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A Piece of my Mind-Jan 1st, 2010 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I recently posted a blog that was inspired by the passing of one of the first guys that I managed Cary “Colt Steel” Jackson. He passed away not long ago and very unexpectedly. I am sure that shock and grief are still a part of his wife Sharon and son Cary’s day to day life. It was to be my last blog of two thousand and nine. I truly don’t write many blogs anymore or I haven’t in the later part of two thousand nine for two reasons I was so involved with my lawsuit and Live Nation Television Holdings and truthfully what was there to be said about the wrestling business. I found it to be very stagnant and uninteresting most of the time. I had given my opinion on things to a point where I felt that I was just repeating and rehashing the same stuff over and over again. I thought to myself I’m guilty of the same things that I point to in regards to WWE and TNA. I decided that I would write when there was something to say and perhaps with the potential for Monday Night Wars again and my buddy Hulk Hogan infused in TNA perhaps there will be a lot more to talk about so I will write more in two thousand and ten. I will see how it goes and when and if I have something relevant to say I will say it. I do hear from fans from time to time telling me how much that they appreciate my writing and thoughts. If I have educated amused or informed you over the last few years you really only have a few people to thank Jerry “The King “Lawler is clearly at the top of the list. If it wasn’t for my incident with him I’d have never started writing these blogs. The others are Corey Maclin who gave me a chance in Memphis Wrestling and put me in a main event program with him and Koko Ware. I still believe to this day that if we had continued on and ego and bullshit hadn’t gotten in the way Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. The Big Cheese would have drawn a pretty darn good house when we got to that point. The people of Memphis and the surrounding area just flat out don’t like cocky NY’ers coming into their backyard and messing with them. If it wasn’t for Brian Tramel giving me this forum to write I wouldn’t have been able to get started. The last one is my buddy “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart who fulfilled my request of wanting to work Memphis TV. If you have enjoyed these articles those are the men to thank if they aren’t your cup of tea other than pointing at me those are the men who created this forum for me. So with that being said I find myself writing again soon after the last blog and sadly death is the reason one more time.

I recently got an IM from Michael Bocchiccio of advising me that “Doctor Death” Steve Williams had passed away. It was only a few weeks ago that I saw a photo of Steve from a recent fan convention and truly I didn’t know who he was. I was stunned by his appearance but he seemed vibrant and happy can we really ask anything more out of life? I never had a problem with Steve back in my Jim Crockett days he was easy to work with I referred matches his was in with not one bad memory of them but one of those matches did change my approach and perspective to how I referred a match. It was Norfolk, VA the TV Title was on the line it was “Dr. Death” Steve Williams vs. Mike Rotundo this particular match was being refereed by Tommy Young but I was to do a run in towards the end of the match. I didn’t pay much attention to the details but I knew what I was to do which was hit the ring after a suplex from the outside in and make a three count. It would come after Tommy took a bump and a potential DQ move that the prone Tommy Young would see while on the ground. I didn’t pay any attention to anything other than what I should do. It turned into a nightmare because the DQ never happened and we ended up having a title change. The idea was that Tommy would get up and inform me that was had a DQ before I ever made the three count. Well it all hit the fan once I counted three because there was no DQ, Tommy started hollering but what was done was done. Those guys didn’t do what they were supposed to do and we had to live with the result. When we got to the back Flair was screaming bloody murder that we killed the club. At that time I had never seen Flair react that way before I still haven’t forgotten it and probably never will. I kept very quiet and said nothing because it was clearly a mess I was worried that I might lose my job not because I did anything wrong but because I didn’t adapt to what was happening around me and not put us in that position. It was a week later when I was with Nikita on the way to a show I said what happened at TV how much trouble am I in. He said “You aren’t in any trouble at all Dusty (the booker at the time) blamed it all on the guys in the ring they didn’t follow the plan”. So I was basically clear of any problem but I still regretted the mess that occurred.

This incident with Doctor Death was identical another incident with Lex Luger and Ric Flair in Baltimore where once again Tommy Young was the referee and I was to do a run in. It was the same finish basically once again I had no clue what was happening only what I was supposed to do. It was a sunset flip by Luger after he was “shit canned” to the outside by Flair after a ref bump by Tommy Young who
“luckily” saw the DQ. I did my thing ran down there and with perfect timing counted three at that point still not knowing what was happening I was looking for Tommy to jump up and call for a DQ. I notice he isn’t coming so I go to him and he tells me to announce Lex Luger as the winner and new champion. I was stunned and said “are you sure” now he was pissed he said “just go do it”. So I went over to Gary Michael Capetta and told him what to do he looked as surprised as I was. When the announcement was made the packed house at the Baltimore Civic Center went crazy. At that point Tommy got up screaming called for the DQ and reversed the decision. I was the hero of the fans poor Tommy was the goat that night but those two incident told me I needed to know more about what the hell was happening in case something went wrong.

