Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Straight Flush "Can Business Ever Pick Back Up?" with Pokerface

Can business ever pick back up?

I guess that is the $10,000 question. But before I answer that let's take a brief look at the business as it is now, at least on the local scene. In the local area, on a weekly basis you have close to 10 shows running a week, give or take a few. In one area, the Tennessee area, you got pretty much the same guys working the shows. In the Arkansas area from what I hear you don't have as much of the "same face syndrome". Up until a couple of months ago, we had two companies running on Memphis local TV. It could have been the Saturday Morning Wrestling Wars, yeah right. One company I used to work for, well actually I've technically worked for both companies. That Saturday morning block of programming, I think, should' ve "made business pick up", but it didn't. Which doesn't surprise

One show would run old footage, that nobody gives a f$%^ about. The other features wrestlers that nobody gives a f#$@ about. If I offend anyone then too bad. This is just my opinion. Company #1 had the resources to do what Ring of Honor does, hell even what TNA does. But it didn't. The company would bring in "superstars" and still never drew in any extra fans. I will say one time, I think maybe in '04 or '05 they has almost 7000 fans attending events in The Mid-South Coliseum. That number dropped 83%. WTF!!!!!!!!! If you analyze it, the company never really thought outside the box as far as matches and promoting. I'm not Don King by any means, but when your attendance drops from 7000 down to 400, somehow, somewhere, Houston there is a problem. When the "superstars" came in, the local talent got no rub whatsoever from them. Again if what I'm saying is not true, look at the numbers. I think the last chance Company #1 had at doing something big, is when the "Vicious One" came in, whom I always loved working with.

Now as for Company #2, they have a nice size roster from what I hear.They too have/had local TV. They have a lot of the guys I've known for years, some I like, some I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. The company from what I hear lacks quality talent. I have only watched one show and I wasn't impressed. If you have a company with 30 guys on the roster, and out of that 30, maybe 4 of the guys are over with the crowd. Can you say sinking boat? One guy on the roster talks so much s@#$, but couldn't out wrestle me if I had one arm and was in a coma. Then you got other guys who look like they could be meth addicts or weed heads, you know basically the backyarder look. At least take pride in your appearance. BUY SOME FREAKING GEAR. INVEST IN YOURSELF! Use your freaking weed money or meth money or beer money and buy a pair of tights DAMMIT ! Anyway, this company has the potential of doing something, if they focus, and be creative enough and make a conscience effort to get the unknown guys over. But on the same token, you unknowns need to bust your ass to get over. Stop copying WWE and do your own thing!

Now for the other companies in the area. Like I said earlier, "the same face syndrome". That's why I stopped working for those companies. With the exception of a few names, nobody has been further than Newbern, Tn. And it's been years since anybody has done any creative booking. You got damn near anybody booking these days. You had a kid that wasn't even legal to drive calling shots? He actually wanted to book me. I wish the f@#$ I would! I'm too much of an asshole to take instructions from a guy who still carries a lunch box. I just recently started having a few booking duties. And I barely know what the f@#$ I'm doing, and I'm experienced. Now far as the shows in Arkansas, I think the companies don't suffer from the SFS. The workers they do have for the most part, SUCK! And these dumbass promoters keeping booking them.

Now if I come off as a snob, I'm really not. I just take pride in what I do. So should everyone else. I've stated in a previous article, that I will pick veterans brains, I continue to train in the ring. I train in the gym. If I get out of line or need to improve on something, I'm humble enough to shut my mouth and take what ever advise or tongue lashing I got coming, just ask The Vicious One, The Dogg, The Bad Guy. The business in the area could pick up once again. I don't see it getting back like it was in the days of old. UNLESS. It was one big company, who had all the best talent. There could be no BS outlaw promotion running with crappy wrestlers to kill the towns. I don't see TV really being a drawing factor unless you are running a commercial to promote your show. Weekly TV! HA! What a joke. Unless you are satisfied with only 400 fans showing up. Yes, that was sarcasm. If the promoters lived and breathed the business like they use to, if the boys lived and breathed this business like they used to.... Man wrestling would be heaven on earth. That's all for now. Until next time...Keep your pimp hand strong!