Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Wrestling on Local TV!!

----So, we can now make it four wrestling shows airing in this area!!  SAW, which is based out of Nashville, TN [they run Millersville, TN] is now airing Saturday afternoons at 12:30 PM, on E+TV6 in Jackson, TN. This is the group that uses Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Jon Michael and others. Dutch Mantell is also helping book the show now.  I was looking at the web site and it looks like they will be using Su Yung on their upcoming show and I believe Cody Melton is also working for this group.  Kevin White was instrumental in getting this group in Jackson, so I look for him to be part of some of their live events.  Not sure how strong of a station E+TV6 is, but this is the channel that TWIF was airing on at one time.  SAW is actually offering a real good deal on their web site with for fans that want to see their product.

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