Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 1.15.10

The night began with what every fan loves: A Ladies Match! Miss Candy vs Miss Innocent with special referee Homer Lee. The fight was intense and the fans were on the edges of their seats. The match ended in a Broadway after 10 minutes. Then as Miss Candy was leaving the ring Miss Innocent jumped her from behind. Miss Candy got the best of Miss Innocent throughout the match.

Second Match was The All American Frankie Tucker and Homer Lee vs Bishop and Pokerface with Rashard at ringside. The match was fast and furious. At one point Pokerface had Homer Lee held up in the ropes and Bishop charged Homer thinking he was going to knock him out of the ring but Homer ducked and Bishop knocked Pokerface off the apron. Pokerface tried hard to put Frankie to sleep with the sleeper hold but Frankie is much to smart for that and broke away. The match ended on a terrible note Bishop nailed Homer Lee with a chain and the referee had his back turned, Bishop threw the chain and Frankie caught it and as Frankie caught the chain, Poker and Bishop took a huge back bump and the ref caught Tucker with the chain and assumed he had nailed the other two and disqualified Frankie and Homer. Oh but guys (Poker and Bishop) you better watch your back because revenge is sweet and Tucker is out for revenge!!!!!!!!!! We all know that Poker and Bishop caught do anything fair, they always have to cheat.

Third match was C-Money and Wild Bill in a Cruiser Weight Title Match. C-Money took the win and remained the Cruiser Weight Champion!!!!!

Fourth Match was Big Daddy with Miss Candy at ringside vs Ray with Miss Innocent rearing her big head. Big Daddy took the win and Miss Innocent once again tried to take Miss Candy without success.

The Main Event was VMan and Officer Hudson vs Pimp and Southside the match was intense and strong with both teams going full force. Pimp had Sgt Hudson pinned and VMan jumps in and nails Pimp with a Laptop. VMan and Officer Hudson took the win. There will be a rematch this weekend Pimp and Southside are out for revenge.

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW