Thursday, January 07, 2010

Putting Over: Christian Jacobs beats "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony for EWE Title

----This match meant a lot to the two participants and is one of their better bouts. I have been privileged in the past of being a part of a series of bouts and angle with these two guys. I still put their "I Quit" bout as one of the top bouts I have ever seen in this area - close to a [*****] match as I ever was involved in. But, this is as solid of a match as you will see. Two guys working basic psychology and just working real hard. [Note: TGB gave CJ three piledrivers the week before and that is why they are selling the neck - in the old days this would be the kind of gimmick they would use to keep a guy from winning the title if he was facing the world champion. They changed it up a bit putting the challenger over.] Watch for the Undertaker dive - I thought CJ killed himself!! And kudos to both CJ and TGB - both are in a lot better shape than they have been in the past. CJ is just WWE ready and TGB has slimmed down.

----You can see full videos of all the matches from Saturday night at