Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Straight Flush "Wrestling..my friend" with Pokerface

Wrestling has been a VERY unique experience in my life. Childhood dreams have become reality because of it. Friendships and relationships have been built in spite of it. True, wrestling can attract not so savory characters. You will and can come in contact with a vast array of people from all walks of life. You meet people from somewhat wealthy backgrounds, to some who are barely above the poverty level. Wrestling can teach so much more than what goes on the ring. What goes on backstage, in the car on the way to the show, at the bar or club afterwards, and at the restaurant after a long show, can really either nurture or kill what you have for the business.

I have met people who are either the salt of the earth or the scum of it. I have met homosexuals, bisexuals, drug addicts, former drug addicts, alcoholics. recovering alcoholics, whores, man- whores, pedophiles, alleged rapist, cripples, dead beats, thieves, liars, boasters, racist, snobs, metaphorical vaginas, mentally disturbed, well i think I have pretty much covered all the bases. Coming into contact with all those different people have certainly made my life interesting. I have sat at the dinner table many nights and broke bread with people I have never thought I would. I have been in the gym with guys I watched as a kid. I have talked on the phone with guys who have done things in wrestling I'm still trying to accomplish. I say all this why? Regardless of how the general public and the media may perceive us, wrestling is the United Nation for the blue collar, everyday Joe, misfit, athlete/entertainer.

Wrestling has brought meaning to my life. When I'm not wrestling, I have absolutely nothing going on. I guess wrestling has consumed me more than I had once thought. Wrestling has brought some VERY important people into my life. First and foremost. I met the mother of my child through wrestling. She was training with Motley Cruz and Tasha Simone at their wrestling school. So if it wasn't for that, I would have never received the biggest blessing and the greatest earthly gift I have ever had, my son Kenaz. So thanks Motley and Tasha. I owe you big.

I have met one of my closest friends, I should say brother, through wrestling. Pretty much everyone within my proverbial inner circle, is a wrestler, was a wrestler, or is connected to wrestling some kind of way. Even the ones who aren't in that circle are still special to me. Whether they know it or not, they mean the world to me. Even though we only text or talk occasionally you still are my homies. And the text that some of yall send me, that means you Strawbridge and Hurtle, the laughs help me through current personal problems.

You really know who are your friends outside of wrestling. A person can treat you like a somebody at the show, but once you leave, will you hear from them? I get calls and text from guys just because. We talk just to say hi, we check on each others family, and mainly just check on each other. I enjoy wrestling not because of the money. Not because of the pops. Not because of the groupies. But the fans and the boys. I love hanging in the back ribbing each other, talking s@#$, and drinking a few cold ones. That was, and is some of the best times in my life. As much of an asshole that I can be, one of the main things that keep me going is the fans. From time to time, at any given show, I will look out the curtain or at the monitor and just stare. Not at the match or the wrestlers. But at the fans. The look on their faces makes everything worth it. The true emotion that they show is priceless. There was a video link on this website to a show that was in Mississippi. The intensity, the passion, the emotion that the fans showed, that is the f$%#@!g reason why I continue to be Pokerface. That is the reason why I won't quit. That is the reason why I won't give on the dream. And for all that I thank the fans. I thank the boys, whether I like you or not. You all have made my life worth living I love You guys.Happy New Year. God really, really bless you all. And keep your pimp hand strong!