Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Syn

Malik and Syn

----Syn contacted me this past weekend and wanted to make a statement about the story I ran about Jason Reed’s injury. CLICK HERE to read that article. So..we sit down with Syn via myspace on Wednesday for Conversation.

Ok, so what was the major problem with the article??

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the article. I just wanted to tell u what really happened.

I have been trained by some great workers; Sarge O’Riley and Brandon Barbwire. Alot of workers have helped me along the way; Anton LeVeigh, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Motley Cruz, just to name a few.

So this accident happen with one of your signature moves; right??

One of my signature moves is the running shooting star press. I've hit it dead on PLENTY times. Never in my short career has this happened. I’ve always wanted to work Jason reed. He is a damn good worker.

So what happened in the match??

The match was going great. I hit him with an enziguri to set up the shooting star. I hit the ropes and did the flip. i landed chest to chest. As I was getting the pinfall, I looked over and seen him holding his mouth and his eyes bugged out. I was delirious. I didn’t know what happened. So the match ended right there.

So who do you consider in fault here??

Before I explain, it wasn’t his fault, nor mine. I just don’t think he's ever taken that move. As I was doing the rotation, he rose his head up and my knee caught him in the mouth and it forced his head back into the mat. I don’t usually go to high on the shooting star. When I run with it, its fast, and its low. That’s what really happened.

Anything else you would like to add??

I want everyone to know that I felt terrible all week! I’ve never hurt anyone in the ring as long as I’ve been wrestling.

----Just wanted to add that I do understand that no one goes out to hurt anyone – and accidents happened no matter if you are well trained or not. I will not hold anything against anything Sarge or Motley has helped you with – those guys know the business. The other guys are young – sometimes they do more spots than psychology. Styles is a solid worker when he throws in the psychology and the last time I watched Barbwire – he had turned into a decent worker. I have not seen a lot of Josh’s stuff, but what I have seen – all spots. The same can be said about Anton, but he does understand simple psychology I just have not ever seen him use it.