I was working in the NAWA for George Scott and Paul Jones I was one of the referees in the territory along with George’s son Byron. We were working the Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum in Winston Salem, NC we had a tournament that night for the title. I had some matches and Byron had some matches but I made sure I knew what the hell was happening and it’s a good thing I did. I had a semi final match with Brian Knobs against my good buddy Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. I was the done for the night but something went wrong. It was supposed to go down like this Knobs hurts Steamboats leg but Ricky pulls out the win anyway then Robert Fuller leader of the Stud Stable comes down and the finals starts immediately. I still to this day don’t know what happened but Byron was nowhere to be found I ran to George Scott and said what do you want me to do he said get back in the ring he was clearly frustrated. It was a good match with two great minds in there which boiled down to Steamboat not being able to overcome the “injury” and being pinned by Fuller. I made the three count, by this time Byron showed up hit the ring and made sure I knew what was happening. I sure as hell knew this time what was going on and we didn’t have another fiasco or embarrassing moment.

The match with Williams and Rotundo truly changed my outlook to how I approached each match as a referee. Those guys along with Flair Tommy Young Kevin Sullivan (Rotundo’s manager in the Varsity Club) all played a part.

The other moment with Steve that really stands out in my mind was when I decided to contact him about getting back in the ring at WrestleReunion 2 in Valley Forge, PA. He was concerned and rightfully so with what he was going through that everything would have to go well. I assured him that I had the perfect opponent in mind for him. It was Mike Kaluha from Pennsylvania I had met Mike early on in my career I knew he was the right man for the job. He was solid in the ring and a credible human being outside the ring. He understood why he was there and I knew he wouldn’t let me down. Well although Steve knew me he didn’t know Mike and I could tell he was plenty worried. After a while he kept coming to me with his concerns I asked him to trust me that I wouldn’t put him in harm’s way at all. If I hadn’t had the right guy we wouldn’t have even done this. Well Steve had his comeback match and afterwards came to me and apologized for giving me so much grief and to let me know I had made the right choice of opponent and how appreciative he was. I am not sure exactly what has gone in with Steve’s in ring career since that match in August two thousand and five but I am sure that was a very special moment for him if not his last really great in ring moment. It was a great moment for me as well it will always be with me.

I heard a funny story about Steve Williams that we still laugh about from time to time. He was getting on a plane coming back to the US from Japan after one of his successful tours there. He had been drinking in the airport bar so when he got on the plane he was feeling it a little. He looked at this woman sitting on the plane thinking he recognized her. He said “Hey aren’t you Yoko NoNo” she meekly replied yes she was he said “Steve Williams nice to meet ya”. I don’t know if John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono knew who Steve was since he was such a huge star in Japan or not but it had to be a classic moment. I couldn’t even imagine her trying to correct his mispronunciation of his name. If you knew Steve that was him just a big old regular guy who you didn’t want to cross but never bothered anyone either. If he did I never heard about it.

I hear that the media in Japan is covering this story in a big way and they should. I picked up a USA Today newspaper it’s in there as well. I can’t imagine that television all over Oklahoma and perhaps Louisiana hasn’t grabbed on to the story as well. I can tell you that Steve fought hard to live once he was diagnosed he didn’t live as long as he may have wanted to but he got the most out of every day that he was still alive. I will always remember him with a smile. I am just sorry to say that it was just another wrestling death in two thousand and nine that comes far too soon in someone’s life and makes you wonder who will be next. It could be anyone of us so embrace life every minute you can because it can be gone quickly. I guess part of what bothers me is the three recent deaths Eki “Umaga” Fatu, Colt Steel and “Doctor Death” Steve Williams all appeared to me as guys practically impervious to pain and yet they are gone in the blink of any eye. It makes no sense I don’t know many guys that would have challenged any of them but yet they passed way too soon.

