (brother vs brother 28)

Jon Micheal vs. Cody Melton (28th)

Picture Perfect vs Tucker/Randy (27th for DCW tag belts)

Dutch Mantell Book!!

----Brian Thompson and I have resigned as editors of the upcoming Dutch Mantell book, "The World According to Dutch". Mantell decided to go in another direction with it due to time constraints from We wish him luck on the project and will be helping him promote the book in this area. CLICK HERE to keep up with Mantell and the book!!

My World - MAXXED OUT!! "Why Didn't that Work??" by Maxx Corbin

Why didn’t that work?

Most people remember when they found out the business was a work. A lot of them compare it to finding out about the Easter Bunny or Santa not being real. I guess when I hit middle school I started noticing things I never had before, but for the most part, I still thought it was all a shoot. Why did I think this? Well, here is the simple answer.

My best friend at the time was Josh Briley. Josh lived next door and like me was obsessed with wrestling. He had a huge wrestling collection and watched all the PPVs because he had a blackbox (remember those). Josh also had something else that made him be extra crazy about wrestling. His uncle was Nightmare Danny Davis. Anyways, Josh pretty much lived at my house and his grandmother lived across the street. Danny had been staying there at one time too (not with me but with his mother/ Josh’s grandmother). When I was about 8 years old Josh and I decided we’d look through his uncle’s wrestling things for kneepads, masks, chains, and anything we could else we could find to beat up our WWF wrestling buddies. Then we found it….the dreaded foreign object. Josh and I looked at it in amazement. It looked like a piece of steel wrapped in athletic tape that could be slid over the fist like brass knuckles. It seemed to weigh about 5 lbs too. If you looked hard you could see what appeared to be blood stains. So, every time I saw something in wrestling that looked phony I would justify it by thinking “If wrestling was fake, why would that foreign object be steel? If it was fake, it would be made out of foam. Right?” That simple logic is what kept wrestling a shoot in my mind.

Fast-forward 4 years. Now I’m in middle school. The wrestling craze of the mid 90’s had yet to happen; so, I was still the wrestling geek that had nothing in common with anyone other than my wrestling friends. I watched an talked about wrestling 24/7. I would find wrestling on tv like ECW and the short lived AWF that came on early in the mornings (this was before the cable boxes told you what was playing and what time. All you had was the preview channel) So, that should tell you how obsessed I was. I was literally flipping through channels at all times in looking for new wrestling shows. Josh and I would watch and then go out and beat up our wrestling buddies, but rarely each other, we were tag

One day I notice that our 6 grade class would be holding a 6th grade Olympics. They were trying to teach us about Rome or something, but they thought the Olympic games would help somehow. When I looked at the list of events to sign up for I noticed something….they had wrestling! I signed up and was the first on the list. The weeks went by and I noticed that they didn’t have anyone else signed up but me… I was gonna win by default? Finally there was one other person to sign up. He was about a 3rd of my size and now I felt great about my chances. I was gonna put on a show.

Olympic day took forever to get there but it finally arrived. I was planning out my moves and had put together a costume (of sorts) the night before. This was gonna be my first time wrestling in front of a crowd and I knew I would be victorious. So, we have about 15 minutes until wrestling comes up and I go to suit up. The outfit was just a black cutoff shirt, gym shorts, and a lime green wrestling mask. What young girl wouldn’t have wanted to date that? It makes no sense to me. Anyways, I make my way over to the mat to do my thing and notice my opponent and the only other person to sign up was busy running the 40 yard dash. To make matters worse the teacher told me I couldn’t wrestle him anyways….it wouldn’t be fair. The teacher sees I’m crushed and decides to make an open challenge to anyone who would want to wrestle me. After a few minutes I hear a guy say, “I’ll go!” This guy was my size and I’m pretty sure he is a couple of years ahead of me. He may give me some trouble and there’s no way I’m gonna be able to power bomb him. Oh well I’ll use skill. No forget that I have had no training in wrestling or MMA, cardio, and the guy I was facing would eventually go to prison for murder, I felt like I could win this. The match started and I went in for the lock up and he pushed me over. “What the hell was he doing?” I thought, “Every match starts with a lock up!” Plan B test of strength! Same result, he pushes me over. That’s it if that’s his game I’ll just have to take him down. I moved in and grabbed his leg for a single leg take down. But, just as he was about to fall back the teacher stopped us because we were off the mat. It was ok though because I was about to pull of the sure fire move. A move I had seen work on just about every one, no matter how big or small. I was gonna drop toe hold this son of a bitch! He came charging in and I drop down like I had seen wrestler’s do countless times. Pretty soon this jabroni would be on his belly. I hooked his leg and spun around with a since of accomplishment. But when I looked over to the mat he wasn’t there. He had kicked me off and I was now in a waist lock. I thought to myself, “HOW THE FUCK DID THAT NOT WORK? IT WAS A DROP TOE HOLD AND I DID IT PERFECTLY!” It was then I started to have my doubts if wrestling was a work or not.

The doubts were confirmed when 3 months later Josh beat me in a latter match for my foam belt in about 3 seconds. He pushed me over then climbed the Chair(our ladder…lol) the whole 3 feet to grab the belt from out of a tree. Later that summer Josh told me his Uncle said it was all a show. I was crushed….. but then I was completely relieved. I really sucked at shoot wrestling, but if it was a work I could do that all day long. And 14 years later I learned I couldn’t do that either.

Happy Turkey Day!

----Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling and provides RRO with a monthly column. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).

Reality Star Matt Riviera Makes Strong Bid to Join New Trump Show; Still in Talks for New Projects

Reality Star Matt Riviera Makes Strong Bid to Join New Trump Show; Still in Talks for New Projects

(Tampa, FL) --- Matt Riviera, pro wrestler/Reality TV star and movie actor/producer, is closer to his next big project after a near-miss involving billionaire Donald Trump’s new Reality/dating show.

Riviera made it to the final 20 men considered for Trump’s new “The Ultimate Merger,” a dating show designed to find a bachelor for a female star, rumored to be Omarosa from Trump’s “The Apprentice.” Twelve men were ultimately chosen to be contestants.

But that’s OK, because Riviera’s experience vying for the “Merger” show, which included a trip to Las Vegas, has only helped his other pursuits.

“I’ve been in talks with Reality TV and Hollywood producers about new projects featuring me,” Riviera said recently upon returning from Las Vegas. “Making it as far as I did for the Trump show didn’t hurt those talks at all.”

Riviera added that the new projects are both Reality and non-Reality in nature.

Riviera appeared on VH1’s “Megan Wants a Millionaire” over the summer—another show featuring men vying for a woman’s heart.

Riviera has had a very busy and productive 2009 because of all his endeavors in the entertainment and pro wrestling industries. He did the VH1 show, has participated in several pro wrestling shows—including a very successful charity event—and starred in and co-produced a new movie.

“It’s an exciting time,” Riviera said. “Interest in me is high and I’m weighing all my options at this point.”

For more about Matt Riviera, visit his website at
For Matt Riviera interview requests, contact Shannon Rose at (813) 389-0801; (813) 960-8412; or



At just 26-years-old, professional wrestler Matt Riviera has lived a lifetime in just a few short years.

Ironically, it wasn't until he exchanged wrestling holds with Megan Hauserman (VH1's "Rock of Love," CW's "Beauty and the Geek") that the world took notice of his unique ability.

