Thursday, January 28, 2010

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 01.23.10 - New Champion!!

Show starts off with the National Anthem as usual and Casey Rinaldi & Jeff Perryman in the booth ready to call some play by play action in the the Dogg House...Casey Rinaldi notices Jeff Perryman wearing a suit and asked Jeff why he decided to wear that to the arena, and Jeff tells Casey he has NO COMMENT!! Then the Poker Face Showcase music hits and the DCW World Heaveyweight Champion comes to the ring...Poker tells the crowd he could have beat down Southside, but decided to be nice since he has all the STROKE around here then Southside comes out and chases Poker Face out of the ring and begins to talk about how he is the #1 Contender since technically he has never been beaten by Poker Face..Poker tells him, he could have killed him last week, but decided to be a GENEROUS CHAMPION! Poker then begins to talk about he brought in a BIG WRESTLING SUPERSTAR to challenge for his title tonite, since no one in DCW can hang with him...Southside begins to talk about wanting to face Poker again then the Redd Dogg Rodney Mack comes out..Rodney proceeds to tell Southside, he is the #1 Contender b/c he never got the re-match as a champion who loses should get..Then Southside and Rodney face off in the ring and you can cut the tension with a knife..Then Soul Train comes out and says he could be the #1 Contender, but Poker tells Soul Train that he has other plans for him tonite, he will be facing both memebers of the Dynasty..Then Dynasty comes out, but Rodney Mack asked Soul Train if he could help him beat on them so we have our first match...

Match 1: Rodney Mack & Soul Train vs. Dynasty
-match was phenominal from start to can def tell these 4 are some of the top Superstars in this area..When it comes to tag teams, there are very few if any better than Blaylock and Anthongy..and when you add Rodney Mack and his good friend Soul you have one heck of a match..Rodney and Soul Train seem to have the upper hand, but like always the Dynasty try to use dirty tactics to try and win but Senior DCW Official Tim Daniels catches them this time..winner via DQ Rodney Mack and Soul Train

Match 2: Angelina & Lovely Latricia vs. Mike Ward & Dangerous Dominique
-match wasn't too bad, but Mike Ward def should not be in the ring or should he? Match goes back and forth with both teams isolating their opponents at different times in the match..but this time Mike Ward and Dominique get the victory via pinfall..winner Mike Ward and Dangerous Dominique

Match 3: Chellious Adams vs. Shawn Reed
-once again the new DCW Superstar Shawn Reed impressed once again..Everyone knows that Chellious' experience, size, and agility makes him very dangerous in the ring, but Reed really takes it to Adams..match goes back and forth then Adams gets the upper hand, but Reed rolls up Adams for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Shawn Reed


Match 4: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs. Boss
-def could be considered match of the night..these two worked amazingly in the ring together! Boss' size and agility with Tejano's great technical ability in the ring and his persona equals some great matches..Match goes back and forth, to the outside of the ring back into the inside of the ring, but in the end..experience will always come out ahead! While Tim Daniels is turned toward Dominique, Tejano takes a chair and hits the mat while Boss is still staggering around..then Tejano lays out in the ring and throws the chair to Boss and when referee Tim Daniels see's this he calls for the bell..winner via DQ Tejano Kid

Match 5: Lucky vs Poker Face for the DCW Heavyweight Championship
- match was pretty good..went back and forth for the entire match! No one had the upper hand until at the very end of the match..Lucky took Poker over to the DCW Appareal Stand and beat on him, he took him by the bathrooms and beat on him, then Poker started to beat on Lucky by the concession stand..match finally ends back in the ring where DCW Official Tim Daniels gets knocked out..then Rodney Mack comes from the back and hits Poker with a HUGE spear..Lucky turns Poker over and gets the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall and NEW DCW CHAMPION LUCKY!

Show was pretty good tonite..about 120 there and card was good from top to bottom! Good to see Lucky back in DCW and man what a return...

Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid
Biggest Pop: Lucky (after he wins the title from Poker)

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----Rodney Mack returned, so we should see some increase in crowds...Say what you want to say about Lucky [and I have only seen him in one good bout - vs Rude], but the surprise of putting him over Poker probably was good for the fans. Kudos to Poker for being a true professional.