Monday, January 04, 2010

RassleResults: EWE "Aftermath" Ripley, TN 1.02.09 - Christian Jacobs Wins Title!!

----Photo of Christian Jacobs above after beating Greg Anthony for the EWE Title. This is CJ's first singles title since a run with the Chaotic Championship Wrestling Mid-Southern Title in 2001-02. He has been primarily a tag team wrestler all his career. A scheduled Jacobs vs Dustin Starr feud never materialized due to Starr having commitments outside the wrestling business leading to EWE bringing in Greg Anthony to set Jacobs up to proverbially "take the ball." EWE is a company that always has a good roster and decent [sometimes questionable though] booking, but has not had big crowds over the last year. [They were nominated for Booker of The Year 2009 though] Jacobs is being put into a position to carry the company and get the attendance level up with him as champion. And as I have said in the past, "Picture Perfect" gets one of the biggest pops in this area, but can the pop = money. Jacobs received 3 nominations this year with two in the tag team division, but one in the Horizon. Horizon being an award that represents the WWE/TNA potential of a worker. Jacobs shined in September, 2009 with four straight [***] or better bouts with RRO tagging him as "Mr. September".

Complete Results:

Jon Michael over Cody Melton in a flag match.
JR Manson over Brandon Espinosa
Rude over Shane Rich
Christian Jacobs over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to become the new EWE Champion
Team DK over Team EWE for Derrick to win total control of the company