With an estimated net value of more than $5.5 million, Matt was one of 17 cast members vying for the affection of Hauserman on the VH1 reality series "Megan Wants a Millionaire." It was during this series that Matt demonstrated his unique ability to play to his audience, inspiring and entertaining the VH1 crowd by playing to the very talents he has cultivated for more than five years in the ring.

Movie roles, including serving as a deputy in the horror film “Blood Forest“ (2009) soon followed.


Eclectic Media Productions was formed in 2007 by Shannon Rose. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best in Public Relations.

Our clients have appeared in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Daily Variety, Howard Stern Show, CNN, FOX NEWS, TMZ, The Insider, and others.

Our motto is "Your One Stop to Take You to the Top!"

Credit: Shannon Rose

Wayne's World "The Next Level" by "3G" Eric Wayne

After making it to the school for a special training session Tuesday night, I started thinking about what exactly it takes to make it to the next level. There's been a lot of talk lately about "Mr. Controversy" having his own column. All I do is put myself over and blah blah blah. But the more I think about what to write, I think about the reason I wanted to start writing in the first better wrestling as a whole.

I've been extremely lucky to start how I did and meet the people I have and the experiences I've been through. Whether it was good or bad, I took something away from everything to learn and better myself and more importantly, wrestling. I HATE with a passion the responses I get sometimes when i tell people I wrestle. It usually goes like this, "Oh you wrestle? Cool. Is it real wrestling, like UFC, or that fake stuff?" really? Fake? I don't think for one second that there were as many people in the 60s, 70s, 80s that thought wrestling was fake as there are now. It didn't come across as badly as it does now. Where am I going with all this? Training. Plain and simple.

I know some of us started through backyard wrestling and never really had formal training. That's the biggest problem. You wouldn't go to a surgeon that practices in his kitchen at home would you? Then why would anyone want to watch you wrestle if you haven't been trained? Taking it to the next level is the theme of this column and it holds true for all of us. There's always plenty of room to improve. The problem is, it seems like the people that want to improve are very few and even further between.

Starting in a backyard and actually getting on a show is the first step for a lot of guys. After that, its improving enough to be considered good. Because let's face it, how many backyard wrestlers would you actually consider good? We've all been on shows where a majority of the crew came from a backyard, and it shows. Bad matches, bad gear, bad everything. We've also been on shows that were completely different. We all strive to be on these shows for a few reasons. But mainly because most of us all have the same dream. A full time job as a wrestler. The only way to improve is to work with people as good or better and take what you learn and apply it. Constantly working on the same shows, with the same people doesn't help much at all. Justin Smart is a perfect example of improvement. When he started at NEW, he was a different person than he is now..whether he admits it or not lol. From DK to TGB, Alan Steele, Tatt2, Dustin Ring, Austin Lane, Shawn Reed, and countless others NEW has had the very best crew available on every show. How can anyone not improve when you have an opportunity like that??

But taking it to the next level isn't just about being on a good show with extremely talented wrestlers. Its also about ring time. I've heard guys in various locker rooms say the only bumps they take are in front of people because of whatever reason. Ask anyone that's been to WWE, those guys are there because they workout in the ring before the show. Maybe not all of them, but the younger guys are more than willing to jump in there whenever they get a chance. That's what it takes to get to the next level. That's what it takes to get a contract.

When you're only wrestling once or twice a week, that's roughly 100 chances to get in the ring in one year. Ring training takes hours upon hours to perfect everything. There are very few natural athletes in this area. And unless your name is Stan Lee, Tatt2, or Mike Anthony...chances are its gonna take you more than one attempt to even accomplish a certain move, much less perfect it. And it probably took them more than one attempt, but those are three of the most athletically consistent performers I know. Imagine what would happen with more ring training! Because an actual ring workout is much more difficult than a 15 minute match. Doing the same thing over and over and over til its perfect is a lot harder than it sounds. And its something that not many are willing to do.

Sadly, the business we all love is in the state its in because of a lot of us. Til we decide that we can fix it through improving in every aspect of our work, I don't see it changing much. The wrestling we grew up watching isn't what the fans that come to our shows see. And training is the biggest thing holding all of us back. Taking it to the next level takes a lot of hard work, in and out of the ring, and that's something we can all benefit from.

(WGN) Nov 24: Announcer leaves WWE, Hulk-watch, Maria Kanellis update, Awesome Kong scare, Foley, The Rock, Flair, former WWE star retiring, and more


Tuesday November 24, 2009



11/23 Raw TV results results from Hershey, PA: Kofi Kingston over Dolph Ziggler; Sheamus over Finlay; John Cena over CM Punk; MVP, Mark Henry & R-Truth over Jack Swagger, Chris Masters & Chavo Guerrero, Randy Orton over Evan Bourne; Mickie James, Melina & Kelly Kelly over Michelle McCool, Jillian Hall & Layla, DX over The Hart Dynasty; Legacy over Cryme Tyme; and Sheamus won the a Battle Royal for a WWE title shot. Dark match was Yoshi Tatsu over William Regal.

The Smackdown/ECW tapings are tonight at Harbor Yards in Bridgeport, CT with Batista vs. Kane, and Matt Hardy appears on tonight's ECW broadcast. We're looking for reader reports with basic match results and anything else noteworthy to


Ring announcer Lauren Mayhew has left WWE. She was working on a short-term contract and neither side could agree on anything more long term. Her rep noted that she was happy with the company and the feedback was positive. She could return in the future, but she is moving on for now and focusing on other creative opportunities.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is booked to guest host Raw on December 7 from the American Airlines Center.

Raw last night did a 3.2 rating over three hours. Hour one was 2.6 followed by two strong hours of 3.5.

John Cena will serve as Grand Marshall of the Fiesta Bowl parade in Phoenix, AZ on January 2. It's part of a promotional deal for Wrestlemania 26.

Gerald Brisco won't be returning to WWE in his previous role as road agent after suffering a series of mini strokes earlier this year. His doctor advised him not to go back on the road full-time so he may be doing something with developmental in Tampa. He is said to be recovering nicely but no timetable has been set for him to return to work. He is also accepting convention dates next year outside of WWE.

Maria Kanellis is likely returning to Smackdown TV this week after filming wrapped last week for Celebrity Apprentice in New York City.

Kelly Kelly is interviewed (at times in-character) at She says if she wasn't with WWE she would go back to college for broadcasting as she wanted to be an anchor women growing up.

Beth Phoenix celebrates a birthday today.

Ted DiBiase Jr. talks how to look good using skin products on HD TV at Seriously.

Linda McMahon's opponents in the Connecticut Senate race are on the attack over comments Linda made on the 9/11 terror trial. Story is at

Story on Great Khali visiting a Tihar, India jail to talk to 18-21 year olds about staying out of trouble at

WWE canceled a house show in Jonesboro, AR on January 22... A house show was added at the Abdi Ipekci Arena in Istanbul, Turkey on April 18, 2010. This may be the first show in the country after programming debuted earlier this year on Fox Turkey.


