Thursday, January 28, 2010

IWA - Show Reports, Ratings, Comments and Rumors

TV Show Reports

----IWA did air this past Saturday and D-Rock has a report of the show over at CLICK HERE to read the report. There also some photos of the show posted along with the report.  And, he also has the complete report the upcoming Saturday show to air THIS Saturday 1.30.10.  CLICK HERE to read that report. It features the debut of "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock as an announcer. 


----I got the ratings earlier this week and the first week results were not good.  They scored a .2 for the first two quarters, then a ZERO for the third quarter and then another .2 for the 4th Quarter.  This translates to an average of 2430 viewers per quarter.  Not good. 


----I also got the chance to see about half of the show.  I plan to do a Coach's Corner or a feature article after the first four weeks air, instead of just "beating a dead horse" every week.  They did have an handheld camera, but it was sort of sideways.  Jason Hall seem to not be as annoying on the show and RRO's Most Improved of 2009 Bishop looked like a MONSTER!! Carnage Antwane must have been watching Lance Russell DVDs, because he was doing such a good job helping guys do interviews.  I am not sure I would have understood anything Precious was saying, if it had not been for him.  He would be a great addition to the announcer crew with the only bad thing being he is probably bigger than 98% of the roster.


I am being told Tatt2, Johnny Dotson and Precious may all be gone from this group??  Tatt2 is gone and actually told me, "I was fired.."  Can not confirm the other two??