Thursday, January 07, 2010

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 1.01.10 - DCW Gets A New Name!!

----Dyersburg Championship Wrestling is now being called Mid-America Championship Wrestling, which is a name that has been used in the past in the area when Sir Mo booked.

-Rockin Randy over Johnathan Storm

-Canadian Phoenix over Tommy Redneck

-Kilo over Cyrus

-Frank the Tank over Chris Rocker with feet on the ropes

-"High Society" [Blaine Devine/Oz] over Brian Steele/Ike Tucker to win MACW Tag Team Titles.

-Tim Edwards beat Jason Vaughn to win MACW Title

----65 in the crowd...Cyrus hit Kilo with two blackhole slams after the bout...Ike no showed, so Steele actually lost the tag belts alone...Ok so is the Canadian guy one of the guys that use to work in the Phoenix X team?? Is it a stab at Cody Melton??...And, I am reserving the right to criticize this in the future after I get the full story, but I would never use a guy with moniker "Tank" in this arena, unless the guy has been using it all along - like Tank Turner.