As I write this article from thirty thousand feet in the sky its New Years Eve. I spoke to Jimmy Hart just before I boarded the plane he was headed to Ocala to work for Dory and Marti Funk. It’s New Years Eve and tomorrow is Jimmy’s birthday but he loves this business just like I do so when Dory called him he said sure I will go. He managed the Funks in the WWF years ago he was always appreciative of what the three of them accomplished up there so he was happy to do it. When many people will be out partying ringing in the New Year Jimmy will be driving back from Ocala to Tampa from helping Dory and Marti keep the dream alive. He could easily be ringing in the New Year somewhere else while people shout Happy Birthday Jimmy at the stroke of twelve but that’s not who he is. I can tell you that Jimmy embraces life and the wrestling business that’s what we should all so embraces your passions every day. It will make your world a better place for sure.

On Jan 9th I will head to a CCW show at the Concord Rec. Center the place where basically The Rat Patrol was born. The building is still being promoted by “The Wild Thing” Willie Clay out old rival but on this night I won’t be there for angles or to get heat. I will be there with Carolina’s Own David Isley to say a few words in tribute to our friend and partner Colt Steel. I haven’t been in that building in a long time I truly wish I was going for another reason but life throws curve balls all the time it how you react to them that counts. I know all of us hope that two thousand and ten is a better year in all respects.

The wrestling business is probably like Hollywood in one way you work with people that you may not see for a long time but you can still have somewhat bonded with that person and look forward to seeing them again. You can also work with someone and the relationship goes beyond the work environment as is the case with me and the Anoai and Fatu families (Afa and Sika, Samu, Rikishi, Tonga Kid) “Carolina’s Own” David Isley , Jimmy Hart,“Sweet” Stan Lane,Rob Russen and "Wrestlings Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino. These are all people that I met in the business that became a part of my daily weekly or monthly life for many years and still today. In the case of someone like Steve Williams although we never interacted outside the business he and some others you just feel a connection too. You may have never and never would have interacted with them outside the industry but the shock and affect can still be felt because of the bond real or imagined through the work. It may be hard to explain or understand but the deaths in two thousand nine have lingered on more so than in previous years perhaps it’s because I am getting older so you look at it differently. I don’t believe that there is an acceptable or expected time to die but seems of these hit you right out of left field. I hope two thousand and ten in all ways is better than two thousand and nine.

I did have one funny moment that I will close this article with my attorney Chris Rodems took his son Nick to the recent WWE event in Tampa FL. As I was talking over the details of our upcoming appeal in the Live Nation case with him I asked him how things went at the show. He thought that it was great he hooked up with our mutual friend Brian Blair who got Nick to meet some of the wrestlers. He said that Nick met and took pictures with Hornswoggle and Jericho and maybe some others. He told me how thrilling it all was then he told me that he also met Jerry “The King” Lawler. He said” listen I know you have had your problems with the guy but Lawler couldn’t have been nicer. It made me laugh because there was a time I’d have told you the same thing about Jerry. He was truly one of the easiest and most pleasant guys I have ever worked with and had work for me in the wrestling business. It’s really wild how things can change. I told him that I was sure that was exactly what happened and I truly was. I asked if he told him he was my attorney and he said “no I thought about it and decided against it”. I wonder how that interaction would have gone if he had told him. Well, I guess we will never know but I’m sure it would have amused me to say the least.

The picture on top is of course of "Doctor Death" Steve Williams it was taken at WrestleReunion 2 in Valley Forge,PA. It was taken on August 27th 2005 shortly before his comeback match. The picture below is of his opponent that night Mike "King" Kaluha.

This has been a piece of my mind two thousand and nine take a hike hopefully two thousand and ten will be a year that we like.

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Happy New Year From The Family of BT!!!

Shows for the Weekend 1.01 and 1.02.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled events. The first big show of the year is EWE "Aftermath" featuring Christian Jacobs going for the EWE Title vs "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Team DK vs Team Lee for the control of EWE. Not sure if I will be attending due to my shoot job, but for those in the area - go out and support your local shows!! Below is a promo for the event featuring TGB - another great promo from him!!

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----I did get a few e-mails today about ASWF. There were 300 people in the building last Saturday night, not 500, as we reported earlier this week. They also posted a photo of Demon X in the local paper and put "David Walls" under it. Kayfabe!!!

----Please read the ballot - send all votes to, NOT to my regular e-mail address. I would like to thank everyone for their response on the first day - wow!!

RRO AWARDS RACE 2009: Nominees Announced and Notes!!!

