Monday, January 11, 2010

The Winners Are...RRO Awards Race 2009

----I would like to first thank everyone for voting!! I believe we had a bigger turnout this year than ever. I actually made it harder on myself by having an e-mail poll, but as close as some of the awards were, I do think this is the most legit way to do the voting. Below are the winners - complete results will be posted in Yearbook 2009. We are hard at work on that with details coming about the tour and ordering it online!!

Dustin Starr

MVP Performer
Austin Lane

Tag Team
"Midnight Gold" [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson

MVP Team
"Midnight Gold" [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson

Moondog Spot Brawler Award

Rookie of the Year
JD Kerry

Horizon Award
Austin Lane


NEW Committee

Terrance Ward

Baron Malkavain

Brian Thompson

Downtown Bruno

Most Improved

Most Underrated
Alan Steele

Arena Match
Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne

TV Match
Dustin Starr vs Kevin White

Wrestling News Center

Greg Anthony

Female Performer


-The Year of Gold?? Greg Anthony wins four awards - both tag team awards [first time a team has done that], columnist and part of the NEW committee for a good part of the year.

-Dustin Starr was nominated for five awards, but only takes home two awards. He does become only the second wrestler to win Wrestler of the Year in 4 years.

-Austin Lane returns as MVP Performer after 2 year absence and takes home the Horizon Award. He totals three awards with his Match award.

-Wrestling News Center, Greg Anthony [as booker], Eric Wayne [in match], Downtown Bruno and Baron Malkavain are the only repeat winners from 2008.

-This is the first year that Derrick King did not take home an award.

-Brian Thompson takes home three awards in categories he was never nominated in. His win in Manager category made him only the third person to hold that award - Rashard Devon and Hollywood Jimmy have made it a two man race for the last three years.

-The second year in a row that Kevin White wins TV match.