According to my friend who lives in Perth, Australia (and who isn't a wrestling fan) Hulk Hogan has been wreaking havoc over there during the past few days. He is all over the newspapers pushing his show. The local radio station is even running regular "Hulk-watch" updates reporting all his shenanigans around the city. One report had him surfing on the beach while another had him picking up chicks at various night spots, although this was done tongue-in-cheek, as he is flanked every where by his bride-to-be, Jennifer McDaniel. "He's just being very loud and obnoxious," my friend said. The Hulkamania tour continues with shows tonight at the Burwood Dome in Perth (they were selling 2-for-1 tickets at the box office yesterday and Ticketek has been calling people and upgrading them for free), Thursday at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and Saturday at the Acer Centre in Sydney. We're looking for reader reports with basic match results and anything else noteworthy to

Awesome Kong had a scare last night when the floor of her apartment building caught fire. She wrote on Twitter that beside minor smoke damage her apartment was okay. When the local Fire Department let her back in, she joked: "Firestarter was playing on my TV. How ironic."

Mick Foley was a guest in Puerto Rico this past weekend for a benefit for Carlos Beltran's Baseball Academy... Footage of Foley on The Daily Show is now on the TNA website at Foley along with Colt Cabana are doing their comedy act tomorrow night at the Comedy Connection in East Providence, RI.

Kip James is photographed watching Sunday's Knicks-Celtics game with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Tracy Morgan, Brooke Shields, and Rosie Perez at

Despite rumors to the contrary, Sweet Saraya, a female wrestler from the UK, has not signed with TNA.


The Heyman Hustle at has photos of Dwayne Johnson and a possible new girlfriend from this past weekend at the CNN Heroes Awards taping in Hollywood, CA. The show airs at 9pm ET on Thanksgiving Night... The Arizona Republic has a story on Planet 51 with Johnson talking about his role at ... Johnson on The Ellen DeGeneres show from last week is online at

The Houston Chronicle at has a story on Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard and his budding career as a stand up comic.

Brooke Hogan is currently shooting the third season of her reality show Brooke Knows Best in Southern California. She also has another album due out in the spring.

American Wrestling Rampage ran shows in Strasbourg, Cannes, and Lille in France this past weekend averaging just over 2000 paid for each show. Mark and Jay Briscoe pulled out of the tour to do a WWE tryout. the major names were Rob Van Dam, Sean Waltman, Sid Vicious, Sabu, Rene Dupree, Scotty 2 Hotty, Joe Legend and Raven.

Lance Storm is interviewed at

The Wrestler with Mickey Rouke premieres on HBO this weekend.

My friend Ken Spence has a show on Thanksgiving Night at the West Central Community Center, 6130 Yadkinville Rd, Pfafftown, NC. Doors open at 6.30 and bell time is 8pm.

Ring of Honor announced a deal with GoFightLive.TV to stream events over the Internet starting with Final Battle 2009. For more information visit or

Today's Diva of the Day is Becky Bayless at

Former WWE wrestler Armando Estrada announced that he will be wrestling his final match on December 5 against Mr. Ken Anderson at Dave Herro's Great Lakes Championship Wrestling’s Blizzard Brawl in Milwaukee, WI. Estrada has grown a successful restaurant business; Baby’s Steak & Lemonade in Glendale, Arizona and is in the works of opening more franchises in the near future. You can check out Baby’s Steak and Lemonade at or visit in person at 8285 W. Union Hills Drive in Glendale, Arizona

Photos from Ric Flair's recent Bachelor Party were posted at In one photo he is wearing a t-short which reads: "Last Wooooo before I do!"

A tribute to NWA Wildside/NWA Anarchy's Iceberg (wrestled in TNA as Edward Chastain) from the 11-7-09 NWA Anarchy Television taping with comments from Bill Behrens, Steven Prazak, and Jerry Palmer at

Congrats to Steve Gerweck on the birth of his baby.

----Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.

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TCW Webcast!!

----This is the premiere episode of Traditional Championship Wrestling's weekly web show. Hosted by Bill Franklin, this show will present match highlights and interviews from the stars of Mid-South Wrestling. This is a great idea to get help get your promotion over!!

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----Just wanted to let everyone know the plans here this week at RRO offices. I will be posting all columns and news - as much as we get - today and tomorrow. You might have to go down to the right side of the site to the Archives [CLICK HERE] to keep up with all the posts. We will not be posting anything on Thursday and limited stuff on Friday. I just got off the phone with Seth Knight and he promises a "Blast" on Friday. Thanks for support and have a great holiday!!

Food For Thought "Anxiety" by Jamie Jay

Hello Everyone!

This weeks column is going to be a short one! I've been at our hunting club in southern Arkansas. I haven't been doing anything & it still seems that I'm too busy for anything! Well, lets get started shall we?

Anxiety..... We all experience it in some fashion or another. I have been dealing with some bad cases of anxiety & panic attacks. This is something that a lot of people didn't know about me. I've kept it quiet, but now its time to talk about it.

I've been dealing with this since Dec. 15th 2005! Yes, I know the exact date. It is life changing. I can't explain alot of the things that go on with it, but I can tell you that you don't want to be in this sorta business with something like that! For me, its not the crowds, I love the crowds, but the traveling is hard to deal with! Wondering who I'm gonna work is another thing that gets me. I mean, I feel comfortable in the ring, but is the person I'm facing comfortable? Do I got to carry him? Can he work? Will he take care of me? Will I be up to his standard? The brain can work in crazy ways sometimes!

For you that don't know anything about anxiety or panic attacks, its crazy! You feel like your dying! Seriously, every single time feels like death! The breathing is hard to control, you're heart is beating out of you're chest, you're blood pressure goes up, tingling all over you're body, especially in you're fingers & toes! Its crazy!

Its been almost 4 years now. Its better on some days & worse on others! I'm starting to deal with depression & that's something else that's new to me! I guess from not being able to beat this anxiety the depression is kicking in? I'm taking medication for it. It seems to help some but it hasn't fixed the problem yet! Its a everyday problem that I haven't figured out how to beat yet?

So, now all of you know why I don't work full time with any certain company. I would love to commit to ASWF, NEW, EWE, DCW but I wouldn't be somebody they could rely on. I hate to say that, I really do, because it makes me sound bad! I love this business & I'll always be around it in someway or another.

I'm not coming on here looking for sympathy or anything. I just want people to know that its ok to let people know about you're problems. We are not all perfect, just one of us, & that's who I turn to everyday! Thank you Jesus!

I'm sorry for sharing my problems with you but I figured it was time for me to let it out! Thank you all for reading & caring! If anyone out there is dealing with matters like this or anything, give me a call & maybe I can help? Talking is a good therapy! You can email me at or Theres something for you to chew on!

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Picture of the Week - OMG!!

----Please let me tell you what is wrong with the business..LOL Here is a legit poster that is for an upcoming event. Click on the poster to get a bigger pic!! 'Nuff said.

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 10.30 to 11.21.09


Jeremy Moore def. Shannon Lee after a low blow followed by an acecrusher

High Risk Title Tournament

Void def. Biscuit

Weezy def. Tyler Pain

Gaylon def. Kilo by DQ

*** Main Event ***
Mark Justice def. Jason Reed in a first blood match after Jeremy Moore interfered and delivered an acecrusher to Reed on a chair


Void def. Weezy to become High Risk Champion and deemed the belt the "pure" wrestling championship

Jeremy Moore came out to explain to the crowd why he turned his back on Jason Reed. Moore said Reed has stabbed him in the back so much that he was just returning the favor before it happened to him again. Moore said what really set him off was the fact that Reed was nothing but a trashy drunk and he was despicable and the crowd just accepted him with open arms. Reed came out and try to talk to Moore but things quickly turned ugly as Reed said that He and the fans were tired of the ego trip that was Jeremy Moore. Moore spit in Reeds face and Reed backed Moore in the corner only to be attacked by Big Red. Moore said he cleared the match with KoKo Anderson and it was happening now!