----Below are all the nominees for 2009. Thanks to everyone for sending in your nominations and helping out. CLICK HERE for the official ballot. There will be no polls posted - voting sent to the e-mail address as indicated. I will accept only 3 e-mails from each IP address!! I am giving everyone an extra few hours and you can start voting RIGHT NOW in our 10 to Vote. Copy and paste ballot!! E-mail to Please put a 3,2 or 1 along with each name. 1 being your top vote - the winner will be the nominee with the least votes - get it?? If you only vote for one nominee, then that nominee will receive 3 points. For example, I want to vote Dustin as top wrestler - I would put a 1 beside his name along with a 2 beside DK and then a 3 on Mack's name. You have until 1.10.10 at midnight to send in votes!!!

-Derrick King
-Dustin Starr
-Rodney Mack

----Derrick King goes 4 years in a row being nominated for this category. Can he win it this year?? This is Dustin’s second time to be nominated here [2007]…This is one of three first time nominations for Rodney Mack.

-MVP Performer

-Austin Lane
-Stan Lee

----Lane, 2006 winner and nominated 3 out of 4 years in this category, will battle it out with Stan Lee again this year, but they have Pokerface to contend with. This is Poker’s first singles nomination. Lee has won this year the last two years in a row.

Tag Team

-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----The trio of Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs return as RRO 2006 Tag Team winner – “Picture Perfect”. First time award nominee Bobby Eaton gets two nominees this year along with Greg Anthony. Asylum return with 2cnd nomination in this category.

MVP Team

-East Coast Bad Boys
-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----This is a first for all three teams being nominated in this category. It is also the first tag team nomination of the team of ECBB. 187 has received two nominations in this category as “Cruzin 4 Pain”.


-Blaine Devine
-Chris Lexxus
-JD Kerry

----If this goes by nominations, this could be a landslide with Kerry.

Moondog Brawler

-Motley Cruz
-Tony Myers

----I was happy to see these three nominated for the new award. This is Myers’ first ever nomination.


-Austin Lane
-Christian Jacobs
-Matt Riveria

----Dustin Starr, who has won this award two times and nominated all three years, does not get a nod this year. As I have said, probably because everyone feels he should have a job already. All three guys get their first nomination in this category. This Jacobs’ first singles nomination.



----TIWF is the only promotion to return for this award. The two other promotions getting their first nods.

-NEW committee
-Rodney Mack
-EWE committee

----NEW and Rodney Mack getting their first nominations in this category. Greg Anthony, last year’s winner has to be considered in the NEW committee with Ken Wayne and Allan Steele. EWE returns in this incarnation after winning the award in 2006 and 2007, but not getting nominated last year.


-John Steele
-Michael Ward
-Terrance Ward

----This is NEW announcing team of Steele and Ward first nominations. Michael Ward returns after a 2 year absence winning the award in 2007.


-Baron Malkavain
-Ike Tucker

----The Baron won the award in a landslide last year and it will probably be no different this year. Ike and Precious get their first nominations.


-Brian Thompson
-Hollywood Jimmy
-Rashard Devon

----Devon and Blaylock have battled it out in this category for 4 years straight. This year they have a new dance partner with his first manager nomination for Brian Thompson.


-Downtown Bruno
-Chuck Poe
-Kellan James

-2008 winner Downtown Bruno returns with two first time nominees with James and Poe.

Most Improved

-Jeremy Moore
-Shawn Reed

----This is Moore’s second nomination in this category placing second in 2007. The other two nominees receive their first nominations.

Most Underrated

-Allan Steele
-Justin Smart
-Shawn Reed

----All three guys get their first nominations in this category.

Arena Match

-Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee
-Austin Lane vs Derrick King
-Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne

----Stan Lee and Derrick King have been nominated all three years in this category. [started in 2007] Wayne was a winner in this category last year and returns. This is Lane’s second and third nominations in this category. This was Starr’s first nomination in this category.

TV Match

-Dustin Starr vs Kevin White
-Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher
-Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King

----This is both Starr vs White and Dotson vs King second nominations in this category.


-The Starr Treatment

----Starr and Blaylock have battle all four years for this award. WNC was the winner last year.


-Dustin Starr
-Eric Wayne
-Greg Anthony

----This is Starr’s second nomination in this category. The two other nominees are their first nominations.


-Su Yung

----2008 winner returns to go against Jazz and Angel-Lena this year. Those ladies have their first nominations.

