Sunday, January 10, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Resutls WrapUp


NBW Championship tournament

1st round

Mark Justice def. Shannon Lee

Motley Cruz def. Jason Reed after interference by the Anarchy

Weezy def. Syn

Crazy Train def. D.J. Stunner

2nd round

Crazy Train def. Weezy

Mark Justice def. Motley Cruz

Non-tournament tag match

Law and order def. Mo. Bad Boys/Void

NBW Championship Finals

Crazy Train def. Mark Justice


Jeremy Moore def. The Kid

Weezy def. Shannon Lee

Mark Justice vs. Jason Reed went to a time limit draw

The “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reily/Mickey Ray] def. The Anarchy ( syn/stunner ) to retain the NBW Tag Titles

Crazy Train def. Motley Cruz by DQ to retain the NBW Championship


The show opened with the leader of The Anarchy, Jeremy Moore, coming out for an interview, accompanied by his manager Jason the brain. Moore stated tonight he had Sarge 1 on 1 and he would put Sarge in his grave and then look ahead to feb. 6th, at NBW Vendetta he would challenge Crazy Train for the title.Moore then said last week he and Ricky Andrews got off to a bad start and he would like to call him out to talk this over. Andrews came out and Moore said Andrews was misguided and had to ride his coattails. Moore said without him there would be no Ricky Andrews and Moore offered Andrews a spot in his faction. Andrews declined and told Moore that soon he would show Moore just how much better he is than Moore!

Shannon Lee def. The Kid

Weezy def. Neil Taylor w/ a rollup

Jason Reed def. Oz/Blaine Devine in a handicap match after Ricky Andrews came out for a hot tag to help Reed

Sarge def. Jeremy Moore w/ a chain shot after Moore had been cheating the whole match... Post-match Moore said Sarge had to cheat to beat him and that earlier in the night he had promised a surprise and he decided to use it to his own benefit. Moore said that instead of going after Crazy Train at Vendetta he and a partner would face Sarge and Mickey for the Tag Titles. Moore said his partner would be none other than......... "PSYCHO" SID VICIOUS!!!

Motley Cruz def Crazy Train in a non-title match, next week Motley gets a title shot.

Great show and all 3 weeks were probably between 70-80 or so in the crowd.

Sat. Feb 6th: NBW Vendetta



F.O.P. vs. Jeremy Moore and Sid Vicious

Credit: nbwguy

----I like the thing with "Anarchy" as Moore as leader. He needed a group name to get it over as heels...Fun to see Train vs Cruz again, since there was so much controversy over Cruz beating the hell out of Train one time before. Those should be good matches...It will be interesting to see if Sid draws the numbers that Eaton and Rich drew here. I am thinking he will.