Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "NEW and TV” by Bruno Lauer

After 30 years in the business [31 as of April 8th], I can’t remember being as excited abut anything as I am right now about NEW going to Mississippi television. Heck, it reminds me of the when I got my start day with WWE back in the 80s! I’ve had about 10 really exciting things happen to me in the business. Things that really made me love life and the business – the world in general. In no particular order, here they are

-My first day on Memphis television [1984]
-My first championship I managed somebody to win. [Hawaii 1983 – Superfly Tui – not Snuka]
-Getting the call to go to the WWF.
-Buying and owning my home and property outright! [hell, the business paid for it; right??]
-Main eventing in Wrestlemania 91.
-Eddie Marlin putting me in charge of the ticket sales and ring crew in 1988.
-Tojo Yamamoto buying me a Lincoln Continental in 1987.
-Robert Fuller teaching me how to A) Drive and B) Swim C) Drink excessively.
-Having a book of my life in the business published by Scott

And FINALLY last, but not least – being a chosen member of the inner circle of New Experience Wrestling since its inception, since DAY ONE. I am proud to see great I take that back…great MEN – Like Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Austin Lane, Alan Steele and Kevin Charles – all NEW mainstays – get repeated looks and opportunities from the WWE. I am proud I was able to bring a great referee that I personally trained – Chuck Poe – into NEW and have watched him also become in demand ref on the Mississippi circuit. I am proud of Justin Smart, Dan Matthews, Richard Bressler, DJ Stegall, DJ Senior, Critter Gitter, Dan and Kaityln Grice, Donna Partee, Mike Anthony, Debbie Wayne, John Steele, Brian Thompson, Mike Ward, Terrance Ward, The Bressler family, Kacey, Gred, Vickie, Kolby, my buddy Phillip, Shawn Reed, Mayor Gene Alday, Uncle Larry and all our loyal NEW regulars!! I am proud as a peacock of all of us and if I forgot somebody, then it wasn’t intentional…and a BIG thanks to Brian Tramel for his undying support!!