Thursday, January 21, 2010

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 1.16.10

Show starts off with the singing of the national anthem and play by play announcers Casey Rinaldi & Jeff Perryman in the booth and then Dangerous Dominique's music hits...

Match 1: Dangerous Dominique and Mike Ward vs Lovely Latricia and Angelina
-match was pretty good, but Mike Ward is going to definitely have to find a new career (lol) the man just can't win a match even though he claims to be 3-0...Dominique and Angelina worked well in the ring together, you can definitely tell Angelina is improving her skills every week, and with Dominique she is the best heel Diva anywhere around here...Match continues until Pokerface comes out and beats down Latricia & Angelina...Poker uses his Straight Flush finishing move for the second straight week on a DCW Diva...Winner via DQ Angelina and Latricia....and Perryman & Rinaldi say in the booth that someone is going to have to come into DCW to regain control of the HAVOC that is happening every week...Poker then gets a mic and says there will be a Triple Threat Triangle Tag Team Elimination Match later on and the winning team will face each other, then get a shot at his DCW Heavyweight Title at the end of the night..but instead of normal tag teams, names will be drawn at random to make-up teams b/c he is Poker and he has more stroke than a porn star!! But teams will have one qualifying match each to see who makes it to the Triangle Triple Threat Match...

Match 2: Mr. Pimptacular and Mike Anthony vs Jon Allen and Blalok
-wow what a mind blow..two Dynasty guys against each other in a match! But this match was amazing with high flying moves and some big power moves from Mr Pimptacular, and it seems that not only are these four great singles competitors, they can also team with anyone to put on a good match...match goes back and forth for a while until Mike Anthony and Mr Pimptacular show their experience in the ring and walk away with the 1-2-3...winner Mike Anthony and Mr. Pimptacular

Match 3: Havoc (from the Gorrilaz) and Logan Adams (A.O.V.) vs Southside Brawler and Shawn Reed
-the match was definitely a back and forth match from the get-go! Southside and Reed looked to be the better tag-team from the start of the match and used quick tags to isolate Logan and the end Chaos comes out to help his tag partner and causes a DQ...winner of the match via DQ Southside and Shawn Reed

Match 4: Ron McClarity and Chellios Adams vs Ross and Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-wow, you I never thought I would see this day but Ron McClarity getting support from the DCW I have said on here many times that he is probably one of the best heel's in pro-wrestling that I have ever seen, but so was Ric Flair and he never gets boo'd, so maybe a one night thing b/c of the tag team situation but maybe McClarity is going to the next level as a pro-wrestler..a Ric Flair/HHH/Hulk Hogan type character (and I do believe this, this man has wrestled the best all around the world) whether you are a good guy or a bad guy they cheer you...match was definitely the match of the night with the great work in the ring by Ron and Tejano...these two definitely match up in the ring well together and hopefully a singles match will happen later on down the road! In the end the more experienced tag team walks away with the Ron McClarity and Chellios Adams...after the match Tejano beat his partner to a pulp with a steel chair and even his good friend in the booth Jeff Perryman told him enough is enough..who is going to start controlling this Superstars week end and week out..?


Triangle Triple Threat Tag-Team Elimination Match....
Match 5: Anthony & Mr Pimptacular vs McClarity & Chellios Adams vs Southside & Reed
-wow..def match of the night by far! Poker is definitely a genious and maybe he does have better stroke than a porn start with coming up with this one..some old WCW stuff here! Match was amazing and I honestly can not pu all of into words, and this is to show you that, you should never miss a night of DCW action..all three tag-teams did an amazing job considering they have never been on the same team before ever..match definitely went back and forth with Mike Anthony sacrificing his partner Mr Pimptacular getting eliminated first..then it came down to two tag teams! Ron and Southside realy put on a show and I would like to see these two guys wrestle again...and like I said earlier, the crowd was behind Ron McClarity once again, but eventually the match is so great they start cheering for both teams b/c in the end WRESTLING FANS LOVE GREAT WRESTLING MATCHES NO MATTER WHO WINS!! Match continued until Southside and Reed came out with the victory but by the narrowest of via pinfall Southside and Shawn Reed

Match 6: Southside vs Shawn Reed
-after an exauhsting match these two had to dig deep and keep going b/c a DCW Heaveyweight Title shot was on the line..Both Southside and Reed traded moves but with Southside coming out the winner via super-kick...winner via pinfall Southside Brawler! Both guys shook hands after the match...

Then there was supposed to be an intermission but Pokerface comes out and attacks Southside, and tells all the DCW Fans that he has the stroke to start this match now...

Match 7: Southside Brawler vs Pokerface (DCW Heavyweight Title Match)
-now at this point Southside has wrestled 3 matches and now in his 4th of the night, man can this guy go in the ring! Only the elite of the elite can go like that..match wasnt too much in Southside's favor except for slamming Poker onto the DCW Merchandise table...then they worked back into the ring and Poker hits his Straight Flush, then grabs a mic and tells everyone that he usually would go for the pin, but it isnt worth it tonite and he is leaving...He walked back to the dressing room with his belt...winner via count-out Southside Brawler

After the match Casey Rinaldi asked Jeff Perryman if he knew anyone to control all of this madness and Perryman just said the right man for the job will present himself...great crowd tonite about 150!

Biggest Pop: Ron McClarity
Most Heat: Tejano Kid

----Where the hell is Rodney Mack?? LOL Is he selling the injury from the Poker attack??...There is no truth to the rumor that the BT Express will be making a comeback to work Mike Ward for a "Charlie Brown shirt on a pole" match...I really like what Poker done with this show [assuming he booked most of it] - fun and different.

Credit: Jeff Perryman