Monday, January 18, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 01.16.10

1st match
Seth Sabor Vs Eric Wayne
Very high flyering very speedy match as the kicks from both men took effect seth sabor took all he could but the 3rd generation Eric Wayne pulled it out with german suplex

2nd match
Kalikia Vs Enforcer
Enforcer took charge with his cheating tactics right off the get go, as the punishment got extreme Kalikia would start to fight back and hit enforcer with a face buster for the 123

3rd match
Lee Mic heals Vs Mark Wolfe
Man the stuff this kid takes Mark Wolfe kills this kid all over the ring with power move after power move finally Mark puts lee on top rope and goes for a super plex lee fights back and shoves mark off and hits frog splash and wins 123

Johnny Hawk & Hotrod Vs Dan Mathews & Kevin Charles
this return grudge match was very intense as Kevin and Dan took it to the old school guys with everything they had and as soon as Dan had it won again with C4 Hawk hit him with ring hammer.

Kid Nickels Vs Wild Bill
These too friends had to go toe to toe and neither man could back down nor give up as they went back and forth until time limit ran out

Christopher Lee Vs Joshua Cross
This was Joshua's chance to get a title shot if he meets Christopher lee as christopeher gave ever thing he could, in all fairness Joshua cross didn't cheat to win he actually went x division style and come threw with a devastating shining wizard

Deadly Dale And Cody Only Wanted these titles so bad they could taste it Cason And Murdoch doesn't wanna give them up so a battle started with blood sweat and tears came from all, these men are giving there all with lsd looking to take advantage and did untill Athena Eclipse had a say so and got Dales attention leaving Cason to quick roll up and hand full of tights for the win

Austin Lane(c) Vs Idol Bane Vs Demon X Vs Tommy Wayne
This fatal four way for heavyweight belt was crazy all three men trying to win this belt form Austin as Tommy took control of all out of the gate wasn't long before Idol and demon had there pull in the match with demon x doing a snake eyes and big boot then Austin breaks it up, idol bane doing power slam and boot and Tommy kicks out final Tommy ducks a close line and delivers a double close line with demon Tommy makes the tag to Austin and all four men are battling idol to outside Austin bench presses and throws Tommy over on idol, Austin comes threw ropes on these two men,demon x going top rope to come off and Tommy catches him as he falls back Tommy gets his cross body off top 1 2 idol breaks it up delivering side effect 1 2 Austin breaks it up and spears idol 1 2 demon breaks it up then power-bomb Austin 1 2 Tommy breaks it up and demon goes to power bomb on him idol boots demon in face then goes for power-bomb on Wayne, Wayne spins out and drop kicks idol as he falls into rope and gets hung Tommy turns around into spear Austin covers Tommy in front of idol.

Credit: ASWF Ace @