Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wayne's World "A Dressing Room United" by "3G" Eric Wayne

I'm sure you've all heard that the "boys" don't exist anymore. Everyone is out for themselves and that's all that matters. Well here's a story that proves the "boys" still exist.

Recently I was backstage at a show after wrestling earlier, watching the main event. When a loud obnoxious older man walked in the locker room. The first thing that caught my attention was him saying "I don't care, I'll whip everybody's ass in here, I run this!" well he goes on to shake one of the wrestlers hands and as the wrestler introduces himself this guy shakes his hand and throws it away and walks off saying "shut the f*ck up." Not only did it piss the wrestler off but once everyone else started to hear about it a rumbling started flowing through the locker room because of how disrespectful this guy was being almost as soon as he walked in, add to it that none of us knew who he was.

About 15 minutes pass and I go to the office, where said man is, to get my p.o. and I'm standing behind another wrestler listening to the guy disrespect him as well. He asks the wrestler his name and proceeds to tell him not to get an attitude after he says his name more than once. It was clear that the wrestler was avoiding a confrontation and didn't have an attitude so I decided to speak up and tell this guy that he did tell him his name and didn't have an attitude. Another one of the boys was standing beside me and asked if he was still running his mouth and I made it clear that he was and made sure the individual heard me.

At this point I didn't realize it but the whole locker room was standing up and moving towards the office door. This guy wasn't getting out very easily! After I made the statement that he was treating everyone like shit he said to the promoter that he thought had a problem with these three guys and I told him he had a problem with all of us. That's when the promoter walks past him and tells me to calm down! Calm down? Calm down after watching him disrespect the wrestlers? Right! This was when things started getting very tense because we still didn't know who this guy was that felt he could come in and disrespect anyone he talked to. Well after a few minutes of going back and forth the promoter tells the guy its time to go outside. By now the locker room has crowded the doorway. The promoter takes the guy by the arm as all of split down the middle to let this guy leave.

Unfortunately this wasn't over. Things relaxed for a few minutes and a few of us made it clear to the promoter not to let that man back in here after the way he acted. Well the man comes back through the curtain, which immediately brought everyone back to their feet and getting ready to run him out for good. A couple of people were serving as a barricade between us and the guy, with me being the closest to this guy since I was about to walk through the curtain. He says, "I just wanted to say everyone did a good job tonight" which got a groan from the locker room. Being the closest and most vocal earlier I felt the need to tell him not only was his opinion or comments not welcomed, but neither was he. His response, a very mature one at that, was "f*ck you" accompanied with a salute. In pure working mode, knowing I was surrounded by enough people to stop me, I tried getting to him and was abruptly held back.

This ended the locker room side of the altercation but the man went at it again with another member of the staff and when threatened to have the police called, he finally went home. So there you have it. Its not often that these type of situations occur, but its nice knowing that some locker rooms will still band together when needed.