Monday, January 11, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 1.09.10 - Flash Flanagan Returns!!

JR Manson over Tommy Redneck

Bishop over Seth Knight
*DK made it where Bishop couldn't be DQ'd but Seth could*

Cody Melton over Tommy Lee Jones
*Tucker was special Guest Ref*

Christian Jacobs over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony in a submission match

Derrick King over Flash Flanagan

Show started with Christian Jacobs thanking the fan for all their support. DK interrupts and tells CJ that he has a huge main event planned tonight, the rematch between him and Greg Anthony. Golden Boy comes out, says last week was a fluke and it would never happen again. CJ tells him to put his money where his mouth is... in a submission match. Golden Boy says he would never tap again to CJ or any other man and agrees to the match...Then DK calls out Dustin Baker, Seth Knight and Stan Lee. He tells Dustin that he'll be his errand boy from now on. He tells Seth that he will be wrestling Bishop and that is NO DQ Rules for Bishop not himself. Then he tells Stan from now on he's security and if anyone fan touches DK then Stan will be fired...After Dustin, Seth and Stan leave the ring Flash's music hits, DK is all excited that Flash is on their team but they soon find out he's not - knocking out everyone in the ring. Flash then challenges DK to match tonight. In the main event, all of DK's cronies came out but Flash was able to take care of them one by one until Cody put on the ref's shirt and knocked him out with his belt buckle the counted the 3 himself.

----I was told about 70 in the crowd...Also, told that DK has some crazy heat from the fans that are attending. They had to hold people back Saturday night...Good idea with Lee working security. The only thing is there were not 40 people on the show, so we know DK is REALLY not running the angles. LOL