Jason Reed def. Big Red by DQ after Moore jumped on Reed and was setting him up for the AceCrusher until Crazy Train came to the rescue. Train said that this wasn't the Jeremy he knew or liked. Moore said Crazy Train just decides to pop in whenever and stick his nose in Moore's business and he would be taught a lesson.

Crazy Train def. Jeremy Moore after the Ref restarted the match due to Moore being caught with a chain and Train rolled Moore up for the 3. After the match Moore and Red beat on Train until Reed saved him.

Kid Nikels def. Motley Cruz

Eric Wayne def. Sarge O'Riley


Mark Justice def. Shannon Lee

Hardcore Yow def. Triple C

Wayne and Nikels came to the ring and said they were going to take the night off because they were unbeatable. Jeremy Moore came out and said they were the future of Tag Team wrestling but that he was here to warn them that management would keep them down and would do anything to get the Tag belts away from them. Moore urged them to join him as the new generation and take NBW by storm. The crowd was chanting the Eric to punch Moore by this point. Eric told Moore that he looked like John Mayers retarded little brother and that while it sounded like a good idea he would pass on it. Moore said Wayne would regret it if he did. Moore told Eric that he was always having to live in his dads shadow and to be his own man and join him. Wayne refused and Moore turned to walk off only for Wayne to punch Moore to a huge pop. Moore said he would find a partner and Challenge Wayne and Nikels for the belts tonight

Tim Davis and Weezy def. KoKo Anderson and Void. If KoKo or Tim lost they were out of NBW

"Sweet Ebony Diamond" Kevin Charles def. Hardcore Yow

Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels def. Jeremy Moore and Mark Justice after Moore hit Wayne with brass knuks and Wayne fell on top of Mark as Nikels ran Moore to the back.


Weezy vs. Crazy Train went to a time limit draw. Moore jumped train after the match until train and Weezy knocked Moore out of the ring. Moore challenged Train to a rematch and said he was a cheater and tonight he would prove who the better man is.

Sarge O'Reilly vs. Kid Nikels turned into a brawl after Mickey Ray and Eric Wayne came out and started fighting leading to a challenge from Wayne and Nickels to the FOP for the main event.

Motley Cruz def. Shannon Lee

Crazy Train def. Jeremy Moore after Moore crotched Train on the top rope and was going for a superplex and Weezy distracted Moore and Train shoved Moore off the ropes and hit a tomahawk chop from the top and a Trail of Tears for the 3. Moore said Weezy made a mistke and next week he would get a partner and take care of Weezy and Train.

Wayne and Nickels def. Sarge and Mickey. Rematch for the Tag Titles next week.

Crowd has been up and down between 60-85 or 90

and for those of you wondering Jeremy Moore has gotten a ton of heat on his heel turn and is possibly the top heel on the show at the moment.

Credit: NBWsumyungguy

----It has been FOREVER since we got results from here as you can tell, but the show seems to be doing good. I like the crew they have assembled. The Moore turn seems to be fun. Clips of the Train vs Moore match from this past week are on the Kayfabe Board. [CLICK HERE] These guys started together and work just a solid old school psychology type of style, which I like...The group continues to draw just as good or better than DCW and EWE. TIWF would be the only group in the area beating them on a regular basis.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 11.21.09 - "Superman" Jason Reed Debuts Along with the team of Kevin Charles/Dan Matthews!!

Tonight's show would prove to be exciting and pulse pounding from the start to finish.

Commissioner Rickey Rowland would take to the ring and have local kids hold the flag for the playing of the National Anthem.

Our first match of the night was a Tag Team Match between The Beach Bums (Mark Wolf/Kalaiki) VS Morgan Williams and Seth Sabor. Mark would seem to take a turn to a path of self destruction as he would start using tactics that only The Establishment would use. He would choke his opponents during the match at Kalaiki's disapproval. At the end he would use a set of brass knuckles to knockout Seth and get the win. However, Kalaiki would not want to win that way and would reveal to the referee that Mark had cheated. The referee would reverse the decision. Mark and Kalaiki would have words before leaving the ring.

The second match tonight was to determine if Joshua Cross would be allowed in The Establishment. He would have to take on Cody Murdoch and win to be let in. At first Cross would lay down and try to get Murdoch to pin him for an easy loss. But Murdoch would choose to let him in the hard way. Cross would try to win the match as less painful as possible. Murdoch would eventually have enough and use the Flatbed on Cross and get the win.

The third match of the night was scheduled for one fall and would be Hot Rod John Ellison taking on Sancho Libre. This was almost like the Commissioner was toying with Ellison. Hot Rod would finally say enough after delivering a super kick to Sancho and rolling him up for the pin.

Tonight's fourth match was Beautiful Bobby Eaton taking on Christopher Lee in a Non-Title Match. Eaton would have Brian Thompson in his corner to assure everything would go as planned. Unfortunately for Lee it would, even after a hard fought battle, Lee would lose via pin fall.

Our Semi-Main Event would see the debut of two new ASWF Wrestlers. Tommy Wayne and X-Kaliber would take on Kevin Charles and Dangerous Dan Matthews. These two new ASWF wrestlers would have skill on their side. Charles and Matthews would take turns dishing out punishment to Wayne and X-Kaliber. But with the referee distracted Tommy would hit Charles in the head with a belt, leaving X-Kaliber to pin Charles for the win.

Our Main-Event would see the arrival of a new ASWF Wrestler, Superman Jason Reed. Reed was announced as a new ASWF Wrestler at the beginning of the show and would team up with Johnny Hawk to take on Austin Lane and Demon X. This match had a lot of controversy from the fans as to why the Commissioner would split them up like this. During the match Demon X would go to use the title on Austin Lane but would be taken away by Jason Reed. In what would be a surprise to the crowd Reed would attack Lane and side with Demon X and Johnny Hawk. The attack would result in Austin Lane receiving an injury that may put him out of the running for the ASWF Title. The referee would declare this a No Contest.

Credit: Terrance Ward @
Christmas With The King 2

Saturday, December 19
Tuckerman, AR
Belltime: 7:00pm
Tickets: $6.00

Santa Clause will be taking pictures for the kids beginning at 6:30pm.

Wrestlers will include:
WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler
Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Christopher
Former WCW Superstar "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and his Clique
"The New Legion of Doom" Pure Destruction
All of your favorite ASWF Wrestlers.
Go to for more information!

(WGN) Nov 23: Diva returning, new Hulk Hogan claims including wanting to fire wrestling writers, injury notes,


Monday November 23, 2009


11/22 Survivor Series PPV results from Washington, DC: Santino Marella over Chavo Guerrero was the dark match; Team Miz (The Miz/Sheamus/Drew McIntyre/Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler) over Team Morrison (John Morrison/Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin/Evan Bourne/Fit Finlay); Batista over Rey Mysterio via referee stoppage; Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston/Christian/MVP/R-Truth/Mark Henry) over Team Orton (Randy Orton/CM Punk/Cody Rhodes/William Regal/Ted DiBiase); The Undertaker over Big Show & Chris Jericho in a three-way to retain the World title; Team Mickie (Mickie James/Melina/Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres/Gail Kim) over Team McCool (Michelle McCool/Alicia Fox/Beth Phoenix/Jillian Hall/Layla); and John Cena over Triple H & Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE title.

