Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shows for the Weekend 1.15 to 1.16.10

----CLICK HERE to get the regular scheduled shows. Nothing special this weekend, but please get out there and support your local wrestling!! If you would like to have RRO to be a guest at your show for RRO Book Tour 2009, then please contact me ASAP. I am working on dates already. If anyone would like the Book Tour to be joined with either Dustin Starr or "Midnight Gold" as part of the package, then contact me!! I will send you in the right direction!! If you own or have a friend that has a comic bookstore, a general bookstore, baseball card shop, supermarket or whatever. I am interesting in book a full 8 weeks [at least 16 stops] of shows from the day it is released. There is also talk of a banquet again this year, if that interests you then contact me!!

----RRO will be in full force coming up in late January and early February. There is no way the book will be done for the first show [too bad because a lot of the award winners are on the show], and only a slight chance for the second show, but we will be there to attend the shows below.

-RCW Debut in Trumann, AR 1.29.10
-NBW presents "Vendetta" Newbern,TN 2.06.10