Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 1.09.10

Show starts off with the National Anthem..Casey Rinaldi, JD Kerry, and Jeff Perryman welcome everyone to the DCW Arena and then the PokerFace Showcase music hits...Poker comes out with Iron Mike Ward and Poker tells everyone that tonite Ward will be facing Angelina and Lovely Latricia...

Match 1: Mike Ward vs Angelina & Lovely Latricia
-I tell you that Mike Ward should def think about another career instead of a wrestler..j/k! He actually did a pretty good job keeping up with the talented Angelina and up and comer Latricia..but in the end experience will win everytime! Angelina low blows Mike Ward and they roll him up for the 1-2-3...winner Angelina and Lovely Latricia!! After the match Poker starts to attack both Angelina and Latricia, Poker then knocks out Angelina then puts Latricia in one of the SICKEST DDT's i have ever seen at any wrestling event ever...then Soul Train Jones comes out to the arena to help out!!

Match 2: Soul Train vs PokerFace (DCW Heaveyweight Championship match)
-these two are amazing in the ring together..with Poker's in-ring technical and agility moves mixed with Soul Train's power and quickness for a big guy equals a pretty good match for the fans..these two traded moves for about 15-20 mins with match ending in a DQ with interference from the Gorillaz...winner Soul Train via DQ

Dynasty's music hits, Blalok and Anthony (in my opinion one of the best young tag teams in the region) come out to talk about people being in their business and that tonite would be the beginning of the end of all that...they go back to the locker room and Jon Allen's music hits...Allen comes out but is attacked by Anthony, Anthony really puts the boots to Allen and causes Allen to be carried to the back by DCW Security!!

Match 3: Kolby Stern vs Logan Adams
-match was pretty good from start to finish! Stern definitely stepped his game up this week and he had to, to be in the ring with DCW Veteran Logan Adams...Adams was def the dominating most of the match and really showed why is on one the top tag teams in DCW, but one mistake in the ring costs him! Stern reversed a move and rolled up Adams for the 1-2-3...winner Kolby Stern!!


Then Tejano Kid and Dangerous Dominique come out (to MASSIVE HEAT) and once again the fan that gives Tejano a hard time every week is sitting front and center, and DCW Security has to hold him back when Tejano tells him he will beat him down if he does not shut his mouth and show him some respect...Then Ricky Ruby comes out to ask Tejano why he keeps getting into it with the fans who pay their hard earned money to see us wrestle week end and week out...Tejano tells him to shut his mouth and while Dominique distracts him, Tejano attacks Ruby!! Tejano begins to beat Ruby down and then knocks him out...then Tejano tells Rodney Mack that he is going to come after him, and then Rodney Mack comes out and says he doesn't have to look far to find him..and if he wants to do this, why not do it now, but Tejano says he will do this on his time and his time only!! Rodney then helps Ruby to the back after Tejano leaves the ring...

Match 4: Boss vs Ron McClarity
-once again, in my opinion match of the night! These two really work well in the ring and I've been at Monday Night Raw when Ric Flair has chopped someone and at Smackdown when Chris Benoit chopped someone, but that does not compare to when Big Boss chomps def sounds like a gun going off in the DCW Arena..Ron once again was amazing in the ring and should have def been nominated in this area for some kind of one can work the crowd like this man, he is def OLD SCHOOL! Match goes back and forth with Boss once again coming up victorious....winner Boss!! After the match Ron attacks Boss and leaves him laying in the is def getting dangerous in DCW to win a match these days with everyone getting attacked!!

Main Event: Gorillaz vs Natural Born Playaz
-match was good from beginning to end..these two big Gorillaz are def getting better in the ring every week and can really move in the ring for guys who weigh 440+ lbs each...Southside and Pimp were great in the ring as usual and really utilized speed and tag team moves to chop down the Gorillaz but in the end Mike Ward hits Mr Pimptacular with a road sign...winner via DQ the Natural Born Playaz!!

After the match the Gorillaz start to attack the Playaz and really start beating on them pretty good until Rodney Mack comes out, but he accidentally spears Southside into the wall behind the DCW Ring from the apron and Southside was not moving for at least 7-10 mins...DCW Security carried him back the back and he def was in pain while Rodney Mack sat in the ring in dis-belief in how bad the night was going and then he left....

Show was pretty good...had about 140 people there and crowd was def into the show from the beginning!! Play by Play announcer Jeff Perryman was acting a lot different that he usually does..Rinaldi and Kerry both were asking him why he was actually calling matches down the middle and not being bias...Perryman just looked at them and smiled, and then he said to be patient..things would be revealed in due time!

Credit: Jeff Perryman