Other facts

-The roster with the most nominations – NEW – 18 nominations!!

-Starr leads the pack this year with 5 nominations!!

-Lane second with 4 nominations.

-Derrick King is the only guy that could win an award 4 years in a row.

-No wrestler is nominated for both MVP and Wrestler this year with all six guys battling for the #1 wrestler in the TOP 10.

-There are only four teams battling it out for two awards.

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RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.26.09

Show Opens With Ricky Rowland Doing National Anthem
First segment Austin lane comes out to confront Demon X saying he got title shot Austin says yes but has to be no holds barred

First match
Cody Murdoch Vs Lee Micheals
As The Porkchop chants start,there is a wonder in everyone mind how is Lee Micheals going to pin this 330 pound man Lee starts out with dropkicks and forearms until Murdoch totally takes his head off with clothesline then spinning suplex with out reason Micheals kicks out after 2, even Athena got to beat on Lee with a body slam on out side when all went to settle Murdoch went outside ring to find weapon and Cody Only comes to say your not doing that as Murdoch gets in ring Lee hit a school boy for the 1.2.3

2nd Match
Vinnie Ramano comes out to tell Christopher Lee he took the X Division belt fair and square. Also telling Christopher Lee if he wants a match with Vinnie Ramano he has to beat this guy. Enforcer comes to the ring jumps Christopher Lee from behind as the beating starts on Christopher Lee as Enforcer uses monkey flips, and Negative tactics Christopher Lee finally pulls through with a Splash, Bulldog, and a roll up pin. After Christopher Lee's victory, Vinnie slides in and beats Christopher Lee down with his Italian Flag.

3rd Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Cody Only
Cody Only starts out with all the momentum showing his dominate strength until he makes one critical mistake and rams his own shoulder into the ring post. Hot Rod seized the opportunity and works on Cody Only's left shoulder. At one point Cody Only does hit the LTO. Unsuccessfully he didn't have the strength to cover Hot Rod. Hot Rod counters and puts Only into a submission to tap out Cody Only

4th Match
Mark Wolf and Idol Bane Vs Seth Sabor And Tommy Wayne

Match started well for Seth and Tommy with double team moves to keep Mark Wolfe down even double ploncha over top rope and had it going until Idol took a cheap shot to Seth Sabor, they both put very powerful moves on Seth but this kid wont quit he heard that crowd and finally made the tag Tommy comes in house of fire and drop kicks idol then Mark came back up Tommy side steps him he hits Idol Tommy rolls up mark for Seth and Tommy to be victories
As Idol throwing fit crowd chants Austin

5th match
the final grudge match between Joshua Cross and Wild Bill
Starts with Wild Bill using Joshua's tactics to pay him back like it should be until Joshua seems a opening and takes bills head off using flying dropkicks moonsaults and chocks to keep bill down thought he had match one went to top rope for leg drop and missed it wild bill followed up with 3 DDTs and pined cross

ASWF Heavyweight Championship
Demon X Vs Austin Lane

What a no holds barred match we had here with Demon X using it all suplex on concrete, slams on guardrails, even a corkscrew cross body off second rope where did demon x get these moves he calls for it to be over and delivers a power bomb to Austin Lane luckily he gets hand on rope before three Demon X comes up looking for Johnny Hawk and he isn't there he turns around into a spear 1.2.3

Credit: ASWF ACE @

----I was told 500 people to this free show. Anybody confirm this??

The Final Cheap Heat of 2009 by Gene Jackson

So....2009 is quickly winding down and 2010 is upon what a year '09 has been.... some good stuff and some down right horridly shitty stuff....

First off I want to apologize to Brian Tramel and the few readers who follow my stuff (and it turns out there are a few of you).... for pretty much just going awol the past few months. A LOT of stuff has been going on with me and I just haven't had the time to get on here and write like I'd like to. However my first resolution for 2010 is to change that..... Now that I'm not married anymore and have an awesome girlfriend who actually likes wrestling and going to shows I plan to make a LOT more shows this year than I have in the past 10 years......and I plan to write about it when I get back home.

Another issue I had was working on the Eddie Gilbert book (constantly) apparently had a small hand in what led to my marriage ending (thank God) so I completely just stopped working on it for the past 5 months or so..... Well, I plan to get back on track working on it once again in January where again my lovely new girlfriend figures in as she will be proofreading it and helping edit it so I hope to have it all finished by June/July at the latest.

