Monday, January 25, 2010

RassleResults: Mid-South Wrestling Ft. Worth Smith, AR 01.16.10 -Big Crowd!!

Mid-South Wrestling
Sat. Jan. 16, 2010
Ft. Smith, AR
Events Center

1) Dexter Hardaway with Talon beat Shawn Shultz with Tony Lacassio. Finish saw Talon spear Lacassio blocking his interference, and Hardaway hitting a sunset flip for the finish.

2) Prince Al Farat beat Private Sebren with a camel clutch.

3) John Saxon beat Prince Al Farat via countout.

4) Apoc defeated Wes Robinson with a Death Valle Driver.

5) Steve Anthony beat Greg Anthony with Brian Thompson via disqualification. Afterwards, S Anthony hit the 450 splash on G Anthony to a monster pop.

6) Athena beat Malia Hosaka with a school girl with special guest referee DJ Dennis McCasslin. Hosaka kicked McCasslin in the nuts afterwards and began choking him until all the referees ran out and pulled her off of him.

7) International Champion Tim Storm beat Al Snow.

8) Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat Alan Steele & Buddy Landel with Riviera pinned Steele after the One Night Stand.

Attedance was 400. This group is changing its name to Traditional Championship Wrestling. Their website is