Smackdown/ECW tape TV on Tuesday at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. We're looking for reader reports to


Referee Scott Armstrong legitimately suffered a concussion last night at the PPV when he was accidentally hit in the head by Sheamus during the Team Miz-Team Morrison opener.

As we noted last week, Rey Mysterio is getting knee surgery soon which explains the stretcher job last night. Big Show is also scheduled soon to get his knee scoped but won't be missing much if any time.

WWE talent were recently notified that the annual Tribute to the Troops special will be taped in the Middle East following the November 30 Raw in Baltimore, MD. Highlights will air on NBC on December 19 as a one hour special. Due to the travel schedule, Smackdown/ECW TV will be taped this coming Sunday in Hampton, VA.

WWE has booked several little people for Raw on November 30 which will be hosted by Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame.

Jim Ross in his latest blog at mentions a speeding ticket he picked up this past weekend on I-27 between Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, suggesting it was more to do with wearing a Sooners jersey noting the Texas Highway Patrol pulled him for doing 79 in a 70 zone despite other vehicles flying past him displaying Texas Tech flags. Ross quipped, "$175 into the Texas kitty. I shudder to think what the ticket might have been if OU had beat the Red Raiders. A fitting in to a less than fun day. Do you think my Oklahoma tag had anything to do with Officer Fife issuing me a ticket and then having a story to tell the boys?"

CableFAX magazine listed WWE execs Donna Goldsmith, Michelle Wilson, and Stephanie McMahon in their November issue of Most Powerful Women in Cable.

The New York Post ran a story at noting that O.J. Simpson, 62, loves to spend his time in jail watching WWE programming. Maybe that was part of his sentence. Simpson is currently serving between nine and 33-years for multiple felonies.

Chris Jericho is interviewed at He talks about the riggers on being on the road, and said for him, wrestling is the easy part: "You spend a lot of time sleeping. When you get on the plane, you watch movies or read a magazine or book, or just sleep, chill out, relax. Because a lot of the travels we make are very long, so you really just have to settle into it and not be too hyper; you just have to relax, otherwise you'll lose your mind being on planes for, sometimes, 15 hours. You have to learn to relax when you're traveling." On Hogan going to TNA, he sad: "Anything that makes that company bigger is better for us. Competition is what we thrive on, so good luck to them. I hope they get a real big boost from it." He also talks about his Twitter account, his band Fozzy, and losing his XM radio gig for insulting Oprah.

The WWE website has a Where Are They Now with Mike "The Dumpster" Droese discussing how he got his WWE start at He now works as an elementary school teacher for students with learning disabilities in Tennessee.

Becky Bayless has a cameo at

Superstars last Thursday did a 1.0 rating, up slightly on the week before.

Tommy Dreamer has replaced Tazz as host of WWE Classics On Demand's History of ECW.

The Wilton Bulletin profiled former WWE and current Harlem Globetrotter executive Kurt Schneider with a comment on Vince McMahon's promotional skills at

A trailer for The Marine 2 with Ted DiBiase airs tonight. The movie is released on DVD on December 29.

Today's Diva of the Day is Melina at


Hulk Hogan went on SportFM Radio in Perth to promote Tuesday's show at the Burwood Dome. In a statement that doesn't bode well for Vince Russo, Ed Ferrera, et all, when asked about one thing he would change about the wrestling business, he said: "I hate the writers. I cannot stand that they have a writing team sitting in the back telling the wrestlers what to say and telling the wrestlers what to do in the ring... They have a team of writers in the back that don't understand this business, that have never been to the big show, that have never been in the big main events... I'm going to take the writers and tell them, 'Go get another job. Sit in the back. If I need you to write a jingle for a commercial, maybe we'll use you for that.' This is the wrestling business. If these wrestlers can't talk and these wrestlers can't wrestle then they need to head for the door. " Regarding TNA talent, he said he really enjoys watching Kurt Angle, Sting and AJ Styles because they understand wrestling the old way and don't sit in the back and choreograph their matches move for move. However, he also said, "Whoever's not on my team... On Team Hogan at TNA, they're going to be at the bottom of the pile." He claimed he ran into Steve Austin just before he flew out to Australia. I know for a fact this never happened, but anyway, he said: "I went to a Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, California and there he was. He was working out during the day. He was doing a movie with my buddy Sylvester Stallone. And I told him, 'Brother, I'm going back to work. I'm getting back in the ring. If you want some come get some. Money's not a problem. Your schedule's not a problem. If you really want to get in the ring and you really want to make history then come get into the ring with Hulk Hogan.' I did not get an answer." When asked about his relationship with Vince McMahon, he said: "Brother, it's a love-hate relationship, you know. I talk to him once in a while when ever he needs a main event for Wrestlemania but right now, once I get done with this Australian tour, I am going back to the United States to run TNA - Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. It's another promotion that you guys are very familiar with here in Australia and I'm getting ready to take over the helm and it's going to be the number one wrestling company in the world just like when I did back in the 90s when I formed the nWo and we took over the wrestling business. I'm going to do that again." He did a good job of putting over TNA here, but made it clear he will bury anyone not on Team Hogan.

During another radio interview this past weekend in Perth, Ric Flair heeled on DJ Steve Mills and challenged him to a fist fight off-air. The story is that Flair was the in-studio guest, Hogan called in, and Mills made a wise crack that Hogan should let Flair win one match during the tour because Flair was old and doesn't have much time left. Well, that comment didn't sit too well with Flair, and havoc ensued.

Stories making the rounds that Flair called Vince McMahon shortly before signing the contract with Hogan. A few week's went by before WWE made him a substantial offer to no-show the Hulkamania tour but by then he had already committed and signed with Hogan.

The tour continues with shows Tuesday at the Burwood Dome in Perth (they are now selling 2-for1 tickets at the Dome box office), Thursday at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and Saturday at the Acer Centre in Sydney. We're looking for reader reports to with basic match results and any notes of interest.

Hogan's book My Life Outside The Ring is now down to No.32 on the New York Times Best-Seller Hardcover Nonfiction list.

Kevin Nash wrote on his Twitter that he isn't booked for the UK tour early next year. "I think the term is I cost too much money per show which makes me cost ineffective," he Tweeted. He also noted that he had a voice over audition for Burger King this past weekend.

Bobby Lashley said he has been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress of late and would be making some serious life decisions this coming week.


Welsh wrestling legend Orig Williams passed away last week from a suspected heart attack. He was 78. Williams was known as El Bandito in the ring and travelled the world in the 1970s, promoting wrestling shows, working mostly as a heel. He was also at one time a professional soccer player with Oldham Athletic and Shrewsbury Town in England, and was player-coach at Nantlle Vale in Gwynedd, North Wales, where he was prolific in the local newspaper for always getting sent off. He also fought in the Second World War. A few years ago Channel 4 in Wales surprised him with a 'This Is Your Life' type show which reunited him with old friends from his days in the Royal Air Force, and his football and wrestling friends who he hadn't seen for many years. He is survived by his wife Wendy and daughter, Tara Bethan, who gained mainstream media attention in the UK last year for appearing on the BBC1 musical-entertainment show I'd Do Anything.