I also hope to be able to do the occasional Cheap Heat Radio show and write a column hopefully at the very least every other week.

I didn't help with the yearbook at all this year which really sucks but with work and the craziness in my personal life I just didn't have the time hopefully next year I can have a big hand in it cause I really enjoy them.


Well I don't know how many people know but I was gonna come back and do one final match tagging with Neil Taylor as Southern Destruction against Kenny and Jimmy Valiant in Batesville this Saturday night but I hear it's been rescheduled til May......however I don't know if I can wait that long as I'm really kinda psyched up to get back in the ring again...(even if it's a HORRIBLE idea with my jacked up back).....perhaps I might be able to talk TFW into letting Southern Destruction step in the ring with the Asylum...or something..... who knows?

So you've been warned look for much more of the new and improved unmarried Gene Jackson to bring his unwanted opinion to you in 2010 be it here on RRO, RRO Radio, or at a "rasslin' show" near you. If you'd like to contact me about a booking, appearing on Cheap Heat Radio, or would just like to pass along a comment, complaint, complement, or want my address to make a donation to the "Buy Gene Jackson a big screen television" me at

Also, check out my friend Leslie E. Jones' new myspace that features classic IWF Wrestling......I hope to do an interview with him on CHR one of these days and maybe he can post it there.....the address is

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams passes away

Wrestling legend "Dr. Death" Steve Williams unfortunately lost his battle with cancer last night. Williams was a huge star for Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation and also had tremendous success in Japan. Williams and the late Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy also captured the NWA and WCW World Tag Team Titles in the mid 1990's.

Williams recently published a book touting his battles with cancer and his faith. He also appeared a couple of years ago at Fourth in the Forest in Jonesboro, AR and for the Royal Wrestling Alliance.

The staff of RasslinRiotOnline would like to send our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of "Dr. Death" Steve Williams during this trying time.

Bill Dundee Not Scheduled for The Event!!

----CLICK HERE to read the latest edition of "Axeman Speaks" by Randall Lewis. Apparently there was a promotion billing Dundee to appear and hadn't even contacted him. You can't do that!! If I was Dundee I would look up the promoters and have them pay him some kind of advertising fee.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----RRO offices will be slow this week with columnists having the week off to finish up the year. Next week we will be back with a new schedule of sorts with The Straight Flush with Pokerface on Tuesday, Food for Thought with Jamie Jay on Wednesday and Coach's Corner on Thursday. The following week we will have The Golden Circle by Greg Anthony, Mama Says with Downtown Bruno on Wednesday and Wayne's World on Thursday with Eric Wayne. All columns will be followed every Friday by The Dynamite Blast by Seth Knight and we will continue to be visited once a month by Maxx Corbin. I also expect Brian Thompson [Markives has been a hit!!]and Gene Jackson to drop by at different times also.

----Please send in your nominations today!! Right now!! You have until Wednesday at 12:00 Midnight!! Nominations will be announced on Thursday 12.31.09 with a full analysis and voting starts 1.01.10 for 10 days!!

----I am looking for full time reporters for DCW in Dyersburg, NBW in Newbern and EWE in Ripley. Please contact me - you will be kayfabed if you don't want your name on the site.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jason Reed Injury : The Story

This photo was taken after the accident

This photo was taken this weekend - you can see how much the teeth have dropped, but coming in sideways.

----This is a story that I have been working on a few days after the incident happened. I had got a call from a worker that was on the show telling me about the accident that happened and wondering why I had not posted anything yet. And to be honest, I had not heard anything about it at this point and wanted to confirm it with Jason Reed.

----This story is a perfect example of what I have to do with the web site to show proof of a story and also be able to tell it at a viewpoint that is correct. Whether it is a good thing or bad thing, this site has morphed into more of legit news site for this area rather than just rumors. I have made it a habit of fact checking stories two or three times with different sources before putting the story out – even if it takes me almost a month to get the story.

----The site has also brought about kayfabe to a stronger degree than it even was when I started the site. If someone wants something not put on the site, then more than often it is not told to me. It took me months to get the real Flash Flanagan story a few months back, because no one wanted to talk about it.

----As I said, it might seem to hurt the site at times, but I hope when I do get the story – then the story is as legit as it can be with a wrestling dirt sheet. So..that brings us to the Jason Reed story.

