Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 1.22.10

The night opened up with the women's match. Miss Innocent escorted to the ring by Rashard vs Ms. Candi escorted by Homer and once again Ms. Candi took the win. Looks like Miss Innocent would finally learn her lesson.

Hambones 1 &2 escorted by Rashard went up against Wild Bill and Homer. Rashard and the Hambones threw in some of their dirty tricks and Wild Bill and Homer took the win by DQ. You know if Rashard is at ringside with his double crossers that there is going to be some cheating going on.

3rd Match of the evening was Bishop escorted by Rashard, these two make a good pair, both of them are dirty double crosser, going against The All American Frankie Tucker, for the heavyweight belt. The match was intense and Frankie as always was getting the best of Bishop. Rashard and Bishop can't handle being beat so in runs Pokerface and his plan was to take Frankie out but instead he hit Bishop. Frankie won by DQ and remains the "Heavyweight Champ." That's what happens when you're wrestling with a bunch of CHUMPS!

Semi main event was Jeremy Spiker vs CMoney vs Aaron Exstacy in a triple threat match for the cruizer weight title. CMoney showed them both who was the boss and retained his belt.

Main event was Pokerface and Bishop vs VMan and Sgt Hudson with special ref Rashard. That should be Croaked ref Rashard. Double Pay goes to the winner and for Tag team belts. No winner so nobody got paid and the title doesn't change hands. Don't you wonder who will pay for Rashards supper tonight? Thanks fans for joining us at MCW, your support is greatly appreciated.

Credit: MCW and Kim Wallace