ROH tonight on HDNet has Sal Rinauro vs. D-Lo Brown; Brent Albright vs. Kenny King; Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards vs. The Young Bucks for the tag titles; plus the airing of Nigel McGuinness' farewell promo.

The Great Muta makes his wrestling convention debut at January's WrestleReunion event in Los Angeles, CA.

Carolinas indy wrestler Amber O'Neal (kind of) appears in an upcoming issue of Hustler magazine. She is pictured in an Ad for a belt making company with belts draped over her suggestively, but there is no nudity. You can find out more about Amber at

The former Jethro Holiday/Trevor Murdoch recently opened T Murdoch's Bar & Grill in Eldon, MO.

ROH wrestler Eddie Edwards wrestled in Japan this past weekend which was his first match back following recent elbow surgery.

Tickets for Gabe Sapolsky's Evolve group went on sale today for the debut show on January 16 in Rahway, NJ at the Rec Center. More info at

AAA announced that their animated movie would premiere on January 22, 2010.

(WGN) Nov 22: Legend battling cancer, the McMahon family fortune revealed and Lawler Talks Hogan & TNA


Sunday November 22, 2009



11/16 Raw TV results from New York City, New York: The Miz over MVP to retain the U.S. title; Chavo Guerrero over Santino Marella; Melina over Alicia Fox to retain the Divas title; Jack Swagger over Evan Bourne; and The Undertaker & John Cena over DX following interference from JeriShow.

11/17 ECW TV results from Philadelphia, PA: Hurricane over Paul Burchill so Burchill & Katie Lea leave ECW; Vance Archer over Johnny Andrews; and CM Punk & William Regal over Christian & R-Truth.

11/19 Superstars TV results: Zack Ryder over Shelton Benjamin; Eric Escobar over Jimmy Wang Yang; and Mark Henry over Cody Rhodes.

11/20 Smackdown TV results from Philadelphia, PA: Batista over Matt Hardy; Drew McIntyre over Finlay; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler two falls to one to retain the IC title in a best two out of three falls match; Mickie James over Layla; Tyson Kidd over Rey Mysterio via DQ; and The Undertaker & Kane over Big Show & Chris Jericho via count out.

Monday's Raw is a three-hour Thanksgiving themed show from Hershey, PA with Jesse Ventura as the guest host. Smackdown/ECW tape TV on Tuesday in Bridgeport, CT. We're looking for reader reports from both shows to


Paperwork filed by Linda McMahon in Connecticut for her Senate run in 2010 revealed that she and Vince McMahon have a joint personal fortune of $103.7 million, plus a further $355 million worth of WWE stock options, bank accounts, and other holdings, including a significant property portfolio. As noted, Linda has already donated over $3 million to her campaign.

The latest Linda McMahon promotional video is online at The Hartford Courant spoke to Superstar Billy Graham about Linda's Senate candidacy and his reasons for opposing it. Story is at As noted, Graham was hospitalized with intestinal problems last week.

Dwayne Johnson said during a radio interview this week that he is working with WWE on a new TV project. He didn't go into specifics but said this would be something separate from appearing in a guest host role. He said: "I love that world and being able to entertain, especially if I could go back whether it's on Smackdown and do a promo or guest-host or we could create this cool show, whatever that may be... Especially now, I'm at the point where I can go back and give back to the fans and help out the guys in any way I can." He added that he has a great relationship with Vince McMahon: "I am in the process of creating something really cool for the fans, something very special and unique."

The Sun has an interview with Jerry Lawler at where he is quoted saying that Jim Ross could make his return at Wrestlemania... Ross wasn't happy with the interview. He wrote in his latest blog at "When talking with Jerry about when I was going to return, I mentioned that there was NO time table due to not knowing when the facial nerve on the right side of my face was going to kick start. I mentioned that IF it was going to be close to Wrestlemania that it might be good just to wait and return at WM26. The facial nerve could ignite tomorrow...or next week...or 2-4 months from now. No one knows. The last time that I had Bells palsy it hit me in December and I returned to Wrestlemania in late March and broadcast one match, Austin vs. The Rock but I had to hold one side of my face up to speak clearly. This attack isn't as severe as that one in my opinion. I do feel better other than the facial paralysis and some lingering issues with my right eye but all in all I truly believe that I am improving. I'm also making several life style changes that I think are timely and career enhancing." Ross noted that his contract negotiations with WWE are still not finalized but is confident everything will work out to every one's satisfaction.

Lawler also told The Sun that Hulk Hogan signing with TNA doesn't concern anyone in WWE. "I’ve told this to a lot of people, and I don’t know if they believe it, but no one in the WWE ever talks about TNA," Lawler said. "There is no concern whatsoever. They don’t acknowledge, think or worry about them." He added: "Even with Hulk Hogan, I don’t think the WWE feel they are any threat at all. Maybe they don’t worry if TNA does well as competition is a good thing. The best years WWE had was when we were embroiled in the big war with WCW."

The Great Khali was suspended by the Punjabi Police for an unauthorized leave of absense. Since leaving his day job as assistant subinspector to join WWE five years ago he had been on an official absence, which expired this past December. His former boss Arunpal Singh, Commandant of 7th Batallion of Punjab Armed Police, told that his department has given up waiting for Khali to report back to duty.

Sherri Shepherd of The View noted that she had her head down Tweeting while sat ringside during Raw at Madison Square Garden when she was hit on the head by the book thrown by Triple H.

Lilian Garcia made an impromptu appearance to sing the national anthem at MSG. She was backstage visiting at the show, so she did the anthem as a surprise for the live crowd... Lilian, Kelly Kelly and Melina were spotted partying with the Black Eyed Peas at a restaurant/nightclub called Butter in NYC into the early hours following the show.

The Piper's Pit segments on Raw were pre taped a couple of hours before the show went live. There was one promo by the Iron Sheik that was cut by Stephanie McMahon when talking about Hulk Hogan.

There was also a segment cut from ECW this week with Tommy Dreamer, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu filmed on location at the famous Tony Luke’s cheese steak place in Philadelphia.

Piper is now back in Los Angeles working on developing a television Sitcom.

Becky Bayless and The Briscoe Brothers had try outs this past week. Bayless remarked on her Twitter that it took her 16 years to wrestle in a WWE ring... 16 years ago Bayless was 11 so I assume that was the age when decided to become a pro wrestler.

Much of the locker room talk at the TV tapings this past week concerned the health of Brock Lesnar.

Michael Altieri (Mikey Batts) was hired back as a referee. I believe he is the real life cousin of Billy Kidman who currently works as a trainer in FCW. Altieri had a developmental deal that he was released from 2006 and had pretty much retired from wrestling to pursue MMA which didn't work out for him.

Maryse is scheduled to return imminently, maybe tomorrow night on Raw.

Alfonso Castillo of New York's Newsday interviewed Bruno Sammartino about the WWE Hall of Fame at A very interesting exchange that ends with Sammartino, who hasn't watched wrestling on TV for around a decade, saying that it would take a lot to convince him to accept an induction and feels if he did he would become a hypocrite to his peers and fans that largely consider the WWE Hall of Fame as a joke.

A lot of internal controversy over the new "Piggy James" storyline on Smackdown.

ECW ring announcer Lauren Mayhew isn't at the PPV tonight because she is attending The American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

CM Punk is featured on the promotional poster for the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV, three weeks tonight in San Antonio, TX.

Hulk Hogan Unreleased Collector's Series, a WWE-produced DVD, came out this past week.

The upcoming John Morrison DVD has been titled John Morrison: Rock Star which will be a feature documentary and matches.

Brother's Keeper with John Cena starts shooting in New Orleans on December 7. He won't be missing any television time during filming but has been pulled from a few house shows.

The Ginger Bread House Bakery in Rochester, MN was asked by WWE to produce a gingerbread wrestling ring to use as the cover of their office Christmas cards this year. The local ABC affiliate picked up the story at noting that Fed Ex refused to insure the cake so the owners are going to deliver it personally to Stamford, CT on Tuesday.

Superstars will premiere in the UK on Sky Sports on December 11 in a weekly 5pm time slot. As of today there is nothing signed between BskyB and WWE regarding a contract renewal although an announcement is expected to be made shortly.

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea are advertised for upcoming Raw house shows.

Raw on Monday did a 3.5 rating and a 5.05 million viewers, an increase of nearly 20 percent in viewership from the previous week... ECW on Tuesday did a 1.1, and Smackdown back on November 6 did a 2.0, which is the latest number available.

The Bella Twins turned 26 on Saturday.

Today's Diva of the Day is Maria at


Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair received a huge amount of press with Flair bloodying Hogan at a press conference for their Australian tour on Wednesday. Some local media were treating the press conference as a shoot rather than a stunt to sell tickets. Fox Sports in Australia covered the angle with video which included Hogan bleeding in a white t-shirt while Flair whipped him with a belt. A rep for Hogan told TMZ back in the U.S. that the angle was real, but Hogan later admitted it was staged, except for the part where he fell backwards off the stage, which he didn't plan on doing. The angle also got media coverage in the UK, Germany, Holland and France. The UK press made fun of the Australian press for covering the conference as a legit news story.

The Hulkamania tour kicked off in Melbourne at the Rod Lever Arena on Saturday night before an estimated 8,000 fans. There were a lot unhappy people here, some who paid $350 AUS for front row seats weeks ago only to discover they were sitting next to people who had purchased the same seats for just $50 in the days leading up to the show. The production values were said to be very good including backstage interviews shown on a big screen. The show was also taped to be broadcast at a later date on One HD, a free-to-air channel in Australia. Results: Nick Dinsmore & Pimp Father over Rock of Love; Spartan 3000 over Shannon Moore; The Nasty Boys over Vampire Warrior & Black Pearl; Brutus Beefcake bover Heindenreich; Lacey Von Erich won a Bikini contest; Ken Anderson over Seam Morley; Solofa Fatu & Brian Christopher over Orlando Jordan & Edward Fatu; and Hulk Hogan over Ric Flair in their first matches in nearly two years. We have a detailed report in today's mailbag. The tour continues with shows Tuesday at the Burwood Dome in Perth, Thursday at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and next Saturday at the Acer Centre in Sydney.

Eric Bischoff claimed on his Twitter earlier this week that Hogan was due in Canberra (Australian capital) to meet with the Australian Prime Minister, but it turned out he was meeting Sports Minister Kate Ellis to help grant a wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Bischoff had a business meeting with Dixie Carter at the TNA offices in Nashville last week before flying out to Australia.

Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel reportedly just got engaged.

Due to a Star Wars marathon, Impact has been bumped on Christmas Eve on Spike.

Daffney, ODB and Dr. Stevie didn't appear at today's Super Mega Fest convention in Boston, MA. Daffney wrote on her Twitter that the promoter never sent them flight tickets as agreed so they didn't go. She said she wanted to make it clear that they didn't no-show.

Kip James was bitten by his dog this past week and needed 10 stitches to close a wound on his hand.

Chris Sabin aggravated a neck injury and his doctor is recommending that he rest his neck for a couple of weeks.

The person who runs Sid Eudy's website sent out emails claiming that Sid is coming to TNA. Nobody in TNA knows anything about this.

Former WWE wrestler Robbie McAlister (Derek Graham-Couch) of the Highlanders was visiting backstage at the TV tapings this past week in Orlando. An interesting back story is that last March during a live broadcast of Impact, Couch was shown on camera sitting in the crowd with his son after being promised by TNA officials that the cameras wouldn't pick him up. Well, long story short is they screwed him, although it's probably his own fault, and showed him with a graphic listing his real name. The show took place a few days prior to Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando and the Highlanders ended up with a ton of locker room heat and were eventually released a few months later.

Impact on Thursday night did a 1.1 rating.

Mick Foley was photographed with Miss Universe Zulayka Rivera over the weekend in Puerto Rico at

Kevin Nash was having a hard time with his neck and knee after TV tapings this week. He noting it took him an hour just to get out of bed on Wednesday.

Awesome Kong noted on her Twitter earlier this week that she gave a speech about violence to 5th graders at an elementary school in Tampa.

The latest Hermie's Hotseat has Tara as a guest at

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky are booked together on upcoming indy shows billed as The Beautiful People.

Xplosion premieres on One HD in Australia starting in December.


Mid-Atlantic wrestling legend Sandy (real name Angus) Scott underwent surgery to remove a pancreatic cancer tumor on Monday. The operation took doctors over 15 hours and he has just been moved from ICU to a regular room. He is said to be alert but in a great deal on pain. His family has requested prayers and all the positive energy they can get, and any words of encouragement can be addressed to: Mr. Sandy Scott, WFU Baptist Hospital Medical Center, Room ICU4, North Tower, Medical Center Blvd. Winston Salem, NC 27157. Sandy along with older brother George formed The Flying Scotts, a top tag team in the Carolinas during the 1950s and 60s. After hanging his boots up Sandy worked in the offices of Jim Crockett Promotions before the sale to Ted Turner in 1988, and later Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling from 1991 to 1995.

Brock Lesnar underwent intestinal surgery this past week in Bismark, ND. He is currently convalescing at his home in Alexandria, MN and is scheduled to undergo a battery of tests next week at the Mayo Clinic. According to his chiropractor, Larry Novotny, Lesnar will not make any decision regarding his career until he recovers from his various ailments. However, Lesnar's longtime friend and Jiu-Jitsu coach Rodrigo Medeiros, told media that Lesnar is getting better and wants to fight again in six months. Medeiros was quoted as saying: "I can just say that the heavyweights can stop laughing and get ready to start crying because the champion will be back soon." Dana White has confirmed plans to schedule an interim championship fight during Lesnar's UFC absence.

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch took a cheap shot at the Lesnar family via her Facebook. Sytch, who has had long standing issues with Lesnar's wife Rena, the former WWE Diva Sable, wrote: "How long will it be before Rena leaves Brock? She's left him twice before...once when he left the WWE, and once when the Vikings dropped him...His income flow might stop again because he's how long will it be? I also wonder if this post will make internet news, LOL."

Planet 51 with Dwayne Johnson debuted at No 5 at the U.S. box office with a gross of $12.6 million. The weekend belonged to Twilight: New Moon which grossed $140 million to become the third biggest opening gross in movie history behind Spider Man 3 and The Dark Night.

