Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rock N Roll Rock C is new Memphis Ladies Wrestling Champion!!

----Rock N Roll Rock C [I just don't "get it" when it comes to her name] beat Su Yung this past week at the MLW tapings to win the belt. Below is what was posted over at www.mlwonline.com. And yes, Virgina, kayfabe is still alive. LOL

On January 23rd, Su Yung defended her MLW title against the East Tennessee star, Rock N Roll Rock C. Rock C had lost her last few matches to Su, but this time you could tell Rock C was ready. Su must have thought Rock C was ready too as she hired Rock C's biggest opponent ever in Misty James, arquiring her services for this one match. Misty and Rock C have hated each other since they first met at MLW on October 4th, 2008 in Tupelo, Miss. Su told Misty several times and reminded her that Misty was hired to help her keep Rock C in check. Misty was not happy about Su's tactics and did not like the way Su was wrestling. Misty argued with Su several times, saying she did not have to wrestle dirty. She even made Misty help her when misty did not want to do so. Misty is normally a good, clean wrestler, but her and Rock C just bring the best out of each other. Both ladies have used dirty tactics, but they do respect each other greatly. After many times of trying, Misty finally had enough and tripped Su. After a few moves, Rock C came to life and dropped Su Yung with a piledriver before pinning her and becoming the new MLW champion. Misty congratulated Rock C by handing her the belt. Rock C grabbed the belt from Misty and let her know that she did not need her help. Rock C and Misty exchanged words and, as Misty turned away, Rock C jumped Misty and dropped her with a piledriver No doubt, this has reignited the feud between Misty and Rock C. Apparently Rock C is more willing to fight dirty now that she has the title. Rock C told MLW that she hated all of the fans, and that she finally got what she deserved. More importantly, she said, Su Yung and Misty James both got what they deserved. Let's hope Rock C comes back to her senses