Monday, January 18, 2010

My World - MAXXED OUT!! "Life Turns, Monday Wars and Lane Kiffen" by Maxx Corbin

Life turns, Monday wars and Lane Kiffen
What a crazy couple of weeks 2010 has been so far. Where do I begin? Let’s start with the life turns part. Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been on any cards since October. The reasoning behind this is simple. I needed to change some things in my life. I was tired of getting by on the wages at my job and decided to try to work on a degree in Computer Information Systems. This also came with a desire to buy a house and start a family. I realized I need to straighten things out before that could happen. It has also been nice to rest my horrible back. After wrestling a match in October, I couldn’t walk without some sort of pain and it went on for a week. Before that I was taking a handful of Ibuprofen and a pain killer every now and then to get through the weekend matches. I really started worrying about my health and didn’t want to end up addicted to pain meds so I decided to take a break till I finished my school work.

I think people have mistaken this as me quitting the business or losing my love for wrestling; nothing could be farther from the truth. I MISS WRESTLING LIKE CRAZY!!! I have almost thrown my gear in the car and took off a few times.

2 nights ago I had a dream I was in a show. It was supposed to be Ripley, but you know how dreams are. Some of them are symbolic. Like, you might have a friend and you know he’s your friend, but in the dream its Bob Saget or something more ridiculous and you never bat an eye. Well in my dream Reply had been renovated to hold 1,000 people and they had a packed house. I was just visiting friends in the dream and walked out through the curtain. This was before the show started but the upper deck (yes in my dream there was an upper deck) started chanting MAXX….MAXX…MAXX. It got louder and louder. So, trying not to get any heat for being out in the crowd, I walked to the back. A couple of fans following me to the back (great security my dreams have huh?) and one of them said they were glad to see me and they had missed me…….I woke up at that moment…..and I was bummed out that it was a dream….But it all made since when I thought about it, I was never that over…lol. The fans at Ripley did give Myles and me a great send off in September. Maybe that’s where the dream came from? Anyways, my point here was that I miss wrestling so much I’ve been dreaming about it.

I feel like I need to touch on the other big thing that is going on now; TNA possibly moving to Monday nights and starting a new Monday night war. I may be in the minority here but the show they ran on the 4th, in my opinion, was far better than what WWE was doing that night. It was nice seeing some of the old guys I haven’t seen in a while. And for the first time in a while I was actually excited when I saw Flair pop up on screen. There was just a feel to the show that reminded me of the old wars of the 90’s. It was awesome that to watch 2 wrestling shows live on my split screen.

But for all the things good they did that night there were a few glaring mistakes. 1: there was no promotion of the Thursday night time slot or the fact that the Monday slot was a one night thing. It just seemed like a waste of promotion time…Hell, even Rob Van Dam a wrestler a lot of people consider to be a future TNA signee, had no idea that Monday was a 1 shot deal. The 2nd thing wrong was the cage match at the beginning of a show. I felt so bad for that mother fucker trying to get out of that cage…..I was like “Come on dude get through that hole……dammit, PULL!!!…Come on get through there!!!….Shit he fell!…Damn how long was he up there? WHAT, How can a cage match end in a dq?.....This is BS!” That was, no lie, what I said. Anyways, everything past that point was good. Jeff Hardy was a good surprise and I was even entertained by the 2 women’s matches. I think everyone out there hopes TNA makes it. It means more jobs for guys and more fans to watch it. Either way it’s nice to see the business I love making a way back.

Finally, I have to say I hate Lane Kiffen. For the college football fans out there, even if you’re not a Vols fan, you have to feel a little bad for us. 3 weeks before signing day and out of the blue the guy leaves. Not only that, but the guy tried to take the players with him. I can’t imagine how the guys that were playing for him must feel. When I heard the news I was shocked. I started thinking man I don’t think I’ve ever been this shocked or disappointed before. Then I remembered the 5th grade and the pain I felt when The British Bulldog turned on Big Daddy Cool Diesel. To be honest, I can’t even tell you why that affected me like it did either. Neither Bulldog nor Diesel was my favorite wrestler. So, I have no clue. All I know is my 10 year old self had a hard time sleeping that night. Anyways, It really sucked that Kiffen screwed that organization and the kids like that. All I can do know is set back and hope he falls on his face at USC….that probably won’t happen though. But its always nice to dream. Oh well that’s enough football talk. If anyone wants to look me up, chat, or just drop me an email add me on Facebook. I usually accept everyone that looks real. Also, make sure you check out my weekly wrestling segment on 101.5 in Jackson, TN and on the net at every Friday at 4:15. Until next time, Stay classy San Diego!

----Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling and provides RRO with a monthly column. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).