Johnson recorded a PSA for NASA as a tie-in to his new movie at

Greg Valentine filed a lawsuit against Windy City Pro Wrestling after some stairs leading to the ring collapsed causing him unknown injuries during a show back in July. I believe this was the show at Toyota Park billed as Hulk Hogan Appreciation Day. Valentine claims that WCPW was negligent when it, among other things, "failed to adequately light the catwalk and stairs leading from the wrestling ring." He is also suing the village of Bridgeview, IL because it participated in the construction of the catwalk and stairs leading to the ring.

The Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, host to Wrestlemania III headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, sold to a Canadian real estate company for just $583,000 after a lengthy auction process. The new developer hinted that they intend to use the Silverdome to host Major League Soccer games. The sale of the Silverdome, constructed in 1975 for $55 million ($220 million in 2009 dollars), is viewed by many as symbolizing the collapse of real estate prices in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Gabe Sapolsky's new Evolve group announced its debut show on January 16 in Rahway, NJ at the Rec Center.

Nick Hogan has landed another movie role in Onion Head which starts shooting next month in Louisiana. The film is about a teenage couple who are attacked when a group of kids release a monster from it's burial ground, breaking the curse that trapped it there.

Former WWE Diva Joy Giovanni is getting recertified in massage therapy for a new business venture.

Former TNA knockout Sojourner Bolt is back helping out with OVW in Louisville, KY.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.20.09 - Prelude to Thanksgiving Throwdown

The show starts off with the CEO of EWE coming to the ring to make some announcements. The prior week Dustin Baker made the announcement that as of that night (11.14.09) the current EWE heavyweight champion, Dustin "five" Star will be stripped of the title. Well, Dustin Baker did exactly what he said he was going to do because he brought the EWE heavyweight championship belt to the ring to show the EWE staff and fans that he meant business. He mentioned that the current contender, Christian Jacobs, does have an opponent for the EWE title match at Thanksgiving Throwdown but does not mention who he is at that moment. Dustin Baker then announces that he would like to introduce a new tag team to the roster of EWE. Oz and Blayne are then invited to the ring and before Dustin Baker could announce their welcome Bishop comes to the ring and interrupts Dustin Baker. He claims that he should have been the #1 contender for the EWE title match but as he was talking about the Seth Knight comes to the ring and says that he deserves the shot at the EWE heavyweight. The two the start to argue with each other and Dustin Baker then breaks up the fight and tells Bishop that if he wants a shot of the EWE heavyweight belt then he must prove himself. Dustin then goes on to tell Bishop that he has a triple threat match later in the evening w/ Tatt2 and Stan Lee. If he wins, then he will continue on to face Seth Knight for a shot of the EWE heavyweight title. After Bishop and Seth walk out of the ring Tucker/Randy, the DCW tag team champions come and and claim that they are the best there is in the business. At this point, Dustin Baker has had enough with the interruptions and tells Tucker/Randy that if they claim they are the best then they will have to show they are the best by competing not in one, but two matches. Their first match will be with Oz and Blayne. Then their 2nd match will be the main event against Picture Perfect (CJ and Jon Michael).

Non-title tag team match Tucker/Randy vs Oz/Blayne (Tucker/Randy win)

J.R. Manson vs Seth Knight (Seth Knight wins)
Tim Edwards comes out and distracts J.R. by asking him if he has his answer for the match at Thanksgiving Throwdown.

Tim Edwards vs Ike Tucker (Ike wins)
J.R. Manson comes out to let Tim Edwards know that he accepts his challenge at Thanksgiving Throwdown.

Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs come out and talk about EWE and the Ripley fire dept working together for this years toy drive. Jon Michael announces there will be a commercial aired on TV from now throughout the holidays. As the commercial sample started, it seemed very well done until the interruption of Cody Melton in the video. He makes it clear that he is going to put an end to Jon Michaels' winning streak at Thanksgiving Throwdown. Jon accepts the match and tells the fans of EWE exactly what he is going to do with Cody Melton after he beats him at Throwdown.

Triple Threat match Bishop/Tatt2/Stan Lee
Bishop wins the match to go on to face Seth Knight for the #1 contender for the EWE heavyweight title. After the match was over a video interview with Derrick King comes on the screen. Telling Stan Lee that he is not going to make it through Thanksgiving Throwdown. He has a steel cage match on the 27th at DCW w/ Tatt2 vs Derrick King and Cody Melton. Then he faces Derrick King again at EWE in a "last man standing match"

Main Event (Non-Title match)
CJ and Jon Michael vs DCW tag team champs Dale Tucker/Rockin Randy
before the match started Dustin Baker came out to let CJ know who his opponent will be at Throwdown. Dustin made sure that he did this with the up-most respect for CJ. He tells CJ that he has nothing but respect for him and that because of that he wanted to find the most worthy opponent for him. He also told CJ that he deserves the best so he got him the best. A video comes on the screen and a man starts talking about the EWE heavyweight title and the man ends up being "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. So, the match was made for the EWE heavy weight title at Thanksgiving Throwdown. Christian Jacobs vs Greg Anthony

Tucker and Randy then come to the ring to begin their 2nd match of the evening. Picture Perfect goes on to win the match as the main event.


RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.20.09

The action started out with Aaron Ecstasy vs Kilo with Rashard. Rashard pressed Aaron and threw him over the top rope thinking that would get Kilo the win however, Aaron got the pin winning the match.

Knock Out Kidd and Jay Rage vs Bryan Micheals and Ray Lee with Bryan Micheals and Ray Lee getting the pin.

The All American Frankie Tucker vs Royal Executioner the match was action packed however Pimp and Southside interfered which caused a DQ on Royal Executioner giving All American the win.

Homer Lee and Devon (making a return to MCW) with Candy at ringside vs Pokerface and Officer Hudson. Candy got a few Pimp slaps in on Pokerface which the crowd loved. Rashard showed his true colors by trying to kidnap the flamingo. Pokerface got the ghetto blaster on Homer Lee taking the lead.

East Coast Bad Boyz vs Pimptacular and Southside Brawler had a action filled match with Pimp and Southside taking the win.

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Credit: Kim Wallace & MCW

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 11.20.09

Dell Tucker over Blaine Devine
Greg Anthony over Oz
Stan Lee over Tim Edwards/Tommy Redneck in a Handicap Match
CJ over Rockin' Randy by DQ when Tucker interfered.
Derrick King/Cody Melton over Gaylon Ray/Stan Lee
"Trendsetter" Jon Michael over Cody Melton by DQ in a DCW Title Match.

They had a birthday party in ring for Rockin' Randy. That included hats, party favors, presents and everyone dancing to the new Miley Cyrus song...The DK/Melton tag match for originally set up to face Gaylon and Jon Roberts but Jon's mom said he couldn't wrestle which left Gaylon is a handicap match until Stan ran out late in the match and got the tag to get his hands on DK...When Tucker interfered in Randy's match Jon Michael came to make the save. After PP had cleared the ring, Cody snuck out there and clipped Jon Michael's leg...The night ended with a huge brawl that cleared the lockeroom. Thanksgiving Throwdown is next week. DK/Cody vs Stan/Tatt2 is announced along with Tucker and Randy defending their tag titles against Picture Perfect.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 11.20.09

-Shawn Reed beat Kolby Stern

-Mike Anthony beat Kevin Charles

-Eric Wayne beat Dan Matthews

-Austin Lane beat Justin Smart

----41 people in the crowd...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe refs...John Steele and Terrance Ward announcing...Wayne match was stopped after Wayne pounded Matthews into unconsciousness with a series of forearms to the face.