Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dustin Starr Commits To RCW!!

----As many of you know, RRO's Brian Thompson is getting into the promoting business in the very near future. RRO will be working close with Thompson in the hopes of providing a news outlet and will be there live to cover the first event. Thompson will soon be opening up a blog to cover more details about the venture and you will be able to visit it for up to date info about the promotion.

----But, just because Thompson and I are friends does not mean he will get any privilege coverage or opinion. And, as you will see, it does not always mean I will be the first to post news. LOL Dustin Starr, who is going to be major player in this promotion, posted news last night over at The Starr Treatment about the promotion. He did a good job putting it over and we have some of the same feelings about this promotion. Let me going on record in saying, and I have said to a few of you in private - if this promotion is not a success, it will not be from the guys not doing it the RIGHT way. I will get more in-depth about this when the first arena show is closer. I am privy to some of the inter-workings of this promotion - add up the knowledge, the talent and the advertising - they have it all going for them.

----Below is the lineup for the first show. For those in the area, please join RRO that night. Make plans! Be there!!

Ringside Championship Wrestling – Trumann, AR – Jan. 29th

Main Event: Midnight Gold vs. Hot Topic
RCW Title Tournament Round One:
Dustin “FIVE” Starr vs. Cody Melton
Cuzzin’ Ron (formerly known as Ron Rage) vs. VH-1 Reality Star Matt Riviera
“Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane vs. Bishop
“Dynamite” Seth Knight vs. “Girl Candy” Christian Jacobs