----On 11.28.09 – Syn and Reed are having a match. Reed stated he was happy with the match. They were wrestling to get in the tournament for the NBW Title. They had started a tournament that night that ends at a big show in Febuary. The spot was to have Syn hit a running shooting star press. Reed set up for it. But as he was lying there, Syn did to do the spot as soon as Reed expected. The combination of Reed turning his head and Syn hitting the spot at a different time ends with Reed having his teeth shoved into his jaw.

“I was bleeding tons out of my mouth. I thought I had lost my teeth and I was looking around the ring for them. My teeth were shoved into my gums!” said Reed.

----Reed went to the emergency room and later to the dentist. The work that has been done to his mouth is extensive including going to the dentist every 3 days. He is scheduled for a major evaluation of the situation again on January 7, 2010 and he believes they will try to cut his gums to get his teeth out.

----Reed was just about to start a new job on the Monday following this accident. He also was going through a divorce and asked me to hold off on writing the story. I had a few people contact me thinking I was trying to hide something, but I was waiting to get the ok – understanding that a real job and his divorce were more important than putting this story out.

----Reed has come out of this with probably a better attitude than I would have had. He does not feel it was really Syn’s fault and not his fault.

“When I got into wrestling, I knew shit happens. If you don’t sign up to get hurt, then you should not be in it.”

----My take on the whole thing goes in many different directions. Was Syn properly trained?? Would it have made a difference?? Reed is not mad at Syn for his actions and Reed is a professional that trusted working Syn. If he didn’t feel safe, then he wouldn’t/shouldn’t work him.

----Is this any different than the Eric Wayne accident earlier this year when Wayne kicked Greg King Jr?? I think it is in that Wayne was aiming for face and made a mistake. It is probably a worse injury than what King suffered. Wayne is a well trained wrestler and he made mistakes, so the argument of Syn not being trained injuring someone does not fly with me on this one. Do I think Syn needs proper training?? Yes. But, it is not only his fault that he is not fully trained – but that goes back to the promoters and wrestlers that work with him.

----As Reed said, “shit happens” and as I have said before, this is not checkers, it is professional wrestling. If you get two people in the ring that trust one another – an accident can still happen. Whether it is Wayne, who is properly training, kicking someone in the face or Syn, who many say does not need to be in the ring, hitting a shooting star press – shit happens!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----I would like to take this time to say "thanks" to everyone with their calls, texts and e-mails on the holiday weekend. My family and I had a great weekend.

----I interviewed "Superman" Jason Reed on Saturday afternoon for his "injury" story. I will have some really graphic photos and the full story posted tomorrow. There also will be discussion on why it took so long to post the story and such.

----Thanks again!! Not sure why, but we had record number of hits on Tuesday. We were up 36% over normal hits and it was the second best Tuesday in hits since September, 2007. Thanks to all for reading and look for 2010 to be a big year for RRO!!

----Reminder: You have until Wednesday 12.30.09 at Midnight for the Stage 3 nominations. Nominations for the 4th Annual RRO Awards Race will be announced on 12.31.09 with the official voting starting on 1.01.10.

Another Big Crowd at ASWF Last Night!!

----I got a call during the RRO Promotion of the Year 2008 ASWF show in Tuckerman, AR last night and was told there had to be close to 500 fans at the show last night. Last weekend's "Christmas with the King 2" had 597 people attending the show. This show with the gimmick of it being free to the fans as a Christmas present, looks to have had either close to 500 or just over 500 people in the building. ASWF finishes the year with a bang and I look forward to seeing if they can hold on these numbers going into 2010. Results will be posted ASAP.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 12.26.09

Blade defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Curly Moe/Josh Matthews/Chris Styles w/Dirty & Jay Webster defeated "Big Daddy" Neno/Chazz Stone/Chop when Webster & Dirty interfered.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated "The Answer" Chris Chaos & Officer Hudson.

Jay Webster won a 3-way match over Suicide & Blazing Star when Blazing Star submitted.

TFW Champion Neil Taylor w/Al Hall won a 3-way match over "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs to retain. Taylor hit Dabbs with a foreign object then won the match by pin fall. Promoter Denise Blaylock ordered a re-match for 1-1-2010.

TFW returns to action on New Years Night, 1-1-2010, at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline, MS (just outside the Tupelo city limits). Bell time is 8:00 p.m. The card will include the rematch between Neil taylor, Chris Kilgore, & Tony Dabbs for the TFW Championship. Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

TCW Webcast Show 4