Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheap Heat 1/20/2010 by Gene Jackson

Well....hopefully I will actually remember to POST this edition of Cheap Heat as BT pointed out to me yesterday last week's column I wrote was sitting there as a "draft" and I never actually posted it to the site.....seeing as how most of it was about the new "Monday Night War" and the passing of 'Dr. Death', I figure everyone has ready plenty of opinions on both subject so I won't bother posting it......on to this week's topics....


I've been checking out some of the new columns here lately and I think BT really has a strong bunch of writers/workers who write about interesting topics that they can share their experiences on rather than just speculate what it must be like for guys who actually do it. I hope everyone continues to contribute cause it can only help RRO continue to grow.


Is it just me or did it seem like the awards (for both RRO and Wrestling Newscenter) just didn't garner the excitement and discussion they usually do? Maybe I'm just out of the loop but it just didn't seem like as much "hoopla" this year as their has been in years past. Congrats to the winners all the same.


So the big announcement was made that New Experience Wrestling will begin airing on television in North Mississippi next month. Of course as with everything around here especially as it pertains to N.E.W. it's met with both positive AND negative response. I seen where someone posted that this would put TFW and EPW out of business....what an idiotic statement to would a new television show of a promotion based out of West Memphis effect people going to shows in and around Tupelo. I don't see it having any effect on local shows other than possibly giving some name value to some of the N.E.W. workers in Mississippi making it more beneficial to promoters in that area to bring them in to work their shows unless Ken Wayne has plans of running live shows in the area based off the tv exposure there. Is N.E.W. everyone's cup of tea? No, it's not. However (IMO) that style of wrestling does lend itself to television to appeal to 'new age fans' who like Ring of Honor and that sort of thing more than sitting and watching some guy work a chain for 20 minutes which may be entertaining to a building full of rednecks who want to yell at the guy whose doing it but not so much the guy sitting in his living room. Personally I can appreciate both styles but not everyone does so in the meantime there's alternatives to please everyone.

DID I REALLY JUST WATCH NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE IN THE MAIN EVENT OF RAW!?!? I haven't watched RAW in a really long time other than 2 weeks ago when Bret Hart was the 'guest host'....I'd read stories of Bob Barker......Ozzy.....Mini-Me....Jeremy Piven and his promotion of the WWE's annual "SummerFest", and so on....but wow you just can't appreciate how shitty it really is til you sit and watch Jon Heder in a Ric Flair robe in the main event getting frog splashed by a midget.....I mean damn..... Oh and on a little side tangent here.....are midgets really that funny in 2010?? No offense to any "little peoples" (credit:Danny B. for "peoples") but I mean have we not seen "Hornswaggle" (btw...I preferred when he was called 'little bastard' cause that's what I think everytime he comes onscreen) in every ridulous situation....and match he can be in? I mean "Little People's Court" with Verne Troyer and Hornswaggle...seriously?? Weekly matches with Chavo Guerrero last year?? I don't know it just seems that they've beaten that concept to death....just let it go....please.

THE MAIN EVENT FOR WRESTLEMANIA IN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN VS. THE ROCK VS. THE WWE CHAMPION SHEAMUS!! WHAT? HUH? NO! something else I don't get is this refugee from a developmental camp as the champion right now.....I mean yeah I'm all for pushing the younger guys but would anyone pay to see that match I just made up.....even with Austin and the Rock involved? I mean it's like something from Sesame Street..."one of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong." Sheamus.....the Celtic Warrior.....really? I think I'd rather see Mike Knox with the belt (I'm kidding, I'm kidding)

Although something I do say I was impressed with is how much the Miz has improved in the ring and as a heel....I mean he actually looks like he should be out there instead of just some prick who weaved being a reality show regular on MTV into a career in "sports entertainment".


So with the recent rehash of the 'Monday Night Wars' it made me notice that the infamous 'website wars' have seemingly subsided in recent months between Wrestling Newscenter and RRO most noticable just this week with the simultanious announcement concerning N.E.W.'s deal with WCBI.....perhaps the result of the many "lovefests" that have been made public with Hollywood Jimmy and BT......or perhaps the fact that BT's good freind Psycho is dating Tia Blaylock of the Wrestling Newscenter....perhaps Psycho negotiated a truce with everyone....or maybe it's because me and Ollie David By Golly Burcham Bradford Beefcake Rotten haven't been on here to stir shit recently.....hey speaking of O.D.B.G.B.B.B.R., what the heck ever happened to him? Did he finally graduate from I.C.C. and get a job or something? Someone let me know I'm interested in hearing what he's up to.....I mean I know he makes it a point to show up whenever they go eat at Logans...I seen the pictures but apparently he can't find the time to enlighten us with his wisdom.....what a shame. mentioned before I plan to pop up at some shows I'll have more on that next the meantime keep check out RRO daily and thanks for reading.

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